December 18th, 2007

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Poll #1107925 shit baskets

Which would you prefer to receive?

Two Creme Noblesse cheese spreads from Germany, Bega Cheddar from Australia, smoked Gouda from Holland, two sleeves of Costa Water crackers from Chile, a knife made for cheese
orange slices and wedges, strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe and honeydew


Yes plz!!
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Do any of you remember the show elove?????????? Where can I find episodes?? It was pretty much the most entertaining show ever and I can't believe no one else is familiar with it.

ETA: one episode involved a guy who got a tattoo of his internet gf's name before even meeting her.


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Sorry if this has been asked recently (I don't have time to go back through all the recent posts right now), but are you going through Daily Show withdrawal? I really hate that I support unions right now, because dammit, I need my Jon Stewart!
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Partially inspired by an earlier question.

Has anyone ever been tested for/diagnosed with narcolepsy or strongly suspect that they have it?
(I do. I'm afraid to go and test for it, though.)

Who here has taken the GRE? Computer-based or paper-based? How'd you score?
(I'm taking it tomorrow at noon.)
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Grape jelly in my nipple.

I don't know where it comes from.
Scares me too.
I'm thinking about closing my shop and drawing mazes for a living. I'm really good at it.
Do you think it's a good idea?
Anyone else listening to Sexual Healing right now?
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1.  When I stick out my stomach as far as it will go, it's uneven. Does this happen to you or are you a round shape?
2. If you're currently (not just this second) reading a book, what is it?
3. When you see or hear the word "pathetic" what pops into your head?

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I want to catalogue all of my books, but LibraryThing only lets you put up to 200 books for free.  Does anyone know of a free, simple book-cataloguing program I can download?

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Its almost 2am, I need to be up early in the morning but I'm not tired and I don't want to sleep. What should I do TQC? (Non serious answers please. I'm bored. Entertain me!)

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Could anyone tell me where I can d/l the OST for A Christmas Carol: The Musical? (not on Itunes though)

Its not on Limewire or Bearshare...
and I need it within the hour..


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I smoked marijuana for the first time tonight, and I am having horrible, dizzying, pulse-racing anxiety right now because of it. I'm never doing this again.

I know this isn't uncommon. Can anyone tell me how long it normally lasts, and if there is anything I can do to make it go away faster?

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Directed toward Laptop users:
-Do you use an external mouse?
-How about an external keyboard?

Is there anywhere I could find the big list of magical command keystrokes for a mac?
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Have you ever posted a grudgewank question?

I forgot to put on deodorant today.  Luckily, I have some at work, so I was only smelly for a bit.  Have you ever forgotten your deodorant?  Did you go out and buy some, or did you just let it be?
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1)Do you have any funny injury stories? Why don't you go ahead and share one?
2)I'm making a booklist for next year. Would you care to recommend a book? Fiction or non-fiction. It really doesn't matter to me.

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It's 9:40AM here. Is this too early to make myself a grilled cheese sandwich?

EDIT: Do you ever feel like if you eat too early in the day you don't have any willpower and will get fat as a result? I know it's irrational but I still feel hesitant about eating.

I promised you a grudgewank question!

Are you allowed to complain about anything that's not the worst thing in the world?

If you're not, how do you know that whatever happened was the absolute worst thing, like maybe you were tortured with cattle prods, but someone else was waterboarded and hit with a flashlight?
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i'm from south florida but going to missouri for christmas. i need some kind of jacket to keep me warm but i have no clue where to even start.

what stores should i look at? what kind of material is the best?

bonus: post pics of some or yours or whatever

iTunes question for my coworker

My coworker found several songs that she wants on iTunes, but the songs are only available on the UK version of iTunes (we're in the US).

Can she still buy them? And if so, how?

Thanks in advance. Sorry if these are dumb questions, but I don't know that much about iTunes, otherwise I'd try to help her m'self. :)
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1. Why was Einstein's Winter Blend coffee all kinds of watery this morning?

2. Why didn't I Am Legend follow the story as much as I would have liked it to?

3. Do you have any holiday traditions?  (My family always reads Christmas stories on Christmas Eve.)
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(1) While sitting, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles.

(2) Now, while doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction.

