December 20th, 2007

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1. If you had to pick someone to narrate your life (audible to you and everyone around you) who would you pick?

My answer:
Morgan Freeman

2. Do you have a Christmas/Seasonal Holiday icon?

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I'd really love to "keep" a journal online,  but I'm paranoid about somethings...

Do *real life* friends know that you use LJ? Why or why not?

Have any of you ever had any "horror stories" involving LJ/Myspace/Facebook., etc? Whether it be a stalker or something you wrote in a journal about someone or that was secretive and it read by someone you know in *real life* or that you didn't want to read it. Do tell.

Verizon mobile IM

I have a verizon phone and I asked how much it costs to use the Mobile IM and they said just the txting. But, when I went to use it, it mentioned it taking airtime from my calling plan to sign in.

Is airtime web or just minutes?

Usually when using web it starts as Web 2.0.

so if anyone with verizon has ever used mobile IM, how much does it cost? Do I pay for web or minutes?
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The TQC Icon...

I feel like I'm waling on holy ground with snake skin boots, but what the hell.
Any of you think that TQC should change it's icon?
If so...what should the new icon be?
And why?
Do you like bacon bits on your salad?

*edit* walking, not waling, whats waling?
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What's a quote or song lyric you heard recently that really struck home with you?

Mine's a lyric from "Do You Know What It's Like" from the show 'Zanna, Don't!'

"I'd fight a guy for you.
I'd fight a girl for you.
I'd fight myself,
You know I would,
If I thought it'd do any good.
Do you know what it's like?"
hannibal skull


Who is one LJ user right now who is pissing you off? Why?

What is one of your communities that you wish 90% of the members would just grow the fuck up or FOAD?

Do we all need an LJ break?

after thinking things over for a bit

1: To all narcissistic, vegan, Hasidic jews, who have a foot fetish, who is your favorite football team?

2: To all street racing, acrophobic John Tesh fans, who work in a grave yard, do you wear glasses?

3: To all gymnast phone phreaks that wear shorts all year round and who are members of a church choir, have you ever had an infectious disease?
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What would you do with 50 dollars?

So like, if someone just gave you 50 dollars to spend on whatever, how would you spend it? Obviously this isn't as cool as one of those hypothetical questions like, "What would you do with a billion dollars?"... but seriously, what would you do with it?
got milk?

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1)What's the strangest thing you've ever found or you've heard of someone finding in a carton of milk from the school cafeteria?
2)What's the biggest threat to your sanity?
3)How many products have you purchased from an infomercial?
Jim Yay!
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Buying MP3s

Do any of you use an MP3 purchasing site/service that's NOT iTunes? Which site? Do you like it?

My mom's getting my dad a Creative Zen for Christmas, and my sister and I want to get him a gift certificate to buy some MP3s, but Zens don't support the iTunes format.

P.S. We're Canadian, and some sites won't let us download, like :(
Kill Me Butterfly

I am having a Christmas catastrophy, and only TQC can help me


I need your help with my Christmas tree catastrophe. My brother and his girlfriend (both live with me in my house) decided to bring home a live tree for Christmas. The particular tree that they decided on, was the remains of the one bought to make the grave blanket* for my son's grave. There is still 5 good feet of tree left, even after the lower branches were pruned for the blanket, and it could be a nice tree. I, however, hate it. In my opinion, this tree was bought for a purpose, and that purpose was served when the pine decorations for my baby's grave were completed and put on it. Since it has been up in the house, I have been mean and hateful and crying hysterically. This tree does not represent Christmas to me.

So, would it be wrong and/or unkind of me to ask that the tree be taken down and we find some other alternative to our Christmas tree situation/needs?

* A grave blanket is a decorated bed of pine that covers the grave typically November/December thru February/March to protect it from the snow.
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prego or ragu spaghetti sauce?

all my life we always had prego in the house, and ragu was considered to be the evil brand. recently, my dad, oh a whim, got RAGU! omg BLASPHEMY! i tried it, and guess what? i like it better. *feels guilty*

what condiment brands have you been faithful to , not because of taste, but based on the fact that that's what was in your house as a kid? best foods vs. miracle whip, hidden valley vs. newman's own, french's vs. know. OR, did you rebel and start buying the competing brand just to stick it to your parents??

what about the all-mighty chevy vs. ford debacle that people get so caught up in? my family has always avoided that by sticking with toyotas and hondas.

any other big-brand debate things that i didn't mention?
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1. Is there anything about the town you live in that you're used to, but that a visitor may be all "WTF?" about?

