December 26th, 2007

reality TV

Is reality TV really "reality" or is it all scripted? Maybe not exactly scripted but I always thought it was still somewhat planned out. 

Are the people in the shows actors or are they just real people who sort of just act on the shows? I alway wondered if they were really crying and things like that or if it's really all fake. : /

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I need credit card help!

1. I need to do a balance transfer, and I have an offer of 4.99% APR on that transfer through October of '08. Say I want to transfer $2,500.00; how do I calculate my how that APR affects it?

2. How are finance charges calculated? We'll say I have a 250 dollar balance with a 11.49% annual percentage rate.

3. How old were you when you got your first credit card(s), and who taught you this stuff?
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I had a good Christmas, so why I do I feel like such crap now?

How was your Christmas?
It was pretty good, but I guess I feel let down. I had been really excited about Christmas this year for some reason.

What are you looking forward to now?
Well, my next fun thing will be a big hockey party on New Years Day (ice bowl whoo!), but I'm kind of looking more towards the future... like the vacation I'm taking in April and more importantly, graduating high school and then starting college in the fall. I got all this college stuff for Christmas and now all I can think about is packing up and moving.

How long do you think it will be before Wiis can be found in stores?
My mom promised me one for Christmas and neither of us were able to find one. Now that Christmas is over, I can have a Wii as soon as I can actually get my hands on a Wii. I am impatient, I need Wii to drown my Christmas-is-over sorrows.
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TQC! Halp!

My SO ordered me a gift for Christmas that has not come in yet. I knew how much it cost because he asked me to pick it out. So he sent me the shipping info via e-mail, which also had the order number. I went to the site to check the order and see if it had shipped yet, and found out he paid $50 cheaper for the item than is listed on the site!

I went through the motions of adding it to my "shopping cart" and going through the order process up until the credit card information, and it still has the price as displayed on the website!

How'd he DO that?
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(no subject)

Has anyone taken a trip to an all inclusive resort? I'm trying to figure out what my fiance and I should do for instead...

So for those of you who have been, which one(s) have you been to? Did you enjoy the vacation? Were there any issues with it? TELL ME EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM!!

(no subject)

what's your first language? what language do you really wish you knew?

can you touch your toes?

are you shallow?

what's the last thing you ctrl-c'ed?

why am i up at 2:19 am doing nothing but F5ing my friend's page and waiting for someone to post or do something entertaining?
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science, lol

My aunt gave me some homeopathic "medicine" in my stocking.
It's 100 tiny little pellets (less than half the size of a tic tac) in a little tube.
Should i just down them all at once? Or should i pour it into my tea like sugar? It has to be lol, whatever i do. I'm trying to prove a point here.

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There was once a man who tried to kill his wife more than ten times--by setting her room on fire, trying to push her off a cliff, poisoning her with mercury, and even trying to get her to stand in the road so that he could "drive the car at her and test the brakes". Eventually, he gave up and turned himself in to the police. They told the wife, who was apparently dumbstruck.

1. If you decided that you were going to kill your spouse/SO, how would you do it?
2. How many times would you try before you gave up?
3. Would you clue into what your SO was doing if your SO was trying to kill you?

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My face is breaking out to an intolerable degree.
I'm fucking 22. My face was FINE for a long time and all of a sudden, it's worse than it's seriously ever been.

What do you do about these sorts of situations?
I wash my face regularly (1-2 times a day). I've had a VERY bad reaction to Proactiv in the recent past, so please don't bother suggesting it.
Christmas Jim and Pam

(no subject)

1. I am seeing two friends tomorrow that I haven't seen in about five years. I suppose it's a little reunion. The only thing is, they're both bringing their boyfriends. I suppose if I had a boyfriend, I might want to bring him; but I want this to be just girls. We haven't seen each other in forever, and I want to see them, not the guys. Would it be rude to ask them if it could be just us girls?

2. I received a gift card to the local bookstore: I can apply it either to one month of a writing workshop, or I can have $75 credit for books. WHICH SHOULD I DO? I am torn.
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Christmas Money

 I got about $400 via various Christmas gifts.  Tell me TQC, how should I spend it?

