January 5th, 2008

b/w girl

inspired by vanessa hudgens.

have you ever sent someone nudie pics?

has anyone ever sent you nudie pics?

do you think its true that practically everyone takes their own personal nudie pics, even if they just delete them afterwards?

do you have any trauma stories regarding nudie pics gone bad?

Here's a question

What do you do when you get a friend a nice Christmas present (handmade card, xmas ornament, homemade fudge and a DVD) and they give you candy even though they make a lot more money, then they try and sell you something they won't ever use?
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(no subject)

Say you took your car to the dealer you purchased it from to get a problem fixed. You get your car back the next day and your whole CD collection is missing, booklets and all.
What would you do?

That's atleast a $200 collection and I'm going ape shit.
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wank fodder.

Have you ever heard the term "wank fodder"?

Do you know what "wank fodder" means?

Have you ever used the term "wank fodder"?

Do you think the term "wank fodder" is funny?

What is your favorite "wank fodder"?
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(no subject)

Would you rather have a job, where you always get the same days off (always Monday-Tuesday, for example), or a job where you get different days of the week off, but that are usually one after the other?
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(no subject)

Okay, so I'm sitting here watching "How to Look Good Naked" and I've only been watching it for ten minutes and it is ALREADY my new favorite show!! I think this show is going to do soooo much good for so many women with poor self esteem and body image issues... Anyone else watch it? What did you all think?!?

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Poll #1115896 What does your name begin with..

My name begins with ...


Poll #1115897 CONTINUED..

My name begins with ...

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lainy zombie!

i think i'm getting the flu

Does that girl from Flyleaf freak other people out too? She's creepy as fuck.

Do you have code words for things? Whenever my sister and I are talking about coffee, we are really talking about sex.

Would you ever get your nips or junk pierced? Have you?

What's the worst remake ever? (edit: of anything)
luna lovegood

(no subject)

What's the best homemade cure for an earache that you have tried? My ear is really, really clogged and I can hardly hear out of it. It hurts a LOT. edited to say... turns out that the best cure involved the ER, because the ache was so bad i was in tears, vicodin, amoxycillin and some sort of ear drop. thanks everybody... time to go back to a vicodin induced slumber
Bug-eyed Earl


Are there a lot of Russians on LJ?

Every time I go to this page half of the images with text appear to be Russian[it could be something else I am not sure].

It's interesting to see what that page pulls up. It displays the last 100 images posted to LJ.

Some images may be NSFW on that link. It depends on what's been posted.

(no subject)

Last thing that made you cry?

I just read that Natalie Imbruglia and Daniel Johns issued a statemeent saying they are getting divorced.
This is lame, but for various reasons it made me cry...
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I am sorry if I've already asked this before, but I can't find any of my comments and TQC gets so many questions.

I enrolled in an online checking account EmigrantDirect.com, but I haven't put any money in it yet.

Do you have one of those accounts? (...even if it's not through that specific company)

Do you find it convenient to take money out? Why or why not?

(no subject)

My company uses Microsoft Outlook 2002 for its email provider, and we have networked computers.

When my friend goes to open her inbox, all of her previous messages have disappeared on the computer she's in. We have checked her email account settings, and they are correctly set up.

I checked Microsoft's website, and I'm not able to find the issue we're dealing with.

Do you know how to fix Outlook 2002? How do we recover the missing email (they shouldn't be in the deleted items, and we show that no rules have been set up for her account)?

No one in the office can figure it out, and IT is gone for the weekend.

Sorry if I haven't provided enough info.

(no subject)

If you had to be transformed into an animal, what animal would you choose?
Why did you choose that animal? Pictures if you got em'!

I'd be a sloth, they're all kinds of awesome and get to sleep 15 to 18 hours a day.
how funky is your chicken?


K, questions are based off lastyearsyouth1's question about sex.

Have you ever been the person in a relationship that does not need sex as much as your partner? How does it make you feel? I'm interested in the other side of the coin.

Also, two people are happy in their relationship, but one has a higher sex drive than the other. Which means they want it more often than their partner. Why do some folks think that this is inherently makes their relationship"broken"? Granted some people find sex so important this is a "deal breaker", but is it possible that two people being different but happy together, they could learn to compromise on the issue?
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(no subject)

I am trying to get in the habit of waking up at a reasonable hour, since I go back to school and work on Monday. But I think I am getting sick...so should I go back to sleep and get rested up, or try to stay awake so I can get back into the schedule of things?

