December 29th, 2007

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dance party

What are some of the songs that you can't help dancing to when they come on? Totally rock out songs acceptable too.
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I thought about this a long time ago, more so when MySpace was extremely popular...would "creating" a person/character (not myself, possibly using a friend) for somewhat of a social experiment would be:
A)Really stupid/lame
C)Stupid but fun
D)Other ____?

I don't know, it would interest me to observe or figure out what makes certain people appealing/interesting to others. I.E, this guy I know of is a so called "MySpace Celebrity" (like Tila Tequila and Forbidden) but he is the COMPLETE opposite of how he is in real life, and also gave one of his girlfriends a complete makeover and made her one of these e-celebs. They both have 60,000+ friends. They're now doing shows in Vegas together.

Edit: My dog is eating tissues, why?

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1. What should I do on New Years Eve? Boring...but...
a) Go out with my barely legal cousin and her friends at some street event.
b) Party with my college friends in Marriot, celebrating the year we turn 21.
c) Sit at home and start reading A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini that I just got.

2. Do you normally like crowds or crowded places?

3. Is it possible to get drunk from drinking one Cosmopolitan? (because my friend did a few months ago, it's weird)

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If you were at a job for a short period of time, but suddenly got very sick, would you call in sick or suck it up? Would your answer change depending on what it was you caught? Or where you worked?

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Since Christmas is obviously over, how should I edit my icon now?

Will you post a picture of yourself so I (or anyone else with Photoshop, hint hint) can use the liquify tool on you?

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Has anyone heard of Mannatech? What are your thoughts on it?
My ex was pushing my mum to try mannatech. I heard all of these wonderful stories about it, and thought it was a good idea, until I found out how much money his mum makes from it, and found that a bit dodgy. So I researched it, and found no scientific proof, no trials, no tests, just testimonials.. Obviously there are people who get better after taking it, but is that because of the mannatech, or is it just a placebo? Or stretching the truth to make more people buy it?
So, mannatech, good or bad?

EDIT: I'm talking about the ambrotose mannatech products.
gasp zooey

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What do you think of lj users who put "reviews" of themselves in their profiles (as in, quotes from other users about that person)?

Are you "popular" enough to have so many people talk about you online that you can have these quotes in your profile?
Sam outside

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1. Can you talk to your friends about anything?
-I can talk to mine about anything except when it comes to how I truly feel about an ex of mine. It sucks =/

2. What's one thing that happened today that you weren't expecting?

3. What's sexier? A great sense of humor or intelligence? 

(no subject)

1. What is your favorite animal at the zoo?
2. Have you ever been to a water park? Did you have a good time?
3. Do you have curtains or blinds on your windows?
4. Are your earlobes pierced? How old were you when you got it done?

It has been a while

1: To all strung out Chinese acrobats, who had subway for dinner, do you pay your bills over the phone or by mail or on the internet?

2: To all women that drive nissan cars newer than 2002 model year and who are over 6'4 and 1/2'' in 4'' heels, what is your favorite neo-classical black metal band?

3: To all crippled saw mill workers under the age of 25 who are Tegan and Sarah fans, what is your favorite number?
nancy drew

(no subject)

1)How many times have you faked your death?
2)Why are shrunken heads so damn expensive?
3)Do you collect anything unusual/out of the ordinary/not boring? Like not stupid coins or baseball cards or shit like that. If so, what?
4)Do you have any made up swear words that you like to use?

(no subject)

1. Is anyone afraid of growing old?

I know I am. I would seriously rather die early than grow old.

2. Is this kind of a weird fear for someone my age? I'm seventeen. :C

3. Who is your favourite, but lesser-known, comic book hero?
jimmy urine


1. Have you ever been mistaken for a member of the opposite gender?

2. i'm considering getting a tattoo on my arm on my 18th birthday. on a scale of 1-10, how bad will this hurt?

3. The random question fairy has just given you three wishes. what do you wish for?

4. Can you tell I'm bored?
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Isobel Mahariel

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What combination of foods do you like to eat, but others find weird or gross?

My dad thinks it's weird that I like to eat pickles and cheddar cheese together. He and I both eat corned beef/corned beef hash mixed with creamed corn and lots of pepper. The other day, he ate luncheon meat (aka spam) mixed with pork and beans and potato chips. He likes to mix tortilla chips together with various soups, too.

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Do you have any irrational fears?

