January 2nd, 2008

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Dear TQC,

1. Where the hell is my iPod? I have approximately 24 hours of airplane flights coming up in the next week and I would really really really like to find it. It's a red second generation nano if that helps, and I thought it was in my car, but Mom thought she saw it on my bedside table, and now it's gone. (Serious answers actually really appreciated.)

2. Do you like malts? (As in, shakes with malt flavor in them?)

3. Will you wish me luck finishing my thesis because I leave for India in 10 hours and still have 7 pages and some editing to go and just found out that my mother threw out the draft that my professor had given me comments on? I still have my copies of the drafts but am now totally at a loss so far as what to edit, especially considering I haven't read her notes since over a month ago. Fuck me.

4. Why did my new digital camera take pictures that look like these? Was it something to do with the lighting, or something in the air, or my lens, or the fact that I was at a hot sweaty square dance, or what? Only a couple of photos were like this but I want to know how to avoid it in the future.
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Thanks dollfaces!
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backhanded compliments

Q: What are some of the weirdest or most insulting "compliments" or comments people have said to you/made about you?

My answer: My ex-boyfriend said some stupid things to me including: "you have HUGE arms!", "you're so curvy! you're bigger than the girl i usually date", "i love the way your breath smells...i mean it's not good but...", "i'm going to come and it's going to be a mess sooo find a way to make it not make it messy or stop..." during a handjob in the beginning of the relationshit.

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I feel like a total twat, but here's my question. D: Serious answers, please. Please please please.

If you get semen on your hand and then unwittingly finger yourself say... thirty minutes later, can you get pregnant?

Is it very likely to happen?

Does the fact that you're a virgin change anything?

Awesome, thanks. Haha. Yeah, it was a stupid question, but uhh. Yup. I was freaked for a minute. My friend started talking about how she knew someone that got pregnant that way, so I kind of got a little paranoid. :D
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1) I enjoy jewelery (necklaces mostly) that are a bit different, interesting and/or funky(but not gaudy). Can you link me to any shop that has such things? the cheaper the better, I'm not daddy warbucks here, haha

2) I think I need to start my own business. Everyone says I make delicious cookies, so I was thinking maybe I could sell them and try to eventually make a living on it. How can I set myself apart from everyone else?
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I've tried Googling this, and I can't find the answer, so I'm coming to you.

Is the cop in Brad Paisley's "Celebrity" video Nicolas Cage? The one who pulls him over while he's joyriding in Shatner's car, if you don't know. In one shot, it looks like him and in the other, it doesn't, so I don't know.
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I want to see these 5 movies:

There Will Be Blood
Sweeney Todd
PS I Love You

Which ones would be good/bad to see alone? I don't usually go to movies alone, but a theater near my house does half-off tickets before noon and my friends are too lazy to wake up early because we're on break, so some I'm going to see solo. I'm not really interested in "that movie sucks" because they've all been recommended to me, but feel free to recommend more. It's not that I get scared easily in movies, but maybe if there was a particularly violent/emotional movie it would be nicer to see with someone else.
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1. Do I want a snack? What should I eat?
2. Do you go tanning?
3. Do you get manicures and/or pedicures?
4. Am I not a real girl because I'm bad at painting my nails?
5. How would you describe the color of your skin?

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I feel cheated.

I just finished the season 7 dvd set of CSI Las Vegas, only to have the last episode end as a cliff hanger. CSI usually doesn't fuck with its fans in that way.

granted, I haven't been able to watch any episodes from the current season [8].

why was the last episode of season 7 left unfinished? does it have anything to do with this writers strike business, which I know very little about? do you even like CSI? and if you do who's your favorite character? least favorite?

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Would you say that you have a "You Against the World mentality?"
If you do how frequently do you feel this way?

Do you think this phrase says that:
"You laugh at me because I'm different, but I laugh at you because you are all the same."

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For some reason, I'm incredibly awkward with my family. I'm the youngest and the only girl. For some reason, regardless of the fact that my family clearly accepts that I'm 21, I feel completely awkward acknowledging that myself. I'm very close with my mom, except that I refuse to talk about periods or boys. WTF? But that's not my point.

My mom has met one of my ex-boyfriends once, but I generally just don't tell her about them. I dated a guy briefly who would come over, but I never made it clear to her whether or not we were dating. She's very aware that I've dated guys and slept in their beds, along with anything she might think comes with that.

