January 4th, 2008

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given the choice, tqc, would you rather bed one "10", two "7"s, or four "5"s?

does your answer change if the 7s or 5s are simultaneous?
ETA: does your answer change if you will never see the(se) person(s) again after bedding them?

for perspective, are you male or female?

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1. What do you think of falling in love with your stepbrother/stepsister?

2. Does it make a difference whether you were raised with them or you're older when your parent remarries?

The last Gossip Girl episode made me think of this.

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If you were in a parking lot and..

1. you found a penny on the ground, would you pick it up?
2. you found a nickel on the ground, would you pick it up?
3. you found a dime on the ground, would you pick it up?
4. you found a quarter on the ground, would you pick it up?
5. you found a dollar bill on the ground, would you pick it up?
I <3 TLV


I'm eating a nice big bowl of spicy Indian food, and I just remembered that you shouldn't eat spicy food before going to sleep. But does anyone know why spicy food before bed is bad?
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So I found out a friend of mine has been talking about me a lot, especially to my exboyfriend. I can ask him about it and likely get a straight admittance of her doing it (he mentioned it to a friend of mine out of annoyance from her doing it, hence how I know), but should I bother? What's the best way to handle a situation like this? Confront, or just ignore entirely? She's often used me as a cover when doing things she shouldn't be doing, and I don't want to be used like this.

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Is there any type of food/drink that a lot of people tend to enjoy, and you don't?

I happen to be a very fussy eater, and one day my co-worker and I were talking about different foods, and he found it insane that I dislike a lot of ... common(?) foods.

While still on  the subject of food, what's the strangest thing you have ever eaten and enjoyed?

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I accidentally posted in the wrong community. It's deleted, everyone can calm down.

1) If you could live in a video game, which one would you live in?

2)If your life could be the life of a character in a movie, who would you want to be?
Big Love


Are you watching the Britney Spears Drama unfold?

Am I going to hell for finding this fascinating or for waking my mom up at 2:30 am to tell her the news?

What is your middle name?

ETA: My mom jumped out of bed and said "Oh no!" and is now watching it with me. We're a sick family, so I guess we're both going to hell. My dad can't be bothered.
let's do this


I saw this movie about six years ago.. I don't really remember the premise, except there were some teenagers in a high school, holding other (teenagers?) hostage, over something, and towards the end there were a few on the roof and some cop-person sniped out one of the kids who wasn't doing anything and shot him? That's really all I can remember but I was wondering if it sounds familiar to anyone else, it's been bugging the hell out of me.

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Today I had my wisdom teeth extracted, and when I came too, I was shaking like mad and my hands had gone grey from the 'cold' (room was around 20-22 celsius), like someone had rubbed graphite all over them.

What's the most recent weird thing to happen to you?
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Even been ego surfing or surfing for the name of your friends and found something LOL-tastic?

Can you share it?

One of the best ones I found was that my husband's exflatmate, who is a total cunt, shares her now-married name with a really ugly MILF of a porn star. :)

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hay tqc, what should I do tonight?

Options are:
Watch a movie for the next hour and a half, curled up in a blanket because I'm cold
Paint something for my dad and be cold
Write a long email to my cousin about "what do I do this summer?!?!"
Bake something because I'm cold
Read a book

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Would you marry someone who had $20,000 accumulated in credit card debt due to his or her want for a more lavish lifestyle? What if he/she had no plans on cutting spending or working on the debt?

(no subject)

does this Job Posting look legit to you?(cut for length)

I have been applying for jobs all over the place this morning and this seems a little to good to be true. 

what can you tell me about the marketing buisness?

Collapse )

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Alright, so I bought a Camera Lens the other day off the intertubes, and i got a tracking number and i'm sort of confused by what the tracking is telling me. This is UPS, and i live in Vancouver, Richmond is where the local depot is. Why would it travel back to Newark, and then to Louisville?

