December 21st, 2007

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I am out of interest, TQC. What are some interesting sites? Blogs, forums, whatever... silly or intellectual, but I'm leaning more towards the latter.
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1. What are some lunches that are good cold and aren't sandwiches, fruit or vegetables? My husband is an extremely picky eater and I'm not quite sure what to make for him aside from endless peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. No microwave is available.

2. What kitchen appliance would you go on a homicidal rampage for?

3. How many icons are on your desktop?

4. How big is your monitor?
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Do you know of any good sites for finding out wtf song lyrics mean? Do you know specifically what Ringside's song "Sleep Well, Jeff" is referencing?

What do you do if you're, uh, thoroughly enjoying a little "reference material" of your choice at the computer and someone messages you? Do you talk, ignore them, let them know exactly what you're up to, or what?

What was the last thing you ranted and railed about like a grumpy old Scroogey codger but ended up really liking?

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Dear internet doctors,

Can food poisoning kill your appetite for long periods of time?

I got food poisoning twice in the past month, the weekend before Thanksgiving and then the 2nd of December. It's been nearly 3 weeks and I still eat maybe half of what I usually do, if that.
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So one of my best friends got arrested for a DUI tonight. They: are under 21, uninsured, and totaled their car (leading to the arrest). They called me while at the scene and I drove out, then talked to the officer. Apparently my friend is way over the legal limit for any age. I'm scheduled to pick them up tomorrow from jail. They are not doing anything with their life (no high school diploma, no GED, minimum wage job, homeless [living in the car that's now totaled], and has no drive to improve their life at the moment).

I'm thinking of compiling a list of army/navy/marine/air force recruiters. Tomorrow when I pick them up I probably will just give them the list and offer to drop them off at their choice.

Good idea? Any others? I'm going to sleep now, but will read this right when I get up.
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Inspired by recent events

Are your internet friends less important, as important, or more important than people you know in real life solely?

Is there a point in keeping people on your flist you can't trust (filtering entries, etc) or should you just defriend them and be done with it?

Would you be weirded out if people tried to be your friend in real life under such flimsy pretenses as they sometimes do on LJ?

If you're a rude/snarky person on LJ or in real life, are there certain things you won't make fun of somebody for or is anything fair game?

(no subject)

1) What did you/are you going to do over vacation? (winter break, Christmas break, Holiday recess, whatever you call it.)

2) Does anyone feel like helping me out? I don't have Microsoft word, and I just have to see how long a paper is. ( I can just email it to you )

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Physically, how do you feel right now?

I’m hungry and bordering on tired, but I’ve got another 15+ hours to be awake for. I also have an unexplainable cramp in my side.
Self cleaning

(no subject)

In your experience, what is the best way to make yourself stay awake and attentive on a long drive?

If you had a long drive, would you prefer to leave late night and drive without any traffic, or would you prefer to leave during the day and possibly deal with traffic?

Do you enjoy driving?
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Calling Dr. El-Jay - Celexa/ Anxiety meds question

How long do you normally need to take a medication before the initial side effects stop? I started taking Celexa three days ago and it's making me jumpy (like when you've had too many cups of coffee), to the point where I slept 5 hours the night before last about maybe less last night. I'm also very talkative and hyper, which is not my normal personality. This happened when I started taking Effexor, and it went away probably within a week or so... but it's very annoying and not a fun feeling. I'll add that I am less anxious now, but that could also be because my life has calmed down.

So, people who are/ have been on anti-anxiety/depression meds:
What did you take? Did you get weird side effects? Did they ever wear off? And how long should I put up with this before I call the doctor and tell him Celexa's not doing it for me?
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Should I care about listening to music with the bass up once noon rolls around if my upstairs neighbor was stomping around most of the late night / early morning?

Ain't this the life?
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Am I being too easily offended?

I went onto an online dating site pretending to be this really hot chick and guys started messaging me pictures of their penis's and asking if I fuck for money. I was really offended because I wasn't pretending to be that type of girl, I was well brought up.
Am I naive or just too thin skinned?
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Happy Holidays, TQC!

1. So, who else is at work today??
2. Have you got all your holiday shopping finished?
3. Presents all wrapped?
4. Were you good all year?? If you were naughty, stories would be appreciated. :-D

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1. If you were going to be on Jeopardy and for some reason they let you choose the categories for your questions, what would you pick? (Two or three is super unless you have 16 categories all planned out, lol. No blatantly easy stuff like 'basic shapes'.)

