December 27th, 2007

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When my S.O. and I marry, I understand that his parents will be my mother/father/step-mother in-law and his siblings will be my sisters/brother-in-law.

However, is there a term involving 'in-law' which my parents will use to refer to his parents? Will they just be referred to generically as 'our in-laws' or by the clunky 'my daughter's husband's _______'?

My Google-fu failed me on this one. Anyone know if there's a specific phrase?


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To all those mother's out there...
Is giving birth really that painful?
a little detail would be nice, feel free to use explitives if needed.

How much chocolate have you eaten this holiday season?

Can you show me a picture of your favourite place in the world?... and tell me why
This beach is mine, Byron Bay, Australia. Visited, fell in love with it, now my boyfriend has moved there.. I struggle to walk long distances.. but I did a 20k walk up to the lighthouse (most easterly point of Australia!) and i'm bloody proud of myself!

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I have a dilemma.  I am going to buy a phat Nintendo DS soon from my brother's friend.  He has no charger.  I used to have a Gameboy Advance Charger that can be used for the DS but I have no idea where it is.  Should I buy a charger on the internet for cheap now even thought I could find the Gameboy charger later?  

Also what do you think of the commercial with that middle aged man calling about an apartment and doing different ethnic voices?
X-Mas Larva

work? LOL

My boyfriend just called to tell me about a message left on our phone. (i'm still visiting family for xmas). Apparently i was scheduled to work today, all day, at my part-time retail job. This is news to me, and obviously i didn't show up. Tee hee!
It's Boxing Day, the biggest shopping day of the year.
When i phone them, probably on friday, how should i act?
(Note- i'm a good employee overall, but i don't need this job desperately so i don't care about petty repercussions like getting written up. i'd also prefer they not pull this shit again.)

Indignant- "You scheduled me on a weekday when my availability is specifically weekends only. I've been weekends only for 4 months. I have no reason to even look at the weekday schedule. So who scheduled me for a weekday anyway, and the busiest day of the year no less, without even telling me? If you're going to mess with my availability, i kinda need to know."

Nonchalant- "Oh, i was scheduled that day? Really? That's weird. First i've heard of it. Since when do i work weekdays? You guys should have given me a heads-up or something."

Submissive- "Omg i'm soooo sorry, i totally didn't see i was booked that day, i don't know what i was thinking!  I feel sooooo bad! Please don't be mad at me! Sorry sorry sorry!!"

i should play it....

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My favourite movie ever, is 28 Days Later. Recently I saw 28 Weeks Later.

First time I watched it, I loved it. So much. Second time round I noticed all the plot holes and how much it is just your typical zombie movie now. I'm somewhat disappointed because 28 Days was fantastic and I don't like 28 Weeks that much. Great great movie. But nowhere near as scary as the first.

My question is.....What did you think of 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later?
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What is the best handheld gaming system?
Why do you think it's the best?

Edit: What is the snarkiest community on LJ that you are a member of that is not this one, stupid_free, ohnotheydidnt, or sf_drama?

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How do you make your gravy? [if you do at all]

What's your favourite alcoholic beverage?

Why is calculus such a bitch? I've been staring at this question for 20 minutes and I still don't get why my answer doesn't match up to the answer in the book. LOL, I know why. For some reason I'm reading various co-ordinates given in the form (x,y) as (y,x). No wonder my answers were off the wall :/
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Thank you notes.

Are emails inappropriate for thank you notes for Christmas gifts??

I want to tell my grandma how much I'm enjoying the Christmas gift she gave me but I don't want it to sound like a half-assed thank you note.

eta: Is there a polite way to ask "what even made you think to give me this of all things" without sound ungrateful?

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 Have you ever been to Galway, Ireland? Did you like/hate it there? What did you like/hate? Why? Elaborate, if you can :)

I am 90% studying abroad at NUI Galway next fall and I can't wait but I don't know much about the city.

