January 12th, 2008


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A group of 4/5 20 year old females from the UK want to go on holiday together in summer '09. Where do you recommend they go?! Preferably somewhere with sun, sea and sand, but with plenty of other stuff on offer, too Also keeping in mind they're all full time students and so aren't rolling in money! 
don't panic

Upscale Movie Theater... bwaaa?

My boyfriend and I have heard of this movie theater (apparently talked of only in myth) right outside Washington, DC that's terribly upscale and has this ridiculously extravagant interior decor, reminiscent of Egypt or thereabouts. However, that's all we know about it. We've used all our Google-Fu, but to no avail. Any clues? Is it part of a chain? If so, what's the name?

It's the Muvico Egyptian! Thanks!
I <3 TLV


Are ghost hunter shows real? Or are they actors? I thought they were actors and they're done like The Blair Witch Project, but my husband insists that they're doing actual investigations.

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Do you start internet fights when you are bored?

I just had a like 30 minute argument about c-sections when I don't know very much about c-sections. I don't even really support my argument but I was bored. :(
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Did you like Tintin? Where is a good place to buy Tintin merch?

Because oh my god it was my favorite cartoon growing up and now i need to buy everything related to it.  Blue Blistering barnacles!
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I'm currently in Ohio, and my best friend is in Spokane, WA. We want to play an online game together but we're having a hard time finding games/a site that has such things. Any suggestions?

ETA - More specifically, I need a game/games that I can play on a mac, for free, online somewhere, against a friend who lives across the country. Shockwave doesn't work on a mac unless I do something crazy to my browser that I don't quite understand. Kind of cut out a lot of options there, but if anyone knows of any thing/any site, that'd be great.

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i was reading on an art forum and one poster mentioned that he takes binoculars with him to art galleries: that way he can look at paintings from across the room and see them much better than all the people crowding up close to it, and also see the very tops of gigantic paintings. ISN'T THAT THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER? i would have never thought of that. i'm so doing that next time i go to an art gallery/museum.

what is something very useful/sensible that you know of that no one else ever thinks of?
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Are you going to go vote/or have you already voted in the primary elections for your state?

Have you ever been to a caucus? What was it like?

Do you think the primary system of voting works in the US or does it weed out the lesser candidates too early in the election process?

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what's the Russian word for penis? (or specifically, any Russian slang for it. Especially if it's as close to "dick" as possible.)

Do you drink enough water each day?
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-Were you hotter before or after high school?
-Have you ever had a mistress/master and do you still currently?
-What are the best and worst opinions parents (other than you own) have had of you?
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Where are the best places to find warm coats (that are at least moderately fashionable)?

What about shoes that you can wear in ice/snow?

TQC, what do YOU wear when it's freezing and you have to be outdoors?
drop it

What is wrong with me TQC?

*le sigh*

So, I have been with my bf nearly 4 years. All is great, I love him to bits


For the first time in those 4 years, I find myself attracted to another guy. Now, I am a good girl, and would never cheat, but OMG I want the best of both worlds.

I find myself hoping rediculous things. Being attracted to this other guy makes me feel "alive" again, whereas the past few years I've kind of been boring and whatnot. I actually feel like being the 21 year old that I am and going out rather than being domestic and staying home every friday night.

I actually went out last night and it was SO much fun.

But I am SO stuck. Am I normal? Do other people go through these bouts of unsatisfaction with their relationship even though nothing is really wrong? I mean, I love what I have with my man, but part of me wants to go out and "experience life" a bit more :/ has anyone had a similar issue like this? ...I need some support here...
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Lunch time

I have $15 and an hour for lunch.

Should I:

go to Gymboree and spend it on my son?
actually buy and eat lunch?

If you chose the food option, where should I go? I'm so indecisive.

EDIT: I made a decision. I was going to go to Panera but some ditship blocked me in. There were bicycle cops all over the place. I guess someone backed into someone else. SO! I went to Rosie's Grille. And got a chicken wrap.

OH! And I remembered that I have a $25 gift card to Gymboree anyway. So I can have the best of both worlds. :)
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rice milk/ graduation announcements

My doctor suggested that I make rice milk for my upset stomach/nausea. Has anyone ever tried this? Is it disgusting and does it work?

