December 23rd, 2007

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I just bought a tea kettle that is copper on the inside and on the bottom. However, after using it, my water smells horrible and is all swirly and oily looking. Is this normal? Should I return this kettle and get a new, non-copper one?

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did you wait and watch the whole thing?

when did you last wash your hair?

how many people do you know that have had their birthday in the past week?

who is your favorite/least favorite troll who posts here?

poop porn?

Did anyone else get a random IM from someone you don't know saying "your friends only posts have been stolen:"? 

Of course I was dumb enough to click on the link.
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I have a difficult decision, TQC.

What ringtone should I get for my phone?

Britney Spears - Piece Of Me
Spice Girls - Wannabe

Death is not an option, sorry bbs.

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My mom went a bit nuts with the wrapping this year. The presents are all gorgeous, but now we're all out of tissue paper, it's 3am and there's no way I'm going out to get more right now (Wal-Greens is open I think).

So, in times of need for tissue paper, what would you use? And I'd wait till later except that I have the house to myself at the moment. Haha.

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I've had way too much caffiene, and apart from feeling like I'm about to die, I also (obviously) can't sleep.

What should I do to pass the time? By that I mean dial up friendly websites...

Is there any way to get the caffiene out of my body fast?

Me and my ex have been staying friends, and I thought that we were about to get back together, then tonight he's all over this other girl, right in front of me. Do I pretend to be nice to him, get my christmas presents, then never talk to him again, or should I just tell him off now and not get my presents?

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would you be pissed if somebody read your text messages without asking?

would people find out anything about you through your text messages they might not have already known?
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For the people that cry during movies:

Whats one movie you cry during, no matter how many times you watch it?

My Answer: I Am Sam.

I could watch it a thousand times and it still gets to me. 

For everyone:

Are you a Jeff Dunham fan? Yes!
Who is your favorite character of his? I'm torn between Peanut and Walter.

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Do you read/write fan fiction?

If so what books/shows/series/games do you read/write fan fiction for?

Do you consider fan fics as actual writing or are they more like exercises in writing since you're not using your own characters or universe?
lead me

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where are you and what's the temperature? bonus points for centigrade.

*louisiana, and it's 2 degrees celsius.

bonus: do you know anything about the liquor laws in your state? as in, can you buy liquor on sunday in louisiana before noon? or on sunday at all? (yes, i'm gonna go google it, but i like to ask and get answers from real people.) and that's a question from my mom.


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I've plateaued in my workouts...but I still want six-pack abs.
What do you recommend for me to jump-start my work in the gym?

EDIT: I usually do 30 min cardio followed by 30 weight training.

EDIT:EDIT: I also wear those tight black nylon shorts.

EDIT:EDIT:EDIT: I also excercise RIGHT in front of the mirror the whole time
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Does anyone else have this problem?

My laptop (Vista OP) likes to just lose the internet connection at random and nothing I do will get it to come back unless I restart my laptop. It's not THIS particular internet connection because it has done this ever since I bought it in May (on my mom's wireless) and on my boyfriend's internet connection where we lived the last couple months. Now I am in a new place where I am connected right into the modem and it still happens.

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Poll #1110648 Christmas 101

Finish this sentence. The _____ were hung by the chimney with care.

Naked guys

He knows when you are sleeping. He knows when you're awake. He knows when you've been bad or good so be good for goodness' sake. Who is this song referring to?

Santa Claus
Cameraman on Big Brother
Homeland Security
A stalker

If you look up and see this thing hanging above you, you have to kiss. What is this thing?

Athlete's foot
Jumbotron at a baseball game during a kissing segment
Spanish fly

What do elves do best?

Make cookies
Make toys
Make war (with the orcs)
I'll give you a hint. It involves $50 and the back seat of your car

What is found on the 12 days of Christmas?

9 salads a-tossing
7 guns a-shooting
11 dradles a-spinning
4 calling cards
10 lords a-leaping
cubs hat
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What are you putting off today, TQC?

I'm sitting here playing Chain Factor instead of:
-wrapping presents
-taking down our tree (cat + tree + no humans = big mess when we get home)

Also, aren't you excited that tomorrow is my birthday? Is 27 'too old' to be really excited about your birthday still? Because I'm giddy with excitement. Not that anything special is going to happen, just because it's my birthday!
gabriel christmas 2010
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What is your favorite kind of bread?