2. What categories would your evil archnemesis pick for you??????

3. What the hell is wrong with Meredith Viera? Why is she STILL on The Today Show? What were they thinking?

RIP Andrea

My son's hamster died...should I get him a new pet for Christmas? What should I get him? We live in an apartment...

ETA: Thanks for all the suggestions, I'm going to wait a bit before I get him another pet. :)
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I <3 TLV

(no subject)

1. What gender-neutral pronoun do you use, if any?
I use "they", but I've heard some pretty bizarre things people have come up with to use instead...

2. Do you think eating non-breakfast foods for breakfast is weird?
Yes, but I do it anyway.

3. Should I make some tea?

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Screw the SAT/ACT, wanna brag about your grades?

I do! It's my first semester of college and I got straight A's. Granted, it's my first semester and classes are easy, but I haven't had straight A's since middle school so I'm proud of myself.


Does anyone have the cat marco where it's something like "Merry cat-ass" and there's gif lights blinking in the cat's tail?

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(no subject)

I used a facebook application to draw something, and there's an option to "replay" the drawing from step one to finish, just as I did it. I'm wondering if there's some way for me to capture that and save it as a video file. The "replay" is just in my browser.

Anybody have any idea?

Holy shit. I've got the video as an .swf, and now I'm trying to convert the .swf to .avi. Simple enough, yes? Apparently I have terrible luck with this crap. I've tried four or five horrible programs that have done little more than suck up all the resources of my computer and fuck around for ten or fifteen minutes before going "LOL CAN'T DO IT, LOL".

Does anybody have a reliable way to convert a short .swf to an .avi?
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omg kids... lol.. wrong community and html failure! woohoo!

ummmm.. how's your day goin? lol

ETA: sorry... possibly last night's baileys is still swimming through my blood system. apologies! can yall forgive me? hmmmmmmmm?
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I have just discovered The Pipettes. You like them too?
Are there certain degrees of OCD?
What's a moment you look on and smile that has happened this week?

-For the last, snuggling with my friend in his car in the rain, not wanting to go home.
Completely stolen from epilogia.  Awesom
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So about dogs and alcohol

1. So you're hanging out at the house of a friend of a friend (FoaF), a person who you've met just that night and didn't get to know very well. While leaving, you see an adorable dog who is possibly pure bred (not sure which breed) and is hanging out on the porch. It's a cold winter's night and the FoaF mentions that the dog lives a few houses up and is an extremely sweet animal. She goes on to say that she doesn't think the owners take care of the dog very well, given how he tends to roam the (city) streets at night without a collar and that he's extremely skinny. He seems in good health; his fur is shiny and well groomed, his eyes are bright, and he's definitely friendly. You pet the dog and then notice that every single one of its ribs are sticking out; if he didn't have such thick fur, he would be skeletal. When you point this out, the FoaF says somewhat defensively that she occasionally feeds the animal and would love to take it in if only her fiancee would go for it (he won't).

My question to you: What do you do for the dog? You don't know the address of the FoaF (you weren't driving and it was at night with no street signs nearby to check) so calling the humane society for him is out unless you can get the details from your friend (who is cool but isn't someone you're close to and is more loyal to the FoaF, who seems the sort to be offended by any action taken to fix the situation). Provided that you can find out the address, what's the best way to find a no kill shelter?

I live in Atlanta, an area with an extremely high kill rate for shelters. I hated seeing the poor thing out at night (it's around 30-35 degrees at night now) and I hate knowing that it's starving, but sending it to its death seems just as cruel. At least there are some people who care for it now, based on what they've told me.

2. On a lighter topic, anyone know a good recipe for a winter party alcoholic punch they'd like to forward along? Especially after seeing the dog in that condition, I could use a drink...

(edited for clarification... thanks for the answers - I'll be getting in touch with the no-kill shelters provided and seeing what they can do.)

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Have you ever been so exhausted that little, trivial things seem like too much work? What's something you just couldn't bring yourself to do because you were too tired?

Why does my window keep opening? I keep locking it in place (and making sure everything clicks together) but I come back at the end of the day and it managed to slide open a few inches again! It's so cold :(

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help! help! i'm on fi-yah!

 I have a teensy problem.

Backstory: there is this guy I like a lot, and I think we are in the throes of dating, but nothing has been officiated.
I'm leaving for about 2 weeks to my sisters, and it's near enough where I still keep in touch with my friends from there. I sorta have plans to go on 3 dates while I'm up there.

