January 6th, 2008

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What kind of store can I buy a water pump for say a small desk fountain or something along those lines? I've already tried Wal-mart, Sears, and a local hardware store.

If you have shaved with both an electric shaver and a ..... blade type shaver. What one is better, and which one did you stick with?

Do you think this ↓ would produce good reaction videos?

You're making a warm drink (whatever you like), do you put it in a cup made of glass, porcelain or some thermal container? Does it depend on the kind of drink?
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Quick TQC, I need some ideas. What shall I do to celebrate my 18th birthday?
It's in two and a half weeks, and I have no ideas what-so-ever, and clearly thinking for myself is too much effort. 

Also, I'm thinking about making some toast. What shall I put on it?

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kissing + random

Since the topic of kissing came up, I've been wondering...
(I've always assumed that guys thought kissing was no big deal.)

Men, on a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you enjoy kissing? 1 being the least enjoyable.


If you were a sandwich, which one would you be and why?

What would you buy with $10,000?
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My mom is wanting to go ahead and get an HDTV! What she wants for sure is one that's about 40", and I want one that's going to be able to handle my video games (I keep hearing about burn-in/screen burn, among other things), but she has no idea about what else to look for, and neither do I.

Those of you that have HDTVs, what did you do when you were choosing yours? Any advice?
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music library programs

I'm not a fan of iTunes itself, but I like similar-style programs that act as music libraries. I'm interested in one that will not only let me do the usual stuff (rate songs, create playlists, etc.) but that also has an option to synch with an external device (i.e. HD or mp3 player) that isn't necessarily an iPod. Any suggestions?

I'm currently using MusikCube but I haven't yet been able to figure out whether it has that synch option.

grooming poll

Hey everyone,
I've been watching too_much_info and its brother, tmi_questions, and it seems the topic of pubic hair keeps coming up quite a bit. So it got me to wondering a few things:

1) What parts of your body do you remove the hair from?
2) What method do you use to remove said hair? shaving, nair-type chemicals, waxing, tweezing, lasering?
3) How much time do you spend on this sort of grooming? As in, how often do you do each thing, and how long does it take?
4) I wonder about the price of these processes, too, but I don't think it's really realistic to think anyone keeps track of how much they spend. I know I don't. But if you do, throw it in there, too.

I just wonder because it's interesting to see how much time we really spend on things like this, if it's really worth it, what the pros and cons are of each method, etc.

My answers:
I tweeze my eyebrows very lightly. I do it so sporadically, I couldn't really give a time frame. I'd say maybe...like, 2 minutes once a week. If that. I have light body hair and naturally decent shaped brows.
I used to let the whole rest of my body hair run wild. Then I decided armpit hair made me smell bad, so I started waxing it, also sporadically. Probably...5-10 minutes, once a month? My mom paid to have it lasered for me, and after the entire treatment the growth is noticably sparser, but I still have to wax every now and then. More like every 2 or 3 months now.
Every now and then I wax my legs, but mostly in the summer. I usually wear pants and long skirts year-round anyway, so it's got to be something special to make me actually wax. Probably takes...30 minutes or an hour, once every month or 2?
Recently, after some polling over in the groups I mentioned, I started paying more attention to my groin. I failed miserably at waxing so I whipped out the tweezers. Over the course of the day in 20 minute increments, totaling 2 hours that day, I tweezed a large area, but couldn't get the more delicate bits. So I bought a personal trimmer. Now, I think I'm going to keep trimming everything really close with the trimmer, and tweezing what I can closer to my waistband, but it's sooooo time consuming. It takes 15 or 20 minutes every other day to keep up with the stubbles and I still am not totally satisfied. I'm really interested in trying a professional wax, but I want more facts first.
Oh, in the past I have tried Nair and others, and found them ok but not great. I also tried this weird "hair off mitten" nearly a decade ago and let me tell you, if you ever see one, RUN the other way. My calves were covered in not a regular rash, but what looked like blood-blisters, and BURNED for 2 days. The rash persisted over a week. 'Twas really gross. Shaving is not an option for me - I am too clumsy, have somewhat sensitive skin, and hate the pointy stubble.
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To any TQC snowboarders....

