January 11th, 2008


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Ladies of TQC, when you visit your ob/gyn, about how long would you say the actual interaction between you and the doctor lasts? Are you happy with that amount of time?

Does your doctor constantly ask whether you're in a monogamous relationship? I answered this question almost a dozen times in my three minute appointment yesterday, and I still don't think the doctor quite believes me.

If you use Mirena, are you happy with it? Have you had any complications? Any other birth control meds you've had complications with?

If other people in your family react badly to a certain medication, do you avoid that medication?

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I got a book of short stories ['Everything's Eventual' by Stephen King] from the library and right in the middle of reading one of the stories, I find that 5 pages are missing from the book! This is so annoying, it was at an interesting part too.
So the questions:
Has this happened to you before, you're reading a book and find missing pages? What do you do?!
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Do you think climbing Everest is something that someone should be knighted for?

Sir Edmund Hillary died today.  I'm kinda sad.

and yes, being the first to climb it.

Oh and bonus points if you know what my user icon means.

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What's the deal with the RickRoll'd stuff? I don't get why people keep trying to trick people into watching it. It's not like tubgirl or twogirls1cup. I kinda like the song.
Yeah, the video is hella cheesy, but it was the 80s.
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why am i so bored today/tonight? things that are normally fun and entertaining just seem incredibly.... boring. i wish i could fall asleep right now, but i took a nap earlier today and i'm not tired at all.

what kind of things do you do for fun at home?

i'm thinking that maybe i'll watch a movie. i have a choice of these, or these, or these. any that you would suggest?

pictures again?!?!?!

I've recently decided to grow my short bangs out into side bangs. Bangs make me look younger and everyone guesses that I'm about 16. It will take 2-3 months though. What is your current hairstyle? Why do/don't you like it?
What is the best hairstyle you've ever had?
Pictures please?

I got my hair cut at Harrods about 2 1/2 years ago and then dyed it. It was awesome.
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1. if your life were a horror movie, which stereotypical character would you be? when/how would you have died?

2. do you ever sleep in a nightgown? if not, would you consider it if there existed more middle ground styles between silky lacy nightie types and grandmotherly sleeved ruffly stuff? for example, something that was basically a really simple sundress, cottony or jersey or something.

my answers:
1. i'd be the girl who keeps telling the other characters not to be wimps and has that false bravado thing going on. she usually dies first. i would have died this one time when i was searching around for a cheap motel with some friends and the townsfolk told us not to go to motel 81...and we did.

2. i don't, but i wish they made non-fug, non-slutty nightgowns! while i love sleeping in tshirts, with or without shorts, there's something really nice about sleeping in dresses.
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Poll #1119412 conditioner smells

Do you use conditioner?

Yes and I'm a woman
No and I'm a woman
Yes and I'm a man
No and I'm a man
Yes and I identify as other
No and I identify as other

How does your conditioner smell?

Girlie and I'm a woman
Girlie and I'm a man
Manly and I'm a woman
Manly and I'm a man
Girlie and I'm 'other'
Manly and I'm 'other'
I already told you I don't use conditioner!!
Other that I will mention in the comments


tick tick tick BOOM!
ticky ticky ticky
hannibal skull


How do you feel about pet shops?

Would it bother you to see a pet shop right next to a fast food shop?
Would it bother you more if that scenario was in China?
Gaga: Elegant

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I've lost a good fair amount weight over the past five months. My only problem is my back fat. It will not go away! Do you have any good exercises or websites that could help me out? If so, what are they?
My plan is push ups, but I'd like to add something else.

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it's 538 am ... why aren't you sleeping?!?!?!
also, it's PAYDAY!!
what time is your direct depostit available, assuming you have direct deposit?

1. Nightmare woke me up :(
2. 8:01 am every friday
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When did you start referring to yourself as a man/woman instead of as a girl/boy? If you aren't yet at that point in your life, when do you think it will happen?
hannibal skull

Ice Cream

Would you eat cheese ice cream?