I'm trying to make some loaves in my bread machine for my husband to bring to Christmas dinner. I don't want plain white and wheat breads.
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So I have a friend who is moving out of his shared house, and into his own house soon. His shared house was furnished already so all he'll have is his bed, desk, computer, computer chair, and personal items. He doesn't even have a wardrobe or book cases or a chest of drawers or anything. I doubt that his new rental place will come with furniture or kitchen stuff, like a fridge or anything like that.

I'll be trying to lend him a few things, (like ... folding chairs and tables. Maybe some plates, cups and cutlery... I don't have much myself, since I live at home) and he'll be hanging out here obsessively for a few weeks I'm sure lol, but... the question is. In what order should be buy stuff? What are the absolute basic essentials that he should buy first? (furniture and kitchen supply wise) And he's not rich, and right now he doesn't have a job either, but he's looking for one.

For say, $20-$30, (I'm poor too. woe) what should/could I get him for housewarming presents that are useful? I was originally going to go for something fun like a really little water feature, but now I'm thinking I should try to help out in some other way (though he'll probably jokingly tell me that i'm no fun. :P) Oh and he's not so poor that he wont' be able to afford paper towels or something, so I don't mean things like cleaning products.

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1) Are you happy for Jamie Lynn Spears?

2) What would you do if you were a pregnant teen or a soon-to-be teen papa?

3) What would your parents do?

1) As long as her family is supportive and not throwing her to the curb, I think she'll be ok.  That makes me happy for her.  She

2) I have always wanted to be a mom.  I would be nervous about being a teenage mom because of the stigma that comes with it but I don't feel like it would be the end of the world.  I think a part of me deep down inside would be kind of happy.  Having parents the parents that I do would make me feel like I'm going to be ok.

3) When I was a teenager, my mom told me that she would take care of the baby if I got pregnant but she was in no way advocating pre-marital sex.  In fact, she was pretty against it.  But, if the situation came up, she would deal with it.  My dad once said something about putting it up for adoption but I'm sure he'd let me keep it too.  He did say, however, that he wouldn't want me to have an abortion.

This entry just made me appreciate my parents more.  =)

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 So, I've been trying to move out of my house for a while now.
And my friends (who I lost touch with for about a year), just started talking to me again.  We want to get an apartment about 20 minutes from where I live now.  And it's perfect.  The rent will be easy to keep up with, my work would be right across the street, and when I go to college, it'll be right in town.
I live with my boyfriend now, and we've been dating five months (which is huge for me, lol).  And I told him last night that I wanted to move in with them, expecting him to be happy for me, and he wasn't.
He said that he'd break up with me because we wouldn't be able to see each other as often.  Which isn't too big of a deal.  We spend every moment together now, which is just kind of suffocating at this point...and if I moved, I'd still see him, just not every day of the week (neither of us have cars to drive, so that's problematic). 

So TQC, is he being unreasonable, or am I?  Or are both of us just stupid :]P
Serious and non-serious answers are appreciated.
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 My sis and I are going out to dinner with our uncle tonight and she is making me choose where.  

 Where should we go to dinner?  He's paying so let's make it good!  I live in Long Beach, so there's pretty much anything near me.
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Dear TQC:

My birthday is tomorrow. Where should my dad take me for lunch?

Keep in mind:
1: I live in Atlanta, Georgia, so, of course, the restaurant has to be a chain and/or located somewhere around here.
2: It's Christmas eve, and things close early.
3: My dad is vegetarian, it would be nice if he could find something on the menu to eat. :P
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Here comes the bride. Now, start eating

1. If you were getting married, would you want a wedding cake that was set in your 3-D image?
2. Would it bother you to see someone with a knife cutting your image up to little pieces, and watching loved ones stuff their faces with your dissected bits?
3. Say it was your female friend who was getting married, and you got served a piece of her face. Would you eat it?
4. What if it was her boob?