Besides a board, what do I need to invest in to snowboarding? I've been very interested in taking it up for a long time now, and future-boyfriend is a huge snowboarder, which makes me want to quit putting it off and take it up now.

Suggestions? Sites? Advice?

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Me and my mom are moving into a brand new house at the end of this month, it is amazingly beautiful! In the house we currently live in there is a cat litter room haha, its only purpose is the litter boxes are in there (cementer floor, nothing else is in there, no outlets etc just a ceiling light). In the new house there is no such cat litter room, believe it or not. Where do you put your litter box?
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My friend and I have been planning on going to a concert in February since November. I bought tickets and everything. Earlier this week she said she got an email from her boss saying she has job training the day of the concert. She said she would talk to him about rescheduling. I asked her a day or so ago if she'd heard back from him, she says she hadn't emailed him because she was going to talk to him at the holiday party he was throwing. The party was tonight, but she says she didn't go because he didn't give her the address. I asked her where she had been all night, because I had called her earlier and she obviously wasn't at home. She says "around."

I'm pretty sure she's lying to me about ALL of this. How do I go about calling her out on it?
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I just stepped on a big nail that looks like a tack and it really really hurts, still, 3 hours later. The nail wasn't rusty (there were like, 3-4 specks of brown stuff on it but that could have just been my blood lol) but on wikipedia it says it doesn't even have to be rusty for me to get TETANUS. D:

What are the chances of me getting tetanus (I don't have my shot)? WILL THEY AMPUTATE MY LEG?
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has anyone gotten over the bad habit of chewing on your lips? what did you do to get over it?

i bite my lips constantly mostly as a nervous habit and as a result they are incredibly chapped all the time. i don't know any really affective ways to stop myself from doing this. i don't think that putting something that tastes bad on my lips would help. i think i would either get through it or just bite again once it wears off.
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does anyone in here play call of duty 4 online on playstaion 3?
if yes, then what is your screenname?

i play online, usually team death match or team objective, but the servers have been screwy for like 2 days. :[
and my screenname is wvfirefighter144 (hahah, it's my brother's name that i play on, but add me, i'm a little intoxicated and i'm wanting to play!)

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My ex is bombarding me with all these random lyric chunks, which he says is for a perfectly good and relevant reason. I don't buy this, as these are some seriously emo love lyrics by people I've never heard of who he thinks are of the gods. I'm assuming this is to annoy me? If not, why is he doing this? It's the most baffling thing to open up my messenger to have my offline message box full of song (and not in the good way).

Is it just me, or are some people's IM vocabulary reduced to nothing but 'lol' and one too many emoticons?
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In your opinion, am I spoiled because my Christmas gift ((and the only one of real value, since the rest were cheap gag gifts of about 1 to 5 dollars max)) was Stargate SG-1 all ten seasons? I kept asking to pay for half of it ((The entire thing was something like 280 dollars, I think)) but my parents wouldn't let me.

Have you ever had a pimple that you couldn't reach to pop, or that wouldn't go away?

Have you ever played the drinking game Kings? ((I do a modified version of that.))

Do you need to shower?

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Sleepy-time woes.

First off, let me say that my boyfriend does not snore.

Lucky me.

However, he sort of moans/hums/mumbles to himself with every breath for about a half hour to an hour until he actually falls into a deep sleep. Most nights, it's kind of cute and endearing. Other nights, I want to whack him in the nose with my pillow. Guess which one tonight is.

TQC, what can I do to make him stop?!

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"Dancing in the moonlight
I miss you almost every night
While I'm standing in the spotlight
I'm lonely but I'm alright
The absence of your light
Causing such an empty fright
I'll see you in my dreams tonight
Dancing in the moonlight"

What is this? Is it song lyrics, a poem? I got this anonymously and I googled portions of it, all of it, etc etc, and I can't figure it out. Anybody know?
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(no subject)

Is it ever acceptable to ask/force your SO to cease contact with one of their friends?

