December 22nd, 2007


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1)do you have strange abilities that normal people do not?

I can recite parts of books by rote. I also have odd fact recall.

2)What abilities that others have that you lack?

social skills. :D
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Cleaning Showers/Bathtubs

What products do you think are good at getting the shower and bathtub really clean? As in, specific spray product or something like that.
What method do you use to scrub the shower and bathtub and distribute the product? As in, washcloth, paper towels, or something else that works well.
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is A Christmas Story popular enough in times other than Christmas (I watch it during the rest of the year sometimes) to post a batch of icons so close to christmas being over?

I started some a while ago and I never really finished the set...I'd like to finish today but it;'s so close to the season being over I can't decide whether it'd be pointless to post them now.

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1. At what age do you consider it weird for someone to still have an imaginary friend?

2. When you are alone, do you talk to yourself? How often? Have you ever had an entire conversation with yourself? Do you think that would be weird for someone to do?

3. Have you seen the film 'Wild America'?

4. How would you react if you saw a man physically abusing a woman in public? Would you get involved, call the police, or ignore it? Would your reaction be different if it were a man abusing another man? Or a woman abusing another woman? A woman abusing a man?

5. Do you know how to swim?

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1. Have you ever seen someone with good hair extensions?

2. I used to have extremely short hair that I LOVED, but it has since grown out. I do not want it to be short again so I am letting it grow; however, it is not growing fast enough. :( It is at that awkward hair growing out stage that makes me very self conscious, so I wear it up in tiny ponytails or tiny pigtails with a bunch of bobby pins every day. I would really like to have longer hair again (even chin length would do!), and I am considering getting professionally done extensions. Would you recommend this or definitely not?

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when in the beginning stages of a relationship and you're just starting to get to know the person, do you:
find yourself acting in a passive manner? as if to not start drama?
do you speak up when they do/say something you don't like and let your feelings be heard?

background for question: i've been seeing/hooking up with/casually dating someone for 5 weeks and we recently had the "what are we talk." he said he doesn't want a serious relationship right now, but still wants to hang out, spend a lot of time together and be good friends. i just passively agreed, although i am looking for a relationship and would want one with him. now things are weird between us because i'm not sure what "being good friends" exactly means and didn't speak up to get clarification. oh the good days of college dating...

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There is a friendly acquaintance of mine (we're not super close, but we randomly chat & whatnot) who my friends and I think is TOTALLY FLAMING. One of my best friends grew up with him and pretty much wants him to come out of the closet already. He has pretty stereotypical gay male mannerisms, calls people things like 'darling', and is constantly surrounded by about three female friends.

However, he claims to be straight and apparently has a "girlfriend". ~_^

1. WTF is up with this guy? (I have my own opinions, but I wanna hear others.)

2. Being bi myself, I'm in my school's only GBLTQ-related group, which is basically a support group. If you were me, how would you go about getting him into it?

Non-serious answers = also cool.
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Random question inspired by today's trip to my favorite import shop's candy section:

What's the weirdest candy you've ever had? Or just the grossest.

This weird very dark mango/chili (O_o) chocolate bar from Germany. It tastes...chalky. Ughhh.
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I'm buying Sailor Moon box sets because that's how I roll.

Should I buy just the first season and examine the quality(its bootleg i think, i cant find it legit anywhere thats not outrageously over 300. I hate out of print stuff!), or should i buy the 2nd at the same time to save on shipping costs?

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BE TOTALLY HONEST RIGHT NOW. I won't think any less of you because of it. :D

I'm only posting this because I'm, well, kind of drunk. But not REALLY drunk. Only a little bit.

Would you rather date someone intelligent, or someone attractive? What if the attractive person was only of average intelligence?

Assume the intelligent person is kind of ugly (even if, for some reason, they turn you on), and assume the attractive person, maybe, dropped out of high school or something.
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For those who work in retail...

Do you get personally upset/offended over shoplifters?

I don't. I probably would if I worked in, say, a small shop owned by a single person, but everywhere I've worked has been large and corporate. I've never actually witnessed someone shoplifting while I was working, but if I did, I probably wouldn't say a word. It doesn't affect me or anyone I know, so honestly, why would I be personally bothered by it?

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For those of you who work early... How the hell do you do it?!?!

