January 7th, 2008


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Did you go to public or private high school?

Do you think you got a good education? Or if you didn't take full advantage of it, was a good education at least offered?

What year did/will you graduate?
chan marshall

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do you have any tips for a first time Screenprinter?

i have all the things i need, i just need to put the image onto the frame. and im not quite sure how to do that hah :/

Also what is your best memory that involved you staying home from school?

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What do you think of EMA?
For the link lazy, it's weekly installments of £10-30 depending on your household income, for 16-18 year olds in full time education, providing they have no absences from school.
I get the £30, and it makes a big difference, but I know people who are just cheating the system, and then spend it on clothes etc.
im french

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So, uh, I'm a waitress, and today a customer who apparently has a bit of a crush on me gave me a computer as a gift. A cute little baby computer and asked for my phone number. This was all very embarrassing as my boss and coworker were watching.

I am not attracted to him/her (his name is Jessifer and he wears make-up, lol and fyi), and don't want to give him the idea that I am.

What do I do?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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**I didn't really have chance to not accept it as he dropped it off and ran out.

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What percentage of your friends would you say are 'fair-weather' friends?

How badly will I feel this lack of sleep tomorrow? It's *now 1:15, I have to get up at 7.
What can I do to not be tired short of popping pills?
drew pickles tilde

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1. what song are you listening to right now?

2. what kind of sunglasses do you have?

3. what was the weirdest sex you've ever had?

4. what was the last band you saw live?

5. do you take pictures of yourself?
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what movie(s) make you weep like a baby?

I dont just mean sometimes when you watch them you'll cry...i mean EVERY time, like you have no control over whether or not you're going to cry?

what parts in said movie(s) are particularly tear jerking?

I am aware that it makes me a nerd but I bawl my eyes out during Return of the King. To a lesser extent I do this with the other Lord of the Rings movies but ROTK is the worst by far. I just had a marathon with a friend in which we watched all three extended editions and for the past 45 minutes I've been sobbing like a pansy.

I can;t even narrow it down, I probably start getting misty around when Gandalf leaves Rohan with Pippin but there's just so many parts that send me reaching for the tissue but the ending is obviously the worst...so sad and so beautiful and happy at the same time.

Bella / Alone in Woods

Sleep & school.

Does anyone here go to The International Academy of Design & Technology?
If you do, which one do you go to & what for?

Why am I getting ready for school at 2:30AM?

& also, why couldn't I get back to sleep after Gladiators?
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I can't seem to find the answer to this with my Google-fu, so I come to you, TQC.

In the Arizona primary elections (Feb. 5), are you allowed to change your party affiliation at the polls? I've heard some states are allowing this, and I'm curious if Arizona is one.

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What, in general, inspires you? We're talking scenery, moods, works of art, anything.

What happens once you become inspired? Apply this to anything you'd like- art, writing, organizing, whatev.

Does this seem to happen to anybody else only after one in the morning?

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Thanks to a piece my friend wrote, I'm quite interested in Saint Francis of Assisi. Mainly the fact that he's the patron saint of/against dying alone, depending on what you read. I'm confused on that part.

Do you know anything about him?

Can you explain to me what it means to be the patron saint of dying alone? Against dying alone?

I'm just wondering if he's supposed to comfort people who are dying alone or if he makes them not alone or what. I'm very confused.
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Definitely Republican, and Fred Thompson is near the top....

76% John McCain
74% Mitt Romney
71% Fred Thompson
70% Tom Tancredo
69% Mike Huckabee
60% Rudy Giuliani
47% Hillary Clinton
46% Ron Paul
45% Bill Richardson
43% John Edwards
42% Joe Biden
40% Barack Obama
40% Chris Dodd
26% Mike Gravel
19% Dennis Kucinich

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

Not all of us are liberal Democrats....

What color are you?

For whom will you vote for Prez, and why?

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At the risk of sounding like a whiny brat...
My boyfriend of three months and I have been away from each other for about a week, and he hasn't called me in three days. I told him beforehand that I would like to talk to him every day that we're away. To add to that, over the weekend, he went to the movies with a girl, which wouldn't usualIy upset me, but he hasn't called since before the movie outing. I'm pissed. What should I do?

Although usually appreciated, I would prefer if you didn't give sarcastic replies like, "Get a life," or, "Bury him in 4.7 tons of Twinkies." Thanks.

