January 3rd, 2008


Digital camera

So, my old camera is kind of falling apart (physically, it still works when I tape all the pieces together) and I'm thinking it would be more economical to get a new one. It's been a while since I bought mine, so I have no idea what to look for in terms of specifications. I like the one I have now and have made prints, but would like them to be a better quality since I'm making the change. (It's 5MP, 3x optical zoom and the prints are usually 4x6 and a bit grainy.)

I've read that if you ever plan to get prints made, you have to get at least 7MP. But I have no idea about the zoom. Any advice? I'd prefer not to spend more than $300 max (and repairs on my current one would cost $150, so I'm definitely willing to spend at least that much).

EDIT: Thanks, everyone, for the recommendations! Does anyone have any specific advice about zoom?
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after sex

What do you like to do after sex?

For the sake of simplicity, exclude answers of "I don't get laid" and "The sex was awful this one time and I just ran away screaming." After average, decent sex, what's the next thing you want to do?

- go to sleep
- cuddle
- talk about the sex
- talk about other things
- go make some scrambled eggs
- pee
- shower
- check on the kids
- drink water

or any combination of the above, or something else?


alrightttt, soo, after watching hostel and hostel: part two, i thought the people who were paying large amounts of money to torture/kill people were kind of ridiculous. my question is, if you were a full blown "super" sadist with money to spend like there was no tomorrow, would you buy people and kill em?

alsooo, what was your favorite scene from hostel/hostel: part 2

Animie question >.

Hi, uh I have a question about anime and maybe someone can help me... I watched Ouran Host Club recently and really loved it but apart from that I've never watched animie, do you any series that might be fun to start off with? Preferabley something quite short? Thanks >.< 

***** Ooh and a great bonus would be something with a fairly active fandom. So I can do teh ficz. Thanks <3

macro - procrastination cat

(no subject)

Do you ever hallucinate without the aid of drugs? (Acid flashbacks don't count)

Do you know all the words to "We Didn't Start the Fire"?

Do you get all/most/some/a few of the references?

Most shocking episode of South Park in your opinion?

Writers Assistants

A couple of questions about Writer's Assistants if any of you know..

1. How much money do they make? (estimate)

2. How exactly does one get hired to be a Writer's Assistant? (Regular Job ads? WGA?)

3. Does the job contain any part of writing for the project or does it just entitle secretarial work?

4. Were any of you a Writer's Assistant before?

Most unusual question of the day

You wake up one day in your home. You find yourself trapped inside a Spongebob Squarepants costume. Within your suit, your hands have been sheathed inside your pants' pockets, and your wrists duct-taped to your torso, rendering your arms uselessly ensnared. Plus, there's a ball-gag in your mouth. There you are, unable to move your arms or talk, and you're confined within the costume of a water-retentive character. You think about getting someone to help you, but then you remember that all of your close family and friends are out of town for a week, coincidentally, for various separate reasons. What crummy odds. You think about it. Even if you got out of your home, you'd have problems explaining to anyone on the street that you're trapped inside the suit, and not just a weird entertainment-park worker fucking with them.

Q: Without jacking other people's answers or getting on the IAWTC bandwagon, tell me what you'd do to either get yourself out of your home (without any hands) or freeing yourself, and if you could do it before you piss yourself or starve to death, thus leaving behind a soiled, deranged, corpse. How do you help yourself?
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(no subject)

Do you have an MP3 player?

What kind?

Why did you choose that one?

What do you think of it?

What do you think of other MP3 players on the market?

(I bought a Zune today! I'm optimistic, but I'm still loading music onto it, so I don't know what I think of it yet.)
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Moulin Rouge.

So, I'm going to Paris next year on Contiki and as an optional extra I can go to the Moulin Rouge for one night.
The one thing holding me back is the 150 Euro price tag.

Should I go to the Moulin Rouge or save that money for something else?

need help, dear tqc

i am posting here for the first time.. hoping to get a few answers :)
what would you recommend as a 'project-proposal' to a punk -apparel manufacturing and retailing company?
the target customers are punks, heavy metal patrons etc.

my project proposal= suggested undertaking of a no. of tasks for a fore-stated goal for a limited period of time. the goal of the proposal should be of high interest to the company.

any help would be greatly appreciated :)

pushing off

(no subject)

So, my boyfriend of the past year and half broke up with me tonight because he hasn't loved or even liked me the past five months. You guys always have the funniest links, so could you cheer me up by sending some my way?

EDIT: Distractions? I need some for in the morning when I try to call/text him.

some advise please

My boyfriend broke up with me. Now this might sound silly, and I know I'm going to get those comments of "get over it" thing since we were only going out for 5 months, but can anyone give me ideas of stuff to do to help me get over it? Heads up, this was my first boyfriend. Much appriciated.


Florida public transportation

Soo...how hard is it to get around by bus in Orlando? And is there a good website for this (similar to MTA's for Los Angeles)? I'm going to be there for four days, mostly checkin' out Disney World, maybe Universal and some other local fun, and I'd really like to avoid renting a car or spending a fortune on taxis.