I had to wake up at 6:00 to be at work at 7:00. I fell asleep at 1:30, I couldn't sleep any earlier than that. I went to bed at 12:30, so I tried, kinda.

I just don't function. My body isn't awake. My brain is just... fried. Luckily I'm here for no reason, as I will not have a customer for hours.

I really want to know how people funtion this early. I really can't function until 9:00...
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I just saw Juno, and it was the inspiration for this question

1.) What's the youngest age at which someone you've known either personally or at least known somewhat (ex: went to your school) got pregnant?
I knew a girl in my HS freshman class who got pregnant at 15. She got an abortion, though.

As a side note...

2.) Has anyone seen the movie Persepolis? Is it any good?
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Do you listen to A Tribe Called Quest?

There's a song called Oh My God with the last rapper's verse having the following lines:
down like the lady of the evenin
when it goes in Toots just beleive the sin

I misheard the last line for "when it goes in, Toots, just believe it's in".

Isn't it awesome to mishear lyrics?

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Good morn' TQC.

What bands do you like?

I need some new music. Anyone have a band to suggest?

Here are a few I like:
Regina Spektor
Little Birdy
Tegan and Sarah
The Beatles
Within Temptation

If it has a chick singer I bet I'll like it double. I love chick bands for some reason.
Thanks for your help.
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Since there seem to be so darned many of us in here...

Have you ever lived in Potsdam, NY?


If so, what for?

I grew up there.
I want to be a crazy farmer!
The Amish!

Edit - Lulz. Can you edit polls? I meant to put another option in the last question, because as it stands, I can't even answer it.
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ETA: My Dad told my Mum, and as she needed to go food shopping anyway I picked up a new player for £20 in Sainsburys. :3

Random question:

- What colour is your hair today?
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What do you think about a person who is easy to read? Meaning to say, she has no depth. Open like a book. 2 dimensional. (I'm talking about myself)

It's nearing the end of the year, and I have gained no friends I truly care about, forgotten what I did for most of the year, made no changes to my appearance and generally wasted the year. I want to work harder next year to improve my life. What about you?

Anything you would like to say to me?


I just got a kodak easy share z710 camera as an early christmas present. I can't get it to charge with the usb like it says and it did not come with an a/c charger. The user manual and kodak website are less than helpful!!! Does anyone have an easy share?? Please help! Thanks in advance.
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I don't know aobut you guys, but my LJ friends' list starts to become people I care about, after a while. Friends, even. So even though I know I'm supposed to "keep my distance" and "live and let live", I still get supremely irritated when I see someone borrowing money to pay their rent and yet some how managing to buy a $400 "splurge" item a week later.

Anyone else have trouble with things like that? Keeping their mouths shut when someone is doing something that makes you go "bwah!?"

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I'm going with my ex later to the cinema. I need to get ready.

1a. Glasses or contact lenses?
b. Make-up or no make-up? (note: my make-up isn't very heavy)
c. Grey hoodie or Blink 182 hoodie?
d. (Afterwards) Pizza Hut or McDonalds?

And for the people who don't want to help me get ready:

2. House Md, Grey's Anatomy or Scrubs?
3. What would you say your clothes style is?
4. What gift are you most looking forward to giving?
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1.) Do you have a song stuck in your head? What is it?
Clumsy by Fergie has been playing out of my mouth for about 2 hours now

On a related note

2.) Does anyone know a good method for getting a song stuck out of your head, or have any suggestions of another song that can easily replace said song above? My sister threatened to kick my ass if I sang the chorus one more time.
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1. Do you have a ringtone or do you use one of the default ringers? 
2. What is your ringtone or ringer? 
3. Do you have a special ringer/ringtone for text messages? 
4. What is that ringer/ringtone? 

My answers: 

1. I use a ringtone
2. "Phenomena" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
3. Yes.
4. "Bring it On (Snakes on a Plane)" by Cobra Starship

Duke du Berry Book of Hours

Rosette cookie oil?

I'm making rosette cookies (little fried batter cookies you make with cookie irons and hot oil) this weekend.

However, I *hate* the smell of vegetable oil for deep frying (which is what I used last year, ugh). The smell gets everywhere and it stinks.

