December 19th, 2007

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One of the feature's at a poetry open mic I frequently attend read a poem about a friend of hers, who impregnated his girlfriend, and then went to a "safe space" where people who had had abortions could go up and talk about their experience. He went up to speak, and was booed off stage.

Do you think a man, whose child has been aborted, has the right to claim that he has "had an abortion?"

Do you think it was right for him to be booed off the stage?

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Are there any products which you love that have been discontinued?

There was a post earlier about chocolate pretzels and we used to sell them here - Nestle Pretzel Flipz. But they got discontinued due to high production and low selling costs or some crap. I seriously love them and crave them so much right now. Grrrrrrr =(

Birthday Time!

For those of you who are still dependant on your parents for financial support/EVERYTHING:

In the few months coming up to your birthday, do your parents slowly stop buying you stuff you request (even FACE WASH) and then try and suprise you with it for your birthday?

Mine do, I hate my birthday because of this. I WANT POINTLESS GIFTS!

EDIT: What were you given for your last birthday from your parents?

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What are you supposed to do when a friend/SO/whoever is arguing with their parents? Would you stay or would you leave the room?

Are you allowed to use an iPod if you're getting an MRI? My boyfriend is getting one on thursday and it could take a while, so I thought I'd lend him mine. Nevermind that one, I'm dumb.

I'm working until 2 tomorrow, but I'm on call until 6, meaning they may or may not need me but I can't make plans during that time frame. A friend of mine is coming into the airport at around 5 and can't get anyone else to pick him up. My manager is really strict about people making plans when they're supposed to be on call, but if our other friend is working, I'm his only option for getting home. Should I mention the situation to my manager or no? I don't want to get chewed out for nothing.

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Have you ever done a huge favor for somebody...something that really inconveniences you?

Did they appreciate it, or did they write it off as something trivial? If the latter, how did you handle it?

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Earlier today I sat down on the toilet and heard a little plop when I was pretty sure I hadn't yet authorized anything to exit my body. When I looked down I saw a dime (the US currency, not the drug bag).

What's the strangest thing to ever come out of your bum?
If you were in the above situation, what would you have done after discovering the dime?
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1. What is the most embarrassing thing you have had to buy for someone else?
2. What is the most embarrassing thing you have asked someone to buy for you?

3. What is something that most every household has and you do not?

4. How many bandaids do you use in one month, on average?

5. How you doin'?

Softening new jeans?

My mom was telling me today that she bought my dad some pants over a year ago and he still hasn't worn them.
She says he doesn't wear them because they're too stiff from being new. All that time hanging in the closet hasn't softened them.

She put the pants in the washer and dryer and they're still not soft.

I don't wear much denim at all. So what can she do to the jeans to get rid of the new jeans stiffness?


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1.  I work in a residential setting with people with developmental disabilities.  Outside the apartment building where I work, there has been unfolding an ongoing saga involving a family of skunks.  In brief, they live under this guy's porch (who appears to never be home).  There are four baby skunks and a mother who constantly forage in the vicinity of this porch, which happens to be next to (like, a few feet from) the entrance to their apartment building.  The complex, at my prodding, set up a trap.  So now there are three baby skunks caught, and one baby and a very angry mother skunk loose.  None of us really wants to get sprayed.  Really, they're just trying to live their lives... but with their proximity to the entrance and the nature of the people I work with, the risk of spraying is one we don't want to take.

So, TQC, how do you deal with skunks?  Once trapped, what should the apartment complex do with them? 

The logistics are difficult, as transporting a bunch of little spray-machines could be a big adventure.  But I do not want to feel responsible if they were to die somehow in the removal process.  The little ones are cute!  I don't want to feel at fault for causing harm to the little guys.

2.  Is it inhumane to tie up your dog in a bus-stop (during a very cold rain--it's a covered bus-stop but the dog still seems pretty wet and muddy) while you go into the store?  I saw a guy do this the other day outside of Kroger, and the dog seemed terribly unhappy, but I wasn't sure if it qualified as officially inhumane.  It looked like the guy was buying about 10 things.

3.  What kind of hand-soap do you keep in your house?
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What's the best spam e-mail you've ever recieved?