Would it be different if said friend had tried to stop the relationship from ever happening (for NO reason) and adamantly hated her friend's SO?

ETA: The friend in question used to be my friend too, but when my boyfriend and I got together, she changed and began talking crap about me to my boyfriend...trying to convince him I wasn't right for him, as well as personally insulting me.


If Hillary wins the Democratic nomination, do you think she'll name Obama as her VP? If not, who?

Same with Obama. If he wins the nomination, do you think he'll pick Hillary or maybe Edwards as his VP?
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The workplace and Zombies!

Considering where you work, and if there is a Zombie outbreak, would you take refuge at your workplace? Would it have enough supplies to keep you and other's there fed and safe? Do you think your workplace would keep the zombies out? How about the people already there? Do you think you would be able to work together with your coworkers to survive the attack, or would they just make things worst?
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Don't you hate it when people whine about how sick or in pain they are?

Doesn't it make you want to smack them over the head with a brick and tell them to suck it up and deal with it?

Why do people act like their dying whenever their sick or in pain? Don't they realise it'll eventually end?

To end on a lighter note:
A girl was getting Kirby tattooed on her at the studio I go to the other day is this not cool? Y/N?
Would you get a video game character tattooed on you? What would it be?


1: Do you have a country you wish you could run away to and live?

2: What is your dream car?

3: If you won A LOT/had of money, what would you do with it and your time?

4: What do you think of people who die and live all their money to their pets?

5: What person do you know uses and spends their money the wisest?

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(no subject)

 How often do you participate in online surveys? If they offered money, would you do it? 

What about the surveys on the bottom of restaurant receipts that say you could win $1,000 in a drawing? Do you fill those out? Why or why not?
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(no subject)

1. Can you describe yourself using only 3 words?

2. What do you consider your best personal characteristics?

3. What kind of superhero would you be? Why?

4. If you could be any celebrity, who would you be? And why?
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If you could join the cast of any show (existing or cancelled), which show would it be?
Can you describe your character?

Break any resolutions yet?

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ok my boss is a grade A BITCH from hell. I call her about something pertaining to work and she yells at me telling me not to call her cuz she could give s hit less what happens there. I have to work her hours for her, while she pulls the wool over her supervisors eyes. So now I want to quit. It's just her and me though, so how should I handle it? I have to drop off the keys to the place and really don't want a scene. Do i just walk in and put my keys on her desk and tell her "don't worry, i'll never call you about work anymore, cuz I quit"? or do I just hand her the keys and say nothing?

HELP TQC!!! PLEASE!! What should I do ?
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If you won the lottery right now, would you stay in your current area?

If yes, why? What do you like about it?
If no, where would you want to spend the rest of your life?

I imagine a lot of you would say you'd travel, but imagine that there was one place you'd want to have a permanent residence. It's always nice to have a place to call home after you've been traveling the world for months.
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Have you ever gotten a really weird message from someone on LiveJournal? In your inbox? I woke up this morning to the most random message reading:

"hi umm.. you believe in God?
and you say he is all important to you, why do you swear then and say "shit" and talk about porn? just curious."

(The person is referring to my profile content) What would you say in return? This has got to be one of the most random messages I've ever had addressed to me.

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i know that some dog breeds are better suited for first time dog owners, while others would be better off with someone who is more experienced.
i'm not planning on getting a dog any time soon, but out of curiosity--is a doberman pinscher a breed that might be too difficult for a first time dog owner to handle?
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Movie ?s

What do you think is the worst super hero movie ever?

Is The Bourne Ultimatum the best final movie in a trilogy?

