December 24th, 2007


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Is it going to be a white Christmas where you are?

It snowed here yesterday and hasn't melted yet so everything is still white. I guess that counts as one even if it's not actually snowing.
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 As many of you fellow Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert fans know, their shows are returning to the air on January 7th.  I personally am feeling very conflicted as to whether or not I will watch.  Will you, and why or why not?

Reasons for me to watch: Jon nd Stephen might help promote the writers' cause; I'm not a Nielsen viewer, I am in serious Stephen withdrawal.
Reasons for me not to watch: that would totally undermine the point of supporting the writers like I have been; the shows would not be in their true form (I believe both stephen and jon are WGA members, so they would not be able to write material).

correct me if i am wrong on any of my information.

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Have you ever gotten a "wrong number" kind of email, addressed to you - first name and last - but meant for somebody else with the same name as you? What did you do?
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Uncomfortable zones!

Do the following types of people make you uncomfortable?

1. Judgmental people
2. Pushy people who can't take no for an answer
3. Racists
4. Rabid nationalists
5. Bullies
6. Those who obviously play the "Keep up with the Jones' Game"
7. Cut throat "Scensters/Hipsters"
8. Constantly angry people
9. "Conservatives"
10. "Liberals"

What is your typical reaction when you run into any of these types of people?

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1) have  you seen the 2girls1cup video?
b) how many times did you gag?
c) did you watch it more than once?

2) are you going to go watch the video if you havent seen it? or at least look it up?

*my adivse.. dont.* 
but here it is anyway..

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So I have this roommate and she's utterly emo. Now, I'm not saying that's a bad thing. All in all, she's a sweet girl, she just takes it a little far. She keeps telling me she's utterly depressed and that she cuts. I'm not really inclined to believe her on the first count mainly due to the fact that I have far too much experience with depression myself not to know a fake-out when I see one. But I know she cuts. The problem is, I'm fairly certain she does it because she thinks that's what you're supposed to do to belong to said subculture.

My question is this; what would you do if this was your roommate?

Personally, I've tried being there for her during her "depressed" periods. I've tried talking to her. I've tried simply leaving her to her own devices. Nothing seems to work.
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So, yesterday I spent over 8 hours in an airport waaay away from home waiting for my connecting flight to be rescheduled, as it had been canceled due to shitty weather.... eventually I ended up flying back to the place I had just come from because there was no airport near my intended destination that I could get to. Upon arrival home, my flights were "rescheduled," to tomorrow, but that failed...and lead to hours talking on the phone to get flights for tomorrow that will actually work. On top of it all, my luggage is in limbo. No one can tell me where it is or when I will be receiving it.

...also, my boyfriend did not get me a Christmas gift because he bought me something for my birthday in October. I spent all week drawing on a box to put his present in. Am I at all justified in being annoyed at him?


Please tell me some holiday horror stories.

Have you ever lost your luggage?
Will I get mine soon enough to have clean underwear during my vacation?
Does the obligation to give gifts make giving them to people you care about meaningless?


I've never told anyone I love them before. (aside from family) I have always believed that if your going to tell your boyfriend / girlfriend that you are in love with them then its the same thing as saying 'I can see myself spending forever with you." and I've just never felt that way about someone before. . . Until now.

My boyfriend and I have not been together very long at all - - only three months but I feel so diffrently with him then I have with anyone else, its indiscribable. I want to do anything and everything to keep him happy, I adore everything about him, his strenghts and his flaws. && that scares me more then anything in the world. I know its the real deal, I can feel it - - I've been in serious relationships before my longest being three and a half years and I have felt more for this one person in the past three months then i ever did for my ex in the three years we were together.

So my question is ;

How do I know if it goes both ways? and should i wait for him to say it first or should i go out and tell him - - and if so how?? && if you've been in love How did you know it was real when you fell in love?

ahhh . . im just so confused and soo amazingly scared. HELPPP.

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I'm going to apply at a local newspaper for a part-time writing position. They want six samples included with my resume, which can be mailed or emailed. I'm going to include some of the writing I did for my university newspaper. How should I present these to make the best impression?

A. Mail the actual articles, clipped and arranged in a plastic report folder thingy

B. E-mail the (sometimes unreliable) links to the school's online PDF copies.

C. E-mail and attach my own personal .doc versions of my articles.

D. OTHER, to be explained in zee comments.

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when is the last time you spent too much money on things you really didn't need? where was it? how much did you spend?

I spent $50 tonight at Wal-Mart when I really went in for maybe $15 worth of stuff. I'm having some buyers remorse now.

