January 10th, 2008

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Does Mr Rogers still come out on public television?? if not, do you know why? 

They dont show him anymore at my city, they dont show baking with julia often either, i know she passed away but I still like the show.

Do you think its wrong to show tv shows of people who have passed away?

Do you have any favorite show from your local tv public station?
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what is the funniest video you have ever seen in your life?

and link please or how I can look it up?

I'm in the mood for a really really good laugh. it can be anything.


For the people who have computers that are able to access Wireless Networks, if you were to refresh a couple of times, what is the average number of Networks reachable around your home?

I live in a very small community but I live on one of the busiest streets and a lot would be 3-5 including my own..

I just wanted to see what bigger cities and communities are like for Wireless Internet.

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I work at a fast food joint (specifically, Raising Cane's Fried Chicken) and all of my work clothes REEK.

I work counter sometimes kitchen others and I often close/open the store. I have some plain cotton work t-shirts (they just have the logo and are normal machine wash) and we wear jeans.... Well, after a few shifts I realized the stink wasn't coming out of my clothes, especially my jeans (which now means that I have four pairs of jeans and a pair of khakis that I don't wear except to work and to get messy in because they permanently smell like grease and filth...) Its not really a problem for just wearing the stuff to work because everything smells like fried chicken anyway so it's cool, whatever... but I want to reclaim my jeans! And I'm afraid the smell is going to transfer to my other clothes! D: I already wash them separately on Heavy Duty but they still reek.

My question is, then: How do you get the smell of fast food out of your cotton/denim clothes?
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Video game t-shirts

I am looking for stores that sell awesome video game T-shirts. (I mean shirts that are actually awesome, not stupid "witty" shirts with dumb phrases on them. This probably rules out Hot Topic.) I know there are online stores that sell such shirts, but I want to go in person and try things on. What sorts of stores would sell such a thing?

Example of what I'm looking for: shirts like this

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1.a. what the fuck have i done with my three Il Nino cds which were sitting on my desk this morning?
b. why won't god let me find them?

2. what time is it for you?

3. do you wear nailpolish?
I <3 TLV

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What's the Spanish song where he's all like KAWJSHDKLHJDFKLHDFKLHJF? And there's a ghetto music video with girls in ugly clothes shaking their booties. I have no idea what he's saying, but he sounds retarded and sings really fast. DO YOU KNOW WHAT SONG THIS IS???
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artsy tqc members:

when you are creating (painting, drawing, digital art, writing, etc.) do you prefer to work in the day or at night? do you prefer your workspace to be lit with natural sunlight, or would you rather have incandescent/fluorescent lighting?

i ask because: besides art classes in the days, i can only create at night because i cannot stand natural sunlight lighting my drawings. it bothers me.

to everyone: what borderline ocd quirks do you have about little things that don't actually matter, but are SO IMPORTANT and sometimes inconvenient for you? i have to check if my bedroom door is closed before i will be able to leave the house comfortably, but i am also forgetful and can never remember if i have closed the door, or if i have checked if i have closed the door. many mornings, i go back and check the door about three or four times. :/
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Is there a TV show that you enjoy as a guilty pleasure? The kind of thing you watch secretly, alone, while wearing your jammies and eating peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon.

Mine's The Golden Girls.

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 Todays my birthday, I'm 19 and legally able to drink in my country.

What should I do tonight TQC? Other than stealing my boyfriend for birthday snuggles :P

 Edit: I have school tomorrow, I cannot get shitfaced  D:

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Hypothetical situation. You're getting your morning coffee. You pick up a newspaper, then get a coffee and a doughnut from the counter. You pay, then walk down to the bus stop. You have five minutes before the bus comes. It's cold out, there is a slight drizzle, the lights of the city in the distance shimmer and glow. You realize that you'd put the paper under your arm, and they didn't see it so didn't charge you for it.
Which do you do?
* Go back and pay, and risk missing your bus
* Hell, it was only 50 cents.
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1. Are you a cat person or a dog person?
1a. If you are a cat person, do you hate dogs, and vice versa?

2. Can you recommend a game for me for Playstation or Playstation 2? Games I already have played and like are Skullmonkeys, Medievil, Spyro, and Crash Bandicoot. I'll try anything but sports.

3. What color are your favorite pajamas?

4. My mom's boyfriend is coming soon, he's my dad's mistress's ex-husband. This is weird y/n?
4a. What should we talk about? He's from Oregon, if it helps.