Who do you think is the best actor of your generation?
i say, old bean

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Poll #1116646 WAKE UP

what is the worst thing to wake up to?

the phone is ringing and it's the wrong number
the world is exploding
every dog in the neighborhood is barking
a garage band just began next door and they have taken a liking to death metal
falling off of your bed
baby june is crying her ass off
there is no more coffee and you're broke
an earthquake
your alarm clock, which is bad enough on its own.
your bed is sticky, your hand is feeling rather damp and in the background all you can hear is "AHAHAHAHAH AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"
you've got no clothes on and the person next to your doesn't look familiar AT ALL.
your house is being raided
there is an author writing a book about you

(no subject)

If all schooling and necessary training was provided and paid for, as well as your living expenses, what career would you choose?

When was the last time you went to the dentist?
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Have you done anything recently which is very on par with your gender stereotype?

Yes. The other day, I was helping my boyfriend clean his room, and I folded his laundry because he's terrible at folding clothes.

What stereotype(s) did you fit in in high school?
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Dried up wet things.

*Anyone out there really *love* dried fruit?
I don't understand why anyone would want dried up fruit when they can have juicy fruit.
For camping I can understand I guess.

*Do you like banana chips?
I think they are they nastiest thing on the planet!!!

*Any business owners out there finding it to painfully slow today?
I haven't even sold a dang card yet, and I'm NOT looking forward to Valentines Day.

(no subject)

I have this type of door hanger rack thing on my door now, but I already have a closet that serves its purpose satisfactorily. How should I make use of this contraption (either as it is now, or nifty modifications I could do)?

How far around your wrist can you wrap your middle finger and thumb? Mine overlap to the base of the thumbnail. ETA: What size do you consider your hands?

Can you recommend a good fantasy movie/book? Explain what it's about and why it's good, too.
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It's a small world...maybe.

1. Where do you live?
2. What are the nearest large cities?
3. What is the best thing about where you live?
4. What is the worst?

1. Lancaster, Pennsylvania (Lancaster city, to be exact)
2. Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, D.C.
3. It had a nice growing arts district and a big farmers' market.
4. It's an incredibly conservative area. Also, the Amish.
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(no subject)

for some reason, there seems to be a lot of breakfast food talk in tqc today. it made me crave sausages + eggs. well, when i went into the kitchen to forage, guess what i found? my dad just went shopping, and he bought a WHOLE BOX OF SAUSAGES!

tqc, what has totally excited you lately?


1. Do you like fruit cocktail?

(I do. But I go through phases of wanting it every day, and then not wanting to even look at it. And it has to be light, I hate thick syrup. Ew.)

2. Do you like it room temp. or cold?

(Has to be cold. Very cold.)

3. What is the fruit in fruit cocktail that you like best?

(Probably cherries.)

4. What is the fruit in fruit cocktail that you like least?

(Grapes. Yet every can has a million trillion of them.)
Uh Huh
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How well do you know TQC???

When you read through TQC, do you recognize the person by name if their icon has changed?
I know some people only post here once in a blue moon, and I wonder who the hell they are.

What toppings should I have on my pizza tonight?
Santa brought me a pizza stone, I made dough and sauce this morning. Now all I need is some cheese and toppings. I love making pizza!!!!!!
chan marshall


is the weather being strange where you are?

(currently its raining like crazy and storming, meanwhile its meant to be upwards of 40 C ..the other side of the country is blistering hot and its flooding south of where i am :S)

What is the best kind of sour candy?

(i love them all..always open for new ideas)

(no subject)

They say that you tend to migrate back to the place where you were born.

Where were you born?

How far are you (roughly) from the town where you were born?

Assuming you don't live there now, would you ever consider moving back? Why or why not?

I was born in Kirksville, MO and I'm living about 100 miles away from there now. I wouldn't mind moving back there at some point after I retire. It's not a bad small town.

(no subject)

 1.  Is there any way I can delete the 'other' stuff off of my ipod?  I have no idea what it is.  I thought it was lyrics that I had put in with my songs, but I had to clean out my whole ipod and it's still showing up as being there.

ETA: Got it. 