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1. Cellone sold-out to AT&T, does this affect you?
2. What do you like to put on your pancakes/waffles?
3. About how many posts have you made on the TQC today?

My answers

1. Yes--I'm pissed beyond words
2. Peanut butter
3. None as of yet, but that will change

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TQC, Christmas is damn near upon us, and there is a mountain o' gifts under/beside my tree. While I'm generally content to wait to find out what I get, one box has had my sister and me puzzled since being wrapped. It's a pretty decent sized box (3ft x 2ft x 2 ft-ish). It's from my parents, but it's to both my sister and me and Mom wrote on it "Open last!". My whole life, the ~big deal~ gift has been opened last. I know for a fact my sister, before opening this box, is getting DDR Supernova 2, Guitar Hero III and an iPod. I didn't ask for anything for Christmas but a couple games/DVDs and gift cards. Sister is 15, I'm 21, and we have a handful of common interests (we're both zombie/horror movie-obsessed musicians who watch the news religiously, make bizarre jokes/pop culture references, and play too many video games). Take note my parents have been known to put tiny things in huuuuge boxes just to throw us off.

WTF is in the box, TQC?!
non-srs answers = moar fun

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Okay, this person who I havent talked to in forever is a English/Education(secondary, I think) major and hes starting student teaching in the spring.

My question is, is student teaching usually something you do right before you graduate (undergrad)?

Ive known this guy forever and I think he graduates this spring but I really can't remember and considering our history I feel mega guilty for not remembering. Especially since my goal is to come off as ... not a bitch. -_-;;;;

So yeah, help?

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How do you view mental illness? How do you think the majority of society (or whatever country you live in) views it? What do you think their opinions are influenced by- age, religion, etc.?
let's do this


On Gmail, I can log into my primary account but when I click Gmail, I get a page that no matter how many times I refresh it is stuck on "Internet Explorer cannot display this page". I can view my mail on OTHER Gmail accounts, just not the one that matters. I changed my password, but still, nothing.. I didn't see anything about this on google's troubleshooting, so I was wondering if anyone here had an idea on what might be happening?
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1. Have you ever walked out of a movie before it was over because it was so bad? What movie was it?

2. If you or someone you know was ever addicted to drugs, what's one of the worst things they ever did while under the influence (or in order to be under the influence ... like stealing money to buy drugs, etc.)? What was the drug?

3. a. If you found out you had an STD, who would you tell? Would it depend on the STD?

b. If you've been tested for STDs, which ones have you been tested for? (EDIT: If you say "all of them", are you including HIV/Hepatitis (or even just HIV) which is a blood test and you usually have to explicitly request?) I just wonder because I know people who think they have been tested for STDs when they actually haven't or think they have been tested for everything when they also have not.

Oh mine eye!

Moments ago I blew my nose, quite hard, and I think my right eyeball wiggled and water, tears, whatever squirted out of my eye. It was very disturbing. Has this ever happened to you?


1. Who's your favorite icon maker on LJ? I really love colorfilter and snowkis_s
2. Why do people of other religions or no religion find it offensive for people to tell them Merry Christmas? A lot of people in my area can't say it where they work now because it offends people.
3. Can someone with pale skin be sexy or hott? I think they can but I'm pale myself. I can't wear shorts or skirts without someone saying "ewww what's wrong with your legs?" but they're just pale. : /
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1. do you take it as an insult or a compliment if someone tells you you're weird?
usually a compliment.. it kinda depends on how the person says it & who says it.

2. what's the most expensive gift you bought for someone this holiday? who is it for?
$70 gift set of YSL Opium perfume for my mom

3. do you use AT&T service for anything? (phone, internet, etc)? if so, are you happy with it?
because I have both my internet & cellphone through them and they've both been giving me problems lately. not to mention their customer service has to be some of the worst I've ever experienced.

4. were you off of work today, or did you call out?
I called out

home remedies

I'm sick. I woke up with a sore throat but my nose is not runny and I don't have a fever. Is there any way I can get rid of it by 6 pm? Any home remedies that work?

I can't believe this happened on Christmas Eve :(

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My Paper Mario game isn't allowing me to do the super jump! move, where I have to press down the A button and rotate the analogue stick, then release the A button. I'm stuck on the screen where somebody teaches it to you, but it won't let me pass through. The game is used and the controller is from around when Windwaker came out. Is it the game, the controller, or just me?
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Do you ever get the urge to just break things? I was at the grocery store the other day and whenever I walked by stuff in glass containers I just wanted to pick them up and smash them on the ground. Is that normal?
i say, old bean

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should i go across the country next year for a week or two and visit family i barely know?
haha, i know this is ULTIMATELY up to me, but..would you do it?
have you ever done this? stories plz.
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1. What's your favorite holiday movie/show?
» Movie, the new Miracle on 34th Street; TV show, Doctor Who's christmas specials, or Charlie Brown.