Here are some possibilities:

1) Personal trainer sessions
2) New tattoo (pin-up girl rib piece)
3) Shoes/Clothes
4) Spa day etc.

I'm leaning towards #1 because I've been trying to lose these last 30 pesky pounds forever, and it might be a good boost.  Plus, I want to get more fit in general.

What do you guys think?


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The after christmas sales start today, but I got rostered for duty at my college for the whole day and night so I can't leave college. There are only about 10 people left at college at the moment. Because of christmas eve being monday, my roleplaying session was also moved to tonight. I'm practically positive I won't get a single call for help all day.

EDIT: I should mention, I can get back from the city within 15-20 minutes notice, but I spend the night at roleplaying.

Should I go to the city to do some post-christmas sale shopping?

Yes of course! No one will miss you
No, you have to stay

Should I go roleplaying tonight?

Yes of course! No one will miss you
No, you have to stay


Can you recommend a nice-tasting brand of champagne? I've never really tried it before, and I want to get something cheap-ish that tastes good, for NYE.

What are you doing for New Year's Eve?
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(no subject)

Who is the sanest, most functional person you know?

My answer: My boyfriend's sister Ally. She's had some F-ed up stuff happen to her, yet she's smart, funny, never depressed, and always helpful. She deals with the messed up stuff in her life so well, it's amazing. She's a rock.
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imagine that you just bought a house*.. you have nothing.. no furniture, some kitchen appliances (dishwasher, stove and microwave) and you also have some pots & pans and some kitchen knives, and a bed.

what does your list consist of when it comes to what all you want/need for your new home? (provide as many suggestions as you can think of)

*and for anyone wondering, YES!*

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How annoying do you find historical inaccuracies in movies? I just rewatched Schindler's List the other day and at the end the workers walk off singing a song that wasn't written until a couple decades later.


Is there a way to change the email address associated with your myspace account without going through the old email address?

I can't get into my old Email (haven't been able to for years now) and today I was (very, very) stupid and clicked on a spam link, and now I'm trying to change my password on myspace and it keeps saying I entered the wrong password. :(

Alternately, my old yahoo account wont let me reset my password; it says I need to call customer support but they keep telling me to call some other number else who ends up telling me to call customer support. Any suggestions???

EDIT: Nevermind, figured it out!

I know, it's not Christmas anymore, thank gawd


Do you remember when you stopped believing in Santa, if you ever did? Do you remember what your parents told you about Santa?

If/when you found out Santa didn't exist, were you SCARRED FOR LIFE?

If you have kids, or even if you don't and/or never plan on it no way, what did/would you tell your/a kid regarding Santa? Would you encourage the myth, or let them believe, or just lay out the straight facts?
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Spaghetti and jobs.

1. Have you ever gotten spaghetti at a restaurant? I'm asking this because when I was working at an Italian place, people ordered spaghetti with meatballs all the time for like, $11 and I never understood paying that much for something that was considered cheap, "dad-lost-his-job-again" food in my house.

2. How much did you pay for said spaghetti?
3. Grad students, do you work in addition to school?


Do any of you have NO regrets so far in life? I don't have any yet...and probably never will. 

For those of you who do have regrets, what are they? 
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(no subject)

Folks who wear tights: is there a pair in existence that doesn't pinch like that at the waist? Geez!

How do I get rid of the static that's making my skirt try to inhabit the same spacetime as my legs?

How many times do you put on a skirt to wear for the day and then go "ah screw it!" and pull out the jeans?
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i want to go to a mall today. not to swoop up on the discounted merchandise necessarily, but to people-watch. i love going out during big sales to watch the mayhem. it provides me with a LOT of entertainment. also, i am incredibly bored, and this will waste some time.

which mall should i go to?

- 7.48 miles away, no freeway in that direction though, so i have to take side streets.
- near the art store i LOVE, so i could stop off there on the way back to browse.
- has twice as many stores as MALL B, but they are not necessarily better stores.
- smack dab in the middle of little saigon
- an ex works there that i don't want to run into, but i don't know if she's working today (or still working there at all anymore), and i can easily avoid her shop anyways.
- a friend that i had a falling out with works there as well, and i don't want to run into her either.
- most of the retail-monkeys are super friendly, and some of them are REALLY HOT.