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I'm keeping the heat off in my room this month to save energy, and now it's really hard to get out of my warm bed to get dressed and stuff since it's like 50 degrees in here. What should I do to stay warm (besides turning on the heat)? I have a snug sack, but it's a pain to use in the morning. I have a robe, but it's too thin. What say you? Thicker robe? What kind is warmest?
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'puter questions

So I have adblock for firefox, and I accidentally blocked ALL userpics instead of just the one that I wanted to block.

How do I undo it?
Fixed it!

I turned on my computer this morning and it got all wonky on me, so I had to reboot the bad way, by hitting the power button. My wallpaper disappeared, and when I try to put a new one up, it won't let me. What the hell is going on? Did IT block me from changing my wallpaper?

What do you like on your hot (or not) dogs?
I see stars

Pants and hair

I'm looking for a pair of high waisted, wide-legged, 1940's-ish type pants. I have a pair of nautical type pants from the Gap, but they aren't high waisted.

Do you know where I can find pants like this? What about sailor pants?

Also, have you ever successfully executed finger waves? I went to a salon to get them done once but they didn't know what they were doing.


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Does anyone else have this issue?

When I walk into a Subway (any Subway) it smells like barf to me. It makes me want to barf, too. Am I the only one in the world that thinks it smells like barf in Subway?
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Technicalities of affairs

I'm sure there are a few people out there that have had affairs.  Assuming that both parties homes are out of the question due to kids/spouses/nosy neighbors, that you had to resort to a hotel.

a> Chain or locally owned?

b> How do you handle check out, if neither of you plan to actually spend the entire night?

c>  do you ever get questioning looks at renting a hotel room fairly close to home?

Edit...I added question marks...lol
And, this is a hypothetical question, not something that is going to happen, so don't judge me too harshly.  I could have phrased it as 2 independant consenting adults needing a private place...

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What are you doing today?

What was the last thing you ate?

And what are you thinking about (apart from these questions)? What's on your mind, TQC?

OH and and and and where do you shop online, if you do?
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Trying it again...

Ok...I posted before...and got a lot of flack about how I posted it, so I'll try it again...sorry if it is a bit redundant.

I am in a polyamorous relationship. Due to there being kids at both residences, and at one the potential for "Mrs. Grundy" to be snooping, a private place needs to be secured for more 'intimate' occasions.

Nearest hot tub rental place is 40 minutes each way, so while it works, it is difficult to carve out that big a slice of time.  Can anybody offer advice?

(to those that answered my other post, this is a bit more accurate, so perhaps the advice will be a bit better.)

Edited to rephrase to include a question mark...

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What is the best thing about your home town?
What's the worst thing about your home town?
Optional: Where was it?

When I say "home town," I'm thinking of the place you're from, not necessarily where you live now (unless you live in the place you were born/grew up).

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how funky is your chicken?


Inspired by the cereal question. I used to eat this awesome cereal that was made of something healthy that no little kid should like. But I loved it. It was shaped like an O (but the two bottom ends were flatter), and it was brown. I think it might have been bran-something or fiber-something. But it was SO GOOD.

Anyone know what the name of it was? If you post a pic, I can yay or nay it.

EDIT: ANSWERED! Cracklin' Oat Bran!
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Appreciating Boston

I live in Boston and I feel like I probably don't appreciate it enough.

What should I appreciate about living in Boston? How should I go about appreciating it?

(IMPORTANT: I don't like cold weather, and I'm not a sports fan.)
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Ewwww incest

I broke up with my ex-boyfriend about nine months ago, and he has been dating this other chick for about six months now. Apparently they're really hitting it off...but apparently she's a little on the batshit crazy side.

This morning, I flip open my phone to find a text message from him that says:

"I just found out that {the girlfriend} and I are related."

My response?

"Well, that explains it."

What's the most fucked-up text/voicemail message you've ever gotten?

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where do you personally find the cheapest flights? (specifically from kansas city to syracuse, new york; i wish jetblue flew from kansas city/skybus had more flights.)

everyone knows that michael jackson has vitiligo, but do you think he bleaches his skin/wears makeup to make it all even?

how do you feel about the head on commerical?

what's the weather like where you are? (and where are you?)
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Do you want to be famous?

If so:

What do you want to be famous for?

How famous would you like to be?

ETA: Have you done anything in furtherance of your goal of becoming famous? What?

Are you already famous in any manner? For what?
not aplus!

