December 25th, 2007

Birthdays, a love-hate relationship

 I recently had a birthday, December 22nd, and I turned 24 and I've been an emotional wreck this whole week. Does anyone else get really emotional around birthdays? Birthdays were made to be a big thing in our house, and despite now being an adult I still feel that intense anticiation I experienced as a kid. Except now 'presents' don't make me excited and I just end up being disapointed by expectations of it being a day unlike any other day.

When's your birthday? And how do you deal with feeling the blues? and high expectations?

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Why did I get my period ten minutes into Christmas? It's even a week early :(

If you haven't had sex with your SO for going on two months, how would you get back into things as they used to be? Just start again like nothing happened or ease back into it? Is this something you'd have to have a talk about?

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my siblings are going to wake me up at ~4-5 am to open gifts. yeah, we do it that fucking early. if i go to bed now, i'll only get about 3 hours of sleep, and i'll probably end up going back to bed after opening presents.

so tqc, should i just go to bed now, or should i stay up until after we're done opening gifts and go to sleep after?
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1. Are you related to someone who has been disowned? Do you know someone who has been disowned? Why are they disowned?

2. Does anyone have a sidekick phone (1, 2, 3, ID, slider)? What kind? What do you like / don't like about it?

3. Are you the type of person who posts every day, or the type of person who posts twice a week with a lot of questions?

4. I want to start a photography group on flickr based on a small group of people basically taking pictures of their daily adventures. Or, even on LJ. Is anyone interested in doing this, or know somewhere where I could join? I don't like large groups, I just want a small one. 10 people tops.

Lastly, Merry Christmas / Merry 25th of December, TQC!
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TQC, why  do I dread going over to my Aunt's house for our family's Christmas celebration?  I've never hated the idea of going before, but this year, I'd rather get a root canal without anesthesia.

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What would you do if you woke up at 5AM to see your dog devouring your Christmas dinner?

I am so pissed off right now D:<

edit: She figured out how to open the fridge and stole all the meat we were going to cook for our dinner. So now xmas dinner is basically like.. roast potato and boiled veg -_-
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1. So, what'd everyone get for Christmas? If this hasn't been asked before...If it was, sorry, and you can ignore this question lol

2. Does anyone else have family member that insists on waking the house up at ungodly hours of the morning on Christmas? Ugh.

3. Should I drive 45 minutes to go see Sweeny Todd today?
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removing security tags

Have any of you had any luck removing a security tag, specifically one like this?

It's on something my dad gave me for Christmas and he didn't save the receipt. It's from Macy's where I purchased it using my Macy's card, do you think if I took it to Macy's tomorrow they would take it off for me? I feel like I should know this as I used to work there but I don't.

Should I let my dad try to take it off today, or wait until tomorrow and go to Macy's?
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Skiing and numbers

1. I just received some sweet Rossignol skis for Christmas. As a beginner and at 5'5, do you think 146cm is too short? I always thought the less experienced, the longer skis. I'm going to Sports Authority tomorrow, but I wanted to see what you guys thought since I keep getting conflicting information?

2. Have you ever made a snowman?

3. Would you prefer living in a cold climate or a warm climate? Why? And where do you originally live?

4. It is neccessary for you to make lists in increments? For example, do you have to ask 3 questions, not four? Five, not six?

5. Do you like odd or even numbers better?

EDIT: For those of you who live in New England/Connecticut, have you ever been to the Woodbury Ski Area in Woodbury, CT? I never heard of it until last week and I don't know if I should waste my time driving out there.

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So I have a choice of keeping my PC and getting a nice monitor, or getting rid of my PC and getting a laptop.

My PC is kind of old but still really awesome. It has a 256 MB Nvidia video card, 1 GB of RAM, 120 GB hard drive, and a decent processor. I'd be getting a nice shiny 19" LCD monitor.

The laptop has a 128 MB Intel video card, 1 GB of RAM, 80 GB hard drive, and an Intel Dual-core processor.

The computer games that I play wouldn't run as well on the laptop as they do on my computer, and it has less space, but laptops are portable so I'd be able to take it to school and such.