This one has now become one of my all-time favourites:

From: Scialpi Lukianov <>
Subject: locomotory
Ni hao,
DDownloadable Softwarre
Ism don't suppose we ever shall know. I don't the daily dispatch,
a manchester newspaper. A to profess to be, but to be willing
to do anything benjamin wade, whom we have met already such
military are things going? You know what poirot shrugged
to the flames. We do not know how early cremation in a little
clearing of the forest. It is related i am? How old, my
dear? Why, let me see! He exclaimed. ? very fond of you,
she was. Oh yes, she used our military force, and place
in the hands of.

A bunch of unrelated questions

1. I'm driving home this week--10 hours, if the roads are good. I've been planning to drive home Friday morning, because I have a final Thursday night. How stupid of me would it be to sleep all day Thursday, take the final, and drive through the night?

2. This has kind of been in a few questions recently, but I'm requesting advice. I have always imagined a certain set of attributes in potential mates. The list is brief, and for many it wouldn't be too demanding: He shares my sense of humor (isn't afraid to be a complete goof in public), and can be sarcastic but also sweet and affectionate. Apparently, my sense of humor is rare. I thought no one out there could ever really be expected to understand me. I've found my ideal guy! He exists; he's the first of his kind I've ever met; and I don't know that there's another one. The problem is that he may not be interested. I've chosen to be patient with him for as long as we're both around (maybe another year). However, there's a chance nothing will happen. If that is the case, I will probably search out another ideal man (he must be out there)! How crazy would you think I was if I did that?
ETA: And by that I mean ignore nice guys that do not understand my sense of humor.

3. Do you tend to find one brand and type of deodorant/shampoo/bathroom stuff that you like and stick to it, or try new things/smells? What are some products that you love so much you could live with only using that brand and type for years to come?

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Dr. Eljay, how do you make yourself able to breathe without going to the doctor? I'm not dying or anything but I'd like to be able to breathe well enough to go to sleep.

Edit: Important information I forgot to include:

~It's because of a combination of having a cold and dust allergies
~It's not a matter of breathing through my nose/mouth... those are fine. It's my chest/lungs that I'm having an issue with.


I'm getting married late next year. What are some websites to look at for ideas for the ceremony/reception? Everything welcome with bonus points for vintagey ideas (think old Hollywood-fascinator with a birdcage veil, tea length dress, etc.).

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1)If your parents are divorced, when they got divorced, how did you manage choosing who to live with? (if the decision was up to you)
  1a)Was the parent you chose not to live with hurt/spiteful?

2)Do you think it is harder or easier when your parents get divorced if you are older?

3) If you parents divorced, why did they? (adultery, financial stress, abuse, etc)
I &lt;3 TLV

Cooking with oil!

I'm baking brownies and the recipe calls for vegetable oil, but I don't have any. I do have these oils though: Canola, coconut, sesame, peanut, and olive oil. Can I substitute any of those for vegetable oil?

[Edit: Thanks everyone! I used canola oil =)]
I &lt;3 TLV

Bribing a professor??

Should I give my professor a brownie? Or would that be weird? We got along well and she asked me a lot of questions about veganism, so I'd like to give her one of my vegan brownies. But I'm afraid she'll think I'm just giving it to her because she's about to turn in grades =( What do you think? How can I give it to her without it seeming like a bribe?
Sweet Pea

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 In two weeks I am driving 11 hours from Michigan to Nebraska, where I have to stay for two months for training for my new job. Obviously, this is going to be a very boring drive and I will be by myself.

-What are some fun songs I should download?
-What are some things I could do to help pass the time, but not get in a car accident?
-Who are some of your favorite comedians, that I could download stuff from?

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The only thing I hate about work, some dude who whistles along with his music every morning, is at it again...except now with Christmas music.
He has an office (unlike me, who's in a cube) -- would it be too rude to ask him to close his door while he has music playing?
Passively, of course, with a note left in his mailbox.

Do you already have New Year's Eve plans? (If so, what?)
What's something you're looking forward to after the holidays?


Poll #1108622 CHOCOLATE

Which is your favorite?

Milk chocolate
Dark chocolate
White chocolate
With nuts
None of the above

If you answered flavored/with nuts, which kind is it?

Have you ever had spicy hot chocolate? Do you like it?

What's your favorite way to consume chocolate? Scratch that, I can't make this question make sense, haha.

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What do  you consider to be the most overrated TV show?

Not related to the last question.  I have seen the movie Fight Club, and I liked it enough, but so many people seem to be obsessed with it.  What's so amazing about it?