2. What is a word you constantly hear mispronounced or said completely wrong? How do people mispronounce it? (Phonetics would help!)
» I always hear people say Krogers when it is Kroger (the supermarket), and recently I've heard poinsettia, which i've always heard as "poi-en-set-ee-uh" as "pon-set-uh".

3. Favorite Disney movie?
» All the princess movies, Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast.

Creepy Dog, Sims 2.

creepy dog
1. Ever since we got it, my dog has been staring at me whenever I use the treadmill. He will stand next to the running mat and just would appear not at anything particular i.e. He isn't following my legs or anything. He just looks creepy and insane. Has this happened to anyone else before with their dog or other pet? Do you have any ideas as to why he's doing this?

sims 2
2. For Sims 2 players, what's the strangest/most random thing your Sim has decided to do with the Free Will turned on?
And also, 3. Do you use/have you used the boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true cheat? If yes, what's the greatest/funniest thing you've used it to do? 4. And/or if anything you've tried to do with has gone horribly horribly wrong, what was said incident?

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Oh goshhh...

I just realised it's my step brothers birthday on boxing day! In the christmas present buying I forgot to get him anything. He'll be coming over for xmas day and I need to have it ready to give to him.

So.. I have work in 45 minutes, I work in a video store and my choices are a DVD or PS2 game...
I'm thinking the game, because I can rent free DVD's for him so buying one seems a bit lame.

WHAT GOOD GAMES WOULD A 15 YEAR OLD BOY LIKE!? I asked my 14 year old brother... but he's a bit of a girl and would rather paint a picture :-/

name some, i'm stuck!

oh and merry xmas :-D

Hang over + Christmas Dinner

Hello TQC, this is my first post...

I've been invited to dinner at my boss' home, but today I'm throwing up and feel ill. I brought it on myself and deserve it due to drinking vodka, which for some reason kills me. Anyone else react to certain types of alcohol more than others?
Anyway, should I call and apologize and crash in bed tonight, or should I suck it up because I inflicted the pain on myself and go anyway?

Unrelated: does anyone else love coffee but find it makes them sick?
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How do you feel about babies/very young children being brought to professional ballets/operas/musicals?

Will you show/tell me examples of shirts that will go well under this vest?

Would you rather receive balloons, baked goods, or flowers for your birthday?

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Poll #1111005 The 80s

When doing the 'safety dance' properly, what themes are commonly identified in the moves?

Putting on a condom
Running with scissors
Looking both ways before crossing the street
Poking the sleeping bear
Tying your shoelaces

In the song 'hungry like the wolf', what is the source of this wolfish hunger?

Animal-like lust for sex
Craving for 3 piggy construction workers
Undeniable yen for sheep (for dining or otherwise)
A sudden urge to crossdress like an elderly woman and lure little girls into one's bed

In Van Halen's 'Jump', what is David Lee Roth advising the listener to do?

Make a strong move to get what you want
Suicide-leap off a bridge. Women love emo kids
Jump rope to get her attention
Utilize a trampoline to get the girl
Seduce her in a bounce house
Charm her with your carefree, anything-goes attitude

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 What is the strangest gift you have got for Xmas (or whatever holiday you're doing this month)?

Last year my uncle sent me a card with a crossword puzzle with words like "gifts" and "cookies."  I was 16 :/

What is the most surprising gift you have got?

My aunt gave me the placemats I LOOOVE that her mother in law made!  I thought I had to wait until she died.  :D

aye aye aye

I feel a terrible urge to go shopping today. Specifically, I really want to go to the Body Shop and spend lots of money. It's also my birthday month so I get a free $10 worth of something there.

Going to the mall on Christmas Eve but not for Christmas shopping is the worst idea ever, y/y?

indian food rookie

My husband and I are going to get Indian food tonight, but he's an Indian food "rookie". He's only really ever eaten Butter chicken, which he likes, but wants to mix it up.

He is NOT a tofu eater. He enjoys meat and not a ton of vegeteables. he also isn't a curry fan, but he likes spicy food.

So, he asked me to ask you all. What should my husband have for dinner tonight, TQC?

Give a dog a home

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Is it ever appropriate to give someone unsolicited information (like pamphlets or a cookbook) about vegetarianism?