EDIT: *NOT* Cheesecake. No. We thought that too, that it was a mistake. No. It's cheese, like mild tasty/cheddar cheese in ice cream. Bits of cheese in ice cream.
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When is the last time you had a job interview?

How did it go?

I have one today, any personal tips at all?
(anything would be appreciated.)

And out of curiosity,
what is your job currently? (optional)

Thank you in advance for any help. :)
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My email provider randomly started sending me text messages in the middle of the night whenever i get a new email, and i have no fucking idea how to turn it off. i sent a message to support, so now i am impatiently waiting for a response.

Has anything annoyed you this morning?
abandon all hope

one for each

If you are female (take the time to check) have you ever seen a man that you thought was so hot you thought that you would absolutely have to have his babies?

If you are male (take the time to check) have you ever seen a woman that you thought was so hot you thought that you would absolutely have to have her babies?

Guys...please understand, by have her babies I mean literally would, regardless how realistic this is, have her babies as in birthing them through your own male bodies.
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I've already lost half a pound since New Years...will I continue on my goal to lose 10 lbs this year??

Will the terrorists win? WILL THEY WIN? What are YOU doing to make sure the TERORISTS don't win?

My feets are cold. Is there a Feets 2.0 I could down load for free?

Thanks in advance

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What is the worst injury you have ever had?

Have you ever bought something because a celeb had it?

Do you know anybody who believed The Blair Witch Movie was real?

Have you ever dropped a phone, laptop or some other electronic device in a body of water?

What is the best autobiography you have ever read?

What sport are you the best at?

Favorite dessert?

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their secksy ways...

Poll #1119535 secksy

Which of these sex videos have you seen?

pam anderson (only one or two, i swear!)
pam anderson (the full set)
paris hilton
amy fisher (long island lolita style!)
britney spears (i dunno for a fact it exists, but i put it here just in case...and it seems plausible.)
r. kelly (yeah, that illegal underaged one)
other celebrity/rich skank's video, which i will name in comments
i have only seen sex videos of people i know
i was the star of one
i was the star of one, and i will link you to it in comments.
i have never seen one, but i want to real bad!

what reactions did you have...?

i LOL'd
i cried
i was angry
i was sad
i threw up a little
i threw up a lot
i laughed til i cried
i laughed til i cried and then threw up
i was jellis (especially of that sex machine rick solomon)
i jerked it
i practiced he moves
Ahh! Motherland!

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1. Can I boil water (for tea) in a styrofoam cup in the microwave? It seems like a bad idea but I don't have a tea kettle or anything available at work.

2. How did you sleep last night?

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How much money for savings and entertainment and any other extras would you need a year to feel comfortable buying your own home?

I've been talking to my SO and we're trying to figure out how much after all other expenses (mortgage, maintainance, insurance, food - all the basics) are paid for we'd need/want. Any ideas? And any reasons why?
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What can I make in a frying pan?


-Total time from getting pan and ingredients out, to completed edibility = 30 min or less (sautéeing and poaching are happening a lot already if that's not obvious)
-Must be able to prep and cook it while at the same time minding a newly walking 13 month old
-Must be able to buy ingredients at a pretty lamely stocked store for less than $50/week
-Must be palatable to a 28 year old mom, a 13 month old boy (though in small quantities) and an 88 year old grandmother
-Something that preps the night before in under 15 minutes (not necessarily involving a frying pan) and can be cooked in under 30 minutes the next night works too.

PS - I am perfectly capable of cooking nicer/more involved things, but I have to jam dinner, cleanup, bath, changing and playing into a hour and a half. ;)
Kill Bill - Elle
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Could you please tell me why the old smoker calling from the March of Dimes foundation just started our conversation by playing music and saying "Hey, baby, not asking for money, just some of your time. Now, sweetheart..."?
Isn't this the best telemarketing call I've had in years, yes/yes, especially when I told them that I wasn't my mother and she rasped "Sorry, darling, so sorry"?

Anything funny happen to you today?
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My friend and I decided on a random trip next month. So we're gettjng a coach from Glasgow to London. 8 hours on a bus...Any cool games we could play?