I have lived here since I was five years old, and not only is the local air force base's flight pattern right over my neighborhood, but I live a mile - maybe less - away from the train tracks. Between the airplanes ahead and the trains nearby, anybody else would have a hard time concentrating. But it's my lullaby sometimes.

2. Has anybody ever bought you paid time on LiveJournal? Was it anonymous, or did they let themselves be known?

An anonymous benefactor just gave me six months of paid time for Christmas. I now have room for 111 icons. I don't even think I have 111 icons!
Haruhi disappearance
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Do you think we'll ever get a feature to pull up all entries by a specific user in a specific community? (besides LJseek?)

we seem to be getting some other long-awaited features...
Zooey face

B+? A-? Eh?

Does your school have a wonky grading system that involves B+, B, B-? (In other words, half GPA points?)

My university does...and it just screwed me out of a 4.0! (3.84, thanks to an A-.) Granted, it's better than getting a B.


If you could be born into any culture in the world, which would it be?

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omg would you please give me words of encouragement?

For the first time ever I want to cry at work. Everyone did big, fancy gifts for this last day, and I just spread my gifts out, averaging $5/gift through the week.

I feel so stupid now.

When was the last time you felt socially stupid?

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there's a quote that's stuck in my head.

i'm not sure whether it's from a book or a movie/tv show but it's kind of sweet and it's been making me awww when i think of it.

it's a guy telling his girl how awesome she is and goes something like "i love the way you get dressed and accessories in front of the mirror and then give yourself little shrug as if to tell yourself that, that's the best you're going to get and walk out the door"

anyone know what i'm talking about? or should i start writing my own script?
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1. What was your favorite R.L. Stine series?  R.L. Stine book?
2. Who was your favorite member of the Babysitters Club?
3. If you are a hockey fan and were given the option of serving Chris Simon with his punishment for being a giant douchebag, what would you do?  Cruel and unusual punishment is permitted.

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Here is my question of the day TQC.

Scenario: You have a five year old child in kindergarten. Your child brings home stories of another kid that bites, kicks and punches other children in the face. The teacher and the principal of the school has been notified. The bully is not allowed in the classroom unless a teacher is present, however, their behaviour is continuing. Your child is now afraid to go to school...

What would you do at this point?

Collapse )

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On a first date, what is the worst occupation your date can have?

Drug dealer
Masturbates livestock, for conception purposes
Masturbates livestock, for certain adult videos
Republican fund executive
Democrat fund executive
Professional, competitive big game hunter
Scrapes dead animals off the road
Shaves the groins of hospital patients who are going under the knife
Quality control personnel whose job is testing out blow-up dolls and make sure that they're durable, waterproof and that all their holes work
Works in a slaughterhouse as the one who drives the killing blow to the cattle
Mops up the various stains at peepshow stalls
Picks fruit (he or she is an illegal alien)
Operates a Three-Card Monty game on a box in the park

Best thing a balding man can do about his hair problem?

Shave his head
Just let it go naturally. It shows a charming lack of pretension
Hair weave
Hair transplant
Rogaine or other hair-growth products
Spray-on goop that gives hair the appearance of being thicker
Tattoo hair onto his scalp
Various headgear, such as hats and bandanas
King Charles Spaniel

First post; hope this is ok

Does anyone know where to find the red and white octopus shown in the fourth picture on this site?:

My cats received one as a gift from someone a couple years ago, and it became their favorite toy. For some reason, it's one they never got tired of, but it's finally reached the point where it needs to be tossed, and I have no idea where to get a new one. My grandmother gave it to them, but she passed away last year, and I don't know where she got it. I tried googling it, and the closest thing I came to is the picture that's posted - it's not my pic.