5. Are you going to spend a lot of money today?

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Do you enjoy drinking tea?
What is your favorite kind of tea?
How do you take your tea?

my answers:
1. Yes, I drink about six twenty-four ounce cups of hot tea a day.
2. chinese gunpowder green tea, orange sanguine, any breakfast tea and peppermint.
3. I prefer very hot water with no sweetner. If I want something sweet I eat fruit with the tea. Sometimes I use milk or soy if I want something creamy.
Grrr - evil kitty vengeance

going postal wonkyness

9:09 PM 1/8/08 · So, about a week or so back a bunch of people were going quite a bit nuts about new episodes of Futurama being on. I'm as much a fan as anybody else of this show but this was news to me. It still kinda is because I can't seem to figure out when they come on.

It's hard to search for something that comes on with old episodes multiple days of any given week.

I have decided that the simplest way to seek out the new episodes of Futurama is by threatening all of you. If I don't find out when the new ones are on I'm going to go postal. sure, doesn't seem like much of a threat, right? Why should it bother you if I go on a killing spree where I work? Well, that's the trick! I'm going to go postal at all of the places you work.

Think I can't huh? Don't answer this question and watch the chaos erupt!

When do the new episodes of Futurama come on?
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Hi there, TQC-cateers! Do you think you're cool, or "kewl"? Why? What makes you cool or "kewl", respectively?

Do you consider yourself a mentally healthy person? How often do you get depressed? Anxious? Angry? How do you deal with it?

ETA: Do you think being depressed, anxious, and angry a lot of the time is part of the (adult) human condition?
nkotb - joe - yay

Three Queens

Has anyone heard about the meeting of the three Cunard Queens (Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth 2)?

If you live in New York, are you going to brave the masses to go see this?

If you lived in New York, would you want to be part of maritime history and see this event?
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There are about six people in my office. We have all been here for an hour and half and already cleaned out four pots of coffee. Does that sound excessive? My office regularly drinks about twenty pots in an eight hour period. We also clear out eight gallons of water every other day (just drinking water not using it to make coffee). Who is drinking all this water? Is it me?

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where should i go to buy an entertainment center/tv stand with doors or drawers-type thing that is better than the fake-wood-veneer-and-particleboard crap but isn't as good as, like, "real" furniture?
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Ok, so we all know folks who think the normal rules are not for them, just for everyone else, for whatever self-perceived or off-the-wall reason.

So honestly, TQC, what rules don't apply to you, and why?

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I have a Santa Fe Rice and Beans Lean Cuisine that I brought for lunch, but the caterer at work sells awesome chicken fingers. 

What should I do?  :
A) buy the chicken fingers and save the Lean Cuisine for a different day
B) suck it up and eat the frozen dinner.

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TQC, I love me some third wave ska.

Is there a genre of music in a specific wave you enjoy most?

Lip gloss or chapstick?

Would you rather be stuck in a Wal-mart with all its customers overnight or Bloomingdale's with all its customers (and perfume hounds)?

Can you walk and do other things at the same time?
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I am in desperate need of opinons for my research paper.

So, the question is:

Who is the greatest guitarist (in your opinion) of all time?

I prefer the classic rock genre, but any genre will suffice.

Please include a why even if it's only a sentence or stating a particular song.


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If I got a tattoo in this spot (smaller and simpler than the tattoo pictured), would it be affected if I ever got pregnant?
Granted, I don't intend to get pregnant for a long time, but... you know... the tattoo will still be there.

purple flowers, Me and Lily

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Have you ever tried writing your life story? I've considered jotting down memories and stories from time to time in a reasonably ordered fashion, but have never actually tackled the task.

Oh, and the answer to how much 23.5 lbs of mixed change is...


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words and cake. mmm.

help me think of words TQC

1. You do good work, you get praised for good work; you do better work because you feel ______________.

2. You do bad work, you get reprimanded for bad work; you do worse work because you feel ______________.

3. A word that means shocked/disappointed combined.

Unrelatedly, would you eat cake without frosting? Would you ENJOY cake without frosting? Would you PREFER cake without frosting?

