December 28th, 2007

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i just dyed my hair tonight and it's a little darker than i anticipated.

outside of not using the aftercare shampoo and washing my hair often, is there anything i can do to speed up the lightening up process?

also, i am going to stay with my girlfriend and her family for a few days and i was wondering if it's customary to bring a gift or flowers or something? i'll be eating the food that they cook and showering with their water and etc. i just want to make sure that i'm a polite and grateful house guest. any ideas? since i'm underage, wine/champagne is not an option.

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i bought a new pack of dentyne ice earlier, and just ate a piece now.
it was very strange in texture when biting into it and chewing it at first, but it tastes more or less the same.
i looked at the date: it was manufactured in 2005.

tqc- am i going to die if i continue to chew this 2 year old gum? (soon to be 3 year old gum)

also, what do you miss right now?


I am being forced to go to a sushi place in the city tomorrow, and I have never had it before - What are the best things to order?

I'm not a huge fish person, but I'm willing to try as long as it isn't too fishy.
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Dear TQC:

Thinking about getting another piercing on Saturday. What piercing should I get next? What would look AWESOME?

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1: Nothing below the belt.
2: No nipple piercings.
3: No nostril piercing (I've had that already, don't want it again just yet).
4: No saying "Nothing, piercings suck" or similar, because OBVIOUSLY I want one. >:(

Disclaimer: Who says I'm going to take your advice, anyway? :P
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Does anyone watch the show Bones?

I am catching up by watching the entire show on DVD, and I love the dynamic between Bones and Booth.

Does anyone else think there is an intense sexual energy between them?
Do you want this to develop; or stay where it is, with them being friends?

Personally I think that if they got together, it would ruin the show, but I also think it would be hot. I am very undecided.

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1. say somebody invents a pill that, if taken daily, completely eliminates the need to bathe. your body somehow becomes completely self-cleaning and you always look, smell, feel, and are completely fresh. if this pill had no serious side effects and didn't cost a lot of money, would you take it? of course, you'd still be able to shower or bathe if you wanted to, you just wouldn't ever have to.

because i would. i hate showering. not that that stops me from doing it, i just hate it. or really, i hate getting undressed before it and then having wet hair for hours afterwards.

2. how long was the longest amount of time you've ever spent cleaning the same room? why did it take so long?

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3. what's the best comment a teacher or professor has ever written on one of your assignments?

i just found an essay with the comment, "thank you for bringing a breeze of literacy into the stylistic desert in which most of your peers reside!" awesome.

4. new question, just added! my dad went to bed. i kind of feel like smoking a cigarette. if i smoked it in my room now do you think he'd notice it tomorrow if i air the room out and light candles? he's a pretty heavy smoker himself (so maybe he won't notice) but i don't want him to be all disappointed in me for smoking. it's not urgent, i don't HAVE TO smoke, but it would be nice. or maybe i could smoke in the bathroom right before a shower? how do teenagers get away with this?
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What should I expect in the nose piercing healing process?
I got it done in mid-November. It doesn't hurt anymore really, but there's like a ring of swollen redness around it Is that like horribly bad or anything?
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Last semester I was put on academic probation. I just went online to see if any of my grades were ready and found out that I got an incomplete for my Spanish class. In everything else I got decent grades. Does this mean I'm out? If I am, how can I get back into school afterwards? Do I have to go through the whole application process all over? If I want to keep going to this school, will they take me back?
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Say someone you spend a lot of time with has an 83 Caprice Classic that is grey. Now, imagine one day they come over and they painted it to look like the Dukes of Hazzard car including the confederate flag. They sprayed it with spray paint so it's not even one solid color--its covered in orange but it looks blotchy and you can see the grey if you're close enough. The car is loud--it sounds it definitely calls notice to itself.

Would you be mad at them? Would you refuse to ride in it? Would you be embarassed?

Keep in mind this is their only car. You go places with them many times a week. They park in your driveway for many hours a day when they come over.

