January 9th, 2008

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at what age do you think it's abnormal to still refer to yourself as a boy/girl instead of a man/woman?

My cousin is 32 years old with a 2 year old son and she constantly refers to herself as a girl.

ETA: To be more clear I mean like in a more formal setting or if you are referring yourself for a professional purpose or something...not as in "Oh I'm going out with the girls" kind of thing or referring to yourself to a friend
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Can you recommend some free video-editing software I can download?

I've got a Mac OS X 10.5.1, and my iMovie is dead. I don't need to capture or burn video, I just need to crop.

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I'm watching Kill It, Cook it, Eat it. where a Kid (baby goat) is going to be slaughtered in an abbatoir that's been modified into a TV studio so the audience get to watch the slaughter completely first hand and everything inbetween, until it ends up on their plate.
But the show is asking

"Is it important to know where the meat you eat comes from?"
"What do you think about people who can't watch the animals being killed, but eat meat?"

Would you watch animals being slaughtered?

Do you think it would change your opinion on eating meat, if you do?

I'm really nervous. I don't want to be watching it..

I'm very glad to have never eaten meat in my life.
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When playing Kingdom Hearts, did you pick the sword, staff, or shield first?
Is there anywhere you can buy a classy looking mood ring that won't turn your finger green?
Is a classy mood ring even possible?

To all you Americans, tired of hearing about the election yet?
To anyone, do you vote in elections?
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Why is it so hot in my house? We've turned down the heat, and I have my window open in my room, but I'm still burning up. Also, my bowels have decided to protest against my lunch, and I'm stuck in the bathroom sweating my non-existent balls off and having my rear recreate that once scene from the Exorcist. The whole combination is really really horrid.

Do you have wireless internet?
If so and you have a laptop, do you take it with you into the bathroom ever?
Are you drunk?


TQC, I love socks.

What is a reliable website where socks are sold, thats ships in the U.S.?
Do you love socks?

Crazy socks, colorful socks, long socks, whatever. I've looked online. Everything I've found so far seems a bit iffy.
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I just got a new laptop with Vista and I'm about to chuck it across the room. I can't open any files, no matter how many times I click on them (even if they're in my password protected account) and I can't right click, period. I was able to for five minutes, but I can't anymore. I also cannot do anything with the Internet Tools options, which I need to allow sites and yada yada.

What the fuck is going on?

3 highly gifted actors and their work

Hanks and Washington's gifts are obvious. As for Keanu's gift...I hear he makes a tasty meatloaf

Best Tom Hanks movie? Pick the role he was best in

Forest Gump
Charlie Wilson's War
Green Mile
Saving Private Ryan
Sleepless in Seattle
League of their Own
Road to Perdition
Toy Story

Best Denzil Washington movie? Pick the role he was best in

Training Day
Man on Fire
American Gangster
Crimson Tide
Remember the Titans
Inside Man
Courage Under Fire
Malcolm X
Much Ado About Nothing
Bone Collector
Devil in a Blue Dress

Best Keanu Reeves movie? Pick the role he was best in

Devil's Advocate
The River's Edge
Point Break
My Own Private Idaho
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
The Gift
The Lakehouse
A Scanner Darkly
Walk in the Clouds
The Replacements
Johnny Mnemonic

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what words do you misspell the most?
please should the correct and incorrect ways.

Is there a trick you can share that would help me remember misspelled words?
I learned yesterday an easy way to remember the proper spelling of ridiculous (ridiculous is not red)

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So my fiance and I have been together nearly 2 years. He is an OTR truck driver so we don't get the kids that often. Only when he's home.

I really want to call his ex-wife and tell her if she ever needs a break from the kids or has things to do then I'd be more than willing to take them off her hands. I love them and they love me. I get bored and lonely and I miss having them around. I'm sure it's tough on her having 3 kids around 24/7.

My SO doesn't think she'll go for it. He thinks she'll think I'm trying to replace her or whatever (she's kind of bitter and jealous)
She has came into my work before and asked me questions (what time are the kids coming home, etc, if she couldn't get through to Michael...

she's cordial to me and I have taken the kids back to her myself and it was no big deal.

