December 30th, 2007

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The song "Never Wanted Nothing More" has been stuck in my head. If you wrote a song titled "Never Wanted Nothing More," what would it be about?

My sister and I are excellent at relaxing, resting, napping and sleeping well. We think there's no skill more desirable. Are you a good self-soother?

What are you regretting right now?

What is your greatest aspiration right now?

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Movie that raped/will rape your childhood the most?

Alvin and the Chipmonks
Horton Hears a Hoo
Cat in the Hat
Xmen (any of them)
Speed Racer
Star Wars - Episodes 1, 2 or 3
Brady Bunch movie
Where the Wild Things Are
I'm a Quitter

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1) What did you think you'd have accomplished by 2008, but haven't?

2) Do you think you're going to be with your current SO for the rest of your life?

3) When was the last time you flew?

4) Where did you go?

5) Which airport did you fly out of and in to?

6) How long was your flight delayed, if at all?

7) What was the reason?
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In Harry Potter (spoiler warning from now on), a wizard or witch would see a thestral (sp) if they saw someone die.

A thestral is described as having "blank, white, shining eyes," a "dragonish face", "long, black manes", "great leathery wings", and the "skeletal body of a great, black, winged horse"

If you don't mind saying, which of you would see a thestral?
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Pretend that you have a significant other, if you don't.

You significant other doesn't seem to want to spend time with you (either that or he/she is very neutral about it) on New Year's Eve. Are you offended? How offended?




Over the course of my life, I have noticed people's hair. When I was in middle school, the "in" thing to do was have these chin-length type hair cuts and all the popular girls had shorter hair. Now that I'm in college and live in a different state, it seems like all the girls I know (especially popular girls who care about what's "in" or not) have long hair past their shoulders. In fact, hardly any girls have shorter hair and it's been that way for a while.

I. What could account for this startling phenomenon?

My main question: I've always wondered if it was the fact that younger girls are expected to have shorter hair, or was it just the 90's versus the 00's?
Or could both be just a regional thing?

II. Have any of you noticed this, or other weird hair trends?

III. If you're a female, do you have long or short hair and why? (You can answer this if you're a guy, too, but it won't be as relevant, sadly.)
My answer: I've got short hair because long hair seems more elegant to me, and I'm not an elegant person. Although I think I'm growing it out soon for the sake of variety before I chop it off again.

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This one has been bugging me for awhile, but is too taboo to ask my friends, so I ask you, TQC:

When you are taking a dump, do you push the toilet paper in under you from the right side or the left side? Why? If you are at a public place or a friends house, how do you cope with the TP being on the other side?

Edit: Tell me something interesting that goes through your head when using the bathroom.

New Year's Resolutions

This has probably been asked already. But try to think of one new year's resolution. Just one.

I made this one last year, but it just seems kind of key:

 Check my dayplanner at least 2-3X a week.
(Every day didn't work so well..)

And by the way, good luck, this is going to be the year we actually keep them.


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Okay, so this is a really obscure question.

I'm trying to recall the name of a movie...

It was an animated movie of the 90's about a little girl who received a gold ring from her grandmother that helped her get out of danger by guiding her with a golden thread projecting from the ring itself.

She is captured by some underground creatures and is asked to marry one of the leaders but needs to escape and does so by using the ring's thread to guide her out. She also had a great singing voice; singing drove the creatures back.

Does anyone remember the name of this movie? This is driving me crazy.
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Which would be more satisfying: a starring role in one of Marquis de Sade's orgies, or playing referee in a debate between Charles Darwin and Jerry Falwell? Consider "satisfaction" in every aspect of the word.
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Should I take notes on a laptop or by hand in notebook this coming semester?

laptop pros: I can type faster and thus record more information
laptop cons: I don't really listen to the professor as much

writing pros: I write slower and am forced to extract more main ideas than supporting details, which might prove more useful?
writing cons: I write slower and might miss something I would have caught if I were typing.

How do you take notes and study?
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Do you have any Mario Bros wall papers?

Last time someone asked for desktops someone posted a really cool Hi-Res Mario 3(i think) level wallpaper I forgot to save. I searched but could not find the post!

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 If you're married: 

Do you and your spouse both drive? Do you each have your own car? If you only have one car between the two, who drives the most? Do you know how to drive? Would you feel better if you had two cars?