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Are any of you familiar with JFK airport?

I'm going to be stuck there for two+ hours tomorrow, waiting for a friend's plane to arrive. When I go to get my luggage, are there any places I can sit back and relax at? My airport at home has several restaurants outside of the terminals, plus a large lounge area, but a lot of airports I frequent don't have anything like that until you go through security and into the terminals. I don't want to be stuck for two hours with just a chair and my own devices, I'd much prefer some comfortable place to set up camp at while I wait.
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Return policy

I bought a book today because it was the last in a series of comics I've been buying. It was really lackluster and made me sort of want to get rid of the entire series.

Would it be unethical to take it back to the store tomorrow?

What's the last book/comic you read that was disappointing?

What's the last book/comic you read that you really loved?

Did you return any of your Christmas gifts?
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Take a look at [NSFW] these images, especially the first 3 rows.

1. Which of these do you consider fat?

2. Is your answer different if you were asked which you consider overweight?

3. What does 'fat' mean to you?

4. Can someone be fat without at least being overweight?

5. Is it possible to facilitate meaningful conversation about body image issues without at least giving your personal definition of 'fat'?

6. How would you classify variation in how people in society define fat on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being 100% variation--random)?


Do you know anyone that has exotic pets? I always thought it would be interesting to have a skunk, because I heard it's uses a litter box like a cat in the house.Also curious about why someone would want a sloth? There was a sloth months ago at the pet shop on sale for 5000.
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so guess, what my new year's resolution is?

Poll #1111899 So how many of you are planning on paying off your credit cards next year?

for my new year's resolution, i plan on paying off my credit card. do you?

YES. it's a priority this year.
No, I don't have credit card isuses.
... I don't even have a credit card!

If yes, how much do you own?

Less than $1000.00
More than $1000.00
MORE than I'm afraid to admit!

Where do you think all that debt came from?

College related costs
Cost of living, the necessities!
Lots of crap that I wanted but didn't need.
emergency expenses; i had no choice!
I'd rather not say.....
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1) Do you feel like there's been an influx of trolls in TQC lately?
2) Does talking about what you got for Christmas make you uncomfortable?
3) Have you been bored with your break yet?
4) Do you feel like you've been in a food coma?
5) What should be posted to people who ask what we got for Christmas, since it's been asked 283947298572 times? I think I may Rickroll them.
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Yesterday I had two bites of bread that contained poppy seeds.  If I remember correctly, poppy seads are the seeds that produce similar chemicals in your system that match heroine.  Will two bites of poppy seed bread produce traces of heroine?

I'm about to leave to take a drug test for urine and breath.

the random dating "poll"

 (but not a poll cuz I'm a poll-delinquent)

1. How old are you?
2. How old is the oldest person you'd date?
3. How old is the youngest?

(obviously it depends on what the person is like - lets just say everyone is awesome. Everyone. Every single person.)
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Guilty ?s

1) Are you guilty of posting a question in here just to annoy select members of the community?

2) Do you think R. Kelly peed on some little girl nearly six years ago?

3) What's one of your guilty pleasures?

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Oh TQC...why does my phone suck?

I've had a Motorola W315 for almost a year now. In the past month it has stopped connecting to Axcess Shop feature. I can't connect to RealTone Jukebox for new ring tones. I used to be able to go a few days without charging it, but now it takes less than 24 hours for my battery to go dead.

I have insurance, but do you think Alltel will give me a new phone? Or should I just buy a new one when I get my tax return in a little over a month?
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What podcasts do you subscribe to?

I'm finally able to use podcasts and all I've got right now is "This American Life" and I want more things to listen to.

Do you subscribe to any users on YouTube? Who? Why?

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1) Anyone have one?
2) How do you like it?
3) 8 or 16 GB?
4) Had any issues with the internet?
5) What's your favorite feature?
6) What are you upgrading from?
7) If you don't have one, what do you have? How do you like it?