(no subject)

Inspired by a post I saw in another community...

Do you think it's wrong for a parent to tell their child that if they get a certain score on an exam or on their report card, that they will get a gift?

Does it make a difference if the parents have the money for that sort of thing?

Would you label this as "incentive" or "bribery?"
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(no subject)

1. do you know anyone who has (or have you) actually, legitimately recovered from an eating disorder? can you tell me anything about them/it?

2. do you find it hard to drive in heels?

3. what was the last thing you bought?

HATE SEX: banging those you hate.

For those attracted to males. [I am njyoder, in case you didn't already know.]

EDIT: This post is totally sirius radio, please answer accordingly.

If you met me in real life and I was nice and sexually submissive (which I am IRL), would you seriously consider having sex with me at some point?

Have you imagined/considered having sex with someone you dislike online if you were to meet them IRL?

I have an inkling that many of those who dislike would actually do me for that reason, especially after seeing my real life personality. Also, I'm too awesome to resist.
i say, old bean

(no subject)

TQC why did I have to wake up so damn early this morning?

did you wake up early this morning?

if you stole a pen from a bank then would it still be considered a bank robbery?

has anything interesting happened so far today?

(no subject)

What is something you ate in a pinch because you were SO hungry?

What is the temperature where you are at?

Can you hold your pee or when it's time to go,  IT"S TIME TO GO?

Gag reflex: Weak or strong?

When was the last time you had your picture taken?

The Receptionist Classic

(no subject)

A couple starts dating after being friends/knowing each other for a couple of years. Which pairing is the least squicky*?
A) She is 32 and he is 18.
B) He is 32 and she is 18.

*squicky = weird, uncomfortable, icky, WTF-y, etc.

Also... Why do people have aversions to answering the question that is asked?

family dramaz


So my cousin and I got into a huge fight on new years eve (long story) and she has my SO's computer at her apartment. He really wants/needs it back but she will not let him take it back. We never gave it to her or told her she could have it, when he took it over to her, he told her "You can BORROW this computer untill you can afford to buy one of your own, but im not GIVING it to you." Now she is being a big fat baby and wont give it back. She even turned on the white trash act and yelled in my boyfriends face "you are not getting that computer back! You can take me to judge judy but I will never give it back! TAKE ME TO JUDGE JUDY!!!"

We don't want to go over to her apartment alone and confront her because we know we wont get anything out of it because she is a jerk-face. 

So my question is, should we call the cops and ask if they can recover the computer?

Do we have to have proof that it is our computer? (The actual computer was a gift to us from my grandmother because she got a new computer, but my boyfriend spent a couple hundred buck to rebuilt it and put all new guts inside.)

have you dealt with any family drama latly? what happened?
death from above!

(no subject)

  What's a gimmick that never fails to capture your attention, even when it's used with things that you normally wouldn't care about?  (Please excuse the awkward wording--I'm sleep-deprived)

I go nuts for countdowns.  I don't care if it's worst animal attacks, best celebrity fashions, or the five biggest balls of twine in the world--I HAVE TO watch/read it.
EDIT:  Will you share a dream you've had?

(no subject)

1)What are some problems you've created for yourself?
2)If you've confessed to having a crush on someone, what was their reaction?
3)If you were a guy and you were asleep and your wife came in and started cutting off your penis with a knife, do you think you could wake up and stop her before she cut it off completely?
4)Have you ever sung in a choir? Where? How old were you?
Give a dog a home

(no subject)

1) So, can someone explain to me what is so great about Ron Paul and Huckabee? Cuz I heard they are both batshit, but now I'm hearing that Huckabee is probably going to win in Iowa.

2) I participated in a Secret Santa for a dog community I'm active in. Everyone was supposed to send their gifts out by December 16th, I think it was. When you get them, most people take pictures and post them to the community of their dog enjoying their gift. I haven't gotten a gift. Would it be inappropriate to make a post to the community to see if anyone else hasn't, and offer to arrange another SS for those of us who didn't get something? I understand that shit happens and life gets in the way and hopefully the person just wasn't all "Fuck this."

3) What was the last thing you screwed up?

(no subject)

So, instead of paging Dr. Eljay, I'm actually going and getting a physical tomorrow. Basically I'm going in for some dizziness, ear issues, and neck pain, but the doctor said it was time for a full physical. I hate going to the doctor, and this will probably be the last appointment for awhile. So...

1. What other tests and things should I ask for while I'm there? Serious and leg-pulling answers will be weighted equally. 

2. Are you in need of a massive holiday after the holidays?

3. Considering both of them in their prime, who would win in a fight: Abe Lincoln or William Shatner?

4. Same as above, Unicorn or Harpy?

5. Which Tag Team wins: Lincoln & a Unicorn or Shatner & a Harpy?

6. What's the one thing you always make sure to pack in your carry-on for a long flight?
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Does anyone else have the problem of DRUNKFACE? After reviewing all of the photos from New Year's Eve, my group of friends came to the conclusion that I am the best one for drunkface, I can't just smile and take a normal picture. Most of the time my eyes are half open and I'm making weird faces, and you can tell I've had too much gin.