What's the worst thing about public transportation?

Collapse )


do you think there is such a thing as active and passive racism (or racist thoughts versus racist actions)? how would you explain the difference?

would you be willing to date someone who had racist thoughts but didn't act on them?

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You get a phone call one day. The voice on the other end is male and sounds Texan and says, "Condi, here's that new account number for that Lithuanian diplomat, as we discussed. (he reads the account digits to you). Pin number is REAGANROX. I put $100k in it. Lil' bastard won't need more than that, will he? Just meet me for lunch and we'll talk about our strategy, ok, Condi? Bye" . What do you do?

Pretend the phone call never happened. Don't want anything to do with Bush, if that was him
Take the account to the bank and the PIN and find a way to get some of that money!
Hit STAR69 and say "Thank you for the account number, capitalist pig. Praise Allah, sucka!"
Dial STAR69 and inform Bush (or who sounded like him) of his mistake, and that he should be more careful in the future
Be amused and assume it was a prank call


Today is "Take-a-Gun-to-Work-Day". What should I take? My 9mm? A pump shotgun? An M-16 (EVERYBODY has an M-16....I want to be speshul). What goes good with steel toed boots? An MP5? I need to know...its almost time to load up!!
Do you have any steel plated underwear I can borrow?
I &lt;3 TLV


Does anyone here have a weird name? In another community, someone just said her name (given to her at birth by her parents) is Dragon. Anyone else?

I know there are tons of weird names out there, I want to know specifically if anyone in this community has a weird name =)
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My last writing and research class is tomorrow and our final paper is due. It's an argument paper and I'm writing about counterfeit handbags. I'm trying to find a qualified source that would have statistics on what percentage of people don't see anything wrong with counterfeit handbags, and what percentage do. I was wondering If I could survey people on campus, or at the mall or something and use my results in my paper? Do you think a personal survey/poll would be considered "qualified"? The professor is really strict with MLA, and I can not find anything about personal polls or surveys in the guide book he insists we use. I've emailed him but I haven't heard back yet.

Suggestions please.

My cousin asked me to bring something to Christmas dinner.

The following items are already taken care of: Appetizers, Roast, Potatoes, Veggies, Salad, Rolls, Dessert

What the heck should I bring??

ETA: Thanks, I decided on cookies!

Cookie ideas/recipes welcome, otherwise I'm going with chocolate chip. =)
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I'm going out for a meal at 11:45am with my grandparents, which is win because they are the ultimate restaurant connoisseurs and I have been told they place they have chosen this year is win. Excellent! Only...not so excellent, because this is the first time I've been to a restaurant since I was about twelve. So, TQC, my questions:

1. As long as I don't get really bad service, how much do I tip the waitress/waiter? I'm going to insist I pay the tip as my grandparents are paying for the meal and usually don't tip. (I'm in England, if this helps any.)

2. Before I go to the restaurant I have to sit around at home and wait for five parcels to arrive. This means I can't listen to loud music or I'll miss the doorbell, and as I'm going out for a meal I can't eat anything. What should I watch quietly on my laptop before I go?

- Stingray?
- Thunderbirds?
- Doctor Who?
- The Muppet Show?

Recipe for Buckeyes

I've got a craving for Buckeyes and I've decided to give in and make some. I decided to just google for a recipe but there are so many different ones out there! Now, I turn to TQC for some help.

What's your recipe for Buckeyes that you swear by? Please share or link to it.

I'm being cautious because I want them to turn out yummy and moist. A friend made them a few weeks ago and her peanut butter centers were dry and flaky. I don't remember Buckeyes in the past ever being like that and I'd like to avoid it.
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1. what is the color of your favorite fruit?

2. what is the color of your favorite vegetable?

3. what is the color of your favorite drink?

4. what is the color of your favorite dessert?

(we will try to guess what your favorite ____ is based on color)
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Which is worse:
A) Be flipping out about an upcoming exam that you're fairly positive you won't do well on.
B) Be completely apathetic as to whether you pass or fail.

My wording is awkward, sorry.

And, an unrelated poll!

Who is better?

Indiana Jones
James Bond

Who would you rather *be*?

Indiana Jones
James Bond

Who is cooler? (in general)

Indy Girls
Bond Girls

Who would you rather be?

An Indy Girl
A Bond Girl
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Should I feel bummed out?