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Now you!

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What was your favorite gift this year?
    I've been dropping hints about how I want a leather jacket since I was 5...and my latest bf finally got me one!  :)

Did you get anything you absolutely hated?
    No, not really.

Did anyone get you anything that would be a great gift if not for the fact that you have no use for/interest in it?
    My grandparents got me the fifth and sixth seasons of Buffy on DVD.  I've never seen a single episode, and have no interest in the show.  If they'd gotten me the first season, I might try it out, but I don't want to come in halfway through the series.  Which brings me to my next question:

Do you think I'd be able to exchange the DVDs in a store?  Or would I be better off selling it on E-Bay?  Obviously they're still shrink-wrapped.

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What do you think of saris? What would you think if you saw a white woman wearing one? I've always adored them, I love how they look and I love the history behind them. They are so elegant, feminine, and flattering, and I love the types of designs and embroidery you see on them. I've never seen anyone that looks bad in a sari. I've always wanted one, however I don't know if I'd have the guts to wear it out and about in public... please encourage or discourage me, will you?

What is your favorite type of non-western clothing or fashion and why do you like it?

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My Mum lives with me. I'm unemployed and looking for work. Mum has a few mental health issues (mainly depression and a bad memory)

If I am in the living room watching TV, she'll come through and watch it with me. But, if I am not there she won't go through at all. I have brought this up to her. She says she will but never does. All she does is stay in her room ALL the time (which can't be good if she's depressed)

It really gets to me that she won't go to the living room when I'm not there. She's lived here long enough, so its not like she doesn't feel like she should. I have told her countless times that I want her too. Thing is, she says herself she misses watching tv. So its not like she doesn't want to go through, I think maybe she feels she shouldn't if I'm not there but its as much her house as it is mine now.

Am I being unreasonable? Should I just let it go? I know she wants to and I know staying within the same room all the time can't make you very happy but then again I don't see why she has to be relying on me to go to the living room.

(I'm sorry if this is all over the place, I suck at explaining things. I hope you get the point)
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So guys. I work at a movie theater, and I work in box office today. It's really, painfully, disgustingly boring between shows, and we're not allowed to leave the box. In addition, the manager working today is very picky and will be upset if he finds me playing my DS or reading a book or what have you. I'll be there for seven and a half hours - Meaning there'll only be about three shows I'll be serving, which really only takes an hour to serve. What should I do for the remaining four hours? Be creative!

ETA: I spilled shit on my workshirt just now, and tossed it in the wash. It's 11:33 AM, and I have to leave for work at 12:40 to 12:45. Do you think it will be done in time?

Pats vs. Giants

Do you plan to watch the New England Patriots play the New York Giants on Saturday?

Did the NFL's decision to make the game available on CBS and NBC affect your ability to view the game?

Are you aware (without looking it up) why this game is particularly significant?

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 I just got the 3rd generation iPod nano (my old one got stolen) and it works great, except the videos. It won't even let me put videos on iTunes, and I don't understand why. I've downloaded the latest version, updated the software, tried importing the files, adding them to the library... nothing is working. It lets me drag the files onto the 'movies' section on iTunes, but then it doesn't show up. Does anyone know why it's doing this and how I can fix it?
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Inspired by a post last week.

How do you approach the subject of prices/payment when on a date? Do you wait for the other person to go for the bill and then offer to split it? How hard do you fight them on it if they "insist" they pay?

Also: if you ask someone out, is it your responsibility to foot the bill?

Is there any way to deal with this stuff in a non-awkward way?

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Poll #1111985 For $1,000,000, would you...