Do any of you do this, or do you just jump back into your schedule for the week?
kihei akahi

(no subject)

Let's be frank.
I have a cold. A bad cold. I have phlegm. Lots of phlegm. In my nose, in my chest.
So I'm coughing up phlegm. We all have had to, at one point or another.

When you have to cough up phlegm.. where do you put it?

My answers:
I keep a paper cup by my bed and use that.. putting a piece of kleenex I use to wipe my mouth
on top of it so I don't have to look at it. Then I just keep going until I fill the cup up with kleenex and stuff. If I'm near the bathroom I do it in there, but in general, the cup rules. I even brought it with me in the car just in case hahah

edit: because I was curious, I went and found some phlegm answers...
this picture cracked me up...
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job seeking from afar

I am moving halfway across the country at the end of February.  I am starting my job search now, so as to have the best chance to get my resume out and have a job shortly after I arrive at my new home.

My question:  when filling out online applications, do you think I should put my current address, or should I put the address I will be living at, which is local to the businesses I am applying at?  I don't want people to see a WA address and automatically discard my application, but at the same time I don't want people to assume that I am right down the street and can come in for an interview that afternoon.

(no subject)

"All Mobile Broadband price plans are subject to a fair usage policy to ensure the service is fast and reliable for all of our customers. Monthly price plans subject to 3GB UK fair usage policy, 24 hour UK sessions subject to 500MB fair usage policy, 24 hour roaming sessions subject to 50MB fair usage policy." -- Vodafone

What's the point of a 3G connection at 7.2Mbps if you can't download more than 3GBs a month? I do more than that in one weekend.

On Driving

Who can parallel park? Any tips?
If I suck now will I get better? And if I get better will I always struggle with it?
And how old were you when you learned to drive?

From Ms. Spatially Challenged

I've been attempting to learn on and off for two years (since I was 22). I live in Toronto, so it's scary
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(no subject)

Question for you guys out there with long hair. How do you normally wear your hair? My boyfriend's hair is down past his mid back and he only ever wears it back in a low ponytail. We would both love to hear some more options. Thanks everyone!

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(no subject)

1. I'm at work and I want to watch the Canada Vs Sweden game this afternoon, is there a site I can go on to watch it? my googling is limited

2. did you ever actually won something on the internet? either by clicking on a popup or entering an online contest?

I won 200USD ( which at the time was 230CAD) off tshirthell.com by enterting an idea for something to be on a shirt. they picked one of my ideas. it was " dress for Failure" it was the worst out of all the other ideas I had submitted, I dont even think the shirt is still on the site.
I never click on popups but a guy I know does all the time and he has won like 4 ipods and a xbox 360 so far. I think he has to do those things where you invite people and if so many join you get the prize.


Do you get paper or plastic at the store?

What do you forget to throw away a lot?

Does your sink have a garbage disposal?

How many trash cans do you have in your house?

Who takes the trash out in your house?

Does the trash get picked up outside you house or do you have to take it to a dumpster?

Do you recycle?


(no subject)

Have you ever used Turbo Jam, Tai Bo, or one of those other DVD programs?

What'd you think? Did they exhaust you? If you've used multiple- which was your favorite?

I'm tired of the boring treadmill.

(no subject)

Did you ever do weird things as a child? Like, building a "house" out of a single box, pretending that the floor was lava, only eat things that were a certain color, etc?

What age did you stop doing the above?

Did you listen to any music as a child? What were your favorite bands, etc?
(I'm talking about before you got to the Britney Spears/N*Sync age)

Were you a tom-boy, a mama's boy, girly girl, etc?

Oh, and what's the most embarrassing thing you're a little obsessed with right now?
[spooks] ;; tom ;; london
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AOL keywords

I'm with AOL, but since I have a router, I don't use their crappy software. Is there any other way I can use their Keywords system, without having to install their software?

I'm not even sure installing the software would work, since my internet connection is always on.
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What do you feel is acceptable to discriminate against?

