January 1st, 2008

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Is it natural for me not to be able to place phone calls through my cell phone right now? A friend called me right after midnight to wish me a happy New Year's, but I've been trying to get through to other friends and have, thus far, been unsuccessful. I don't hear a ringing sound when I'm trying to get through to them, and my texts won't go through. My uncle said something about so many people calling others right now, something with the company or satellites, or something...well, he's pretty drunk, so it's natural he wouldn't make much sense, but still. Is this normal?

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what do you do when you've been with someone for 3 years, who you love, your family love and are accepted in the family and you want to be with someone else but can't leave them?
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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Have you ever made anyone puke from showing them 2girls1cup? I just did :D One of my brother's friends lasted about half a minute in before running for the trashcan.

I wouldn't have thrown up, except he started doing it.

He's pissed, now.
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i used crest whitestrips today and now my teeth hurt SOOOO bad!! it's late and snowing pretty bad here so going out to the store isn't really an option. what can i do to make the pain go away?!

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Ever met someone who was a compulsive liar?

My 13 year old sister is a compulsive liar. You cannot get a true answer when asking her a question. If you ask her if she did something, she will deny it like there's no tomorrow even if you have proved it over and over again.

She also comes up with these false (and incredibly detailed) scenarios that she tells her friends. The most amusing one I've heard was that she was addicted to speed and my parents made her go to rehab in another state. When it came time to board the plane, my mom started crying and changed her mind at the very last second. Currently she's describing a party she's at right now and how drunk she is in bulletins on myspace (on the sidekick that she doesn't have), but she's sitting in her room drinking apple juice... doesn't seem like a very fun party to me.

What causes someone to lie like this? Trying to fit in? She wants attention? Deeper issues?
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What do you think of the dress below the cut? Be honest.


Would your opinion change if it was a relatively expensive dress (more than $50)?
If you could alter it (sewing), what would you change?
Would you wear it with the shirt underneath, as in the photos, or alone (...or with something else)?

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Should I take Geopolitics or regional tourism and development next semester?
Both fill the same requirement, and I have equal interest in both, so I don't really care which, but I keep switching back and forth and its driving me nuts.

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1)when you walk into people's houses what/who are you attacked by?

dogs sniffing and licking, and small children

2)do you have recurring dreams?

yes, I had the failing at video games dream again.

3)feel bad about anything lately?

yes, I stayed out too late, keeping my mom up.

Film developing/photo CD

I know that a lot of big photo developing places offer photo CDs when you develop film, but does it work for black-and-white film or just color? I don't actually know how they make a photo CD so it all might be the same.

Edit: Kodak's Web site says:

"Pictures from 35 mm color negative film (all speeds) or from KODAK ADVANTIX Film can be transferred to a KODAK Picture Disk.

Pictures from color positive slide film, disk film, 110-size film, and film negatives can not be put on a Picture Disk."

It doesn't specifically say anything about B&W film.

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Happy New Year!

You're being forced to get married in three days!

At least you have an unlimited budget to pick things.

What would your wedding outfit look like? (pictures?)

What would the S/O's outfit look like? (pictures?)

Bridesmaids/groomsmen? (pictures?)

Flowers? (pictures?)

What's for the dinner reception? (pictures?)

Which relative makes an ass of himself/herself on the dance floor? (pictures????)

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Does your SO's family like you?

What Tv shows on dvd do you own?

my answers:
Yes they all seem to like me a lot! Which I am so happy for.
NipTuck S1&2, Grey's S1,2&3, Gilmore Girls S2 (Just starting my collection)


If you have an aversion to skulls and crossbones, why?

If you had to put yourself into a category as far as your style is concerned, what would it be? (preppy, indie, emo, punk, Abercrombie, etc.)

Do you wear clothes that have the brand plastered on them? (Abercrombie, Aeropostale, A&E, etc.)

How do you feel about clothes that have brands plastered on them?

Who is your favorite designer?