...agree to not make eye contact with anyone for the next year? You can't explain why you're doing it (the money). Bosses, loved ones, friends. Look none of them in the eye for any reason. To look them in the eye once means you forfeit your money. Before you answer, consider how often you share glances with other people throughout the course of a day, and if you could actually do it

Yes I would
No I wouldn't

...have your cup size augmented to an H cup for an entire year? Things to consider: back problems, uncomfortable stares, etc. Gentlemen, to qualify for this question, you must augment your non-existant tit size to an A cup

Yes I would
No I wouldn't
79(60.3%) frozen in comatic statis for a year and a half? You lose the next 18 months of your life. Afterwards, you're given the drugs to wake you up and you carry on your life as a millionaire

Yes I would
No I wouldn't

...perform an autopsy? A professional is looking over your shoulder telling you what to do next, but you have to do all the scalpel, rib-breaking, and bonesaw work yourself. The body is of a 12-yr old girl

Yes I would
No I wouldn't
40(29.9%) your weight in Peeps? You have to do so within a month. The 5-piece packs weigh 3 ounces and that's including the box. Assuming that half of those 3 ounces are the box weight, that means that it's probably more than 50 Peeps to equal a pound! Considering your weight, that's a LOT of Peeps. Oh, and you're not allowed to throw up.

Yes I would (try anyway)
No I wouldn't

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I saw a billboard that says "Call us for Medical Research if you are on Trinessa or Ortho Tri Cyclen. You can earn up to $1,800."

I don't think I'll do it because I don't know what medical testing is all about. My boyfriend says they get you sick and then try to cure you...and it seems pretty ridiculous to me to mess with my birth control.

Have you ever done medical testing? What did they do, how much did you make, and what was the outcome?


Okay, so my boyfriend is misinformed, but it's pretty easy to get misconceptions about something you don't know about. He's not the only person who has said something like that.

Thank you for the information. I might give them a call since I took down the telephone number.

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my husband and i are going to south lake tahoe during the second week of january. neiher of us are interested in skiing, snowboarding or gambling. 
we will be going with two other adult couples. one i know for sure doesnt drink or smoke.

any good suggestions for things to do? 
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Bon Appétit or Domino

I recently bought some cookware on Amazon. Today I received an email saying that because of the recent purchases, I am eligible to receive a (free) one-year subscription to Bon Appétit, Gourmet or Domino. Gourmet doesn't interest me, so it's a choice of either Bon Appétit or Domino.

So, which magazine would you sign up for and why?


"Domino magazine is the guide to living with style for young, busy, fashion-conscious women. With a focus on home decorating, domino acts as design consultant, personal shopper and friend, offering inspiration, information and innovative ideas. Perfect for both renters and home-owners, each issue is packed with tips, shopping information and easy DIY tricks to help readers create the home and lifestyle of their dreams, on any budget."

Bon Appétit:
"Bon Appetit is America's #1 food and entertaining magazine. You'll enjoy twelve months of great menus, cozy dinners, great advice and much more! Each issue is filled with delicious time-saving recipes, easy and elegant entertaining ideas, world class restaurant dishes made simple, and topped off by wine reviews and recommendations."
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Poll #1111937 where should I go?

where should I go on vacation?

Marrakesh, Morocco
The Canary Islands
The Netherlands
Salzburg and Vienna, Austria
Berlin, Germany (though I've already been there)
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eyeballs, tea, and lotion

1. When you get an eye exam for glasses or contacts, do you go to an ophthalmologist or an optometrist? Do you shop around for the best price?

2. If you wear contacts, have you tried the extended wear kind that you keep in for a month? Like/dislike?

3. Milk in tea, y/n? Thoughts?

4. If you shop at the Body Shop, what is your favorite product?

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1. your favorite musical? for me: notré dame de paris, with phantom of the opera coming up in contention (because honestly, who DOESN'T like it? i shouldn't say that.)
2. i'm having trouble deciding what to do with my hair next. as of right now if you can imagine, it's long, layered, & unshaped (but i will be keeping the length). i have a very strong jawline & pink undertones to my skin. my natural hair color is a light golden brown, but i really prefer having red regardless of how it looks against my skin. SO ANYWAY, should i do a light-medium auburn all over OR something multidimensional?
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sign of the times?