I openly discriminate against stupidity; I don't feel it's an acceptable excuse. I also discriminate against people whose moral beliefs dictate my actions; do what you will with yourself, but don't try and tell me what is right and wrong.
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(no subject)

Which would you rather?

A) To work a full-time job and be living NOT QUITE paycheck-to-paycheck but to have to make some sacrifices in order to live relatively comfortably. So, let's say after all is said and done, you have maybe $100 left per month to yourself or to save...(in this case, let's assume that getting a full-time job that pays better ISN'T an option)


B) To get a part-time job in addition to your full-time job and have an extra $400-$500 per month to save or spend. Let's say this would take up two weeknights and one weekend day or night each week. Let's also assume that the pay was pretty good for a part-time job. (It would be about 15hr/wk at $11/hr for a retail position) Although you wouldn't have to make sacrifices when it comes to your lifestyle/spending habits, you may have to make some sacrifices when it comes to your free time/social life. And you'd also be quite tired/burnt-out at the end of the day.

Which would you do?

EDIT: And how old are you?

For this question, assume that you get no help/financial assistance from family. So if your car breaks down, if anything happens, if you lose your job, you can't go to them for help.
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tmi and randoms

tqc, i am on my period and i feel like shit. i am too nauseous to eat, but my stomach hurts because it is hungry. i took two midol an hour ago, but i still feel the same. basically, i've been lying in bed on the internet for the last few days, because anything else makes me want to throw up.

THIS HAPPENS EVERY MONTH, it is so horrible and gross and i hate it.

TQC menstruating members: what do you do to make yourself not feel like hell on those days you're surfing the crimson wave? do you go on a killing spree, double up on the painkillers, or just stay in bed and whine like me? or do you have some awesome medical device at your disposal which makes you not bleed out the crotch?

TQC non-menstruating members:
1. when you were a kid, did you have any strange nicknames? all my friends used to call me kiekee.
2. what was your favorite toy when you were a kid? mine was a stuffed cat with a jingle bell sewn into the tail.
3. what are you craving right now?
4. are you excited for the semester to start up again? BECAUSE I AM
5. if you have an SO, what is their most annoying habit that makes you want to kill them?


FOR EVERYONE: will you post a picture of your favorite childhood toy for me to see?

(no subject)

This is a somewhat personal question, but I thought maybe I could get some fresh ideas here.

Part of my job is to answer phones. I was hired to do mainly other things, but the situation has changed so that I do very few other things and very much answering of the phones. My problem is dealing with the utter frustration that this brings me.

People are incredibly rude and stupid. I've worked in customer service in some capacity my whole life, but it's becoming harder to bear. Most calls, by themselves, aren't that big of a deal, but when the same sort of thing happens over and over, and I have no authority to be anything other than pleasant, it becomes incredibly disheartening.

I'm looking for another job, but jobs that pay as well as this one are scarce around here. Despite my best efforts, I'm becoming overwhelmed. I think about work all the time; I can't enjoy anything else for the dread of work. I've talked to my managers, but they have no interest in switching my job duties, and "The customer is always right" extends even to verbal abuse.

How can I learn to let these people roll off my back like I used to? Until recently, I could leave work and never think about it again until the next shift. I'm definitely trying to change my circumstances, but until then, how can I learn to control the effect I let people have on me?

(no subject)

Here's the hypothetical scenario:

Your SO lives two hours away. You drive down to meet them for several days. While you're there, they force you to meet their grandparents, who question you and make you do yardwork. After that, they have you watch The Notebook and grab a stun gun and stun you. Would you visit them again?
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(no subject)

okay ladies, what kind of razor do you use?

for years i've used the pink daisy disposable ones because i've found they give me the closest shave compared to anything else. but this time of the year a close shave doesn't matter AS MUCH, and i keep getting ingrown hairs on my legs (sorry, TMI) which is annoying as hell. what do you recommend?

(no subject)

Last summer Bath and body works temptation line had a sent called "iced tea twist" I got a bubble bath & lotion set at the end of july i think on clearance and I love it. I ran out of the bubble bath maybe, 3 months ago and have a bunch of lotion left. Is there any place online where you can buy past season b&bw stuff aside from ebay? on ebay the shipping is more money than the body wash which I think it silly.
also, if anyone here has the body wash or the room sent thing and would sell it to me that would be swell too :)

(no subject)

Yay! You now have a band AND a record coming out! But the record company execs smoke a lot of crack, and will only let you name your band and album their way. So, using their whacked out reckoning, what's your band's name, the title of your first album, and what does it look like?