Collapse )

show me your drunkface!

House Hunting


1) How many homes did you look at before you found the one you eventually bought?

2) How long was it between finding the home and moving in?

3) Did you use a realtor? Why/why not?

banning users in your journal

can you ban someone based on a string in the username they always use by using a wildcard?

for example, I have a troll that uses the phrase 'dumbass' in their LJ handle. Can i do something like "ban_user *dumbass*" or "ban_user %dumbass%" if they use use the lj names 'IMADUMBASS' or 'HITHEREDUMASS'?

anyone know?

Miroku Turn

(no subject)

So my friend's getting married in Oct. and has asked me to be her maid of honor. She'll be 20, but it still bothers me and I'm not sure why. I think I have problems with the idea of growing up. When did your friends start getting married, and did it make you feel weird?

Provided everything works out well, I should be able to get an associate's degree just before I turn 19, thanks to the amount of dual credit classes I've been taking while still in high school. I've heard that being in college for a year with really good grades means that if you want to go to a different school, they won't give a shit about your high school grades. Is this true? How many of you have transferred from a community or branch college to a larger campus? How was that experience?

Do you think a B+ is the same as an A-?

My friend won't stop joking with me about his sexual fetish and it makes me uncomfortable. Should I kick him in the nuts?

Do you like to ride bikes? Do you think bikes are a good means of transportation? Do you wear a helmet? Should I wear a helmet? I'm worried I'll fall off and someone will drive over my head and it'll pop or squish like a pumpkin.
Space Pope

(no subject)

Which do you think should happen first: Black President, Woman President, Hispanic President, Asian President, Gay President, Lemur President, or Other: ____________?

What makes your country's government the best government in the world?

(no subject)

If you are Caucasian and live in Johannesburg, SA, but later emigrate to the US, can you declare yourself as an African-American on government forms? If not, do you think this is fair?

(no subject)

1.) how cold is it where you are? i'm in northeast fl & it's around 30. it feels like a fucking tundra since it's been in the low 70s up until recently. not to mention my blood's thinning out like crazy.

2.) how much do cigarettes cost in your area? i only smoke camel special lights 100's & they cost me $2.80. did you also know that smoking cigarettes lowers your body temperature?

3.) important: i got a new ipod nano & on some songs i've uploaded onto it, it plays for like twenty seconds then cuts off. why is it doing this, tqc? the files play fine on itunes/limewire.

a semi-serious question...

How do I "exorcise" a disturbing image from my mind? Let me explain a little, if you will indulge me. A few weeks ago, I was browsing the web, and without realizing the reprecussions, I happened upon a rather disturbing YouTube video, regarding a person's pet python and its prey. I won't go into detail (I'd prefer not to) and before someone states the obvious, I know pythons eat smaller animals and I know they require food just like every other living creature. Yet, I hate to see any animal in pain, even if its for the sake of another animal's meal. I think a lot of you will understand.

Unfortunately, this video immediately stuck in my mind and it connected itself to a very pleasant memory from my senior year of college, an encounter with the same animal that I saw being prey to the snake. Essentially the memory of the YouTube video now interferes with the pleasant and rather beautiful memory from 1998-1999. I don't know how to rid it, and it's like the "Don't think about an elephant" sentence, when you think about not thinking about it, you're thinking about it. It's not bothering me every hour of every day or anything like that, but it does jump into my mind once in a while, and I have to shake it.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts people might have as to this question.
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tqc, plz help me

one of my really good friends is leaving work in two days time. he has been really awesome to me, and i want to make him a mix cd, because we're mix cd addicts.
can anyone give me some suggestions of songs? (preferably along the lines of OMG I AM GOING TO DIE WITHOUT YOU).
I have two songs so far.
Broken Social Scene- I'm Still Your Fag
Fall Out Boy- Thnks Fr Th Mmrs (this one is entirely a joke, we hate on the fob)

I need this to be perfect!

How is your family dysfunctional?

I was just thinking about how my mom uses to badger the doctor and myself about being ten pounds overweight (age 9). She made a huge deal out of something that would eventually not be a ‘problem.’

My aunt’s shitty comments echo in my head too. Three years later I still think about it.

Aunt: These stocking would fit you better. Your thighs are bigger then mine.
Me: (Doesn’t see a difference in size) they say one size fits all…if they don’t fit you what makes you think they will fit me?
Aunt: Your thighs are bigger then mine.
Me: (O my god) Okay. (tries on stockings) They fall off me too.
Aunt: No your thighs are still bigger then mine.
Me: (What the fuck is wrong with her?!) Okay titi.
Aunt: My waist is tinnier too.

The woman always makes these kinds of comments. What the hell is wrong with my family?

How is your family fucked up dysfunctional?
Don’t say they are perfect because that is a load of horse shit. If you are perfect it is because no one talks to each other about anything.

I really should have thought out my question before I post it. I sound rather rude and like I am imposing an opinion on others. I didn't mean to come out that way.

Once upon a time...

What is your favorite picture book or children's story?
Title and author, please.