There is this chick in payroll, I absoultley HATE!!! Her name is Prue. Last night after she left I had an idea to get her in trouble by ripping up all the staff bonus cheques she had on her desk to send out today. Well it worked a treat, she got in real hot water. But now I feel a little bit guilty, because it turns out now the staff won't get the bonus cheques until after Christmas. It was only a bit of a laugh, am I being too hard on myself feeling bummed out. After all, I don't want to ruin my Christmas by feeling down????
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mah teeth

Dear TQC,

I haven't been to the dentist since I was ten. My parents stopped taking me when they got divorced. this is the first time I have decent dental insurance, So i'm going to the dentist today for a cleaning and to get a consultation on what I imagine will be between $5,000 - $10,000 of half necessary, half cosmetic dental work. (I hate my teeth and they've ruined my self esteem long enough. pity party for one, please.)

So, because i'm curious and it's on my mind --

1. Do you hate the dentist? why/why not?
2. What things have you had done to your teeth that were OMG horrible?
3. For fun, how many cavities do you think I'll have? 
4. Will I die today at the dentist? y/n

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1. Is it too late to send out holiday cards? I have 2 that I'd forgotten about. They aren't going far but the people receiving won't have time to reply if they want to, and I don't want to make them feel bad or think I timed it that way on purpose.

2. How/who should I address/acknowledge in this card? It's to my good friend of 20+ years, who lives with her family. I used to know the rest of her family really well but I haven't talked to them in years. It's awkward, you know? Do I say:

- To Mary and the Smith Family
- To Mary
- To the Smiths
- other?

3. What was the last thing you really overthought?
I &lt;3 TLV

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Do your parents have an online presence? I just found a comment that my dad made in a forum in 2004 (nothing scandalous, just something technical - "Dynamic Graphical representations and Models" - that I dont understand) but other than that I don't think either of them do. (Well my mom definitely does on eBay, but I don't count that...) Does anyone have parents with LJ accounts? Myspaces?? Would you think it was weird if they did?

[Edit: I just found my uncle on Facebook! XD]
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I'm going to give a Christmas card and gift to my mailman.

Which do you think he would appreciate better: homemade cookies or a $5 tip?

If neither of those are acceptable, what else should I give him?

For the record, he's pretty freakin' awesome. The only time the mail is fucked up is on his days off.
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So.. I'm reading about Britney's sister getting pregnant on ONTD and there are a disturbing amount of comments claiming that she should have had an abortion and generally a lot of people bitching at the people who support her for keeping it.


Do you think she should have had an abortion? Do you think it's irresponsible of her not to?

Collapse )

Do you find it really rude too when someone announces that they're pregnant and someone else asks if they're keeping it?

How do you feel generally about 16 year olds having children? Does their financial situation affect your opinion? [i.e. if they're really rich would it be more OK for them to keep the baby?]

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What type of alcohol would go good with peanut butter and chocolate?

Specifically, I really liked the Buckeye recipe asked for earlier on here, and I want to make them for my mum's New Year's party, but she wants alcohol in them, like the rum balls I'm going to make.

Anyone have any other alcoholic cookie recipes?
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To all the previously heterosexual feminazis who're having second thoughts about their current lifestyle choices... did you deepthroat?

To all the self-obsessed narcissists who purchase only the finest silver mirrors, do you enjoy being placated? would you notice if you were?

To all the ex Jehovah's Witnesses who still have a New World Translation copy of the Bible, when did you finally accept defeat and move on?

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World Orgasm Day to Promote Peace in War Torn Countries
People across the world -- but especially in countries with "weapons of mass destruction and place where violence is used in place of medication" -- are being asked to synchronize their orgasms at 6:08 GMT, according to the group's Web site,

tqc, are you going to do your part to promote pease in war torn countries by getting your jollies simultaneously with people the world over?

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What's your favourite fruit salad recipe? (If you don't have a recipe, describe the best fruit salad you've had.)

Should I use mayonnaise? Yoghurt? Miracle whip? Sour cream? Instant pudding? Or just leave the fruit plain?

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You're in a job that requires you to be able to type at decent speeds every day. You start developing shooting pains in your hands and wrists, and worry it may be carpel tunnel. If you actually have carpel tunnel and have to get the surgery done, you will very likely lose your job.

What would you do?
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I was officially invited to a friend's wedding for the first time, and I can't go because the wedding's in Tulsa and I'm in Jersey and am too young to rent a car, even if I could manage the funds to fly out there.