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We got my friend a kitten for his birthday in September. He named it Jäger, after the alcohol. For Christmas I want to get his kitten a tag, since she doesn't have one yet. I don't think the machine has the "ä" character though (or maybe it does?), so would the more correct spelling be Jager or Jaeger? Or something else?
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Has anyone in here ever gotten pregnant while in college (specifically within your first two years)?
How did that turn out for you? 
What did you do about it (if you don't mind answering)?
For those who kept the baby, did you continue with school (even putting it on hold for a semester or two), or drop out?

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My best friend and I happened to be born in the same town in the same hospital just days apart from each other, but we didn't actually meet until we went to college 18 years later.

Do you have any odd coincidences like this in your life?

Do coincidences like this make you think there is such a thing as fate, or do you think life is really just one big crap shoot?

photography question

Why is it that some people photograph better than others? Obviously, it's not always because they're good-looking. Many plain people photograph well while others, who look great in person, do not.
What is it that makes someone photogenic?

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Do your pierced ears ever get infected?
How do you care for an infected pierced ear?

My ears have been pierced since I was three months old. Over a decade later they randomly become infected. I don’t ever wear earrings so I am not sure what the problem is. Even though I clean my ears daily my left piercing sometimes has fluid and other stuff lodge inside (the holes are normal size). What should I do?
When the piercing gets infected it takes over a month for it to heal. 

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THAT DAMN CHARMIN COMMERCIAL WITH THE RED BEAR AND THE BLUE BEAR IS ON. i hate that commercial. bears are neither blue nor red.

What commerical do you hate? (Aside from the pretentious Converse ones; we've covered that.)

What's your comfort food?
I'm about to go make a sweet grilled cheese with some cheap tomato soup. Rockin'. ETA: NO I'M NOT BECAUSE MY BROTHER ATE ALL THE CHEESE OASEHROIASJFLS. =(


Have you ever taken a CLEP test? What was it like and is it worth doing?

I'm thinking about doing one for English Literature. Are the study guides worth buying?
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What's a good way for someone to relieve aggression, especially when they want to break stuff, and inflict much violence on inanimate objects, without hurting someone, themselves, or like, getting neighbors to call the police?

Going to the gym is not an option.

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Best way to get cigarette smell out of hair?

I walked into the garage to do laundry. Everyone in my house that smokes does it in there. I was in there for about 5 mintes and now my hair REEKS. I don't have time to wash it :-(

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Are you the type of person people go to for advice or are you the one usually looking for advice?

Why do you think that is?

If you were the one person someone turned to for help with their big decisions, how would that make you feel?

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I used to be friends with someone. Pete was my best friend. Pete said he fell for me and was in love with me. I never felt the same and I told him this (nicely, I wasn't mean or anything) Now, for various reasons I told him I didn't want to be friends with him. I didn't throw abuse and call him names, slag him off or anything.

He just messaged me with lots of abuse. Basically bringing me down. Said I was selfish, self centred, miserable. A whole load of things that aren't true. And although I know he's not worth crying over and I should suck it up rather than sit here almost in tears because someones calling me names, I feel like crap.

This 'man' is 29. Shouldn't he be past this stage?

Make me feel better?

Give me some nice revenge stories (that I wouldn't go through with, but the thought is nice and will make me feel better)
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like totally omg fashion

Should a really wide (like two inches?) stretchy fabric black headband go behind the ears or cover the edges of ears? What if the person has sticky-outy-ears?

Any picture for example of what would look better?

Also please post a picture of your purse or a purse you want, please and thank you.


Hey. My hair is naturally really dark blonde, almost light brown. I want to get highlights tomorrow, but DONT want platinum highlights (the only kind i've ever had). For the past year, I've been dying my hair a medium-dark brown, and am tired of how mousy it looks when it fades (it's demi-permanent). I want osmething that's a little more natural looking (at least color-wise), but my natural hair color is GROSS.

Do any of you have pictures of you with dark brown/light blonde hair that's been highlighted?? So that I can take it to the salon? lol.  I can't find much on google images cause I dont really know how to explain what I want. ;)

burning goodness
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I'm 20 and whenever I get my period I always give a heartfelt prayer of thanks, even though I'm still a virgin.
TQC, is this as incredibly weird as I think it is?
TQC female, do you ever worry about being pregs even if there is no way in hell you could be?s
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My boss just yelled at the printer, and said "WHY ISN'T THIS PRINTING?!?!?"

I almost said "Because you touch yourself at night" but held back.