Have any of you ever gone through this?
Should I go for it or should I give her more time?

Thanks for your help.

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Okay I took four classes at College A and now I am transferring to College B. I took a total of 14 credit hours at College A but only one of the classes (4 credit hours) is equivalent to a College B class. Do the other 10 credit hours just not count for anything? I mean I know I have to take those classes over again but will it still say that I have had 14 credit hours?

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How the hell can I wear my Hawk when it isnt spiked straight up in a fan or in liberty spikes? Other than just flopped to the side, I mean.

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I want something a little less time intensive than the fan but still interesting.
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Am I crazy for crying at Obama's speech?

Maybe I'm just being a baby, but I thought it was moving.

Do people that don't vote have a right to complain about the government?
If you don't vote, why?

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Can you recite from memory, word for word, the entire opening song from "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"? No cheating!

If no, what part do you get stuck on?

What year were you born?

Yes, and I frequently catch myself doing so. 1981.

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There's a movie coming out next Friday named Teeth.

Here's the synopsis:

A horror movie about a girl whose vagina is lined with razor sharp teeth.


Who else thinks Hollywood is running out movie ideas?

Who else wants to go see it anyway?
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So, yesterday (why I didn't ask this yesterday, I don't know, but I stupid) I spilled white out all over my black pants. They're 100% polyester, the tag said, but my gram felt them and said they were ultrasuede. How do I get the white out off? I tried Dawn right after it happened,and nothing.

My girlfriend says to freeze them and peel it off, but I want some other ideas, in case it doesn't work.

Why the hell is my dad so pissy all the time? We were going to clean out his van and I tripped going out the door, grabbed his arm and steadied myself and he said 'fuck it' and came back in and started a fight with me mum.
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which do you think is worse, getting frustrated with something before you go to bed, or right as you wake up?

what are your plans for today? plz to be explaining in complete detail.

after explaining your plans for today..imagine you're on your way to so-and-so's/work/store/WHATEVER and you look down and there is a $100 dollar bill. tell me, does this change and plans you had previously made?
what are you going to do with this money?
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When you are sick, do you stay in the same sick clothes/pyjamas til you are better or do you change clothes daily?

Do you wash your bedsheets more often when you are sick?

When was the last time you stayed home sick from work?

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I have an upset stomach thanks to one too many JD's last night. I'm not hungover otherwise, just my stomach feels queasy. Anybody have some home remedies?

Please and thank you!

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1)I ate a bowl of oatmeal at 6 am. then I ate a thing of yogurt at 10:30. why am I still hungry? show your work.

2)what was that one show where this one girl is in a sorority and and this senator's daughter sleeps with her boyfriend and her brother is a nerd who joins a frat? Us network tv I think. eta: answered/ thank you internet.

3)do you think john mccain's speech was too long?

eta: lunch meat in freezer? wtf? also thawing? will it taste like crap?
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I was watching the price is right, then bam, the news told us that a tanker fell and leaked 7000 gallons of gas on our Minneapolis highways, and I wasn't able to watch the rest of the show.

Who won?? What did the second girl have on her showcase?

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I've been pondering a surface piercing for a long time, probably longer than I've thought about my tattoos, and these aren't permanent.  I would get one vertically on my chest, like this: http://bmezine.com/pierce/11-surface/A30110/high/9wrnknza.jpg.

So where's the question?

1. Do you or does anyone you know have a surface piercing?  In the past?  If they were past piercings, were they removed or rejected?

2. If you saw someone with this kind of piercing, what would you think?

3. What did you eat for breakfast today?  I had an ice cream sandwich.

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1. Do you take vitamins? If you do, which ones?
2. If so, how long have you been taking vitamins?
3. Do you notice a physical difference when you are and aren't taking vitamins?
4. What time of day do you take them?
5. Do they ever make you feel nauseated?
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I was reading presidential candidates' stances on many issues here, which spurred several questions/discussions:

1) Do you think that the gay rights movement is comparable to the civil rights movement? (Obama)

2) Do you think hating abortion but allowing it is like hating slavery, but allowing it? (Huckabee)

3) Is Walmart a case study in genius in American marketplace? (Huckabee)