What about *insert your religion or lack thereof of choice here*?

What about during the holidays?

What if the people know you and like you?

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what do you think of Heath Ledger as the Joker?

i'm not convinced. like many girls my age i have a soft spot for him but.. it's Heath Ledger. of course my reaction to Christian Bale playing Batman was, "That fruity cowboy is playing Batman?!" and now i can't get enough of that man. so we will see. and he does have that sort of shifty quality to him..
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Who is currently at the airport right now? I'm in NY waiting to go to chicago!!

What's a good brand suitcase that isnt overly expensive, and is good for someone who flies 4-5 times a year?
hywh on a bike

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yesterday, my stepdad asked me what kind of alcohol i wanted in the house for the holidays, i replied with "baileys!" we went through it a while. today he comes home with a bottle of smirnoff, claiming that's what i wanted.

how did he get bailey's confused with smirnoff?
was this all a cop-out because he wanted smirnoff?
if i asked you to get me a bottle of bailey's, what would you bring me?
what's your favourite alcoholy-type thing?

p.s. Wesołych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia to all my Polish peepz. Wigilia ftw!


there's a guy that lives across the street from me but we don't see each other, ever. said guy adds me on Myspace earlier this summer, we make casual conversation, exchange numbers. the guy proceeds to call me 8-10 times a day, leaving voicemails that say "call me back it's important", and when I call back he said he just told me that so that I'd call. a few months go by, and out of nowhere, he's back to calling me up to 10 times a day [usually within just a few hours] & he left me 3 tacky, random Christmas gifts on my front porch late at night with a note written like a second grader wrote it, asking me out. to quote the letter - "I like to ask you out. you look like a beautiful angles woo is so sweetheart" (yes I'm serious, typos and all)

TQC, is this creepy or not? I seriously want some thoughts/opinions on this matter. should I tell this guy to buzz the hell off?

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When you date someone, do you end up dating someone who ends up being like your mother/father?

I always hear that girls end up with guys like their father, and guys end up with women like their mother, and I'm wondering how true this is.

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did you study abroad in college? if you are in college or younger, do you plan to?

i'm trying to decide between tokyo or barcelona. i take spanish & most of my friends will be in europe then so we could all visit each other if i'm in barcelona, but i've always wanted to study abroad in tokyo for some reason.

what would you do, TQC?

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Will you tell me about a time where someone has been mean to you during the holidays? (It can be a stranger, family friend, or whatnot)

Do you believe the holidays bring the best or the worst out of people?

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alright, so, i was watching a re-run of desperate housewives and orson said, "i'm married. and even if i weren't, i don't love you."

is saying "even if i weren't" grammatically correct? shouldn't it be "even if i wasn't"? could it be both? this is driving me mad.

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will you  give me money to pay for my braces? i'll trade you some random item in my house.

i'm shallow and refuse to get regular braces, so i have to get the slightly more expensive kind behind my teeth. (plus i'm 25 and a professional.)

thanks, TQC, for making my teeth pretty!

also, how much does it suck to have to get braces at this age? this post was just designed to make me less frustrated by instead laughing at your pissy responses to my question.

TIA! merry christmas, if you celebrate. merry december if you dont. :)

ETA: are t here any gifts you are assuming you're going to get, that you'll be upset i fyou don't?
how funky is your chicken?

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A loooong time ago when he was a kid, my SO went to England. He had some tea there he absolutely loved, and claims he can NOT find anything similar to it in the US. I asked him if "English Breakfast" tea came close and he said it did not, but he wants to get his hands on some "real English tea". Whatever the hell THAT means.

He's got no idea what the hell it was specifically, could someone give me some ideas on what's popular in England tea-wise so I can get some for him to sample and try to help him out?

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Have you ever picked up a christmas gift and just screamed "THAT'S (insert gift name here)!"
What was it? :D

I wanted this awesome, awesome, awesome book, Not Just Cartoons, NICKTOONS!, which is basically the encyclopedia to every cartoon Nick has plopped out there. It has a slip cover that is basically a packet of green slime, and when I picked it up, i could feel it sloshing around.
Rocky Horror Batman Show

Christmas Dinner

What type of homemade steak marinade should I marinate my 3 steaks in before grilling?
I think I might also marinate some shrimp in it too, since my brother likes grilled shrimp.

To give you an idea of the flavours we'll be having, here's a list of our Christmas dinner:
Salad (lettuce, onion, cucumber, black olives, Italian dressing)
Shrimp cocktail
Mashed Brown Sugar Sweet Potatoes (Regular potatoes for my brother the picky bastard)
Steamed sweet peas (steamed sweet corn for my brother the picky bastard)
Sauteed green beans with garlic and onion
Crescent rolls

What should we have for dessert?