What was the last bad thing you had to keep yourself from doing?
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Even though I'm really really NOT ready (financially, emotionally, etc.) to be a mother I was kinda disappointed this morning with "the painters came" (if you know that reference I will love you forever)
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I know I'm not ready  for a kid and I'm always relieved when it comes (because I'm only 19) but for a split second today I was a little sad.

Has that ever happened to you? 

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i am not very good at taking pictures. i think i might have missed the boat on some general picture taking techniques/rules.

what are some general photography rules that everyone should know?

Video games!

What's the most current Pokemon game? I feel like every time I turn around, there's a new one and my best friend loves them. She only has the old ones, and I want to buy her one of the new ones.
Did you love Pokemon as a kid?
Be honest - do you still?

What's the most current Final Fantasy game? Is there a few one coming out?

I hate slow days at the office...

1. Do you smoke cigarettes?

2. If so, what brand?

3. If not, have you ever in the past? If so, how old were you when you started smoking and how old are you now?

4. How much does a pack of cigarettes cost where you live?

My answers:

1. Yes.

2. Camel Lights.

3. I started when I was 17 and I am now 28.

4. They just upped the taxes, so they're about $6-$7 a pack, depending on where you go.
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What is the strangest thing you have in your vehicle right now?

- I currently have some fishing poles and a bag of reels and tackle in my trunk currently. I don't know what else to do with them. My Dad gave them to me randomly last Sunday even though neither me nor my husband ever fish. LOL.

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If you are pregnant out of wedlock and the father does not want you to have the child; should he still pay? Please explain your answer.

Are the mexicans still mad at me?

Why you get mad at someone on the internet?

Do you think those Mexicans that stand at the corner of the street waiting for someone to pick them up would do almost anything? If I brought six of them back to my place and told them there is some plumbing to be done and then it turns out I just want a gangbang, do you think the majority would do it? How about if I weighed 400lbs?
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I just got a new longboard and well lets face it I suck on it so far, I have been practicing so I don't look like a complete goof when I ride it in from of 60,000 ASU students, but I can't seem to get the handle on it

Do you have anything that just doesn't come as naturally to you as it does to some people?

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What veggies do you only like if they are raw? 

What veggies do you only like if they are cooked?

What noise irrates you the most?

How loud or soft do you prefer the  volume when you are listening to music?

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There is a temp where I work who has lost a noticeable amount of weight. She looked like she weighed in the two hundred pound range and now looks around a hundred and fifty. All this weight was lost within a month and half span.

Would you look at this person differently; in a negative or positive light?
Would you mention anything to this person?
Would you do anything or just watch the weight melt off?


If you were to write a post each day with a theme that you use each week.  Like every Friday you write about 5 things.  (friday 5)  and Wednesdays were way back Wednesday.  What would you use for the rest of the week?
Haruhi disappearance
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1) I wear earplugs to sleep(thanks, snoring boyfriend). A good amount of the time, when I wake up and pull them out, I get a terrible ear ache in my outer ear canal. I pull them out slowly and gently, so it's not like I'm ripping them out & creating suction. Why does this happen?

2) I shower at night because I'm terrible at getting anything done first thing in the morning. This is fine, except my hair usually ends up very limp and static-y after I brush it in the morning. It's nice and voluminous the night before. How can I try to preserve my hair a little better for the next day?

3) I went into work yesterday thinking I was scheduled, but I wasn't, haha. Have you ever done that?
eta: did you end up staying?

4) What show are you really into at the moment?
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Do you get easily worked up over stuff on the internet? If so, why?

I do. I swear I'm a reasonable person IRL, but as soon as I click on the Firefox icon, it's like I drink a can of Instabitch.

For me it's whiners/beggars. If I'm ever playing a game online, be it some MMORPG or even a silly virtual pet site, and I somehow get successful, and others complain, I laugh heartlessly in their faces. Well... usernames. Icons. Avatars. Whatever.

But I still don't know why I'm so easily angered around here...
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if you have a large book collection how do you organize your books? do you even try?

i had them mostly by size and the other night i decided do put them in color order but i gave up cause it looked dumb. i'm thinking alphabetical next.

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Arrested Development
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*Sheet of paper with all my passwords and random bits of vital information

PS I know it wasn't stolen, and even if I did toss it when cleaning, I haven't emptied the garbage yet- so it's just missing, not HOLY FUCK LOST.