4) Should hate crimes be legislated? (Huckabee)

5) Is the "don't ask, don't tell" policy in the military working? (McCain)

6) Does the "unfiltered internet" rob children of their innocence? (McCain)

7) Should parents of minors be notified of their child having an abortion? (Clinton)

8) Should we "treat kids as 'child citizens' not 'minors' under the law"? (Clinton)
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My Google skills are lacking here and I'm in desperate need of help. My mother needs to go to the doctor to get a series of B12 shots, but is too weak to leave the house. I can't seem to find anybody that will help my mother out of the house to go to the doctor. They all say they'll pull up to the house, but we have to get her to the curb, which is very difficult. There are steps leading up to our house and none of us here in the house have the ability to help her. No one will come to the house to give her these shots, either, because they say the doctor has to give her the shots.

I live in Union County, New Jersey. Does anyone know where I can find help for my mother? I feel like I've tried everywhere and gotten no results. My mother also has Medicare, if that helps. We don't have a lot of money to get private transportation.
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CT scan

I'm going to get a CT scan to check out my brains. Those of you who have had it done, can you advise me as to whether i should ask someone to take me to and from there, or if i will be okay on my own on public transportation? the only precaution they gave me was not to eat or drink 3 or 4 hours prior. (Wait, does that include plain water?)
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1. Without shopping and buying online, where would an average midwesterner find a stuffed ladybug? Does your workplace sell stuffed ladybugs?

2. When you finally get locked away from society, what will it be that put you there?

3. Do you use regular or rechargable batteries?

4. Do you cross your toes?
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Jawbones and People you Don't Like

1. Has anyone ever had surgery on their jaw as part of orthodontic correction? How was that?

2. How do you handle it if you receive a gift or card from someone you don't really like? Do you ignore it so as not to encourage the gift-giver in any friendship (though it might be rude not to thank them for it) or do you express gratitude as normal, even if they take it as an indication that you enjoy their gift and company? (For the sake of argument lets say you don't like the gift).

Single and ready to mingle

 So, it seems like everyone on TQC has a S/O (significant other).

For those who are single: Why are you single?
Is it a choice or do you wish you had someone?
And if you wish you had someone what do you mainly wish you had them for?

For those who have an s/o:
Are you settling or are you actually in love?
Who wears the pants?
What would you change about your s/o?
What advice would you give to those of us who are lonely for an s/o?

I am single and though I try to say I don't, the truth is I want an s/o. But the thing is I'm not wiling to settle. I did that with my last s/o. And when I do actually go for a guy I like I freak out and can't handle it. While I'm in school I've realized I can't have an s/o because it takes away my concentration. A bummer, but c'est la vie.
I want someone because it's nice to have someone but also I miss making out, sex etc.

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how do you feel when you have had books/movies "ruined" for you? are you like me & not want to read or watch once a lot has been revealed, or it doesn't matter?

e.g., having the last three harry potter books ruined in my opinion by people with big mouths, or watching i love the 90's when they only show the ending of fight club. srsly. that pisses me off. >:|
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Poll #1118450 72% of people who don't go to church even on religious holidays say they believe in God or a higher power

Do you believe in God, Allah, the Divine Spirit or some sort of higher power?

I don't know

How often do you go to church, synagogue, mosque, etc.?

Only on religious holidays
Somewhere in between only on religious holidays and weekly plus religious holidays
Weekly and on religious holidays
More often than weekly plus religious holidays
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For those of you who shake hands with just half of your fingers or so, or even anything less than a full handshake, why do you do that?
Have you seriously shook enough gross palms that you're afraid of ever having to do so again?

For those of you that offer a hearty or at least complete handshake, how do you feel about fingertip - or what I like to call a half-assed - handshakes?

What would you give your figurative left nut for right now?

Also, I just saw an ad for Reese's whipped candy bars, and I am soooooo looking forward to trying one.  Have any of you been lucky enough to do so?  If you have, was it delicious or a disappointment?

around the world in 5 movies

 A friend of mine has a dream of traveling around the world, so for his birthday I want to give him a package of movies that take place at various places around the world.  