Am I overreacting?

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i got a wonderful new ipod nano for christmas (an upgrade from the shuffle), but itunes told me i had to update to the newest version of itunes before i could put music on my new ipod.

so why in the hell won't itunes download to my computer? everytime i go to the website to download it, it either doesn't download at all, or it will download but when i try to open it, it will say it's not the right application. :(

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when is the last time you felt inadequate? care to elaborate?

how long will it take me to gather a basic knowledge of the japanese language?

how are you?

and why are you still online?
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Have you ever fallen down the stairs?

Tell me all the details. Where were you? How did you fall? Were you at the top of the bottom? How many steps did you fall down? How did you catch yourself?

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Anyone wanna link me to a convenient chart that correlates symptoms of CO2 poisoning to the amount of damage done to the brain?

I sleep with a pillow on my head sometimes, I'm starting to think this is a bad idea :-D

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1. Do you think everyone is beautiful in their own way?

2. Do you think the world would be more boring if we all had symmetrical faces and ~*curves in all the right places*~?

3. Who/what is beautiful in your eyes? Post a picture.
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party time?

Ok so...I've been suffering from social anxiety for I dunno how long...probably my whole life. My friend invited me to a party, and I really want to go but...I'm really scared. I have not been to a real party since I was in 8th grade and when I did go to that party I hid in the corner and almost had a panic attack. It's so stupid...I'm fully aware of how stupid this fear is, but I can't help it.

What can I do?

Have you had social anxiety or any other type of anxiety and if so how did you get over it?

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kevin lyttle is the only black man I have ANY respect for. does anyone hate an entire race of people except for like one person, because they're super awesome. I really love kevin lyttle but I avoid all other black people because they make me uncomfortable.
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Nerd, Geek, or Dork?

Last night, my fiance put in a Star Wars movie (he got it for Christmas). Right before the theme music started, he proclaimed "Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for our national anthem!"

Does this make him a nerd, a geek, or a dork?
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For christmas I got a 22 inch flat screen tv with a VGA (I think thats what it's called) hook up in the back so you can use it as a computer monitor if you so wish.

When I tried to do this to watch some downloads on the television which has a better sound system, the tv screen just acted as a double monitor so I had to drag what I wanted to see over to the screen. When I made VCL full screen I couldn't see the video on either of my monitors.

Does anyone use a tv screen as a secondary monitor?

Is it possible to fix this issue with not being able to see full screen video on the tv screen when I hook my computer up?

I tried to ask the tech guys at the place where the screen was bought but the guy I talked to was either very clueless or very stressed (there was still quite a bit of a boxing week sale crowd yesterday) and he said he really wasn't familiar enough with trying to use the screen as a computer monitor and dismissed me quite quickly and told me to just call the company.

This is probably the best route but before I waste half an hour on hold and through automated phone menus, I thought I would ask
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How do you tell when you're getting old? Like something that in your mind only happens to old people or that only old people do and when you find yourself doing that you will think, "oh man, I am old?"
Right now, what's the minimum age that seems old to you?
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Are you a cheap person? (Or frugal, thrifty, whatever word you might use) In what ways?

I'm sitting here, under a blanket rather than turning up the heat, looking at a list of books I'd love to read but cross checking them with what our library has. Then I'm going to Target to get holiday wrapping paper at 75% off to save for next year. Just call me Scrooge!
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Anyone have any at home remedies to help with allergies?

I have no access to any allergy medicine until later tonight, and my allergies are bugging me big time.
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Does anyone have any easy, quick recipes they want to share with me?  Something I don't need to shop for and can whip up pretty quick...

I've got some people coming over, probably wanting food when they get here.  Any advice would be appreciated. 


EDIT: in my fridge, I have some tomatoes, olives, bread, pasta, milk, lettuce, rice.  A lot of basic things.  I don't have any cheese, however...

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Is there a comm for posting the questions that people have asked you/said about your country? (ie things like "do you really ride kangaroos to school?")