(x-post from Ask Me Anything)
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In general, would you consider this a shitty present? If so, how shitty? At first I thought it was really cool, but now I'm starting to wonder if it is, in fact, one of the shittiest presents ever. I'm debating returning it.

It's meant to go in your garden, or some place similar. It's solar powered, and glows/lights up at night.
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 i have to buy a yankee swap gift for the girls in my family, and up until now, i've usually bought pretty good gifts, but this year i can't think of one. i'm the youngest (20), and everyone else ranges from 25-50, but seriously even my older aunts are young at heart. the limit is $25-$30.

what should i get?!

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I'm baking shortbread cookies from scratch for a potluck tonight so I need them to at least be edible.  This is the first time tha I've made anything from scratch by myself.  I found a simple recipe on and it goes like this:

 1 c. butter & butter
 1/2 c. & 2 tbsp. sugar
 2 1/2 c. all-purpose flour

What does 1 cup butter & butter mean?

ETA steps:

Work all 3 ingredients together as you would pie crust into
granules. Set in refrigerator for at least 10 minutes.
Spread evenly onto a cookie sheet, press down. Bake at 325
degrees for 25 minutes. Cut into desired sizes while still
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I just got my hair done, and the color is a little bit too platinum-y for my preference. I am naturally medium to dark blonde, and she did all over highlights. For some reason, I went really light blonde this time.. either she did more highlights then normal, or left the foil in too long... I have no idea.

I really don't have the time to go back and have her adjust the color today or tomorrow, and my stylist is on vacation starting this weekend.

Do you think using a product like John Frieda Sheer Blonde shampoo will warm the color up a little without having to get it redyed? I have heard mixed reviews about these sorts of products.

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Would you be surprised if someone asked you what hepatitis is? (We're assuming the person is an adult)

How about if they asked you if Germany was in Europe?

Also, what do you use to sign your credit cards? Not the bills, the actual cards.

No matter what I use, it rubs off.
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what's one of the hardest things you've had to do? what was the result? was it what you expected? happy you made that decision?

you see i have to make a tough decision. and reading about other people's might help motivate me or wutever.. thanks..
i say, old bean

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so what do you think about pregnant teens? this question isn't about just jamie spears, it's about ANY and ALL pregnant teens.

what's the weirdest color your puke has ever been?

how's your day going so far?

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1. What's something I can break or smash or otherwise inflict harm upon that I won't regret later? Ripping up paper will not do it for me.

2. Have you ever been to a free clinic (Planned Parenthood, a community one, etc.)? Did you have a good experience or an unpleasant one?

3. What's your dream vehicle or other transportation?

I would like a BMW Z3 or a dragon to ride around on.

Christmas Goodies

This morning some wonderful person gave me a bag filled with Chex that were covered in peanut butter and then covered in powdered sugar. She said the stuff was called White Trash. I've always heard it referred to as Puppy Chow or Snowman Poop. So, TQC, what do you call this stuff?

What's your favorite Christmas confection? Bonus points for recipes or pictures.
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Question from a co-worker:

What's the name of the little green guy from the movies?

I guessed, "The Grinch?"

She says no, he's small and kinda fat. This is all she's able to recall. Not even what "movies" this might refer to.

So TQC, what is the name of the small, kinda fat, green guy from the movies?

It's Yoda!

Bear necessities

You inherit a full-grown panda in some strange raffle that you don't remember entering. What do you do with it?

Keep it as a pet. A big, messy pet
Donate it to a zoo
Let it loose into the woods. Born free, as free as the wind blows. Go find your panda friends!
Shear it and make panda-fur cardigans, which are utterly rare. Every year, you make another one. The bear is an annual cash cow
Mmmm. Panda steak
Teach it to wear a saddle and turn it into your personal panda pack animal
Teach it to kill and have it develop a taste for human flesh, and then slowly clean up the crime in the city at night
Try and breed it with various dogs, and start a new highly-coveted breed of pooch that will make you rich
I can't keep a panda. My landlord won't let me. I donate the bear to the poor. I leave it tied up at a church poor box

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Have you freaked anyone out recently?