I have some ideas, but what are your suggestions?  bonus points if its about Americans in these places (i.e. An American in Paris or Lost in Translation)

Some key places I'd love to hit up are:
France, Italy, the Carribean, Asia, and one other place - I'm not sure whether to hit up South American, Northern Europe, or give the Aussie's a nod.



For TQC.

I want to cull my clothes (and other stuff) in my house, but don't now where to start.

I don't have money to go out an buy new any time soon, so the rule of "if you haven't worn it in 18 months, get rid of it" doesn't apply since ostensibly, I'll be going back to work and still need my professional wardrobe.

I've donated clothing that was out of fashion and/or didn't fit anymore.

Clothing is also separated into season...

It's just that I have TOO much and I'm afraid of ditching stuff "just in case."

Has anyone done this? How do you go about it?

What about other *stuff*?


(no subject)

1. What one adjective would you use to describe yourself now?
2. What adjective do you hope to be able to use to describe yourself 10 years from now?
3. Also, what gift would you give a couple (close friends) that has been extremely down on their luck the last few months (loss of a job, totaled car in an accident etc)?
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Poll #1118495 What should I do D:

If I were to completely move to another journal, which should I move it to?


Or should I just move to vox.com with the journal undignified?




Viva Las Vegas

I'm going to Vegas for 3 days, starting Friday. It's going to be for my friend's birthday, so it's pleasure, not business-related.

Q: What can we do in Vegas that's different?

Now, I was in Vegas last month for a family thing, so I've kind of done most of the walking around/looking at things amble. My friend and his gf have seen Vegas several times, probably 3 times in the last year. We all love the city, and for that reason, I don't want it to slip into a been-there-done-that trip. My friends are also kind of poor, so any activity like Cirque due Soleil or shows over $50 might be a bit demanding on their wallets. I imagine a lot of drinking will be involved, either in the hotel room or bars, but drinking's usually a means to an end.

Do you have any ideas beyond the walking around/looking at the other hotels thing that doesn't cost an assload of money?
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Next week will be my two year anniversary with my boyfriend. Last year, we didn't really exchange gifts. We went out to dinner, he brought me flowers and chocolate, that kind of thing. He told me he didn't want anything, but I decorated a picture frame and put a picture of us in it and he really liked it.

Do you guys have any ideas of something I could make for him this year? I'm not that artistic, like with drawing and stuff, but I'm rather crafty, like with designing things that look nice.

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Ripped tights-- is it ever fashionable or even acceptable?

I buy most of my clothes at Goodwill/used stores and kind of layer for warmth without a real fashion sense. I guess I have a bit of an indie/hippie thing going on, but mostly just kind of layer a bunch of crap. I buy tights new so I can wear skirts in the winter, but my pretty new tights ripped the first day I wore them! So I'm thinking I might just keep wearing them and allow them to rip more. How bad of an idea is this? They're like a chevron pattern knit.

horse racing

Have you ever bet on a horse race at the track? I'm going to the track for the first time and I'm not that interested in learning a whole lot of new details on how it works. Is it easy to pick something at random or should I look up info and try to learn about it first?

How come I can't get my usb ports on my monitor to recognize anything? Been looking for info online and came up with nothing.

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How many days a week do you not wear socks?
Why not?

The first part of my regular dog walk with my cocker spaniel goes past houses. A couple of times a huge labrador has followed us right from one of these houses through the fields, so I eventually walk right back to the road to try and shake it off. This has really scared me, although its never been agressive, but it's over playful and won't leave us alone. Last time however, it really scared my dog and she ran nearly all the way home.
What can I do to get rid of it, short of hitting it with a stick? I've tried shouting at it to go home, and it sits when I tell it to but gets up and chases us again. [Serious answers aswell please!!]

EDIT: On second thoughts, i've seen it fight with other dogs before, and I really like that route but theres no other way to get to it without going past their house.
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i've been reading a 'discussion' of christianity on a facebook group for an hour and a question has arose in my mind....

what is more annoying to you: in y0 f4c3 for jesus or in y0 f4c3 for atheism? (i personally find them both irritating, and i'm an atheist myself.)

what makes people so damn smug and secrue about what they believe in that they will become an asshole on the internet anyway?