What comm do you wish existed right now? Or what comm do you want to know if there is one already?
How about a comm that you think more people should like?

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Why is it that when my schedule is changed, nobody calls to tell me? I was scheduled to go in at 12 today, but my boss just called saying the schedule changed and I was supposed to start two hours ago. Ugh.

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Are you one of the yorkshire men or one of the young folks who doesn't believe them?

I'm a young folk who doesn't believe them. There aren't even 300 hours in a week! Also, 9 year olds don't make a living wage.

If you have a hammer, is everything a nail?

is it possible to walk both ways uphill or is it an illusion? show your work.
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I have two milkcrates of paperback books, ages 4-10 or so. What the hell should I do with them?

Pizza buffet or chinese buffet?

What time did you go to sleep last night?
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FederalFinancial Aid in the USA

How much can I expect to get in federal financial aid for school if I don’t live with my parents and will be 25 this coming year? Is it possible because of my age I wont get as much? How does the federal government decide who is worthy of assist while going back to school?
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1. What did you do last new years eve?
2. What's the furthest you've ever traveled from home?
3. Do you live paycheck to paycheck? or are you able to save money?
4. Can you recommend a good movie that is not playing in theaters (something I can rent)

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My friend is going on a "first date" tonight. What are some good first date questions she can ask him besides the usual, "So what movies do you like? What are your hobbies? How long were you in your last relationship? Blah, blah blah?" type stuff?
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do you have experience with bringing a pet, specifically a cat, into the u.s. from a foreign country? from what i've researched online it seems fairly simple, with no quarantine period, but i'd like personal experiences. if it matters i'd like to bring my cat into texas from korea.
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1. how do you refer to sex most often? Do you use "sex", "fuck", "shag", "knock boots", "hide the pickle"?
or do you try and class it up (even if its a rabid animal type escapade in a dirty nightclub bathroom) and strictly refer to sex as "making love"?

2. How do you most often refer to oral sex?

3. Is there any terms for either of the above acts that you cannot stand when people use because it makes them sound like they're horny perverse 12 year olds?
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Which would you recommend that I see: the Golden Compass, Alien V. Predator Requiem or Beowulf 3D?
I plan to see all of these movies but don't know which to go to first, and I won't be going to them all in one day.
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To anyone in New Hampshire: Are you sick of all the phone calls from presidential candidates' offices yet? We don't answer our phone here anymore.

To anyone else in the US: Are you being inundated with these phone calls as well yet?
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What are the advantages of getting a 120G Xbox 360? Will someone who (currently) doesn't play video games all the time use up a 20G hard drive quickly or is the 120G for a serious gamer?

Is it worth the extra hundy?
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So I woke up this morning to an asthma attack after not having one in about a year and a half or so. So I pose this to the asthmatics of the group...

1) What's that longest time you've not had asthma symptoms? Did you stop taking meds? (I did)

And to everyone else...

2) Has any had a purely online relationship with someone? Did it work? (Did sex come into play, how'd that work)

3) Any good sites that can help me learn how to play electric guitar. Free is good :3 (Got one for Christmas...I will admit, Guitar Hero got me wanting a real one)

4) Anyone have New Years plans? (and do you wanna bring me along? lol)

And I'm sorry that #2 is like 4 questions in one. It's like an essay question on a high school history exam :P
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What are some websites that host your links, specifically shopping links?
The one Im thinking of let you browse other people's lists.

Is there a way to see how many accounts you have on the internet? Or a site that tracks such things?
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1. What was the last movie you saw in a theater?

2. What is the next one you would like to see or will see in theaters?

3. What are your top 5 movies of 2007?

(I saw No Country For Old Men yesterday and it was bloody AMAZING!!!)

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Do you have recurring dreams? What are they like? Why do you think you have them?