I just told my mom about the huntsman spider that tried to eat my soul (aka stared at me from a wall)

What am I to do with two pounds of chocolates!?

What's your most expensive pair of shoes?
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So I just browned some ground turkey with garlic and oregano, and put it in the crock pot with (pre seasoned, not my choice) italian stewed tomatoes, white Italian beans, and dark red Kidney beans.

What am I forgetting? What do you add to your chili to make it delicious?

And for the fascist non chili eaters:
What are your plans for the weekend?
Perkins Monocle
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I'm going to a fancy dress party as a person from the 1990s.
What should I wear? Clearly there has to be some kind of bodywarmer involved (I had a whole wardrobe full of them back in the day, my favourite was shiny neon pink), but what else were popular girls fashion trends in the 90s?

What was your ~style~ in the 1990s?
Arrested Development
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Will you tell me your most horriying tales of sleep paralysis? I AM FASCINATED BY THIS AFFLICTION.

I've only ever had a really mild version; I was on my back, and wasn't exactly frozen so much as I really, really didn't want to move, and I could hear some horrible little animal hopping its way up my bed. I finally managed to jerk my head over and look when I thought it'd hopped up to face-level, but of course there wasn't anything there since I'd woken myself up.
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I find those montage videos that people put on youtube about two characters in a movie or tv show that they think "belong together" or as a tribute to a character that has died (like this) oddly amusing, usually because they are so incredibly dramatic.

If you make them, will you show me one of yours?
Will you show me the most dramatic one you can find for a show or movie you like?
girls » barbie
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Have you ever had Killer Brownies? If so, what are your favorite kinds?

If not, do you plan to order some asap?

Are all of your holiday preparations done, or are you procrastinating till the last minute?

If your school semester just ended, how did you do?
Bi Avatar w/o glasses

Health Insurance

I've come to realize that I may not be able to get health insurance through my current employer any time soon.
So, for those who don't get health insurance through an employer, what other options are there? Where should I start looking? Any idea how much it might cost? Any companies you'd recommend or avoid?
In case it matters, I'm in DFW, TX.
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Did you know that verygwen is polyamorous? Can you believe it? She's got two men. Two. One is her husband. The other just a boyfriend. But she loves them both dearly. So much so they are always on her mind and in her comments. Wild. I only have one man. And I don't think about him all of the time. Sometimes I think about other things like puppies and digestive bloat. I don't know how she does it. I can't even imagine what it would be like to love two of my mans.

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How much time during a week should I spend exercising?

How much time during a week should I spend eating?

How much time during a week should I spend sexing?

How much time during a week should I spend answering pointless iPod questions from web-heads?

(no subject)

What are some YouTube gems to show to people who are new to the internet?

What is a good home-remedy decongestant? The steam from sauteing hot peppers works but stings like hell.

Do you hate having your picture taken? I'm not looking forward to it this Satarday.

An english teacher of mine once said that poetry no longer serves a purpose other than to go on greeting cards and the only people who like it are mopey teen-agers and pretensious assholes. Is he correct or a poetry hating jerk?

(no subject)

So, I was offered a job today at the hospital. (Housekeeping in the surgery ward) They said at my interview that it gets pretty bad.. flesh and blood all over the place... I have a really weak stomach as it is.

I DESPERATELY need the money, but I honestly don't know if I could handle that.

TQC, what would you do in this situation?

It's 40 hours a week/minimum wage
Tangled: Knitting

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For Christmas, we're doing a basket of food for one of my boyfriend's brothers (he just moved out of his parents house, and as far as anyone knows, can't really cook).

So far, we have:

Homemade bread
Peanut blossoms
Puppy/Reindeer chow
Homemade hot chocolate mix

I would like to add a little more, but I can't think of anything that would be easy to make and would not require a trip to the grocery store for special ingredients. We have all the basic ingredients for baking around (flour, sugar, brown sugar, confectioner's sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, etc.), so what else could we include?

What was something you did this year that you've never done before? Would you do it again? Would you recommend it to others?

Where is your favorite place to go for fun in your city/town? What makes it so awesome?

ETA: Have you ever made a box fort for your pets?
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I got Thai food today, and as I was leaving the restaurant, I saw some fucking monks! :D

What awesome thing have you seen recently?