- 9.22 miles away, freeway access = faster transportation time.
- near a bunch of awesome antique shops and a 50s-themed "downtown" type city that i could stop by and browse around.
- has waaaaaaaaaay less stores than MALL A, but they are better stores.
- smack dab in the middle of an affluent area, so there are lots of entitled bitches walking around. (this could be either annoying, or entertaining)
- all the people that do work here are cunts with bad attitudes (and they will be super-cunty because of the holiday shoppers)
- the sister of my stalker-ex works there, and she totally enables the stalking behavior. if she saw me there, she would totally call my ex and tell him, "oh, guess who i just saw at the mall! you should come try to talk to her!"

Hong Kong

So, i'm going to Hong Kong on the 3rd of January. For 12 days, with my parents and brother. My parents are starting to get slightly arthritic and we go at their pace which is fine cos yay, free holiday!
What I want to know is
What should we pack? I hate packing.
If you've been to Hong Kong, what things do you recommend doing or seeing? We have a few guidebooks, but it's nice asking for personal recommendations.
And weird question: What are the toilets like in Hong Kong? Like, are they everywhere, do you have to pay to use them, are there sanitary disposal units in them, etc. It's  something my mother always worries about and I think she's passed that worry onto me. :P
Any other travelling in Hong Kong tips?

Inspired by "bleed to death or get HIV?" post

Do you have your blood type memorized? no.
Have you ever had to know it off the top of your head? I was asked in biology class in high school once, but since then... nope...

I don't know why I can't remember my blood type. Someday I will get into some life threatening accident that requires a transfusion ASAP and I will die because I can't remember what blood type I have. :p


Why am I getting spam messages to my phone inbox? I thought you weren't supposed to get slammed with advertisements over cell phones. My phone rings off the hook with telemarketers and I get spam texts. And no one has been giving out my number so what gives?

What are your post-Christmas plans? I need to go grocery shopping and got to school to print off a final and return some library books.

(no subject)

1. What was your biggest accomplishment this past year?

2. What was your biggest failure this past year?

3. What was the craziest thing you did this past year?

4. What did you get really, really, really excited about this past year?

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holidays schmolidays

1. are you going shopping today? i'm seriously jittery b/c i am at work and can't be out getting good bargains.

2. if you plan to shop within the next few days, what sales at what stores do you want to hit the most?

3. what is the one food you ate over the holidays that was the best? mine was good.
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(no subject)

Do you have any plans for new year's eve? If so, what?

I have a ton of christmas leftovers in my fridge. Should I toss it all now and feel guilty and sad, or just eat it all eat what I want and toss whatever's left after new year's?

sorry for posting so much!

1)are you impulsive?

hell yeah!

2)do you get cold easily?


3)Do you get obsessed with a lot of stuff?

Yes! I'm looking forward to my new obsession with video games. *is obsessed with comic books now*

4)for nana fans- nana hachi or nana O?

nana hachi!!!

5)What makes you mad?

why is the next volume of fruits basket coming out in March?! That's forever!

(no subject)

What person, throughout history, do you think has the world's most recognizable face?

Do you ever get ashamed of yourself when you have the same thought as some douchebag?
It broke my heart a little bit when I googled for "world's most recognizable face" and opalcat had posed this question on her own journal.

Could someone ever be a big enough douchebag to make you want to change your thoughts/opinions?

I post here too much

Is it healthy/normal for 2 people to be dating and have 0 time away from each other? As in work together, go to the same college, live 5 minutes away from each other and be at each others houses/spend the night constantly...2 of my friends are like this and they've been dating a year. I don't plan on saying anything about it, of course, it's not my place. I was just curious since they seem almost sick of each other when I talk to them now, as opposed to when they first started dating.