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Have you ever played a game I like to call "How Long Until I Get Busted"?

The rules are simple. Pick a public place to sit/stand. Get naked. Wait until law enforcement arrives.

If you have played it, how long until you got 'busted'? Did they give you a ticket for anything? What for, how much?

(no subject)

If you find a hair in your food, do you just pull it out and continue eating, or are you so grossed out that you can't finish your food?

Edit: keeping in line with all the Shakespeare questions... have you heard about the theory that Shakespeare was a pseudonym, and that the real author was Edward de Vere or Francis Bacon (among others)? Do you believe that Shakespeare was a pseudonym?

My 9th grade English teacher had an OBSESSION with this theory, and it was basically the only thing he talked about the whole year.
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(no subject)

1. ladies have you ever had to take the morning after pill?
2. do you feel weird buying things like that? and other personal sexual items, like condoms, lubrication etc.?
3. what was the last thing you said out loud, and to whom?

Pit bulls

1. Should they be banned? Why or why not?

2. What do you think of the breed? Naturally vicious or raised that way?

3. Dog-fighting... yes or no? Why?

4. Have you ever known any nice, good pit bulls?

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ive been with this girl for almost two years, its been on and off but we really do care about each other. the past month has been out there and the last week it seems likes shes been avoiding and when i finally get to talk to her and tell her how much i miss her she tells me she doesnt want to be with me anymore. i know our relationship isnt amazingly sturdy or anything but its a shock to me. i know shes been hanging out with another guy and not telling me about but she says shes not involved with him. so my question is...how do i get her back? i love this girl more than anyone ive ever met and i would go through great lengths  to do anything for her. im just lost at what to do and how to approach it.

Probably a duh question, but you never know...

Is it possible to purchase plane tickets somewhere in person rather than online? Can this be done at the airport?

Edit: I've only ever had to purchase at the airport when you pay out the ass to roll over to a paid flight that same day, (I typically get free flights from Continental) and something happened where the flights were packed and I needed to buy a horrifically expensive ticket to get home.

I've never had to buy a ticket in advance before (nor of my own volition really) and would rather just stand there and talk to a ticket agent about my options. I wasn't sure if they still did that these days with internet and phone purchasing being the more popular options.

Grad School

I just finished undergrad this summer and am currently working at a hospital in research. I studied Biomedical Engineering at a good school, but my grades are FAR from perfect.

What can I do to better my chances of getting into a (science related) graduate program?

Can you just take classes at a school without going through the whole application process?

Would that do any good or be a waste of time since they will not be counted toward a grad degree?
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Last year I grabbed the cheapest humidifier I could find, and it did the job, but it was a royal pain in the butt to fill and to clean out. Thus, I'm in need of a good humidifier, but I'm not sure what kind to get. I stared at several different ones, looking at their descriptions, but each one sounded like an ad for itself (of course), and I couldn't really get a good idea on how they differ from each other. So . . .

What's the difference between "Cool Mist", "Warm Mist", "Ultrasonic", and ones that say they add "Ions"? Is one better than the others? Is it better for the mist to be cool or warm, and why?
Please share your knowledge on humidifiers and let me know if there is one that you've had good luck with.
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To those of you who've been on Adderall,

1. How long have you been on Adderall?

2.  What are the long-term effects of being on Adderall? 

3. Did you gain back the weight that you lost initally?

4. Did you have to keep upping the dose in order for it to work? Did you ever get to a stable dose that you kept at for the rest of the time?

I was on Adderall 2 years ago. Thinking of going back, but this (http://www.erowid.org/experiences/exp.php?ID=7505) scares me. The person used it responsibly and it still screwed him/her up. I don't want my tolerance to go off the charts and have it not affect me anymore later on. I don't want to gain back the weight.

(no subject)

Where do you get your icons from?

Do you keep your receipts even after the transaction goes through to the bank?

Have you even had to take a lie detector test for a job or something else?

What was the last thing you payed for?