KY, US 04/01/2008 10:15 ARRIVAL SCAN

NJ, US 04/01/2008 8:16 DEPARTURE SCAN
04/01/2008 6:25 ARRIVAL SCAN

NJ, US 04/01/2008 5:50 DEPARTURE SCAN
04/01/2008 0:40 ARRIVAL SCAN
NY, US 03/01/2008 23:20 DEPARTURE SCAN
03/01/2008 21:55 ORIGIN SCAN
03/01/2008 19:15 PICKUP SCAN


Party Etiquette

I have a question on etiquette:

New Years Eve, I was at a party. A couple attending the party brought several bottles of champagne. By the time they left the party, there was one bottle left. They kind of just grabbed it out of the fridge before leaving and took it home with them. Now, everyone still at the party said this was rude: you don't bring drinks to a party, and take back whatever is left over home with you. Do you agree, TQC? Was it rude for the couple to take back the champagne they brought?

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to those who own uggs:

Do you wear socks with them?

to those who own cars:

when it's reallyyyy cold out, does your car window freeze and not open? how do you get it to unstick (besides waiting for it to unfreeze)? 
puppy dog

computer keyboard repair

i thought it was perfectly safe to pop the keys off of this laptop (my girlfriends) because i know you can do it on other keyboards but when i put the keys back it was very clear i had fucked the keys up. its working obviously but just not well

will this keyboard ever be the same? its a dell inspiron 1720

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1)What country would you say has the hottest models/supermodels?
2)Could you do a pretty decent forgery of either of your parent's signatures?
3)Does the ice cream truck come by where you live? If so, what song does it play?

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Do you drink coffee?
How about espresso?
My boss thinks if everyone drank five shots of espresso daily, no one would be sick. What do you think?

This morning I drank six shots of espresso. I feel jacked for the rest of the weekend.

Does caffeine help you be productive?

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edit: I'm tired of the politicalness too, but does anyone know where I can get a transcript of any of last night's caucus speechs?  looking for obama, but others too.

 Has anything on TV offended you lately?

I just saw an ad for Celeb. Rehab with Dr. Drew.  Uhg.

My tummy hurts :(.  Should I have more burnt coffee, black tea, honey vanilla chai (just a tea bag), or peppermint (my mother's though) tea?

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Could you date someone with any of the following personal traits?

Glass eye. Not a quality one, either. It kind of looks like a marble
False teeth. Due to some injury when they were younger, they lost all their teeth and now sport some choppers
Tattooed over 75% of their body.
Were once committed to a mental institution for a year. Happened when they were 15, but they swear they're better now
Served time for manslaughter. Once killed a man in the heat of passion with a tire iron. But they're reformed now and could never do that again
Colonoscopy bag
Below-average intelligence. They're fun and cute, but let's face it, he or she's an idiot
Once slept with their sibling when they were 16. He or she realizes it was wrong now, but jokes that the bro or sis was good in bed
Has 3 kids. Never been married
Militant vegan. You have to be at least a vegetarian when you're with them
29 year old virgin
Has slept with over 100 people. Only 2 relationships in their life though
In the witness protection program. The mafia is out looking for him or her, but they'll never find him or her
Body odor. Something to do with diet or hormones, because bathing doesn't really make a huge difference


Does anyone have any tried and true snickerdoodle cookie recipes?

Could you please post the recipe if possible?

Are the certain cookies you always make around the holidays?

Desperate Housewives, anyone?

Poll #1115505 Desperate Housewives

Do you watch Desperate Housewives?


Which person do you identify with most?


What do you like most about your favorite character?

Would you say DH portrays some kind of realism, or is everything just way too exaggerated?

Somewhat real
Very exaggerated

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I went to the bank this morning to get the most recent gold Presidential coin release.
When I went to put it in the book we have, the book is missing!

TQC? where is the book?
Do you collect these coins also?
Do you collect the quarters?


Right now I have a 4.0MP digital camera. It seems most of the ones out now are all around 7-10 mega pixels... would I see a huge difference in the quality of the pictures with a 7+MP?

How many MP is your digital camera?
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I was away  for a week and was not able to check TQC.  Is it pathetic that I kind of missed all of you?

What do you think of smokers who say they are environmentalists, but litter the street with their cigarette butts?

It was recently noted that the song "Sweet Caroline" is about Caroline Kennedy.  It is also frequently used at sporting events (I know at least by the Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, and New York Rangers).  Why would this song be used for sporting events?

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Do you agree that "The loneliest people
were the ones who always spoke the truth"?