Suggested museum price

I'm half-asleep and about to go to the Natural History Museum in NY. I haven't gone since I was about 11. None of my friends are awake to ask this and I feel kind of stupid, but...

Does "suggested museum price" mean that you don't have to pay the full admission? Does that mean you can pay how much you want to?

I know when I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I paid like, a dollar. But the Natural History Museum's suggested price is $22, so I'm wondering if it's the same kind of deal.

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1. Is there a video of this?

2. What do you usually say when you're surprised or shocked? For example,when you accidentally drop something to the floor or when your friend scares you from behind etc.
I tend to say "fuck" and I seriously need to change that.
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1.How do YOU stay positive/optimistic/hopeful when faced with adversity?

2.Is anyone here going to be alone on New Year's Eve?

3.How many times have you been to court? What for?

4.Has anyone here NEVER done something that they cuold be arrested for?

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 When you answer questions on here, do you:

A: Refresh your friend's page through out the day to see what new questions pop up and answer right then and there.
B: Let the questions build up and then come to the community page and answer all the questions at once.
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what would you like to tell the internet?

let me tell you internet, I have a difficult temperament.

what resolutions can you keep?

I promise to work hard and then crash. I will bitch after this happens. Much to the chagrin of all, I will sleep for a week.

is kirby from the nintendo games really a guy?

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Did you ever run away when you were you were young? Why?

(Either when you were really young like five and ran away to the back yard, or fifteen because of whatever reason. Those are just examples.)

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 I'm a little hungry right now. My normal break is at noon, but I moved it to 1 so I can go to a visitation for my friend's wife's funeral. Should I eat now, or wait until noon? I have no problem eating at my desk. 

Did you have to pack a lunch today? 

I brought a turkey sandwich on wheat bread and a tangelo. 

What'd you bring?

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Have you ever played Boomshine?

How many tries did it take you to beat level 12?

Is there any real strategy to this game or is it mostly just luck?

My friend beat level 12 in one try last night after I'd been going at it for like 10 mins. It made me so mad!
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Where is the website that lets you get legitimate free versions of lesser-known software/games you'd normally have to pay for? Each day there's a different program and game, and you have to install it that day, but then it's free.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?

Since that question's already answered,

what is the last piece of computer software you downloaded?
Paid for?
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I've worked Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas. I asked two weeks ago for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day off of work, and my manager said okay. I woke up this morning with a feeling that I'm going to go in today and find that I don't have them off. He gets pissy when people switch shifts and nobody's going to want to take my shift anyways. What should I do if this is the case?

Why do people order things we don't have? It's not on the menu, why are you ordering it?

Do you like Spaghetti-os?

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1. When was the last time you played Monopoly?
2. Have you played any of the variations of Monopoly?
3. What is your favorite piece to play with (of the classic ones)?
4. What is your favorite property?

1. Last night!
2. My sister owns Michiganopoly, the U of M version. I want to do a make-your-own version someday.
3. the iron!
4. either Marvin Gardens or St. James Place

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Best Will Smith movie? Pick the one you think he was best in

Bad Boys
Bad Boys 2
Independence Day
I am Legend
Six Degrees of Separation
Pursuit of Happyness
Wild Wild West
Shark Tale
Men in Black
Men in Black 2
I, Robot
Legend of Bagger Vance

Best Drew Barrymore movie? Pick the one she was best in

Never Been Kissed
Fever Pitch
Wedding Singer
Music and Lyrics
50 First Dates
Charlies' Angels
Charlies Angels: Full Throttle
Home Fries
Ever After
Mad Love
Bad Girls
Lucky you

Best Tom Cruise movie? Pick the one he was best in

Few Good Men
Born on the Fourth of July
Mission Impossible (any of them)
Vanilla Sky
Color of Money
Top Gun
War of the Worlds
Last Samurai
Minority Report
Jerry Maguire
Interview with the Vampire
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You know how girls say: "I hate guys that play games. If a guy likes me, he should just come right out and say it."

You know why they always complain about "games"? Because guys that play games are the ones they always fall for. And the guys that don't, are the ones they can more easily control.

Agree or disagree?

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1. Do you have a nickname? What is it?
2. If you could give yourself a nickname, what would it be?