1.The first article title on this page is the name of your band.

2. The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.

3. The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4.Use your graphics program of choice to throw them together, and post the result here.

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(no subject)

Have you ever had an accident with a fire arm?
almost blew my finger off after function checking my auto pistol

Hve you ever had an accident with a power tool?
almost took my knee out with a chainsaw

Have you ever had a serious accident in a motor vehicle?
I got rear-ended once...bad.
Quinn Twin


I just won this 6GB Creative Zen Micro off eBay, but I haven't had headphones since I was like, 12 and had a WalkMan...

So I wanted to know if any of you have any compatible headphones/buds that you think are of decent/good quality. I don't want to spend a ton, as I mainly got an MP3 player for times when I go grocery shopping alone and such, but I don't want them to be utter junk, either. Bueller?

PS - Even though it's used, considering it comes with so much and works, I feel like >$50 including shipping is a decent bargain... Do you think I did ok? Either way, it's said and done, but in case I ever decide to buy something similar again, I wanted opinions.
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(no subject)

Is Kevin Federline being tested for drugs and alcohol?

Why does our nation spend so much time worrying about Britney Spears when there're tons more out there who have children and are under the influence?

Do we the people really only care about the rule of law when it's entertaining or suits our purpose?

Take for instance the president: they're required to swear to uphold the constitution in its entirety, but since 1913 when the 16th amendment was added, presidents have been swearing to uphold the constitution despite the unconstitutional nature of said amendment.
Ahh! Motherland!

(no subject)

1. If you regularly prepare food for yourself and others are you obligated to take into consideration the whims of a picky eater?

(My SO is a picky eater. The only vegetables he will eat are potatoes and green beans. No seafood, no mustard, no mayo, no mushrooms, no onions, nothing un-American, nothing weird. I'm bored and running out of interesting things to prepare but I feel bad telling him to fend for himself because I want some damn sushi.)

2. Are you a picky eater? Do you know one? How do you deal?

(no subject)

1. i just checked out movies from the library. i plan on watching 2 tonight. which would you choose? closer, shopgirl, a very long engagement, the wedding date, employee of the month and the family stone...i'm feeling very emotional right now, if that helps at all...

2. am i bad sister for being overjoyed that my brother is leaving to go back to school tomorrow?

(no subject)

Do you feel overwhelmed by life in general? By having to make choices and decisions on your own and live with the consequenses? By the responsibility of fulfilling yourself?

What are the most difficult aspects of your life to deal with? How do you cope? Do you feel happy anyhow?

Do you ever feel scared at the thought that you have the whole rest of your life to live?

What's for dinner tonight?
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(no subject)

I just got carded at Walmart when I bought coughdrops. Freaking cough drops. Is this totally asinine to anyone else?

Also, did you know that Sean from Degrassi is in the movie Juno??!!! I was so excited, but there was no one there to share my excitment with! Know any good degrassi icon sites while I'm asking questions?
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(no subject)

1. How much do you pay for car insurance every year?

2. What's your favorite self-help book (and what issue does it deal with)?

3. Overall, do you feel you had a good/normal childhood?

4. If you could move to any country (aside from the one in which you currently reside) where would you move? Where do you live now?
5. This is maybe a stupid question but how do doctors/researchers find out information that is reliable on things such as: How much alcohol a person must consume to cause fetal alcohol syndrome (like... how do they know the mother didn't lie about how much she drank? she could have drank every night and said she only drank once...) or the chance of getting HIV from only oral sex (because how many people JUST have oral sex and not vaginal/anal sex?). Is that type of information they have even accurate?

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(no subject)

How many scars do you have and what's the stories behind them? An inch long scar on the front of my left leg from when my friend dunked me under the water while I was in the bath shaving my leg. Small scar on inside of left elbow from when the cat dug his claw right in deep. Scars on my left wrist from pulling handcuffs off several times and one over my right eyebrow from a quad bike accident.