Question: Do I go on the dates with the 3 guys who live far away, especially since I doubt it would be leading up to any boyfriend/girlfriend thing (I've gone on dates with them before), or should I not chance the fact that the guy I like and more than likely will be eventually dating might get jealous?

This would be SO HELPFUL if I could get some feedback.
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(no subject)

Have you ever purchased a coat that had the pockets sewn shut? I did, and best I can figure is that it is so you don't put on the coat, stuff the pockets, and walk out of the store.
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(no subject)

i am going to draw a bird for my dad for christmas. i have narrowed it down to two different kinds.

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i will draw it out nicely, transfer the image to a 15X20" illustration board, and then ink it. whichever bird i draw will be silhouetted against the moon.

so, which bird should i draw?

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(no subject)

I'm going to dye the underside bit of my hair at some point in the next few weeks: I'm leaning towards either blue or purple.

ETA: By "underside" I don't mean the bottom five inches of all of my hair or whatever: I mean the bottom...'layer,' sort of.

For those of you who care about what some internet person does to her head:
-I have blonde hair and brownish-greenish eyes: which color (or something completely different) do you think would look best?

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Slightly unrelated, but:
-Can layers work with longish curly hair?

For those of you who don't give a rat's arse about what I do to my hair:
-Is Oprah really a rich young white man?
-Can you dance?
-Is it a dumb idea to go visit my favorite high school teachers now that I'm home, and possibly interrupt their classes?
-Does the answer change if you know that this is their last day of classes before the winter break?


Have you discovered any coincidences in your life lately?

I have found two with my boyfriend. Our grandfathers were born one day apart in 1908. This is especially strange because our fathers/grandfathers were older than usual. (We were born in 1986). We dated 5 1/2 yrs before we found this out.

We both have the same relationship to attempted murder victims. His brother-in-law's brother was shot recently. My brother-in-law's brother was stabbed in the neck. Neither of them is in gangs or fights or anything.
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cookies and whataburger

1. Frustrated with holiday shopping, I've decided that I'm just going to bake a ton of different cookies (spritz cookies, gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, ginger snaps, etc.) and give bags of them as Christmas gifts. Is this a good idea that will be appreciated, or am I a cheap ass? y/y?

2. Do you have Whataburger where you live? Where do you live?
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(no subject)

in what is her latest desperate attempt to get back onto the "a-list" ancient, recycled rebellion ballad, pink sings the following lyric:

'i never win first place / i don't support the team / i can't take direction / and my socks are never clean'

that's not rebellious, that's just unhygienic

enjoy your athlete's foot, alecia

any song particularly bothering you today, tqc?

(no subject)

1)I wish I were more likable, but the sad bit is that I don't know what to do. any help?

2)do you prefer to buy handmade or store bought?

3)Is buying kids undies for christmas a bad present?

4)what is the most awesome christmas present you've gotten this year so far?

a whole stocking full of dinsthul's[local memphis chocolate]
omgyay by: dakinigrl

(no subject)

So the time is coming to sign new leases for next September.

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So what would you do? Stay in an apt building with no pets, a roommate, but your SO right next door and very close to campus, or move into a farther-away apt with pets, no roommate, but your SO not very close?
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(no subject)

Have you ever had bronchitis? How long did it last? If you went to the doctor, did they give you antibiotics (if they thought is was bacterial, not viral)? Did it help?

I've had a cough for forever and it's making me crazy. I'm actually hoping it's bacterial so the antibiotics help.

(no subject)

1. What is the correct pronunciation of Coup de Grace?

2. and which of these potential band names (for a folk/hard rock band)
sounds most appealing?

- Black Fire Fish
- Tied to the Tracks
- Medusa
- Coup de Grace
- Rebel Thorns
- Fiction
- The Firing Squad
- Jacky Paper
- Mahjong Champion
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(no subject)

Damnit, TQC.

I really wanted a peanut butter sandwich with crunchy peanut butter, but as soon as I opened the jar I thought of 2girls1cup, so I had to have a ham and pickles sandwich with extra mustard.

When was the last time you were angry with the internet?
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(no subject)

Is the Centrum Cardio (with Phytosterols) multivitamin going to help lower my bad cholesterol?

Would you do like I do and refrain from drinking while eating your meal, as well as for as much as thirty minutes after your meal?