Anyhow, the guy I'm currently seeing might come down to visit and I'm sure she wouldn't care if he slept in my bed. However, how the fuck do I bring this up?

Hahah, I know this is absurd, so feel free to be completely non-serious. However, some real advice and/or telling me to get some balls might help.
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I've started creating jewelry again and I'm hoping to sell it online in case the vet charges extra for my cat's checkup and neutering (I've just got enough for the price quoted over the phone).

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1) How much should I charge for this? Each one takes about 15 minutes and maybe3$USD in materials. I use real glass beads, 24 gauge FunWire, and a 5.5 cm safety pin.

2) Would you buy this? Colours would be customizable.

3) Is this going to end up on ugly_crap later?

4) What would be a good way to sell these online? Set up a selling LJ with paypal buttons? Get a seperate, non-blog site?


5) Why did my cat just crawl up my shirt?
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1. What will be the next level evolution in the human race?
(As in, second head, more homosexuals, extinction of race due to disease, ect.)

2a. What, if anything, makes a black name a "black name?"
2b. What are the similar things for whites, asians, ect.?

ETA: Ok before this gets way out of hand, I don't mean homosexuality is an evolution, I mean the possibility of homosexuals out numbering heterosexuals. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
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I got a new iPod for Christmas to replace my old broken 20GB iPod (the hard drive got fucked up). Now I want to know what I should do with the old iPod. Ideally, I'd like to send it some place where they can refurbish it and sell it to someone who wants a refurbished 20GB non-photo iPod, but I don't know of any place like that.

So, TQC, do you know where I could send my iPod that would do such a thing?
What would you do with a useless (as in broken) 20GB iPod?
Should I be mean and give it to my sister for her birthday since she keeps whining that she wants an iPod? (She never specified whether it should be new or old or what kind of working condition. She'll be 12 this week.)

Now for the new iPod, what is your current favorite song or video that you think everyone must know about?
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Ticks and Stress.

  1. Do you have a strategy when your cat comes home with a minor infestation of grass ticks? Mine so far has been to keep her well fed and watered, do a bicarbonate of soda bath, and attack her with tweezers. Suffice to say, she's very grumpy, and doesn't know that her days outside are numbered.
  2. How do you deal with stress in a non destructive way? I've been trying to find a method that doesn't involve letting it all pile up, and i don't want to adopt a drug addiction/eating disorder/habit of self harm. I've found there's only so many cups of tea I can have before I'm stressed with a full bladder.

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Have you ever listened to a song and thought you heard the lyrics one way, but they were in fact, not what you thought they were? 

What's the funniest example of this that has happened to you? 

My answers: 

I tend to do this all the time, but the reason I asked is because I am currently listening to RHCP's "By the Way." There's a part where he says: Oh ah, guess you never missed it. 

He says this over and over, but I always thought he was saying: oh, ah, cushion and a milkshake. 

Another: In My Chemical Romance's "Drowning Lessons", he says, "Rice grains and roses fall at your feet," but it sounds like, "Ice cream and roses fall at your feet."

puppy dog

Nasty boy

When having sex with your significant other or anybody else do you regularly

a. use a condom
b. just pull out, or
c. just finish without a condom because your gfs on birth control or your a freak who likes getting strange girls pregnant
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I'm a chick and I like UFC.  

Anyone else like UFC?

Have a favorite fighter? (current or past)

Did you see the last fight?  Comments?

Is my attraction to UFC an underlying response to my inability to express my hidden aggression towards society and men in general, or do I just like to watch people fight?  

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Have you ever had a moment where your nips randomly harden for no apparent reason?
When's the last time you had blood on you (and weren't on your cycle)?
WoW Players: Have you ever seen anyone who has a Phoenix mount? I have pics. ^-^
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1. When someone asks where you're from, do you tell them the place you were born, the place where you grew up, or the place you live currently?

2. So... where are you from?

3. Are there any stereotypes about people in your area? Do you live up to them?

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For those of you who have children or are planning on having children in the future, will you be paying for their college education in full? If not, do you plan on giving them any money toward college? Why or why not?

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Do you like candy corn?

I'm having it for the first time (I found it at a store that sells American, UK and South African lollies, when I was buying my flatmate's father's Christmas present), and it's just...odd. Not what I was expecting at all.