2. How was this weekend for you?

3. What's for dinner? 
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The things we do for money

Let's say you're single. You're approached one day by a middle-aged person of your own gender (or the opposite gender, if you're gay). This person tells you that they find you irresistable and the most beautiful, provocative person they've ever met, and want to go out with you. You're not so keen on this, but this person tells you 3 things. 1) He or she is a billionaire and 2) he or she is all alone, with no family or SO's and 3) he or she is dying of cancer and has less than a year left to live. "Be my last romance, and I'll leave everything I own to you". This person is alright looking, but he or she is in the mid 50s. Less than a year of seemingly unappealing romantic stuff, and you get to be a billionaire widow/widower. Would you embark on this Anna Nicole Smithian maneuver?

Yes I would
No I wouldn't

For $10,000,000, would you be willing to have your IQ lowered to 95? I know that IQ isn't a true measure of all intellectual competence, so all your other intellectual faculties are also diminished. Would you do it?


For $15,000,000, would you give up sex for the rest of your life? Masturbation included. To enable this, you're given a medical procedure to reduce your libido considerably. Would you do it?

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(no subject)

What is your zodiac sign?

Do you think your sign fits near your personality?
(it used to fit me almost exactly, however I have grown out of several problem areas that are associated with them.
Considering what they say Cancers are attracted to, I would have to strongly agree, and most of my personality traits are very similar.)

What is your favorite time of the year, and why?
(Winter, because everything looks dead and dark, and I find it soothing, not to mention it snows!)
John Simm, Life on Mars
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Martial art

I'm thinking about taking up a martial art this year. In the course of my work, people sometimes try to assault me. I'd rather their blows didn't connect, but at the same time it is important that I don't injure them.

Can someone recommend a martial art that places more of an emphasis on defence?


ETA: I probably need to buy 5-20 seconds before I have backup.
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(no subject)

Do you ever have those days where your allergies or sickness cause you to blow your nose so much you go through a quarter or more of a box of tissues?

Do naps ever clear it up, or are naps usually just a way to sleep through the sickness only to wake up and continue having the problem?

Do you ever think you could become horribly dehydrated just because of the leaky faucet that is your nose?
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Your cellphone

Do you have (had?) a Motorola Motokrzr or an LG Chocolate phone?
If yes, do you like it? Why?
If you don't like the phone, why?

TQC - help me decide! Edit: They're both free - so the cost is not a factor.

(no subject)

Is there a way to break in a new pair of shoes without wearing them constantly? I got a pair of shoes to wear to work, and they felt comfortable while I tried them on, but after wearing them all day i realized that they were really stiff, and they left really painful sores on the backs of my ankles.

Why does it seem like so many women's shoes are uncomfortable? And why isn't there more variation in fit when it comes to shoes? My cousin and I wear the same size shoe, but she has narrow feet and I have wide feet, and neither one of us can find shoes :(
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Last question tonight, I swears it Mastah.

I just finished setting up my new flat screen t.v in the kitchen, so while I am making my TQC pizza I will have something to watch. *besides the cats destroying the couch)

What should I watch tonight? Any amazing programs or series I should be keyed into?
Family Guy is on at 10 right? I always tend to go from one show to the next and I would love to have a series to follow.
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(no subject)

have you or anyone you've known ever lied to a store to get free stuff?  (like, writing a letter of complaint to corporate headquarters about being unsatisfied with your interaction with the company, only it was a complete lie that you just made up to see if you could get away with it/a minor thing might have happened, but you blew it out of proportion to just get free stuff.)

have you or anyone you've known ever said that something at a restaurant was terrible (service, food, whatever) when it really wasn't just to have the bill comped/get gift certificates?

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Geek question alert

I plugged my iPod into my puter to recharge and a message came up that said if I plug it into an alternative USB port, it would be faster. It then gave me a list of said ports--6 of 'em! To my knowledge, I only have 3 such ports. Where might the other 3 be and how I can determine which are the "faster" ports?

(no subject)

Is it okay to use Windex to clean my LCD screen? I looked on Google and found mixed opinions about this.

Is there any other household chemical that I can use, or do I have to go out and buy a special cleaner?

