December 31st, 2007

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I know it's a little early but,

What should I do for spring break?! I'll be 21, but most of my friends won't.

Something inexpensive and within California would be awesome, thanks!


What were the most awesome places you've been to/things you've done for spring break?

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1. What's your favorite chill out music?
2. Would you stay with someone knowing you were in it for the long haul if they said they never want to get married?
3. When you go a restaurant more than once, do you get the same dish every time or try other things on the menu? It really bugs me when people order the same thing every time, I wish I could try everything on the menu.
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Is there way to confirm that an email has been read by its recipient on gmail?

Would you think a Masters in Religious Studies with a Biblical Studies concentration for someone who wants to focus on Religion (specifically Christian Armageddon themes) and Pop Culture is appropriate? I am applying to "Religion and Society" at the other schools I am applying to, but this one doesn't appear to offer that anymore.

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Poll #1113576 Blindness

Oh noez! You're blind! For 2 months, you suffer through it and you're miserable. You can't see movies, can't read, and the interwebz (and TQC) are distant memories. But one day, an elderly doctor comes to you with an offer. He says that he has a unique cure for your particular affliction, but what he wants isn't money. It's vengeance. Years ago, this man killed his wife and kids, and got the courts to declare him insane, and he was 'restored to sanity' a couple years later, free as a jaybird. This doctor really wants him dead, and if you get your vision back, all he wants is for you to kill this guy. He'll give you a gun. Do you do it or stay blind?

Yes, I kill the man
No, I stay blind

Like above, you're blind. 2 months in, life sucks etc. But one day, a mysterious man knocks on your door. He can restore your sight, but it will cost you...your soul. Simply sign these forms in blood (he'll move your hand to the right places), and your soul transfers over to his dark lord, and you get your vision back. If you get your vision back miraculously, it's a good guess that if you had a soul, it's gone now. Would you agree to sell your soul in exchange for working eyeballs?

Yes, I would
No, I would not

Like above, you're blind. There's a strange, revolutionary surgery that would restore your vision, but the consequences are that you will be rendered deaf instead. Blind or deaf, those are your choices. Would you go through the operation?

Yes. I'd rather be deaf than blind
No. I'd rather be blind than deaf

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Why would someone snore more in the winter than summer?

I thought maybe because there was more dust in the house or something, but there's just as much airflow as in the summer because we keep our windows open. And there's no pollen due to the cold. But I just noticed that no matter where we live, my boyfriend snores really badly in the winter and in the summer, he's fine.

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Do people use "hysterical" as a synonym for "really funny"? I use it in that context a lot, and the other day someone called me out on it. I guess I could be confusing it with "hilarious," but I swear I've heard people using it that way. Back me up.

ETA: Thanks, I feel better now.

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I'm going to a wedding in two weeks and am planning on wearing this navy blue dress.

I need help figuring out what type of shoes, specifically what color, would go best. I think black is a safe bet, but silver would be cute....then I found these shoes, which I like but it would be hard to find a bag to match (does it even need to match really?) or is the red and blue too patriotic? or should I just stick with silver shoes? or navy shoes (also probably hard to find?) or brown?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. tia!
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Who is The Man? And why is he oppressing me? Who are "they," and why are they different than I? Is rebellion mere vanity if you're an American or live in a stable democracy?

WTF is bacon salt, and why do I need it?
I <3 TLV

Cat toys

Are feather cat toys (like feathers at the end of a stick/fishing pole) made with real feathers? They seem too stiff to be real, but I have no idea how to tell if a feather is real or not.

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Google isn't helping me, but maybe it's because I am concerned for my body. I just accidentally dripped a whole lot of wax on a part of my body I do not want to wax, nor does it have any hair on it. How do I get it off?!
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Lost an icon :(

I feel really stupid. So, my computer had to be reset to factory settings, so I lost all the icons I had saved. Well, one was a request, so I'd feel really bad if I wasn't able to use it. However, I can't seem to find it, and I have no idea who made it. So I was wondering if anyone had seen a post in a community or journal with an icon of Dean (from "Supernatural"/Jensen Ackles) with the words "Joe Cool" on it, could you please give me the link to the page? Thank you!
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What are the titles of your playlists in iTunes? Anything interesting?
I dont have itunes on my new computer yet, but mine are really uncreative.