(no subject)

A guy has very high standards.. he falls for a girl.. they've been together for eighteen months to date. She puts on about 10lbs over a year.
Whilst talking about New Years resolutions he asks her to lose the weight.
(The extra 10lbs does not make the girl overweight in the slightest..)

Should she be offended/angry or not?.. because after all he fell for her when she was thinner, it's not his fault if he finds the extra weight less attractive.

hmm.. thoughts?

(no subject)

Does anyone know of an lj community where I can download foreign language Disney mp3s for my kiddo? I swear I saw one once but I can't find it.

Thank you like crazy in advance.

(And happy solstice!)

(no subject)

My boyfriend and I got into a fight this morning. He always says how mean he is to me and shit and so I say that he is mean one time and he got all pissy and left. :| TQC, are we going to break up?
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(no subject)

Honesty time!

1. Do you consider time on LiveJournal to be well-spent, or wasted?
I fully consider it wasted time, but I also love wasting time.

2. Do you think LJ is a less wasteful way to spend time than watching TV? What about playing video games?
I think wasted time is all the same; "my vice is better than your vice" just seems stupid to me.

RANDOM EDIT: 3. If you could punch any person in the mouth that is alive right now, who would it be?


1) Do you have Xmas dinner with just your family, or a mess of people?
2) Do you give a traditional gift to a family member? What is it?
4) Do you get a keepsake ornament? What was yours this year? Do you give anybody else a keepsake ornament? What did you give them?
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(no subject)

1. Um. I keep getting MAILER DAEMON undeliverable notices in my inbox, saying my email could not be sent. Except I wasn't trying to send any email.

When I click the message for error details, it seems that my email address is trying to send some shit in Asian characters to random email addresses in Asia. This is troubling.

I've run malware and spyware scans through a few different applications, checked my firewall, changed my passwords, made sure everything was up to date, blah blah blah, and still it continues.

WTF? Is my computer a zombie? Plz advise.

2. When was the last time your computer did something weird that wasn't solved by a malware scan or a power cycle? What did it do? How did you fix it?

Computer Bull

My husband's laptop has kicked the bucket I think. When booting up we get that "Safe mode", "Last Known Configuration" screen, and have exhausted every tip that we've found online. He can't find the original startup disk. Is there anyway to obtain a startup disk, or just boot up this computer and bring it back from the dead?

Thanks in advance.

(no subject)

In football games, at the end of a winning season, the players may pour Gatorade over their coach, which is their way of saying 'thanks for getting us this far'. I think coaches of losing teams deserve to have something poured over them as well. Which would be the best substance to bathe bad coaches with?

Tuna oil
Battery acid
Pepper spray
Tar (the feathers come later)
Gravel and small rocks
Yellow paint
Gatorade, except it's been boiling in a pot the last hour
Urine collected from the team
Dirt (after he's been thrown into a shallow grave first)
Pennies, from a distance of the upper bleachers

I question why Gatorade is used to symbolize the victory shower. I think that something more pleasant should be poured on the winning coach instead. Which would you suggest?

BBQ sauce
Dollar bills
Quarters, from a distance of the upper bleachers
rider tied

(no subject)

So a few years ago (about 2003) some drama went down with me and my best friend.

It was revealed to me that she had been sleeping with my boyfriend while he was still with me. So we broke up and she promised me that what happened was just a fling, she didn't take it seriously, and out of respect for me, she wouldn't actually date him.
He started begging me to take him back and me being an utter moron, I let him lead me on. Except what while he's doing this, he's having another fling with her, and eventually they ended up together, despite both of them saying they had too much respect for me to let that happen.
After that I pretty much cut them both out of my life. I haven't spoken to or heard from either of them since then, except to laugh at the fact that when she moved away to go to Uni, it was found out that she had slept with pretty much most of the guys in her residence halls and my ex was rather angry at having being cheated on.

Yesterday, my sister calls me and mentions that this ex friend is going out clubbing with my sister and her friends tomorrow night, and if I don't mind her being there, would I like to come? I tell her that I really don't mind the fact that she's there and holding a grudge for four years over silly teenage drama is sometthing I like to think I'm above doing. For some reason, my sister proceeded to tell me that if I DID hold a grudge still, I could feel somewhat vindicated because now she's gotten really fat. Like 300lbs+ fat. I still don't really care.

Why am I being expected to still hold a grudge from almost five years ago?
Why the hell did my sister tell me she's fat now if I already told her that I don't really hold any grudge or hatred towards her any more?
If this had happened to you, would you feel vindicated with this piece of news?