Instant messages or emails that have nothing to do with cheating

Let's say that you have a really good friend who moved a few states away who is going through a horrific time. The two of you communicate with IM, email, and phone. She wants all of this to be kept confidential. Your S.O thinks you're keeping something from him and thinks you're cheating on him. He wants to see what you're writing, but you don't want to betray your friend's confidence. What do you do?
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Whats the worst thing that could happen if someone were a little lazy and didn't want to really clean their toilet and decided to just throw some dish soap into the back well thing?

Would you still do your business in a toilet full of bubbles? XD

(no subject)

1)what do you think of the 'law of attraction' i.e. the 'secret'

I am embarrassed to say, but I think it's hokum for the wooly minded.

2)are you budget conscious on entertainment costs?


3)do you sell things online often?


(no subject)

for those who menstruate:
how many days was your longest period? your shortest?

for everyone else:
what shoes did you wear today?

what's your favorite condiment?

will you show me a good picture of your hair?

(no subject)

 Because I'm bored at work:

Where are you posting from right now? Home? School? Work? Somewhere else?

If you're at work, what does your cube / desk / office look like? Is it decorated?

What is the dress code at your work? 

What did you have for lunch today?

What are your plans for the weekend?

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Who do you miss?
I miss my best friend more than anything. ;_;

What is something funny you'd do with your childhood best friend?
We'd make up our own talk shows and tape record them.  ^_^  And we'd buy different sodas and mix them up in Dixie cups and expect people to buy them from us.  Nasty concotions like Surge and Cream Soda lol.

Do you know what the hell a party crew is?  Can you please explain this nonsense?!
mr jummy

(no subject)

Seat belt laws, good or bad? Why?

Should buses and other forms of "mass transit" be required to have seat belts?

Anything interesting happen to anyone today? Will you tell me about it?
gaga: butt

(no subject)

What is another word I could use in place of "push" when referring to pushing a baby out of the vagina?

Yes, I checked the thesaurus, but none of those words seem appropriate.

(My English teacher says it's too informal for a research paper, but else can I fucking use?!)
i don't want to be friends

(no subject)

I wanna bake! I'm going to be baking all day Saturday so I have tasty treats to being back to school. So far I've planned crescent sugar cookies and maybe red velvet cake.

What's your favorite red velvet cake recipe?
What else should I bake? Recipe links get brownie points.
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Weird Voicemail

Have you ever received a weird voicemail?

A few minutes ago I decided not to answer a private call on cell phone.
The call went to voice mail.
Message in high-pitch-voice:
"Hi you won a trip to nipple-apolis-land, you and your husband have a nice trip"
[i'm still laughing]

btw im not married ..lol
Tegan, Tegan and Sara

(no subject)

Am doing AQA and just got a question I can't answer for the life of me. Google didn't help - and it's unsurprising, with the vagueness of the question, but TQC knows all, so here goes;

Who's the cute girl on Big Brother - Celebrity Hijack who wears the black long socks & black hotpants with white trim?


(no subject)

Which of these do you believe in?

Loch Ness Monster
Crop circles
Bermuda Triangle
Faked moon landing
JFK conspiracy
9/11 conspiracy
An afterlife
The gay gene
"Blood Mary" (where you look into a bathroom mirror and say her name 3 times)
It's all poppycock!

Without detailing the experience, have you had a supernatural (ghosts and that sort of thing) experience?

No, but someone I know has

Without detailing the experience, have you had a UFO sighting?

No, but someone I know has

Um...sure. Have you had a G-spot experience?

No, but someone I know has
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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(no subject)

Every so often when I open up my WinAmp, my playlist is gone and is replaced with a temporary file. The file is usually listed as some sort of movie file, but is always unplayable. Today it happened again and it was named NUDEBEACHsomethingsomething and was an unplayable clip that said it was 10 seconds long.

I know it's not another member of the household doing this.

Is this some kind of virus or spyware causing this? How do I prevent it? I regularly scan my computer with Ad-Aware and SpyBot and AVG.
flapjack eyes

(no subject)

In the movie Les Choristes/ The Chorus (a french film), what's the song that Mohrange is singing when he's hanging sheets up, towards the beginning of the movie?
I think it's a christmas song, but I'm not sure..

I really hope someone knows the answer to this..

My bathtub is broken.

Our bathtub is not draining. Drano didn't do anything. The neighbor's suggestion of bleach didn't do anything. So now there's about 3 inches of water in the bathtub, along with Drano and bleach. The switch to drain or not to drain does nothing.