What are you looking forward to? My pink dye arriving in the mail.

Do you have any weird habits? Or things that you do that everyone else thinks is weird but you don't? I have to open all my curtains/blinds all through the house before I go to bed at night. I really don't like waking up with them closed so I close them for a while at night once it gets dark but then when I am going to sleep I'll get up and open them all.

(no subject)

Hello, TQC. First, My boyfriend was having computer troubles, now I am having camera troubles!
My camera is a Kodak Dual Lens V610. It doesn't have a view finder, but a large LCD screen on the back. Now, that LCD screen is not registering what is infront of the lens. what can I do? :(
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daaaaance to the music

for those of you who have dance training...
1. what kind of dance did you take? jazz, ballet, tap, what? when did you start taking it?
2. are you still doing it?

for the rest of you..
3. do you like to dance? what's your style if you do?

the big question --
4. i'm 22 and i'm srsly thinking about taking ballet. there's a studio just down the street from my college that offers an adult ballet class. i want to work out this semester to get back in shape and then start in the summer. is this a good idea? do you have any other suggestions?

(no subject)

Have you ever ordered something from abcdistributing.com?

I really want to order this http://www.abcdistributing.com/home/catalog/cat_item_pg.asp?G=492&P=119&Rec=3&Ntt=coat+rack&N=35&Nao=0&R=5404
but when I went to checkout they want you to input business information and I don't have a business.

What should I do? I really like this style and this is the only coat rack I've found that has baskets on the bottom. Have you seen any similar to this? I don't really care about color or style I just want the frackin' baskets on the bottom.
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What is your favorite condiment/topping?
*mine would have to be salsa*

If you ordered nachos at a restaurant and they were out of sour cream, would you order something else instead?

Is there a *fad* that you think *you* created, that you never got credit for? If so, what?
*I started cutting the bottom of my jeans in 7th grade, and then before you know it. BAM! Everyone was doing it. Thank god I stopped doing that!*
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related questions - a redux

Article three, section two of the U.S. Constitution states regarding the Supreme Court:

The judicial Power shall extend to all Cases, in Law and Equity, arising under this Constitution, the Laws of the United States, and Treaties made, or which shall be made, under their Authority; to all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls; to all Cases of admiralty and maritime Jurisdiction; to Controversies to which the United States shall be a Party; to Controversies between two or more States; between a State and Citizens of another State; between Citizens of different States; between Citizens of the same State claiming Lands under Grants of different States, and between a State, or the Citizens thereof, and foreign States, Citizens or Subjects.)

Have you ever been told that you can't sue the United States?

If the United States passed a law stating that you're not allowed to abort, and you believed it to be your 9th amendment right to abort, would you want to argue your constitutional right to sue the U.S. government?

If a doctor such as Ron Paul is legally responsible for the life of unborn children he cares for and can be sued if he is the cause of a miscarriage, are the rights being protected those of the mother or the child or both?
Miroku Turn

(no subject)

Does anyone know where the hell in Harvest Moon DS Van's shop is? I've been reading walkthroughs and FAQs and looking for a map to show me which one it is, but I can't find it. All they say is "Go to Van's shop!"

(no subject)

1. how many friends are on you myspace/facebook/livejournal/ other?

2. have you ever physically met all of them?

3. whats the last concert you went to? whats the next concert you plan on going to?

4. has anyone here tried weight watchers? will you send me the point list? :)

5. how many times have you moved in your lifetime?

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{person: dakota fanning} party
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(no subject)

did anyone watch the bulls vs. kings game tonight?

what did you think about the call made by the refs at the end of the game about whether or not miller was fouled?
Blue Lantern Ring
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(no subject)

Have you ever bought anything off an infomercial or "special TV offer?"

If no, did you ever really want to, but didn't for whatever reason? What was it?

If yes, what was it, and did it live up to your expectations?
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(no subject)

wtf would someone need with 22 pallets?

today i got stuck behind a guy in a pickup truck going idle speed down a fairly busy street with a 22-high tower of pallets in his truck bed. i could not, for the life of me, figure out what he was going to do with them.

(no subject)

What movie makes you cry?

Is there a movie that made you cry the first time you watched it, but not any times after that?