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the electricty in our house was messed up for over a year; (the lights would dim for a few seconds and then come back up again?) it got worse over time and eventually the fluctuations got so severe they would shut off the TV.

apparently it was something wrong on the power company's end and they basically fixed it, but now my TV turns off for a few seconds and then will turn back on again...do you think this could be from the power fluctuations that would shut it off before? do you think it's hurt? or just old? (it's only like six or seven years old, tops.)
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Is LJ loading slowly for anyone else today? I keep getting "problem loading page" errors.

In a fight, who would win?

AFLAC duck vs. Travelocity Gnome

Ice T vs. Ice Cube

Walker Texas Ranger vs. Highlander
happy monkey

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can you tell two truths and a lie about yourself, so the rest of us can try to figure out which are true and what's the lie?
(you don't have to tell anyone if they're right if you don't want to)
I <3 TLV

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Where's the best place to get the biggest TV for the cheapest price? Specifically, where can I get the biggest TV for under $100? Obviously I'm not looking for anything fancy, just something I can hook a PS2 up to.

[Edit: I checked craigslist, and everyone selling lives too far away =(]

Hopefully someone else has done this here.

I've looked at the base site and the tri-care site, but can't find what I'm looking for. To get my health insurance through tri-care, I need to a letter from the school to Scott air force base that says I am enrolled full-time. I have that. Do I have to bring it in person or if I can either send it or have my father (who I get the coverage through) bring it to them without me?
I <3 TLV


1. The neighbors are screaming at each other again, but I can't make out what they're saying. We've heard them yelling about sex, drugs, and the lack thereof (Specifically, "LET ME DO MY METH!!!!" from the lady of the house) What do you think it is this time? (Your guess is as good as mine)

2. Do you have crazy and/or drug-addicted neighbors? What wacky antics do they get up to?

3. Have you ever been the crazy and/or drug-addicted neighbor?

Potpourri - all ?s for fun.

1.)  Who is your favorite comedian/comedienne/comic actor?
2.)  Why does Josh Groban always sound so sad when he sings?
3.)  What game show would you most like to compete on?
4.)  If the world was going to end tomorrow, how would you expect it to go down? how would you prefer it go down if it had to?

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i'm only 20 years old, so obviously, i can't gamble at a casino. my boyfriend is 23 and is planning on going to atlantic city with his friends to play poker. i've never been and he wants me to come.
would i be allowed inside to just watch him play if i'm under 21? or is it likely that i'd be carded & kicked out?
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Please keep me from going crazy

1. Have you ever been to a movie by yourself? What did you think?

2. If I kept my internet when I became a hermit, would I still be a hermit?

3. Is there something out there that will keep me from thinking about the stupid shit going on, and help pass the time? I've read most of the He-Man fanfic on ff.net, I need a new pasttime.
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okay, I know if you dream about losing your teeth it's about insecurities and things you can't control and whatnot. but what does it mean when you dream about somebody else pulling out their own teeth?
puppy dog

smelly dog roomates pt 2

im finally moving in to my new house that reeks like dogs because of the roomates,

what cominbation of stuff should i use to clean the wood floor of my bedroom? would mixing a little bleach with like wood floor cleaner be a completely stupid idea?

Most Def(ect)

Your biggest physical flaw is your ____?


Proactive problem-solving...

A dilemma. I need help.

I am dating a wonderful guy who I intend to marry within the next two years or so. We've already discussed marriage and, while we're not yet engaged, we're headed down that road. I'm quite the happy camper about that because he's just so awesome, blah blah blah.

I was thinking about this a few weeks ago and am now at a loss.

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Dear TQC:

I've never had a Slurpee. Am I missing out? Should I go by one on my way home from work? What flavor would you suggest I get to pop my Slurpee cherry?

ETA: Are they like those Icee things at the movies? Because I've never tried one of those either :(


 Is it illegal to lay off (pretty much fire) someone who hasn't done anything wrong and has performed up to par with the rest of his/her coworkers, maybe even better? Someone that has worked there for months?

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              - I would really love everyone's feedback. I am thinking about taking legal actions.

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 How lame am I for asking my ~*~*mommy*~*~ to do some of my laundry for me (first time in like 4 years btw) because I don't have any quarters, and the dryers get black stuff on my clothes sometimes?  It would cost like 6 bucks of quarters to do >.<

 Would you ever do that?

