January 8th, 2008


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you always hear that guys like a girl who eats, but do guys really have an opinion one way or the other whether or not a girl eats? i mean obviously if she isn't eating to the point of being anorexic it'll be an issue but in general, do guys even notice?
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What is the best World of Warcraft server?

I have an epic cold. I'm taking Comtrex. It helps. What else helps?

What's going to happen in One Tree Hill this season? Spoil me, please.

Star Wars poll

Poll #1117575 Star Wars questions that weren't answered for me

Anakin Skywalker seemed to have built C-3PO. He also knocked up Padme, who shot Luke and Leia out of her Amadala parts. In some twisted way, are C-3PO and Luke something like stepbrothers, since he made them both?


C-3PO and R2D2 probably have their memories wiped, otherwise they'd recognize people like Obi Wan and Vader in subsequent sequels. However, Anakin, who built 3PO and worked extensively with R2, never once made one comment in any sequel about their presence not only on the rebel front, but as robot friends to his only begotten son. Never once did he utter, "damn, what are the odds?" or "I can understand my long-lost son being against me, but my childhood toys, too?" Why do you think Anakin never mentioned anything about the droids?

Vader smoked a lot of medicinal pot to alleviate the pain of losing 3 limbs. Bad memory and lots of munchies. Did you notice how much fatter he got?
It was all part of the master plan set into motion all those years ago that Luke get the helpful droids, that aid him in destroying the Death Star. Anakin implemented these events on purpose back when he was good, foreseeing his downfall
George Lucas is a friggin' idiot. That's why
Anakin was a keen tinkerer, but seriously, what makes you think he was smart? Betraying all the jedis because he had a scary dream. WTF?
All the emo "why don't my droids love me anymore?" scenes were edited out

Anakin, before he went down the path of the sith, was a whiny, impulsive, impatient, punkass, pouty bitch. Darth Vader, on the other hand, is a calculating, patient, precise, stoic, emotionless villain. What happened to change him so much?

Losing the love of your life cuts out your heart, so he no longer felt anything. As for the impulsive, impatient, whiny thing...losing a bunch of limbs seriously cuts down on your brashness
Anakin was an impulsive, overemotional liability. Lord Sidious just said, fuck it, one day and fed him to starving Ewoks and hired an older, more competent replacement who also has a thing for black
Scientology. Dianetics definitely helped expose those deficient traits, and he went in for an auditing
Vader smoked a lot of medicinal pot. Really took the edge off and mellowed him out
Lucas doesn't know shit for character continuity

Chewbacca was like the #2 VIP on his wookie home planet. He was of counsel to Yoda. That's how notable and esteemed a diplomatic hairball he was. Then, in Episode 4, he's second banana to a lowly smuggler, tooling around in a beater POS spaceship, in debt to local crime bosses. That's the equivalent to once being a vice president in Peru and then, 20 years later, driving illegal aliens across the border into America. What happened that made Chewbacca fall from grace?

Drugs. Only serious drug addiction can ruin a man (or a monkey man) like so
Alcoholism. Booze has fucked up many a life
Blackmail. Scandalous pictures of him and the intern threesome blackballed him from politics
Chewbacca wasn't just Han Solo's partner. He was his 'partner'. Love makes many people take big risks and undergo major life changes.
Lucas is an idiot and forgot to address that point

Yoda was the jedi master. Every wrinkle and twist of the force, he was aware of. He must have known about the Emperor's sithlike powers, since, well, it's the dark side of the fucking force and Yoda can always tell when "the force is strong with this one". He must have foreseen the Emperor's rise to total evil. Why didn't Yoda ever do anything about it?