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my google- fu is broken

what are those old picture albums filled with pictures of dead family members called? There was a specific name for them and I cannot remember it or find it on google.
snf pink

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Hey everyone!  Happy new year!^^

A friend of mine is doing a project on "good nutrition" and she needs to collect the following information on 100 people:

What did you have for breakfast/lunch/dinner today?
How many calories do you think you have consumed?

Does anyone feel comfortable in sharing and want to help her out? 
misc - not a weapon

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Have you heard anything about or switched to U-verse by ATT? What's it like?
We're thinking of switching, but they don't give a good deal on HBO and Showtime, which sucks.

Has anything exciting happened to you so far in 2008?
Two computers caught on fire and others started smoking a little past midnight at work thanks to a brownout. We had to call our bosses and they were both tanked.

Can a Windows 95/98 game play on a Windows XP/Vista?

Can a Windows 95/98 game play on a Windows XP/Vista? I'm thinking about getting Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time and it's only for those platforms. Do you think it'll play and work efficiently on an Windows XP and/or Windows Vista?

Also, as a side question Has anyone played a game of Myst and actually defeated it? It's tough as steel.
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Poll #1114159 The morning after

What New Year's resolutions do you have?

To lose weight/get in better shape
To improve love life/not be single
To improve living situation/move
To improve employment situation/get a job
To quit smoking/drinking/what have you
To read more
To get out and do things more
To go back to school
To save up money for a particular purchase, like a car or trip
To get out of debt
To do something somewhat drastic with your physical self, like get a tattoo or cut your hair
To spend less time on the computer
To spend more time on the computer
To do something really big and life altering for yourself, like coming out of the closet or make a career change or something

New Year's day, you wake up, possibly after a rough night. Are there any of these items found around your bed?

Used condom
Party hat
Stranger sleeping next to you
Hair clippings, matching your hair color. As if somehow, your hair was cut or shaved during the night
Hair clippings, matching your pet's hair color
Bloody towel/napkins
All your clothes (in a pile)
All of someone else's clothes (in a pile)
Empty bottle of alcohol
Plaster and debris, possibly from that hole in the wall
Polaroid photos you don't remember posing for
"Wait, where am I? Whose bed is this?"
"Wait, where am I? Is this...jail? Where are my pants?"

Most difficult thing you'd accept the morning after a rambunctious NYE night

A tattoo
Naked person in your bed who you do not recognize
Need for bail money
Black eye
Maxed out credit card
Complete inability to remember where you left your car
That you're in the hospital because you had your stomach pumped
Pierced nipple
3 phone numbers you found written on the underwear you wore last night
For some reason, your closest friend isn't speaking to you
all you need is

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what's the best voicemail greeting you've ever heard?

Edited to add an unrelated question:
my brother bought our mom something made of scarf material, only instead of being one long rectangle, the ends have been sewn together to make a circular scarf. is there a special name for this kind of garment, and a certain way you can wear it? she's getting ready to just cut it to make a typical scarf but it might cause it to unravel.

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1)if you ran a teen pregnancy prevention class, what would you include?

first I'd have contraception talk- how it works, how to get it, how to negotiate it. then there's good ol' that episode of jon and kate + 8 where one of the babies touches her poo, my mom talking about how she couldn't pee without some kid knocking on the door, and a pamphlet full of pregnancy stories...
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Did you recieve a new year's kiss?
How was it?

I didn't think I was going to. But sometime around 1 I was freezing outside while the rest of my friends smoked, and one of my buddy's brothers came up to me. We were talking, and all of the sudden I blurted 'I didn't get a new year's kiss yet, and I'm pissed!' and he grabbed me and laid a good one on me.

sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b
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my lips are so full I cant fully close my mouth...it's not bad or anything...just a small amount of openness but still.

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only if I really think about closing them can I actually keep my mouth fully shut.

I am dying from some strange disfiguring disease y/n?

and yes...I'm not the best looking at the moment and these are 10pm photobooth photos...I apologize...you may insult me if you wish...I know I would.


How do you calculate calories when most lables include a "calories" and "calories from fat" content on them?

I'm confused because something has 140 calories, but 0 calories from fat, and I'm not sure what the difference is, healthy-eating wise.