Has there ever been a book, song, TV show, etc. that you loved as a kid, but when you grew up and read/heard/watched it again, you realized it really wasn't for kids at all? (Not always because of explicit content, but for some reason it just seemed beyond what a kid could comprehend?) What was it, and what do you think of it now?

For me, one of my favorite books is The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. When I reread it, I realized that even though the prince is "little," the lessons you learn are really big. Also, my mom would sing that You Are My Sunshine song to me all the time when I was little, and then I learned the rest of the verses and wondered why she ever used to sing it to me.

EDIT: This question comes in light of an article I read. Apparently the first season DVDs of Sesame Street were censored or something, although I'm willing to bet it was censored for no reason at all.

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How awesome is stakingaclaim?

Very awesome. My Awesome Detector (TM) just went into overload
Awesome enough. More awesome than the average person, but not teh awesomest
Of acceptable awesomeness. No more and no less than other normal awesome people
I do not think she is awesome. I also hate puppies and consider myself a cannibal
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I have four questions for you, TQC.

1. Do you have a receipt printed out when you use the ATM?
- if yes, what do you do with your receipt? how long do you keep it? what do you do with it when you don't want it anymore?

2. What about at, like, Starbucks or other places where they ask you if you want your receipt, do you usually accept it?

3. What goes good with pink lemonade?

4. Do you have a "usual" at any dining facilities? Explain.

5. ETA: When you bring your own cup into Starbucks for that little own-cup-discount, is it required to be clean for sanitary purposes or can you refill a cup that you were just drinking out of?

6. ETA2!: Why do you think it is that comments have that little Edited at.... tag but edited entries do not?
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If you and someone you used to be friends with but now kindof hate both had a similar interest (say, photography, cooking, triathlons, whatever) and they 'started it' first, would you rather...

A) abandon the hobby because it reminds you of them and they got you to do it in the first place,

B) get really good at said hobby to piss them off, or

C) continue with said hobby as if they were never any part of it?
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How do you yield to an emergency vehicle (ambulance, police, firetruck) when you're stuck in traffic?

When I had drivers' ed, all they taught us was to pull over and let them by, and to stay out of intersections until the emergency vehicle made it through. What am I supposed to do when there is no place to go?

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What are your neighbours like?

My neighbours on the left are unreal. Very friendly, always there if you need their help.

The man on the right side is a grumpy old fucker, who rips wood panels off our fence and throws them in your backyard, throws bolts in our yard and then our friend's car tyres deflate and he wouldn't even piss on you if you were on fire. He use to be an ass to the old people that lived in this house.
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Ever ridden a horse?

If so, was it just a one-time thing (like a trail ride at a national park) or lessons and showing and all? Did you like it?
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What is with all of the "What do you think of ________(Insert Giant jpeg or lame link here)" questions today?

Also, Why can't the ones choosing Giant jpeg figure out how to use a cut?

shake shake shake

Have you taken a dance class as an adult?
If yes what type of dance?
If no would you take a dance class?

I've been interested in going to salsa classes (For fun. I'm not looking to make a career out of it.) for a long time and finally found someone who will go with me. I'm kind of afraid because I don't want to suck super super bad or something. Should I get over my stupid insecurities and do the damn thing?
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I recently bought a new processor (AMD 64X2 3.2GHz dual-core 6400+), and it does not come with it's own fan or heatsink. My cureent processor (AMD 64X2 2.0GHz dual-core 3800+) came with a fan and a heatsink and works swimmingly.

I'm 99.9% positive I can still use this fan and heatsink, but I've read that my new chip runs "a little warm". I have plenty of ways of testing the heat of my processor, and the motherboard has an automatic shutdown at certain temperatures, but my question for you, illustrious computer builders of TQC, at what running temperature should I consider upgrading the fan and/or heatsink? I do not plan on overclocking with this chip, so that isn't a concern. At "warm", but working temperatures, is there any degradation of processing power to be concerned about?