It can be something you've treasured since childhood, or one you've come to appreciate since adulthood. :)

ETA: What is your favorite children's song?

Two hypotheticals...

1. You're a guy. You're in the military. You're single. You're going to be deployed in a few months. Do you get involved in a new, long-term, committed relationship before you ship out?

2. You've been working for a company for less than six months. The job is okay, pay is somewhat decent. Not enough to make ends meet, but if you work an extra job, it's plenty. You have a coworker who sits two feet from you. Coworker is crazy.** Your boss (and others) wonder if she truly has some mental problems. You've gone to your boss, your boss's boss, and a few others countless times about this woman and her blatant lying and rule-breaking. For some dumb reason, they won't fire her OR discipline her. You don't know why. Your boss's boss has told you (not outright, but hinted around about it) NOT to quit and has even asked you if you plan to quit. You lie and say no. You are now going to meet with Human Resources about this issue as a last resort.

If the meeting with HR doesn't go well and they STILL don't fire your crazy coworker - do you start job-hunting and leave? Or stick it out and hope and pray that they eventually fire her?

** Trust me, the woman is nuts. I won't even begin to tell the stories I have about this woman. But not only does she NOT have any fucking common courtesy, but we've had 2-3 meetings about our process and protocol here and she STILL fucks it up. And then either lies about it OR makes up some lame excuse about why she did it. Boss is obviously aware of the problem. Everyone who should be aware of the problem is. But nothing at all is being done about this. Coming into work now is making me absolutely miserable which SUCKS because otherwise, I love my job...

Edit: Moving away from her or to a different office is NOT an option because there is NO extra space in our building whatsoever. And the nature of our work calls for us to sit near one another.
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(no subject)

1)do you have any sensitivities to food, fragences,etc?

I can't have much caffeine or else.

2)what apples do you prefer?

I like the red ones..

3)what practical christmas gifts did you get?

gloves, a scarf, undies, a pair of socks.
Sissy Fight

Apartment Living

1. How old were you when you moved into your first apartment alone? ( This does not include Dorm Room, or living off Campus with Roomates. )

2.  Were you scared / nervous / excited?

3. Was it a nice place? Or a dumpier apartment?

4. Did you bring pets with you, or get pets while you lived there?

(no subject)

Is anybody else having trouble getting their post/comment replies e-mailed to them?

Ever since Sunday I've only had about half of the replies I've got to my posts or comments e-mailed to me. They aren't in my bulk mail folder either so I guess lj just isn't sending them for some reason. What up with that?

edit: I use Yahoo Mail and before Sunday I've never had a problem with getting my replies e-mailed to me.

(no subject)

1. Why is my cat crying at me? Better yet, why is he in my window/blinds? (oh my god cat, splitting headache. I love you but stfu.)

2. Yesterday I picked my friend up from work. I used to work there as well, over the summer. The "assistant manager" (she's a crap-talking 17 year old) told the manager (who fires people over myspace) that my friend was stealing and that I was in the store. He said I wasn't supposed to be in the store anymore. I was not fired--I quit because of school starting up again. On what grounds can he say I'm not allowed in there anymore? I could understand if I'd been fired or caused a lot of problems, but... I wasn't and didn't. The fuck?

(no subject)

I'm moving into my first own apartment soon. The apartment I live in now I've lived at for 3 years and I've never called it home because it's never felt like that. Probably because I didn't want to be in the relationship I was in and a million other reasons. I don't want it to be like that in my new apartment though.

What things can I do to make it feel like home (if that makes any sense)?
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Bruins - shadow

Crest witestrips

Anyone that had used Crest Whitestrips:
I just finished my first application and there is still lots of goo on my teeth. Am I supposed to leave it there? I kinda want to eat lunch :(

To everyone:
How often do you get take out?
Does getting take out a lot make you sick of it, or crave it more?

Ive gotten take out a million times in the past 2 weeks because of the holidays and going out and birthdays etc etc.. and I want to order a sub for lunch so baaaddd. :(

(no subject)

In your opinion, do long distance relationships work? Or rather, can they work? How would YOU make a long distance relationship of 775 miles work?

I'm only familiar with macs, so can anyone tell me what kind of webcams are available for a gateway computer?
Braeakups are the new relationships

For the ladies (and gentleman too, is applied)

Q:For those of us who got married or were in some sort of cereomny: was the dress white, or in that family of white? If not, what color?

For those of us who are still single- will you get married in a white dress? If not, what color?

A: I will get married in a purple dress (although I fear the Jordan's-wedding-dress-effect.) White will clash with my hair and coloring. The only woman who got married in a white dress was my mother's first marriage, and they divorced 12 years later.

A Couple Q's...

I'm a new Alternative Rock fan... (Bush, Buckcherry, Seether etc.) What are some songs that I absolutely HAVE to download? I guess I should clarify: I know about Nirvana and REM and all the old stuff. I'm looking for more modern stuff.

I'll be 20 on Monday (7th)!! I'll be by myself all day, though. What should I do?

And TQC... where is my cell phone?!?!