OH ALSO For Christmas, I got really nice expensive head phones, but theyre in-ear. Should I trade them for outer-ear(?)?
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My dad and I were watching a sports show today on one of our local channels, and one of the sportscasters was talking about some players (I'm assuming football, I wasn't really paying attention).

In the course of the show, the sportscaster said, "Those two are a few M&M's short of a Frito".  I'm NOT joking.  Does this saying make ANY sense?  WHAT could it mean???  HALP, TQC!

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I can't figure this out.
Why do people give me a hard time for not smiling?
Especially people who don't know me very well, it is not uncommon for a complete stranger to tell me to smile.
Why would they ask/demand me to smile?
What runs through thier head that would possess them to ask something like that?
I've never commented on someone's default expression or some stranger's mood.

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My boyfriend is an extremely jealous person by nature.
Always has been, even before we started dating.
He hates that my friends are nearly all boys.
Always expects the worse, always glares at them.
Ive never even thought about cheating on him.

I met his older cousin last week.
My boyfriend trusts me alone with him.
Guess who I've been talking to all night?
Better yet, who've I been talking to all week?
Even better, guess who just said he has a crush on me?

Guess who is confused? :D
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Does anybody that banks with Wachovia know how to get your account number? I have the number of my check card, but not my account, and I need to make a deposit tomorrow. (I'm not making it, my mother is - I've endorsed the checks, but I don't know my account number and I'm out of deposit slips).
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I'm looking for a steady second income, and was offered a summer nannying gig. It's two great kids, and the money is good, but there are two concerns I have:

1. The parents fight a LOT. The mom, who is really moody and short-fused is constantly sniping at the dad, who is lazy and, well, incompetent. I've been there and witnessed several "altercations", and it's really uncomfortable, especially when I'm pulled in as "in front of the company!". How do I get over it and go on with doing this job?

2. An older man, a family friend of theirs, lives there as well, and he gives me the old man creeps. How do I get over this one?

3. What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Ahh! Babies!

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Help me, TQC, I am hopeless.

I'm trying to practice styling my hair for NYE tomorrow. However, I really really suck at it and I can't do anything I'm trying to do.

I thought maybe I could use hot rollers because they seem really simple and easy and I could just give my hair more volume and have the ends slightly curl under and be more bouncy.

But, I cannot figure these fucking things out. How do you get them to stay on your head? I've been playing with the same one in different ways for like twenty minutes. Every time I roll it up and put the clip super tight on my head (seemingly) in a couple minutes, it falls off of my head and dangles in my face, pulling my hair badly and some hair falls out of it.I want it to stay on my head so I can get the volume but I'll the reverse if the root part is flat against my head and being pulled.

Please give me any and all tips you have for hot rollers.
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Do you know of a community on livejournal created for recommending books to read?

Maybe you can help me out in choosing a book... I'm looking for something comforting, preferably fiction (I like historical fictions, romance, or fantasies best) and not aimed specifically for young adults. Any suggestions?
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Advice from clean experts

I am moving into a house with people who own dogs, I like dogs and the people but unfortunately they both reek. How do I stop my room and myself from smelling like those dogs?

They are nice people and the rent and house are great, f smelling bad though.

animal testing

Do you think it's ok to test products on animals even though there's really no need to anymore?

Why do you think we test human products on animals

What do you do to help stop or discourage animal testing? I personally try to avoid using tested products. 

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Have you ever worked with someone and had no idea what they do all day? There's this new attorney here, real young guy, that just sits in his office, never having appointments or making phonecalls, completely quiet.

Do you like golden raisins or "regular" raisins better? I got a box of the golden and was like "OMG these are so much yummier than regular raisins!" but I'm worried it might just be something psychological going on with me.
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workity work work

1. Do you work today?

2. If so, are you getting out early?

3. How old were you when you got your first job?

4. Tell me one resolution that you do not plan to make (?).

edit: Guys, guys, tell me the grandiose resolutions you're NOT making!

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 I got a Compaq F730US laptop for Christmas.  It has Windows Vista.  Before this computer, I was using Windows XP and Windows XPS, both on Dell PCs.  I've never had this problem:

When I surf the web (I only use IE), I have to manually refresh every website I visit.  For instance, I have to manually refresh my LJ friends page.  When I want to visit TQC, I have to manually refresh that page as well.  I shut the computer down when I'm done with it and restarting doesn't solve the problem.  

Does anyone have any idea how to make the internet automatically refresh itself upon opening?
Do you think the problem lies within the computer, Vista, or Internet Explorer?