 Like the whale in my icon?
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tqc, i feel like i ALWAYS ask you this, but here we go again:

what should i watch right now?

south park season 1
battle royale
the l word

extra info that no one cares about:
- i haven't watched south park in about a year, but i have the whole first season on dvd
- i had battle royale on in the background this morning while i was drawing. i wasn't paying attention because i was drawing, and i don't understand japanese, so i have to read the subtitles...SO i totally need to watch it again. (i've seen it so many times, but omg nanahara is hawt)
- i just barely started watching the l word the other night on youtube...i'm up to the 8th episode of season 1. i haven't decided if i like it or not. but i have barely watched it, SO IDK! i think jenny is a cunt. D:
- i am drinking coke + vodka so what movie/show would go well with that?

EDIT: i also have battle royale 2 which i haven't ever seen all the way through. should i have a BR night and watch them both?

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1. One of my former classmates was very concerned that she might someday have a lesbian GP, even though she's entirely comfortable having a straight male doctor. Assuming that both doctors are attracted to your gender, but are not sexually attracted to you/would never act on any attraction, which would you be more comfortable with?

a) A doctor of the gender you are attracted to
b) A doctor of the gender you are not attracted to
c) Equally comfortable

2. I've got a lot of reading-intensive courses this semester, and I don't really want to buy fifteen books. Can you recommend a good online library?

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1. i'm making bbq chicken for dinner tonight. what else should i make to go with it?
2. is the weather insane by you? it's around 60 degrees here. but it's january, and should instead be 12. we just had a tornado warning lifted. wth?
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Help me decide what to do, TQC!

My husband and two of his male friends are going to NYC for a comic book convention (shut up) in April. I was thinking of going with them. I could stop by the comic thing, but then head out and check out the city while they stayed there. Here's the problem: It would have to be all 4 of us staying in one hotel room - I guess the other two guys couldn't afford to share a room while my husband and I had our own.

Is it worth going to NYC for 3-4 days if I have to share a room with 3 guys? Would you do it?
everlyn -- o rly
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(Hiii. *is a n00b*)
Completely hypothetical scenario: say you're not allowed to talk to your girlfriend because her mom's pissed that you gave her a hickey (BY ACCIDENT). How do you keep your mind occupied in the vast amounts of free time you suddenly have?

Books, books and more books!

1. I'm a huge chick-lit reader and, for a change, I picked up what turned out to be a romatic-ish thriller (Linda Howard's Mr. Perfect) and I really enjoyed it so I was wondering if anybody can recommend any romatic-thriller-type books. Does this count as a question?

2. What genre of books do you generally read?

3. What's your favourite book?
I &lt;3 TLV


I sliced my finger cutting up a green pepper about 10 minutes ago, and blood is still seeping through the bandaid. At what point should I start to worry?

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So who's on Facebook?
Do you think it will be replaced?
If so, when?

And do you think it's mostly good or mostly bad?

I am not on Facebook, I was.
I think it will implode in a while but something bigger will take its place. 

It was bad for me because I couldn't stop wasting so much time, and it made me feel ...crappy, can't really explain.
For people who can control it, then it can be a very good networking tool.
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How protective of your personal space are you?
Do you care if people walk into your room unannounced?

I ordered a coat with 3 day shipping on Dec. 27. It hasn't arrived. When do I get to start being rightfully pissed?

How old is your car? Did you buy it, or was it a gift?

What's the dress code like at your work?

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what commercial do you like lately?

are you watching the bcs national championship right now?
who are you rooting for? (i know there was a poll earlier but still.)

do you like guitar hero?

i like the sven commerical.

i don't really care. i just like to watch football.

yeah. to an unhealthy degree.
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The Receptionist Classic

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*IF YOU ARE MARRIED* Were you a 'bridezilla'? (Or was your wife a 'bridezilla'?)

*EVERYONE* What are some essential spices one should have in their pantry/kitchen? Salt & pepper are the obvious ones.
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 Okay, who the hell thought it was a good idea to show a commercial for Herpes medicine during Casper on ABC Family channel?! My 5 year old just started quoting it back to me! 
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If you knew of someone in high school who still had mommy and daddy 'help' with projects, and by help I mean do it for the little princess, what would you do?

Clarification: This question was inspired by an episode of 'Wife Swap' where parents did exactly that. Since it's documented on TV, with mom admitting it on camera, I don't know how she isn't going to be disciplined somehow.

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Under what weather conditions will you not drive? Let's assume it's someplace you do not have to go, but want to go (a friend's house, a movie, grocery store, etc.).

Are there situations where you would drive no matter how bad the weather?