Should I keep my PC or get the laptop?

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What did you get for Christmas?
Do you get stressed on Christmas?

ETA: haha for you if you live in the crappy northern hemisphere other timezones. Tell me what you think you got, then come back later and tell me if you were right.

ETA2: I got lots of cooking stuff, knives, a book, Amanda Palmer shirt, fairy lights, a new bed, Postsecret book, a bag and money for my new school clothes next year. I don't get stressed.
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1. what did you get for Christmas this year? what was your favorite gift?
so far, from my mom, I got a little bit of money, CSI season 7, an FM transmitter to play my iPod in my car, and a coffee maker. the FM transmitter is what I really wanted.. except that I hate the fuzzy static behind the song when I use it.

2. when was the last time you were sick on Christmas? how bad was it?
right now. I have a sore throat, a bad cough, and a horrible runny and congested nose. I won't be able to really taste the meal my mom just made :(

3. who are you spending Christmas with?
just my mom here at our house, but then I'm going to 2 of my best friend's houses & my aunts house to drop off all of their gifts.

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Poll #1111227 Uncomfortable sex questions

You borrow a dvd from your closest friend because he or she had taped the latest episode of some show you guys watch. You go home and start playing the disk, only to realize that your friend gave you the wrong dvd. Instead of your favorite show, it's a sex tape of your friend and their SO (or ex if they're single). The camerawork seems to be really good, for you can see everything, whether or not you were trying. Obviously there was a dvd mix-up and you were mistakenly given very private data. Would you watch your friend's sex tape?

Just a little

You're with your SO (pretend if you don't have one), lying on your back, and they're giving you oral. It's the ABSOLUTE best you've ever been given ever. You're really enjoying it when you feel a fart building within you, pressing to escape. Normally, you might be able to hold it but you're so relaxed and letting go, that it's gonna happen. You're soooo close to getting off. Like, another 20 seconds and you'll be there, but the fart will escape before then. It feels like it's going to be a loud fart, too. Remember, it's the absolute best you've ever had. What do you do?

Let it slip out. I'm sure my SO would forgive me. Good sex is worth all sacrifices
Push them off me and scamper off the bed to pass the gas, away from them

You're living in an apartment. For whatever reason, you lose your job and are having problems finding a new one. You let your rent slide. Your landlord/landlady (of the gender you're attracted to) is reasonable. Another month slides. You're up to 3 months, and still no work, and you owe 3 months rent. Your landlord/lady is upset and gives you an ultimatum. If you agree to have sex with them once and only once, they're forget about the debt you owe and you'll be given the next 2 months free as well. Otherwise, you have to move out the next day. Your landperson is in their late 40s and with average attractiveness and a bit on the dumpy side, and divorced and sexually frustrated (if you couldn't tell). What do you do?

Sleep with my landlord/landlady and avoid 5 months of rent
Move out

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1. I got a $15 Itunes gift card code thingie in a random Secret Santa exchange. The only problem is, I don't use Itunes at all. Besides sites like, do you know where I can exchange this for cash? I don't want to let $15 go to waste.

2. Who's your favorite reindeer and why?
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making a CD that!

It seems everyone dislikes the stupid techy questions, but I'm sorry.  I'm techy-stupid.  Either I can't figure out how to google an answer or I'm not understanding the answers I get.  So, I'm trying to make a music CD that will play in a CD player.  I have heard variously that 1) I *must* use a writable CD designed for music, and that is all it takes, or 2) I need to write it in the correct *format* and a music-CD will have better audio quality but I could do it on any old writable CD.  Are either of those true or do I need a certain CD *and* the right format, and if so, what in the world is the right format?
thanks in advance to any kind souls willing to help my inept self out.

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- Does anyone have some sort of intro to or general knowledge paganism books they'd recommend?

Google and the bookstore are overwhelming. I want to explore, but I don't know where a good place to start would be.

- If you could give birth to something other than a human baby, what would it be?

- How do you like to de-odorize or otherwise make a room smell nice? Candles, incense, those plug in scented things, spraying Febreeze until you can't breathe, etc.