So I know I need to get and send a card, which isn't a problem, but a) do I send a gift, b) if I'm sending a check, how much?

If it was a Jewish wedding, the second question would be easy, because I could do double chai (meaning double life, at 36), but my friend's a very conservative Christian so I'm thinking that it's not entirely appropriate.


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Hey all you e-lawyers out there I have a question for you. On Monday I got a notice on my door saying that if I don't renew my lease before the end of the year this year my rates are going to increase next year when I renew. My lease doesn't run out until Aug 08 though so if I renew I'd have to stay there until Aug of 09 I think. I like where I live but renewing 2 years in advance seems a bit excessive.

Does forcing me to renew my lease 8 months early with only two weeks notice sound legal to you?

I also feel really sorry for all the college students that live in my complex too that left last Friday after their finals. Are they going to be screwed over about this when they get back after Christmas break and never saw the notice?

What would you do in my situation?

fyi: They didn't tell me how much the rate increase is going to be and I was vaguely, sort of, maybe, kinda, thinking about looking for a house or condo when my lease ran out in Aug anyway.
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Our tax dollars at work

TQC, what is the best reason you can think of as to why US Customs would have seized a package going from Texas to Arizona?

And FYI: It was a T-Shirt, in a standard brown box. They did release the package, but didn't give us or the recipient any reason as to why it was seized. Fed Ex is clueless, too. So we need some answers!

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Collapse ) 1. Who technically owns the house? 2. If we change the locks without a written agreement and she gets pissed off about it, can she (legally) make us get out?

3. What should we include in the contract? Would notorizing it make it legal?

For example... we write out a contract stating that we are the owners of the home and have it notorized. We change the locks because it's "our house." She comes out and tries to snoop. Gets pissed off because she can't. Goes to the police and tries to evict us. Would they look at the contract and be like, "tough shit, lady. They own this place." Or would we be the ones that are screwed over?

Sorry this is long. It's probably confusing too. Thanks in advance for your help. ♥


ipods and mice.

TCQ, this is important. Prepare yourself.

A.) I name my electronics. I don't know why, it's just something I've always done.  ANYWAY. Friday I am getting a sexy black MacBook (it is my only Christmas present) and I don't know what to name it. I'm pretty sure it needs a boy name. My friends and I have gone through stuff like Aristotle (lol) and Lars and other pretty random names, but nothing quite seems to fit. Any suggestions?

B.) I come home from school for break and we have mice. In our kitchen. How f-ing disgusting is that?!

Article B, Section 2.) To combat the fellas, I've gotten these weird D-Con No-View No-Touch mousetraps (AND I CAUGHT ONE TODAY!) and I really wanna know how they work. You twist it and a little door opens and the mouse climbs in to eat the succulent peanut butter I've placed inside and then the thing closes up and the mouse is killed and you just throw the whole thing away. Ballin'. But how do they work? Do they crush the tiny mouse skull? I don't think there's blades of any sort because then there'd be gore. But I really want to know because I am apparently morbid to an outrageous degree.
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1. Why are Froot Loops the most exciting cereal you can buy in Australia?
2. How often do you bitch about your friends behind their backs?
3. Do you know what the word bogan means?
4. Do you think different brands of bottled water taste different?
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For those with multiple tattoos:

Which one is your favorite? Will you post a picture of it?

Did the pain differ between the different places on your body where you got them, or did it feel the same?

Edit: What do you think would be an appropriate tip for a piece that is going to cost 150 dollars?

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Dear TQC:

My dog and I are watching court tv this afternoon while I wait for a call back from my editor. So I have this question, as they were just doing paternity tests: if a father has been paying child support to a woman for X amount of time, and then has a paternity test that determines he's not the father of the child, does the woman have to pay the money back or WHAT?

Also: I've been hearing a lot of hub bub about tipping your mail carrier this year. I've never done it before, and it kind of freaked me out. So:

Do you tip your mail carrier? If so, how much?

I tipped him $10 and left a note wishing him a happy winter holiday of his choice. Is he going to spit on my mail?

Question About Xmas Bonuses

While I am grateful to my employer for giving me an Xmas bonus, I could never understand why employers take taxes out of your bonus! I mean, isn't that like me giving someone a box of chocolates but eating a third of them beforehand? Or giving someone a dozen roses but holding 4 flowers back? A bonus or gift should nopt be taxed, IMHO. What are your thoughts on this?