I have an intense fear of the dark/night. i don't leave my room for anything - bathroom, food, to get something from my car - at night when everyone is asleep because i'm too scared of the dark.

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1. Do you smile at strangers on the street when you make eye contact?
1b. If you don't, do you think the people that do are weird? Why/not?

2. If you saw a complete stranger crying as they passed you by, would you try to find out what was wrong? Why/not?

3. If you saw two people arguing on the street, would you try to break it up?
3b. Would anything change the way you react, such as:
- if one person suddenly hit the other
- if it was two men, two women, or a man and a woman
- if one was obviously trying to get out of it

4. If you listen to music while you're walking on the street, do you do it because you don't want people to stop and talk to you, or do you just want to listen to your music?

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What do you think of the douchebag in this picture? Do you think he looks like a douchebag? Do you think he looks like he has a big cock and can keep it up all night? Do you think he'd fuck me if I wore black? Cause I'd totally fuck him and I heard guys like it when girls wear black. I hope he likes it rough because I really like it rough. And all night. With a big cock. While wearing black. I hope he fucks me even though I'm annoying and unimaginitive but I should be okay if I wear black, right?
Give a dog a home

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What on earth should my husband and I do today? I woke up bored, if that's even possible.

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When you're pooping, do you read/do something? Besides pooping of course.

How can I make an animated icon less than 40kb without the quality suffering horribly?
Star, Star of Life, Life

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Is there any way to set up a buddy alert in Adium? I know in AIM you can set alerts for when individual people on your buddy list come online, and I would like to do something similar with Adium if its possible... Any help is appreciated!

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Does your brain ever feel fuzzy? like a radio full of static?

if so, what do you do when this happens?

what is your favorite type of hot chocolate?

do you hate donuts?

yes, I hate super sweet things in the morning.

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have you ever felt like you were dying?

have you ever actually come close to death?

..when I was about 4 or 5 years old the dentist gave me over an adult dosage of laughing gas/nitrous oxide. I couldn't stay awake for 3 days and I had to be rushed to the hospital. they said I could have died but really I just remember being incredibly sleepy all of the time. now they wonder why I'm 20 years old and I still have a mini panic attack when I go to the dentist.

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How do you differentiate between when you genuinely love someone and when you just care about them, in friendships mostly or other I guess?

I'm just now beginning to feel the difference in friendships.

doggies and beach boys

My dog's asleep next to me right now.
Does your dog ever dream?
Do you wake him up when he does?
(I'll let Milo dream if he's just running or barking, but when he whines I feel really bad and wake him up.)

Also: Have you ever noticed how dirty some of The Beach Boys' songs are?

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I also remember hearing one that said something like, "I like my women like I like my girls--thirteen, fourteen" but I can't remember the name. Sweet.

Maybe my mind has just been warped by public school? But I grew up with those songs and never caught the message.
abby genius


Because Google has been spectacularly unhelpful, as has the Rogers website, so I'm asking the Internets.

If I change my cell phone number (since I've moved across the province, I need a number local to where I am now), will that affect anything I have stored in my phone, like contacts, notes, reminders, photos, etc.? I use Rogers and my phone is a Nokia 6101. I'm fairly certain it won't, since I think the SIM card with the number is separate, but I want to check.
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Continuing the education theme:

Were you in gifted/talented classes as a student?
What grade did the program start in at your school?
What was the g/t program at your school called?
Were g/t students all in one class or pulled from regular classes?
Do you think it's important for schools to have g/t programs?

I ask mainly because the district I went to is basically dismantling their g/t program. Students will still be identified as g/t, but they will be in a regular classroom all day.

(no subject)

Have you taken the SAT?

Did you study?
Did you have a (hired) tutor/someone else to help you study/learn techniques/etc?

Did you have a (hired) tutor/someone else to guide you with your college applications? What to put, reading over essays, etc.

Do you think having these things affects scores/acceptance? Do you think it's unfair to anyone?

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Do you think my new camera takes good quality pictures? (aside from my crappy photography skills that is) I didn't Photoshop them at all except for resizing them a bit.
WARNING: It's a bit photo heavy under the cut, obviously

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It's a Canon PowerShot SD750 and I'm trying to decide if I should keep it or take it back and get a different one.

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Say you have two daughters that are ~3 years apart in age. The younger one looks up to the older one, but is smart enough to know right from wrong.