I graduate in May, when should I order and send out my graduation announcements? Do you know of any sites with cute/chic graduation announcements(not just the standard grad cap stuff)?


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inspired by some random voices whispering on the wind and barely below my subconscious...

What is "your song"? The one that makes you wet your panties every time you hear it?

And WHY? Do you even HAVE a song? I don't...so meh.
how funky is your chicken?

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1.) How do you feel about folks that believe in doing the word of god, believe the Bible is the "word of God", but then caveat that with, "...but I don't believe homosexuality/sex before marriage/using birth control/whatever is wrong"?

Basically claiming they believe in something but are only picking and choosing which they feel they need to follow.

2.) How do you feel about people that change to suit a signifigant other? For just one example of what I mean: someone that normally never touches alcohol with one partner breaks up with them, starts dating someone else and is suddely a connosuier in wine and/or beer. Or someone that normally hates "hippy music" with one person is suddenly listening to Bob Dylan a lot for another.

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Do you have any patience with people who cop a snotty know-it-all attitude while spouting a bunch of erroneous crap? Or do you end up copping the same attitude and sounding like the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons or something?

Have you ever gotten snotty in a discussion, thinking you were knowing what you were talking about, only to discover later that you were wrong? Or have you ever thought you were right (no snottiness involved) only to discover later that you were wrong?

Food shopping

1: Do you make a list before you go to the store?

2: When do you like to do the food shopping?

3: Do you clip coupons?

4: Do you use food stamps?

5: Do you buy your paper products and non- food items at the store?

6: What store is your favorite?

7: How often do you go to the store?  

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when was the last time you ate?

why do people ask you if they've told you something (like a huge rant about how cute this one guy is), only to tell you again anyway, even if you say yes?

when is your birthday? how old will you be turning?

what's up?

Nice old random mix

1) At the moment, I love morning sex, do you?

2) What is a good food combination that you wish you'd discovered sooner?
I think mine would be cheese, garlic and salami on bread or pasta......mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

3) What are some specific things that you want to do in 2008?
Get my first tattoo, lose 2 stone, pass my first year at uni, find somewhere to live for my second year are the only specific ones I can think of at the moment.

4) When were you last drunk?
Thursday night, first time since November 1st.

5) When you're bored, what LJ comm do you look at besides TQC?

6) Do you read a newspaper? For the UK people, what paper?

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I'm trying to remember the name of some band. I hope you could help me out, TQC!. I believe the band is from Guadalajara, Mexico. Their music is on the dance/techno side. They're a three-piece: a guy on violin, a girl on the keyboard, and another guy on guitar or bass, I don't quite remember. Does this sound familiar to any of you?

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What do you think is the sappiest love song ever?

I was listening to the radio just now and Dan Hill's "Sometimes When We Touch" came on. It was so horribly sappy I had to turn it off!

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 1. Do you think it's a lot to take someone 5 hours to read 20 pages out of a Chemistry 101 text book?

I'm contemplating on whether to go back to my ADHD medication or not. I got off of it 2 years ago, and compared with everyone else, I study a lot harder and a lot LONGER with everything to get my grades. Even though they are A's, it takes me literally all day from 3pm to 11-12pm to get everything done while it takes my other classmates like 1/2 the time.

2. Do you think I should go back on the meds? It was clearer when I was on them, but decided to drop it to see.
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Cereal ?s

1) What do you think is the best cereal to eat without milk?

2) What's a cereal you used to love when you were younger but grew out of?

3) Can you think of any cereals you've had before that they don't make anymore?

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How do you think people's attitudes to penpals versus online friends differ?


Personally, i've just sent off a letter to a penpal. My parents are actually impressed with it, but were I speaking to her online it would be a different story, even though the relationship isnt much different. I think its because of the stigma attatched to the internet, and the higher level of intellect required to write to someone.
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I'm thinking about piercing my own ears. What is the safest way to go about this? Should I use bactine to clean the piercings afterwards? (I have two piercings already, but I never got my earlobes done).
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I went from brown to blond today and it looks ~fabulous~ except the the piece right in the middle of my fucking "bangs" that is bright white. What do I do to make this piece not so bright? I have a box of light brown hair dye and access to a drugstore, halp.