Is there anything great about London that we shouldn't miss? Maybe something that not many people know about? We're hoping to see the Tower Of London, Buckingham Palace, London Eye and Madame Tussads.

Two lost Scots in London...ooooh this is gonna be fun!!!!
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How lame is it when a troll or other assdouche deletes a post because s/he can't take the heat engendered by her/his own stupidity?

Mean: 9.03 Median: 10 Std. Dev 2.14

Should we hold some kind of community referendum on how to best address or treat the annoying creatures who make this a habit?
If that sounds like too much work, please share - what is your favorite way of treating said creatures?
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Do you have coffee/tea/other beverage mugs in your kitchen?

If so, are they all the same or a variety of designs?

What is your favorite mug?

Yes, I have eight

They're all different ones- I had a set of six that came with my dishes, but I gave them away because I never used them (they were tiny)

It's a tie between my "Morning Sedition" (RIP) one and one that has an ape dressed as a judge with a banana and says "court of appeals."

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What do you think is a normal "courtship" time before marriage? Do you think this varies with the age(s) of the couple?

Would you be dubious about any marriage if the couple has known each other less than two years, or less than a year? Or do you know some couples that it seems perfectly natural for them to get married that soon, and others that should never have gotten married no matter how long they've been together?

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My cousin just got kicked out of his apartment by his girlfriend, so he'll be moving in with us (in my grandmother's room since she's in Florida for winter) and might end up being here for a few months, depending on how much trouble he has finding another apartment. What should I do to cheer him up/make him more comfortable when he gets here?

To anyone who has more than one pet: are your pets emotionally attached to each other? If you separate them, do they get depressed?

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 Dammit, TQC, I bled on a brand new pair of cute panties.  What crappy thing happened to you today?  

Did you let it ruin your day?

Also, what flavor of ice cream would you be if we were all giant walking ice cream cones? Sugar cone, cake cone, or waffle cone?

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1.How many hours a day does your cat sleep on average?

2.Do any of you like Jeff Dunham the comedian? 

Edit:removed youtube video clip so it doesn't fill your friends page. Interested in his work check out Youtube.com its really funny.  
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Do you think it's wrong of a guy to complain about being hit on by other guys and/or mistaken for gay if the guy in question wears pink clothes all the time (and I'm not talking just light pink dress shirts here but really bubblegum pink sweatshirts and tee-shirts)?

I'm I being sexist to think he just needs to shut up about it and change the color of his shirts?

Have you ever been hit on by someone of a different sexual orientation than you? Did you take offense when they did it, were you flattered, or just laugh it off?

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I'm looking online for a podcast of Russell Brands. I need his last show on Radio 1 of last year. I'm looking for a friend who says they are available but isn't sure where. Can anybody help?
angry asian

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1. Is it acceptable to text your SO more often than you talk on the phone? Why/why not?

2. Have you ever had any desire to work in a library?

3. How do you feel about fake, plastic trees?

4. What's the weather like where you are?

5. Have you ever found a handwritten note left in a book or elsewhere? If yes, did it say anything interesting? If no, do you want to?


Has anyone ever sold their hair?

If so, how much did you sell and how much did you make?

My coworker and I just discovered www.thehairtrader.com. I have long hair, she has even longer hair. So now we're discussing whether or not we'd do this.

I am now DEFINITELY considering it, but I just wanted input about the whole thing.

Thank you in advance. :-)
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Rule: In this poll, for each food you give up, you're given a check for the specified amount. All the money is given at the point of agreement. Then you're given an injection that permanently changes your digestion, where every time you consume the taboo food, you feel the urge to throw up. So, you can never cheat. You're taking the money now to never consume said food again in the future.

Edit: if you never touch the specific food, then you can opt to give it up forever, but the amount for you is only $1,000, since there is no sacrifice you'd have to make.

For $5,000, would you give up alcoholic beverages for the rest of your life?

Never touch the stuff anyway

For $10,000, would you give up ice cream for the rest of your life?

Never touch the stuff anyway

For $15,000, would you give up soda for the rest of your life?