Kids And Music

I burn CDs for the whole family to enjoy in the car as we tool around...it's just me and my 3 kids (9,6,5), but sometimes I put stuff on there that is a bit too adult. Nothing with profanity or overtly adult, or that they even get, but I do. For instance, my 6 year old daughter is singing As You Wish by Aqueduct, which is very catchy.

I dig that they dig my taste in music, but where do you draw the line? And if I decide that it's ok, and they listen with me, is it cool?

(no subject)

Do you know of any good ways to either keep your hair from getting a line in it from a pony tail or hat, or how to get rid of them without washing your hair?

I have to wear my hair in a ponytail with a hat on top to work in the mornings, and after that I have to go to class, and my other job, where I don't wear a hat, and my hair needs to look decent). I'd rather not walk around with lines in my hair. I have long hair, and it is curly, so it can kind of hide the lines...but...it gets flat on the top from the hat.

dog naming

My husband I put in an application to adopt a dog who the shelter named Lacy.  We already have a dog named Lucy (our other two are named Brodie and Indigo).   If they give her to us, should we try to change Lacy's name to something else or keep it Lacy and hope that Lacy and Lucy don't get confused?  I don't know how long the shelter has had Lacy or how long she has known that name, but I will ask when they call us back.   Edit: We have nothing against the name Lacy except for our concern that it will be confusing with Lucy.  We want to do whatever will be best for her/make the transition the easiest. 
long winding road
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(no subject)

So, what should I name my new black retriever puppy?
(Its a boy, btw)
So far I have thought of the following:
Clemens (After Samuel Clemens, Clem for short though.)
kiv dancin.
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to me, it tastes like a cherry tootsie roll pop. in soda form.

Poll #1116755 Cherry Chocolate Dr Pepper

What do you think of this flavor?

i have had it, and i like it.
i have had it, and i do not like it.
i have not had it, but i would like to.
i have not had it, and i do not want to.
i have never heard of it!
wtf, awesome!
wtf, ick!
i am vegan.

across the pond equivalent of .... ?

I just read that French President Nicolas Sarkozy is to marry his new girlfriend, the model / pop singer Carla Bruni. She's apparently a tire heiress and successful model turned pop star who's been around the block once or twice (okay five or six times.. but if she can get away with it, why not?)

Would this be the equivalent of George Bush (assuming he was recently divorced like Sarkozy) marrying Kim Basinger ? Or what do you think would be the equivalent?

(no subject)

Does your health insurance cover ER/A&E visits?

(I thought this would be obvious, but apparently mine only covers A&E if I'm referred by a doctor.)

Do you think my provider will accept the field doctor at Electric Picnic as a doctor's referral and refund my money?

Have you ever had to call the fire brigade? Why?

Last night, a fire started between our living room floor and the kitchen ceiling.

Basically, the complete tool who installed the fireplace left the wooden joists under the hearthstone instead of cementing it. The fire kept them dry, and over the holiday we've had a fire almost every night, the nearest beam got hotter and hotter until it combusted, burning a hole into the kitchen.
River hiding

my first question...yay! :)

Hey, everyone...I have a question for all the college students out there:

Have you ever done an independent study at your college? If so, what was the experience like? Did you initiate the study or did your professor ask you to join him/her in conducting the study?

Hahaha, sorry...that was 3 questions rolled into one.
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(no subject)

1)what else are you doing right now?

photo editing

2)what are your deep dreams?

I don't have any

3)what's the first rule of survival?

if you're sinking, don't add weights to your legs.

AP tests and friends.

If you have taken an AP foreign language test (particularly German), what was it like?  How did you do?

I talked to my old best friend (who I had a huge falling out with last year) for like 3 hours today and it made me feel really good.  Do some things ever go back to the way they were, or is there really a point of no return?

(no subject)

What traits you could overlook in a SO? Like, what things are you somewhat ok with, dating-wise?