EDIT: I'll be attending college orientation today at 5:30. What can be expected? Should I bring anything?

(no subject)

I went shopping with my mom this morning. She mocked me for hating shopping for clothes so much. TQC, what is something you do not enjoy shopping for?

What is your favorite kind of flower? Better yet, include pictures.

I was out in the sun for about an hour today. Which was more time spent in the sun than last month all together. How much sun do you usually get and how long do you go without it?

I have today off from work. I really ought to be cleaning but I am tired and don't feel like getting up. What things are you putting off by being in front of a computer?

(no subject)

on the interwebz, I once came across a site with pretty macabre comics. it was through google, when I was searching for american mcgee's alice stuff. he had a "series" (I guess) about alice, and then another one about the little mermaid that was a lot darker than the disney version. does anyone know what the link is? :/

(no subject)

A. Do you like your job/career choice?
B. Do you consider what you do to pay the bills a career or just a job?
C. Explain the difference between a career and a job.
D. Can you describe what your position entails?
E. What do you dislike about your position?
F. What do you like about your position?

Wee Presents

So TQC, it's lunch time and I headed down into the bowels of the house to fetch something to eat from the freezer and turn on the breaker for the oven.  Our oven is a piece of shit, but that's beside the point.  So as I was about to cross over into the dirty side of the basement and lo what to my wondering eyes does appear is a dead mouse in my basement flip-flops, courtesy of my cat.

If that's tl;dr, I'll get to the point, where's the weirdest place your cat or other household pet has left dead little presents?
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Hell no kitty

Zee plane! Zee plane!

So my Dad just gave me a free round trip ticket on Southwest.  Since it has to be used by February 13th and the husband-toy can't get any vacation that hasn't already been reserved between now and then, it looks like it will be a solo vacation.


Where should I go (anywhere but SoCal - I live here or Hawaii - we're going there later this year)?

Where would you go?

ETA: I'm going to NYC in April, so that's out too.  Also, I'm a complete pansy when it comes to really cold weather.  Vegas is out too, since I'll be there next week.

(no subject)

1)does your library cap fines?

yes, at about 15$

2)does your library charge for videos/dvds?

yes. $2, 3 days.

3)how many pairs of socks are you wearing?


4)what did you see today that you haven't seen before?

the lake froze over!!

5)what are you pissed about?

that today the high is 29, but a few days from now the high will be 69
default black mage coke slurp

Oh yeah. We're that guy.

TQC, my boyfriend and I moved into our new apartment in October. We really like it; the view is pretty, it's nice and spacious, and all of the other tenants are stupidly quiet.

It turns out that last bit is what's causing us problems. We're the youngest people in our building at 22 and 24. Everybody else is mid-late 30s, all the way up to 60s. Even for our age, we're pretty mellow. We don't party, we don't raise hell, and on top of that, we work all the damn time.

Apparently our neighbors have been complaining to our landlord about our "excessive noisemaking that violently disturbs them." We're not even home long enough to violently disturb the neighbors, and when we are, the only noise we make is standard ambient stuff: fridge closing, water running, TV on at a moderate volume.

What would you do, TQC? If we're noisy, then I shudder to think about what they would have done to our last roommates. 

(no subject)

Taking a stand.

I used to live with my mother. I moved in with her approximately 1 year from this date.

...However she's a horrid bitch.

I refuse to get deep into the story, but trust me with my word. We had an apartment together and I ended up running away with my name on the lease after she brought in her 26 year old fuck toy.

During the period in time she stole my tax returns and filed them into her bank account online without my word.

In regards are there any legalities in which I can file against her in order to get the money she owes me or would that be troublesome on me since my name was on the lease when I left? Lease ends this March.

Did I wait too late to try to do something about it?

Also I want to get into college, but she refuses to give me her Tax Information.


Thank you.

Begging on the internet


Has begging on the internet and/or LJ for money and other free stuff ever worked for someone? Do you know of a success story? I am curious if this tactic has ever really worked. Although it makes me think of Dustin Diamond and his quest to have people donate money for his mortgage on the internets.
I &lt;3 TLV


Would you rather be famous on the internet for a day, or infamous IRL for a month? (Assume that everyone will forget about you afterward).

Do you think that people who talk about their pets like they're children are weird?

What color are your bedroom walls?

(no subject)

Do you have children?
As a parent, are you offended if someone considers their pet’s children?
Why do women ask other women if they have children?
If you have pets are they considered your children?

(no subject)

Let's say you're sitting a room with a man named "Todd" who has discovered that you have $100,000 in gambling debts as a result of failing to understand the intricate workings of betting on dogs that run in circles. Todd discovered this, mainly, because you sold several of his prized possessions (like "trophies" or "his wife") in an effort to keep the bookie ("Gerome") from sending The Fists out and causing you to understand the meaning of the word "pain".

Todd understands your plight, but doesn't sympathize because you did sell his wife to Gerome--who has turned her into a cracked-out slut [I just wanted an excuse to say "cracked-out slut"]--and she has no intention of returning to her boring, suburban life. Instead, he tells you of a plan, that involves murdering Gerome so you don't have to pay the debts--something you had considered but lacked the proper tools needed, like testicles [if you already lack testicles, please replace it with another word like "Communisms"].