Googling fails specific lines of questions as these, and/or result in links that talk about 1.0GHz single-core processors, which are also full of fail, and cheese.
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For those who have seen I Am Legend.

I really want to see this movie, but I'm FREAKED THE HELL OUT by fast-moving zombie things. (or "undead Americans," for the literal minded). Seeing 28 Weeks Later in the theaters destroyed me-- I was curled up in a whimpering ball of terror. Yes, I'm aware that I'm a pussy.

Could I deal with I Am Legend? Anyone wanna come with and hold my hand?
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Turning it around

Inspired by this post.

Scenario: You mistakenly list an item on Ebay with a peculiarly low buy it now price. The item is worth a lot more and so someone buys it immediately. Other such items sold for 5-10 times more than what they paid. Then you email the buyer and say you made a mistake with the buy it now price. The item has been put on consignment with you so you can't let it go for the low amount it sold for. You ask that the buyer understand and not go ahead with the sale. Should the buyer:

a) Understand that mistakes happen and let it go.


b) Force you to go ahead with the sale and take advantage of your mistake.


edit - Did you give the same answer to this question and the other one?

Canon Printer, MP210

So I got a new printer.
The Canon MP210.

How in the world do I load cartridge B into this stupid thing? I swear I've tried following all the instructions etc.. but it just doesn't fit! I got C in fine. Ahh..

Help would be much appreciated.

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Can a surgical patient be awake during their surgery?  I mean, is that an option that is given beforehand?

 [[ EDIT ]]  The surgery is infection related.  Surgery is needed to clear it up before it hits the bloodstream. 

 [[ EDIT II ]]  I didn't take into consideration that the kind of surgery mattered when posting.  Although, I know it does.  It's clearly not a black and white answer.  I don't want to get into what kind of surgery it is because a) I don't know exactly yet and b) it would probably be boring to the rest of you anyway.  If you want to know the reason why I was asking in the first place, see my reply to b_u_n_n_i_e_s comment.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions!  :D


I'm am horribly sensitive to anything containing fragrances, to the point where no one I live with can use them. Oranges are also not allowed in my house.

That said, over Christmas I met some family that had recently joined my clan via marriage, and they gave me a little gift basket filled with soaps and lotions that smell like...well, I never bothered to figure out what the fragrance is when my head started splitting before unwrapping the package.

Is there some tactful way that I can say, "Thank you for the thought, but I'm really sensitive to fragrances and can't accept this?"
Because when I say that people usually look at me like I've just shit on their head.

When was the last time you offended someone?

EDIT: I don't mean to "argue" with your tips, they are good ones; they are also reminding me that I could have used a few more paragraphs whining about how evil scents are to me :p Like the reason it usually ever comes up is because my face starts to shrivel and they're all "what's wrong?!"

New Years resolution

Okay, so like usual, I am resolving to exercise more this year.

But I have a few questions before I begin.

What's the deal with Pilates? Are they supposed to help you lose weight? Do they just help you tone up or what? If I do them, should I also do cardio or are Pilates enough to help me lose weight and slim down a bit? (I'm only looking to lose about 10 pounds or so, nothing drastic.)

Thanks in advance. :)
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1 What is the nearest living thing to you right now?
2 Have you got any good deals in the sales?
3 Kill Bill part 1 or 2? and why that choice?
4 Would you give up sex for a million pounds?

(no subject)

My husband and I received a thank you note from our church pastor for a gift that we didn't give him.  I believe the proper people should be recognized, so I want to tell him that.  The pastor and I aren't friends per se, but we're friendly enough that he calls me by name.

What verbiage should I use to tell him that he thanked the wrong people?