Never touch the stuff anyway

For $20,000, would you give up all meat for the rest of your life?

Never touch the stuff anyway

For $25,000, would you give up cheese (real and artificial) for the rest of your life?

Never touch the stuff anyway

Ketchup packets

Is one ketchup packet enough for all of your fries?

Why don't they make ketchup packets bigger?

(Really, it's messy and it uses more material and it is just annoying.)

What are you addicted to?

For those of you that have been blonde, is being blonde really more fun??


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Someone bought a book from me via Amazon.com. It was sent media mail, which is standard shipping for books and can sometimes take a couple weeks (quoted at 4-14 days).

The book still hasn't gotten to her, and she's been emailing me for a couple weeks now asking about it. She finally purchased a different copy from someone else and is now demanding a refund from me.

It isn't my fault that the book isn't there. However, I've been on the receiving end of the "book is lost in the mail" deal and the guy issued me a refund. Two months after I ordered it, the book arrived.

However, I'm tight on cash, and I'd rather not be out $15 USD.

If you were me, would you issue a refund or would you say no? why/why not?
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free time

What do you do in your free time?

I am in grad school so when I'm not at work I spend a lot of time studying. Other than that I am happy to spend my time on the computer, work my way through my Netflix movies, read, and clean the apartment. My boyfriend thinks my life is incredibly boring and seems to think I should be out with him at the bar, but that just doesn't appeal to me all the time.
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Do any of you have any experience with DirecTV? Our monthly cable bill is going up 5% and I was thinking of switching to DirecTV.

My FIL has DTV and it always goes out in a storm.

DirecTV were assholes, so I am a proud new subscriber to DISH Network.

Have you ever had a company badmouth another company? Did it totally turn you off and send you to their competition?
i say, old bean

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does sweeping ever make your back ache?

do you ever look back in your cup/water bottle to see if the pills you just took fell in?
a few of my friends and I have realized we all do this and were wondering if anyone else did too. it might be possible that it's just us being weird, but eh, I'm still curious.

what makes you proud?


Since everyone interprets things differently, I'm asking you how you interpret the following comments:

1) You're too good for him.
2) Never marry beneath you
3) You're out of his league./ She's out of your league.

Are these things just said out of snobbery or is there some merit to this?

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 1)  I was listening to Catholic Radio and I tuned in as a priest was talking about IVF.  He said that IVF is "a mind boggling evil" because several potential lives were lost to create one child. 

I'm not asking the moral question of whether it's ok or wrong, but do you think his statement of being a mind boggling evil is a little extreme?

2a) Do you eat your leftovers?
2b) Does it matter what it is?

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I don't wear makeup other than eyeliner and mascara. I would like something that makes my face appear... smooth? I dont know how to describe the look. :( Is there a product that does this? If so, can you please recommend a brand (perferably one I can get anywhere)?

What do you think of this? Dumb idea?

My math professor will not be going over a whole section of stuff in trig (10.1-10.10) that I will have to know in Calculus next quarter. Plus, he's going very slow. We've been going over 4.1 for a 1.5 weeks and there are so many other things that we need to cover. Other classes are on 4.5 already. So I tried to switch into another class where the professor will be including 10.1-10.10.

There had only been 2 days of that class, and I showed up on the 3rd day, asking if I could get into her class. She said that since I wasn't there before, she won't let me in. I told her that the reason why I want to be in her class is because it's going at a faster pace, and that we're still on 4.1 while her class is on 4.5. She wouldn't budge, saying that it's unfair for her to let me in (her class is apparently full) when I am already enrolled in another class, but if I wasn't and I was there before, she would have let me in. I stayed throughout the class anyway and she said I was welcome to stay that day.

I really like her teaching, and I'm already way ahead of my real math class, reading up to 4.7 already. Do you think it's silly to come to her class everyday, even if I'm not a student? I won't turn in homework. I just like her lectures and feel I could learn more from her than my current professor. Plus, it's not too late for her to change her mind by the next class. But I won't ask her again. I'll just ask if it's okay for me to stay even if I'm not in her class. I'll tell her that we're not covering 10.1-10.10, and that I'm going to come to her class everyday to learn it for Calculus if it's okay with her.