Yoda served the force. He did whatever was destined, whatever was dictated by the force. If Sidious was meant to rise, he was meant to rise. Yoda won't fight destiny
Secret fondness for Anakin. He knew he was going to be great, despite his anger. Yoda didn't want to tamper with a perfect individual
Because he's a muppet. Having a hand up your ass seriously limits your ability to save the universe
He's an old man. He's earned his place as counsel elder. Let the younger whippersnappers do all the watching and doing
Yoda wasn't really all powerful. He was a character of much deceit. He walked with a cane, even though he fought like a tree frog on crack. Nothing about him can be trusted now.

"Oh noez! In my dream, my true love is ded! So sad!", says Anakin. "What, the only way to ensure that my bad dream doesn't come true is to betray everybody I know and kill the innocent? Well, I guess that makes sense. Bad dreams are pretty upsetting" . Q: Why do you think Anakin really turned evil?

For love. He did it all for love. Darth Vader was a big emo softie, ya know
He was an asshole. Yoda & co. didn't grant him the title 'master' so he went out and got a job working for their enemies
Anakin refused to work for Frank Oz's puppetry and that guy from Pulp Fiction any longer
Siths get full health insurance, Including dental
Obi Wan was always making crude sexual remarks towards him. Yoda refused to do anything about the sexual harassment, and Anakin finally went postal against the whole order
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TQC, I am a very negative person. Why? I do not know.

However, I have decided it is a good point in my life to think positively, so could you help me out? What are some ways I could be more positive? Hell, I'll even read self help books if it works. Non srs answers are always welcome.


Do you want to get married at all, as in ever?

1) Are you religious? Do you plan on getting married in a church or no? What part does your family play in this decision?

2) What season would you get married in? Time of day?

3) Same dress as the wedding or different for the reception?

4) Sit down dinner/lunch or buffet/snacks? Open bar or no?

5) Band, DJ, string arrangement, all night long karaoke?

6) How do you feel about black bride's maid dresses? (a la Charlotte's second marriage in SitC)

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it's 3:20am here, and I have to be up at 6:15am to get ready to go skiing. I leave the house at 7:00am.

should I just stay awake, or try and sleep?

if I should stay awake, what can you show me/tell me that will keep me entertained?

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are you a good student?


would I really be in trouble if my grades during freshman year of high school were kind of bad (nothing lower than a C-)and I want to get in Columbia or NYU or such a school? ):
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How do you ask a casual, business relation if they got a boob job?

Would you be subtle, leading, discreet, direct or blunt?

Is "WOAH MOMMA! LOOK AT THOSE TA-TA'S! Where did you get those!!??" the wrong way to do it?
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I have a bunch of U.S. savings bonds, some are fully mature, some are not. Some have interest rates above 4%, and some do not. I also have a savings account with an interest rate above 4%. Should I cash out all the bonds, regardless of maturity, that have a less-than-4% interest rate and deposit them into my savings account? It's the same type of interest, right? I could earn more money on it there?
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my 1995 Ford Explorer is about 3k miles over the "next oil change" mark. Should I, on my day off, go and get its oil changed?

Edit: just checked the bank account, and I don't have enough to do it this week....maybe next week
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saved by the bell

did you watch the show?

do you still?

In their senior yr, tori came in the picture, Kelly and Jessy disappeared, but when it came to graduation, kelly and jessy where back and tori was POOF gone.
anyone know why?

did you have a crush on anyone?


Is there someway/somewhere/somehow to recycle used bras?

My bras are way too beat up to donate to shelters or artists, but I don't want them to go to the landfill if they don't have to.

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Hi from Rome TQC!

I just got here, oh, half an hour ago. I have two roommates who are nowhere to be found, but somehow they've managed to successfully put their shit EVERYWHERE without leaving me any space (seriously, their shit is also all over all three beds). How do I handle this? Do you think my roommates will carry on the tradition of people I live with being crazy?

ETA: Actually, there are three people in here right now, and TWO of them are in the wrong apartment. They should be next door. So the landlord is going to tell them to move when the ONE who should be here gets back and we can chat. Considering they made themselves right at home, I'm gloating a little.
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I feel the music

How often do you listen to music during the day?