Has anyone attended the Vet Tech Institute? If so, what's your opinion on it? Cost? I was looking into it and I really would like to enroll sometime in 2009 since I have some debts to pay off [I don't want to get a loan for school until I've paid off my previous debt]. Did/Do you like it there? What do they require for admissions? Their website tells me nothing and I don't want to call them with questions since they'll expect I want to enroll for 2008. : /

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(no subject)

Have you ever danced naked with the devil by the pale moonlight in a barrel full of chocolate pudding whilst holding a rose in your mouth and singing Frere Jacques as children under the age of 12 looked on?

(no subject)

What do you mean, I'm funny?...You mean the way I talk? What?...Funny how? I mean, what's funny about it?...But I'm funny how? I mean, funny like I'm a clown? I amuse you? I make you laugh? I'm here to f--kin' amuse you? What do you mean, funny? Funny how? How'm I funny??...How the f--k am I funny? What the f--k is so funny about me? Tell me? Tell me what's funny!..."

does that make you laugh?

(no subject)

Do you curl your eyelashes?

What do you use to do that?

I've tried every eyelash curler I've gotten my hands on, but my eyelashes refuse to curl. Unless I sleep on the side of my face all night and then I have one side curled and the other stick straight.
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My husband and I want to get involved in an activity.  I'm trying to get more fit, and I also want to set an example for our 3-year-old son so he grows up being healthy and active.  

We've talked about various activities to get involved in that don't cost an arm and a leg and that we'd enjoy.  Here are some of them:

- Adventure racing
- Cycling
- Hiking

I really can't think of any more.  Cycling would require the purchase of some bicycles, and running would work but that's kind of boring.

Anyone else have ideas of some good ones to check into?  It'd be extra awesome if my son could get involved as well. 

in pain

I have a major pain-in-the-ass toothache! Yay for me!! I have tried lots of remedies I have found on the web... but none work! I was wondering what tqc does when they have a toothache? (all of the dentists are out until the 2nd of going to a dentist is not an option) Also I am now immune to orajel and advil and tylenol!

2.Have you ever pulled your own tooth? How did it work out for ya, and how did you do it?
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(no subject)

Some lady just called and I said my greeting, and she said "Yes, by ____ Rubber do you mean the Feline Practitioners Association?", does she think it's the same thing?

If you celebrate a winter holiday and receive gifts, what was your favorite one?

If you had to have either your tongue or your ears removed, which would it be and why?

(no subject)

I just saw several crows being attacked by awhole lot of sparrows on my neighbors lawn. I've heard of/seen crows attacking other birds, but never the other way around. It was actually pretty impressive. Is this common? Have you seen it before?
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(no subject)

What words do you associate with this icon : ?

Trapper Keeper
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(no subject)

1. Do you consider it regifting, if you take a gift card you received as a gift and buy gifts for someone else?

2. Favorite soft drink?

3. Did you see the Doctor Who Christmas special!?
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(no subject)

If you have a cell phone, do you use what Cingular calls "Answer Tones"? (Idk what they're called by other providers) It's music that people who call you hear whenever they call you until you answer the phone, and there's a fee involved.
Does that sound like a stupid idea?

(no subject)

You're between jobs and you happen to meet Donald Trump at a party one day. He likes you and sorry to hear about your employment woes. He then tells you that one of his assistants quit last week and he needs to fill the spot. The job pays 100k a year and you accompany him wherever he goes, all over the world. You get a lot of free time to do what you want, for he just needs you once or twice a day. The job, see, is his official 'wiper'. He's so important that he no longer desires to clean his own butt and hires others to do so for him. He's regular and usually goes between 4-6pm daily, so you can totally plan your day around that. However, he will introduce you to everyone as his personal wiper. Whenever you're part of his entourage, you have to wear rubber gloves and overalls. Do you take the job?

Yes. For as long as he needs me
Yes, but only until I save a little money and get another job ASAP
No way.

(no subject)

What beverage do you have to have with cookies?

When you drink something warm, do you use both hands or the handle to hold to cup or mug?

What temperature do you keep your heat at in the winter?

Do you linger in the shower or clean and get out?
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(no subject)

Are people in New York really as mean as people say they are?
What's a stereotype about your area? Is it true?