My answer:

I keep having a dream that I'm trying to call in to work because I'm going to be late (usually due to the event that is taking place in the dream), however, I either can't find a phone or the phone that I use is not punching in the numbers correctly, and so the entire dream I can't call in to work.
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In light of Futurama being moved to Comedy Central from [adultswim]...I ask: What is your favorite Futurama episode?

Mine is the last one: The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings. I love it when it suddenly turns into and epic musical.
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Holding Pens

How do you hold a pen?

I hold it in my right hand, with my thumb and index finger about 1/2" from the tip. The pen also rests on the inside of my middle finger and the webbed area between my thumb and index finger.

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1 Do you mod any communities? If so:

2 Do you have problems with people continuously breaking the rules?

3 Are you a nice mod?

4 What are some of your techniques in dealing with difficult situations as a moderator?

5 What about co-modding where you have multiple mods - how do you deal when you have two mods who disagree about the way a rule should be or the way something should be addressed?

6 Are you open to changing your community to suit your members a little better or do you like to keep it the same?


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would you like to see my lint collection?

maybe so
that's what she said
only if it's belly button lint

this poll kinda sucks. how could I have made it better without having a different question?
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I have a bunch of coupons for Subway that expire on the 31st, I'm really hungry, and I haven't got any milk so I can't make anything in the cupboards here. Should I walk the half mile to Subway and back in 22 degree snowy weather? Please make my decisions for me, TQC. :(

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What is the fastest, most efficient cold medicine that can be taken by a 17 year old slim/slender girl who is not allowed to take aspirin?

I woke up with a horrible cold this morning and I want to feel better :(
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You are about to get a BIG gift in the mail. Something you've wanted for ages but couldn't afford, and now some one is giving it to you.

Would you rather know about it up to two weeks in advance, or be surprised when it arrives? Why?
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If you could sue anyone for anything and know with absolute certainty that you would win (because you're sleeping with the judge, or something like that, you dirty whore), who would you sue, for what offense, and for what items/how much money?

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1)does your town/city have a tinted windows law?

yes, in memphis, your tint on your windows can't be too dark.

2)any funny or interesting laws in your neck of the woods?

In TN, it is apparently not allowed to have live sex shows in the topless bars. I read the commercial appeal every day,yes.
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Have you ever ordered something from If you did, how did you pay? Mail order? Paypal? Credit card? I used mail order and sent a check out on the 13th. I emailed them yesterday, and they said that they still haven't received the check. I live in Illinois and the business is in Texas. Is it normal for it to take so long for the check to arrive?

I've been eating healthy and exercising for a while now, and have lost around 7 lbs. I'm going to a party tonight and don't really feel like watching what I eat. Should I say eff it and give myself one day to eat whatever I want (well, maybe not whatever I want) and continue being all healthy tomorrow? I know I won't give up completely just because I eat semi-crappy for a day, so I'm not worried about that. Or should I just suck it up and not eat awesome cookies and ice cream cake?
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What is a song that you enjoy, but if you'd heard the words first you might not have liked?

For me, it's "Lovefool". "I don't care if you really care, as long as you don't go.."
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1. Have you ever heard a song and thought the lyrics sounded different (and possibly ridiculous) than what they were supposed to be?
1b. When you were told what the real lyrics were, did you still like your version better?

2. Is there any artist out there that you think nobody should cover because their greatness can't be matched?
2b. Alternately, is there an artist that you think gets covered too much? Or one that's otherwise overrated?

3. What artist/band do you like, but feel like nobody knows or cares about them?

college stuff

High school seniors, where are you planning to go to college? If you're not definite, what's your top choices? Why?

Anyone planning to attend Southern IL U Edwardsville?

For those currently enrolled in SIUE, can you explain the meal plans to me in as much detail as possible? As in how many meals a week kinda thing. The website doesn't have what I'm looking for.

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Would you buy a hand knitted scarf for $5?

As a project my economics teacher is making us have a "Market Day" where we sell some kind of good.  I decided to make scarves!  We only get the whole period (about one hour) to sell and he doesn't know how many classes are actually coming by.