I know my little sister loves me, we're pretty close and I know she's saying this just to make me feel better. But we're both adults now (I'm 21 and she's 20) and I'd like to think that when I say I don't care any more that she'd actually believe me. Or am I just reading far too much into this and should just laugh at karma biting this girl in the ass?
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Work work...

Assuming all other factors (pay, work conditions, coworkers, etc) were equal, would you rather have a job where:

a) The work you do comes easily to you. You never have to put much more than a cursory effort into the tasks assigned to you, even though your coworkers may seem to have to spend longer hours to accomplish the same goals. You are lauded for your ability to accomplish everything assigned to you despite not having to put in any overtime.


b) The work you do is challenging, and requires that you put in extra-long hours, but you don't even notice the length of time you're spending at work because the work is so engaging. Accomplishing your goals is incredibly rewarding personally, and you are recognized for your extra effort.

Agents are Go!

Enjoy the icon ;P

So. A question for ya'll (i know, something completely the SPANISH INQUISITION!)

So how do you determine personality traits/predilections/prejudices you should change, and traits you shouldn't cause they define you?

I personally think all of my traits define me and I shouldn't change any of them. Everyone should accept who I am and what I do, though that's no excuse for me to not be polite.
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The 2 of you taking a # 2

Toilet built for two. Two full bowels go in, two empty bowels come out.

1. If you rented/bought a place where this was the default toilet, would you ever use it with another person?
2. For the sake of water conservation and the environment, would you poop right next to your SO?
3. Would you be ok with your SO pooping right next to you?
4. The couple that shits together, sticks together. Do you agree with this statement?
5. If your SO keeps saying 'we don't do enough things together anymore', would 'couples crapping' time be considered to be doing things together as a couple?
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What kind of underwear to you usually wear?

It's great. I can be at work, look at somebody, and think "Hah! I bet you don't know I'm wearing a red lace thong right now. No, no you don't!"

Does anybody else take as much joy in this as I do?

(no subject)

1. Would you rather be over-dressed or under-dressed?

2. Quizzes. Y/N?

3. Want to take my place at a party tonight?

1. Under-dressed. I'm wearing a dress tonight and I'm soooo nervous
2. No. Always no. Another reason I don't want to go out tonight
3. Pleeeeease?

(no subject)

A while ago I saw this girl with a tattoo of a tree growing out of an anatomically correct heart on her ribs, do you know where I can find this again? I already google image searched it. For the record I am not copying it, I can't get tattoos or I will be ~disinherited~

(no subject)

Is it against the Mormon religion to buy/use food stamps?

Edit: or to allow someone else to buy food for you using food stamps? Basically, is there any rule that involves food stamps?

Background story: My Aunt A pays my Aunt B's car payment. Aunt A is Mormon, and a fat cow. Aunt A has run in to some trouble with cash recently, so has asked Aunt B to chip in this month. Aunt B doesn't have a nickel to her name, so instead she offered to use her $200 worth of food stamps to buy groceries for Aunt A and her family, since they're having trouble with money. Aunt A denied the offer and said it was against her religion. Sounds like it's just her being a fat cow, as usual, but I wanted to make sure.

Another edit: If you were low on cash, regardless of your religion, would you allow someone to buy groceries for you?
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(no subject)

Everybody's got a song that they love when they're drunk.
What's yours?

I'm a sucker for House of Pain's 'Jump Around' and magically know all the lyrics when I'm a few sheets to the wind.
I also love 'Funky Cold Medina'. Shout to Tone Loc. And ok. Maybe '99 Problems But A Bitch Ain't One' by Jay-Z.


(no subject)

Has anyone ever gotten a visa or mastercard gift card as a gift? 
Can you take money off of them like an ATM/debit card?

Can't we give ourselves one more chance?
Why can't we give love one more chance?
Why can't we give love, give love, give love, give love, give love?

(no subject)

Are any of you dollhouse miniaturists?
Do you ever feel like you're the only 'young' miniaturist around? :( I do. I've been avoiding going to my club, because there's one teenager there and that's it, and she's very very shy, but everyone thinks we should be friends because I'm 22 and she's 17.
Are you in another hobby that you feel sometimes like you're in the 'wrong age group' for? Or the wrong gender perhaps?
Miniatures are for any age group, but people generally start accepting it as a hobby around the age of retirement, because they have more time and money and less fear of people going 'omg you play with dolls!'

edit: So, I decided to take action and create recruit_miniers
Join the underground movement to recruit/convert more younger miniaturists. Also get help with your own projects.