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I've called the Humane Society twice now on my neighbors and I just got back from work and heard my parents talking about how the dad was smacking the dog around in the back yard earlier. The dog is so sweet and friendly and trusting and the dad is constantly hitting her or yanking her around by her chain, but any time she gets taken away the mother just goes to the shelter and gets her back. They just keep proving themselves to be terrible owners. Is there a way to stop someone from getting their dog back after it's taken away, or is it out of my hands once I call the Humane Society?

(My mother already called them earlier but I don't think anyone came by)

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Has anyone ever had a dog with asthma? If yes, what are the symptoms?

My dog just had a weird breathing fit while he was sitting outside with me during a smoke break. :[

I tried googling it and everything was pretty vague.

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Hello, I hope TQC wisdom extends to matters of house sharing, 'cause I need answers/opinions:

(a) Our housemate gave us notice in mid December that he would be leaving in mid January. We said "fine" and began the hunt for a replacement, even meeting a few people in person at our place. Then a couple of nights ago he says, "oh yeah, I'm not moving out until mid March". Meanwhile, he brings nothing but a bad atmosphere that is *his* fault in the first place (he can't think past the end of his penis). What can we do to get him out??

(b) He told my other housemate to hurry up and do her chore for the week/fortnight (meanwhile he still hasn't done his) - the kitchen - because he's "having people over". She questions this, he backtracks and says it'll only be "a couple of people". Note: we will both be away interstate for Christmas / New Years. He came home from shopping today with two cases of beer and a box of bottles of wine. AM I CRAZY OR DOES ONE HAVE TO ASK BEFORE HAVING A HOUSE PARTY AT A SHARED HOUSE??????? He at this point has not even *mentioned* this to me. Do I ask what the deal is and then say we do not agree to there being a party at our house when we will not be there and he hasn't even asked permission and he's a dickhead who has no judgement capabilites when he has alcohol in his system? And then do I also inform the authorities that the occupants of this house have not consented to a party being held here and ask them to drive by New Years Eve??

Edit: He and I are both on the lease equally. It's a year-long lease that ends in mid March.

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1)is there anything you want so badly that to achieve it you'd be willing to be confined to bed for the rest of your life?
2)if your best isn't good enough, what do you do?
eta: when people on the net say they've been working and living on their own since age 13 or so, do you believe them?

I think by 'working' they mean 'hooking'.
she blinded me with science!


Does anyone have an animated GIF showing the movement of one of the Very Large Array dishes in New Mexico? My google-fu has failed me...

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Dear TQC,

In light of your previous responses about losing one's virginity, I am curious as to whether or not you think lesbian sex is legitimate de-virgin-ifying sex. Y/N/Maybe?

Love and kisses,

looking for an old mexican recipe...

so basically i'm looking for anyone that might know/have a traditional way of cooking chicharrones..?

but not chicharrones in a pan, or in an oven
im looking for a recipe that involves chicharrones being made in a caso..

more specifically the right heat..?
if anyone could help, that'd be great :]

&& for the people that are going to tell me to use google, i did, and all those aren't what im looking for
&& don't refer me to this one:

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I left my christmas shopping till the last minute..

I bought this very cool remote control airplane, but I don't know whether to give it to my Dad or my Brother.. he's kind of into gadgety things and he might find it rather amusing (he loves kites if that makes any difference?) I was trying to think of something that's not exceptionally dad-boring-usual kind of present. However i'm thnking he'll either think its fun or be like... wtf?

My brother is 14 and would probably like it for five minutes or so, maybe it's not cool enough? It would be safer to give it to him though. At least he'll pretend to like it!

If I gave it to my brother I'd get my dad an expensive bottle of wine- boring.

So, Who shall i give the plane to.. Dad or Brother?

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- What is your favorite candy bar?
- What is your favorite fast food restaurant?
- What is the most vomit-inducing fast food restaurant?

I just had some ribs and beef brisket and it makes me long for the days of summer!
- Anyone else have the winter blues? :(
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Do you have a playlist, TQC?

I listen to a lot of hardcore and metal, but I also listen to a lot of other types of music. I find myself wanting to listen to non-hardcore so I made a playlist for when I just feel like chilling out, or hell even singing (I don't care, I can admit I'm lame).

Do you have a playlist?
Would you share it?