How many do you think I'd be able to sell?  I'm guessing I'll make about 20 and then give what is left over as gifts.

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my new cell phone effects my computer speakers from MUCH farther away than my old cell phone did. I can therefore assume it's transmitter is much more powerful. How do I keep it from frying my brain?

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I have a head cold which includes lots of coughing and a sore throat. I can't take off work because we're swamped with projects that need to be done by the end of next week. Of the four people in my department, one of them is on vacation, and the other one just lost his wife (it was super sad). So, understandably, I cannot take off work (not like I think I'm a priority or anything, my co-worker should take as much time as he needs...).

What medicine do you take for head cold? Does it work quickly?


This question has already been asked... I failed to read the community before I asked.... so disregard.

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Okay, excuse my complete ignorance here but this has bothered me for a while.

Someone leaps off a bridge (or similar high structure) into water. I never understood 'how' they died. My ex told me that it'd be like hitting cement.

So, how does that work? And no, I don't intend on trying to find out :P
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Synopsis: Tiger found dead from gunshots near I-35

Even if the tiger was kept as a pet and the owner shot it in self defense because it tried to attack someone, why do you think someone would dump it on the highway?

Also, what's your opinion on people keeping exotic animals as pets? Which animals, if any, do you think are just not meant to be kept as pets?

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my mom is a bit psycho (maybe it's old age, maybe it's something else) and the last time I called her, she told me to never call her again and she kept screaming at me, so I hung up and havent called since. That was 5 weeks ago. Now she tells people that she wants me to call and that she never told me not to call....
She's sickly and loosing weight weekly....

Should I call her?
shouldn't I?

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Ever had a friend copy your personality, almost to the point where others identify the friend
with those same characteristics they stole from you?
What should I do? I cant stand it.
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1. What's your first thought when there's a power outage?

2a. For students who have to read: What's the best-sounding book you have to read for class next term?

2b. What's something you enjoy that others wouldn't guess about you?

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I get New Hampshire channels at my apartment and there are political ads every other commercial. It's weird, we never had even close to this many ads back in NY. They're all bull crap and easy to ignore.

If there was one thing a presidential candidate could say in 30 seconds to win your vote, what would it be, or are these ads just totally hopeless and annoying?

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1. I got the hiccups really bad earlier, so I tried all the typical stuff. After holding my breath and chugging water to no avail, I started Googling for remedies. I came across a site that said to close my eyes and apply gentle pressure on my eyelids with my fingertips. It worked like a charm. How the fuck does that work, TQC?!

2. What was the last video game you beat?
I beat Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero III on medium difficulty in the past 3-ish hours, both beginning to end.
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Do you believe animals have personalities?
What personality do you imagine this one has?
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-Yes, she is mine. Her name is Clarissa. I think she's about 4 or so.

Also, have you seen Alvin And The Chipmunks movie and if so, whatcha think?
-I actually liked it a lot more than I thought I would.
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Which do you prefer, an HMO or PPO?

Are HMOs really so horrible and restrictive that you can't get in to see your doctor when you need to? Is it near impossible to get proper care? Are PPOs really worth the extra costs for the freedom of what doctors you get to see? Are HMOs worth the money savings versus the level of medical care you receive?

Any thoughts are welcome!
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Seriously, where the hell is my watch? I keep losing the damn thing, and I feel naked with out it!! I even bought a special tray to put it in after I lost it the last time.

Also, I got about 5 different smelly lotions from Bath and Body Works for Christmas. Can I exchange them in order to get the same smell in a soap/lotion/body sprays? I don't have receipts.
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 Are there times when you just can't tell if someone Photoshoped their pictures until you see them in person? 