Unruly back hair. Hairy buttocks. Afraid of electrolysis or waxing
Lazy eye. It's really lazy. Like, it's always looking at their own nose
Former heroin addict. Been clean for 5 years, but admits to still feeling the urge
Admits to once having sex with a farm animal. Just once
Last 3 exes ended up killing themselves for different reasons
Last 3 exes ended up turning gay
Looking for work, but has no marketable skills or education. Been 'between jobs' for the last year and a half
Has no car, only a bus pass
Ok job, but high school dropout. Got as far as the 10th grade. No interest in going back
Wheelchair-bound, due to a car accident. They are capable of having sex
Once was on probation for beating up the person they were dating at the time. This was a year ago
This person has a tail. About 2 inches. It looks like an extension of their tailbone
Anorexic. Never admits it, but you can tell when someone's starving themself
Dislike of all animals. If you date this person, you'd have to get rid of all your pets
Has irritable bowel syndrome. A bit less managable than other sufferers of said affliction. This person has less control over it than most
baby snow man


Help me settle an argument. This is not a question of whether you like celery or not, only if you think it's flavor is strong or not.

Poll #1116764 celery

Celery is

not flavorful.
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thequestion club has an official party line!!!

Ever been curious about what your fellow TQCers sound like? Here is your chance to find out!

Did you know that TQC has an official, totally free party line?

Everything is explained in the post linked above, in the tqc_chat community. While I think this current service is probably the best free one for TQC (with benefits and drawbacks compared to other services), I am currently evaluating other software/services too, just in case one of the others is a better choice.

For those who might think the idea of a party line is lame, I can assure you that it's actually quite interesting and fun to hear how people sound, hear their tone of voice and basically interact in a way closer to real life. The rapid back-and-forth responses, hearing people speak in a light-hearted manner, hearing them laugh, goofing around, and other aspects all add so much more to the experience! At least one person who previously thought it was a silly idea changed their mind after trying it out.

It is quite a different experience to hear people and speak back to them. :)

For those who don't know, a party line is like a conference call (a "voice chat room") with an unlimited number of people in it. You just call in and you can talk to other TQCers!

Did I mention that it's FREE? There are two basic methods: 1) the 100% free method that involves using the Gizmo Project software to connect over the internet and 2) a normal phone call to the 605 area code (covers all of South Dakota) where normal phone calling rates apply.

As of the time of this post, no one is currently on the party line.

KEEP IN MIND that there may be an upper limit to the number of people that can use the service at once, but I don't know what it is, so please don't all flood into the party line all at once.

Have fun!!!
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(no subject)

Have you ever been fired/let go from a job?
Where did it fall in the sequence of your career (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.)?
Why do you think you were fired/let go? Was it anticipated?

How secure are you in your current job?
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(no subject)

Have you ever felt uncomfortable at a job - As if everyone is judging you for something, or as if you're being treated differently than other employees?

How did you handle that?

Do you like video games? If so, do you like rhythm/dance games?

Does anyone know what rap song this is?

There's this rap song that Im trying to find. It's an older one, maybe from around 2000. It goes something like "Girl youre no nanc" (at least thats what it sounds like, best way I can describe it) And it has a girl rapping and then I think it's Ludacris that comes on but before he starts rapping he's like "See, thats how my momma got pregnant..." Anyone know what song this is??
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(no subject)

What is the trick to keeping avocado from oxidizing? I make sushi frequently for myself, so I don't use the whole avocado at once. They're expensive out of season, so I hate to waste them.
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(no subject)

Why do you think alcoholics aren't viewed as harshly as people who are addicted to other drugs? Because it's so common, almost everyone knows a past/present alcoholic? Because it's legal? Because people can empathize more easily (having a drink vs. injecting heroin into your arm)? Because some people who write books say that alcoholism is a disease and don't say that crack-head-ism is a disease?

I'm not trying to make a statement, I'm just curious what you think.
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If you could trade families with anyone you personally know, who would you trade with and why?

For those who are married/have an SO, if you could trade your in-laws (or outlaws, as my dad calls them) with someone else's in-laws, who would you trade with?

(no subject)

I want to make muffins. The boxed mix calls for 1/4 cup milk. The problem is, our milk says 1/4/08 on it. Do you think they'd still be okay if baked?