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My jar of peanutbutter contains the ingredient 'rapeseed oil.' I asked my boyfriend if someone put rapeseed oil on a clit would it involuntary climax. He did not care to entertain my ridiculous thoughts.

Do you think if I put peanutbutter on my clit I might involuntary climax multiple times?

Somehow I think this will make my shitting Xmas at my aunts better. y/y


Say there was an elective medical procedure where you could increase your intelligence by 33%. Cognitive, problem-solving, the works, all get enhanced where you become 1/3 smarter than you are now. Your IQ would be boosted as a result. However, case studies have shown that people who have this procedure done tend to be less happy. They become even less tolerant of those of inferior intellect, grow to absolutely hate stupidity and ignorance, and for some reason, there's a bit of elevated neurosis inherent in these people, due to the fact that they're more aware of their own minute behaviors than they were previously and far more analytical and exacting in their own character as a result. You become more self-conscious of your actions in most social interactions. So, much more intelligent than you are now, but also, much more frustrated and neurotic than you are now as well.

Would you get the brain-boosting procedure done?

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I was going to ask what you got for Christmas but then I remembered that I'm in the UK, some of you won't have had Christmas yet and someone else has probably asked this too.

SO! I ask, my DVD player is working fine, except its not playing in color. Its black and white. I checked settings and its fine. Anything you can suggest? Maybe try changing the scart cable? I wanna watch my new DVD's!

Happy Christmas/whatever you celebrate. =)

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My boyfriend is coming over to spend Christmas with me and my family, and he said he will be leaving in 30 minutes because he's "getting my Christmas present ready".

What on earth is he planning?

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On my father-in-laws inspiron laptop computer has a slight problem. The battery light flashes red 4 times quickly, followed by a longer green light. Also, when I push the button on the battery itself, it flashes green on the 20, 60 and 100. What does that mean?

I am assuming that the battery is shot to pieces. Any truth to this?
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I got copies of pictures (and I'll be getting more soonish). At first I wanted to just get a photo album, but instead I want to figure out how to put them all up in my room but without frames and tape (unless a bunch of them go into one big picture frame.

Do you have any clever ways of doing this? Something creative? I want to be able to move these when I do move out, so I really don't wanna tape them directly to the wall or any of that nonsense.

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So me and my friends were having an argument about this...

Is it tacky that my cousin bought me a carton of cigarettes for Christmas? I'm hella happy (the station that sold to me in town has new management and they don't sell anymore, and the friends that buy me some back home all live about 20 miles from me, so it's not a regular thing), but all my friends think it's cheap.

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Are you staying home or traveling today?

When you are home do you wear socks or go barefoot?

What old-fashion saying(s) do you use?

If you decorated for the holidays, when do you take it all down and put it away? 

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Have you ever asked how hot you were, on a 1-10 scale?
If you have, what's the average answer?

-So many people from high school told me I got hot after I graduated. Somewhere between a 6-9, mostly.

I know people who will only sing at Christmas time because they think they only thing they can sing is Christmas songs, even if they have a good voice. Are you one of those people?
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Billy Connelly's new DVD, titled Was It Something I Said. I was reading the reviews on Amazon and I found this -

Billy has said alot of funny things in his time. More recently, he has been quoted as saying some rather less funny things. I would have thought that Billy would want to move on from his widely publicised more recent quotes ? But no, he decides to make reference to a rather ill judged quote as the title of his DVD ? If you know what I am refering to then perhaps you are as flabergasted as I am. If you don't know what I am talking about then buy this DVD. I'm sure it is very funny &, without the knowledge of this more recent quote, you will likely enjoy the show. If, as I do, you think this quote has tarred his reputation, you will likely look elsewhere for laughs. is titled

Can anybody tell me what the quote above is referring to?
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Are the day after Christmas sales any good? or should I wait a week or until after New years? I heard that stores will be cutting prices, but that they give bigger discounts around New Years. Is that true?

I will mainly be purchasing clothes, electronics, and products for around the house.
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Hi, TQC!