Fucking being used as a participial, but not as in "fornicating monks". They're not allowed, dontchaknow.
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1. What do I do about a douche bag?
2. How should I control the urge for me to kick someones ass?
3. What is the nicest way to get something mean across?
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(no subject)

I remember coming across a website that I really should have bookmarked. Alas, I did not. It was a shoe selling website where you can select from a variety of choices (color, width, size, heel height, etc.) that was very awesome. What is this website?
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This morning I dislocated my shoulder, and now I have a sling for the holidays. What are some weird and absurd excuses I can give for how it happened? The more elaborate and crazy the better!
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if someone fucks up telling a joke, but you get the basic gist of what's supposed to make it funny, do you laugh or correct them?
i work with a guy that keeps trying to tell me jokes that all of us heard years ago and no matter how many times i tell him how a joke is supposed to go, he blows it off

fucked up version:
Q:why do they plant trees in Paris?

A:to give shade for the germans to march under.

non-fucked up version:
Q:Why is the champs-elysées lined with trees?

A: so the germans can march in the shade.

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At my office, I was in charge of decorating our lobby with our prettiest holiday cards for our holiday party. My fellow employees gave me all the cards they didn't want so I could display them, and by our party on the 12th, I had about 30 cards.
Well, the party is long gone and I am STILL getting tons of cards from people. I have a stack of maybe 100, and I'm sure there are more to come (I also receive the ones addressed to the company in general by default, so I get about ten per day from that alone). I have a feeling that after New Years I'll be told to dispose of them, since there's no way we would want to hold onto them. I'm feeling a little guilty about just throwing out all of these beautiful cards. Is there some kind of charity I can give them to? Whether they can go to sick kids, wounded soldiers, or even if they can just recycle them, I would much prefer that to having them rot in a landfill. I live in Northern VA, US if that makes any difference. Thanks!

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1. I'm taking this online 'skills assessment' for a job application. One of the questions is: A customer comes into the store and asks for a salesperson who is not working today. You help the customer and make a $3,000 sale. What percentage of the commission should you get from the sale?

The answer choices are: 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%. I think I know what the answer is, but my moral compass doesn't always point true north. HALP.

2. What is the deal with tests like this for job applications? It's weird.
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(no subject)

I just had to put my dog to sleep an hour ago, after having her since I was four years old.  I'm...I dunno, I'm completely at a loss for what to do now.  How do you live after your best friend in the whole world dies?
yummy beer!, yummy


How many of you are looking forward to the movie Juno?

For those of you who have an attraction or affinity for certain numbers or types of numbers, what are they? Do you know if your affinity stems from anything in particular?
For instance, I'm almost always more strongly drawn to odd numbers rather than even. I have no idea why.

If you're going to curl up by yourself to watch a movie, what type of movie are you most likely to watch?
If there is one certain movie you are more apt to reach for than any other, which one is it?
Noodle, Peace

(no subject)

I found some pretty glass beads in the clearance section of the craft store today and I want to make something pretty. What do you suggest? They're all different sizes and shapes (and two big beads, one in the shape of a teardrop and one in the shape of a leaf.)

(no subject)

Your friend decides to host a Christmas potluck, and says they will contribute the turkey. The day before the dinner, they ask each guest to bring cash to pay an equal share subsidize the cost of the turkey. What do you think of this?

Edited because I described it wrong the first time. Also, if you were a guest, what would you do?
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(no subject)

ok, so i have decided that i want to watch two movies tonight. i have narrowed it down to which two i want to watch, BUT (and here's where you all come in) i can't decide which one i want to watch first!

so, tqc, which movie should i watch first?

the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
the lion king

(no subject)

I just had my first cup of coffee in MONTHS and I'm jazzzzed reallly really jazzzed. I need to come down (come down down down) WHAT CAN I DO TO Get off this BUZZZZ?? WOW thats some stong coffeeeeee.

(no subject)

I have a bottle of Schwarzkopf Live XXL Red hair dye, which i've had since last christmas.
It's not been mixed and is still all packaged.
However, there is no 12M type use by date on it, so TQC, what will happen if I dye my hair with it?
Will it pop off or burst into flames or is it perfectly safe?