ETA: I downloaded Firefox.  Problem solved.  Thank you.

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1. Has gmail been letting through a lot more spam lately? I'm wondering if they changed their algorithm. Usually they are very very good - very few false hits, very few misses.

2. I was looking at the ingredients list on Gas-X, and realized it is just simethicone, the same stuff that's in my favorite silicone-based sex lube. So does that mean I can save money and have the same happy results if I just drink a quarter-teaspoon of lube?

3. 20+ years ago, I was part of a large march on Washington for reproductive rights. We had a big rally on the National Mall (no, it's not a shopping mall), then marched along Pennsylvania Avenue past the White House. Our group had the bright idea to write messages on tennis balls, then when we got to the White House fence we ran up to the fence and threw our tennis balls through/over the fence onto the White House lawn. What would happen to us if we tried that today?

4. Hedwig & the Angry Inch or Rocky Horror Picture Show?

5. They're calling for nudes for this Wednesday's pic post on sf_drama. Should I post mine? Should I put them behind a cut, even though it will be a reply? What would be a fair warning to put in the cutline to protect the innocent or vulnerable from clicking by accident?

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1. What do you think it would take for you personally to end up homeless? What would you have to do to piss off your friends and family so much that they wouldn't help you at all or let you stay at their place while you get back on your feet?

2. What does an average entry level job (for someone with a degree) in YOUR city pay? (I know it varies from job to job but assuming it's a job that isn't law/medicine/engineering or some other specialty). Where do you live?

3. If you graduated from college, how much did your first job pay? Did the job require a degree?

2 unrelated questions

1. How does language translation of poetry work? I mean, I understand that words in french can be translated into english, but flow, rhythm and rhyme are so crucial, I don't get it. (I've been reading a lot of Arthur Rimbaud, and if it's this good in English, it must be insane in French)

2. The last guy I was seeing required, uh... a significantly larger condom size than the average male. Now that he and I have gone separate ways, I have a bunch of unused condoms that I'm not going to just throw away. I always keep a few in my purse or whatnot, but I'm fairly certain these would be too big for most. So let's say the next time I'm with a guy and he asks if I have a condom... is it insulting to say that I do, but I'm not 100% sure if he's big enough for it? How do I play that one off?

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Do you ever fantasize about having a completely different life(where you live,what you do as a job, how you dress)? 

What is the oldest thing you own?

Do you like small or little things(cups, knick knacks and the like)?
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Is this kosher?

So, I recently got a beautiful Star of David necklace from my mother. I love it and wear it pretty much every day. Wearing it at work didn't cross my mind until I was working with a client the other day and we were discussing their Christmas. I'm a psychologist and work mainly with children, parents and families. Do you think it's appropriate to wear a religious symbol like this while I am with clients? I could ask other psychologists but I want to get the opinion of "laymen" since none of my clients are psychologists ;-) I do sometimes see people wearing crosses at my organization, if that makes a difference. 

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Are you an approachable person?
What makes you approachable/unapproachable?

I can't find my keys. Should I use my spare car key to move my car so it does not get towed and risked getting locked out of the apartment by my neighbors since I don't have the key to the apartment? (the plough trucks aren't here yet, I think they are waiting for the snow to let up)
Someone want to help me find my keys?

I realized the other day when starting a new character that priests take a hell of a lot more effort to level on WoW than other classes. What seemingly obvious thing have you just recently figured out?

Anyone else not celebrate New Years?

Today has gone down significantly ever since I woke up. Should I give up on today and go back to sleep?

Edit: I found my keys

Game ?s

When playing Tic-Tac-Toe and you are 'X' meaning you go first which square do you usually start from?

What's your favorite game to play that doesn't require a television or a board?
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Here's what I wanna know

For XMAS there's a number of things we tend to associate with the event in the name of food. Same for Thanksgiving and I suppose Halloween...

...if candy counts.

What is New Year's food supposed to be? All I can think of is champagne. It can't just be champagne, can it?
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I need some input, gang. 

Due to some health issues, my brother-in-law (BIL) is supposed to really limit his alcohol consumption right now.  That isn't a big problem for him, so he and my sister still want to host our annual NYE party that we've had at the same house for close ten years now.

Here's my dilemma - do I take the holiday rum balls I made or leave them at home?  There is about 2/3 cup alcohol in thirty or so candies, and he loves chocolate and sweets.  I know he'll do his best and be good, but he's also being nice enough to host, so do I keep temptation out of his way and just not bring them, or figure that he's an adult and will limit himself accordingly?