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For those of you that can feel when you're ovulating, how would you describe the feeling? To me it feels like what it'd feel like if I sucked in my stomach really hard and jabbed one side with something sharp. My explanation sucks. :/

Would you say one of your ovaries ovulates more often than the other? I feel like my right one lets go of a whole lot more than my left side, but I could be wrong.
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Why are there some people that, no matter how much they hurt you or you hate them, there's always still a tie to your heart?
Have you ever just burst into tears for no real reason?
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For those of you (if any) who buy/have bought your textbooks online:

When you're buying those textbooks, do you tend to go for the book that is the cheapest, even if the seller is brand new or has little to no feedback, or do you go for the slightly more expensive book from a somewhat more reputable seller?
sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i&#39;m a b
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1. Do you believe in ghosts/spirits/hauntings?

2. Have you ever lived in/slept in/visited a supposedly haunted place? Did you experience anything

3. Do you believe in people having psychic/telekenetic/ extra sensory abilities?

4. Do you have any abilities?

5. If so have you told people (friends or loved ones...not just random people on the street) about them? How do they react? If they don't believe, do you try to convince them by doing something?

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[lost] Goodbye lost

The Taxman cometh.

Do you do your own taxes?
Yes, I have for years

How do you do them. ie turbotax.com. snail mail...
Turbotax ftw.

Are you expecting a refund? 
I wasn't because I get social security benefits and I got some life insurance money this year, but suprisingly yes, I am!

Whatcha gonna do with it :D
Pay some bills. Maybe go to Alaska. Save.

(no subject)

1)Do you talk on the cell phone inside the house?
2)do you think boys will be boys?*


3)Do you have high plans for the day and then end up sleeping all day/watching tv/playing video games?


4)what task are you dreading?

I don't want to make a tab delimited text file to upload my etsy listings on google base.

*a common phrase used to excuse misbehavior among male children.
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So I'm doing the grand-old college search, and I keep seeing things like "everyone here is preppy" or "everyone here tries really hard to be indie" or other such things that do not sound so favorable.  Now I know that these are generalizations and such, but I'd still prefer not to go to a place like that.

So my question is, does anyone know of a college that has a laid-back-person reputation?  Or a website I could go to that would tell me things like this? 
bjork 2
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What's your favorite kind of cheese, if you like cheese?

Do you find clowns to be creepy? Have you ever had a bad experience with a clown (if yes, what was your experience?)

Think of one continuously running joke between you and your sibling(s) or, if you're an only child, your friends. What was it and why was it so damn funny?

Edit: Thanks moshimishi!
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(no subject)

Did you ever play a record backward when you were younger to try to hear messages?
Ever hear anything?

Who was the cuter nerd on Family Ties: Alex P Keaton or Skippy?
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(no subject)

who else is watching the lsu/ohio game? who's your favorite to win?

i noticed ohio players have these star stickers on their helmets, but not all of them have the same amount. it definitely looks like they've been put on there, they weren't made like that. what on earth are the stars for?

(no subject)

What is something that terrifies you?

Years ago I used to watch a programme called Strange But True. It was about paranormal phenomenon type stuff. One episode they had documententing a poltergeist. It was particuarly bad and these 2 kids were scarred for life because of it. Furniture would be thrown across the room and fires would start. Anyways, they apparently recorded this poltergeist talking through the little girl. And they played it on this episode of Strange But True. I'm sceptical about all this stuff but I watched this episode when I was about 10 and I didn't sleep for weeks on end because of it. I don't usually scare easily, I have a pretty strong stomach and can tolerate just about anything but this thing was repeated a few months ago and I still could not bring myself to watch it!!

GaGa Viva Glam Lauper

Advice for Camcorder by Mac user

Hey yall-

Im an amateur filmmaker (very amateur) and I purchased an awesome Sony Camcorder (HD-SR1). It's an amazing camera, but sadly, it's not in the least compatible with my MacBook (as far as I'm concerned; if you know tricks, send 'em my way).

Anyway, my neighbors just had a baby 5 months ago and their looking for a camera. Im probably going to sell them mine (they're PC users) but I need to replace my Sony.

What is a good choice digital camcorder for a Mac user?

(no subject)

I have a cheap IPod knock off that I bought from Walgreens.
I'm more of a walkman and tapes kind of girl because I don't like keeping up with electronics and there's nothing quite like a mixtape someone makes you.

Anyway, I'm on a computer that uses Windows 98 and I use Windows Media Player 9.
The problem is that I can't transfer my music to my cheap IPod knock off because Windows Media Player 9 doesn't have a sync tab.

My question: is there a music player I can download for free that is compatable with Windows 98 that will allow me to transfer my music to my IPod knock off?