(no subject)

Wanna brag about your ACT/SAT scores?

I got a 26 on the ACT the first time, a 30 the second time.
And I got something really horrific on the SAT. I got a 1400 on the PSAT and then two years later I got an 1100 on the real thing. Did not retake.

(no subject)

Who here is burning the candle a both ends?

Do you cry when you throw up?

What are three things you are not looking forward to?
What are three things you are looking forward to?

Skiing or snowboarding?
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever found a SO's ex on MySpace/Facebook/something similar?

2. If so, did you/do you check it frequently?

3. Would you think it weird/creepy if someone constantly checked their SO's ex's MySpace/something similar?
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I've started eating a lot healthier and exercising more (though I can't now because I have bronchitis). I'm tracking everything I eat on a website, and I've noticed that I'm struggling to even get up to 1200 calories a day. Ever since I started eating right I haven't been hungry at all. Anyone else experience this? Is my metabolism going to be DESTROYED because I'm eating so little?

How did I manage to scratch my eye?

Do you like yogurt? What kind?
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(no subject)

Is there anything along the lines of a winXP to vista INF file converter? Ya see, I have this hardware and it needs a driver, and I have it, but I can't get vista to recognize that the INF file is actually a driver to this kind of device.

Are there any good, really geeky computer communities on LJ that enjoy answering these kinds of questions?
HP-DH-Speaking In The Third Person

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Silly question time!!

Are you one of the crazzeh's that wait for the last 5 before Christmas to do your shopping?

How do you use a pumice stone? I have one and would like to use it, but it didn't exactly come with instruction D:

Due to having set days off, this next week I have the day before, the day of, and the day after Christmas off. I even left a note VOLUNTEERING to come in *I needs all the extra moolah I can get!* and work the night of Christmas because I am lame, and have no life. But they said "no, enjoy the Holiday with your family" The question is Do I tell my Mother about this unfortunate turn off events; despite the fact that she will attempt to guilt me into going to a family function where 90% of the people there loath my Daddy (aka; the man I strongly resemble, act like, talk like etc... etc...) and all that that entails?

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(no subject)

I have vanilla cupcakes cooking in the oven. I'm trying to decide what flavour icing to make.

So, TQC, tell me, what is your favourite flavoured icing? (It doesn't have to be related to vanilla cupcakes at all)


Why do people shave their eyebrows off JUST to draw fake ones back on? I could understand if they didn't want eyebrows and they wanted to get rid of draw them back on?

I forgot something! I'm new to LJ and I don't know how to make an LJ do I do this?
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How long do you wait for someone to show up before you just say fuck it?

My dad was supposed to be here TWO hours ago (can't call because step mom didn't pay my phone bill...but her daughter's phone still works...) and I am sick of going downstairs to see if he's there.  Wtf dad!?  I hope he gets here soon and waits two hours for me until he decides that I obviously am not going to meet him downstairs.  /vent

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(no subject)

do you guys go on any chat sites?
which ones? (provide link please)

I used to go just on the msn one but  i don't think they have one anymore? I haven't been on an actual chat site for a long time.. the only other one i know is Alamak and I don't like it.

Blood donations

I really want to give blood, but I have a massive phobia of needles and the thought of someone taking away a few pints of blood makes me want to vomit. I can literally feel the bile in my throat when I think about it, haha.

What can I do to make it seem less terrifying? Anyone got any tips for getting rid of phobias [at least for long enough for them to steals my bloods]?

Have you given blood? What are your experiences? [Especially if you did it in the UK]
Flaming Sikozu


Is it possible to sign in/on to iTunes without a credit card? I have a gift card but when I try to start an account they ask for credit card details with no other payment option. What do I do?

ETA: I don't actually have a credit card.
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(no subject)

1. The lining of most favorite jacket ever is falling apart thusly. I would just stitch it up but the material around the tears is too deteriorated. WTF do I do to fix my jacket? HALP.