What was the worst lie you have ever told?
What was the best lie you have ever told?
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How would you suggest a person get into photography, but who doesn't want to spend a lot of money on a fancy camera for a hobby that I may (hopefully not) lose interest in?

Also, taking classes isn't feasible, my school doesn't offer photography (tech school...) and my schedule is to fuxxored to take a class at the community college.

girls » barbie
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sibling questions

1. if you're a sibling, are you the favorite or the hated one? why?

2. if you're an only child, is it because you were so perfect your parents didn't want to risk fucking it up, or because you were so awful they didn't want to risk making the same mistake?

3. are you keeping up with hostage brituation 08?

4. what are two tv pairings you'd like to see go from the tv screen to in real life?

5. nike shox: worth it, or overrated?
archer / pam.
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Wireless router question.

To anyone who knows anything about computers...

I have three computers in my house, one in the basement (which is the access point with the modem and router) and two upstairs. Lately one of the computers upstairs keeps disconnecting from our personal wireless network. The other one is fine, is constantly connected and there have been no problems. I can't figure out what's wrong with the other one. Sometimes it disconnects constantly for a period of time, and other times it's fine for days. It keeps telling me that the access point is too far away from the computer, but that can't be right, considering I have a computer RIGHT next to it that is connected. Plus, this only started happening a couple days ago.

Can anybody help, or have any idea what's going on?

It's driving me nuts and I'm terrible with computers.

happy monkey

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what was the last thing that you were excitedly anticipating?
i'm hopefully gonna get laid this evening. finally! its been a few months :( cross your fingers for me bbs! :| i've been all excited and bouncey about it.. lol. if this doesn't happen. i don't think i'll be able to survive.. i'll just shrivel up and die. seriously. :(

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Hello, TQC-ers!

Do you think you're always right, or at least almost always right? Or do you think that your opinion is just one amongst many, and "right" and "wrong" are just illusory social constructs?

Has anyone ever changed your mind about something you really believed in? How did they do it, if so?

Have you ever changed anyone's mind about something they really believed in? (And how did you do it, if so?)

Do you form opinions easily, or do you like to research things, or experience them directly, before forming a solid opinion?

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dear tqc,

why have my former professors not yet submitted LORs for my graduate school applications? i politely asked them to submit by jan 10. only 6 days away! ahhhh!

i know they still have 6 days, i'm just really anxious for the process to be over.

anyone else been through this process that can relate?


(no subject)

1)any book store pet peeves?

I hate that they always stock the most expensive paperback type instead of the cheaper ones, and that they don't have enough manga.

2)are you obsessed with any video games?

oddly, kirby squeak squad.
dead zone johnny & sarah

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Is it appropriate to contact a professor who has moved and is now teaching at a different school to ask them for a graduate school reference? I had multiple classes with them and they did not leave my school on bad terms. I have not had contact with them since graduation but she did mention that she was changing to this other school during the semester. I just don’t want to seem like a total creep emailing her out of the blue when I obviously had to search for her contact information. :/

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Do you recognize the small stuff? Would you notice if someone stole your peep hole? Please check to see if your pee hole is still intact. If not talk to your landlord.

I snatched all the peep holes from anyone that moved out (on my floor). New people moved in and somehow never noticed the difference. So I place pencils and other shit in the holes at night. No one notices anything? Are people that dense that they don’t notice obvious things that are right in their face?

btw I don't know why I do this shit. Maybe I am mad that our apartment complex let my apartment get to 110 degrees during the summer. O_o Maybe the online docs can prescribe me something...


(no subject)

1) So, this end of the world business... is it nigh? 

2) Will the rapture leave lots of free shit laying around?

3) Will the post-apocalypse have zombies? If it does, would you rather be one or fight them?
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India and the far east

Does anybody know anyone who has lived, worked, or studied over in India, Bangladesh, or the surrounding regions? If so, what kinds of things would you send over as a "care package" of sort?

I hear that chocolate is not good because it melts, and anything suspected of being food or of great value will be stolen and not delivered.

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I got new ink this morning and tried to put it in the printer. This is the first time I have ever done it, It seemed to be okay but when it prints all I'm getting is smudged black ink over the paper and very very faint cyan. I checked the software and it said everything was running fine. Ink was full etc.

Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong? Even just a guess to get me started!

Thanks :)

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So assuming this impeding zombie apocalypse happened today and the zombies were bearing down upon you ready to bust in your door,

what would your preferred zombie killing weapon or weapons of choice be?

It has to be something in your general vicinity so, unless you're working at a gun shop or an armory, no uzis or rocket-launchers.

I've got a broken broomstick, a pocket knife, a box-cutter and (after seeing Shoot Em' Up the other day) I better grab a couple of carrots from the fridge just to be safe.
chan marshall

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In your mind what is better?

Ps3 or xbox 360? i only ask cause they are so darn expensive here and the only games i want are the new gta when released and Ea Skate. i have been with the playstation family for a while now, and i am used to the controls. (my ps1 only died this year after getting it in primary school) however ps3's are more expensive here.

The median range for them is about 500-600 and xbox i think are just about 530 dollars. I have heard that xbox break a lot and it costs you to go online which is lame.

I am thinking playstation at the moment because of the free online service, and im used to the systems. However what has better graphics? what are your experiences?

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Hey you guys! I died!
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what plants would be ideal to plant in arid conditions so as to keep moisture in the ground?
i know that they exist but not what exactly these are, except for a certain type of cactus, but it takes 200 years to grow.

(this is not a homework question, by the way, i'm not in school. my boss was wondering this.)
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It seems that every female on the internet who is trying to conceive charts (temperature, length of cycle etc etc). 

Now, I understand the concept behind why you would do this, but I'm curious as to whether the average female does this or is this something that females who seem to be having trouble conceiving do? If there was no medical reason to chart, wouldn't this take away some of the surprise/spontenaity of trying to conceive?

I ask because if I ever decide to have a kid, I couldn't see myself doing this (mostly I'm lazy, but I also because whenever I think of it I imagine some crazed female with blood shot eyes and unruly hair grabbing her partner and going "IMPREGNATE ME NOOOOOOOOOOOW, you fool!", which seems like it would be rather unappealing). 
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(no subject)

What kind of foods do you like dipped in chocolate?

I got some awesome chocolate from work that tastes amazing melted and I can't think of things to eat with it. I don't like strawberries so I can't do that and the only other thing I could think of is graham crackers.
Got Rat

(no subject)

I'm drawing a picture to portray the word 'soar'.
I specialize in cute monsters, but I have no good ideas as to how to incorporate the word soar, other than to draw something flying.
-Which is a little boring and no doubt what everyone else will be drawing.

Any imaginative ideas? My brain is asleep today (says Brain Academy), but it was my New Year's Resolution to draw something every Friday regardless.
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Part 3 of my half.com saga

So, TQC, the seller of my textbook that I ordered almost 3 weeks ago finally shipped my book! She did everything right, shipped it overnight and e-mailed me a tracking number and a copy of the receipt. Problem? She put the correct address, but NO APARTMENT NUMBER!

I called the office and they said that generally mail addressed like that gets sent to them, and they'd be on the outlook for it. But, I'm worried. Will a mistake like that cause the USPS to return the mail to sender?

(no subject)

What foods do you refuse to eat?

If you are at a restaurant and ask something to be left out of a dish, and it arrives with said item in the dish, do you send it back or just pick the offending ingredient out?

(no subject)

TMI time! Every time I eat no matter how little my stomach hurts like hell and if I go a long time without eating I get shaky and tired. What would be a good thing to do to not make me feel so horrible while waiting for a doctor's apointment?

What are you taking for your spring semester? Which classes are you looking forward to? Which ones make you want to kick and scream going into the classroom?

Can you think of any bands whose style resembles Matter Mortems?

Anyone else disapointed that Zune doesn't have every album available from some artists? Some of the best stuff is on the unavailable albums. Can you download songs from other programs onto a Zune?

Could you show me some funny yet child friendly Youtube videos? So far I've exhausted all the lol cat videos and am looking for some more things that are safe for a 5-11 year old to see.

(no subject)

I adopted one female cat, about three years old in June (Tessa). Last month, I adopted another female cat, about a year and three months (Kiera). She had a broken clavicle and needed a permanent home. Of course, I'm a complete softie, so I took her home. At first meeting, Tess and Kiera went right up to each other and sniffed little kitty noses. It was very exciting....until they hissed. They basically ignored each other for the better part of an hour.