Has anyone else made rosettes with not-vegetable oil - what did you use? Suggestions? Recommendations? All I can think of is olive oil and I'm thinking that will probably make the cookies taste rather odd. :)

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My roommate just took my damp clothes out of the dryer (which was only halfway through its cycle and still very much running) and replaced them with her wet clothes. Should I:

a) kick down her bedroom door and demand an explanation for such a thoughtless, selfish act;
b) wait until she leaves for work and get her back
c) something else
d) don't be a bitch, just let it be

I'm leaving for good tomorrow morning, so I can be as vindictive as I want.

Seriously, who DOES shit like that??

Edit: Dammit, I just heard her go downstairs and take her clothes out, and then leave for work. I need another course of action.
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Let's say a girl (average in her studies, looks-wise, socially and socio-economically, etc.) gets pregnant at 17.

Would you consider her pregnancy a result of bad parenting?

(Why/why not?)

Edit: Then why can't we take Lynne Spears' book about parenting seriously?!
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can you take a look at the pictures under the cut and suggest a haircut that might look good on me?

I really can't decide what I should do with my hair right now and I'd like to get it cut tomorrow so as to not have it look better than a grown out / style - less cut for christmas pictures

I apologize in advance if my face offends your sensibilities...I am in bad need of an eyebrow wax and I have chubby preggo I didnt feel like getting all re-made up and it's a photobooth pic because my camera batteries are charging

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Do your friends ever say you're not being a "true friend" when you don't agree with them or you have an argument?

I used to have friend who did that all the time.
An example would be something like this:
Her: I want to go to X place for lunch.
Me: I'm kinda in the mood for Y.
Her: You're not being a true friend! D:<


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Guys, why is my boyfriend letting his job rape him out of any dignity he has when he needs to just GTFO and work somewhere else? It's not because he needs the money because that would require him to actually be getting paid well.

Non serious answers plz. The real answer is because he's completely dense.

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I found a bathing suit online that I really like, but it's a one piece and I haven't worn one in years. I don't know my size anymore :(

If I wear a size small top and medium bottom, what size one piece should I get? I'm worried that a small will ride up my arse and a medium will slip and show my boobs.

ETA: Ug, according to the site's sizing chart, I'm a small top and extra large bottom. I think this may be hopeless.
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Does your kid eat any food in a weird way?
Did you eat any food in a weird way as a kid?
Do you eat any food in a weird way now?

If yes, what food(s)?

For example, my daughter nibbles the corners off her pizza rolls, then squeezes out the filling and leaves the rest of the pockets on her plate.
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]


Why the hell can't I post my entries in rich text? And wtf happened to my preview entry? Why the hell can't I click any links?

Would anyone know what the problem could be?

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In November, your friend invites your social circle to her house for New Year's. She says there will be a communal bar. This week she gives everyone a $40-50 list of items to bring, and says it's not possible to opt out of the bar. Each guest has been assigned more food and drink than they actually want to consume. Edit: I can afford it, but having money doesn't obligate me to overstock her bar with things that are to her taste and not her guests'.

1. As a guest, what is a good course of action? Keep in mind she has invited all of your first-choice company.

2. How bitchy is it to cancel your RSVP? To plan a new, BYOB party at your house and invite everyone (including her) to it? Edit: I'm not actually going to do the latter.

3. What kind of host does this?

Gift receipts

Do you work in retail? 

If someone buys something from your store and gets a gift receipt for the item, and then the person who received the gift comes in to return them, how do you handle the refund? Store credit? Cash? 

I've never actually gotten a gift receipt, so this question will sound stupid, but does it have the amount of the item on the receipt? If not, won't they find out how much it was worth anyway when they go to return the item?

cubs hat

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Do you take advantage of free stuff for your birthday?

Wednesday night I got free dinner and dessert for my birthday, and this afternoon I got a free scoop of ice cream. I'm also going to get a free Blizzard.
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if 'the girl code' (like, dont sleep with your friends ex etc) needed to be written down in a book, what rules would be in it?

do you know anyone who would need said book sent immediately?

do you own any designer or couture? what?
yummy beer!, yummy

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Are you going to be online Christmas Eve? 
What about Christmas Day?
How long do you think you might spend online either day?

If you'll be on the web, will it be on LJ or doing something else?
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Dear TQC, I have yet another dilemma!

I haven't seen my boyf since Monday, and probably won't get to see him again until sometime after Christmas. Should I go hang out at my boyfriend's work for awhile, but have to walk to my friend's house (takes 25 minutes or so) in the cold, or just stop by there for a minute, and then leave and get a ride from a parental unit all the way to a friend's house?