3. What would you chnage your name to if you could?

1. I have no nicknames :(
2. VJ, Jay
3. Nicola Jones

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What would you like to tell someone but can't find anyone to tell?

I want to tell someone that my mum delivered a baby last night in a car, and that I was also on the TV last night.
EDIT: for the interested, it was her friends daughter. No one believed that her waters had actually broken, eventually they went to the hospital [ I think my mum went just for the ride] and the baby sort of dropped into her jogging bottoms about 5 minutes down the road! My mum used to be a nurse and my brother was born in a similar way.

Nativity Scene - When does Baby Jesus show up?

1. If you (your family) puts up a nativity scene, do you put it up all at once, or are there stages? Like, do you wait until Christmas day to put the baby Jesus in the manger, because that's when he was born? Do the wise men wait until Epiphany?

2. If Jesus returned today, would he eat at Burger King or McDonalds?

3. Do Kosher hot dogs really taste better?

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If you're having a bad day, do you ever just go back to bed for awhile?
Would you, if you didn't have other things that had to be done?

I'm seriously contemplating it. Today has not gone well.
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This is probably obvious but I'm easily confused:

I'm thinking about taking the Metra in from the suburbs to Chicago during the day of New Years Eve to see my parents, but am trying to figure out what schedule will apply that day. Is NYE considered a holiday, or will it run on the regular weekday schedule? When I go to their website they post a few extra trains that are running outbound that day, but don't say if the rest of the regular schedule is considered a "regular day" or not. Is it just New Years Day that's a holiday?

Ok, and for something more interesting.
I'd like to get lunch downtown if I go into the city, because I miss non-chain restaurants. For those of you familiar with Chicago, what's your favorite restaurant, and where in town is it? Best items on the menu?

My favorite place to go is Greektown but I'd like to try some new stuff.

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1) What do you think about people who hug someone that they've only known for an hour and will probably never see again?

2) If your whole neighborhood was invited to a neighbors house, these neighbors are your immediate neighbor but you don't know their names, how would you say goodbye when you leave (wave, handshake, hug)?

3) At said party, would you take a plate of food to go before the host asks you to take a plate home?

4) How would you react if someone told you their life story right after you meet them (sharing where you work, where you were born, when you got married, etc.) and you will probably never see them again?

5) If the person who told you their life story was the same person who hugged you goodbye an hour after meeting them, would you go out of your way to keep your distance from them if you were to ever meet again or would you just accept and appreciate the person's outgoingness?

pet loss

If you lost a pet, how long was it before you got another of the same kind?
Do you go for similar or different pets after losing one?

-My bunny died when I was 17 (he was 5). Three and a half years later I got another. All of my current bunnies look and act very different from each other and from my first bunny.

-My grandparents got a pet-store puppy who'd been given his shots too early. They got another, similar looking dog the same day that he died. Fourteen years later, that dog died and they waited 18 months before getting another one. The first was a white-ish lhasa, the second a bichion, and the current a shih-tzu/bichion mix (she has a bichion nose but shih tzu paws).

-My sister had a bichion who died when she was less than 2 of kidney failure. Three years later, she got a chihuahua.

-We have 4 dogs at my house. My shih-tzu (11) and my mum's lhasa (13) are being put to sleep n Jan 2. My sister moved out but her chihuahua (2) and cockerspaniel/poodle mix (6) live here. Shandy (shih-tzu) was the first and only dog to be truly mine. It will be a long time before I'm ready for another dog but when I get one it will be very different- a boxer or lab most likely.
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Kindive specific-> Has anyone been to a poetry slam at the Bowery Poetry Club in NYC? Good, Bad? What was it like? Is it casual like jeans and such? Any tips/advice/good stories?

1. Do you often made to-do lists?
I do. It makes me feel better when I get to cross stuff off.

2. In general,Pens or Pencils?

3. What is your favorite kind of cookie?
I'm boring-chocolate chip

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What invention do you think was a really good idea, but never just fully worked out?