Now that they're both here, they can't be in the same room with each other unless they're eating. They're slowly getting better but they still hiss and stare, and Tessa chases Kiera into corners and under furniture. Kiera fights back and comes out of her hiding spots more quickly now, so I know she's becoming more comfortable. So, after all that, my questions are:

Has anyone been in this sort of situation before? What did you do?

Any helpful tips for teaching them to get along?

I'm taking them both to the vet soon and I plan on asking these and more questions, but I thought I'd ask the experts at TQC in the meantime.
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(no subject)

What smell/scent do you find most appealing/attractive?

Serious or non-serious answers welcome!

MINE: I love it when guys smell like a minty-lemon and soap, or of juniper. :D

And fresh cut grass is my favorite smell in the world, I'd have to say that's the most appealing while the ones above are the most attractive.

(no subject)

1. My new job actually allows people to use the internets. Should I make an LJ specifically for work? I don't want them to Google my current username and find old discussions about butt plugs or whatever. Plz advise.

2. Why is it so hard for the surly teens at fast food places to get an order right? I could see if it was very complicated, but stuff like 'no onions' should be doable. And yet...

(no subject)

1. When you go to a movie theater, do you ever switch theaters? Buy a ticket for one movie and see another one instead? Or start in one screen, decide you don't like it, and move to a different one? Or watch one, then watch another one without buying another ticket?

2. Where do fish go in winter? What about frogs?

3. Ever get mad at your mom and step on a lot of cracks on purpose?

4. Would you have Tim Curry's baby? (Guys: Would you agree to be Margaret Cho's baby-daddy?)

5. Cantankerous much?

6. What's your answer to a question that nobody asked? (Extra points if the answer reveals something interesting without revealing the underlying question.)

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Right now I have a pair of ASICS Cumulus 8s, and I'm wondering if they're better for pavement or trails. I was also wondering what a good shoe for both terrains are, as I'm planning on getting new shoes soon.

Lastly, I was also wondering if you guys know of any good exercises that focus on running. I go to the gym 3 days a week, doing stength training, but if there's any specific exercise(s) that can help with my runs. I've been doing various leg exercises (squats, dead lift, cling, etc...) for 6 months now, and the hill (45-55 degrees, 50 meters long? maybe that's enough to merit a burn regardless of my exercise? heh) outside my house still burns my quads like crazy everytime I run it.


Cute kitten & bear by fiona_adam
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(no subject)

What is the last thing that shocked you?
my best friend announcing that she's pregnant. it was shocking because she's not in a relationship. it's kind of like a knocked up scenario, only the guy looks nothing like seth rogen.

How much do you have in your checking account?
a million dollars! just kidding, i wish. last time i checked it was $430 but i've been using my bank card for small purchases so who knows now.
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(no subject)

1. I know if you purchase a digital camera from Best Buy, you can spend like $50 extra and get insurance on it. Does anyone know if they provide insurance in general? I got a new digital camera for Christmas and I can't afford to break another one, but I don't think they got it from Best Buy.

2. This one guy I knew was telling me how his parents had bought this "tracker" system for his electronics such as his iPod, digital camera, cell phone, etc. It's like this little sticker like thing he attaches to his stuff and if he ever loses it or someone steals it they can track it down. Does anyone know what this is or can give me more information on it?

Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

What should I order at Polcari's tonight? Pick out something meatless for me!
What would YOU get there?

Do you know of any online stores that sell non-traditional or interesting cold weather coats? such as wool coats with skull buttons, or things of that nature

Why do I always get hired at a new job right when they're changing all of their procedures around?
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(no subject)

If you work somewhere that limits you to a set amount of absences a year without penalty, did you notice a jump in people skipping work this week?

I know I did.

Edit: Does it make me a hypocrite that I scheduled for next Monday off and got it?

(no subject)

when you're craving fast food of some sort, what is it that you're most likely craving?

edit: victory! i'm getting my mcnuggets & sweet and sour sauce now! and is it just me or does mcdonald's diet coke taste SO MUCH BETTER than diet coke in a can/bottle?