I don't really want to hang out there though, OR walk in the cold, but I would like to see him for longer than half a second.

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 1. Does anyone know the name of this song? It has a techno beat to it, and the snippet of lyric I could understand was "little angel". (I've tried Googling it with no luck.)

2. What do you think of giving your professor a small Christmas gift?

3. Last movie you saw? Was it any good?


We have very noisy upstairs neighbors. On top of being blessed with listening to the guy's (horrible) singing voice, I can hear him pee and I can tell he and his girlfriend are on a sex schedule because every morning at 10:30 they have incredibly loud, fake-sounding sex. My boyfriend and I usually have a good laugh jumping on the bed and fake moaning back at them until they stop, but now it's PERSONAL. Today they went somewhere but left their bathroom sink running to the point where it overflowed, flooded their bathroom, and flooded our bathroom. HULK SMASH. We feel the need to get some sort of passive-aggressive revenge or do some sort of snarky shit. Our best idea at this point is leaving a blank DVD outside their door with a note:
"Please record it next time.
Love, the entire 5th floor.
P.S. Your girlfriend's faking it."

TQC, what would you do? Srs/nonsrs.

Disliking Certain Movies

Is there a certain movie that if you learn that someone (a friend, acquaintance, family member, random person) doesn't like it, it makes you question their taste in movies?

I really hate the movie The Big Lebowski, and some people have told me that this means that I have terrible taste in movies!

(no subject)

1. Who are your celebrity crushes?
2. What are you listening to?
3. Someone gave me shots of what they said was vodka, but it tasted like peppermint. So what was I drinking?!
4. I have what I think is a wart on my finger. Am I going to turn into a toad?

edit: 5. The power just went out! What happened? :[
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

now what!?

I forgot my yahoo id and password to log into my flickr account. Now what?

I already contacted them by emailing my problem. But they just sent me back a link to the FAQ's. (Which weren't helpful.)

WTF can I do now?

EDIT: Thanks to bellapalmera for solving the issue.
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(no subject)

1.) What, in your opinion, is one classic album that should make a self-proclaimed music lover feel vastly ashamed if they don't have it in their collection?
Essentially, I'm asking what, in each person's opinion, is their personal choice for the best classic album.

Back in Black by AC/DC is my personal choice

(Reworded to better clarity)
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How long do you think you could go without your SO?

ie: Say you had lost your job and had to move to another town apart from each other to find another one. How long do you think you could stay apart before you really HAD to see each other is what I'm asking?
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TQC, can you help me get dressed? No one is home and I lack anything even remotely close to a full length mirror

Collapse )

Also, how do I look? note: my hair isnt done yet, and i have no makeup on, lol

Unrelated: How long do you think it'll take Nickelodeon to wipe out all traces of Jamie Lynn Spears from their lineup?
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manic panic.

i'm dyeing my hair purple with manic panic tonight. not prebleaching or anything, just putting it straight on and leaving it in for 2-3 hours.

now i've heard that to make the color last longer, you can rinse your hair with vinegar right after you rinse the coloring out. my question is, how much more permanent does vinegar make it?

(as in, more than 3wks?)

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Because I just bought the box set (NOTE:BOUGHT...not STOLE and they're not bootlegs either):
The Bourne Identity. Thumbs up or down?
The Bourne Supremecy. Thumbs up or down?
The Bourne Ultimatum. Thumbs up or down?

Extra credit: Has anyone read the books?

Car Problems?

Hey there, ignorant person here:

I have a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee.  Just took it through the car wash and now the "check gauges" light is coming on.  Could they have done something?  What could be wrong with it?  What exactly am I supposed to check on it?

It is kind of smoking under the hood now.  It was fine right before the car wash. 

nana smoking

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Mom's in the hospital, Christmas is coming and I haven't seen my boyfriend in about three weeks because of stressful crap. My anxiety is at an all time high.
Is it fucked up that my best friend doesn't get that and still gets upset AT ME when I get upset at him being an ass?

In other news, do you not fit where you were born? I always feel like I should have been born in England.
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1. Shower or bath?
2. Captain Crunch with or without Crunch Berries?
3. What kind of cell phone do you have?
4. To those of you that are engaged or married, how long were you with your SO before you got engaged?

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 Hai guyz...