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If you had to be an enabler, which of these 'illnesses' would you be most likely to enable?

Sex addiction
Drug addiction
3 pack/day smoker
Religious fanatacism

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My mom has just gotten into a wreck. She was out in the cold for a very long time and hurt her back and knees. Besides making her get into a bath, fixing her some tea, and forcing some painkillers on her, what should/can I do? Our heating pad is kind of lost.


My girlfriend got me a pair of Bose headphones for Christmas, which I want to use at work to listen to music on my computer. The problem is that when I connect the headphones to the computer, there's absolutely NO bass. This happens both at home and at work. If I connect the headphones to my iPod, there's plenty of bass. I know that my computer can DO bass, since my usual speaker setup at home has a subwoofer.

Is there any way of fixing this so that I can get bass out of my headphones while they're connected to my computer?
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I'm going down to my grandma's this Saturday until the 1st of February. I already have an idea of kicking back and catching up on some reading..but for the most part, I was wondering...
TQC, what the hell am I honestly going to do for about 4 weeks?
There is a lot to do down there..just..I don't really know anybody and am a pretty nervous person.
Any ideas? =/ the area is around Palm Springs - Palm Desert, CA area..if anyone knows.

and for the other question...TQC, in the course of a day, what do you usually accomplish?
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belly button fuzz.

Do you ever get belly button fuzz?
*I don't think I ever have*

Do you wear fur?

What do you think of Peta?

I'm Cree, *Native American* should I be able to wear fur or leather? Without getting harassed*

I haven't been to work in a week, and I don't ever want to go back. Are you in a similar situation?

If you are masturbating and your pet jumps on the bed, do you stop? Why or why not?
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Selling Used DVDs

I'm looking to sell gobs of dvds.
Will you please help me in brainstorming ideas on how to get cash for them?

Some are found in stores for like $5 now-a-days anyways.
So, many are not worth ebaying.

If it helps too, I live in the Seattle area.
I don't think they have any Cheapos here. Something similar maybe?
My google shots aren't panning out well.

Thank you!

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Have you ever known someone you care about to be less than truthful (to you or to someone else)? Does this cause you to worry at all that they might not be completely truthful with you sometimes?

Have you ever been less than truthful with someone you care about? Do you think you were justified in it?
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TQC, on December 14th I purchased a textbook from Half.com. I still haven't gotten it. When I contacted the seller, she got back to me saying it hadn't even shipped yet because she was away from school but she'll ship it to me tomorrow when she gets there. I requested that she ship it overnight mail since I am leaving the country on Monday, otherwise I would file a claim with Half.com.

I'm not being unreasonable am I?

bleh. frustrating.

When making decisions, do you consult your SO? Does your SO consult you?

If so, how much weight do you give to their opinion on decisions?

If they consult you, and you give them your opinion and they ignore it, how do you deal with this?

Queasy tummy

How do you deal with a queasy tummy? Came down with some kinda stomach bug on New Year's Eve. Woke up with 102 temp on Jan. 1 and pretty much stayed in bed all day. Meager appetite. Today, fever is gone but tummy is still a mite queasy, appetite not back 100%. Suggestions?
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What's the last really spontaneous thing you did?

I'm not generally a very spontaneous person, but on New Year's Eve, me and my boyfriend and one of our mutual friends decided to go to New York City. My best friend lives there and she's also dating the mutual friend, so we're just going to drive up and stay for four days. We're leaving tomorrow.

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TQC, I got an easel for Christmas. The easel came with three pre-stapled canvasses. On the back of each frame, there are these little plastic... things attached. They come in rows attached to a center plastic stick, and it looks like you're supposed to snap them off.

What are these things, and what do they do?


AHHHHHHHHH i'm supposed to go to my friends wedding reception tonight (I can't go to the wedding cause i'm at work) , but it's over a half hour drive and I don't know anyone except the bride! Should I wimp out and go to the gym instead or some how force my self to go?
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Do you have an American Girl doll?
Which one?
Which one was your favourite?
Did you hear they're making a movie about Kit? & apparently there's a new one called Julie who's a hippie and wants to save the eagles.

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When shopping for a new car, how important is getting a particular color?