(I'd have to say universal remotes. Every remote we have is a "universal" remote...but we have four all in one room.)
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Early morning poop issue

My dog has a serious dingleberry problem at the moment. I've cut some of the poop from his bum, but I'm afraid to cut more closely because I don't want to accidentally cut his skin. I need something to soften the turds so that I can wash them out, or something. How should I properly wipe my dog's ass?

eta because there wasn't a question
lead me

new year's party question number ten million.

throwing a new years party tomorrow. i just found out today that most of my guests will be showing, so i've put off preparing until... tomorrow morning. yay. background: we're college students, we typically don't drink unless it's a special occasion, and we're all nerds to some degree.

1. should i buy a party tray or make my own? if i make my own, i'm going to get grapes, apples, caramel dip, pretzels, and cheese and some crackers, i think. ideas, suggestions?

2. inexpensive champagne suggestions? i'm going to kroger if that makes a difference. i had something really good from there last year but i don't remember what it was. i remember mom saying she thought i wouldn't like it, though.

3. has anyone ever made their own wine glass markers?

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Do you have friends or relatives who are spelling/pronunciation/grammar nazis?

Do you not mind when they correct your spelling/pronunciation/grammar or does it bug you to no end?

Do you think different regional dialects/pronunciations of certain words are annoying or do they add spice to life?

Kitty-corner or catty-corner?

I have a friend who's an editor and, I don't think she means to do it, but she can't turn off her bad grammar radar. She has to point out every little mistake she finds in articles, on billboards, in e-mails, etc. It drives me bonkers sometimes.
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Another NYE related question...

This New Year's my friends and I are actually going to spend money on alcohol i..e none of that Keystone and Smirnoff bullshit we're so used to due to being broke college students. We want to have actual nice drinks and alcohol.

What are your favorite drinks? Bonus points if you can tell me how to make them so I don't have to Google it.

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1.  What's the stupidest thing you've done sexually?

2.  Were you ever defered when applying to college?  Did you end up getting in?

3.  Who would you like to see go to the Super Bowl?

4.  What will you be doing in 2008?
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Make up & Guys

Today I was talking to my little brother, 16, and he brought up the opinion that teenage boy's should be allowed to wear make up just like girls. He said that it's not fair that when I, 18, have acne I can fix it with a little cover up and look good as new. He has begun to use a little of my Loreal Paris powder foundation.  This is not an everyday plus touch ups thing... maybe once or twice a week on the nose when his acne is particularly bad.

TQC, what do you think about boys wearing cover up for their acne?
Is it really that much different than girls using it?
Would you call a guy out who was wearing foundation?
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My 1999 VW Passat starts to smell like burning rubber after about 5-10 minutes of driving. It also has very light smoke coming from the engine. I've changed the oil, there are no visible leaks, and it's not the filter. This started happening a few weeks ago and I'm taking it to the shop on Wednesday. Anyone think they know what's wrong? If so, how much would it cost me? I'm scared to get ripped off because I don't know anything about cars. :(
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i bought a new sweater today. it was on sale for $12. should i go back tomorrow and get more in other colors, or is one enough? i like it a lot, and would loooove to have more colors, but, i am just so super cheap, even during sales.

Collapse )

if i were to get more, what color(s) should i get? they had teal, black, red, brown, light pink, and dark green.

EDIT: thanks, you guys! i've decided: i'm going to back in a bit and get them in black, brown and teal!! YAY. i'm so excited.

EDIT2: i realized that the teal color was actually kind of blah, and i already have the blue one, so i got black, brown and dark green. they are from kohl's.
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Audio recording

Calling all musician types who use an audio recorder while they mess around on their instrument of choice! (I'm talking about recording while you're improvising so that you don't lose something good, not professional recording equipment.)

What is a cheap way to do this? I don't need anything fancy -- just a simple recorder to put on top of the piano while I play. Cassette tapes are a bit out of date, and I really don't have any idea what my other options are. Google research is only giving me fancy, expensive results. Clearly I am doing it wrong, so now I come to you.


I'm thinking of getting an Asus Eee. Anyone have one? Any comments?

The Eee uses Linux OpenOffice - how easy is it to write documents in OpenOffice's word processor and Microsoft Word and transfer between the two?
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1. Have you ever watched TV shows like Animal Cops or Animal Precinct, about animal rescue organizations and the animal abuse and neglect they have to deal with?
1b. Do you watch these types of shows regularly?

2. Have you ever watched TV shows like The Dog Whisperer or It's Me Or The Dog, about dog behavior and training?
2b. Regularly?