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I received a gift card to Nordstrom for a crazy amount of money. I feel like if I don't use it today or tomorrow, I'll never use it because it's so far away from me and I just don't have the time with working and school.

I don't need new clothes and their clothes are expensive anyway and I want to stretch out the dollar amount.

Should I:

Buy a lot of make-up?
Get spa services?
Wait until I need to buy a fancy outfit?
Some combination of the above?

I considered buying a nice watch, but their website doesn't have any that I like. That's the only thing I can think of needing.

I'm leaning toward spa services, but I feel like that's kind of wasting it.
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anyone here ever taken effexor (specifically effexor xr)???

my husband takes 150mg and went the whole weekend without any because he couldn't get his prescription refilled on time.

How long does it take for the withdrawal symptoms to go away once you start taking it again?
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In your opinion, what is the most disgusting physical feature that a person could have? Personality quirk?

Contra wise, what is the most attractive feature? Personality quirk?

This question is gender unspecific.

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If you know you're going out to a club but you're not really in the mood, how do you get yourself in the mood?

I don't really wanna go but I know if I don't I'll end up moaning that I didn't do anything at New Year. Help!

would you...

Would you stay with a guy who can't save money, isn't going to college, lies about eventually going to college, lies in general,  has no ambition to work someplace OTHER then at a grocery store baggin groceries, and spends most of his money on video games when he's 19?

What if this same guy was also polite, considerate of you, goes out of his way to do things/buy things for you, is loyal, loving, NEVER gets angry or upset at you, wants nothing more then to be with you?

Could you see a stable future with a guy like this?

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Back in early December, I was in Hawaii and ended up stepping on a sea urchin. I spent two painful hours pulling out pieces of the spikes from my foot.
I still have the marks from it and there is one mark that is slightly painful, not enough to really hurt, but just enough to ache, if pressure is put on it.
Do I possibly still have a small piece of that stupid sea urchin in my foot and should I get it looked at?
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Will you tell us about your WORST romantic/kissy/sexy time experience, and what made it particularly bad?

Will you tell us about your WORST NYE?

Champagne with fresh strawberries in it: Y/N?
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International Notebook Adapters

I need a basic European adapter for my laptop power supply. My power supply is an HP 90v, and every adapter I've found is 110v+.

Where do I find one that works? Wtf do I do? The guys at Staples, Circuit City, and Radio Shack were no help.

Nevermind, I'm an idiot.

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is it bad to drink milk when you have a cold?


Right now, I have a cough, thats it, just a cough. It wakes me up in middle of the night still, is it a bad idea to drink tonight for NYE?
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1. Do you have any special NYE traditions that involve food? We always have nachos...I'm so thrilled, I've been craving them like a pregnant woman.
2. Am I lame for suggesting a Star Wars marathon as the main event for the evening? Because it's happening.
3. This is a dumb question, but I started a new job, and my schedule was mailed to me, because I am OOT, and it says "7x to 3x". That means 7:30 to 3:30, right?
4. How are you feeling today?
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Should I go to this show?

On the Plus side:
It would be my third time seeing them -- the second time seeing them at this venue.
They're hilarious.
I have a picture with them, but I want a better one. And autographs.

On the minus side:
I am currently unemployed, and I'd be dipping into my backup funds. (Despite this, I'm fairly certain I will get a job soon.)
The show is three hours away, and judging by when the show will be over/the amount of time I'd be waiting for them after the show, I might not get home until 2 or 3am.
I don't have anyone to go with (yet).

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On Friday I have a second interview for a job I would absolutely love to get. I've mostly stayed home for the past three years with my daughter and the jobs I did have didn't do extensive interviews. My first interview went well (obviously) but this time I'm meeting with the president of the company and I'm extremely nervous.

Will you give me some tips on how to make sure I interview well?

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We might be having people over for NYE tonight, only a handful of us at the most, I guess. Should we bring the Wii out and try to kick each other's butts at bowling? Or should we just get drunk?

What was the last thing you baked?

How often do you change your desktop picture?

What is it now?

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Haruhi disappearance
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1) TQC, the house I will be going to have the following liquors and such:

Banana Rum
regular light Rum
Kahlua (however you spell it)
Beer/other malts

and also:
Daiquiri mix

What should I partake in, tonight? Champagne isn't allowed to be opened until midnight, lol.