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Do you sing in the bathroom? (I do!)
If so, do you live in Pennsylvania? (I DO!)

I love breaking this law. ("You may not sing in the bathtub.")<---To be more specific since there's no special page for it.
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I’m having trouble syncing music to my Motorola Krzr.

I downloaded the V-cast music manager like I was told to, but it refuses to connect to my phone, and vice versa.

My computer won’t read my phone either.

Has anyone had this problem? Does anyone know how to help?

Bedding question!

My very good friend is moving out of state and she's trying to decide how to decorate her room. Her first decision is finding a bedding set so she can decorate her room around that motif. She's having trouble deciding and is looking for more opinions, so I offered to post it here for her.

I'll put the two she's narrowed down to under an lj-cut.

Which one do you guys prefer?
If you have other suggestions, will you post pictures of what you have in mind?

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Thanks guys.
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1. When I get my telescope for Christmas (it's a 6 inch reflector), what should I look at first?
2. I did this thing in art that has a brief Latin phrase on it, but I forgot to check my reference and it's actually grammatically incorrect. I was going to give this particular piece to my grandparents for Christmas, but now I am kind of ashamed of my error. Should I just give it to them anyway since they don't know Latin and it's likely not many people who come to their house do either?

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Can anyone tell me how to get cool fast? Wearing a lot of black just isn't cutting it for me.

You can also tell me that I'll never be cool ever. Honesty is good.

EDIT: Thanks, guys! I'm off to buy some Djarum Blacks now!

PS: If black won't make me look cool, will making lots of posts about black here make me look cool?
Emily is a Drunk Magician
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Wine info/review site

Do you have a favorite site for wine information/reviews? I'm looking for something like what is to beer, but for wine, obv.

I did search google for this, but there's so many sites out there! Too overwhelming!

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I'm going to eat chicken parmesan around 11 tonight. Eating nachos right now is a good idea, y/n?

Why will no one buy my Spanish texts? I'm offering them at roughly a $250 discount because bookstores do not buy these particular books back.

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My boyfriend left for his parents today =(

I've been thinking, how thick are normal floor foundations? I live in a victorian house converted into two flats, I'm in the top one. I had a idea that it would be really cool to have a bed like John does in the movie Help, when its like sunk into the floor!

I can borrow a saw thing from a friend and draw around a mattress, then cut it out! I want to try and do it for the time my boyfriend gets back, like a little surprise! It'll be so funky, I've always wanted a bed like that and it'll be way easier for my cats to get on to the bed too!
Respect Her Gangsta

Voice ?s

Poll #1110694 Better Voice

Who do you think has a better voice?

James Earl Jones
Morgan Freeman

Do you like your singing voice?

Do you like your phone voice?

Do you like leaving voice messages?


david bowie was sexy as jareth, y/y?
because i've had a major girl-boner for this character since i was about 8.

i'm looking for music like daft punk, chromeo, the secret handshake, freezepop, etc. you know what i mean. any recs?
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Which book should I read next?

The Left Hand of Darkness
The Prestige
Cat's Cradle
Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister
The Sea and the Jungle
My Antonia
Cry, The Beloved Country
The Bridge of San Luis Rey
The Green Age of Asher Witherow

Reasons why would be fantastic. I plan to read at least a few of these by the time break is over, so feel free to recommend more than one.

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And yes, I know that was way too much effort on my part.

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 Have you had pumpkin fudge?  My aunt made some and it was surprisingly delicious!  Tasted like pumpkin pie, but with pecans in it!

 Would you be friends with me IRL?

 My Opa drunk dialed me this time!  What the heck grandparents!?  I actually answered this time and he was like "Why don't you ever call me so I can know your address?"  And I told him my phone had been cut off, so he said "I didn't ask about your phone I asked for your address!  Call me if you want to give it to me," and hung up.  Psht I'll pass on the Benjamin this year, kthx.
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Why are all the good domain names taken? :(

Will you help me think of one?

(I want to set up my art site again, but my old domain name was hard to give to people verbally. I've been known as wheat on Deviantart for a few years now, and really like the name; unfortunately, and are both taken!)