(no subject)

Do you get tired after laughing really hard for a long time?

What web sites do you go to everyday?

Do you wash different loads of clothes in the same or different temperatures? 

How do you handle a bloody nose? Do you freak out when you get one? 

What are your plans tonight?

Concerning Cars

Would you consider a 98 SUV with 170K miles to have too many miles?
Would it make a difference if it was being sold for 3500?
Kelly Blue Book value is for over $5500, considering it's a 4-door GMC Jimmy, with 4-wheel drive.

Getting gesso and acrylic paint out of clothes

So we were prepping canvases in art class today, which is at the beginning of the school day, and I didn't realize that I had gesso on my sleeve until my last class. I really like this shirt! It's red, 92% cotton, 6% nylon, 2% lycra, I imagine that'll matter.

I also have another similar shirt, only it's gray, and I got acrylic paint on it a while ago. If you have any tips for that, that'd be great too.

- What can I do to get gesso and acrylic paint out of my shirts?
- Can you point me towards any good communities to ask these kinds of questions at in the future?
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(no subject)

Do you live near the ocean?
How often do you go to the beach to go swimming?
Where are the world's best beaches?

Have you ever noticed how in current affairs programs whenever someone is 'getting over something' or are 'moving on' they always walk along the beach?

(no subject)

Are you addicted to texting?
-Most texts in one day?
-Does it run up your bill?
-T9word option confuse the hell out of you?
--If not, wanna link me an explaination?

What're you listening to?
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(no subject)

I bought a used camera today and found film in it. I may have ruined it.
Should I take it in to get developed?

I am worried there are illegal things happening in the pictures and I don't want to get arrested.
But at the same time I am really curious.

ETA Okay I am going!! I will
post the results in approximately one hour if
1. I don't go to jail for murderous photos and
2. there is any worthy pictures

ETA2 I took it to Walgreens and they said "sorry we can't process it because it doesn't say it's the type of film our chemicals can process." I am taking it maybe to Wolf Camera on tomorrow or Monday.

ETA3: I called Wolf Camera and they said they only process CF41 films.  I am not sure what that means, but I think it has to do with the chemicals. Also my film canister says "DCF ISO 100-24" and has Japanese characters on it which I cannot read.

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 I am naturally really thin.  I get a lot of people (mostly frengers, not quite friends but not quite strangers) who come up to me saying things like "omg you're way skinny" and "lololol anorexic," but they don't say it playfully, they say it with a mean tone.

Does this happen to you?  What do you say in repsonse?  I usually just ignore it, and the one time I asked one person in particular to stop I got "Omg you take everything so seriously blah blah blah" and he ran away like a diva.  Would saying "Shut the fuck up you jealous fat ass" be acceptable next time?
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So I'm looking for boots, about mid-calf, black, size 12 (US) and be able to stand a good amount of snow (I'm in Worcester, Massachusetts) I would prefer them to be black and not look like ski boots, as these will double for a costume for Anime Boston.

Any ideas on where I can get some? Online preferred (it's just easier) but a physical store can't hurt.

Example Of what I want, but only a bit cheaper, if possible. (Would these tolerate snow?)
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(no subject)

1. would you believe someone who said they called you and left you a voicemail when your phone didn't ring and you never recieved the voicemail? is it possible that the voicemail is just lost in space or something?

2. when was the last time you got cancelled on? what happened?

i got cancelled on tonight. the guy i'm dating said he called and left a voicemail, which i have yet to receive, that he has to watch his nieces tonight. this information i got in a text message. i don't know if i believe him or not and it upsets me.

(no subject)

1.) I made a really good tasting cocktail with Diet 7-up, Smirnoff Strawberry Vodka and fresh lime. MMMMM :D

What's the best alcoholic drink you've had lately?

2.) What's the last thing you ate?

(no subject)

Poll #1115916 This or that

Puppies or kittens?


Burqa/burkha or birthday suit?

Birthday suit

Chocolate milkshake or vanilla milkshake?


A bee in your car or a spider in your purse?


Goths or hippies?


Chelsea Cliniton or Jenna Bush?


Wedgie or wet willy?

Wet willy

A really good orgasm or finding a $10 in the street?