If you found a car with the options and price you want but not the color you want would you still buy it?
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i can't get one of my ears to pop, and it's driving me crazy!

does anyone know how to get your ears to pop?

i've tried plugging my nose and closing my mouth and "blowing," and i've tried breathing in steam.

dead zone johnny & sarah

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 In a fit of rage over the fact that the plow guy hadn't come and my car got stuck in our parking lot, whilst throwing the shovel in the backseat of my car, I ended up poking a nice hole in the roof of my car (the fabric and foam interior roof).  Is there a way to fix this other than having the whole thing replaced (which would just be stupid)? Is there anything I should do to keep it from getting worse?

What was the last thing to annoy you?

Emily Post?

A question for the Emily Post types:

If, in an office setting (like a cube farm,) you make a rude noise like a fart or a burp while sitting in your cube, which you KNOW everyone else can hear, but since you're in your cube you can't see them- what do you do? Do you ignore it? Or do you mutter 'excuse me' even if it's so quiet no one understands you anyways?
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TL ; DR I know I know...

What advice would you give someone who has a hard time making friends?

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I feel really bad for her because its getting her really down and I don't have as much time to spend with her recently and she really only has one other friend.

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1. What shampoo do you use?
2. What's a word or phrase you weren't allowed to use when you were little?
3. What was your favorite class from high school?

2. We weren't allowed to say "butt" or that something "sucks," along with the obvious more rude words.
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I can't find the case with my DS games in it. Alright, TQC, where the fuck did you put it?

My brother and his creepy ass little friend were in my room without my permission the other day. Should I go over to creepy ass friend's house and beat him until he admits he took them?

I am always losing shit. What do you propose I do?

ETA: I found my games in a place I have already looked like four times today alone. Has this ever happened to you?

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Poll #1114702 Parents just don't understand

You have a son. Your son is really into Batman and wants to wear his Batman cape to the supermarket with you. At what age will you tell him that he has to go into his room and change into normal clothes?

Question doesn't really apply, since I'd never let him wear a costume out in public, no matter what age
I really wouldn't care what he wears in public as long as he doesn't want me to buy him anything
I would never stifle his creative whims. I'd probably wear a Robin cape to the store with him. Age has no limits

You have a 5-year old son. He prefers playing with his sister's Barbies instead of his own toys. Both of them play for hours with the dolls in Barbie's Playhouse. Would you say or do anything to deter him from playing with dolls?

No. Let him play. Toys is toys
I'd try and steer him back to playing with boy toys. Maybe buying him action figures to wean him off the dolls
I'd support him in his hobby. It's important that he's encouraged to be himself
I'd punish him every time I found him playing with the dolls. I won't put up with that kind of weird stuff in my home

You have a 5-year old daughter. Instead of Barbie dolls, she'd rather watch wrestling and catch bugs and talk about cars. Would you say anything to her?

No. Let her be what she wants to be
Yes. I'd take a stronger interest in her playtime and encourage her to do more girlie things.

Your daughter is now 20 and living on her own, and she's dating a guy who's 50. Would you say anything?

I'd discourage her. Tell her I didn't approve, that she could do better
It's her life. She's old enough to make her own decisions

You know those 700 lb. women on those TLC shows? Well, your 20 yr. old son is dating one. Except, this one has no motivation to lose the weight, and your son is enabling her. He appears happy with her. Would you say anything?

Yes, I would. I'd point out that he wasn't really helping her, and that he could do better. That he should consider breaking off the relationship.
He's old enough to make his own decisions. It's his life
Give a dog a home

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Do you think hynopsis/meditation is helpful for overcoming things, like anxiety, weight loss, smoking cessation, etc.?

Have you ever been hynoptized?

What do you smell like today?
(I am wearing BPAL Blood Lotus.)


I live the mid-western USA, as does my cousin (though we live in neighboring states). We both love traveling and want to visit Europe.

First off, where should we go? Please list "country," "country, city," or "country, city, place (like a museum or something)" depending on your recommendation.

Second, how long should we plan our trip to be? We want to visit as many countries as realistically possible with a modest budget.

...which leads to, third, how much money should we save up? This figure would need to be in US dollars, include airfare, hotel bills, food, and other transportation costs, as well as any spending money. What is a realistic amount?

We realize this is going to be expensive and probably won't happen for a while (since we'll need to save up). But I figured we should start figuring out the details as soon as possible. ;)

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what's the last movie you watched that brought back memories of your childhood?
I'm watching 'My Girl' right now, which I haven't seen since I was probably 6 or 7 years old

what is your general opinion of the store Hot Topic?
most of the items in there aside from their tnbc stuff and band t-shirts are shit.