I don't know, I went there for a few days over the summer and I didn't notice anything weird... just normal people minding their business.
Florida is filled with old people. It's somewhat true, they're alot of retirement communities here.
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1. In public restrooms, how do you decide which stall to use?
1b. You go straight for the handicapped stall, right? TELL THE TRUTH!

2. Earlier, I was kissing my husband's face and I noticed he smelled like dog. I told him and he said, "yeah, the dog was licking me earlier." DDDDDDDDD: WHAT DIGUSTING, POSSIBLY FATAL DISEASE WILL I ACQUIRE FROM THIS, TQC????

(no subject)

1. Every time I'm on Fark I remember how stupid people are and it makes me sad. Should I flounce over there and tell everyone to go to hell and get myself banned?

2. I know they're perfect and all, but what does your BF/GF/SO/spouse/etc do that annoys you? I know there's something.

3. I found an old paint-by-numbers set in my closet. Should I paint according to the directions or renumber the colors and get some awesome pink penguins?
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(no subject)

I'm an anime/manga fan and have never really read any American comics, except for a little bit of X-men which didn't grab my interest. Can anyone recommend some fairly well-known and popular series that I could probably find at my local library?
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(no subject)

I was supposed to go snowboarding with some friends of mine tomorrow, but due to a mis-communication, I have no ride there. What should I do with my day tomorrow? Just sitting at home isn't an option because that's what I've done the past two days at my in-laws house. I can go shopping, but there isn't really anything that I want/need, plus I didn't get that many gift cards. Any suggestions?
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(no subject)

TL;DR: How do you get rid of cigarette smells in your apartment when you don't smoke but your neighbors do?

Okay. So I've lived in this apartment for almost a year (my lease is up in January). About a month or so ago, I had neighbors move in upstairs, and when they moved in, I began to smell cigarette smoke coming through my vents whenever the AC/heater kicked on. It's so strong, it's like someone is smoking in my unit. Regardless of whether or not the AC/heater runs, my closet reeks of cigarette smoke, and my students at work asked if I'd started smoking because my clothes smell of it.

I asked management if there's something that can be done, but they told me all they could really do was move me to another unit, which I think is stupid because I've been here almost a year, and these people just moved in. Not to mention it would cost me money to move to another unit because I'd have to hire movers (no friends/family willing to help with moving).

I can't really afford to move to another complex when my lease is up so it's not really an option.

What are some things I can do to alleviate the smell of cigarettes in my unit? It's messing up my allergies and giving me a scratchy throat, not to mention the smell is just disgusting to me. I got an AC filter that is supposed to help with smoke particles, but it doesn't help with the smell. I burn candles, but that doesn't help either. Is there something I can do with the actual vents?


Taking an oral contraceptive hasn't been working out for me, so my doctor suggested to try NuvaRing. Has anyone in this community tried this, if so, what are your experiences with it? Side effects? Is it noticeable during sex?
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Comment Emails

I realize this has probably been over-asked, and I'm sorry for that, but I don't watch the community all the time, and I have stopped getting comment emails again on yet another email account . . .
What's the best email service to use to ensure that you get all of your comment emails from LJ?

EDIT: I've had bad luck with Hotmail & Wildmail. #1 choice seems to be Gmail (but I don't like Gmail, so that's a last resort), and #2 choice seems to be YahooMail. I think I'll try #2, unless more data comes in and people are having problem with YahooMail.
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how to flow

Should I say to hell with my principles and find a girlfriend experience (GFE) for a night when I'm back in Austin?

Do you think it would help me take my mind off of thinking about girls or make my desire worse?

Finish that sentence: You can call me Bo because I know... ?
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(no subject)

1. Do you ever listen to audiobooks? If so, what are some good ones to listen to? I want to get some from iTunes and so far, I got the Art of Happiness. I feel like only certain types of books would be good to listen to rather than read though.

2. What kind of mood are you generally in?

3. How would people describe your personality?

4. How long do you have to experience symptoms of an illness/whatever before you see a doctor? (Excluding obvious emergencies)

(no subject)

If you are on a dark road and there is a car in front of you, do you drive with your high beams on?