Where do you most likely to listen to music, especially with your iPod?

For what reason? For your escapade? To defeat boredom?

What's the name of the singer or band do you listen to the most?
Yeah..I made it..delete it if you want.

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 ok i work in the dining business and well my store is going to get a remodel starting next week...we have all been offered to work at other locations and such but we are not guaranteed a lot of hours or even hours at all...soooooo...

should i actually take my chances and work or should i concentrate on school and file for unemployment?

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Poll #1117756 Best Star Wars episode

Which Star Wars installment rocks the most?

Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Episode II: Attack of the Clones
Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
Episode IV: A New Hope
Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
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Do you consider Joe Gibbs retiring BREAKING NEWS?

What was the last thing you wanted to watch that got pre-empted?

If I stopped answering the phone when my boss' number showed up on the caller id, what's a good excuse to use when I get in trouble?
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ok, i work as a receptionist for a law firm, i have been working there for almost three months, i just found out my job posted an ad on craigslist and people have been calling since yesterday afternoon, should i ask the woman that's in charge of the hiring if they are going to replace me? (that's a given, maybe) and should I ask if they are going to get rid of me, and should i ask her if I can work for two weeks until I find another job?
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What was the the last thing that made you unreasonably happy?

I just found out how to best dispose of my broken hairdryer: a local electronics chain will take it and recycle it! For some reason this makes me feel very accomplished. I'm just glad I didn't give up and throw it away when it broke a month or so ago.
I see stars

a plethora!

1) Do you think things are "meant" to happen, or that everything happens for a reason? How did you logically arrive to your conclusion?

2) Have you seen the picture where Obama didn't have his hand over his heart during the national anthem? Why do you think that was? Is it really even a big deal?

3) Does your best friend ever drive you crazy? Do you feel guilty about it if she/he does?

4) I'm hanging out with a friend of mine tomorrow night. We don't want to see a movie, go bowling, shopping or play miniature golf. Any suggestions on what we should do? 

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what is something or someone that gives you a funny, nervous, upset feeling in your stomach every time you think about them/it? no matter how long it's been or what the situation, certain people and certain situations always make me feel nervous in my stomach...

*edit: also, what's for lunch? i'm having a huge bowl of tuna and a sprite zero.
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For those who go to college/have gone, have you received scholarships/financial aid?

What were the scholarships based on - Academics, an essay, sports, extracurriculars, race or ancestry, or something else?

What about FAFSA?

Have you ever studied abroad? What was that like?

Does your state have a lottery scholarship?
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I have seen

crap. I wanted to put a rick roll on one of these and I completely forgot :\

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Are you extroverted or introverted?
Which do you think is better?

I am an extrovert for the most part, but I envy some introverts. I think they are able to have an air of mystery  because they don't say as much. Also they seem to be more independent, because as an extrovert I've found that I really need social interaction. However I would not switch places with someone too introverted, to the point that it was detrimental to their daily life.

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If you are in college or going to college soon; what do you plan to study?

My father always said it doesn’t matter if you major in basket weaving a degree is still better then none.
Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Please explain your answer.

If you have finished with school, how does your major apply in your career?

I want to go back to school to major in arts. But I have not applied my skill on regular bases for years. Does it sound strange that my prefer choice of major would be art? I think my advisor will give me a wonky look when she hears my major. >_<’

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1. What's stressing you out right now?
I have a huge project due in my spa class tonight. We had to put together a spa and tonight we execute it, complete with an operations manual, decorations, and the 2 hour 45 minute spa treatments. I'll be glad when it's over.

2. What are you anticipating?
Taking the state massage therapy boards in Feb, graduating 2/22, Glen Phillips concert 2/23, my 26th bday and graduation party 2/24!

3. What hand held vaccuum should I buy?
We have cats that shed like it's going out of style, and it's such a bitch to haul out the big Dirt Devil to de-hair the furniture. Arrrggghhh. Anyone have a recommendation for cat hair defeating hand helds?