The older daughter starts hanging out with the wrong crowd around the age of 13-14. She starts doing things like shoplifting, smoking, and drinking. However, around the time she turns 15, she stops doing these things, starts hanging out with different people, and actually looks down on people who do shit like that.

Now, the younger sister is 13, and has also started hanging out with the wrong crowd. She's doing the same things her sister was doing, plus others. She's shoplifting pills and cough syrup from the drugstore, she gets caught with speed in her school bathroom. She also steals cigarettes from her mom and weed from her dad.

Who is to blame for the younger sister's behavior? Herself, her friends, the older sister, or the parents?

ETA: I am the older sister.

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1. is there a movie quote you can't help quoting from a movie you can't stand? what is it?

2. what conditions do you need to fall asleep? i need to be cold, to the point that it will be 15 degrees and i'll turn on the fan, open the window, and burrow under 4 blankets.

3. what song should i listen to/movie should i watch to cheer me up?
devils_sidekick - me smiling

Seat preferences

If your traveling by airplane and there are three seats across: the aisle, middle and the window seat. Which seat do you prefer and why?

With me, I prefer the aisle seat becuase then I won't have to bother anyone when I go to the bathroom.

Poll #1112869 Seat preferrence

Which seat is best

It dosen't matter
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(no subject)

1. what is the CUTEST baby animal in your opinion? will you include visual evidence to back up your claim?

2. who is your favorite artist? will you post a picture of your favorite painting (or whatever) of theirs?

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Seat preferences

If your traveling by airplane and there are three seats across: the aisle, middle and the window seat. Which seat do you prefer and why?

With me, I prefer the aisle seat becuase then I won't have to bother anyone when I go to the bathroom.

Edit: Sorry about the previous post, I messed up the poll.

Which seat is best?

Dosen't matter
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Lego Head

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Ever since the death of Megan Meier made national and international headlines, Missouri has been trying to pass a bunch of new internet harassment laws. The latest one would ban people from creating sockpuppets (ie: a false internet persona).

Question is, do you think internet bulling and/or sockpuppets should be illegal?

Do you think it's unconstitutional (ie: 1st Amendment freedom of speech) to ban people from creating sockpuppets?

What kind of punishment do you think should be given to those who are internet bullies and/or create sockpuppets?

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It's the first time you're visiting someone's house (new friend, extended relative, whatever...). They have to leave the room for five minutes to finish something up and they tell you "Make yourself at home, shoes off, soda and water's in the fridge, remote's on the table...."

Do you actually make yourself at home? Take off your shoes? Get soda or water? Turn on the tv? Just sit awkwardly and wait?

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Best Kurt Russel movie?

Big Trouble in Little China
Escape from New York
Death Proof
The Thing
Tango and Cash
Executive Decision
Tequilla Sunrise

Best Johnny Depp movie?

Pirates of the Caribbean (any of them)
Sweeney Todd
What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
Sleepy Hollow
Edward Scissorhands
Ed Wood
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Finding Neverland
Don Juan Demarco
Ninth Gate
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Donny Brasco

Best Bruce Willis movie?

12 Monkeys
Sixth Sense
Die Hard
Live Free or Die Hard
Pulp Fiction
Sin City
Fifth Element
Death Becomes Her
The Siege
Color of Night
Whole Nine Yards
Story of Us
gasp zooey

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Let's pretend for a second that I'm apparently the only person in the world who hasn't seen Blade Runner.

Should I see it?  Is it any good?

Describe your dream wedding/bonding ceremony/decision to live together, please?
housewares, ash

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Poll #1112981 SOs and shit

Have you ever met someone face-to-face after first meeting them online?


If so, how did it go (elaborate in comments if you wish)?

Not so well

If not, would you ever consider meeting any of your online friends in real life?

Maybe, maybe not
Caffeine BUN

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Married women that had a bridal party:
If your fiance had a sister did you ask her to be in your bridal party?
If not, why?

My brother got engaged and I haven't heard from his fiance about being in the bridal party- but I'm certainly not going to ask her or my brother, nor will I be upset if she doesn't. Just curious as to how other women did it.

I'm currently reading Atonement and want to put a movie on in the background, which one should I pick?
Edward Scissorhands
Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were Rabbit

Do you have a word you like, but never use for fear of saying it out of context? If so, what?
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Sparkly Snowman

Computer related stuff...