How do you think she'll react to it? What do you think of this?

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(I don't know if this is the case everywhere, but I know it is in the UK/Ireland, and I think most other places I know of.)

Do you think the police should be able to charge domestic abusers without the victims pressing charges?


And, from the standpoint that they can't, where do you think the line is that crosses over from domestic abuse to assault?

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Have you ever wondered what all of the otaku, gamers, roleplayers, people really into fandom, etc. will be like when they get older? Like, 30-40+?

What do you think they'll be like?

Growing Apart

1) Have you grown apart from your childhood friends?

2) Have you grown apart from your high school friends?

3) Have you grown apart from your college/university friends?

Please elaborate.

They're real men, they get sweaty.

So you are getting some new furniture delivered to your house/condo/apt.
The guys bring in your stuff, and you sign the paper thingie.
They may also remove your old couch/mattress/what-have-you.

Do you tip them?

How much?

Do you offer them a beverage?

What if all I have is water? (Which is true 99.99% of the time.)

I never know what to do. So I wind up saying, "Have a nice day, thank you!"
And that's it. I always feel bad though.
I <3 TLV

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Poll #1119804 Random questions

If someone wants to join your group of IRL friends and you don't feel that they'd belong, what would you do?

Tell them outright they're not wanted.
Humor them for a while, and then ignore them until they get the hint.
Give them a chance, and then possibly do one of the above.
Other (explain in comments)

What if it's a group of online friends?

Tell them outright they're not wanted.
Humor them for a while, and then ignore them until they get the hint.
Give them a chance, and then possibly do one of the above.
Other (explain in comments)

If you overhear someone say "My goal size is double-zero" what do you think?

They're on a diet
They're stretching their ears
Something else (explain in comments)


Air conditioning
After Colony
Other (explain in comments)

Best Asian cuisine?

Other (explain in comments)
lead me


my friends and i want to go see a movie tomorrow afternoon. no horror, something funny would be nice, but something good works too.

here's our options:

veggietales: the pirates who don't do anything
p.s. i love you

aaand anything else you wanna suggest.

what should we see, tqc??
black hole

(no subject)

If you have an SO do you think you spend enough time with them, or do you spend too much time with them, or do you spend not enough time with them?

When does it become too much to the point where it's unhealthy? Like how much time is too much?
odd enthusiasms
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(no subject)

Which of these sets of lyrics do you prefer?

This or this?

Did you pick the song that you did because of the band, as opposed to just the lyrics?

Also, is there a certain smell that you associate with home? Why?
What is the dumbest thing you have heard lately? Saddest?
I <3 TLV


I'm hungry and want something sweet - should I have a piece of chocolate cake, a piece of berry pie, or a vanilla cupcake?

[Edit: I'm eating the cupcake! Yay! I may have a piece of pie when I'm done, too =D]
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Okay, so I'm pretty sure my computer has a virus and since I'm not really a computer problem, I need help. THe problem is I have tons of files that I would really prefer to keep, so my two questions are:

1. If I try to backup my files onto a CD now, will the virus transfer to the CDs?
2. Are there any programs that can help me eliminate a virus, or are there only those that prevent them?

TQC members who live in Australia

 I ask a couple of days ago if you would whether live in Japan or Australia. Some of you said you already live in Australia. My husband and I are debating moving there in a couple of years. It would be for his work. What are some things we need to know to be sure we want to do this? The place where we would living is called Alice Springs. We would also have two young children with us. Would this be a good place to bring a family or should we rethink the whole thing. 

ETA: We decided after everything you guys told me , not go there. We looking at Japan or England. Thanks for the help!
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Speeding ticket

So after successfully speedng for years, I finally got my first speeding ticket on new year's day (82mph on a 65mph freeway).
I'm not sure how the whole process works.

I got a "Notice to Appear" to a court that is about 2 hours away from where I live. Do I HAVE to go?