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Ok, this is killing me. I was listening to the Guns N Roses version of "Live and Let Die" and it made me think of the end of some horror movie I'd seen where, at the very end when they're kind of visually explaining the twist, they play that song. What movie is that?

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How do you pronounce the surname "Haile"?  

Is it:  hale, haley, or highly?   

Also, is there a better instant hot cocoa mix than Butternut?  Yum.

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what day is laundry day at your house?
do you fold your under-roos?
do you roll your sox into balls or fold them ?
what's your favorite laudry soap?
farbic softener, dryer sheets or both?

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1. i work for a company in a province that does not have Boxing day as a stat. But the province I live in does. They told me I could not have the day off because of that. However I permenantly live in my province, and I pay taxes here, so shouldn't I be allowed to have the day off? the only reason its a big deal is because I only found out yesterday I didn't have it off and I had already done plans to go out of town.

2. I really like the Britney Spears perfum, should I buy it and contribute to her reckless life? or not?

EDIT: The company I work for has offices through out canada, so the offices in the provinces that do get boxing day off,  dont go into work. and I live and work out of one of those offices , but the work I do is for the province that does not celebrate it.

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So, my best friend is from England. It's the kind of 'hanging out every single day/constantly planning for the future' sort of friendship. He went home for Christmas, and I am sending him a Christmas card. I also made one for his family, because well, he hangs out with *my* family all the time, and he talks about me to his family, and about his family to me. I want to list all their names on the card. Ie, his parents, his three siblings, his brother in law, and his grandmother, who'll all be there for Christmas (and they all know who I am, with possible exception of the brother in law). I just mean it to be friendly. He'll be there to explain it to them if they need it.
But my other firend is telling me that by listing all their names it looks like I'm trying too hard. She wants me to put like 'Seasons greetings to the [surname] clan'. But i think that sounds horribly impersonal. And I'm writing not because i 'have' to out of politeness, but because I *want* to be friendly and nice. And she's put me off.
so, a) would you be/do you think they'd be bothered by having everyone listed?
b) :( Should I just not send it at all?
c) heeelpp, my friend's put me off. Saying that it's so buddybuddy soundign that they'll be 'wtf'.
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1. Have you used any method of tooth whitening?

2. Did it work well?

3. Got any before/afters?

I starting drinking a lot more coffee this semester, and as a result, my teeth have been turning kind of yellow and I'm grossed out by it. I use whitening toothpaste but it doesn't seem to do much. So I guess I have to cut back on the coffee. Sadness. Oh well, it just drains my money anyway.

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What are some home remedies your family uses/used?

My co-worker said her mom put a freezing cold knife against her forehead if she had a bump
and cut a hole in a potato and put your finger in it if you have a cut on it

(no subject)

Does anybody actually put their Christmas tree up on Christmas Eve? I'm curious as I don't really see the point in it.

Pretty much computer novice here. Can you direct me to any tutorials that'll explain how to copy dvds?
Sean and Julie

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If someone told you that they made "Haystack Cookies", what kind of cookies would you assume they made?

What would be the ingredients?

Also, do your pets get *insert winter holiday of choice* presents from *insert mythical gift bearing being*?
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 there are a couple words that my cousin and i have created (EX):

- 'SLUTE' a chick who is maybe a little slutty, but classy too.
- 'VLAN SLAGI SYNDROME' (Very Late At Night.. Seemed Like A Good Idea) a name for those occasions when it's late. maybe you're drunk. and you do something stupid.
- 'VISITING UNCLE MIKE' doing something you shouldn't be doing.

do you have any words or phrases you have created that you often use, but probably would make no sense to anyone else?
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Would anyone know where to find a specific beer in the united states (specifically cali). I am looking to find a brew called castlemaine xxxx an Australian beer. But it seems near imposable to find. Anybody have any ideas? Theres no online stores that specialize in such imported beers? i have looked around for few hours now, to no avail.

Any and all help is much appreciated.

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I have seasons 1 and 2 of The Office that I bought on Itunes. I went to see if they had season 3 and I can't seem to find anything related to The Office on Itunes anymore. I'm slightly confused. Does anyone know why I can't find it or am I just dumb?
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Sexy-time survey

How would you politely tell your partner that they suck in bed?