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did you hear they're making fight club into a musical?

did you brush your teeth today?

what's the last movie you rented and watched?

what's your current default picture on myspace, if you have one?

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Before I forget again:

There's a song that frequently plays in Hollister that I want the name of. I've checked the Hollister website. The chorus sounds very similar to Kid Rock's "Bawitdaba" chorus, but the words are slightly different and it's a black man singing it. He says something like "It goes with the style of the ding da da dong ba da bing" or "it starts with a ......." or SOMETHING along those lines. Does anyone know what it is?????? If you do I will kiss your feet.


edit: i found it myself. it's teddybears - cobrastyle
(food) usagi eating ice cream

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What are some good things that happened to you today? Big or small.

I adopted a really awesome cat, and was told I'm a mod for a comm that I really like. It's been a sweet day. :)
Haruhi disappearance

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I have a leopard print blanket, it's one of those fuzzy/furry kinds of blankets. It's really soft. My cat absolutely LOVES to knead on it, and he's currently sleeping on it contently. Do you think it reminds him of a mother cat?

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I got myself Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and love it. Are the sequels just as good? Do you know any similar games that are good?

What is one thing a video game must have for you to be interested in it?

If you're going out to eat, do you dress up at all? What if you were going to Friday's or someplace like that?

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 I have a friend, called K.

K works full time and gets around £1200 per month ($2350) She lives with her parents and has NO responsibilities. No bills. No debt. Nothing. So her money gets spent on clothes, cd's, holidays, clubbing and drinking. A week after she gets paid its all gone. She's got no money most of the time and I have to bail her out. I am unemployed as I have been caring for my mum, now I am looking for work. My income is around £400 ($783) Anytime I ask her if she wants to do something, she can't as she has no money.

Now I have a chance at a job in K's work. But she doesn't want me to get it. She keeps saying that her boss won't hire me for bullshit reasons. This is because she doesn't want anybody to take any extra shifts as she wants them. Because she 'really needs the money' (I've heard her complain about this before with her other colleagues)

Also, she is a bit self centred. She has had boyfriend issues and she phones to talk about it. Fine. But when I phone to talk about my problems she changes the subject to talk about herself. If I text her saying anything bad/sad her response is always 'aw baby' Okay, maybe she doesn't know what to say.

I asked her for a loan of some money, not much about £20 cos I had nothing in at all for eating. She wouldn't lend me it because she had no money at all. She was going clubbing that night. That sounds so pathetic and selfish but knowing how often I bail her out when she needs it and how often I ask her for anything (hardly ever) and also knowing that she will spend £150 + on a night out makes me feel a bit pissed she couldn't spare me a few quid off her clubbing money to buy food.

Before anyone mentions it, I'm not jealous of her spending. I don't like going clubbing the amount she does and I manage well to buy things I want by saving for them.

Would this annoy you? How would you deal with it ? Have you ever been in this position?
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Vacation under house arrest

Imagine a vacation in a tropical paradise, with perfect weather, a pool, all the food and booze you could want, etc. but you aren't allowed to leave the property. Would you enjoy that? What if you were allowed to leave (to go to the beach, for example) but had to be chaperoned?
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1. I am seeing Juno tonight. If you've seen it, did you like it y/n?

2. Have you been watching The A Daily Show and The Colbert Report since they came back on the air?

3. If so, are they better with or without writers?

4. I want to get on Deal or No Deal. What case number should I pick first (to be my case throughout the show)?

5. Is my icon hypnotizing/mesmerizing/sexy/other?
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I'm writing an essay for my government class in which I have to summarize, evaluate, and analyze three national political news stories from the last year. The problem is, I'm drawing a blank on major news events to write about.

So far I've written about Hillary Clinton's proposed health care plan and Bush's veto of the stem-cell research funding bill.

TQC, what are some big news stories that I could write / get opinionated about?
The Black Lou Ferrigno

hype ?s

At any point in time did you ever have a greatestjournal account?