You get to Gerome, who you, in a manner like a bad action movie, tell your entire plan to. Turns out Gerome has a problem with Todd and is willing to forget the entire debt provided that you kill Todd so that Gerome can continue to sleep with and crack-out Todd's former wife.

Do you:

1 - Kill Gerome, and take Todd's wife back to Todd?
2 - Kill Gerome, and keep Todd's wife as a cracked-out spoil of war?
3 - Accept Gerome's deal, and kill Todd, so you don't have to deal with this shit anymore?
4 - Call the police.
5 - Snort cocaine off of a prostitute?

I am such a fanfic addict.

I ave been searching for weeks and weeks and weeks, and cannot find any fanfic for Marilyn Manson that hasn't been written under the influence of sugar, written by someone under the age of thirteen, or  doesn't contain traces of character rape.

Is there anyone out there with some good links or the like?

Also, I'm in an artsy mood. What should I draw?

Help me, food fans!

I made some pasta last night and it turned out pretty bland.
It's whole wheat bowtie pasta with alfredo sauce, peas, chicken, and some parmesan cheese mixed in.
I still have a lot leftover, what should i add in to make it better? I feel like it needs something....red, perhaps. Like roasted red peppers or something. More cheese is unfortunately not an option.

Oh well

Do you find it hard to watch other people make mistakes?

What was the last really stupid thing you did?

When was the last time somebody said, "I told you so?"
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Food questions

1: What was the last thing you had to drink?
2: Last food that you ate?
3: Do you like hot sauce? What do you like it with?
4: Have you ever eaten anything that was not a color found in nature, like neon?
5: What was the most expensive meal you have ever had?


(no subject)

If you had to choose between a sexless relationship with someone who cared about you a great deal, or great sex with someone who didn't care about you as much (they still care, just less than the other person) which would you choose?

pink trees

Filling a nib pen

I got a nib pen as part of a Christmas present. I've been dying to use it, but because I fail at life, I cannot figure out how to fill it.
The only directions say: "To load the pen with ink carefully dip the nib deep enough into the bottle of ink to fill the reservoir. Wipe the underside of the nib on the rim of the bottle to remove excess ink." So I tried that. And it didn't work. (I don't see how the ink would magically float up into the pen any ways...) I removed the nib and just dipped the ummm...stick? of the pen into the ink, but that also failed.

Google has nothing I could find. Any tips?
Zooey face

Burglary and such

Okay, so yesterday my apartment was burglarized. My roommates and I are all missing items (including my Apple iBook G4 laptop).

The detective on our case suggested keeping an eye out online. We've been watching Craigslist and eBay for our items.

Can you guys recommend any other sale/auction sites that we should check out?

If I ever get to meet the burglars what should I say to them?

(no subject)

1. Do you actually bother to 'stop' USB devices, then disconnect them, or do you just pull them out when they're done doing whatever they were doing? How's that working out for ya?

2. FROM MEMORY, what color is Fred Flintstone's tie--blue or green?

3. What the hell shoes go with dark gray pants and a red shirt? Nothing looks okay with it. It's for work so it should be office-y.
mornington crescent

(no subject)

1. What are those Palestinian headscarves that have become popular among Western teenage hipsters called?
1b. What do you think of the fad?

2. How long do you think it will be before Apple makes an ipod Touch in at least 20GB that's (relatively) reasonably priced? I REALLY want one, but I'm not paying $400 for 16GB.

3. How many books did you read in 2007?
3b. Which was your favourite?

4. Are there any countries that have passports that aren't red, green or blue?
4b. What color is yours?

5. Have you ever lost your passport?
5b. How did that turn out?

6. What's the best cover of a song ever?
6a. The worst?

wedding music

Do you think this song would be appropriate for me to play at my cousin's wedding?  I don't know if I should do this or stick with something a bit more traditional.  If it makes a difference, this won't be background music to something else that's going on. 

What about this song?

The first song is the first movement of Pan et Les Bergers, and the other song is Cantabile Andante Ma Non Troppo.  They are both flute solos.  

(no subject)

It's my last night in Orlando before moving back home. I have two seperate groups of friends here, free passes into any disney park plus pleasure island. I can go alone or with one of my groups of friends. Would anyone like to give me some suggestions about how I should spend my night?

EDIT: What activity should be done?

(no subject)

Sometimes when I stand up, I fall back over again. My legs just kind of collapse beneath me and I literally topple over flat on my face.

My question: Is this normal? Does it ever happen to you? How can I stop it? :(

(no subject)

Does anyone have a good website for learning HTML? I know basic HTML thanks to LJ, but I'd love to learn how to use HTML beyond bold, underline, strike, italics, a href, img src, and the like.

Do you think Diet Coke tastes different from Coke Zero? I prefer Coke Zero, honestly.

Any of you ever work nights? What did you do? ((I'm a night manager at Illinois State Uni and check in teh drunks.))