3. Do you think it should be legal for dogs to be kept tied up outside unsupervised?

4. Do you think people who breed their dogs/cats and sell the puppies/kittens should have to be licensed, regulated and their homes/facilities inspected?

5. Should it cost more to license an unspayed/unneutered dog or cat? How much more?

6. Should organized dogfighting be a felony?

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does anybody know how to stop collecting unemployment benefits? like, how to let them know that i no longer need it?

EDIT: i have not filed claims yet, and i have not collected any money yet. should i just not respond to any letters?
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Did you have any childhood dreams? Things you wanted to do when you were older? What were they? Are they still dreams or goals you have now?

All through out elementary school I wanted to own a hot air balloon.  I still do, even though I'm scared of heights.
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How good is your skin on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the best?

How bad does someone's skin have to be before you don't find them as attractive as you might've?

Do you like taking baths?

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What's your favorite It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia episode?

Charlie Got Molested and  Mac Bangs Dennis' Mom are my favorites.

eta: If you're watching tv, what are you watching?

Law & Order: SVU
Perkins Monocle
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"You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family"

If you could choose who was in your family, what 'famous' people would you like to have in yours?
Give a dog a home

2, 4, 6, 8...

How do I expatriate? I'm serious. Is it more of a pain in the ass than its worth?

I have a few games i want to put in a zip file and upload for someone. I don't have the install exe anymore, though. Am I SOL?

Why do furries seem so obsessed with paws?
An example.

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What is the weirdest thing you have mixed with alcohol? 

What is the strangest place you have gotten drunk?

Ever been pranked while drunk or passed out? 

Have you ever pulled a prank on someone who was drunk? 

Favorite meal to have after a night of drinking?

fish tales

Say there is a person who has developed a habit over the years of compulsive lying. But as far as you or anyone else knows, its all self-embelishing things: details about their college or relationships or just experiances in their life. They are very frequently exaggerated if not fabricated. Basicly all their friends know they are full of it but nobody really says anything about it to the tale teller in question. If it is ever suggested they are less than truthful, the person vehemently and angrily defends the accuracy of their tales.

How would you deal with such a person, especially if you were one of the friends of said person? Do you feel the tale teller's lying is morally acceptable because "no harm no foul"?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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1. Do you prefer to read books written in third or first person?
2. I just watched this horrible Lifetime movie about this girl who dresses in a fat suit to see what it's like to be fat, and all the kids at school are just brutal to her-- calling her names and just being really nasty. Now I know that oveweight people get treated differently-- but are people really that mean about it? Do people in the real world moo at overweight people? I never saw any of that at my school but maybe I wasn't paying attention.
3. What would you do if LJ shut down tomorrow for good?
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Have you ever gotten a personal loan? (namely for debt consolidation, but other stories are welcome too)

What were your experiences? Would you do it again?
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What should I do for New Year's Eve?

Stay at home for my parents' party, and therefore watch them and their friends get drunk and play Twister.
Go to a nearby town with my friend and his boyfriend, and party-hop all night, even though I won't know anyone else.
Go to the local gay club's New Year's Eve bash/drag queen show/dinner.
Go to a friend's house, where we'll probably just watch movies all night.
Nothing. Stay home anyway, but stay in my room with the door locked in order to avoid the drunks.
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heard what?

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 Does anyone know why the pink elephants went on parade in Dumbo? 

It seemed like a pretty random out of place thing to happen in that movie. 

ETA: Why the writers added that. I know he got drunk, but what a weird thing to put in a movie. I dont see Elephants when I am drunk. :P

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I love it when people call me out on something that I don't fully realize about myself. Maybe not publicly, but I'm always really thankful for it when they do it.  

What about you? Do you like it? How do you usually feel about it? How do you usually react to it?

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Did you change during 2007? How?
I changed a lot. I'm more realistic now and I matured a lot more when it comes to relationships. I have learned that friendships are the most important thing to me and I've found out who my true friends are. That sounds cheesy, but it's true.
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Does anyone else who's currently in college eat WAY better at school than at home?