If that's never been an issue, how would you politely tell your partner that there's not enough sex in the relationship to satisfy you?
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are you feeling the christmas spirit?

a co-worker of mine mentioned that she wasn't feeling it, and my mother said she isn't either, and quite a few people have said that there's no christmas spirit in the air. just wondering whether its a local thing or not...

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I mixed up my course codes, looked at the wrong exam times,  and thought I'd missed my last exam (by a week). It's actually tonight, but I still feel really shaky. What's scared you recently?
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Then how the reindeer loved him (loved him!)
As they shouted out with glee (yippee!)
Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer (reindeer!)
You'll go down in history (like... ???)

Whose name goes in that last call-back line?
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Plate in a pot

I got a large plastic plate stuck in the bottom of my large dutch oven pot. The plate is the perfect size to fit down in there and then not move at all. I've tried sticking a knife down in there but no luck. Right now I've got in upside down to see if gravity will do it's thing but thought the wonderful people of TQC might be able to help me.

How can I get my plate unstucked?!?!?

ETA:  [info]celtic_catgirl  wins the prize! I tried hot water and couldn't find the plunger (I think the kitties hid it from me) but stuck the whole shebang in the freezer for a bit and the plate popped out! Thanks for all the answers though! :)

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I'm going to Holland in April with the wife.IF the friggin Euro is affordable.
Last time I went it was $1.36 to the Euro. NOW its like $1.50.
Will the almighty dollar gain ground by March?
What is a good rate?
At what rate should I cancel the trip? anything over $1.40 per Euro??

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A couple nights ago I had a dream that my uncle was telling me NOT TO GET MARRIED UNTIL AFTER COLLEGE.  He seriously could not stress it enough!  I don't even have a HS diploma or what does this mean!?

What was the last thing to bother you?
I was typing my homework assignment into my phone at lunch and the VP decided to confiscate it.  Service had been suspended yesterday anyway so that's just lame.  :/  He said get it at 3 and then instead of going back to his office he called the secretary at like 3:30 and said he was going to the soccer game and wouldn't be back!  So I waited 45 minutes for a phone I wasn't even using that I won't be able to use anyway.  /pout

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Know of any tips or tricks to cleaning a laptop keyboard?
Specifically, little bits of crap that's fallen under the keys; the keys themselves are clean.

Who else doesn't care where they put the keys back?

If you're not a key-popper-offer, or you're anal when putting them back, how would you react to a keyboard that, instead of saying "QWERTY" said "FZBYED"?

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Given an open topic for a paper or project for school, what kind of topic do/did/would you pick? Something you think is expected, or something you think would be fun to do?

I'm curious because of the number of people who said they'd never written a paper on a weird topic in a question I asked here a while back (and the number of kids in my class who apparently wrote their last open-topic paper on Maya Angelou or whatever).

I'm working on a paper for which we could analyze any work of literature using certain parameters. Mine is on The Brave Little Toaster (the book). The sample paper we were shown was on Frankenstein, and Frankenstein is great but I don't know who writes a ten-page pager analyzing it because s/he wants to.

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I must revise a final for tomorrow and I am falling asleep as I drink my coffee. How long does it take for the effect of caffine to start kicking in? It is taking too long.

Who is Don Piano and why is Collapse ) so threatened by him?

Books!!! What book do you loathe and why would you suggest no one else waste thier time reading it?

Do your classes throw end-of-the-semester parties? I'm looking forward to mine tomorrow.

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when writing an essay, what do you hate more: having a minimum of words you need to use or a maximum?

how many years have you attended school? do you know your GPA?

have you ever peed in a bush? in a cup?

do you have a single teacher/professor that has stood out to you and made an impact on your life?

want to tell me about your day?

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This is for the lingvists:

Which one of these is correct?

- Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

- Everone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing themselves.

First of all: Shouldn't it be "thinks about..."?

Second of all: Isn't "themeselves" more correctly?

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I'm so excited for christmas but I'm annoyed with my christmas situation. My boyfriend and I have never been together for one christmas in all 3 years, and we're still not this year! Hes going to his parents house, 4 hours away, for A WHOLE WEEK, while I stay here with my mum.

I'm (sort of) invited to my boyfriend's parents, and I want to go with him, but I feel really guilty leaving my mum by herself. I'm an only child and my mum hasn't got a husband anymore, she'd be alone. I asked my mum about going with my boyfriend and she was like 'if you want...' but it was obvious she didn't want me to leave her.