Do you think it's a little bit wrong of someone to post Photoshoped pictures on Myspace/Flickr or anyplace else with the intention of finding a bf/gf? Or do you think the other person should expect this? Of course I'm talking about things more serious then blurrying out a pimple. I know this girl that lives a couple houses away from me and she's on the chubby side but she takes pics of herself to appear REALLY thin somehow. She hits on guys and when they meet her it's like false advertisement and they call her a sneak. I also have a friend who takes pics so that her boobs look more like double D's then actual C's.  : / 

Are there any before and after photos you can share of something before it's been Photoshopped?
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Growing up, did you live with one or both parents, or neither? If one or both parents weren't there, did you have contact with them?

Have you ever been arrested? Stories plz.

Have you ever been the victim of a crime? Did you press charges/did they get caught?

If your children [pretend you have some if not] ever committed a crime against you, what would you do? Does your answer change if the crime they committed is assault?

My brother attacked my mother with a knife for the second time last week, and she refused to talk to the police or press charges. She doesn't want to lose custody of her son, but I'm finding it really hard to see things from her point of view. If it was my kid, he'd be out on the streets the first time he so much as raised a hand at me.
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random things

1. my shitty neighbor is pumping the bass in his car stereo and doing laps around the neighborhood. how should i kill him?

2. i just bought a lot of cilantro today (i <3 cilantro with all my heart). what should i make to put it in? would it be good in a quiche?

3. i want to watch a movie tonight, so dearest tqc, please choose for me:
- the man from snowy river
- fearless
- dragon: the bruce lee story
- battle royale
- star wars ep III

4. are you/have you ever been in love? what does it feel like?

5. what is your one favorite food? (example: nacho cheese, flour tortilla, chocolate pudding, bacon)

6. i have enough wine left for 1.5 glasses. should i go out to buy more before i get settled in tonight, or should i just make do with what i have? EDIT: i have nowhere to be and nothing to do tomorrow.
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(I'm not going to check any resources first, because I'm sorely afraid of what I might find...)

Do you ever use the word "unthaw" even though it makes no sense literally?

What other words or phrases do you use or hear other folks use that make no literal sense?  For instance, can you truly "unroll" a window??
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DVD Extras

What are your favourite extras on DVDs?

I love blooper reels. And if it's a comedy and I really like the actors involved, I enjoy listening to the commentaries.

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Is this a stupid reason to not want a SO? I've never had a SO, but there have been times when I liked someone and that person liked me. It's just that whenever I liked someone, I start to care so much about my physical appearance. I start to eat a lot less, exercise a lot, put on more makeup, buy cuter clothes, look in the mirror too much, and feel like I put too much energy into caring about my outer appearance. Sometimes I'm really vapid around that person, too, because I'm too busy thinking about how my hair looks to truly engage in an interesting conversation. I just hate how I am whenever I crush on someone.

I'm scared that if I ever have a SO, I'd feel pressured to keep up with all that. I'm always happy when I start to not like that person anymore because then I go back to enjoying myself more by eating whatever I want and caring more about intellectual things.

I have a feeling I'm going to get flamed for this post. I know I have issues, but please try to be nice and helpful. Honesty is cool, but snarky is hurtful.

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You've finally done it. The world has recognized your brilliance, and everybody knows your name. Now, someone wants to make a major film out of your life.

1) Who would you want to direct the movie?
2) Who (Band, orchestrator, etc) would you want to produce the sound track?
3) How much money would you need to be paid for the rights to use your life story?
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Song matter.

If you could have a song (already in existence) be about you, which song would it be?

Please to include brief explanation of what it's about or what about it you want to be about you.

You can name more than one if you'd like.

(no subject)

1. What is a food that you're always in the mood for?

2. What particular clothing items never seem to fit you right?

Jeans never fit me right, because my body doesn't like to be normal. And my toes are pretty long so shoes never fit me right either.

Edit; My ex-friend's MySpace name is "Im not Particularly Magnanimus so back off." What is he not?

(no subject)

1. In attempt to revise I gave up chocolate (it's a weird, boring story). It's been less than 24 hours and I'm really wanting some. What should I do? (serious and non serious~!)