If you are on a one person escalator next to some stairs and you would rather walk than stand, would you take the escalator or the stairs?

eta: one person escalator as in its only one person wide. Two people could not stand side by side on it.

(no subject)

why is my face so dry? (moisturizer suggestions?)

what is the absolute BEST thing that happened to you this week?

what's one of the worst things that has ever happened to you?

will you post a picture you just feel like sharing?
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(no subject)

1) With the list of ingredients under the cut, what are some dishes I could prepare?
Collapse )

2) Will you show me a picture of your parents, one or both[or more if you have stepfamilies]?
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3) Have you ever had a peanut butter & margarine(or butter) sandwich? If so, do others think you're weird? If not, do you think it's gross?

(no subject)

I'm trying to work on a website about the city of Adelaide, South Australia.
It's a website for people who like Adelaide, who either live here, or plan to come and visit. (You don't have to *love* it, and you don't have to think it's perfect. But you can't hate it.)
So, a question to those of you who live in Adelaide, or who have been to Adelaide (please indicate which is the case for you in your answer)
Oh and your answer may end up on a website, so by responding you're giving me permission to use it. :) Thanks

What is/are your favourite places to eat in Adelaide?
Why (in as much detail as possible) ?
If you can, where is it?
What type of people would you recommend it to? (for example: families, students, first class travellers, backpackers on a budget...)
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(no subject)

I've officially killed both of my mobiles :(

What is a good, reliable place to buy a cheap or second-hand mobile? It needs to last me until the next generation iPhone comes out, hopefully only a month or two.

Or, alternatively, have a mobile you want to get rid of? Or a battery to a Motorola Razr? Or know how to fix the scrollball on a Sidekick 3? Name your price, TQC!
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peter graves is not available

what was the last text message you received?

my left index finger keeps giving me the sensation that it's wet. it is not wet. am i going to die y/n?

were you affected by any of the bantown hacks? if so, what happened?

"you've seen me through the end of three relationships. you're one of the few people who gets me. i'll drunk-dial you later."

omg, i think i am somehow going to die from faux finger wetness
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The surface of one of my picture frames (a sort of hard plastic/glass thing) got scratched.  It's new(ish) and was expensive, so I don't want to just throw it out.  Are there any easy home remedies for scratched plastic/glass that work? 

Thanks in advance!

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(no subject)

Hey guys, I'm back from my mummy's house!

Have you heard of those doll baby things that are like, not really real but look SO real!? This woman in America sells them, I guess they're like substitutes for real babies, cause grown ups have them, they're not for kids.

Would you like a baby that looks so real its amazing but is not a real baby?

Why would you, or anyone in the world, ever want one of those?

They're not like china dolls by the way, your meant to like, look after them and carry them round. THEY SERIOUSLY LOOK SO REAL!


My boyfriend is with his parents in the other end of the country, but he phoned me today saying that he told them about me in more detail, and they want to meet me and see where he lives and stuff. So he suggested they all come home early and his parents stay at ours for a few days, they're coming friday midday! So my question is, WHAT DO I DO TO GET HIS PARENTS TO LIKE ME A LOT?! I'm going to superchargedly clean the house and buy cute things tomorow in preperation, but what else?!

Random questions

1. What's the worst present you've ever got for Christmas/any holiday/birthday?
2. Have you ever heard of Croatia? If so, what (what have you heard about it, I mean)?
3. Do you like to see photos of your friends online? How important is it?

(no subject)

I just got my Wii today.

What games do you suggest I buy?

I already have my eyes on Mario Galaxy and Zelda: Twilight Princess. My grandmother gave me Guitar Hero III yesterday (not knowing I didn't have a Wii).

Is there anything else that I can't do without?


(no subject)

What on earth is 'people watching' and why would anyone want to do it?

I have a mental image of someone hiding in the bushes with a pair of binoculars watching people in a park or something. Creeepy.

(no subject)

1)I think bread tastes sweet. My mom thinks I'm crazy. why is this?

2)Should Big Love have more Margene naked?


3)Yoshi's Island DS- awesome or boring?


4)Should anyone ever go to gamestop on the day after christmas?