Mariah Carey's Glitter or Jennifer Lopez' Gigli?


Crowdsurfing wearing only a toga or completely losing your bottom (trunks or bikini) at the beach?


(no subject)

My boyfriend is returning to the country from being in the Galapagos on Monday. They have a short layover in Miami before flying onto Boston. So is he going to have to do customs in Miami?

Okay thats answered.

Who is your favorite tv show teen? past or present

(no subject)

For poetry readers:

What is your favorite love poem? Poet and title please.

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I'm with child.

Yes...for fawks sakes its true.
I went to the Doc today and I am almost 2 months pregnant,
That means to more mojitos for breakfast:(
Part of me is excited, part is scared to death!
I am so tired and sick!!!!! I've had pad thai twice today, my boobs are AWESOME, but my belly is so swollen I can't button my jeans!!!!!
TQC...you are the first to know this.
How should I feel about telling my TQC family about me being preggers before my SO or my family?
*I really want a shot and a big plate of nachos*

No more mojitos.
NOT to more mojitos.
Sorry, contacts are out.

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After a little tourism on google, I discovered that of course, there was no need for female hair removal in the Victorian ages, as the fashion was to cover up.
However, that then means that scenes of a sexual nature in films/tv etc of this period and previously all have hideous inaccuracies in the form of hairy women.
I get that yes, it's natural and that there's always glaring mistakes in films, but isn't that quite a big one to make?
Had you ever thought about this subject before?
What do you think about it?

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1.) My sister is counting calories so she can lose weight.

She has eaten two 100 calorie packs of popcorn.
She has about 300 calories left to eat and the only thing that sounds good to her is popcorn.

Im asking for her: Should she eat more popcorn even though she has already had two? Or should she eat something else, something with more nutritional value?


She has eaten plenty, she just wants to eat enough... she has 300 calories LEFT.

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Am I the only person who has spent the majority of this week watching America's Next Top Model on VH1?
Do you wish they would stop playing it so you could stop wasting your life?
Are there any shows you watch reruns of, even if you've seen them (more than once)?

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1. Is it raining where you are? (yes)
2. I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow. How short should I get it cut? Pictures would be nice.
3. Has anybody seen Juno? How was it? Is it a good date movie?
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My mother just described a movie to me where she can't remember the name. There was a plane that got off course and crashed in the desert, and the people had thought it was the ocean however. For some reason they're ghosts were trapped near the plane, and then some army guys came and as they figure out what happen, each time they find a body, a ghost disappears. She swears it was a black and white. Possibly 1040's era or something.

Does anyone know what movie this is? Or have an idea what she is talking about?

The way she was describing it made it very interesting to me to want to see.9

 it was "Sole Survivor". yay! thanks wildcat_daisy
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Can somebody please help me find a list of the various changes in Super Smash Brothers Melee when you change the language setting to Japanese? I know there are differences (a few character names change, certain phrases are different, etc.), but I'd like to see a whole list, if there is one. My Google-fu is failing me.

Got it!

What are you doing tonight?
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1. Have you ever played Skullmonkeys?

2. I'm applying for a job at the Quiznos/Popeyes/Del Taco joint that's opening up soon. The job application has a question and it says "Which is most important (choose only one) Cleanliness, Service or Food Quality?" How would you answer this question TQC?

3. Are there a lot of jobs in your town?

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I am going round a friends house tomorrow night and have been informed that the film of choice is to be 28 weeks later.

Please tell me how scary you think this film is?

I don't do too well with certain horror/scary and for an idea of my wussyness, here is the kind of thing i find scary : Psychological and jumpy. I prefer to see gore and bad things rather than the implication of those things happening if that makes sense

Thanks =)

Oh and also do you like Bananas? i do because they are full of bananery goodness om nom nom
regina [lupinskitty]

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TQC, where can I buy colored tights?

I need winter tights to wear with a few skirts and all I can find in the stores are black and dark brown. But I see people wearing cute tights all the time. Where am I not looking?

(On-line is great, but only if they deliver to/in the UK)

concious decisions vs mental autopilot

I have situations where I conciously think through a decision between A and B. After some thinking - often involving an actual reasoning process not just tuning into my whim of the moment - I deciede A is the right decision. Then when it comes time to act on that decision mere minutes or even seconds later, I do B. I don't mean I second guess myself in these situations (at least not conciously), I just do it the other way. And then I'm left going "WTF? Why did I just do the thing I just conciously decieded not to do?"