What about a movie that makes you cry EVERY SINGLE TIME you watch it?
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(no subject)

Do you, or anyone you know, do voice work - like voice overs for movies or voices for animations or video games etc?

I'm curious about getting into this sort of work but don't know where to start. Any hints?
Stock -- Out on the wiley windy moors

(no subject)

1. My boyfriend and I are having a fight and may break up, and I can't talk to him until tomorrow. :( TQC, could you please post some things to cheer me up? I'll take anything.

2. For DS owners: what's your favorite DS game at the moment?

3. If you use mechanical pencils, what size lead do you use? I prefer 0.5 lead.

4. What is your favorite bit of internet drama? Links would be lovely, but not necessary. :)
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(no subject)

TQC, in a little over a month, I am going to have a party. Its theme shall be chocolate. Mmmm.
I've already figured fondue was necessary, and maybe hot chocolate.

What foods/songs/games/etc should I consider?

Also, I do not own the movie Chocolat, so I will not be showing it.

(no subject)

do you think it's worth it to buy/rent all the sopranos seasons on DVD?

what's the last soda you drank?

if you drive, will you describe your skills on a scale 1 - 10, 1 being horrible, 10 being fantastic?

how much do you weigh?

Odd Question

Has anyone ever gotten something cheeper at a store because the sales person/person working at the store was flirting on them? Please tell me your story if it has.

The day before New Years i needed some heels so i went to this shoe store and this black guy started talking to me and my friend and i thought maybe she knew him because he asked for our screen names (we were on our sidekicks) than he gave me 2 pairs of shoes for the price of one...

Today i took my brother to the same store to by the new Jordans that just came out and the same guy was there and gave us the shoes for like 25 dollars cheeper, which is something that they usually never do for Jordans.

(no subject)

 What is the strangest conversation you have had with a teacher/professor?

I had a teacher (we called him Mango) ask a group of us what rainbow parties were and if they were real.  We were like "O_O who the hell are you talking to Mango?"

I used to beg Bolty to go on a picnic with me...he said if one of my designs won a competition he would, but I had no chances. ;_;

(no subject)

My boyfriend's ex/baby momma has been texting and calling me all day. She's psycho. She gets ahold of his phone while he's over there seeing the baby and deletes texts and missed call alerts from me. She's been calling me from his phone and telling me he doesn't want to talk to me.

wtf, how do I get her to leave me alone?

What's the last thing that creeped you out?
I was doing the dishes today and saw a mouse crawl out of the stove.

What's the last thing that annoyed you?
Besides the baby momma drama, I went to see One Missed Call last night. The girl that sat behind my group screamed bloody murder at everything. My friends were yelling at her. And I'm annoyed that I paid money to see that movie.
macro - procrastination cat
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(no subject)

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

If you could change one thing about someone else, who would it be and what would you change?
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(no subject)

i seriously hope i'm not like, breaking the rules or anything, this being my second question in one night. but hey. maybe this will help somebody else out too.

i'm filling out a scholarship application and it asks for three references. an educational reference, a character reference, and a social reference.

what kind of person would you, the citizens of tqc, choose as a social reference? i honestly have no clue. like, a friend? president of your sorority?

Indulge me momentarily.

Answer as many or as few as you choose.

1. What are some things that spin?
2. If you were playing Word Association, what would you associate with the word "spin?"
3. How do you spin?
4. Where do you spin?
5. Why do you spin?
6. Who do you spin with?
7. When do you spin?
8. Is spinning good or bad? Why?

(no subject)

This is kind of gross...but here goes. I know I'm gonna get flamed for it, so I'm prepared. But maybe I'll get a few honest answers, too.

If you had a female friend that always had a "very particular scent" (get me?)...especially when she opened and closed her legs(got me now)....would you tell her if it was really bothersome to you? It bugs the shit out of me and I'd sure as hell want to know if it were me, you know?

How do you TELL someone that without sounding like you're from Silence of the Lambs?? (Someone will get this)
I <3 TLV

(no subject)

I got a cavity filled on Tuesday. Today my tongue still feels like the Novocaine hasn't fully gone away, and I can barely taste anything. Do I just need to wait longer and it will go away, or did my dentist mess up and do something bad to my tongue?