Where do I go on a Dell computer running Windows XP to find out how much RAM a computer has? How bout a Toshiba laptop running Vista?

Where can I find backup audio drivers for a 2002/2003 Dell desktop computer when the disc has gone MIA?

I'm reformatting my Dad's computer for him while he's on vacation and well my sis is asking about RAM and I think I MAY have found it on the computer for my Dad but I'm hoping I didn't cause the number I found said 64mb and I'd be really surprised if this thing was running at all if it only had 64mb of RAM. Also the Dell resource CDs did not have any audio drivers on them so I checked the website and they didn't have the right ones for this computer. My Dad thinks it was called "Santa Cruz", which sounds familar, however doesn't change the fact I can't find the CD. Any ideas where to go?

(no subject)

The people at my job REALLY stress the importance of proper identification. Non employees have to give at least their name and date of birth when they deal with employees. Employees must sign a form whenever they pick up their paychecks. We're all about making sure we are always dealing with the right person.

So how ridiculous is it that someone else (with the same first name, but different last name & initial) picked up my paycheck and didn't realize her mistake until the bank teller refused to cash it?

Is my bank going to give me drama when I try to deposit my check? It has the other girl's signature on it, with a line though it and her initials and date.

(no subject)

in may of 2005 i spent about $250 on a canon powershot A95. now i think i want to sell it. it's still in really good condition, but i don't have the box or the user manual or anything. so how much do you think i should ask for it? is $100 way too much?

(no subject)

- Do you sign up for free samples online? What's the best thing you've ever received?
- Do you take advantage of freebies at stores? Like "Free Burrito Day" at Chipotle, free ice cream cone day at Ben and Jerry's, etc.
- Do you use rebates?

I got a t-shirt from some car company today that is awesome and I barely remember sending away for. :D

(no subject)

 While ago a friend of mine wrote a speech for me and I promised to do something in return for him when he wanted.

And now he wants a topless picture of me trading card sorta thing of me with stats/bio.

I can cop out if I want.

Should I do it y/n?  What are you opinions on this?  Would you do it?
daffy xmas

post some pics, TQC.

Poll #1112988 i live in Missouri. THE SHOW ME STATE.

what is the best/most plausible reason for the lack of TQC PICTURE POSTS lately?

omg my camera, it is broken/lost/over at shippo's house!
omg i got ugly in the last month, don't look at me!
omg i am too fucking busy having a merry fucking christmas to deal with that fucking shit.
omg i am in a sugar coma and can't be bothered to upload photos.
omg my face broke out and nobody wants to see this volcano on my nose!
omg i didn't realize anyone cared...i will now post a question asking for pics!
omg pic posts are so 2007. get with it, suzer.
omg i have been too busy asking people 48,675 times about what they got for christmas.
omg i don't celebrate christmas, and my religion prohibits me from taking photos of our celebration. kthnx.
omg my hands are too sticky from eating christmas monkey bread with my hands.
omg because my tree is like the lame branch from the charlie brown movie. nothing to brag about, yo.
omg i forgot, because i care more about animals than people.
omg because my hands have been full using the lovely gifts from the TQC gift exchange. i'll get back to you.
omg it's something else entirely. i will detail in comments.

which of these items were included in your stocking? or other non-christmas centric celebration?

nail file, nail plish or other nail-related products
macadamia nuts
tickets to the KU vs. OU men's basketball game at Allen Fieldhouse on January 14th...omg!
some other kind of ticket that isn't as cool as the previously mentioned tickets
a very sharp knife
a cd
something handmade
some kind of smelly bath product
a starbucks giftcard
a gift card to buy food
a gift card to buy clothes
a gift card to buy books
herbs or spices
the epitome of class

(no subject)

Do you kiss your s/o every time you see them?

I just realized I went to see my bf today, hung out for a few hours, and left without ever kissing. It seems kind of weird to me, but I dont know if it is. ?
Bruins - shadow

Stupid computer question

I just tried to watch a movie on my computer and I got the error message that a dvd decoder wasnt installed.
This is probably thanks to geek squad who was supposed to re-install all of my drivers after I got a new hard drive. Thanks geek squad.
Im tech-retarded. What do I have to download?

Oh, I have a Gateway and Windows XP.

P.S. Just to make this post even more obnoxious, my iPod wont turn on. :)

(no subject)

I'm taking a ~pregnancy test~ tomorrow! If it turns out positive what is the most creative way I can tell my 52 year old conservative parents that I am pregnant? Suicide note?