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Scenario: You see an item listed on Ebay with a peculiarly low buy it now price. The item is worth a lot more and so you buy it immediately. Other such items sold for 5-10 times more than what you paid. The seller emails you and says she made a mistake with the buy it now price. The item has been put on consignment with her so she can't let it go for the low amount it sold for. She asks that you understand and not go ahead with the sale. Do you:

a) Understand that mistakes happen and let it go.


b) Force her to go ahead with the sale and take advantage of her mistake.


I'm reading The Kite Runner, and a man whose had his mouth wired shut is described as "talking like Al Pacino from the Godfather." Do they mean Marlon Brando??

Do errors in books annoy you as much as they do me? 

How funny is this?

Do you find this as funny as I do?
I like soooooo hat thin people, and today I started a new job in a clinic for people with eating disorders. It's sooooo funny 'cause all these really thin people come in to see the Doctor and I look at them like "you're mental or something", it so makes me laugh - it's ironic
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who else here has hair that's a funky color?

*mine is very, very purple and holding strong after nearly a week. i dyed it twice, left it on for two hours each, and heat set it with a flat iron. not shampooing it and just using conditioner every other day seems to be working very well. i just wish it would show up in pictures -- you have to see it in full spectrum light to be able to really see it well. but my gosh, it is so purple. i dare say it's about as purple as my icon, which is exactly what i was going for. :D

what are you craving RIGHT NOW, tqc??
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Quick food question (I suppose I should join a food comm and be done with it, though.):

Any suggestions on something to use to make shaved coconut stick together in a ball better without altering the taste too much?

(no subject)

I'm looking to make some money.
Working isn't an option. Neither are sexual favors.

Do you know of any competitions/contests that I can enter that have cash prizes?
Any experiences with these competitions/contests you'd like to share?

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Have you ever received a text or email not meant for you because the sender put in the wrong send address?
What did you do?

I just got an e-mail from someone asking if I had a good christmas.
It reminded me of a time when I thought I was texting a friend when I was 11 and it turned out to be some middle aged bloke.
I replied to both, the first stating the situation and the second I carried on texting until I found out the age!

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when capitalizing when typing do you use the shift key or the actual caps lock key?

do you like chris isaak?

when is it time to really get over someone?

are you the kind of person who after you get what you want... doesn't want it anymore..?
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Let's say you're sitting there, eating a ham sandwich (if you don't like ham, pretend it's something you do like--such as "fruit" or "the faces of innocent children", you ass) when suddenly, you're offered the opportunity to appear on a game show that has a known jackpot, at the time, of $40 Million Dollars (or whatever your currency happens to be, like "Communism"). It turns out that this is part of the show itself, and this will be added as part of the show, provided you agree to appear and are able to participate.

Which of the following do you do? [Addendum: You can only select one.]

  1. Throw your sandwich at the camera man, and demand to not be on camera.

  2. Jump up and down like a fool on The Price is Right

  3. Confer with the host of the show, off camera, to see if you can pass on going on the show, and instead engage in a lot of oral sex-- receiving, instead, 10,000 Communisms.

  4. Go on the show, and engage in a lot of sex with various members of the crew of the show in an effort to cement your 40 Million Communisms, despite the fact that at least 10 of the people on staff had an active sexually transmitted disease.

    • 5 people have genital herpes.

    • 1 person has Gonorrhea.

    • 1 person possibly has HIV, but hasn't actually gotten a test for it yet, but they're pretty sure they do since they read a book on it and they have all the symptoms that the book said and you think I'm still pretty right?

    • 2 people have syphilis.

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Does anyone know how to get the protection off m4p format tracks? I transferred some songs I bought on iTunes via USB flash drive to another PC that doesn't have an internet connection [so I can't access the iTunes store there] and it won't play :(
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1. If you drink coffee, what is your usual drink?

2. How often do you drink it?

3. What kind of coffee should I try?
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so who is sick of all the Cloverfield hype already?

I have read all the spoilers because I had a hunch was was going on months back and I was right. They haven't changed much either as it gets close to the movies release. Since I know what happens should I ruin it for my brother and tell him all I know?