Sometimes when my friend e-mails me, it goes into my inbox.  However, sometimes when he e-mails the same address from the same computer with the same gets put in my junk folder.


On another note, what Christmas present are you most excited to give this year?

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What is one music group that you can listen to over and over without getting sick of them? Or who will put you in a better mood whenever you listen to them?

For me it is definitely Queen.


printer repair

A coin fell into my printer's feed tray and damaged the feed mechanism somehow so that now instead of pulling in paper it just makes a clicking noise. Any suggestions? It's a relatively good printer (hp laserjet 1300) but i dunno how much service for it would cost...

(no subject)

If you are heterosexual- who would you go gay for?
If you are homosexual- who would you turn straight for?

Pictures would be nice

ETA: If you are bisexual, pick someone to go gay for and straight for! you get the best of both worlds!

(no subject)

I've decided not to take classes next fall. I will have finished my prerequisites by then, and be transferring to another school.

1. Should I just take a year off from school and start again in Fall 2009?
2. What should I do for my semester off? (Or, if you said yes to 1, what should I do for my year off?)
3. How should I decide what school to transfer to? Any suggestions? (I'm studying Nursing.)
4. For those of you who don't care about me (which is a reasonable approach), what sort of adventures are you planning for yourself in the next few years?

top friends

1. Have you ever gotten upset or bothered by your postion [or lack there of] on someone's Myspace top friends?
2. If someone has someone of the opposite sex [or same if gay] in the same age group as them on theire #1 spot does that mean they like them? [if they're single]
3. If you have a Myspace how do you normally put your top together? [in what order]

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(no subject)

Last night my cats broke a plate. I spent half an hour cleaning up the entire floor and thought I'd gotten all the pieces. I just went up to get something to eat and I stepped on three different shards. WTF? What pissed you off today?

(no subject)

 I am visiting relatives right now for Christmas.  I will be living in the room that I am currently staying in right now when I move here in Feb. 

How can I minimize the effects of the cigarette smoke from the occupant of the next bedroom? He can't keep his door closed, but I can keep mine closed.

What else can I do so I don't have a sore throat and stuffy nose every single day?

(no subject)

I wanted to burn some cds for family members so I went out and bought some blank cds. Upon arriving home, I realized the pack of cds says Maxell Photo CD-R Pro. Since it says photo on it, does that mean it's only for photos? Can I still put music on them? I don't want to open the pack to try so I can return them if I have to.

(no subject)

I'm 25 and I was living myself until May of this year when I had to move my Mum in with me because of her bad health. On top of that, she has a bad memory. She's been cleared for any form of dementia so it is just a bad memory. Some days are worse than others.

I am not patient at the best of times, its one quality I have never had. I really need some help here. How on earth can I get some patience? I know its not her fault and I feel even worse for getting so irritated but her memory is driving me crazy. I need to  be able to do something for myself because I get so annoyed when she is constantly asking me things. Every day this week she has asked me the same question.

What can I do? I feel bad enough for getting irritated so easily =(

(no subject)

1: What is your favorite cooking show and chef?
2: What cooking show and chef annoys you?
3: Have you ever used a recipe you saw on t.v.?
4: Do you have dishes for special occasions only?
5: What food/dish do you love to eat, but have never made or tried to make at home?


(no subject)

Halp me Dr. TQC!

I feel incredibly lame asking this, but I broke up with my boyfriend about a week ago and I realize now I overreacted. My concern is how he'll react to me wanting to get back together, since I haven't spoken to him since then and I don't know how he feels now. Should I text? Call? Or something else? The only reason I'm hesitant to call tonight is that he always works on Saturdays and won't be able to answer anyway, but he can text if it's not busy (I know that doing things like this online or via text message are lame). And I can't go to his place because I have no idea what his schedule is like. I'm sorry to bother you guys, but I have no one else since my sister is having marriage problems and my closest friends have never had boyfriends.
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(no subject)

1. Did your primary/elementary school have Accelerated Reader, or something like it? If you did, what did you do with the points? If you didn't have AR, what did you do to promote reading in your classes?

Our school got fake money for our points and then set up a "store" every quarter we could shop at with our money - I remember I once read enough books to get a Bop-It and an N64 cartridge (I was such a nerd), and all my classmates could ever afford were rings and friendship bracelets.

Whenever I say this to someone I'm in college with, they say they never did anything close to what we did - just curious what people across the board did in elementary school.