2) What are the best vitamins(besides C) to boost your immune system?

3) What is the subject of your main calendar for 2008? What do you use it for? Mine's Red Sox, and I use it to note when I need to pay bills :D

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when i was little i used to think when there was a song playing in a shop and i mimed along - people who saw me would think it was me actually singing the record. so i used to do it all the time even if i didnt know the words, thinking i was some popstar strutting about the store.
what things did you used to think or believe/do when you were little that you now look back on and see how silly it really was?

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I know this question has been asked millions of times but I can't find the last entry for this topic. But, if you're Australian (because I've found out the names of the products are different as are what is available) what was the best medicated, over the counter, pimple cream for you? And I don't mean 'clean and clear' or 'clearasil' i mean what type from those brands, they both have several.
I just got the 'clearasil pimple treatment: vanishing' one but I'm not sure if it's any good or what. (and yes, i know that this stuff doesn't work for everyone, but I wanted to try.

Also, I'm going to Hong Kong in a few days. What should I pack/do before I go, that I may be forgetting/might be good to do? (beyond things like 'socks') Also I'm a writer, and I also like craft and reading, and I like to do a *little* of that on holiday in the hotel room at night. So what should I take for that?

What's something that you like taking on holiday with you that you don't necessarily need? (other than something like mp3 player)
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I cannot seem to remember the name of the word processor commonly used in Linux. Does anybody know what it is called? Can it be used on Windows XP? If not, what can I use to read ODT files?

EDIT: Got answer! Thanks people!

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I'm going to a "black tie" new year's party tonight. How do I spice this dress up?

I'm thinking red ribbon around the waist, some sparkly necklace, and black shoes. I think I'm going to curl the ends of my hair like this (but I have bangs.)

What do you think?

No comments on the dress's ugliness itself. It's my backup :(

eta: What kind of makeup?
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Hallo and happy almost new year.

Ever since I started using BookMooch, my bookshelf is looking much, much awesomer. Part of my goal for the upcoming year, though, is expanding it further.

I'm looking for interesting books (fiction or non) about science and history specifically, but if you have books that I omg need and will die without, I'd love to hear them.

Keeping in mind that I have a vague disinterest in history and am trying to broaden my horizons, what are your suggestions for books that I need to add to my collection?
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If there is a particular brand of clothes/shoes/sweaters whatever that you prefer the fit over more reliable brands.... but they don't last six months of wear and tear.... do you keep buying them and replacing them, or do you just go for the other not-as-appealing fit of the more reliable brand?

I keep buying and replacing them but I wish they were more reliable in terms of wear and tear.

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Why isn't the google search function working for my firefox?  For that matter, why isn't google loading?

What's a good webpage to help count WW points?  (Is it free on the weight watchers site?)

(no subject)

1. What kind of underwear do you prefer?
2. What is the best way to cool down when it's really hot and humid?
3. What is the best way to warm up when it's really cold?
4. Are you dressing up for tonight?

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TQC, I need you to direct my life.  I am 30, single, fat but reasonably cute, and I just bought a pair of knee high, skin tight boots with 3 inch heels.  These are boots that scream sexy!

Should I take my lonely, socially awkward, pathetic self out tonight and break in my new boots by dancing?  I would be going solo.  One friend is out of town, and the other is a geeky dork who screams like a girl at the thought of bars, much less dancing.

If I get all dolled up, is there a possibility that I might even get laid?
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For those of you who use Firefox, what search engines do you have in that little bar in the task bar? (I'm not sure how to better to explain it, sorry)

I have:
- Google
- Wikipedia
- Youtube
- Urban Dictionary
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happy new year TQC!

so, this is a srs question. i have two little sisters, 7 and 4, our mom died last year and their dad/my stepdad's hardly ever around, so it becomes a huge chore when it comes to signing permission forms and getting him around to go into the school, as their legal guardian and stuff. i'd like to become one of their legal guardians. does anyone know how i should go about that? i'm not trying to get into a custody battle, i'd just like to share guardianship if possible.

i'm 19, i live in toronto, canada.

how do i go about becoming their legal guardian?

OT: anyone else trying to get in shape in 2008? :P
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Suppose you are taking an entry level course in college. In this course, you have an online test.

To take the online test, you log into your school's website (blackboard, whatever you have) and take the test from your home or wherever you want to take it from.

Do you cheat? (Look up answers in the book, look up answers online, take the test with other friends...etc).