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What do you think is an acceptable salary (in US dollars, please) for someone that has a 4-year bachelor's degree?

ETA: Let's say a B.A. working in a "business" field working in the Midwest. I'm not looking for exact, just some ballpark. My boyfriend is totally selling himself short in a BS job that is taking advantage of him, and it'd be nice to see what other people think.. What would YOU consider a good salary if you were coming out of college in the business field?
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Have you ever met a (child) prodigy or a savant? I don't know how else to ask this, but what was/is their amazing ability?

Edit: Or have you ever read about a savant/(child) prodigy that made you think, 'wow, well shit.'

I feel bad but...

1)I have three ds games- harvest moon, kirby and yoshi. if you were me, based on me having these games and what I like, what games would you buy? Is phenenox wright good? are there any gameboy advance harvest moon games I should be aware of? I love rpgs, cute things, and don't like blood.

2)do you like the -house series like colonial house, frontier house, 1900s house?

eta: do you get all excited to see people use their presents?

dad was using his sudoku book and I was all excited.
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What is the best way to eat a pomegranate?

Is there a way to eat it without staining my fingers/face with red?

Is your first name difficult to spell?
Apparently, yes, because one of my landlords's employees has given up the ghost of attempting it and just left the name line on my rental payment receipt blank lol and not only is my name NOT difficult to spell, it's rather common... it's EVEN a color of GREEN!
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Girls:  What was the scenario in which you got your first period

Guys: At what age did you become aware of the opposite sex, and what can you remember about who it was and why

Everybody: What's your favorite item to put in a pancake?
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When was the last time you wanted to use the response, "So, you're a bit of a moron, aren't you?", or words to that effect?

Do you think your involvement in various LJ communities has any affect on your stupidity intake?

Cost of Immunizations

My bf has to get immunized by Jan 2nd to get into college (your basic get into college immunizations and they JUST told him this on the 24th of December) and he has no insurance as he works part much is this going to cost?

What is the likelyhood of him getting these shots?
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Replay value ?s

1) What are some movies you loved, or at least liked, the first time you saw them, but for whatever reason weren't that good after you saw them again?

2) What's something you do that you think will probably never get old or boring to you?

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Stick to your hand in the air if you like Freddie Mercury. Then tell me why/why not.

Please and thank you!

eta - could you please tell why you like or do not like Freddie Mercury ?
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Where do you think is the most breathtaking, beautiful natural scenery in North America? Can be a National Park, on an island, mountains, forests, etc, etc?

If you have a pic to show an example of it, feel free.
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1. Does anyone know where I can find either an audio or video version of "The Toad Came Home" from the 1980s tv show Wind in the Willows?

2. What is the most ridiculous, unnecessary invention, in your opinion?

Where did you grow up?

I have lived in Florida my entire life. I have only lived in three different places , counting this one. Typical suburbia area I would say. Have you lived the city life, country or suburbia? I have noticed most people don't live where they were born, yet I have never lived anywhere else.
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Were you ever in the Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts/some equivalent that is in your country Scouts?

What did you think of it?

Best experience?

Worst experience?
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 Does any one know of any online retailers that have cheap but cute clothes? 
(I'm a big fan of Forever 21 and SJP's Bitten line)

Also, I have a $25 gift card to Macys, what should I buy?

Thank you :)

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I'm going to clubbing at an 18+ place for the first time (City Nights in San Francisco) and I was wondering if anybody knew what shoe attire is appropriate? I am back in SF from college so I didn't bring many shoes with me; would flip flops or simple flats be acceptable?

Amazon Gift Card

I saw a post similar to this and hope it's okay to make another one. I got a gift card to and was wondering what I should spend it on. They have EVERYTHING and I guess that's why it's so hard for me to decide.

What would you buy if you had an Amazon gift card?
What should I buy?

ETA: It's for $25.