EDIT: I'm asking how "fat calories" figure into the health of the food. If it's got less "FAT" calories, is it generally a good-for-you food? Or is it deceiving?

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1) Is it mean for me to rearrange my gram's spice cabinet everytime I go to her house?

2) Is it mean for her to rearrange the chocolate box so the map doesn't work, in retaliation to Q1?

Edited to add Q3:

3) How cool is it that my SO's birthday is Halloween, and my gram's is Halloween, and my SO's gram's birthday is Feb 26th, and my birthday is Feb 26th?
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jon snow

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My friend's e-business had a newsletter but we had to shut it down because of AOL users (who don't know the meaning of unsubscribe) complaining to her hosting plan. What free newsletter service would you recommend that hosts itself?

Yes, I'm using Google.com and it hasn't helped.

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Did you ever buy something off ebay and once you received it it was defective or not as presented?

were you able to get a refund? did you get your shipping fees refunded too?

I want to get a video Ipod but i'm scared that when I get it it wont work  and if I try to return it they will blame the postal service and I wont get my money back.  Also I dont want to pay more shipping fees for returning it if I wont get that refunded either.

Favorite cookbooks

Will you please give me recommendations for General Use Cookbooks?
Historical Cookbooks? (like reprints of old timey cookbooks, or collections of old timey recipes)
Rice Cooker Cookbooks?
Whole Grain Cookbooks?
Easy/Quick/One Pot/Casserole/Soups/Stews/etc Cookbooks?
Vegetarian Cookbooks?

Any other cookbooks, regardless of genre or focus or whatever. What are your favorites?

What about food/cooking/recipe blogs and websites?


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1. Do you use a loofah or a washcloth?
2. Do you use body wash, shower gel, bar soap, or something else when you bathe?
3. Do you shave in or out of the shower?
4. How often do you do your laundry?

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has your life ever taken you, within as little as 24 hours, in a totally different direction?

thanks to all of you who replied to my last question, i became aware to everything and realised that i was in an emotionally abusive relationship for 3 years.

i've been able to leave that relationship thanks to everyone who replied.
i feel fantastic & as if i huge weight has been taken off my shoulders.

but, i'm sorry for causing this deep matter in TQC :O

cat tea

Car question

On the hood of my car, close to my windshield are two little black things that sprays the windshield wiper fluid onto my windshield. When I was cleaning the snow off my car, one of these came off and now there is just a little hole on my hood.

I want to call someplace and ask if they have that part and if I could put it back in or if they would need to do it but I have no idea what it's called. I have tried googling various word combinations of windshield washer fluid dispenser sprayer etc but nothing is really coming up. There are some diagrams too that label every single part but not that.

Does anyone know what this is called?
Do most cars not have this part?

EDIT: IT'S called a windshield washer fluid nozzle!
Love me
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Hi =) I want to buy a phonograph but I don't know anything about phonographs, so what would you recommend me? How can I know which one is good? What about the prices? Thanks a lot ;-)
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You're good friends with someone. She (or he) confides in you that she's been cheating on her/his spouse/significant other. Assuming you've had at least some contact with the significant other, under what circumstances would you tell him/her what you knew?

What if you were friends with both people?

EDIT: Would you think less of your friend for cheating?

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Do you enjoy football? (watching/playing.)
Why or why not?
Are you female or male, only reason I ask is, I don't think I've ever met a male who doesn't like this sport.
just wondering.
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I've missed an episode of Eastenders somewhere so can someone please fill me in?

Last I saw was Abbey sneaking out the house with Oscar and getting into the car with Max while Tanya was asleep. I watched it last night and saw Max being a bit of a prick to Tanya. What did I miss?

Also, I haven't been paying attention to the storyline with Kevin and Yolande's car? I know he was getting stolen cars from Phil but thats it. Last night confused me since I didn't know what was going on with it!

And, on a final note. Who is your favourite Eastender? And your least favourite?

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1. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?
2. How much does it cost you to see a movie at your local movie theater (the one you most frequently go to)?
3. What is the most you have spent to see a movie?