How is your day going? :)

My little sister got her first laptop today! Except it's broken already. It's some sort of advent laptop running Windows Vista. All was fine and dandy until she visited youtube and had to install adobe flash. Upon restarting nothing would work. There is just a pale blue screen. WTF is up with that? Any ideas on what to do? We don't have any of the disks, the only one that came with the laptop was Microsoft Works (psh!).
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Kingdom Hearts

OK, tqc, easy question for you gamers out there.

I'm playing Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, and am on the Deep Jungle world. I've finished all the big boss battles and been tossed over to the waterfalls. I've gathered the chests and got my stuff to be pawned off the make my Keyblade able to pwn Sephiroth. I'm all ready to seal the world and blow this popstand.

Except I can't figure out HOW to blow this popstand. What do I do after I climb partway up the vine and jump on the ledge? GameFAQ is failing me and it all looks the same (pixellated shades of gray) to me.

Nevermind; I lucked into it right after I asked and decided to give up if THIS time didn't work.

So, new question; should I play KH2 after this or a FF game? If FF, which one?

Oh, yeah, and Merry Christmas!
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Tell me if I'm being unreasonable or illogical

My boyfriend received a new game for his Playstation 3 for Christmas from his parents, he has spent the past 3 hours in his room playing it, when 3 hours ago his family left to take the dog for a long walk and that time could have been utilized with some well deserved Christmas sexing. I'm in the room practically in tears and absolutely livid with him, am I being unreasonable? If he likes video games fine, but this just takes the piss, this is my first Christmas away from my family and I'm spending the majority of it alone. How and when should I tell him that this really upset me? I'm shitty at confrontation and don't want to make a big deal on Christmas day. Maybe I should put a new boyfriend on my list of New Years goals...

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So, they say you're supposed to take your birth control pill at around the same time every day, does that mean ALWAYS at 12:03PM daily, or if it's 1:30PM are you in trouble? What if it's like 9:30?
I've just always wondered about that funky word--almost.

Did you build a gingerbread house this year? Pictures?

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A friend of mine asked me if I would watch her 5 (going on 6 in less than a week) yrs old while shes at work cuz there's no school this week.

1. What do boys that age like to do?
2. what should I have in my house as far as food goes?
3. is there anything I should know that I may not already?
4. what can I do to keep him occupied for 8-9 hours?

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Ever know anyone that's been in a reality TV show?

I do I do!!! My friends have a TV show starting up tonight on Court TV, 8pm PST/11pm's called "Tiger Team", and you should watch! It's about my buddies breaking into businesses, which is their day job.

Would you like to have a burglar-like job where you were paid to break into places?
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Motorola Razr

I'm looking to get a Razr, as I've had my Nokia for about 2 and a half years, and it's starting to fall apart.

I really really like how the Razr looks and feels, but I've heard mixed reviews.

Do you/have you had a Razr?

Do/did you like it?



Would you recommend it? EDIT: Why or why not?

Responses are appreciated. :)

Trust vs. Respect vs. Liked

1. If you had to pick only one, would you rather be trusted, respected, or liked? Each excludes the other. Just think of it as a black and white question. I know it's not relevent in real life because a lot of the times in order to truly like someone, you have to respect and trust that person, but just for the sake of this question, pick one. Also, I have a feeling many of you will say XXXXXX because it's a subset of YYYYYY, but no. I know in real life, it usually does, but just for this situation, XXXXXXX will not be a subset of YYYYYY.

2. Why is this your choice?

(no subject)

1)I hear that the DS lite can play gameboy advance games. Does it do it well?

2)How do people meet all these guys who are attracted to them, not jerks and not married? *is confused as folks act like this is easy*

eta:3) don't you hate folks who say I've been single for two months, Oh it sucks so much?

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As a stocking stuffer I received two bottles of popcorn seasoning: ranch and parmesan & garlic. They taste great on popcorn!