I've also never met my boyfriend's parents, so I really should. They know nearly nothing about me, only that hes got a girlfriend.


I'm confused

I just read this article.

In it, it says that the boy in question describes himself as "a gay bisexual male."

Am I missing something? He's transgendered... but how can a person be gay AND bisexual? Or am I a moron? Or have I been living under a rock for the past few years?
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Family Christmas

Every year for christmas the adults in my family do this secret santa gift exchange. This year I have to bring a gift that begins with the letter C. I have thought about this for awhile and can not think of anything.

Any ideas? It can be funny, serious, or whatever. Our money limit is $20, but it can be more expensive, so give me some ideas peeps!!!!

I seeeee youuuuu

1. I just saw this on youtube....
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What exactly is this? The girls four years of high school are being recorded? So, it's a 4 year show? Or am I reading too much into it??

2. Have you ever been in a reality show or know anyone who did? Do you want to?

Yesterday my friend came home with a camera crew in her house because her sister was chosen for some Room Makeover tv show...
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When's the last time you fell for someone's fake internet persona? (i.e. acted like an 18-year old girl when they were a 30 year old man, claimed to have kids but didn't, fake death, etc)

How did you find out?

How did it make you feel?

Are you more careful on the internets as a result?


okay so i have had this mp3 player for like 2 months, and then all of a sudden about 2 days ago it just shut off. i never dropped it, i know that the battery isnt low, and every time i put it on the charger the screen is still black.
so my question is, does anybody know any other way that i could turn on this mp3 player.

and here is what the mp3 player looks like

What to do when you've lost that loving feeling

Best way of telling someone that you think that the relationship is over?

Text message
Interpretitive dance
Interpretitive lapdance
Punishing, unprovoked kick to their genitals
Sleep with their best friend and make sure that your SO catches you in the act. You'll be given your walking papers
Full page ad in the paper
Note tied to a brick thrown through their window
Note tied to a brick thrown from a speeding car at their head
Get them drunk and write IT'S OVER on their forehead with a Sharpie
Tell him you're pregnant. He'll never contact you again
Dancing Bear-a-gram
Spray paint the news on the hood of their car
Leave the news in a comment in their journal
Going against your gut, you decide to actually sit down and have a 'we need to talk' heart-to-heart discussion, where you let them down easy. It's crazy enough to work

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How hard would it be to spot a fake tattoo? My partner just dropped by sporting a rather large tattoo with her name running down his arm. He's been designing it since she was just a few hours old but he doesn't like needles at all so I blew the idea of him ever getting one, off. It looks real but the skin around it wasn't too red and it wasn't bleeding, plus he pulled his shirt sleeve over it with ease. It does have a lot of enlarged pores around it and I stared long and hard at it and there is no way it's a stick on transfer, it looks like a genuine tattoo - I just can't imagine him doing something like that! and I don't want to tell anyone how sweet it was of him in case it's a prank. He is a natural born prank artist but a pussy at that. It didn't rub off or run when he rubbed at it with a wet finger but he did it ever so lightly because it 'hurt'. He also mentioned he can't go swimming or get it too wet and that the tattooist mentioned the needle went in one hundred thousand times, but I've never heard such a thing. Random question, I just don't want to get all excited and proud and then have him laugh at me for the next week for being a big gullable ditz =(

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So, is tomorrow too late to send out my Christmas cards?

I purchased Christmas-y cards a bit ago, but haven't had a chance to sit down and write 'em out.
So you think they'll be late if I get them out tomorrow?
Like, will people get them before Christmas? You think?

I loathe the idea of Christmas cards after Christmas. It will seriously bug me.
(I have issues, yes.)

Or should I just go to the papery and buy New Year's cards to buy me some time?
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Do you think immigrants should be required to take a language course and a course about culture and society in order to retain their "legal" status in a country?

If your answer is yes, what sorts of things do you think they should learn in the "culture" course?

Who should pay for the aforementioned courses?
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What gender are you, or what gender do you identify with most?

Assuming you are having sex with the opposite gender as yourself, who do you prefer orgasms first, yourself or your partner (to those multiple orgasms people, pretend that 'orgasms first' refers to your big finishing orgasm, if you have one. Or just pretend you're only having one. I don't care)?