I shouldn't be allowed around machines of any type.

Alright, I've got some pretty stupid questions here but I'm hoping someone'll help me out.

I have an ipod and I wanted to charge it so I plugged in into this laptop which is what you're supposed to do (I hope). Anyway, I plugged it in before turning the laptop on which was probably a bad idea in retrospect. Nothing came up on the computer, but the ipod is telling me not to disconnect. So here are my (very stupid) questions:

1. Is it charging? The little battery sign has a lightening bolt on it so I think it is, but there's nothing on it that specifically says it's charging.

2. If it is charging, when will it let me disconnect? It keeps flashing the 'do not disconnect' sign at me, but it's been on for over an hour now.

3. Should I just switch the computer off and then put the ipod back in *after* I've switched the computer back on?

4. If I just ignore the 'do not disconnect' and do it anyway will it cause a lot of problems?

I'm not very good with technology as you can tell.
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(no subject)

Ideally the idea, try saying that 5 times real fast, is you wash your hands before you goto the bathroom. Presumedly "going to the bathroom" generally has the one meaning as few go there for anything else but regardless, you wash your hands before you leave.

I've got a co·worker that washes his hands when he goes in, does that little thing that most of us do in there, and then washes them again as he leaves.

Is this as unusual as it seems to me?

By th by, on an unrelated note...I hope, do you suppose when it says on a frozen dinner "no not microwave" that's an actual rule or more of a guideline?
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zen, rock

(no subject)

So, in a move that is made of amazing, my mother has decided that she will support me if I want to leave regular college and go to Cirque school. Insane.

Therefore, TQC, my questions are thus:

Anyone know of any good schools? I've been looking at L'ecole Nationale de Cirque, but I'm somewhat loathe to move farther North, just because I fucking hate winter and already live in the tundra of Michigan's UP.

Also, what are some good ways to get limber and flexible? I need to start out somewhat gentle, as I have a herniated disc in my lower back that is compressing a nerve in my right leg.

So, suggestions? Encouragements? Advice? What have you got for me?

random time!

i want pizza right now. really badly. i have all the ingredients i need to make one from scratch. HOWEVER, i am super lazy and i don't want to have to make the damn crust. if i throw all the pizza topping stuff on a flour tortilla and pop it all in the oven do you think it would turn out good? or just really weird, gross, ick, ew, no way, disgusting?

should i just stop being lazy and make the damn crust anyway?

what was the last thing you were lazy about tqc?

should i drink tonight?

should i trim my hair tomorrow? i want to freshen it up a bit before school starts again, but it's not starting until the 14th. should i cut my hair now, or wait until it gets closer to the 14th?


what is your favorite movie ever and why?

which type of animal is best and why?

do you have an interesting skill or talent?
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(no subject)

1. how do you take your coffee?

2. are you cold?

3. is your christmas tree still up if you had one this last year? hanukkah bush?

1. with skim milk, plus fat-free 1/2&1/2 if available.
2. yes, freezing.
3. christmas tree, yes. didn't have a hanukkah bush but the decoration-thingy we had up is now down.

4. how the hell do they make fat-free 1/2&1/2 work, anyway?

4. crazy-ass chemicals + lies?

The Yuppie Game

This is going to be a long shot but my Google-fu has failed me! I recently bought this game at a second hand store called The Yuppie Game. It was made by a company called Waddingtons. It didn't have instructions but it looked hilarious so I bought it.

Does anyone, by some slim chance, have The Yuppie Game and would somehow send me or scan for me the instructions?

If your Google-fu is better than mine can anyone find me some on the internets? I can't find anything.

Thanks so much!

(no subject)

Does anyone know the site where you type in whatever and it "translates" whatever you write into this type of font:

и a я т

I know there's a program that does that too, but I don't want to download it.

(no subject)

What do you do after sex?

What does your partner do after sex?

If you do not have sex with your partner but you are close in other ways (foreplay) then what do you do after that?

(no subject)

Hey TQC. I just dumped boiling water over most of my hand :-D

So in order to make me not feel so bad... What was the last thing you did that can be described by the equation (ouch = very yes)?

(no subject)

My cat will not shut up. Any time he has been around us for the past two or so weeks, he'll do this whiny annoying meow, and he won't stop. I think he might be crazy. He's strictly indoor, so its not to get outside, like our other cat. He has plenty of food, plenty of water, and a clean catbox.

Why won't he stop making noise?

EDIT: Yes, he is fixed.

it's a big night at my house.

orange bowl?

the lowly hokies of virginia tech
whatever...sign me up for whoever suzermagoozer wants
whatever...i don't DO sports
ok it's sad what happened at VT and all...but KU is 11-1 this season and i will totally be rooting for them.

who do you THINK will win the democratic caucus tonight in Iowa?