When's the last time you fell victim to false advertising?

Do you think Cloverfield will live up to the hype?



I just saw it on tv and all these memories came flooding back. my poor little brain hurts now.
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Any experiences with www.billmelater.com?
Positive or negative?
Is it worth it?
a friend of mine is thinking of making a large purchase from guitar center, and can't decide whether it be best to wait till he has the full amount or choose this option.
We're weighing the pros and cons.
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Can you recommend some good Bollywood-esque Asian music?
I love the sound of a sitar. English lyrics are nice, but I don't mind.

What do you do to beat the winter blues?

At the moment i'm listening to music I played the last time England had sun, like Jack Johnson and IZ. It's making me wish for the beach though! For anyone that's interested, you'll probably hear about Gloucestershire flooding again some time soon.

Edit: Added extra Q.

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Whats the best apartment search site?
And for people in the Seattle area, if at all possible can you link me to one of your local papers? I want to see what apartments I can find in there.

(husband has to be at Ft Lewis by friggin' friday and hasn't lifted a finger to do any searching. The on base housing wait list is about 6 months.)  

Funny Comics

Can anyone recommend some funny comics? Laugh-until-you-can't-breathe comics? The funniest ones I've read are Sam & Max and Quantum & Woody, and I'm in the mood for something that'll make me laugh.

[Edit: Not webcomics!]
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What's a song you and certain friends always listen to?
-"Crazy Bitch" -Buckcherry
Ever been in a foursome?
Why is anything made by the guys from Mike's Hard Lemonade so fucking good?
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do you like to cook or bake? what's your favorite thing to bake? do you feel an immense sense of personal satisfaction when you try something new and it works amazingly? what was the last thing that made you feel that way?

Collapse )
kiv dancin.


what were you doing/where were you on this date in 1998?

EDIT: i keep forgetting you guys are a buncha youngins!

i was 18 at the time in 1998, and i was in preston, england, for my sophomore year of college. i'm sure i was up to no good.

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When is it ok to introduce the person you're romantically involved with to your child(ren)?

ETA: If it helps my daughter is 3 and understands that her Mommy and Daddy aren't together anymore.
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Wut? Seja

My pizza

I love pizza with lots and lots of onions. NOT fried onions, cut up raw thrown on pizza then baked onions. I ordered a pizza tonight with xtra onions and when I got home and flipped up the box, there was a pile of slimy onions on my pizza. When you order food and it comes out wrong, does it bother you? Any specific stories on how someone fawked up your order?

What kind of french fry do you like best?
I think I would have to chose extra crispy steak fries, but then there are those damn spiral fries that I would give up sex for.

What do you put on your fries?
I pour on tons of vinegar and then load it with salt and put a huge amount of ketchup on the side.

Are you hungry?

EDIT! comes not come...fixed it
luna lovegood

Relationship questions

1. I have a friend who has a very annoying pattern. Most of you have probably encountered this before... She has dated this one guy who has a "hold" over her. No matter how much of an asshole he is to her, she keeps going back for more and letting him use her. Then she gets upset about it and who has to console her? Your's truly.

Edited to clarify: he strings her along, sleeps with her and then doesn't call her for 2-3 weeks and has told her he's using her. The cycle continues itself. I hope none of you got offended at this question!

Do these kinds of people irritate you? Can you really say anything to them or do you just have to deal with the stupidity and take care of them when they get their feelings hurt (as they do 99% of the time)?

2. My best friend (he's male, I'm female) of six years has gone from talking to me hours upon hours each day to more or less completely ignoring me in favor of his new girlfriend. Has this happened to you? What did you do about it? Did you say anything? Can you say anything about this? What happens when/if they break up and come back to you thinking everything is okay?

3. Do you think your significant other should be able to hold drunken arguments over your head (not serious arguments, just things like an off-hand comment or two)?

4. If you're married or getting married, did you allow children to go to the wedding?
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I just got a Sansa Clip (mp3 player). It requires WindowsXP SP2, but I have SP1. Is there any way to make my computer recognize the thing?