(PS: I also like cats, and wouldn't mind having a kitty-themed domain.)
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Okay, so at work today my boss gave me 20 dollars to buy the new Now! Christmas CD, and listening to it was the most boring this ever. My boss was very angry that he spent his money on this CD, so I promised him I'd make a CD with upbeat happy sounding Christmas songs.

Can anyone recommend any upbeat, happy and lively Christmas songs? Something that makes people want to dance, not cuddle in front of the fire.
Christmas Jim and Pam

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How do you become self aware?
Are you self aware? 

eta: Let me rephrase. Is the perception you have of yourself the same as others' perception of you? If so, how? How do you know?
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If you found incest porn sites on your sibling's computer account, would you be worried for yourself?
Any ideas to bring my nerves down before I go into full panic attack?
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Gross travel question

Dear TQC,

I'm going to China on Tuesday. Don't feel too jealous, it's for work. I'll be in Beijing, Xi'an, Nanjing, Shanghai, maybe a few other places.

Collapse )

So what do you think? I really value your input, thanks for your help!

What should I do?

Take the birth control
Don't take the pills

ETA: Okay, I'm convinced, no pills. Thanks, and enjoy the holiday if you have one!
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I got my hair cut like a month ago and I've been asked at least ten times "Oh, you got your hair cut; do you like it?"

What the eff? I've never been asked that before. Is that a passive way of saying they don't like it?

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Have you ever been to Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach?

If TL, what did you think of the massive wave pool?

If BB, did you go on Summitt Plummet? What did you think?

And a video of the wave pool because I can't wait for TL to reopen on 1/6:

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sweet dee mothafucker

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1. What is the title of a book that is about schools and how they are like prisons? A book about how awful schools are and how they aren't teaching things that are important? I remember someone telling me a book like this, I'm sure there are tons of them out there. Anyone know of one like it?

For those who don't know:

2. What do you wish they taught you in school? Why?
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If you get a call from a number you don't recognize and they don't leave a message, what do you do?

What if they leave a message that obviously isn't intended for you?

(no subject)

My mother-in-law just changed her phone number so my husband didn't recognize it when she called. It used to be 666 something.
So it got me wondering, what towns have their phone numbers start with that? Bowdionham Maine does. Where else?
How would you feel about that being your number? I know some people who are not fond of it.

I'm dreading tomorrow because I work in retail and the store is going to be nuts. How about you? Are you dreading anything? Or are you really looking forward to tomorrow?
I look forward to when I get out of work and get to see my family.
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Does YouTube have an outright contact form?
I keep getting password reset emails from them, but I'm not trying to reset my password or have forgotten it or anything.
Does this mean someone is trying to hack my YouTube or something?

I'm at my mothers for the Holidays, and I'm already irritated with my family. Is it because I've not been able to have a cigarette for a while? Because while shopping today, I wanted to bite people's heads off and wear their ribcages as hats.

Is there an easy recipe for stuffed grape leaves that any of you have? I had some today and they were fabulous.
purple flowers, Me and Lily

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Does getting a new job affect approval for a mortgage? Say, a job change within 6 months of applying, with both the old job and new job being steady, and the other half of the applicant couple's employment status going unchanged?

After typing this my Google-fu actually started functioning properly and I found this article, for those interested.

(no subject)

Am I the only person working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?
If you are working one or both days, what kind of job do you have ?
Are you getting paid extra to be there on the Holiday?

I work at a car wash. Yes, a car wash.
Nope no extra money...but hopefully someone will bring me some cookies or something.

Wrap ?s

1) When making a to-go plate, what do you think is best to use to wrap up your food?
a) Saran wrap
b) Aluminum foil
c) Other: please specify in comments

2) What is your favorite lyric or punchline from a rap song?

3) One a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is extremely poor, and 10 is extremely proficient, how would you rate yourself as a gift wrapper?
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There's an episode of the Simpsons where Mr Burns receives a paper airplane (I think) and says something along the lines of 'there appears to be some sort of communicae'

Do you know what the exact quote was and/or what episode it was from?

Unwanted gifts.

How do you deal when someone gives you an present, and it's really not what you want or need? What do you do when you'd actually be in a better position had they given you no gift at all?