1. Juno, and it was excellent
2. $5.50 Matinée, $7.50 after 6pm
3. $14 to see 300 in IMAX
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If you had the money, and language barriers weren't a problem, would you leave where you are right now and start a new life in another place? If so, where would you go and why?
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1. Is it time for Valentine's icons yet?
I've Valentined my default, but I've not made it my default yet.

2. Inspired by this: What's the most embarrassing injury you've caused?
I was riding my bike on campus once and hit a girl. It had rained the night before, and I guess my brakes weren't quite up to par. I saw her in front of me, she saw me coming, we gave each other a deer-in-highlights stare, and BOOM.

3. Do you eat cabbage on New Year's Day?
I don't, but my parents do, and ugh. Cooked cabbage smells like farts, and thus, my whole house smells like farts.
the hero.

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We're watching VH1 and Bob Marley came on and I said that VH1 never plays any good music and my friend said, 'You just called Bob Marley bad by...' but we can't remember the phrase. When you imply something... it's not by implication, or by connection, but it's something like that...

(dude, being an exchange student makes you forget how to speak your NATIVE LANGUAGE.)

NO we figured it out, BY EXTENSION.

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Will they clean Ugg boots at the dry cleaners? I borrowed a pair from my friend and I'm feeling too lazy to clean them myself. If they do, any idea how much it costs? Thanks!

Also, have you ever played the PC game Shivers? You're ina haunted museum and you have to capture ghosts by finding bottoms and lids to pots with symbols on them. Best game ever. Any games similar to that which I should try?
Give a dog a home

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Poll #1114233 The wrap-up

Did you have a nice New Year's Eve?

Yes! It was great.
No! It fucking sucked.
It was meh.

Did you get laid?

No, but I made out with/hooked up with/did everything but sex with someone.
I didn't even get a kiss at midnight.

And last but not least, ticky?

Pit Bull: Reindeer
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Who is a scarier driver, someone who is under the effects of marijuana, someone under the effects of alcohol, or someone under the effects of a heavy duty pain killer (such as Percocet)?

Do you have any pictures from New Year's Eve/New Year's you would like to share?

Do you have any pictures of you with an illegal item or substance?

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Who hates pre-paid (or pay-as-you-go) phones as much as I do?
You know, like the Trak Phones and Virgin Mobile phones?

Because I was DEFINATELY* in the middle of an intense texting conversation when I suddenly ran out of money. Dammit.

Anybody else feel my pain? :]

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Poll #1114334 This or that

Pancakes or waffles?


Pie or cake?


George Clooney or Michael Keaton?

George Clooney
Michael Keaton

George Clooney as Batman or Michael Keaton as Batman

George Clooney
Michael Keaton

Pizza or pasta?


Friends or Seinfeld?


Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lector or Ian McKellen as Gandalf?


Arnold Schwarzenegger movies or Bruce Willis movies?


Professional Football or professional basketball?


Strip clubs or hookah bars?

Strip clubs
Hookah bars
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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Dear TQC. I have a mohawk, but the sides are just a short buzz, and not to the skin. I really want to go shave it to the skin, but I have no one to help me, so I'd be wielding buzz cutters using a set up of mirrors.

Is buzzing the sides of my head a bad idea without help?

Should I try it anyway?

Should I do it even though my mom would hate it and probably give me a bad time?

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I'm applying for jobs at a hospital and I need to know what to put for the 'objective' on my resume.

You copy/paste a resume into each position you apply to. I'm trying to think of something I can use for numerous positions.

What should I put?!
Does this make sense?

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Do you have a job where you work with animals? (Or know someone who does?) What do you do? And what education did you need?

I am a very lost 23 year old university grad trying to find a career path...I love animals so I figure I should find out what kind of jobs are out there involving them.
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It's been almost two weeks since I've gotten my tattoo, and all the scabbing is gone though there is still a tiny bit of peeling. Think it would be ok for me to take a bath?

Should I make cookies tomorrow?

How has the new year been for you so far?