(no subject)

 Would you rather get a standard Poodle or a Chinese Crested (hairless, not powder puff)?  You must choose one!
I am all for a poodle, but my sister got a crested for her birthday.  You have to put tampons in their ears O_o

 What dumbass decided to make the clip thingies on necklaces so frickin' small?  I'm angry!

 It's really cold outside and I am hungry.  Should I walk 12 blocks to my sister's retaurant to eat free food or choke down another frozen dinner?

(no subject)

TQC, do you have any "friends" that drive you crazy?

I know such a girl who considers me her best friend and drives me up the wall because she doesn't understand me in the least. Maybe because I already have a hard time with her because of that, it annoys me that she constantly asks scores of questions on why this is or why that is and how I feel about that...

Any similar situations?

I don't consider her a good friend, and we go to college in different states...what should I do? Try to distance myself from her? If so, how?
Sonic Advance 2 - Dancin' Tails

And on a lighter note...

Seeing as my last post ended in something of a shitshow, I have a lighter topic for a question I've always wanted to know the answer of. Well, a few questions.

1. Do play Guitar Hero?

2. Do you play on Expert?

3. Won any tournaments?

4. If you own Guitar Hero long did it take for you to beat Lou? (any difficulty)

5. What is the hardest career mode song (so Bonus songs and Downloadable content dont count)

6. Guitar Hero vs. Rock Band...who wins?

For me.

1. Fuck yes

2. Yup (is a dork)

3. Nope, but a friend of mine has.

4. On expert, 2 weeks. On hard, 1st try.

5. Raining Blood by Slayer (on Expert...4 note down sweeps for like a minute straight destroy me...even with Star Power)

6. Can't say, haven't played Rock Band :(
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(no subject)

TQC, for my birthday I got some nice 16x24 canvases. Or something around that size. What should I paint? I like to paint people, but I'll try most anything. Do you have any photos you took I should paint? Simple suggestions or ideas are fine too. Usually I get my subjects from magazine ads. And I can't paint without a reference. That's saved for ink. :)

What makes a shirt too tight?

How does typing with proper grammar and other language skills make you feel? (Especially if you normally don't type perfectly.)

eta: WHY CAN'T I WORK? I finally got a shift today and I get called saying that they might close early. I need to buy Christmas presents and see Juno with originalidad. :'(
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(no subject)

have you ever had a shot in your ass?

when was the last time you went to the doctors and what was the reason? (if i may ask)

got any ideas of what i can do this weekend? i'll be glued (figuratively speaking) to my bed.
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(no subject)

Lets say you work in a secure facility where everyone has special badges to get into the building and to different parts of the building depending on their clearance. So you are going into work, and you've just swiped your card, and then someone comes up behind you to go into the building.

Do you hold the door open for them as you normally would so that you don't seem like a total ass to a potential co-worker, or let it slam in their face? Too many people work in the building for you to ever know everyone.
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So, my brother's 35 and his wife is 32ish. I'm 20.

They have this friend of theirs (Ben) who's a little bit older than them and he brought his kid, 20, and the kid's gf, 19, with him. They all go out, tonight, when I'm here babysitting my bro's kids. I don't mind babysitting but I feel bad that they invited their friend's kids and not me.

I feel left out. I want to talk to them later about it but it might be a bad idea. Maybe I'm just having issues :P but I wish they invited me. Am I justified in feeling this? Do I just ignore them when they come home and throw knives at their faces as I leave?

Also, the dog is chewing on a bone. When she comes up for air, she's breathing really hard. It freaks me out, what do I do?

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Ooooh Question club...
Why am I such a flipping idiot?
Ok, so, I live in Northern NY. Potsdam, to be specific. Tomorrow I am driving to my parent's house on Cape Cod, MA. I have a narrow band of good weather to drive in. If its too crappy, I can't go.

So, tell me, why the hell did I leave my car's lights on and drain the battery so damned much that the car won't even turn over? It won't even try. I can't even make the power locks lock!

Also, does AAA give you new batteries for free? I know they exchange batteries, I just don't know if its free.

Edit - Thankies everyone. I finally found someone who will help me jump my car tonight!

(no subject)

Do you ever "sing" to friends online (that is, type the lyrics as you listen to a song)? Do people do it to you? Is it obnoxious? Will you join me?

screw this crap, I've had it. I ain't no mister cool. I'm a pig I'm a dog, so 'scuse me if I drool.