4. Cheesecake: Great dessert or GREATEST dessert?
I think you know my answer. Mmm.
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How do you deal with micro-managers? I just got a new part-time job and my boss is a shoo-in for micro-manager of the year. Or is this something common in the clinical field?

to be purposely kitschy

I get cold really easily. I have a sleeveless pink and white gingham dress bequeathed to me by my grandmother - it looks a lot like Dorothy's dress but with pink checks. What color/style shirt should I wear under it? I want to look coordinated but not fashionable.
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but i pretty much hate the taste of alcohol. i used to be able to chug vodka when i was in high school... but now the taste of it just reminds me of puking it back up.

what kind of drinks should i order at the bar tonight that won't taste like alcohol? also, tequila makes me pee my pants so that's pretty much out of the question.

Your unconscious mind: The final frontier

I: Do the dreams or nightmares you have at night affect you the next day?

II: How do you sleep?:

A: Flat on your back
B: On your right side
C: On your left side
D: On you stomach
E: Some other way, which you will explain

III: Do you dream in color or black and white?

IV: Have you ever had a dream come true in some way?

V: Do things you read or see affect your dreams or nightmares?
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I've been feeling lightheaded, dizzy and faint today.

Is it because someone spiked my morning carrot juice?

What is the worst class that you've ever had to complete as a requirement?

I am in this "Intra American Studies" class that so far seems to be a bunch of PC bullshit about how we're all different but we're all ok. And isn't it funny how people from different races can connect with each other in other ways despite their skin tone? CRAAZAY! *barf*

m-w.com and a few other questions...

1. Let's say you buy the Unabridged Version of Merriam Webster Online.

Let's say you have to give two other people access to the site (it's for work).

Does each person have to have their own username and password? Or can all three people log in using that one username and password AND all be logged in at the same time?

I'm a moron when it comes to this sort of thing. Thanks in advance. :)

2. Do you absolutely hate anyone? Who? (Celebrities and the like don't count - I'm talking about someone from your own personal life.) And why?

3. If your boyfriend's ex-girlfriend emails his best friend to tell her how wonderful life is, how happy she is with her new boyfriend, and how she is finally taking medicine for her head-crazyness, wouldn't you (as his current girlfriend) think that this is either a ploy to make him jealous so he'll come back to her? Or it's a ploy just to show him how "WONDERFUL" her life is now, just to show him that she's just as happy as he is now? (Sorry for the wording of the question. I know I'm supposed to be an editor and all that jazz, but my brain is in the Off position today.) Edit: They are not friends, not on good terms at ALL. She's fucking crazy. He told her a few months ago to leave him alone for good, that they have nothing in common, and he has no desire to be her friend.
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I've worked out twice in the last three days and not eaten anything out of the ordinary. So why does my scale say I've gained five pounds? Should I dramatically toss the scale out the window?

Would you ever vote for an Elvis impersonator for public office? Assume that is their full-time job, not a hobby.

Pick only 3 options

Ladies, what are the top 3 things that would bother you the most if you found them in a guy's home?

Ashtray filled with spent butts and ash
Poster of a naked centerfold in his bedroom
Poster of Hannah Montana
Piles of clothes scattered about, wily nily. No hamper in sight
2 whole shelves of Star Wars action figures (still in the boxes). Toy lightsaber hanging on the wall
One row on his dvd shelf is devoted to porn
Large bong sitting proud and defiantly on the living room table
One table is covered with empty bottles of alcohol. Looks like he's trying to collect them or something
On his mantel, there's numerous framed pictures of family and friends, and one of him and his ex
By the bathroom sink, there's half a tube of ointment. The kind used on rashes to alleviate itching
His home is really, really tidy. Almost anally so. Everything in their proper place, and dusted and maintained by an OCD person
Stacks of dirty dishes in the sink. They look like they've been there for a while. Stack of empty pizza boxes
Terranium, which houses a tarantula
The entire Celine Dion cd collection among his cds
Tampons, makeup and other girlie things sitting in a corner on his bathroom counter

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Does anyone know where I could find those vinyl skins for a blackberry 8700g or cute cases/housing for one?
My googlefu is failing me and so is ebay


How do you say coffee?
cawfee or coughee or some other way.