I always hear people complaining about school food, but they must have a 5-star chef living at home with them. My parents are notorious for not keeping edibles in the house, and I'm too cheap to go buy my own groceries.
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I want to make cupcakes tonight because I got some new baking pans as a gift. One of my pans is for regular-sized cupcakes. The other one is for "mini-cupcakes/muffins." Do I have to change the cooking length significantly if I bake mini-cupcakes instead of the regular size? Any advice?

Black Sheep?

Has anyone seen the 2006 version of Black Sheep? I saw it at Target the other day and I almost picked it up but then I saw that it was horror and comedy. I veiwed the trailor and it still looks good but I was wondering what everyone thought of it. Is the humor funny or is it stupid?

Who are some good fantasy fiction writers?

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Hello TQC, I am loopy right now, how are you?

And since my daughter is sick my plans are to stay home and be on the computer. Who else is going to do that to keep me company?
jon snow

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My computer is 5 years old. Only part I ever upgraded is the memory to 1gb. I keep having to delete stuff because my computer only came with 27gb of hard drive space and my graphics card is 60mhz.
Should I continue to upgrade parts or buy a new computer?
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Who was the United States President that had a made for tv movie about ten years ago, that was about his affairs with his servants? All I remember is one of the servants who was biracial having a child by the president, and the mid-wife exclaiming that the child was white as snow. Anyone remember?
Dwight Howard


Where can I get free ringtones that can be sent directly to my phone?

I used to use PhoneZoo, but then the site went through a lot of changes and I don't like it anymore.
omgyay by: dakinigrl

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1. Do you ever feel responsible for other people's parties?

2. Do you play pinochle?

3. Are you/have you ever been a controlling person? If so, how did/are you planning to stop it?

4. Is anyone else excited to go back to school/work after New Years if you haven't already gone back?

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hopefully this won't sound too stupid but what is a resale shop?

i want to donate some clothes to a domestic violence shelter but the one i managed to find says i have to donate it to the resale shop...

so what i'm wondering is:

what happens on my part at the resale shop?  do i just drop the clothes off and be on my way?  do i sell them the clothes?

also, what happens on their part after i donate?  do they sell these donated items and use the money to help the victims?

gasp zooey

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For all of you with a huge amount of LJ friends -

1. Do you read all the entries on your f-page?

2. Do you have separate friends groups for your communities and friends' personal journals?

3. How many people on your f-list do you actually know and talk to, and how many are just random people you added?

4. How many people on your f-list do you know irl?

5. How did you end up adding so many friends?

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For those of you who are married: What was your wedding song or first-dance song or whatever?

For those of you who aren't: What song would you like to have as yours?

For anyone: What are songs that you and past SOs have had as "your song"?
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computer help

The screen on a laptop is busted so I had it connected to an old monitor. I had to unplug the laptop from the monitor but now need to re-attach it. I have the laptop connected to the monitor but nothing is showing up. I thought all I had to do was attach the chord and press F4 but is isn't working. What else do I need to do?

(Gateway laptop running on Windows XP if that matters.)

Thank you!!(I wasn't pressing the Fn with the F4)*head desk*

When was the last time you made a stupid mistake?
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For people who have made chocolate chip cookies from scratch...

All the recipes call for both white sugar and brown sugar. One even says I can replace sugar with maple syrup. I only have white sugar and maple syrup. What should I do? Can I just use all white sugar?

Also, since I'm just gonna go with a random recipe online, do you recommend one? Should I use the Nestle one?

Update: Thanks, everyone. It turns out I did have brown sugar, so problem solved. I added a teeny bit too much baking powder though, so they're kinda... acidic.

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1)are there a lot of cable premieres of movies lately?

jesus camp on a&e...grizzly man on animal planet... am I just noticing because I started to watch tv again?

2)do you like those old style soft peppermints that melt in your mouth?


3)do you file your nails?


4)do you like rice cookers? are cheap ones good?
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Do you do this thing where you think you're real sick but you won't go to the doctor to find out about it 'cause they make you stay real still in a real small space as they chart up your insides and put them on display?

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For law school:
Am I better off going somewhere that I can get into, not easily, but is an extremely prestigious school or should I go somewhere that I can get into pretty easily and will be at the top of my class?
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I'm cheap

*Give my icon a New Years look for free sex or cookies?

*Have you seen the movie Clash of the Titans? What did you think of it?