Can you do this without your foot changing direction? I haven't been able to.


What is your opinion on illegal immigration in the US? What, if anything, do you think should be done to change it?


What Christmas song do you hate the most? I hate that "Christmastime is here" song with the children's choir. UGH.


ETA: I forgot I wanted to ask this. If a woman pushes a man, and he pushes her back, is it wrong? Should women be able to hit/punch/slap/push a man without retaliation?

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Have you ever had a professor tell you exactly how many minutes you have to spend responding to an essay question for a final?

I've never encountered this before, and I've taken exams at three different universities. Mostly it's just a tell me what you know kind of question- they never say write for x amount of time. But one professor this semester has decreed that we should spend 50 minutes answering one question. So is it just odd that I've never encountered a professor like this or is this woman off her rocker?

Also, how big of a jerk will I look like if I only spend 50 minutes on the entire exam. Beause she gave us the questions and there's no way in hell anyone can write for that long about it.

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The UPS tracking says that its scheduled to be delivered on 19th, but the package progress says that it is out for delivery, and the location is only 30 min away. Does that mean I'm getting it today instead of tomorrow?

TQC anorexia

Why does this community insist on being "x-small" ...
when "small" is also a relatively small size?

Why do people act like the difference between "x-small" and "small" ...
is the difference between wearing size 0 jeans and
size 20 jeans,
when really it is the difference between size 0 jeans and size 5 jeans?

Do you blame Hollywood?
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1. What's the strangest/weirdest/odd/off-the-wall greeting card you've ever received?

Our office just got a Christmas card from a designer/illustrator dude we're working with. The front has a sketch of a black lab with a raccoon hanging from one of its ears and another raccoon sledding down the dog's nose. The back of the card has a sketch of the guy's mom with a "memorial" message to her because she died 20 years ago on Christmas.

I know when I think of Christmas, I think of black labs with sledding raccoons down their noses.


Here's a crappy cell phone pic of the front of the card:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Are there any Livejournal communities you're in that have gone to shit lately? What are they?

Is there an apostrophe rule regarding people whose name ends with the letter s? Like, I don't know, say Britney Spears. And she had some... bread. Britney Spears' bread or Britney Spears's bread? I've seen both. How would you say it out loud? Would it depend on what kind of an s ending it was, like Chris vs. Spears? Chris' looks stranger to me than Spears'

Have you ever misinterpreted any internet lingo when you were a noob? I thought <3 was either a fucking odd ice-cream or a penis for the longest time when I was in Year 7 until a more 'Net savvy person clarified

This is like Sophie's choice...

For Christmas I got my mom a gorgeous knit jacket, snazzy jeans, and a fancy scarf- a very My Mom Outfit that I knew she'd never actually buy for herself. I also ordered a bunch of silly gifts for my family, including a "Knit Your Own Sheep Kit" for mom:

It arrived today and is even more awesome in person (I'm also running on 2 hours of sleep and lots of coffee, so it doesn't take much to impress me), so: Do I keep it for myself? Or be generous and give it to mom? Or, perhaps knit the sheep myself and give one to her? Or, buy one for myself and send this one to mom?
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1. Paula Deen, yay or nay?
2. Do you prefer fake or real Christmas trees?
3. What's your favorite kind of dinosaur?
4. If you won an all expenses paid trip to anywhere in the world that you haven't been, where would you go?

3. Triceratops or velociraptor
4. France

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Tomorrow is: "Bring-A-Gun-To-Work-Day" What kind of weapon should I bring?
Handgun? Rifle? Shottie?
Everyone has a boring old M-16. I want to be speshul......

Edit-o-matic We just had a real-to-life-no-BullSh*t BOMB cool is THAT?
and NO ...I DID NOT call it in...

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Does your school offer winter classes? Are you taking one this year? (By winter classes I mean classes during the winter break, in between semesters)

How bad is your halitosis in the morning?
Mine is BAD. The first thing I do when I get out of bed is brush my teeth (and tongue).

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do you tip when you get to go orders?

how often do you order out?

what's your favorite restaurant to order from?

how do you fix your sleep schedule if you usually sleep at 3am but need to wake up at 8am and want to go to bed earlier?