2. What did your classes in elementary school do for rewards? Pizza parties? Pajama day, movie day? We did RAD day - Read All Day - we brought in sleeping bags and backpacks full of books and just read. It was awesome.

(no subject)

why did my three cheese omelette so quickly and violently move through my poor digestive system today, so that the guy i'm falling for had to feed me pepto right before going to climb a mountain for a few days?

isn't life funny?

what's your "hobby"? extra points for non-computer related.

is my paycheck gonna come on monday?

(no subject)

Hai TQC.

Imagine you asked your sister if you could spend Christmas with her and her father. She lives 200 miles away. She says yes. When you get there, you see with horror that:

- Her kitchen is covered in layers of grime and crusty dirt
- Her lounge is literally covered in junk, litter and used tissues
- Her toilet doesn't actually work
- Her bath looks like you'd get out dirtier than you got in
- There are fleas

etc, etc. The house isn't just untidy, it's DIRTY. Imagine a house where people just dropped litter etc on the floor for TWENTY YEARS and never picked it up.

So, TQC, what would you do?

- Fork out the hugely expensive train ticket home before Christmas, hurting your sister and her dad's feelings and probably making them have a go at you and not speak to you for a long while

- Stick it out for the 2 weeks till you go home, even though it's so dirty you can't eat or drink anything there for fear of disease, so that your family doesn't hate you for being an asshole

If you chose the first option - how the hell do I tell her?!

I spoke to her about it and... well, I'm going home. Thanks for the advice.
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Lingua Somni

Is there a French word for a courtesy payment made by a prostitute to the owner of the property where she sleeps with her john? Especially a high-class prostitute, maybe one who doesn't even consider herself a prostitute, who sleeps with people mainly for political influence or some other non-monetary advantage. Because Angelina Jolie used it in a dream I had last night, and I instantly knew what it meant...

Do your dreams ever include made-up words? Do you remember any of them?
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Sword related questions.

I received two swords for gifts this holiday season. They are great and I love them. However, they were sold as "display" swords - not sharpened, however they can be sharpened according to the website.

So, my questions are:

Does anyone know of a place near Cincinnati, OH were I can get them sharpened?

Does anyone have any idea what this will cost? One has a blade length of 24 inches, the other is 21.

Trees afire?

So we have a real Christmas tree.
And we have your typical small bulb lights.

For the holidays, we're in NJ visiting my family, until Wednesday.
And of course, I left tree lights on.

Will it set the place on fire?
Will I burn down my apartment building?

Does that ever really happen IRL?

I'm only half serious. But really, should I email my landlord and ask her to go into our place and shut 'em off?
Oh hay thar

(no subject)

My boyfriend had surgery on his cheek 2 days ago, a benign tumour was removed from his face, and he's in quite a bit of pain.

He's not allowed to smile or suck out of a straw, and he is only able to take in semi-liquid food at this point.

What can I do to cheer him up?
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(no subject)

Congratulations! You've just signed onto your first record deal. What's your stage name and what kind of show will you be putting on?

What foods/drinks/items must you absolutely have in your dressing room?

What's your autograph look like?

Will you campaign against the evils of the industry or will you embrace them (you coke-rattled whore, you)? What questions are off-limits during your interviews?

Bonus points for pictures.

family traditions.

What are your christmas traditions(if you celebrate)?(ie walk me through a typical christmas eve - christmas night)
Do you go home? Does your family stay put? Does your family come to see you?
What is christmas breakfast like for you? Christmas dinner?
When do you open your stockings? Do you even have a stocking?
Do you open your stocking alone in your room in the wee hours of the morning?
Or do you open them with the family?
What is christmas eve like for you?
Are you allowed to open gifts on Christmas eve? Just one? or all of them?
Do you have multiple christmases?
Does everyone give a gift to everyone else? or do you do a secret santa thing within families?
If you have children, do you do the whole santa thing? Do your children leave cookies and milk and carrots for santa and his reindeer?
As a child, did you do that?
What are your decorations like? Minimal.. or all out?
etc. etc.

Lol i know its a lot, but i'm SUPER interested in what different people do for the holidays.

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My monitor is going in and out of focus.  (It isn't my glasses or my eyes, trust me.)  Why is this happening?

What can I do to fix it?  (Besides throwing it out the window.)