Grilled pineapple with Vanilla ice cream and homemade caramel drizzle and pecans
Dutch Apple Pie a la mode

What should we have to drink with this meal?

Red wine?
White would be too light, wouldn't it?
Southern Sweet Ice Tea (practically the consistency of syrup)

What are you going to be having for Christmas Dinner? (either tonight or tomorrow night, whichever is your family's tradition)
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In "The Devil Went Down To Georgia," who do you think should have won the contest?

The Devil

YouTube for those who don't remember the song:
Collapse )

Also, do vests make women look overly busty?  What styles of vest would be cute on persons of slim-to-average size but top-heavy?
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have you seen santa doing weird things this holiday season???


My aunt was telling me yesterday about my uncle and why he's stupid, and this led into a conversation about him taking care of a 93 year old man. A couple of weeks ago Bob (that's the old guy's name) was in the hospital and when he left he had some sort of aunt said it was Mehz-nah (how she pronounced it) and it was highly contagious. She said if they left him in the hospital they would have quarantined him, but they chose to keep him in the house.

From what she said about it, it was some sort of infection that is highly contagious. It can be spread easily, through the air or direct contact, etc. My uncle never bothered to wash his hands while handling him unless he was wet (yes, I lolled so hard at that)...because, well, he's stupid.

Now I've googled this, I was guessing it was spelled Mesna. No medical conditions come up though, only medicines, and I really want to read more about this. So what was my aunt talking about?

I bet I'm spelling it wrong but I don't have any other clue how to spell it.

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Have you made anyone cry lately?

I did today. I told a lady she couldn't donate because her iron was too low. She looked at me, burst into tears and asked me if I knew of a place where she could find a cheap Christmas tree. I felt like the world's biggest asshole. And what's worse, I couldn't think of anywhere to get a tree really cheap at the time. :(

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If you have kids, what is something that you will do tonight that will be an extra surprise for them in the morning? For example, in addition to the "Santa presents" and stocking that will be downstairs in the morning, I'll also put a stocking next to my daughters bed so she will see it first thing in the morning. I was trying to think of something else to do but can't find any good suggestions online.

Stupid jokes

What is a really stupid joke you just heard/read?

Here's a doozy that I got as a text message:

Q: What did Tweety Bird say when he visited a whore house?
A: I tawt I taw a Puddy Twat!

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I was reading The White Mountains the other day and the characters mentioned a "shmand-faire", it was some word in French that they didn't know, so I'm guessing it was written how it is supposed to sound. Do you know what word this is and what it means?
odd enthusiasms


I got a brand new laptop for Christmas this year, and was completely shocked. It's really nice, but, of course, it came with Vista. I sort of like the interface and everything, but I haven't actually started really using it yet.

Do you have Vista?
Have you had any good experiences with it?
(I've heard a ton of horror stories, believe me.)

Would I be better off getting my dad to install XP instead, even if it's not exactly a legal copy, whereas the Vista is?

EDITED: What is it that you hate about Vista?

Have you ever had fondue?

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My 15-year-old brother got a pool table for Christmas. This means he has, in our play room:

a pool table, a ping-pong table, a dart board, an electronic hoops game, a foosball table, a weight machine, video game systems (Rock Band, Guitar Hero, DDR, all that), a mini-bar with mini-fridge & counters/cabinets.

Is this excessive? How can I convince my parents that it is? Because they are adamant on getting a pinball machine and I think there is a line and it has already been crossed.

Or am I just being a bitch (/bitter college student) and I should let my brother have his excessive fun?

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Idk if this already got asked or not but..what did you get for Christmas Eve?

I got an 8 mp digital camera and frame, perfume & body butter, Across the Universe soundtrack, a nice soft blanket, pjs and a Bible. The camera is not that great, it's a Polaroid but I needed a small camera anyways. :)


What's a not so common thing to be shunned/hated/disliked about by everyone when you're in high school? Not really the typical "ew she/he's a geek/weirdo" thing.
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Arch Rock Mack Island

The Night Sky

Did you see Mars tonight?

I checked at, and the sky chart shows that the really bright planet near the moon (wanning gibbous, whatever that means) is Mars. It's really clear right now in the Midwestern part of the States.
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Do you have any brand loyalties?
I'm particular to Curel for my lotion, Dove for my soap, and Downy for my laundry soap.

Are there any religions that the number of members are progressively going down?