Where are you from?

I say cawfee and am from NY. One of my friends in Boston was making fun of me for saying it that way because I guess it's COUGHee.

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Yesterday I watched the DVD of Hairspray (2007 version) and during one of the songs I wondered: Why exactly is life without love like "doris day at the Apollo"?

am I missing some cultural reference?

Answered thank you!


1) What bones have you broken?

2) What joints have you sprained?

3) What ligaments have you torn?

4) Where have you had stitches?

5) Any other injuries you care to share about?

california experts needed

i really really like this guy who lives in berkeley (i'm from the east bay and am there a lot) and i'm stuck in LA for another year. we are gonna go somewhere for mlk weekend. help me decide where.

A) skiing. my ex lives in tahoe and works for heavenly and can get us discounts. problem is he will be jealous AND he isnt speaking to me for some reason.

b) channel islands. i dunno much about this. it would be cool to take a boat out. i'm sure it's beautiful but the camping would be very cold. perk is that i wouldn't have to do much traveling for this one, and i don't have a lot of spending money. he'd also get to meet my friend who i want him to meet.

c) big sur - sykes hot springs. cold camping, hot springs. i'd have to drive up, but we'd get to go to an awesome poker night right before which to me is a big perk. he'd meet a friend of mine there too.

d) skiing elsewhere? know of anything cheap that isn't horrible?

e) other ideas?

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You go to a news website and see the following headlines. Which do you click on first?

1) Freak January twisters kill 3
2) Commentary: Bhutto dynasty survives
3) Crash survivor recalls screams in dark
4) KOAT: Snowboarders rescued after 3 days
5) I warned before zoo attack, ex-worker says Video
6) Did Dr. Phil step over line with Britney?
7) Report: Anchor sorry for 'lynch Tiger' remarks
8) Comedian lives at IKEA store for a week Video
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1. okay TQC... what's your latest "nerdy" moment? what's the last nerdy thing you did or said?

2. ever feel like you're different from almost everyone around you? what makes you feel like you're different?

3. (i know i ask this alot..) how are you doing? how's your day going? you okay?

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i just starting making a cake. the recipes calls for 3 eggs but i only have 2 - will the cake be gross if i only use 2 eggs or does it not matter that much?

edit: 3 eggs it is

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1. TQC, i'm in need of a new computer. should i buy a PC or a Mac? which do you have? which do you like better?

2. what is the weather like where you live? right now, it's overcast and 65 in Cleveland. in January. weird.

3. cats or dogs?

4. paper or plastic?

The Highway?

When referring to a numbered highway or freeway, do you call it, "The [number]" or just "[number]," without the preceding "the"?

For example: When giving directions to my girlfriend, I'll always say something like "then you take the 5 two hundred miles..." and she stops to correct (or incorrect?) me, "The 5? You mean 5?"

So, what do you say? And is there even a correct/incorrect in this case, or is it just preference?
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What do you do when a friend who you've been close to since Kindergarten's father dies and you don't live close by at the moment to acknowledge you care (other than calling or anything like that, that's a given). Send flowers is one thing. Is there anything else you can think of that I could do to make this a little easier for her and her family?

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This is probably going to warrant someone calling me retarded, but oh well.
I was doing the dishes and was almost finished when i accidently dropped a few AA batteries in the water. That's not gonna shock me when i stick my hand back in the water, is it?