Thank you for your help. I'm clueless about this kind of stuff.
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Play with me?

Yes I am the annoying member who gets her jollies when people play with my icons.
You can use any in my user info.
After you pay with one of my icons, I will...
*give you a glimpse into your future.
*answer any question you want to ask me
*play truth or dare
*or send you a box set of Star Wars
Any takers?

Truth or Dare
If you pimp my icon, any of them, I will read your future, answer any questions you want to ask me, play truth or dare, or send you a Star Wars box set. Got it;)
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Two people cannot watch a laptop together comfortably.

So, I want to hook my HP laptop to my tv to watch movies. I am apparently awful at figuring out cords. Therefore, I need your help. My laptop has a 7-pin connector thingy, and I only have the composite and RCA jacks on my tv (the 3 colored holes, and the one that cable or antennas get plugged in to). Are there any cords for me, other than the super-short one? Is the super-short cord really a converter, and I'm just stupid?
Thank you for any answers.

what do you think

hello , wondering if i could get some advice.

 I love my boyfriend, but another guy has been on my mind  occasionally....since we first got together.

When i first was seeing my boyfriend i was also seeing someone i met before him. the guy i was seeing before my boyfriend did not want to go out because he came out of a long term relationship. i decided to continue to only see my boyfriend as we became officially a couple. The guy i was seeing before kept calling for me but i told my roomate to get rid of him, she told him i had a boyfriend. I continue to go out with my boyfriend for almost a year and then the other guy then tells me on msn ( the only place of contact) that he regrets not asking me out and that he really likes me. Now  its been a year and five months and he still pops in my head. things are getting dull with my boyfriend who i live with now, i find myself wondering what it would be like with the other guy. I love that my current boyfriend helps me out a lot and loves me, and i know i love him, but am i truely in love with him? Makes me sad because we talk about being together forever, sometimes i belive it will happen others i dont cause im upset or annoyed with him.  I cant make any wrong moves. what do you think?
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I'm starting to realize that if I realize that I like a guy, I can't talk to him anymore. WHY?!?!?!

I start to act really boring and it's either really awkward or ....plain boring. And then I start to feel anxious that I'm boring him. This is especially likely if he likes me back.

But if it's not someone I'm not conscious that I like, I can talk for hours with the person.


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I was doodling in a class and this guy told me to draw him. Should I

a) Do a detailed drawing of him, only make it make him look REALLY ugly
b) draw him with lots of muscles
c) do a full-blown, realistic, carefully done, accurate drawing of him just to freak him out. Possibly say something when giving it to him like "this was the most fun I've had in a while, because I got to stare at your face for hours" (if choosing this option, please come up with a creepier and more clever thing to say?)
d) other


ETA: If I do C, what should I say?

what do you think I should say:

1. "I didn't have to look a picture of you to draw this. I only had to look in my heart."

2. "I drew this when I was looking in your bedroom window last night"

3. Ask him if he likes it then say "it'll never be as good as the original"?

4. Describe all the things I noticed about his face in detail

5. Other
donk... donk... donk...

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So, what's a good way to dry out around a dozen water-logged paperback books?

Your conditions: no hairdryer or portable heat sources (like a lamp), no working fans, and no way to get them close to the heat vents short of ducktaping them to the registers.

I had no idea how long they were soaking before I got home, so I squeezed as much water out as I could then set them out on a counter covered with paper towels. They're facedown at the moment, with the halves fanned apart as much as I felt they could go without ripping the weakened pages.

Because of where and how I storing them they're all books I've read before, so it's not urgent that they be recoverable. They all happen to be ones I'd like to reread at some point in the future, though, so any help is appreciated.

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I'm applying to a nursing program that starts Fall quarter. It doesn't ask for your ACT, just your accumulative college GPA, volunteer experience related to nursing, and 3 essays. I have a 4.0, one volunteer experience (there are 4-5 blanks for more entries), and I am pretty good at writing essays. Do I still have a decent shot at getting in? :(

Scary girl

I remember seeing a facebook group about a picture of a scary
girl dancing at a party.
She looked quite frightening and hunchback-esque.
Does anyone know who I'm talking about?Possibly have the pic?

SHe wasd all over the interwebz I'm dying to show my sister.

Guy Help

I am burning CDs for a guy that I like. One of CDs is from Laibach.

Since many of the songs are in German, and I'm fluent in the language, should I translate the songs for him? Or would I just intimidate him? He knows that I am fluent in German.