It can be anything from where I'm going to lunch, whether I'm turning at the next light, or which card to play next in Magic: The Gathering.

Does that make sense? How do I get myself not to do stupid crap like that?!
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You have been selected as part of an elite group of people to go on a mission into space to better understand the planet Jupiter. The team consists of you and three other people--two men and one woman. The woman was brought along because The Space and Robotics Agency was attacked by various women's rights groups, saying they would all protest this expedition if there wasn't at least one woman on board. The Agency, not wanting to stir up any more bad press since their recent catastrophe ("THOUSANDS MURDERED AS ROBOTS KILL A WAL-MART") decided to quickly cover up the situation, brought aboard a woman who specializes in various aspects of space travel.

During the course of the journey, you discover that one man has severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder after realizing that he hasn't left his seat--or even done anything other than flipped one completely harmless switch a number of times that is divisible by three every 3.5 minutes. The other man has a severe case of Germophobia that manifested shortly after the woman attempted to flush the plumbing system out into space, but it backfired and managed to spray all over the fellow--he later spent the next three hours sitting in what would be considered the shower, crying in a language you don't understand. The woman, while not mentally unstable, is attractive--especially considering that, at this point in the mission, you have not seen a woman for the past five months.


Do you:
1 - Have sex with the woman while the two men are being completely neurotic?
2 - Go about, business as usual, attempting to do your best in the mission while everyone is busy washing their hands?
3 - Attempt to conquer space?
4 - Have sex with one of the men? If so, which?
5 - Bend time and space so that you already controlled space?
6 - Do cocaine off of a prostitute?
7 - Force me off of chat because it's obvious that all of my questions are created by them as I have no mind of my own?
8 - Fuck with the guy who has OCD?
9 - Fuck with the guy who has Germophobia?

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My boyfriend's computer just got reformatted/wiped, and now he is having audio/video playback issues. Everytime he tries to play a song on itunes, it won't play. It's there, but it won't work. How can he remedy this?

ETA: He is running a windows machine on Windows XP, I believe.

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1)  When I'm older, I want to be able to talk about my life by saying: "you name it, I've done it" [except all the bad things like murder, lol]. Anyone else have this attitude?

2) Anyone else like the look of Noel Fielding of "The MIghty Boosh" fame? I've only recently been introduced to the programme and "phrrrrrrrrrrrrrroar" is about all I can say about him!

3) Long hair on men, yay or nay? I absolutely love it...

4) Is Alaska as good as its cracked up to be?

I live under a rock

I got the chance to play DDR and Guitar Hero on New Year's Eve. Now, I want the games so I can play them all the time.

Question is... what video game system do I need to buy in order to play it?
I only have the first Nintendo and the first Playstation. Like, the first ever... from the 80's and 90's. I'm totally outdated.

And, how much do you think I'll have to spend on the new system and game?

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loldongs18 (11:03:53 PM): your friends only posts have been stolen: anthill626.on.nimp.org/?u=bantown
I got this message on AIM right have I posted an entry.

does anyone know the story behind this scam?

I don't have any friends-only post and guess this is a Trojan-Horse virus
who can I report this to?

I'll assume this goes with out saying but DON'T follow that link.

edit: the SN responded.
TheVisualsParty (11:04:51 PM): spambot?
loldongs18 (11:18:20 PM): bye
loldongs18 (11:18:26 PM): if people you don't know IM you
loldongs18 (11:18:33 PM): don't click anything
TheVisualsParty (11:18:37 PM): I didn't
TheVisualsParty (11:18:45 PM): but thanks for the advice
TheVisualsParty (11:19:36 PM): so what's the story behind this?

More info can be found at:
thanks to google and masterfiremaam

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What is the strangest/most disgusting mix of foods you have tried or known someone who has tried? (or maybe you like something very peculiar? Tell me please!)

My best friend at school used to love sandwiches with banana. And mayonnaise. Urgh. Also, my Mum apparently used to really enjoy bread and sugar. WTF!?