2. Have you ever donated plasma? Did it suck?

(no subject)

1. Why do I keep hoping that the guy I like would finally appreciate me one day when he obviously doesn't? And when I thought I've moved on, I'm really just stagnant? :(

2. I really want one but I'm 18 and never had one. At what age did you have your first boyfriend?

3. How do you feel today? What do you intend to do?
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Squeeze my Lemon Baby...

My bf asked me what I wanted for Xmas, and I pretty much decided that I want a juicer. I drink so much orange's pretty insane. *have a tall glass to my left*
No juicer is created equal, any of you have a suggestion on brand, name, model?
I wouldn't mind an old fashioned *hand crank* one, but uhm...I would never use it;)
Any fun recipes whilst we're on the juicer topic?
thank ya
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(no subject)

1. Do you read's "Missed Connections?"
2. If so, do you think that any of them have been about you? Did you pursue it? What happened?
3. Ever try out for a reality show?
4. Favorite community besides this one?
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Which is the worst tattoo disaster?

ugly design
misspelled word
logo of band you no longer like
ex's name
obscene word or expression
incorrect kanji
{wow} sin'dorei pride
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1. On average, how many posts from TQC do you think you answer every day?
2. What's your mother's most annoying habit?
3. Have you ever asked a question twice to see if people ever remembered that you asked it in the first place, or if they change their answer?

4. So. My mom wants to adopt a cat or dog (she'll most likely settle on a cat unless she finds something different) and we were at an animal shelter today. We saw a half chow mix. What are bad things about chow-chows that you know of? Why should she adopt a mutt instead of a pure breed or pure breed instead of a mutt?

5. I play tribalwars. Anyone else here play it? Anyone have an online game to recommend quite like this one?
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foreign film help

A few years ago (3? 4?) I saw a trailer for a movie, and I don't recall it ever coming out, and I cant remember what it was called. It was a foreign film (German? French? I don't remember, but it wasn't in English) and the trailer is filmed in a camcorder style, and it's basically just showing a brownstone house from the point of view of the street outside. The movie is about this family that is being watched by some freak.

I don't remember much else. Does anyone know what movie this is? It's a long-shot, I know. Thanks.

Should I do this, or would it be over the top?

My friend has always been designated driver for our club events. He's always the one picking everyone up and dropping them back home. I've always felt bad about it 'cause it wastes his gas and time, but I don't have my liscense yet. One time, he drove us to a conference that was like 2 hours away and dropped us back home. Right when he dropped me off, I gave him some money, saying that I appreciate that he drove us and that it's for the gas. Today, I gave him cookies when he picked us up, saying it's a little thank you gift for driving us. I've always thanked him a lot for rides.

On Monday, he will be driving me to a service project with him. I'm planning on giving him $25 when he drops me back home, saying that it's a little something for the holidays because I appreciate all that he's done for us. Also, I'd mention that I would get him something more personal, but I don't know exactly what he wants and with money, he could get what he wants. Would that be a little over the top? We're not super close in that we exchange presents, but I really appreciate what he's done for us. Should I give more? $30? $35? 

Jerry Springer question.

I'm not an avid Jerry Springer viewer so I have a question.
I've caught two new episodes and I don't understand something.

When two people are fighting, sometimes one of the security persons will take one of them and bring them to center stage.
The security person will take the persons hands and the audience counts to 10. After the count is up, they slap the person in the face.

Why do they do that? What is that?
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On New Years, should I get drunk with my boyf and his friends (who I don't know), or should I go get drunk with one of my good friend's, and her friend's friends who I don't know?
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Cheap Camera Choices

Which $10 digital camera should I buy?

A. Vivitar Mini Digital Camera (as seen in CVS's ad at )

B. Innovage Mini Digital Camera (as seen in Walgreens's ad at )

C. Other (please specify!)

If anyone happens to know an easy way to find their specs, that'd be super awesome too, but I don't want to get smacked for asking something that might should be answered by Google-foo, which I'm currently lacking.
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I remember recently seeing a movie or TV show in which a lady was talking to someone about the song "Love The One You're With" and how she thought it was a sad song. I heard the song today on the radio and it reminded me of this. Do you guys have any idea what the movie/show could be?