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Have you ever done something you should regret but don't?
My 9 week old rabbit craps about 500 times a day, will she ever stop shitting so much?
Where are the best New Years fireworks in the world?
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Firefox has been slow for me lately, especially when I have more than two or three tabs open. Closing tabs is a nightmare, and when my gmail notifier pops up with messages, it really slows everything down.

Has anyone else noticed a difference in their Firefox's performance in the past week or so?
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Geeky question...

Scenario: You're on a battlefeild/in a dungeoncrawl/fighting the bad/good guys.
Somwehere off to your left, not an immediate threat right now but will probably be eventually, is a guy in full head to toe armor complete with a shield and helmet.
Somewhere off to your right, not an immediate threat right now but will probably be soon, is a guy who has just torn off all his clothes (ALL OF THEM) and has nothing but a very large axe, who is ragingly angry and possibly foaming at the mouth.

Who would you be more intimidated by?
Who would you rather fight (you can't run away for some unknown reason)?
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Do your pets get mad at you when you leave them? Do they do any damage because they are mad? What are some things they have done?

My parents dog got mad at my parents for leaving and she chewed a piece of a door frame off. My mom is going to be pissed.

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 If you are a non-smoker, how do you feel when people smoke around you?

It really bothers me.  I was at my dad's for a couple hours today and his wife smoked the whole time.  She sat right next to me!  Then she got all pissy when I went outside to get away from it because it was "rude."  I smell awful now...my clothes and skin and hair.  Shower time.

iPod Shuffle?

I recieved an iPod Shuffle for Christmas and I have NO idea how to use it. I have iTunes downloaded on my computer, along with songs. I don't get how I upload them onto the iPod. The directions say there's an Autofill button on the screen but it's not there. How do I get the songs onto my iPod? 

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sexual relations between twins and popping rice like it's corn

Whenever you see twins, do you immediately wonder to yourself whether or not they've made out or touched each other in the past, or will in the future?

Do you wish that you had a twin for this exact purpose?

.... what about Siamese twins. Do you think that the fact that they're attached to each other raises the probability of them getting curious? Should this be considered masturbation?

BONUS 5th question:

If you are a twin, does this question offend you or arouse you?

Is it possible to pop rice the same way corn is popped? Is there anything else that can be popped? Apple seeds?
Hurry up and look back

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I am getting wet excited while watching the news about the upcoming presidential elections

1) Are you a registered democrat or republican?

2) Are you planning in participating in your states primary elections or caucuses?

3) Who is your #1 ? who is your # 2?

4) Do you plan on donating money to your candidate?

5) Would you donate to the candidate who wins your parties nomination?

6) Would you volunteer for their campaign?

7) How important is this years presidential campaign to you?

8) Does your state have a caucus or a primary election?

9) If you have been to a caucus, could you tell me what it's like?


(no subject)

Have you ever lost contact with a family member for a significant amount of time?
How long?
Did you ever reunite? If so, how? What prompted it? How did you feel about it?

(yeah. i ask too many questions)
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Does the fact that Always donates maxi pads to girls in Africa who will drop out of school because if they don't have maxi pads they'll miss a week of school every month during menses make you more likely to buy them?
Haruhi disappearance
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Should I call in to work tomorrow in order to stay home, relax, and focus on working out and eating healthy after 2 weeks of laziness? I'm also still recovering from a hangover-sudafed + alcohol don't mix, oops- and I'm exhausted D:

Have you ever considered opening up your own business? What would be the nature of your business if you did?

What's the last non-food item you bought? I bought a hot pink bra and this coat at the outlet mall today, lol.

Serious question

You know those TLC shows about those 600-1,000 lb. people and how they get gastric bypass surgery or go about their day? They eat 33,000 calories a day and are just enormous human beings. My question is: how can they afford it? That's a lot of food per day, and these fatties are too big to get out of bed, let alone hold down a job. Where's the money coming from? Are there family members who are enablers? Even so, it's gotta exhaust their finances. Trust funds? Inheritances?