Why won't my brother's computer, which has WindowsXP SP2, recognize the mp3 player, even though my mother's computer (also with SP2), will? How can I make my brother's computer recognize the player?

Should I take my laptop with me when I go to FL for a week, so I can play WoW when I'm not dealing with the evil people that hold power over me at my school?

Who are you (do you know who you are, inside)? What do you want? Where are you going?

Do you have fibromyalgia? How do you deal with it? How long have you had it?

Are you happy?

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do you think it's possible to fall in love with someone you've never physically met [maybe you met them via phone or internet or some other medium] after you've only been talking to them for a few weeks? how quickly have you ever fallen in love, if ever? how long did it last?

all you need is love, y/n?

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hey many movies do you have in your netflix queue?


I have nausea. what should I do, random internet people?

if you have siblings, do your siblings have more exciting childhood stories than you?

Yes, my brother stole wood off construction sites and sold it back to the workers.. I uh... got lost behind all the junk in my room.

Different tastes

1: What unconventional looking actor and actress do you like?
2: What is something you love to eat that other people think is weird?
3: Do you like abstract art?
4: Do you like to wear things together that other people say doesn't match?
5: What is a word you like to use that not too many people know or use?


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 Did you create a drastically new identity in college? If so, how'd you change?

So I'm reading this essay for English and it talks about how students are really eager to go off to college to be free of their old identities and climb inside a new skin in college.

"Even flattering reputations can be as confining as a pair of too-tight shoes. But identity is tricky stuff, constructed with mirrors. How you see yourself is composite reflection of how you appear to friends, familiy, and lovers. In college, the fact that familiar mirrors aren't throwing back a familiar picture is both liberating and disorienting (maybe that's why so many colleges have freshman "orientation week")."

It also talks about how consciously changing in high school can be harder because people know us so well already and it could be embarrassing, like a public admission of weakness.

What do you think? 
lead me

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motorola razr owners:

has your outside screen ever started randomly flickering white? it's as if it loses the wallpaper on the phone and just the time shows up.

i haven't dropped, submersed, taken apart, or otherwise tinkered with it. is my phone on its way out? it's about a year old, i'd say.

edit: to all of you who recommended juno -- thank you!! we both loved it. although i don't get why everyone thinks the music is so good.

advice please D;

so i got accepted to my third choice/backup school robert morris. i was told to reply and let the admissions office know whether i'll be attending for fall semester within 30 days (feb 1).
i was told by my first choice (marymount manhttan) to send in my first semester sr grades before a decision could be made. i talked to my guidance counselor and i have to wait until monday to request for my transcript. it's probably going to take three days - a week until my request is fufilled. then i'll have to mail it in, wait for admissions to make a decision, then wait for an email from them saying whether i'm in or not.

do you think i'll recieve a decision before feb 1? or should i just take the backup acceptance? and for those of you who are in college, or have dealt with this process before, can you drop acceptances? like if i take my backup acceptance and then get accepted to my first choice can i change my mind?
thanks :D
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What is your favorite Kanye West CD?

edit: If you don't like Kanye, here is another question:
Inspired by Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (and probably asked previously, if so, sorry), what are some of your favorite quotes (in general)?

(no subject)

When you were a little child, did you have any ~Super Secret Clubs~?

If the answer is yes, what were they? Were there any rules? Where did you meet? Who was involved? Are there any other things you'd like to add?
Fatal Curiosity II

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Is there any way to quickly (or semi-quickly) wear in an army shirt? You know, the camouflage kind that some people wear as a jacket. I got one a few years ago that I only wore once because it's so stiff and scratchy, which hardly makes wearing it in any easier, now does it? :P

Anyway, I'm looking for ways to soften it up a bit.
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halp, i'm hopeless.

Hi friends. I want to get the bf some Red Sox tickets for his birthday. I don't know anything about baseball or more importantly, the seating at Fenway. I also don't want to give away the surprise, so I was wondering if any of you kind tqc'ers would be able to guide me in the way of best seat for the buck. TIA.

ETA. because I fail.

MY QUESTION: I want to purchase tickets for a baseball game at Fenway. I know nothing about baseball, or what constitutes a good seat. Anyone have some advice?