(no subject)

1. If you had the opportunity to move anywhere within the country, where would you move? Here's the catch: You can't move somewhere with family, BFFs or people you could rely on. This is just you, on your own.

2. What kinds of preparations would you need to make before you moved there (ETA: if one is find a job, would you secure a job before you left, if you could, or just check out the job market and then tie it down when you got there)?

3. How would you go about making these preparations?

If you want, why'd you pick where you did? How old are you? Would you do this? Have you done this? (this last one is important! If you have, I want deeeeeetz.)
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What are you reading now?

What do you plan to read in the coming year?

How often do you read for pleasure and not work or school?

Do you read books in foreign languages for fun? What do you read if you do?

Where is your favorite place to read? What to you like to drink or listen to when you read?

Do you consider the things you read online (i.e, fanfiction) to be the same as reading printed media?

My answers:

The Tale of the Hand-Grasping Thief by Otsu-ichi, from his book of short stories and novellas "Ushinawareru Monogatari." I'm also reading "Collapse," by the same guy who did "Germs, Guns, and Steel," but I left it at home so I can't get it for two weeks.

I'm going to finish this book of Otsu-ichi stories and then move on to another one by him, probably "Calling You" because I only have one story of his in there that I haven't read it. After that, I'll probably start his "Zoo" anthologies. I hope to finish all his short story/novella anthologies soon.

I used to read a lot, but the last few years I've been too busy and books in English were hard to come by. My new year's resolution is to try and read at least a short story per month.

Yup. All the Otsu-ichi stuff is in Japanese, because I'm trying to increase my vocab and reading comprehension. And his stuff is just kick-ass. I'm hoping to get up to being able to read Haruki Murakami easily.

At a Starbucks with a nice chai tea latte or something, listening to my iPod. I dunno, it makes me feel all decadent or something. No matter what or where, I've got to have a nice hot tea or something.

And yeah, fanfic and the like are reading. I've read fanfic that was way better and more thought-provoking than some books ("The Da Vinci Code," I'm looking at you, here.)

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does anyone know where i could find the video of paris hilton falling off of the horse?
it was on a simple life episode, i believe the first season.
(could be wrong...)
or, if anyone knew which episode & season it was...
i've googled and searched, but no such luck.

thanks bbs.

(p.s. i've been gone for a few months. i've missed this place.)
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Imagine your SO says "I love you!" and you respond, perhaps in an amusing manner "I love you more!" They then reply with something along the lines of "probably" or "most likely."

How would you respond to that?

If you have a SO you love, is it true that you love them more than they love you?

Could you be happy in a relationship where you knew you loved your partner significantly more than they loved you?

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Do you like blinkies? Dollz? Or maybe I should ask, were you ever the type to cover your profile/page/whatever with them? What age?

What do you think of the background on my journal? warning: may cause seizures.

Do you ever put moving pictures as your desktop wallpaper? I did that once on accident and nearly died.
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Really random question but my sister just bought an iPod nano, and she just dropped it off and left to go out. She said she doesn't want any part of it broken. Well I took it out, put it back in the original case, and now the top part of the case isn't staying on.

I'm wondering do these covers become loose after being opened twice?

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What  have you accomplished lately?

Today I FINALLY cleaned my motherbeastden of a room!  It still smells like my sister's cats though and they've been gone for 5 months.  Bitches.

And I just need to gain three more pounds to be at my goal weight YEAH!  I haven't been losing any ^_^
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1. Do you get sick after eating movie theatre popcorn?

2. Are movie theatre and concession prices way too expensive?

3. Have you ever snuck food or drinks in?

4. Have you ever seen a movie at the IMAX?

Dear TQC

My Brother in Law just sent this e-mail:

We got a handful of christmas pictures online. If you want to add any pictures to the gallery just follow the instructions at the top of each gallery!

Should I goatse my sister's husband and all of her in-laws?

edit: upon review of the gallery that he is using, I can also Rickroll them. Please consider this in your wisdoms.
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Do you sleep better in total darkness or with some light? No noise or some noise? Would you rather be warm or cold when trying to fall asleep?
Do you go to bed around the same time every night? How many hours of sleep do you normally get each night?