(no subject)

Your absolute favorite book(s) of all time?

My boyfriend's mom got me a gift card to Barnes and Noble for Christmas. I recently got 'The Lovely Bones' (which i'm starting tonight), but I still have a load of money left on my card.

(no subject)

What does your first name mean?
Chloe: Means "green shoot" in Greek. This was an epithet of the Greek goddess Demeter. The name is also mentioned by Paul in one of his epistles in the New Testament.

omg vendetta

would me calling out an old friend of mine about her lies that she has somehow incorporated from her fake persona to her life be mean? because i think it's pretty fucked up to tell your "RL" friends that your "real dad" (that you have never met) died plus a bunch of other bullshit. i'm sorry, but the well runs deeper than you think, tqc.
on that note, who are some people that you know IRL that totally embellish/lie about themselves on lj/myspace/etc? people you find completely ridiculous or stupid? the lulz would benefit everyone.
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The One that Got Away

I just watched Richard Linklater's 'Before Sunset' and my question to you is one stolen straight off the dvd jacket:

Is there someone who lingers in your memory - someone who makes you wonder what might have been?

If so, who? How did you meet? Why didn't, or why couldn't you give it a shot at the time?

And lastly, if you had the chance, finances, time etc to try to find 'the one that got away', would you take it? Would you try to find this person again and see if the spark's still there? Or are you simply content with the memories you have?
pretty road trip

(no subject)

The Ex and I dated for 5 years. Together, we have a daughter, who just turned 5. March of this year, The Ex and I broke up, but daughter and I lived in his house until the end of May. After that, daughter and I were in Cleveland for about a month and a half, visiting my boyfriend, and from July until now we have been living at my parents house.

Tax time is coming up.

In the beginning, after he and I broke up, we had agreed that since there is NO way in hell he would be getting back that much money without claiming our daughter, he was going to give the both of us some. Now he's going back and saying he doesn't feel he has to give us (basically me) a damn thing. He "bust's his ass off" for what he earns, but I feel like I bust mine raising our daughter, and I'm entitled to some.

Legally, who could(should) be able to claim our daughter?

My father, who's house we've been living in since July (I don't have a job's a long story)

or The Ex (who only sees our daughter when it's convenient for him..which is only maybe twice a week, and only hours out a time. He never has her days/weeks at a time like I do.)

I should add The Ex pays me $150 a month (something he and I set up as 'child support', until recently, when he had child support taken out on him legally.)

If legally, I'm not entitled to anything, then I'll get over it, and leave him alone. But I don't think it's right that I'm the one raising her, with a little financial support from The Ex (We haven't gone to court for's something we wanted to avoid, but as of late, I'm thinking it's going to be unavoidable), but he still thinks he's entitled to the benefits, where I'm screwed and get nothing.

Odds and Ends

You have to watch a porn. There's a wide selection. What will the cast of your selection be?

Guy/2 girls
2 girls
2 guys
2 guys/girl
3 girls
3 guys
Furries (does it matter what gender they are?)

In the Golden Compass, people's souls/spirits live outside them in the form of animals that accompany us wherever we go. They're called Demons. You now qualify for a demon. It's a limited selection of animals to choose from. What will be your demon?

Unicycling bear
3-legged dog
Porpoise (they have to be in the water all the time)
Sign-languaging gorilla

Do you like clicky poll questions?

Not really
Kinda, but only if it's the only poll available
They're overrated
Hell no

You can pick someone to be your personal slave for an entire day. They have to do whatever you want, housework and sexual favors included. Here's your list of choices. Who do you pick to be your 24-hour slave?

Martha Stewart
George Bush
Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie
K. Fed
Anne Coulter
Stephen Colbert
Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer
Jessica Biel
Jessica Simpson
David Beckhem
Vin Diesel
Simon Cowell
Carmen Elektra
Dakota Fanning

What sort of tasks will they be doing for you in the next 24 hours?

captain kate capsize

Pass the salt.

Are table manners important to you?  Would it bother you if somebody:

-spoke with their mouth full of food?
-chewed food noisily?
-slurped soup?
-burped/farted at the table?
-put their elbows on the table?
-put their used cutlery in shared food?
-leaned across you to reach food/pass food to another person?
ETA: Feel free to add to the list.

How differently do you eat if nobody else is watching?