I made cupcakes, who wants one?
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1. How much does it hurt to have a tattoo removed?
2. How much does it generally cost?

I have a 2x1-inch tattoo that I'd really like removed from my arm. I felt that getting it was more annoying than painful.
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When you are in a bad mood does music instantly put you in a better one?

yes, provided it's not depressing music

Do you "dance" and/or sing a long to music while you are driving?


Do you stop doing so at stoplights or if you see someone watching you from the car beside?

nope...I don't care...I attribute to dancing in my seat (or on my feet) in all circumstances to my happiness...partially anyway...it makes me happy to dance like no one is watching

Do you "dance" / sing a long with music if you are out somewhere (like a cafe/pub/eatery/anywhere that plays music)?


Does this embarrass your friends?


Do you stop if it does?

nope :P
Beast mode!

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If it's true that how you spend New Year's Eve/Day is how you are going to spend the year, what is 2008 going to be like for you?

I'm apparently going to spend the year exhausted, traveling a lot, and surrounded by Russians.
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Hey, TQC! How's your day going today?

My husband spent his day at work today getting a 'tentative' tax refund estimate for us. It turns out that we'll get around $3000. The past few years, we've been really responsible and put it towards bills and other grown-up things. I'm not doing that this year.

I want to spend the entire thing on a vacation. We're willing to go anywhere, but we're already going to NYC for a long weekend and I'm going to Italy in the spring. So, anywhere but those two places.

Where would you go with that cash?

(no subject)

1: Who is your all-time favorite t.v. lawyer?

2: For those long out of it,do you have any clothes or jackets from when you were high school?

3: Do you use lotions just in the winter and year-around?

4: What do you buy over and over, but never or rarely use?

5: When you put your shoes on, what one goes on first? Left or right?

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(no subject)

1. What would be some good, relaxing music for a long plane ride?
2. What was the last thing you had to eat?
3. What is one product/brand that you absolutely refuse to use? Why?
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1. Have you ever created your own sandwich? As in, instead of making a standard, unremarkable sandwich (BLT, club, rueben, etc) you created something new that you could call your very own?
2. What's in your signature sandwich?

I'm really not feeling creative but I want to try something new.
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Yes...another question...I'm bored and sleepless...I'm sorry...I will not bug you all anymore 2night

Because I haven't seen an "Am I ugly?" or "Do you think you're ugly?" question in a long time...

In a theme opposite of this post.

Do you consider yourself to be ugly?
Do other people think you are ugly?
Do other people call you ugly to your face?
Do you have a picture you are willing to share?

No. I'm average...I've never had any problems getting male company in my life post 13 year old height of awkwardness
I'm sure some do...No matter how good looking you are there's always some people that think you're ugly...taste is subjective.
No....not since I was 13

not a great picture but I have no good pics on here...they're all web cam ones
Eternal Sunshine

Yay for cars

My car is dead, or at the very least, its battery is. Turning the key makes nothing happen. Luckily, I have jumper cables.

My car is trapped in a tight 1 car garage with its front end facing my basement. I have tried shifting my car into neutral to push it out but LOL it doesn't do that kind of thing no matter what you do with the keys. We have an old lawn mower in the garage and a car that can't get close enough to reach the battery of my car with jumpers.

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you think the universe is trying to piss me off right now? (1 is the lowest, 10 is the highest)

(no subject)

What do you live for?

What is your purpose?

Do you think those questions are asking the same thing, or not? Why?

ETA: Please answer all of the questions, not just the "Do you think..." one.
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What's the difference between a romantic relationship and a strong friendship?
(Bonus; assume, for whatever reason, that there can't be sex in the romantic relationship, or that the friends are also friends with benefits.)

Would you rather have a romantic relationship or a strong friendship?
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These questions apply to the United States... specifically, the insurance industry:

Is it legal for the executives of a company to also hold stock in that company?

Is it legal for shareholders in a parent company to also hold shares in its subsidiaries?

When a company reports its annual profit margin, does this include the profits of its subsidiaries, or are they totally separate? (e.g., the parent company reports 5% annual profit, but a subsidiary reports 30%. Is the subsidiary's 30% included in the parent's 5%?)
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How much is your PC data worth to you?
How about your digital pictures, if you are of the picture taking kind?