What do you think?
Miroku Turn

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Okay, so. Let's say you have a job, and you work with a friend there. You notice that two of the managers (who, amongst other undesirable things) seem to be really needlessly mean to the friend you work with. Let's also say one of the managers is the boss's son. And, for the heck of it, let's say that there's another employee who is lazy and doesn't do hardly anything, and he is also the boss's son. What do you do?

Eat your black-eyed peas today?

I might break my resolution today (draw something every day) because I'm too tired. Have you broken yours?

Question for those of you who scrapbook out there.

I have a collection of postcards that friends have sent me over the years from various trips they took, and also some from doing Postcrossing. I would like to put them in something like a scrapbook or photo album type thing so they stop being in this messy pile in a box that is difficult to look through.

The catch is, I would like to be able to see the front AND the back, without having to detach the postcard from a page, or pull it out of a slot.

Does there exist a type of scrap-booking thing that is like... clear on both sides and I can put the postcard between it, and it will stay where I put it (so not like, a large page pocket thingy, if you know what I mean). I'd like to be able to put more than one postcard to a page, use all available space, you know? Kind of like those photo albums with the clear sticky paper on both sides, and the cardboard in the middle where you place the pictures... except without the cardboard (which, I tried just removing it, but the plastic doesn't stick to itself :(

Does such a thing exist? If so, could you point me to it? I haven't found anything like it in my searches.

(no subject)

1. What was your first pet? What was their name?
2. Do androids dream of electric sheep?
3. During the day, do you generally keep your curtains/blinds open or close?
4. How long is your hair? Do you style it or just let it do as it pleases?

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TQC , 

Did you have a happy new year celebration? 

What'd you do? 

My answers: 

I think it was decent. I've had worse. 

I stayed home with my bf drinking Merlot and we watched the ball drop. We stayed up until 3:00 AM watching the first two episodes of the first season of Rome and playing Sould Caliber II. 

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Poll #1114401 random.

How do you feel about ICP's music?

not a fan.
really good.
wait, who?
I would rather be dragged through a field of dynamite then listen to that crap.
other, will explain.

What is the farthest you've been from home?

I've never been out of town.
I've never been out of my state/province/wherever.
I've been all over my country, but never to any others.
I've been to a few other countries.
I've been all over the place.
Why does this question have ticky boxes?

How good are you at air hockey?

Even someone's 5 year old sister could probably beat me.
I can hold my own.
AMAZING, YO. I'll take you down.
I've never played, but thanks for making me feel left out.

(no subject)

 First of all, I am working overnight by myself, so I am going to be really bored... don't mind all my questions. 

1. Do you buy your significant other a present for Valentine's Day? 

2. If so, do you think buying a DVD is not a good present for Valentine's Day for my b/f? He's a Pink Floyd fan and talks frequently about The Wall but I've noticed he doesn't actually have a copy of it on DVD. 

3. What are some good games (besides Boomshine) that I can play while I'm sitting here bored out of my mind for the next 7 hours?
love this icon, iamnotgemma, pigs

job questions

i'm considering applying for a new position at my current place of employment. i'm only planning on staying at the company until july at the latest, since i'll be doing a work placement for my college program that will require me to available full days for at least 10 weeks. i'm also not technically available for the exact hours they want, but it's only 15 hours a week and i can work those on my days off from school.

the new position would give me extra training in a different section that would look great on my resume, and it will give me some flexibility if i ever need to go back to the company in the case that i don't get a full-time job after my work placement.

so, do i go ahead and apply for the position? how do i convince them that it's a good idea to move me over even though i'll only be there until july? is it even possible to convince them of that? they already seem fairly interested, and some of my co-workers have told me to apply, but what are the chances they'll want to hire someone for the position who won't be there permanently?
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for those with macs and iphoto..

for those of you who have macs and the program iphoto...

whenever I crop my picture for a facebook picture, for example, it always ends up being HUGE on my profile. Does anyone know how I can get the thumbnail size to be the actual size?

or what I should do to adjust the photo to make it smaller?

thanks so much in advance!!

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Hi there! Long time commenter, first time poster. =)

1. What is your favorite physical feature about yourself? 

2. Have you ever done something that you tell people you regret, but secretly you're actually proud of yourself for doing it?