I ordered a shirt from thinkgeek.com for my boyfriend as a gift for our one month (which is tomorrow). I've been tracking the shipping, and it said it arrived in my city, Los Angeles, today at 6:30 AM. It also said That it arrived at the post office at 10:00 AM-ish. Should it have come in the mail with my basic letters and junk? (it didn't) Is it going to come on a seperate party (like Fed Ex, DHL, UPS?), or am I going to have to give it to him a day late?

(no subject)

has anyone read a midsummer nights dream?
can you give me like a paragraph summarization?
all the ones i find on google are too long, i just need a really short one so i know what happens in the story because im writing an article about the play.

Cell phone contracts

When your cell phone contract is up do you get a feeling of relief?

Mine is up in March and I have Cingular/AT&T. I get no signals out here (home) and I don't want to sign another contract with any company because I'm afraid I won't get signals with them either.
Damn cell phones.

(no subject)

1)your favorite news on tv?


2)what's your one true pairing?
wwarning: if you highlight, you get fruits basket spoilers.

3)should I cartwheel in front of children?

eta: would you buy an expensive tombstone for your pet if it died?
no pet.

(no subject)

i am looking into getting my nipples pierced, so i need any information that you can give me.

if you've had it done, was it the worst pain of your life? not so bad?
how much did it cost?
how was the recovery process?
did you lose any sensation in your nipples? was the sensation heightened?
did you really have to wait the recommended amount of time before they could be touched?

and the big one. my nipples almost never get hard. can it still be done?

and please save the sass about me being inexperienced. i know it's coming, but this is why i'm asking questions.

(no subject)

Better song?

19 - Paul Hardcastle
Summer of '69 - Bryan Adams
1979 - Smashing Pumpkins
1999 - Prince

Best Jimmy

Jimi Hendrix

Best Carey?


Best Jessica?

Sarah Parker

Better Garth?

Garth Brooks
Jennie Garth
Garth Algar (Wayne's World)
mornington crescent
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(no subject)

1. What are your Political Compass scores?

2. What do you think about this? Do you think it's accurate? Does it make you want to curl into a ball and weep for America's future?

3. What political issue shall we argue about? I can't think of a good one and I'm bored.
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(no subject)

my ex boyfriend is terrorizing me like al-qaeda pretty much. is there any way that i can block his phone calls and especially his texts from coming to my cell phone? i have t-mobile btw.
hate pimentos

i am dumb. sorry.

Okay, so I have Windows XP as my operating system.  Here's what I'd like to do:

I'd like to change the settings so that, no matter what program I'm in, when I click "open file", the Open File Box displays thumbnails, not small icons or a detailed list or whatever.  Is there any way to do that?
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(no subject)

What cities are politically, socially, and atmosphereically (don't know if that's a word - but what I mean is like active, urban downtown but not intense like San Francisco or New York) like Madison, Wisconsin?
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One of the many rap songs I've been working (incredibly slowly) towards completing to make a demo for Jay-Z to cream his jeans over is called Trolling Hollywood. I like to go for the cocky and funny raps. For instance, one I'm particularly proud of goes: I dig Parker Posey, and I hope the snarker knows me, but I'll probly have to wear a lot more darker clothing. The problem is, I have to be creative enough to work 48 lines into the song including a chorus, and after having lost some of what I'd written and forgotten it, I still have a decent amount fewer than the necessary lines.

Females and males, which Hollywood ladies do you find attractive?

How would you rhyme their name?
Girls: Naughty

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Dear TQC,

My girlfriend has a problem. Two of them, actually. Her boobs are 32DD. Frederick's and VS do not carry bras in that size (except for one we found by total fluke), and neither of us is willing to shell out fifty bucks for a second one. Where might we find her another bra without totally breaking the bank?

The gay girls
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(no subject)

1. How long does a train ride to London from Yorkshire take on average?
2. How much would it cost?

3. What's your favourite song at the moment? The Pearls - Guilty

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(no subject)

How come google maps has close up satellite imagery of Qikiqtarjuaq, Canada (population ~488), but not of Ithaca New York(population ~30,000)?

How do you pronounce Quikiqtarjuaq?

(no subject)

1. Who are you voting for for the next US president (if you're able to). 
2. Do you like Monopoly? Are you good at it? 
3. What's your favorite board game? 
4. Do you eat Lean Cuisine as part of your diet? What do you think of it? 