Do you pay for PC software?
How much would you pay for a program to recover pics/documents that you thought you lost?

Organ donation


I've decided to sign up as an organ donor. In the meaning that I allow my relatives to give my organs to someone who needs them, after I'm dead of course..! So..

1. How do you feel about organ donation?

2. How old do you believe someone should be before deciding whether to donate organs?

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do you still find your exes, former crushes, and people you used to date but aren't quite exes physically attractive? i'm not so much asking if you are still actively attracted to them, i'm more or less asking if you would be still be able to say that they're good-looking people.

if not, is it because they've gotten ugly over time? or have your tastes changed?
kate and I.

Planning a road trip to Florida!

TQC, I've decided it's high time I go on a vacation to someplace warm (I'm from snow-laden Central New York), and have decided on Tallahassee to stay with my cousin over spring break. Have any of you on the east coast made the trek to Florida? If so, what routes would you recommend, or highly discourage? I could just use Google Maps, but I've heard there are better ways. Also, any cool hotels/restaurants/notable stops I should make along the way? Any suggestions are appreciated!


So I seriously consider myself to be somewhat tone deaf and since my grade 8 RCM exam in coming up in 3 weeks, let's just say that I am not in a very favorable position. My question is: What are some tunes/jingles/songs that correspond to intervals above and below a given note?

Example: Perfect 5th = Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Any tips for the ear portion of the test in general?

TY :)
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1 - What's the most annoying habit about your SO?

2 - How did you know that he/she was a keeper?

3 - Who said "I Love You" first?


What was your craziest Vegas-like moment?
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for those of you who don't live with your parents anymore... was it hard deciding to and actually moving out of your parents house? how old were you at the time? what helped make the decision and the actual moving out process easier?

(no subject)

I'm in Scotland and I'm wondering if anybody can help me. My phone has broken, I have a Sony Ericsson W850i and the microphone is dodgy, I can hear people fine but they can't hear me unless I scream at them and even then its very faint.

Where can I get it fixed? Has anyone had a similar problem? How much should it cost?


(no subject)

1. Do you steal music or do you pay for it on iTunes or something similar or buy CDs from the store?
2. Is downloading an album as bad as going to the store and stealing the CD?
3. Have you ever gotten one of those letters telling you you're in trouble for downloading music/movies/etc.?
4. If you woke up tomorrow as a furry how would you react (everyone else is a furry, too)? What animal/furry-thing would you be?
5. Do people actually jack off to furry porn?

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I was in a shop today, looking at stuff, and my boyfriend was with me but he went outside to smoke without telling me. I was just wandering off across the shop and then I linked arms with this bloke thinking it was him. I was talking nineteen to the dozen to him for a while and snatched his bottle of water. It wasn't until I was drinking his water that I thought 'my boyfriend isn't normally this tall', looked at him and realised I'd never seen this guy before. He was like wtf-are-you-on-woman faced and I tried to explain but I just sounded mental so I ran off.

Why didn't he say something sooner?! Would you?

I'm sure nearly everyone has mistaken a stranger or someone for someone they know, when was the last time, if ever, you did that? What happened?
I <3 TLV

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1. Do you have vanity plates? If yes, what do they say?
2. How many cavities have you had?
3. What's your favorite cold remedy?

1. Mine say "NYAO" which is Japanese for "meow" =3
2. Two - I got my second one filled today =(
3. Please tell me! *sniffle*

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I'm a wee little sad. The other day I finished off my Cadbury Creme Egg candy bar my friend from the UK sent me. Now I have to wait until Cadbury Creme Eggs come out for Easter.

How long do you think I will have to wait for Easter candy to get put out in stores?

Did you ever watch Mother Goose Rock 'n' Rhyme?
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Anyone have a significant other die while you were with them? What happened?

Anyone date someone that's been in a mental institution for any reason? Why were they put there and for how long?

(no subject)

1. Do you have blogs places other than Livejournal? Where? Which is your favorite?

2. If you are not one who objects to the style in general, what is the age limit to dressing like a gothic lolita?

3. If you live in Iowa USA, are you going to caucuses tomorrow? Who will you be caucusing for? Will you be glad to have the polls and political phone calls cease for a bit?