*Do you gag when cleaning your ears with a Q-Tip?

*Are you experiencing dry patches on your skin?

*Has anyone ever pissed on you?

smart shops?

do you know what a smart shop is?

have you been to one?

how common are they?

(I don't think they exist in the United States. We have HEAD SHOPS but not smart shops. I could be wrong)
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1. Have you ever been to the Melting Pot?

2. Do situations in your life inspire your questions or are they completely random/hypothetical?

3. If you watch TV, what is your favorite medical show?

4. Your favorite legal/cop show?

5. Let's say you are at an age where you could financially and emotionally have kids but you don't for whatever reason. Would you date someone with a kid? A few kids? Why or why not?

6. I have a problem where I'd rather quit/give up instead of putting in effort and then failing. Even though failure isn't guaranteed, it's a possibility and I refuse to allow it. This has happened in school, jobs, relationships, etc. Do you do this too?
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1. What do you always forget to pack on a long trip?

2. Have you ever used a laptop lock? How effective are they (IE, are they worth shelling out $25-35 for one)?

3. What are your favorite recipes using the fewest ingredients possible?

4. What is the last book you read? Was it good?
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usually when someone says so and so "hooked up" with someone or is "hooking up" with someone i take it to mean having sex with but i know some people just use hooking up to mean kissing or whatever else.

SO what does "hooking up" mean to you?

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- What do you like to have with you when you take a bath?

I like having a book, iPod stereo, and some tea. And comfy clothes to change into.

- What children's books did you like as a kid?

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. I made my mom read it to me every night.

family business

1) have you ever had to deal with someone going through menopause or depression?

2) what about someone who won't admin to going through either?

3) have you ever gone into business with someone and later realised you just can't get along?

4) how do you sort out money problems between family?

.. thanks. ILY question club! :) ♥
archer / pam.
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I live in a townhouse and I share one wall with my neighbour next door. They have three teenage girls, all of whom play the piano. I can hear this piano through my wall. It's not faint, either, it sounds like it's in my house. During the day, this doesn't bother me, but lately they've decided to play it in the evening. It's 10:40 now and it's been going on for the last hour.

I know it's not late now, but I'm exhausted and have to work in the morning. I want to go over but I don't want to be rude. How do I politely tell them to knock it off?

At what time would you not tolerate that kid of noise? How late is too late?


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Do you know anyone who talks SO much that you can never get a word in edgwise and they would talk for hours and hours if you let them? How do you usually detach yourselves from those people when they strike up a conversation with you?

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"Whenever I get a package of plain M&Ms, I make it my duty to continue the strength and robustness of the candy as a species. To this end, I hold M&M duels.

Taking two candies between my thumb and forefinger, I apply pressure, squeezing them together until one of them cracks and splinters. That is the "loser," and I eat the inferior one immediately. The winner gets to go another round." from here

Do you do that? I just read that and I totally do that, mostly to skittles though.

Do you turn your mashed potatoes and gravy into a volcano?

In what other ways do you "play" with your food?
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Has an episode of a cartoon ever made you cry?
The dog episode of Futurama makes me cry every time I watch it.

Has a regular, live-action tv show ever made you cry?

Has a movie ever made you cry?
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Does anyone remember the one girl that posted who went to stay with her sister and her dad for Christmas but when she got there she discovered they had a very dirty house? What is her user name? Did she go home or stay?

Is there anything you wish someone would post an update about in tqc_updates?

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When the answers are just so far away...
WHY Every time I reach for the sky I can only reach so high
WHY Every time I headbutt a brick wall I always crack my skull
WHY?!!! Every time I stab somebody I always get my clothes bloody
WHY Every time I drive down the wrong side of the street everybody wanna beep
WHY Every time I drink a little gasoline I shit my spleen
WHY Every time I try to fly like a birdie I wind up on a girdie
WHY Every time I stab my eyes with an icepick I can't see shit
Every time I raise my arms in celebration playahation
Just because I'm dead, decayed and passed you GIVE ME NO ASS
Just because I chew on thumbtacks I get blood on my snack

Why won't you tell me why someone tell me why jesus tell me why I must tell me why someone tell me why I must find out why WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY no matter why DON'T FUCKING LIE

I admit I can't can't explain them can't explain can't can't can't explain