ETA: The muffins turned out perfectly. Thanks go to everyone who answered :)

(no subject)

My sister just had a baby today (and another sister had a baby in December). I'm ecstatic.
What's making you happy these days?

Are your earlobes attached or unattached?
Mine are attached. Ever since biology in 10th grade, this is what I look for when I meet someone. I have no idea why.
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(no subject)

1. Do you want/need to be the most important person in your SO's life? Would you be upset or offended if your SO's parents or siblings were more important to them?

2. What would you do if you found out your SO had given you an STD? What if they already knew they were infected and didn't tell you?

3. Is it possible to have a magical car that can warp time and space? I just did a 5.5 hour drive in 4.5 hours and I wasn't speeding. So, obviously my car is magical. Right?

damn you, football playoffs.

i was watching THE WIRE (omg that show is so fucking good) and i recorded The Amazing Race. Thanks to the NFL playoffs, i don't know what happened in the last 10 minutes of the race!

i assume TK and Rachel lost.

who won?
what happened?

i can look up the playoffs on espn, but the amazing race info has not yet been posted.

(no subject)

Is anyone else watching the I Love New York Reunion?

I'm actually really happy for her.  As obnoxious and ridiculous they both are, I'm glad she finally found someone.  The fourth time's a charm!
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(no subject)

hi tqc!

1. I feel like my brain is rotting(in a metaphorical sense). Like I am not as coherent as before, and just incapable of learning new things and absorbing new information! Is it because I've stopped attending school and awaiting results? What should I do?! :(

2. Is it a total waste of your life if you have a job that needs you to start early morning and end at around 10pm, where all the shops you want to visit have closed?

3. Should I just quit and start an online shop where I can have ahem, flexible hours but just less pay? I just need a little more captial!
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(no subject)

What would you name these dogs?

On the left is the boy/son, and on the right is the girl/mum. :)

(These will be my dogs within the week. I'm thinking of Hector and... well, I don't know what for the girl. Hm.)
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(no subject)

Would you rather have to work for everything you want, or have it handed to you? Why?

For example: Having to study and get good grades to get into your university of choice, rather than knowing someone who could get you in.
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Do you wake up in the night to pee? How many times? Does it annoy you to have to get up to pee?

I rarely ever do. Only if I chugged like two full glasses before bed. Otherwise I don't wake up. But my dad gets up to pee at least three times.
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(no subject)

1. What was the last difficult descision you had to make? Having a pet put to sleep tomorrow. I just want it to all be over, it's awful having to wait and knowing it's going to happen.
2. When was the last time you did something embarrassing in front of someone you like? About a week ago. A guy I really like gave me a gift and I turned in to a giggling, blushing fool. It turns out it was just a simple friendship-y, show-of-appreciation gift and I thought it meant more than it actually did. ...whoops.
3. Do you know of an excellent store, restaurant or other little place in your town than no-one else seems to have heard of? Tell me about it! Mine is a Chinese food shop about ten minutes away from my work. It's in a fairly bad part of town, so none of my colleagues would go there, but the food's delicious and really cheap as well.
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever seen a sectional sofa with a corner angle of more than 90 degrees? What would such a thing be called do you think?

2. Have you ever seen a 24 hour analog clock?

3. What's something notable you've seen this week?

(no subject)

My boyfriend cut off part of his finger at work today. It wasn't too bad and he's fine now, but he won't shut up about getting gangrene or something in his hand and losing his arm and dying. Why is he so convinced that the worst is going to happen?

My dog finally got her cast off today and besides being worn out from getting stressed at the vet's office, she's fine. She was running around and jumping and everything. The vet said to wait at least a week until we brought her to the groomer, though. Why do we have to wait? The vet was pretty vague about it.

Why can't I figure out how to turn on the treadmill? I finally figured out how to lower the thing, and can't find any switch or button or anything to turn the damn thing on. I put in the little magnet thing, but nothing happened. What the hell?