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the job i work at currently, well they posted an ad for my job on craigslist yesterday afternoon, i saw a girl come in for an interview today, 3 people interviewed her, when i had an interview for this position i only talked to one person...i want to walk out so bad but i need this week worth of paycheck...what should i do? i have no money at the moment.
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I need a new laptop! I was looking at this one. It seems to have some pretty good specs. Does anyone have a Toshiba Satellite? Are they good laptops? If not, any recommendations? It has to be under 700$, not an Acer, and available at Best Buy.
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When you were younger, like in the single digits/teen arena, what did you call your elders?

Did you ever call your friends' parents by their first names?

Do you think that's disrespectful?


Usually with a Mr. and Mrs.

If they told me I could, even though it felt weird sometimes. I had this one friend whose mom's name was Donna and I liked that she wanted me to call her Donna. That's my name too. I was (still am) nerdy.

Not really.

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Hi all,

Does anyone know where I can find The Twilight Zone original series (1959-1964)? Is it possible to buy it? Watch it online(where?) Or any other TZ series for that matter. Kind of desperate :( can't find it locally.
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Do you think it is wrong/improper/odd/dishonest/other negative adjective to go to church if you are nonreligious, and don't believe in most of the ideas being presented to you?

IE: A spiritualist attending a Christian service, atheist at a mosque, whatever.

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1. Would you kill one innocent person, to spare two innocent people?
2. To spare 10 innocent people?
3. To spare 100 innocent people?
4. To spare 100,000 innocent people?
5. What is the number of innocent people necessary to be saved before you would kill one innocent person?
6. What if that innocent person was someone you cared about greatly? Significant other? Mother/Father/Sibling etc. Does that change your answers?

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I'm having hair issues.

1. What kind of shampoo do you use?

2. Do you have problems with frizzy hair? Any good recommendations?

3. How much time/effort do you spend on your hair every day?

4. Is it true that if you have straight hair you want curly, or if you have curly hair you want straight?
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Sexual self-control & super cuddling.

EDIT[0]: Simplified questions.

EDIT[1]: I apologize for the vagueness of questions concerning cuddling. Just feel free to address your thoughts and feelings on the following, in more than a tiny amount of detail, in any manner you see fit:

Skipping relationship formalities (e.g. dating) for someone with whom you have a budding mutual romantic interest by cuddling to them and, not long after that, cuddling while sleeping together (no sex). ASSUME that you know the person is honest and that there will be no physical discomfort involved in the cuddling at all.


Please specify your gender. Assume you're single for the following questions. Long post, but interesting, so try answering at least one of each type of question: one sexual and one cuddling.

Sexual/Physical Pleasure Questions

1. (A) Can you reach orgasm on your own just by sitting in place with minimal to no movement and without someone stimulating you?

    (B) If no: same as the above, but with someone stimulating you by non-physical means (e.g. verbal)?

    (C) If no: same as the above, but with either vibration of your seat and/or you moving your legs (while dressed)?

2. Do you have any other equally interesting abilities like the above that involve sexual or non-sexual physical pleasure?

Cuddling Questions

EDIT: ASSUME that getting too hot and other issues of physical comfort are a non-issues. Space age sleep technology keeps you cool, etc.

3. (A) How much more likely would you be to snuggle and sleep snuggled (dressed the same as you normally do in bed) with someone you knew for a few weeks and thought was at least a decent new friend COMPARED to having sex with the same person?

This is all assuming that you know the person is being totally honest about heir intentions.

You've known this person for at least a month and they're a nice, at least decent person.

How much more likely is one of these scenarios than the other: literally sleeping combined with good cuddling VS. good sex with them.

(B) What would you think of such a person when they politely asked you to do this, honestly promising to continue on with a normal friendship if you said 'no'?

What would you think of a person politely asking this if you said 'no'?

(C) What are your general thoughts/feelings about doing this kind of thing & would you consider this a good approach to try, including you being the person initiating? Elaborate.

In general, what do you think of cuddling like this with someone before having sex with them?