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What kind of elliptical do you have and how much did you spend on it? Which brand is good, and which brand should I avoid? What is the maximum amount of money you'd be willing to spend on an elliptical?

Do you know a good website to go to for reviews? The only one I know of is and that's mostly technology related to computers, camera, etc.
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There is this generic computer desktop background picture, it has a moose and blue sky and such. Do you know what i am talking about? Do you have that image? Could you send it to me?

I had it on my work computer, and then i was doing some research and accidentally hit "set as background" instead of "save picture" on something and now i can't find the original background on the computer and my google searches have been pretty fruitless because i don't think the keywords of the image have anything to do with the moose. any help appreciated. thanks!

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How many presents are under your tree?
How many of those did you wrap?
How many stockings are hung by the tiding CHIMNEY with care?
Do visions of sugar plums dance in your head?

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Well, I just reported my store for mold to the OSHA. I'm feeling pangs of guilt. Did I do the right thing? Should I have waited until after xmas?? It's hard not to feel like if this was the "right thing" to do someone else would have done it a long time ago. I've made the mistake of asking advice in other public forums where people are telling me I'm a jerk for screwing people out of a job during the holiday season.

I'm worried they're right.

ETA: the mold is toxic (black), and the district manager has been alerted to it but is denying the severity of the problem. last week my coworker and i went to the basement (Where the mold is) for under 10 minutes, and i emerged feeling extremely nauseas and dizzy and she had red itchy patches all over her skin.

Fried chicken and coffee

1: To all Toyota mini van driving, mustache aficionados, who volunteer more than 23 hours a week, hail or kill? sex or violence?

2: To all mexican, axe carrying brutes, who rollerblade for exercise, what brand of calculator do you use?

3: To all members of TQC that are over 5'1", who have not been able to answer a question yet, the film "Das Wunder von Bern" ("The Miracle of Bern") played in German cinemas in 2004 is a movie of great significance to the german people for what reasons?
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I suck at essays

Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help me with citing something for an essay. Yes, I've googled, but whenever I find an MLA website I get way too overwhelmed with the dang rules and can never find what I'm looking for. I'm not asking you to go to any extremes to google or whatever but if you know this off the top of your head and can help me that would be very nice of you.

I'm wondering how to cite introductions to books...for example, I'm doing an essay on Oedipus and Aristotle's Poetics, there is a nice Aristotle quote in the introduction of the book with the page number as VII. So I'm just wondering if I would still quote it as (Sophocles VII) or something different like maybe (Introduction VII) or what have you.

Thanks again! I always appreciate your help when I do essays because I SUCK.

coffee maker

Does any one have this coffee maker?

I'm looking for a coffee maker that brews one cup at a time
and I found this on Amazon --
It is pretty cheap, which causes me to be concerned about how well it works.

Should I spend the $12.00 and take the risk? 

EDIT:  I am simply looking for something to make myself a cup of coffee every morning so I do not have to spend so much damn money on Dunkin Donuts every day.  I'm not really a coffee nut and I add a ton of cream and sugar, so it doesn't have to brew the best tasting coffee on earth.

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 1. Do you know anything about an allergy to perservatives in food? Would you mind enlightening me or give me a link?
2. What is the closest framed picture to you of?
3. How many times do you have to see a movie to be able to quote it?

Four totally unrelated questions

1. Am I the only smoker who isn't annoyed with laws enacted that say I have to smoke outside? Edited: I should point out that while I don't necessarily agree that there should be laws like this, and that I believe it should be up to the owner of the establishment to decide, it doesn't bother me that in some places, I may have to go outside to smoke. I should have worded that a bit differently. ^.^
I first dealt with this when I visited a friend in Los Angeles. I almost took my pack of cigarettes out in a club before he reminded me we had to smoke outside. The laws in Tennessee regarding this were just passed and are pretty relaxed compared to other places. You must smoke outside unless the establishment is 21+. I don't smoke in my house, I don't smoke in other people's homes, the only time I smoke inside at all is in a 21+ pub because it is very well ventilated. The only time it's annoying is when it's cold out, as my boyfriend and I both end up with freezing hands. It gives me an excuse to knit these.