Collapse )
I'm currently stuck somewhere between options 2 and 3...if for no other reason than I really don't see how we can hang onto these; we have nowhere to put them!
regina [lupinskitty]

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I'm in a baking mood lately.

TQC, what should I make tomorrow?

I have recipes for fudge, nut cups, Povitica (walnut-filled sweet bread), and chocolate mint cookies. I made pizzelle dough today, so I'll be making those.

Any other suggestions?

What flavors would you like in pizzelles? (I'm doing the traditional anise and some plain vanilla. I also have maple, almond, mint and lemon flavoring.)

Do you have any good diabetic-friendly dessert recipes? (Going to a Christmas party tomorrow and my friend's mom is diabetic, so I'd like to take something she can eat. I have one cookie recipe, but I'm open to other suggestions)
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Did you ever buy someone a present only to discover someone else had already gotten them the same thing?
What did you do?

What would you do if you got two of the same present from different people?
If they both were there and knew it happened?
If they didn't?
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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My boyf said he'd come over tonight. He usually gets off work around nine, it's now 10:27. I'm really tired, and if he's not here by 11:00, I'm going to go lay in bed.

1. Will he show up at all tonight?
2. How douchey of me would it be to just lay in bed and fall asleep and not call him, so if he does show up I'm asleep?
3. Should I call him before I most likely fall asleep?

4. I have green and black hair. Would it be too Christmassy to wear a red and gray striped sweater?

Geek question

What does this mean?

Runtime Error!
Program: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
-pure virtual function call

I get this error message every time I try to access a certain newspaper's web site. That is the only time it appears. Very perplexing. What the heck?
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Do you every get sore roots, in your hair, between washes? Is your hair short or long?

Is it even possible for a dry cleaner to shrink a sweater?

Red wine or white?

Partying on NYE or staying home?
kiv dancin.
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is there anything i can do?

Are you sleeping through the night?
Do you have someone to hold you tight?
Do you have someone to hang out with?
Do you have someone to hug and kiss you, hug and kiss you?
Are you alright?

Is there something been bothering you?
Is there something you wanna say?
Bug-eyed Earl


What do you think Cloverfield will be about?

Voltron? Cthulhu? Some new monster? Giant Barbara Streisand v Giant Robert Smith? Maybe they'll never show the monster, ever?
Star, Star of Life, Life


I've heard from multiple people that Adium is the best messenger to use on my macbook, especially since I would ideally like to run both AIM and Yahoo through the same program...

I downloaded it and was loving it for about a week and all the sudden it started freezing up when I start the program. I uninstalled all of the extras that I was running in the program and it still kept freezing. I uninstalled it and re-installed with no fix to the problem...

Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas how to get it to work properly? Any suggestions on a better program to use?

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Have you seen any of the following movies?:

American Gangster
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
P.S. I Love You
National Treasure: Book of Secrets
The Darjeeling Limited
I Am Legend

Can you tell me what you thought?

Unrelated -
What did you ask for for Christmas? Will you be getting it?

distract me!

Okay, in the movie Slither (which apparently none of you have seen), a guy says "she packs a boxed lunch" to imply that a woman is a lesbian. Has TQC heard this used before? What are some other euphemisms for being a lesbian?
addams family

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Today I came out to one of my coworkers and then ran away before she could react because I was nervous.
She later came to see me and gave me a half price ticket to a lapdancing club as some sort of show of acceptance.

What the weirdest thing somebody has given you recently?

(no subject)

my bf proposed last night. I am now buying my engagement ring. are you expected to haggle for the price? the total (for our three rings total) is 3874. I am going to ask for 3800.. is this reasonable???
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How do you handle the death of non-dog, non-cat or non-bird pets? (eg: hamsters, rats, ferrets, guinea pigs, fish - the pets that aren't as major in most families as cats and dogs).

I just lost three of my fish and I've found myself crying embarrassingly - am I dumb for getting upset over the loss of them? They lasted me nearly a year and I'd gotten admittedly besotted.


Is adoption "wrong"?

To clarity a friend of mine thinks it's wrong and doesn't understand how anyone can love a kid when it's not "theirs". 

I myself feel a bit offended because I am adopted and my mom always thinks of me as her real daughter. I think of her as my real mom because a parent is someone who raises a child and loves them, right?

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