On top of that, when I turn the bathroom sink faucet on for longer than 5 seconds, water drains out of the sink, but also into the bathtub through the drain flip switch...and it's gray/dirty when it does so.

Is this a blocked pipe? I'm now afraid to flush the toilet or brush my teeth in the bathroom! The kitchen sink/drain/disposal is fine. I went around and asked, and none of our neighbors are having plumbing problems.

Is there anything we can try before calling the landlord in the morning and hoping they can send a plumber in the afternoon?

[I did think of a fringe benefit of a gym membership though - a place to shower when you can't use your bathroom!]

(no subject)

1.) Its my birthday on Friday, TQC :D

I have had so much sugar from my lovely husband and tomorrow will only be more :/ Im usually a healthy eater. Should I feel guilty and try to be reasonable, or splurge for two days?

2.) I just had a chocolate Andes Mint cupcake, it was DELICIOUS. nomnomnom. What was the last sweet thing you had?

This just happened at my part-time job...

This just happened at work...

*phone rings*

Me: Music Workshop
Caller: Hi, is this Baltimore's best?
Me: Um, no. This is the Music Workshop.
Caller: Oh... well, what kind of stuff do you do there?
Me: Lessons - vocal, piano, drums, guitar, bass, stuff like that.
Caller: Oh, so you're not an escort service?
Me: Uhhhhh... no. Sorry, you have the wrong number.

My question - what is the weirdest thing that anyone has ever said to you over the phone?

My answer - definitely this. DEFINITELY.

EDIT: The caller was female!
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(no subject)

Due to poor judgment, it was decided that I am in charge of getting a cake for a birthday party on Saturday. What're some funny/ridiculous things I can get written on it? Nothing crude, please. I was thinking of getting "expires 01/11/08" (the day before the party). More ideas!

i'd rather be..

What should you be doing right now instead of refreshing tqc and looking at pictures of people and their answers and stuff?

myanswr: i should be packing the bowl and putting in the sopranos dvd

It happened at work.

If you are in a "committed" relationship and your SO confesses to cheating on you "just once" in a "weak moment" and vows "never, ever, ever again", would/could you forgive him/her and stay in the relationship?
*I have a hard time forgetting and forgiving. I don't think I could continue being committed to the relationship.

Why do people cheat? 
*I think it has something to do with how the cheater feels about him/herself. Not necessarily how they feel about the person they cheated on. 

Would you blame yourself if your SO cheated on you?
*I'd do a bit of self-examination but in the end I'd figure it was his problem, not mine.

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want to feed my sweet tooth

Ok, so I have some pie crust leftover, love chocolate and also have peanut butter, vanilla pudding, and the usual 'cooking supplies' (sugar, eggs, etc). 

Anyone know any good recipes I could use to make something of all this? If you can scale down the ingredients to a one person serving, that's great, if not, no worries I'll figure it out.  

EDIT: Ok, so went for what most people suggested - making the pudding, then combining melted chocolate/peanut butter into it and throwing the whole thing over the baked crust. YUMMMMM. Thanks so much for the obvious but overlooked suggestion! I'm getting chocolatey-peanut overload as we speak. This may just be food heaven.
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misc - not a weapon

(no subject)

Has anything made you want to stab someone today?

YES. I work in a school library and had to deal with an irate parent regarding the fact that we dare to have books on evolution that present it scientifically. Cue Xtians are SO OPPRESSED wank.

Do you think the endorsement from Kerry will help or hurt Obama? What would an endorsement from Bush do for a Republican?

I almost think it will hurt him. An endorsement from Bush would also hurt a candidate, IMO.


1. have you ever been tested for STD's?

2. have you ever had an STD?
a. what was it?
b. what were your symptoms?

3. have you ever known anyone with an STD?
a. what did they have?

4. other than HIV, what do you think is the worst STD?

5. if a person has (safe or unsafe) sex regularly with various people, how often would you recommend they get tested?

almost friday!

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How can I get my cat to keep his collar on? The other two love theirs and have no problem with them at all. He'll manage to get his off within a couple of hours of putting it on. I tried rewarding him when I put it on and he's good about it, but now he just sits like a good boy until I'm out of sight, and then takes it off. Any suggestions?