Aren't those amazingly deep lyrics?

Who else enjoys Five Iron Frenzy?

(no subject)

 In my house we all have our own special food that we're the only one who eats it.  My sister has her assorted cheeses, Ian has his ice cream and candy to make sundaes, and I live off apples with peanut butter and chocolate cake.  And popsicles.

What is your special food?
  • ameliab

Question about Hair

So, let's say you have thining hair. Or know someone who does, and they love their hair, even if it is thining. And they're only 21 and they used to have very nice thick hair.

How do you help them get their thin spot of hair to become healthy again?
Failing that, how do you help them cope with the thought that they might not have hair in that spot for much longer?


 How many of you find it stupid to not listen to a band/stop liking a band if you find out someone in the band is gay/bi/whatever?
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(no subject)

I'm thinking about purchasing a puppy that needs a home, but the only thing is the puppy has a rare eye condition which makes the puppy's eyes constantly move side to side. The lady said she has taken the puppy to the vet and the dog is well, but I've never heard of this condition. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
James Franco joint

(no subject)

What was the last awkwardly funny thing that happened to you?
I left my cellphone outside at my parents' house, and my dad brought it in, and I told him to open to see if I had any missed calls. A text popped up, and it said:
"Karl was telling me about his semen, and he thought you should know about it."

(no subject)

as a nineteen year old female, i'm really starting to notice just how much i dislike the cattiness/bitchiness of other girls. i can't stand being around them pretty much at all. i get along better with THEIR boyfriends than they do.

i feel almost like a traitor, but do any of you feel the same way?
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(no subject)

I haven't talked to my boyf in like TWO DAYS (and when I called his phone today it was DEAD). I asked the magic 8 ball if he was dead, and it was said not only was he dead, HE WAS A DRUG DEALER.

TQC, will you please confirm or deny this information!?

(no subject)

1: Are you planning to go see a movie this weekend?
2: What is your favorite classic rock song?
3: Do you have set days for certain meals?
4: Have you gotten any gifts yet?
5: Is it loud or quiet in your house right now?

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im french

(no subject)

Who's going to Bonnaroo this year?

How many items from American Apparel do you own? What are they?

How do you repaint a car? As in, if I wanted to make a blue car become a red car, how would I do that? Could I do that? Would that be a lot of money? Does anyone have any experience in changing the color of a car?


Yesterday I bought 2 pairs of knee high fishnet trouser socks in red and purple, purely on a whim. I have no idea if I actually own anything that I could wear them with that won't look really stupid. Hell, I'm not sure if there's anything at all I can wear them with that won't look really stupid.

TQC, what would you wear knee high fishnet type things with?

If you can't answer my ~fashion~ question, what was the most recent book you read?
I think mine was "God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater"

(no subject)

Is it worth getting a Canon Selphy printer?
I mainly want to know if they print out at as good a quality as if I were to get my pictures developed in a shop.

If you're mega interested, is this offer any good?
I just want something to replace the old disposable camera.
captain kate capsize

(no subject)

I'm giving chocolates as Christmas presents this year and the boxes I've made can hold eight.  I've made nine flavours (duh!) and I want TQC to help me decide which flavour to leave out.  The flavours are ginger, coffee, brandy raisin, cardamom, earl grey, lemon, orange, grenadine and pomegranate.  All of them are made with dark chocolate.

1). Which flavour sounds disgusting and should be left out?
2). What should I do with the leftover chocolates?

ETA: The thought of eating any more chocolate makes me feel slightly sick.
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(no subject)


I have a mohawk. I shaved the sides shorter (1/8"), and bleached it. I wanted to dye the hawk green (a fairly light/bright green), make the tips black, make the fuzzy sides of my head black, and add a very small amount of black to the underneath of my bangs. But... my ENTIRE bangs turned hot pink... To make green + black look okay, I'd need to dye everything that is pink, black. And I don't want my entire bangs black.

What should I do? Should I just dye my hair something other than green? How could I save this?