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Question!  My mom wants me to take her to the movies tomorrow.  The only two that I'm really interested in seeing are I am Legend and/or Sweeney Todd.  However, I want my mom to enjoy the movie too.  How gory/bloody are either of the movies?  I hear the ST is obviously faked blood, is this correct?  What about IAL?  Bloody, not?

difficulty:  please don't spoil either movie for me :(  Just say if it's bloody to the max or not?
Give a dog a home

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Why wouldn't a homeless person with nothing else better to do just start making their way to Florida during the cold weather?

Why wouldn't a homeless person go to a shelter during cold weather?
Krist 5

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What's a song (or songs) that you've had on repeat lately?

And, if you were on death row, what would you request as your last meal?

My answers:
1. The fun machine took a shit and died - Queens of the Stone Age
2. Seafood, like shrimp and crab, and perhaps lobster, along with a cup of delicious hot Spicy Chai tea.
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Poll #1114836 For Kat

During a zombie attack I would rather be in a:

honda odyssey mini van
other that I will mention in comments

Do you discuss TQC with people you know outside of the internet?


(no subject)

What is THE worst experience?

Brazillian wax administered by a misogynist gorilla
Proctology exam administered by a doctor with large, sausage-like fingers
Gynecological exam administered by a doctor with a new eyepatch and extremely poor depth perception
Hot coffee enema
Root canal administered by a religious nut who doesn't believe in using drugs for any purpose, including novacaine. Prayer's good enough for him, and good enough for you
Having a threesome with Rosie O'Donnel and Clint Howard


Hey guys!

1. This is a question for those of you who know anything about cheese.

I had this pack of babybel cheese, cute little wheels in red wax, you know? Well I left it in my dorm fridge over break, for three weeks, by accident.

I'm a little worried. I like cheese and I eat it quickly when I have it, so I don't know what cheese will do if left in the fridge for three weeks. Part of me is saying that since it's cheese, and it's old milk anyway, and people travel through the desert with it, maybe it didn't get gross. Especially if it's sealed in wax.

So basically my question is HOW DOES CHEESE SPOIL?

2. Then there's also the matter of whether the people in charge of my dorm cut the power to the fridge. If the fridge isn't running but the door stays shut, it's still relatively cool inside, right? The cool air won't seep out and the warm air from outside won't seep in, right? As long as it's decently insulated?

3. So given that the cheese is Edam, sealed in red wax, and relatively well refrigerated, how spoiled do you think it will be? What will it be like when my poor room mate opens the fridge door on Saturday?
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If you want to save all your journal entries into a word file, what's the easiest, quickest way to do it?  I was planning on a quick copy/paste but they wouldn't be in order, which is what I'm going for.

(no subject)

My friends 21st is tomorrow! and we have no idea what to do. She doesn't drink or anything and some kids are underage or a bar/club is out of the question. Any creative suggestions. We wanna make it memorable
[lost] Goodbye lost

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TQC, today I asked for two days off to travel to California to commemorate the one year anniversary of my husbands death. They told me they would "think about it and let me know".

Would you be pissed?

Should I just buy the airline tickets anyway? 

edit: I forgot to mention that it's in about two weeks, on a Friday and Monday. I am not super essential to the job either. It would be ok without me for two days.
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Bragging Rights

Dear TQC members, what is it that you are most proud of in your life? This year? Today?
Are they the little things, or have life changing events gone on for you this last year?

What is your educational background?
If you could study any subject without worrying about your budget, what would you study? Is there a certain degree you'd like?
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(no subject)

Have you ever been so mad that you could literally feel your blood boiling- like your insides and face heating up because you're so angry?

If so, what do you do to calm down?


Have you ever written a letter to someone in prison?

What's the coolest thing you've ever downloaded from megaupload, sendspace, yousendit or rapidshare?

What do you think is easier to find online before they are available in stores, new music or new movies?

New Year's Day and Luck

My grandmother, who was a bit superstitious, always told me that New Year's Day, Jan. 1, was a barometer for the type of year you would have. That is, if you had shit luck on Jan. 1 or bad things happened on that date (or vice versa), that would be the type of year you'd have. Was Grandma right or wrong?

strange voices in the machine

Can you tell me a story about a phone message left for you that was clearly left by a caller who misdialed?

I went back to work today and some dude named Rocky left a message for Betsy [not me] asking if she had a good Christmas and that he had the kid and would see her soon.

Also, once the Green Party of California put my work phone number as the contact number on their website.