Do I have to go to traffic school?

How do I know how much I have to pay them? It doesn't say on the ticket.

Thank you!
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Attention magazine readers:

Do/did you ever read a magazine made for the opposite sex?

My high-school boyfriend (who was two years older than me) had subscriptions to Esquire and Playboy, and I got hooked on their articles - much smarter than, say, Cosmo. I picked up the newest Esquire the other night and found it fascinating.

And I've always heard of guys reading Cosmo and Glamour for tips on understanding women...
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(no subject)

The other day, I got stuck in the rain and my favorite leather shoes got wet. My question is:

Is all hope lost, or is there any way that I can soften the leather again?
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I stole this too


OMG I have missed TQC.

Anyways. What is a self-created, self-inflicted home remedy you've come up with that totally worked?

Me? Oh, well, the air is suuuuper dry here these days and overnight my nose gets full of dried and hard and painful blood. So in order to sleep better and not have to blow out a bunch of clotted blood-snot each morning, I dabbed a bit of olive oil in each nostril before going to bed, and presto problem solved.
Curiouser and Curiouser

And if you don't love me now, you will never love me again.

Ladies: Ever tried waist-training?
a. Did it work?
b. If no, would you?
c. Do you even know what the hell I'm talking about?

What's your favorite cover song?

Guys: Know the difference between a skirt and dress?

When did you last post a question here?
a. What was it?

EDIT: Just to clarify, the 2nd and 4th questions aren't gender-specific.
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(no subject)

what are your experiences with those who are actually bipolar? (it could be yourself/somebody else/etc on or off your/their medication.

(i'm type II & for those who don't know the differences, it's less manicky, more depressive episodes. you know, the polar of what you might think is true for all those who are bipolar (...) for some reason, i really can't stand being around the type I people, as bad as that sounds. they stress me out way too much. :/ i also don't care for the "O HAI I'M BIPOLAR" card so it's alright to be a moody little bitch. ahh.)

(no subject)

so tomorrow i was supposed to get pink streaks in my hair... but my friend, who was going to do it at her school, said they ran out of pink.

 so should i do purple or orange??
 i have dark dark brown hair....

(no subject)

For those of you with step [and half] siblings;

1. What age [compared to yourself] and gender are they?

2. Are they officially 'step', or do you just say it for ease?

3. How long have you been connected?

EDIT: How close are you/well do you know them?

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I just got a prank call from a blocked number, from someone who obviously knew me, but I can't figure out who it was. They tried to hold a conversation with me in a muppet-like voice, then when I told them I was going to hang up because I was taking a test for my humanities class, they said okay, that I was hot, and then hung up. Is there any way I can call the blocked number back with a blocked number of my own, or is that impossible?

(I won't lie, I blushed and kind of want to know which of my guy friends thinks I'm hot.)
Oh hay thar

omg religion question

I am an Atheist and my friend is a Christian. We have made a deal that we will each read one book on the other's beliefs so we can try to convince the other? better understand? I am not sure. We want something that tries to "prove" to me there is a God, rather than 200 pages of "the Bible says this and this." I was raised Christian and have read the Bible from cover to cover so I know what it's about.

What book should I read?
What should I suggest he read?

(no subject)

I need to consolidate my student loans.

My loans are all through AES or Sallie Mae. Would it be a good idea to consolidate through one of them or is there another company that's better for consolidation?

I don't know anything about this kind of stuff so I appreciate the help.

I graduated last month and I know I have to begin paying back in May but that's the extent of my knowledge on the subject.
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(no subject)

I just got a wool coat for free. I really like the style but it is yellow, and the colour looks pretty bad against my skin. I would really love if it was grey or black or brown. Has anyone ever tried to dye wool? Ever done it successfully? Will the yellow just turn a gross pukey colour? Should I not even bother trying and just wear a black scarf?

(no subject)

If you had an A4 sized envelope what would you do with it? 
Paint it, probably.

What would you put in it? 
A4 Sized photos maybe?

Who would you send it to and why?
Probably my boyfriend, just for kicks.