And by bangs I mean all the stuff that isn't spiked up in this picture.
Disney - Paris


Does anyone know of a good website that has a lot of photos of current/popular hairstyles (cuts, not hair do's) and highlights? I'm looking to change things up but want my hair to look a little more natural than the huge chunky "scene" cuts and highlights I seem to find whilst searching Flickr and Photobucket, and Google doesn't seem to be producing any good websites for me, either.
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Free Pizza For Everyone *not really*

How old are you?
*I'm 27*

How old is too old to be on L.J? In your opinion?
*I don't think there is a too old, perhaps a too young.*

Anyone else staying *in* on this here Friday night? If so, what are ya doin?
*I'm having a glass of wine, and going to watch a movie on the big screen with my 3 dogs and 2 cats.*

What are you giving your Mom for Christmas?
*My Mom wants lobster, my Mom will be getting 10 lbs of it from me;)*

Thought of a New Years resolution yet?
*I want to start returning phone calls and emails better. I SUCK at it!*
gasp zooey

(no subject)

My boyfriend cares for his mother (as in, he takes care of her because she has medical problems, not as in he loves her.  I mean...he does love her.  But...he also takes care of her.  I digress).

So, today his mom is really sick and he's under a lot of stress.  I can't be with him right now, because we're in a long-distance relationship, and I feel really useless.  Short of a webcam striptease, what can I do to help him relax and let him know that I'm here for him, even if I can't be THERE for him?

Do you ever watch Jeff Dunham's Comedy Central stand-up routine?  Who is your favorite puppet?
Peanut's my favorite.


How much music do you own? Answers in terms of megabytes/gigabytes are preferred but an estimate of how many albums or whatever you have is cool too :D

I have uh, 17.09GB o.O

What's the most bizarre/unlikely cover you've ever heard?

For me it has to be Richard Cheese's cover of Disturbed's "Down With the Sickness".

If you own a video iPod, do you have more space taken up by music than videos, or is it the other way around? [Same goes for any other mp3 player that plays videos]
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(no subject)

Do you pee in the shower?

I don't shower

Why do you pee in the shower?

Feels good
It's convenient
Other reason I will state in comments

Why don't you pee in the shower?

Just don't
I don't like stepping on piss
Out of respect for the people I live with
Other reason I will state in comments

Check boxes?


(no subject)

 Why did my date tonight seriously think it was alright for me to give him money for our dinner?
(Mind you, the bill was only $20)

ALSO, why did he think it was ok to not walk me to the door or anything?

Does he actually think that I will be calling him again?


UGH. I hate dating.

hate pimentos

(no subject)

have you ever seen loveactually

isn't it the cutest movie ever?

if you don't think it is, what's your favorite movie that has christmas as a theme, that isn't exactly about christmas (so, not rudolph or frosty the snowman)?

if these are all too lame for you, what's your favorite breakfast cereal?
  • meiran

Not at home to Mr. Grumpy

I want to rent a movie that fits my mood.

If you were feeling kinda lonely, a little stressed out, stuck in a rut, generally mopey, and definitely like you're being left behind, what would you rent?

Do you usually rent movies that fit your mood, or would try to counteract it?

What's the last thing you got from the video store/Netflix/Redbox?

(I just finished watching Waitress and I'm going to send it back. It was definitely NOT good for my mood, and in fact made me a little grumpier, which I did not expect).


What's your LEAST favorite holiday movie?

(I've had far too much of A Christmas Story. I dislike almost anything played on repeat, just on principle).
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Osaka Smart
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1. You board a plane for a nonstop flight over the Pacific Ocean. Due to a mistake in booking with all other compartments full to capacity, you have the good fortune to be bumped up to an empty first class seat next to a window by one of three notable celebrities on this flight. Who would you rather sit by for 18+ hours?

a. Richard Simmons
b. Michael Jackson
c. Bill O'Reilly

2. Do you really mean "asocial" when you describe yourself or others as "anti-social"?

3. [Edited for FLOP] Are there stories of hauntings in your town or county? Tell me about it!

4. Collapse )


Does anyone know how to clean out all of the deleted crap on a computer? As in the stuff you delete in your trash can thingy...I have a lot of stuff taking up memory on my computer and it's slow now. How do I fix it?

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Plane Tickets

How hard is it to cancel a plane ticket? (As in - how much money will we lose, is it even possible?)

My mom is ridiculously mad at me right now because I refuse to go on a family trip to Arizona that she knowingly planned for the week of my best friend and boyfriend's graduations, my best friend's graduation party, and my boyfriend's eighteenth birthday. It is also a week after my graduation and the saturday of a town-wide festival that I have attended with my friends every year since middle school -this year is the last we're all together. 

I told her I wasn't going if it was that week - she said I could stay with my grandma - but then she bought me a ticket anyways, now she's mad at me. 

Am I being ridiculous?
Can she just get the money back? 

[The trip isn't until JUNE btw]