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I'm getting sick of my Aquabats icon. Is it time for a change?

How long should I wait until opening my piggy bank? Should I bring it to college with me?

Do you like loud guys/girls or quiet ones? Why? Is it just that you've happened to fall for a certain type, or is one really more attractive to you? I am talking about romantically.
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theres this puzzle/riddle/thing going around the internets with all the letters of the alphabet in caps typed three times like so:


and so on from A to Z, and the question is whats wrong here? i've been trying to think of the answer forever and i still cant get it. theres no letters missing, they're all in order, all in caps, from A to Z. have you seen this f**king riddle and can you tell me the answer?
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What's the best computer from what people have told you?

What is the best computer in your opinion?

1.) Hewlett-Packard
2.) Toshiba ((I had a HP and it was in the shop more than it was out. I love my Toshiba. It only overheats and never gives me problems.))
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1) Will you please post the most recently recent picture you have of yourself?

2) Will you also post a picture of the favorite part on your body(locked in case your favorite body part is a little risque :P)? Why is it your favorite?

3) What's a good name for a pizza shop?

4) Is there any specific factors that go into determining if someone is a morning or night person? Is it all circumstancial?

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I found a large jar of mixed coins (everything from quarters to pennies) in my old bedroom at my parents' house tonight. The big plastic jar weighs 23.5 lbs according to their bathroom scale. I plan on taking it into the bank tomorrow to deposit it into my savings, but in the mean time...

How much do you think 23.5 lbs of mixed U.S. coins is worth?
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Glasses and sickness

Approximately how long does it take to get glasses made at a place like Lens Crafters, assuming you already have a prescription? 

Do you typically go to the doctor if you have a flu or just wait it out? How do you know when it's just the flu or something more? Would you feel silly going to the doctor if it just turned out to be the flu? Is there anything they can do for you in that case anyway?
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Time ?

As of right now, How many minutes and/or hours have you been following TQC post/comments ??

I've been sitting on this couch for two hours (tired).
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Another one?

How many movies/shows can you name where there is someone kidnapped and going to be killed on a website?

Untraceable is coming out soon where the more people visit a website about a hostage the faster the hostage is going to die. Totally unoriginal I've seen similar things so many times before.
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1)   My brother was watching some music videos the other day on VH1 and one came on that I really liked. I wrote down the name and artist, but my computer overheated and I lost it. Can you tell me the name of the song?

It had a girl vocalist, but I think all the other bandmates were male. The video featured a really hot girl walking around and kissing all the hot boys and pissing off the girls. At the end, the vocalist came out and smirked and ripped falsies out of the hot girl's boobage. Any ideas?

2) I have an interview Friday morning for a 911 dispatcher. What are some good ways to prepare myself for this type of interview? Cleanliness and professional clothes, yes, I know, but what are some of the things they might ask?
I know it's a very difficult job, emotionally. My father was a dispatcher for many years for both the city and state polices and he has warned me about having to listen to someone being hurt over the phone. I think I could handle it, just for the outcome of helping people

3) Which is a better car: Chevy Aveo, Mazda CX-9, or Ford Edge? Is there any other crossover/large hatchback that you particularly like (auxiliary audio jack standard preferably)

4) If you had a choice between a brand new, just constructed apartment or an old renovated above-a-shop apartment, which would you choose? Money is no issue, but there might be slight difficulties with some of the renovated apartment. Are the difficulties worth living in the old, beautiful building?
It's always been my dream to live above a shop in the oldest buildings in the city, but I am worried about the plumbing, electric, etc.

5) When referring to apartments or houses, renting means to pay monies on a monthly-by-monthly  and leasing means to rent for a set amount of time (ie, six months). But what is leasing when it comes to cars? How does that work?  Do you pay for the car for six months and then get a new one?

6) Should I clean my room, go to bed (I have to be up in six and a half hours), or watch Torchwood?

7) How did I not know of the  awesomeness that is Captain Jack Harkness until this week?
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If you're bored, could you play Simon and comment with the highest score you get (try it once or as many times as you feel like)? Just curious how I measure up against you random lot [who comment].
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