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Happy Early New Years, TQC~

What should I drink in tonight? Non-Alcoholic Sangria or Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider?
I'm drinking some NA Sangy right now.

Do you do anything special for New Year's DAY? Not Eve. Day?
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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1) What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done while watching a movie, tv show, commercial, or trailer?

I was watching a Stargate Atlantis trailer and screamed so loud at a particular spoiler that I woke my parents up. I also cried during the SGA episode Sunday, and I never cry from fictional works.

2) Why have I not been exposed to the awesomeness that is Mythbusters until now?

3)What's the cutest thing your pet's done lately?
My Puddlejumper kitty walked over to me today while I was laying on the rug and butted my head and nipped my ear to get out of his sunlight. Greedy thing, but so cute.
He also jumped onto my lap while I was using the bathroom, which was kinda annoying, but still cute.

4) Will you post the one most adorable picture of your pet that you have?
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5) How awesome is Stuff On My Cat?

6) Is that enough questions for now?
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Electric drum kits.

I'm looking into getting an electric drum kit, as my regular kit won't fit into the place I'm renting now. Has anyone here switched to an electric after playing on a standard kit? How do they compare? If I end up playing with a band, how good are electrics for performing? Anything else I should consider or know about them?
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I made myself a pizza earlier.  When I was eating it I burned the top of my mouth.  It doesn't hurt, bu I can feel a blister on the top of my mouth when I run my tongue over it.  Should I pop this blister?  IF so, how would I do that without hurting myself?
Christmas Jim and Pam

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1. What's an online site that sells interesting/cute/cool things I can furnish my new apartment with? (Like comforters, lamps, rugs, etc)
2. What's the last thing you splurged on for yourself?
3. Did you have to work today?
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Have you seen those pictures that are supposed to be fake posters for bell peppers and apricots and whatnot, and they say things like "LOOK AT THESE FUCKING PEPPERS, FUCK YEAH, RED PEPPERS", etc.? Could you link me to some? My googlefu fails me.

Not only did I not get today or tomorrow off like I requested ages ago, but I got out late this evening, and two people who could've covered for me got sent home early. Is this a job for Godzilla?

My mom gave me a sip of some Watermelon Pucker to celebrate the new year, and it tastes like sour cough syrup. Pretty much all alcohol tastes too horrible to drink. Does anyone else experience this?

Did you know that the US mint is making some gold dollars to commemorate all the presidents?

What time do you usually show up for a movie at the theater - Early, late, right when it starts?

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Has anyone ever taken their pet with them on an airline flight?

I'm visiting family and my aunt can't take care of the puppy that was given away to her, so I've agreed to take it home. I'm leaving tomorrow and it's a 3-hour flight. The pup is only about 8 weeks old so I have to take him with me in a carrier. I also read online something about "carohydrate loading". Does anyone know what thats all about? (

Any tips on taking a puppy through the airport and on a plane would be greately appreciated!
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I am taking up drawing, and bought a kit of standard charcoal and drawing pencils that came with a blender white thingy, an eraser, a sharpener and this thing of sandpaper...

wtf is the sand paper for? Is it too sharpen the charcoal pencils??

I work overnight and was wondering if anyone knew of anything that I could do to my house when I get off work that might start off the year on a good foot. (*the less moneys I has to spend the better unfortunately.*)

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I'm so bored, the weather is shitty so I have nowhere to go and nothing to do. Would it be super pathetic of me to get drunk and watch America's Next Top Model while messing around on the computer in my room? I'm fighting with myself about it because, on one hand, I feel like it would be a bit sad, but on the other hand I would be drunk and not caring about it being sad. This New Years Eve sucks.
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Is Law and Order:Criminal Intent moving back to NBC?

I saw an ad during the Law and Order marathon yesterday that said the new season of The 4400 is beginning soon. This had to be a mistake, as it has been cancelled, right?

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Would it be a turn off for you if a person who writes poems said that he likes it to rhyme a lot? He/She says that he/she cares about the flow a lot and tend to go on a website to find words that rhyme when he/she writes his/her poems.

I find that to be a turn off because I like poems to come from the heart and from the emotions, rather than from cool-sounding words.

What do you think?
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If you could recreate the holidays, how would you?
If I could recreate New Years, it would be New Ears Day. Everyone would get their ear blown off and replaced in the next year. Also, instead of a big ball dropping, 5 story baby would drop out of a giant birth canal and proceed to stampede everyone in sight.