4. What do you think of and like/dislike about cuddling?

I think it r0x0rs your b0x0rs and can be rather intimate, especially if you let go and allow yourself to be in a vulnerable/protected position, ESPECIALLY if you're a guy.
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Lately I've been getting calls from (000) 000-0000 on my cell phone. I don't give out my number (I barely know it: it's fairly new), and I'm actually on a pay-as-you-go plan that is intended for children (my grandparents got my sister and I phones, and I guess they figured this was the easiest way to go? Eh. In any case, I haven't answered any of the calls, as I'm rather paranoid, and, anyway,

Have you ever gotten strange calls? Have you ever gotten calls from that number? Any other numbers?

What color is your hair?

EDIT: After doing some googling, I've decided to answer the next call (it seems to be telemarketers, using some sort of number-blocking device or something). How should I mess with whoever (if anyone) answers? (accents, Spanish, strange noises, etc.)

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How can I keep my book bag from giving me a headache? Carrying less stuff is not an option and I've tried adjusting the straps. Every time I go to class, I get a headache in the back of my head :(
Also, I can't switch to a messenger because 1. they hurt my shoulder and 2. I can't fit all my books in one.

Hypothetically speaking...

Glow in the dark clitoris! A good thing or a bad thing?

If you're wearing a G string and happen to pass wind whilst bending over, does it whistle?

If you were born a cabbage would you rather be used for coleslaw or bubble and squeak when you die?

discuss oh wise TQC

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I am slowly going bonkers.

My last day off was in early Nov. and my next vacation is three weeks away...what can I do to keep my sanity for the next...20 days????

(if you post anything mean I'll delete it and send it to shippo's private e-mail inbox of happiness... shippo is my home-boy...ya'll know that right?)

EDIT-O-MATIC: WHY do I suddenly desire to get a motorcycle???
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Why do you have to turn off your electronic devices before you take off in a plane? I kinda understand the whole turning off cellphone thing because of connection to satellites but why non-transmitting electronic devices?
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Poll #1118038 confidence

What would you say your level of self-esteem is at?

Mean: 5.45 Median: 6 Std. Dev 2.46

If you chose seven or above, why?
If you chose four or below, why?

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Is there any way to track the IP addresses of people in AIM conversations?  I've been getting annoying, rude messages from either several or just one very bored person and I've blocked each one but they keep coming. I want to see if they're related to a troll I've received on my journal and if they're in any way related to the BS that went on a few  days ago in customers_suck.  
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Do you drum your fingers?

If yes, do you start with your pinky and end at your index finger, or start with your index finger and end at your pinky? Can you change it up or does it feel unnatural to do so?
Start with pinky. I can't switch it up for very long...it just doesn't flow the same way.

If no, what's something you do when you're bored and are *patiently* waiting for entertainment?

Edited to include my answers.
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 So because of health reasons I am forced to drop out of my university, move back in with my parents, and take online courses. Classes don't start until March...I'm bored. 

1. What the hell should I be doing to keep myself from dying of boredom?
2. What's the last thing that really bummed you out?
3. Which would you rather do? Roadtrip from the west coast to the east coast or camp on the beach for a week?
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For nirvanafreak

Good evening, TQC'ers.

I am thinking about dying my hair blonde. Under the cut you will find a picture of my current (natural) hair color. For those of you experienced hair dyers, do you think I need to bleach my hair first for the blonde to take?


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If you found a bag containing someone's medicine in a shop, what would you do?

If you find something, how much effort do you go through to find the person it belongs to?

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1. In Friends, when Ross and Rachel get back together in Season 4 (TOW The Jellyfish) and they then break up again, Rachel shouts, "It's not that common, it doesn't happen to every guy and it IS a big deal!" What does she mean? I've watched it countless times and still can't figure it out.