Obama, motherfuckers!
Clinton, cuz people miss Bill
Edwards, because he has been campaigning only to win iowa for like...3 years.
one of the other various and sundry democrats.
whatever...sign me up for whoever suzermagoozer is supporting.

which of the following resolutions will you do with me in solidarity?

listen to more PRINCE!
at some point, enjoy some green beans almondine.
kicking moar ass in TQC
use one of those bleach pens to clean the tile in the shower. ugh.
write my xmas thank you notes before valentines day.
hate pimentos

(no subject)

Is there any illness/affliction that you suffer from that seems like it should be mild and not life-interrupting, but to you it seems like you're dying?

For example:  I woke up with terrible heartburn last night, and despite taking antacids, I still have heartburn.  I laid on the couch all day, nibbling on soda crackers and whining.  I'm such a pussy.

My father turns into a whiny child whenever he gets a runny nose.
hannibal skull

Bad pick up lines

Which of the following lines would make you ROTFLMAO the most?

For the guys, change it as necessary. It'll still work...

Poll #1114994 Pick ups

Which ones make you LOL?

I can make your dreams come true, if your dreams consist of fucking a slovenly German man on a bunch of empty pizza boxes.
It's a beautiful night. The moon reminds me of how enormous this world really is. It's just incredible to me, knowing that somewhere out there right now, someone is getting fisted on a webcam under this very same moon.
From this point forward, you shall be known as Shamiq Gonscata. It means "Blessed Hamsteak of the Moon Rose."
You'll do. Follow me.
My mom is picking me up in sixteen minutes. I need an answer fast.
Of all the women in the bar, you looked to me like the most likely to fuck a stranger.
*Snap fingers. Point at crotch.*
You wouldn't happen to be incredibly stupid, would you?
I'm the only guy in the room who's drunk enough to not consider you hideous and grotesque. Let's face it, I'm your best and only option.
You're like a princess. And I'm just a lowly plumber. And the only thing standing between you and I is a monkey, throwing flaming barrels of rejection in my way
They call me Snowstorm, cause I give you 1-2 inches and make your life a bit more annoying for a week or so.
I believe that honesty is the most important part of a relationship. Ironic that I'm using these very words to try and trick you into sucking my cock.
Your eyes are absolutely beautiful. They'll fit my collection nicely... No, I'm speaking metaphorically.
You're like a beautiful daisy. You're slender and white, and your arms kind of look leafy, and... I'm not good with analogies. Can I see your boobs?
Do you like me? If so, check this box. (hands a piece of paper)


So what's a guy got to do around this joint to get a bitch to fart into his open mouth?
I want to fuck you where farts come from. If you know what I mean.
This is a suicide note. You can either go home with me tonight, in which case I burn it. Or you can reject me, and they'll find this stapled to my chest in the morning. My life is in your hands.
I didn't want you to be the only chick in here tonight who didn't get hit on. It's good for your self esteem.
Cool tattoo. Do you have any on your vagina?
I was hoping you could settle a bet between me and my friend here. He says your eyes are naturally blue, and I say that you're a filthy, dirty whore.
Would you mind not telling anyone that I asked you out? You kind of look like a dude.
Have you ever been told the story of Jesus Christ?
Hi, my name is Ja- Wait, I'll be right back. When I get nervous, I shit almost pure liquid.
Do you work out? You should consider working out.

Would you LOL if someone asked you any of these or punch their lights out?

LOL then *SMACK*
Walk away disgusted
Do nothing. Blank stares are your friend.
Meh, whatever.
Someone has tried these lines on me...I married him/her...

(no subject)


So, I've been bored back in my home town, as NO ONE that I am good friends with is in town.  Thusly, I contacted a former best friend and asked her to go to lunch.  Said friend and I lost contact because she had a history of being really, really flakely.  Still, I wanted ot see her.  So, texted and she wanted to meet me for lunch tomorrow.  I replied asking when and where.
No reply.
I texted again today, asking when and where.
No reply.

Should I text again tonight, or should I wait until tomorrow morning? This'll be teh third text asking when and where :(

(no subject)

The mom of one of the kids in my class just had a baby. She's still in the hospital, as is the baby. The grandmother said something about the baby testing postitive with a 'stick test'.... like I should know what she's talking about. I've never had kids... what is she talking about? and is it serious?


(no subject)

So...where's this relationship headed? We have fun together, but is this all fun and games, or are we just wasting our time here?

Are you just into me for the sex and semi-witty banter?
the sign of the tristero

(no subject)

Are any of you yerba mate drinkers? At college I always got a friend to set up his gourd for me, but I got my own for Christmas and so far have been incredibly inept when it comes to actually preparing it myself.

I followed these instructions, but no matter what I do I get a LOT of loose tea when I drink from it. Could it just be that I have a shitty bombilla (I have one with a spring strainer), or do I just fail at mate? Save me, TQC!
A Lady&#39;s Space

Gotta get it done.

1. What was the last thing your procrastinated on?
1a. What did you procrastinate with?

2. What's your sleep schedule like right now?

3. What band were you most recently introduced to?

1. Doing data entry for my Mom.
1a. LiveJournal and the internet in general.

2. I fall asleep between 11pm and 2am. I usually have to wake up by 9am at the very latest. Earlier than that this week.

3. Pucifier. Maynard has another pet project, lol.
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