Why doesn't my boss want to tell me exactly when seasonal work is over? She said sometime in february, promise dto look up when, but still won't give me an exact date. Is she maybe thinking of keeping me? There's so many people working there that I doubt it, but I guess it's posible.
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If you could have ANY KIND of sandwich right this very moment, exactly what would be on it? Condiments? What type of bread?

If you cut your sandwiches in half, do you cut them straight in half or diagonally?

I want a smoked chicken and avocado on cracked wheat bread with spicy mayonnaise. Cut in half diagonally.

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 My hairstylist forces me to straighten my hair before I go in for highlights. (my hair is curly.) But, he's a jackass.

is this typical? my hairstylist has also turned into more of a douche and is starting to suck on top of that (i keep having to go back for fixes). So, tomorrow I'm going to a random place I found in the phone book.

Question: should I straighten my hair before I go get highlights tomorrow? I hate straightening my hair just to have them wash it again right after. Or is that just something my old stylist preferred due to his jackassyness?
Miroku Turn

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My teacher told me I don't have the authority to say Wuthering Heights is a terrible book because I'm not a literary critic. I think she is full of shit - I am literate and capable of reading it, I did, and it was terrible. Do you think she is full of shit, or am I just douche who hates proper literature?

What constitutes a terrible book, in your opinion?

Do you like to read?

Is a book necessarily good because it is a classic? Do you enjoy "classics"?

What books do you personally think should be considered classics?

Edit: If you were a parent (or if you are a parent) what would you do/are you doing to promote a love of the written word in your child?
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word meters

I've been using the Zukutou word meter as a page counter for my reading. It was meant for NaNoWriMo, but same difference for my purposes. It doesn't work for me now. I registered with the site and still nothing. Anybody know what gives? I type in my numbers, hit enter, and nothing happens.

I liked how pretty it looked. =/ If I can't use it any more, anybody know an equally nice and free counter of some kind? I've found a few word meters by googling, but they either don't look good or say "words" or "word meter" right on them, which I don't like for aesthetic purposes.
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You have been selected by the Government for part of a secret, underground, possibly immoral and unconstitutional experiment in an effort to better increase the productivity of the American [if you aren't America, substitute your countries name--such as "Communism"] Military and its other institutions. During your stay in the underground bunkers, you have been established as one of the most promising prospects of the experiments; having developed at a rate of at least four times that of your "peers"--if such a word is even worth considering in these circumstances.

During the final parts of your training, the compound you are staying at is breeched and a man whose motives you cannot quickly discern assassinates the people who have been training you and providing you with copious amounts of chemicals and porn and whatever else you might happen to want--pie, for instance. The man begins to tell you, in typical fashion, that you were going to be used by the Government to be a type of Super Assassin. You would be sent into various countries to eliminate "threats" (he even does the air quotes) that are stationed in those countries. By the end of the discussion, your previously zealous attitude for your situation has become rattled and you are faced with a choice:

Do you:
1- Accept the man's option to join with him, however long that the partnership may last, to expose the "truth" of this to the world--consequences be damned?
2- Punch the guy in the face, put on a cape, and bang reporter ladies/dudes/houseplants?
3- Punch the guy in the face, join the military, and continue your mission, knowing that you're doing the best thing you can do?
4- Kill the man in a fire-y explosion of superpowers, and take over the world?
5- Do your best to forget this incident via drugs, alcohol, and enough prostitute to choke and elephant?

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1. to those of you that watch ER, or watched one of the previous 2349857934 seasons - - do you think this might be the last season? my dad thinks so, because they're bringing the people back that were on and left the show years ago.

2. what's your favorite fruit?

3. how old are you? do you think your age fits you? for example, i sometimes feel the same age as the residents at the nursing home i work at, and then sometimes like a 7 year old girl that laughs at fart jokes. i'm 23.
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hay guise!

i have nothing to do tomorrow, so tonight i am going to stay up, draw and play some FFXII. what caffeinated drink should keep me company all night?

what should i drink tonight?

diet coke

(no subject)

 1. I have Microsoft Excel 2007 and I can't figure out how to make a graph.  It's all weird now & I can't set up my axis.  Can anyone help?

2.  When was the last time you cried?

3. What are you doing tomorrow?
Oh hay thar


I am working on cover letters for internships and several contacts are females. All of them just have a first and last name, and no Mrs., Ms., Miss, etc. When starting the letter, I can't just say "Dear Jane Doe", can I? Or should I put "Dear Mrs. Doe" and hope it's correct? I feel like I shouldn't be addressing them by a first name.