1. What else would they be tasty with?
2. How do you pronounce parmesan?
3. What about envelope?
4. What about garage?


I probably didn't spell Katsucon right. My friends want me to go to Katsucon with them [it's an anime convention if anyone doesn't know] and they decided not to dress up, which is great for me since I'm not that into it. What should I wear? Everyone else is buying something cute to wear for the raves and such but I've never been to a convention and I was just going to wear jeans but something cute would work to. Can anyone suggest cute outfits for a convention? Pictures would be nice. :]

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Grammar love!

Winter holidays

1. So, anyone here observe Christmas on January 7th?

2. How about New Years on January 13th?

3. What's your ethnicity/nationality/whatever?

3a. And your/your family's religion?

4. If you said yes to #1, do you do this because it's your religion or out of tradition?

4a. Anyone here observe both Christmases?

5. If you said yes to 2, do you celebrate it like you would the "regular" new years eve?


Do any of you know anything about Knoxville, TN? Do any of you live there? Can anyone tell me anything about the city? Is there anything to do? Are there many open-minded, progressive people there?

(I'm investigating a job move, and I appreciate any opinions you have about the city!)

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my right ear has been ringing for a while and feeling like it's blocked up even after i've cleaned it. what does this mean?

when you go upstairs, do you go one at a time? skip a stair? or two?

is your toilet seat cushiony?

do you watch animal planet?

what's the prettiest thing you've seen today?

(no subject)

Can your presents do this?

Did you think of the Genie from Aladdin singing that when you read it?

What do you think about Christopher Nolan (he directed the Prestige, the new Batman movies, and Memento)?
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What program would I need to screen cap a mpeg file?
Did you have a nice holiday?
Should I dye my hair entirely green? This would entail me bleaching my entire head, and I'm not so sure I'd look all that great as a blonde, so I'd have to keep coloring it green. Also, the only bleach kits I've used so far involve using heat to activate the bleaching, Is there anything that wouldn't require me to cover my head in tin foil and burn my head with heat? ( I figured that plus the bleach there would be equal amounts of "Ow Ow Ow" but IDK)
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(no subject)

I received the FLY Pen Fusion for Christmas and am really excited about it.

Does anyone have any experience with these? How did they work out? I can't download the program for it off of their site because they are encountering high traffic, so I'm eager to know what it's like!

hippie van

What is the best kind of paint to paint a hippie van?

I want something fairly cheap and durable that will achieve that certain classic look.
(for reference, the car being painted is a '98 ford windstar with blue peeling paint. odd, I know, but whatever.)

Any other tips or tricks involved in this whole car painting thing?
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So I was at Ulta (a big make up store... thing) a few months ago. They asked me if I wanted to get two free issues of some magazine, and I was like "sure, whatev."

I got the two free issues. I figured that was it.

Today I check my bank account and see that 23 dollars had been deducted. I checked the history, as I'm 100% sure I DID NOT pull anything out today. A phone number was listed under the description, and I called the number. It turns out that the number was the magazine's customer service line- I had been charged for a year's subscription to this magazine.

I NEVER agreed to this. I'm extremely mad. They NEVER told me I was forced into BUYING a subscription after the two free issues came.

What would you do about this? I'm calling up the customer service line tomorrow to complain and try to get my money back. Then I'm going to the store to get pissy on the manager. Good idea, or totally fruitless?

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How much clothing do you have? How long do your clothes usually last?

A long time ago, I heard that the average person wears about 10% of their wardrobe. What percentage of your wardrobe do you wear?

Do you toss things you don't wear any more? Only buy things that you love, or buy things that are kind of okay out of necessity and possibly poor body image? Do you have "skinny" clothes and "fat" clothes?

Anything else you would like to mention about your wardrobe is also acceptable.


Do you comment out loud when you read an article,story, blog,ect,ect.. that catches your eye?

What is your favorite kind of salad?

Do you read in bed or watch t.v. before you fall asleep?

What is something you most desire?

Salt or pepper or both?

Hot chocolate or Hot tea?

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Do you ever get randomly creeped out at night? I feel like everywhere I have looked there are depressing/scary things. I don't know.

Will you post a funny picture? Or a cute one? Or nice happy feelings?