2a. Do you think before you speak?
2b. If not what's the worst thing you've said that you shouldn't have said?
No I don't. I don't know what the worst thing I've said is though

3. Who's your favourite comedian?
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Poll #1118078 This or that

Mexican food or Chinese food?


Cars or SUVs?


Blonde chicks or brunette chicks?


Van Damme movies or Steven Seagal movies?

Van Damme

Ewoks or Oompa Loompas?

Oompa Loompas

Which is worse? Biting into an apple and finding half a worm, or a spider crawling down your cleavage/shirt?


Gangsta rap or country music?


Monopoly or Clue?


Coca-Cola or Pepsi?


Which is harder to watch? Britney Spears' car-exiting beaver shots, or the naked chase scene from Borat?


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1. On an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Geoffrey (the butler) mentioned that he had a master's degree. Did they ever explain why he wanted/had to work as a butler? ANSWERED!!! :D

2. What was the most interesting thing that you did/happened today?

Enneagrams & Books

What is your Enneagram Type? (I've provided two links in order to 'check' your results.)

How close to your personality is the result?

What book(s) are you currently reading? Do you like it/them?

What are your top five books? (Or, if you're a book nerd and simply cannot pick five, how about your top ten?)

Why are they at the top of your list?
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To drop or not to drop?

Say you're taking a class and you're thinking about dropping it.

PROS: You've already struggled through 2/3 of the class, and of the remaining 1/3, only one part is said to be difficult. The teacher thinks you can do it - you don't know if you believe him. If you complete the class, you know you can pass the test and gain college credit, thus not having to take this class again in college.

CONS: The class sucks. It puts you in an awful mood. It's really hard and adds a considerable amount of stress to life. You've gotten D's on the last few quizzes and tests. It's senior year, and you just want to have a good time during your last semester. You know this class will take away from that good time.

Do you drop the class or suck it up and deal with it?

lame question I know...

For those of you French History buffs (if any) I need to write a paper about a controversial event that took place during the revolution. By controversial I mean an event that may or may not have happened, or something that varying historians may disupte. ie. if Marie Antoinette ever uttered "let them eat cake," that type of thing.

silly question I know but I need a topic asap!
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laws? help!

I for the life of me cannot find anything on google for this...

anyone know of a website stating the punishment for shoplifting in Florida?

or does anyone have any experience with this?
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Since the presidential candidate that I wanted to vote for is no longer running, and my vote is basically meaningless (I live in California), should I switch my party affiliation so I can vote for the crazies instead?

The next eleven months of TQC are gonna be fun for the non-Americans, eh?

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is it "bad" to crack your knuckles?

what color underwear are you wearing right now? did you have to look?

whats the first website you visit when you go on the interwebs?

how do you feel about the effects of the writers strike?

Pokey ?s

1) Have you ever hugged someone of the opposite sex, that you had little-to-no romantic interest in, for slightly longer than you should have and feel something suddenly come up?

2) What's your favorite slang term for prison?

3) Did you ever get into the whole Pokemon phenomenon?
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Should I drive 40 minutes to the closest Wal*Mart or Target right now and buy a TV?? Or should I wait until tomorrow afternoon?? It closes at 11pm and I want to play my CSI PS2 game and our TV is broken! PLZ TELL ME WHAT TO DO GUYS
O Shit


I have blonde, very straight hair that's down to my waist. I want to do something with it, a fun new style or whatever, but I don't want to cut it. What should I do with it? Serious or not so serious answers welcome. I'm just sick of it being flat looking and blah.

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So my school newspaper is interested in interviewing me about my landlord and how they are slumlords. Obviously it depends on what I say, but is this likely to be the kind of thing that will come back to bite me in the ass someday? I would like to be able to sign leases in the future.
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1a. Which is worse: peanut butter in the jelly jar, or or jelly in the peanut butter container?
1b. If you don't care for peanut butter or jelly... what's your sandwich filling of choice?

2. How do you feel about Velvet Goldmine? (the movie, not the song)