I have an Alex. MALE OR FEMALE??? Now what do I do?
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Has anyone here ever worked as a pollworker?

Our teacher is making it mandatory for us to work as a pollworker for the upcoming Feb 5th primary election.

What's it like?

I'm really nervous around people so this may pose a big problem for me. :'(
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I'm trying to look up a route on metro.net and it's giving me this message:

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'Erwin Street Mall-ycoord) AS subdwalk, hdsgn1 AS dhs, MIN(


Pit Bull: Reindeer
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What is something you really hate doing, that you don't need to do and do not get paid for, that you do anyway? Why do you still do it?

If you told someone you had lost weight, and they replied with "are you doing alright" in a concerned voice, how would you react/feel?

Have you ever been midnight bowling?

What should I get, buy, or make for my boyf for his 21st birthday this Sunday?
coffee shower

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 Who is a person that influences you? in any way, big or small.

in my artwork, I just realized that Peter Max is a big influence of mine.  I was a huge fan of Yellow Submarine and I just kind of realized that the artwork from that movie influenced me a TON.


You know that blue "stain" you get on white shoes when you wear jeans with them? How do you make that fade or go away?
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morning routine

How long does it take you to get up in the morning and go to work or school?
What is your morning routine?

I get up at 7:00. I shower, put in my contacts, brush my teeth, get dressed, do my makeup, have breakfast, make tea to go, and leave the house by 8:00. I get to work at 8:30.

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Is there any way to delete SOME websites from your history on Safari? I want to clear a few websites without resetting my entire history. I tried Googling and going to Safari Help but all I got was instructions on how to clear my whole history.

(no subject)

The Sleeping Dragon by Joel Rosenberg
From 'The Guardiens of the Flame' series.

Anyone read it?
Anyone know who he is?

If yes, anyone think Walter is the coolest asshole EVER?

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I need some help with swimwear, particularly from other females who are well-endowed up top. I like halters best, but have a hard time finding one that keeps everything in & up. The best suit I ever had, surprisingly, was from Aeropostale but their selection doesn't seem so great this time of year.

So just a few questions --

1. Where can I buy good swimwear this time of year? Either online/in stores is fine..
2. Have you had any experiences with Victoria's Secret swimwear?
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Anyone else east super crappy at night? I can do great during the day, eating healthy and all that. Come nighttime I start eating crappy. I just ate three Krispy Kreme donuts and chocolate pudding because I'm just a genius like that. My willpower is so good during the day. I don't know why it changes. I'd love to not have that junky food around but I live at home and no one in my family is over weight so they don't really care about what they eat. : (

How do you motivate yourself to eat healthier and/or exercise more? How do you curb your cravings for food like cake, pie, cookies, etc?

(no subject)

What kind of chair(if indeed you are sat on a chair) are you sat on?

If you have a swivel chair do you spin round and round as much as possible?
If yes, what is your preferred direction of travel?

How much is your daily liquid intake? I really don't drink enough and i can't possibly manage to drink the recommended 8 glasses a day

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Have you ever met someone or do you

a) believe in a literal interpretation of the story of adam & eve

b) just hates all animals

I talked to a new girl at work I thought I was going to really like today and apparently she believes in an extremely strict interpretation of the bible and essentially called me a sinner that was going to burn in hell because "if you aren't with God, you're working for Satan :DDD"

She also said she hated all animals (even cats and dogs) :( I don't think we'll get along....

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Spyware Doc & ICQ

Ok. Let's say that you suddenly are imed by Spyware Doctor saying that it blocked a malicious entity thru a certain path. Let's also speculate that you didn't catch the path name in order to investigate any corruptions. Is there a way that you can get Spyware Doctor to repeat that path for you?

Know of any good ICQ chat rooms? I just got a no. and I got a wide variety of interests.
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I'm having a birthday party (26th) with a group of friends at the beginning of Feb. There will probably be between 15-20 people (most in their 20s) and it'll be pretty low key. Mostly just hanging out and having some alcohol, possibly popping in a movie or two...

My question to you all is, what kind of food should I have? I was already planning on having chips and a TON of salsa, a veggie tray and probably a spiral sliced ham... What else would you guys recommend? Food recommendations, as well as alcohol recommendations VERY welcomed!