2. What's your favourite item of clothing? (bonus for pictures!)
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What can I get to replace the toy I picked out for my grandmothers dog for Christmas?
He is deathly afraid of it, and we have no idea why. It does have a squeaky thing in it, but we never squeaked it, and he's terrified of those things.
EDIT: He doesn't have many teeth due to ... things that happened before he was in the SPCA and before my grandmother adopted him, so bones or hard things are out.

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New Year's Eve is upon us and i have the night off starting around 6:30. i want something ridiculous to do while drunk, something i wouldn't do sober. what should it be?

what should i be up to Monday night?

go to a karaoke bar and sing "You Give Love a Bad Name"
call 411, ask for Gotham, WI, and say, "Wayne, first name Bruce... None? Could you try just 'Batman' then?"
front my friend's Joy Division cover band
other(suggestions plz!)
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Jessie- Story of my life!

Picture post time!

I need some cheering up. What's the funniest picture you have of yourself? Post if you like!
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And for cat or dog owners: how often do your animals puke? Do they puke in the same spot?
Last week my boyfriend's cat ralphed three times in the house. Then tonight I went downstairs and there was puke in the same area as last time. He's acting totally normal, but I've been here 3 months and this is the 4th time he's puked in that area.

I think I should take kitty to the vet this week...
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If you are attracted to women, do you like girls with love handles?

Better some than none
I don't care

If you know men, do they like love handles?

Better some than none
They don't care

If your SO is attracted to women, do they like love handles?

Better some than none
He/She doesn't care

Are you self-conscious about your love handles?

I don't have love handles.
I embrace my love handles.
Kind of.

wow what am I thinking.

I used to see this one guy from school EVERY DAY after class, just passing by each other.. and one day I noticed he had a lone pin on his backpack, it was black, and said ________ Records on it.

I don't even know why but I'm really interested in what the name was and it's just a complete blank - I know it's a punk rock label. I also know they have a website (ugh) and that this one band that's signed onto it, the name's an acronymn or something (not NOFX).

this is so vague but - any help?

(okay well the I'm pretty sure it was a short name. and the pin had an exclamation point at the end, though it may not be actually part of the name. :/ )

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Poll #1112644 Halfway home for the holidays

What things or activities that might occur on New Year's Eve for you?

Complete alcoholic stupor
Mild alcoholic buzz
Watching the ball fall at midnight
Midnight kiss
Post-midnight nookie
TQC chat/AIM
Singing Auld Lang Syne
Movie watching
Early bedtime

How will you celebrate the Epiphany?

Put 3 wise men statues in my yard
Wear lots of gold jewelry
Dab some myrrh behind my ears
Kidnap a baby and place it in a stable, surrounded by livestock
Make it a point to answer as many questions with wise, sagelike advice
What the *@&!! is the Epiphany?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how good for the environment is chopping down trees once a year, keeping their amputated corpses alive for a few weeks, and then throwing them in the garbage afterwards?

Mean: 5.10 Median: 5 Std. Dev 3.53

On a scale of 1 to 10, what amount of influence does Christmas have in contributing to global warming?

Mean: 5.41 Median: 5 Std. Dev 3.20

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1. What is your favorite kind of soda?
2. What is the best way to eat eggs?
3. Do you like sweet potatoes?
4. Should I drink myself to sleep or just deal with the insomnia?

3. I love sweet potatoes!
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My friend and I just had this conversation.
Does what thumb you use to hit the space bar with when typing depend on whether or not you're right or left brained?

I use my right thumb and I'm more left brained, and she uses her left thumb and she's more right brained.
Is this true, or is it just a coincidence?

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Do you listen to mostly music from today or mostly music from 20+ years ago? Do you think music is getting better or getting worse?

Most of my music that I own is from today, but the majority of what I primarily like/listen to is older. 60s & 80s, mostly. I think music is getting worse because most everything's been done, and what's popular is getting more and more generic/canned.