2. Do you own any guns? What kind? What do you use them for?
I have four - a Walther P22, a Walther SP22 that I got because it looks like a blaster, a Taurus Judge, and a Savage Arms long rifle. The .22s are pretty much exclusively range weapons since they're cheap to shoot, the Taurus I have just because, and the long rifle is for both target and deer hunting. (Anti-hunting people don't even start. I'm not a sport hunter and I'm responsible.)

3. Is there anything that you hate touching because it makes your skin crawl?
I can't stand popsicle sticks and wooden spoons. Pleh!

4. If you use a loofah in the bath, what color is it?
Mine is light pink. A little more lavender than baby pink.
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Spawned from a f-post about the WGA:

Is there one topic that you think people are so sorely misinformed about that you'd like to sit each person with the wrong idea down and explain to them why it is their heads are up their bottoms?

ETA: I'm not talking about spiritual issues or matters of opinion. I'm talking hard evidence, like, for example, the fact that the AMPTP walked out of negotiations, not the WGA like the person in question was asserting. Another example would be someone insisting that all pit bulls are evil. Sheesh.
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I ate some yummy leftover spaghetti sauce over homemade mashed potatoes for lunch, and it was soooo good!  What's the last seemingly odd combo that you ate that came closest to indescribably delicious?

(since we asked it so much for tgiving) What is the one thing you are most looking forward to eating for Christmas?  How about drinking?

Does anyone's version of "(Dreaming of a) White Christmas" come even close to being as good as Bing Crosby's?  If you don't like his version, my last question would be what the hell is wrong with you??

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does anyone hate the United States Postal Service as much as I do??!!! I'm expecting 3 packages and they should have all come on Saturday!!!!! We pay out the nose for shitty service, and I'm getting pretty damn tired of it.
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Ands, butts and ifs

For each of the following questions, you are not allowed to tell the subject about the money, either as a motivator for performing the act or willingness to split the amount. After you conduct the requisite action below, you have to walk away, unapologetic

Edit: I don't know why the poll didn't show this, but for the aunt or uncle, it's the one with the most offspring present

For $2,000, would you go to the nearest church for Christmas mass, approach the priest afterwards when he's greeting his flock, and then grab his asscheek tightly, and say, "I like how you roll, father. I've been with a few boys myself, and I've never held back either"?

Yes, I'd do it
No, I wouldn't do it

For $10,000, would you walk up to your boss, grab a buttcheek firmly and say "Oooo, nice. Very tight. You've been working out, baby. I like that"? Thing to consider: future employment

Yes, I'd do it
No, I wouldn't do it

For $75,000, at the next family gathering, walk up to your aunt or uncle (of the opposite gender), squeeze both buttcheeks in front of the whole clan (at the dinner table), and say loudly, "I've always wanted to do that. Incest is sooo hot"? Things to consider: future family gatherings, family gossip

Yes, I'd do it
No, I wouldn't do it

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I just started taking medication to curb my OCD, aka the source of my ADD, and now my room is a mess and I have no motivation to CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN like I usually do (in an absurdly obsessive way) -- what do you do to motivate yourself to do things that you just dont feel like doing?

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Hey TQC! I'm going to Disneyland tomorrow!
My questions for you are:
1)Have you ever been to a disney theme park? Which One?
2)What were your favorite rides?
3)Have you ever been when it rained? ( that seems to be our situation... D: )
4)How about during the Christmas Celebration? Did you get soap-sudded?
5)For those who have gone to the one in Anahiem, CA-- What are the best places to eat for a really picky 17 year old girl? I like really bland foods.

(no subject)

How long is your winter break from school? Has it started already?

Do you get a break from work, as well, or just Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day?

What are some Christmas traditions you have in your family?

(no subject)

My 21st birthday is in April 2008. My sister keep insisting that I should come up with a party idea now, so we can all get on with the planning/budgeting/invites.But... I don't want to throw huge ass parties or any sort of parties. Honestly speaking, I don't even care if I don't celebrate it. I don't even want to think about it now. It's in April neeext year, who gives a fuck.

a)How should I shut her up about it(now and later when the time comes)?
b)Is it a crime for not wanting to make a big deal about turning 21?
c)What did you do or want to do on your 21st birthday?

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A penny for your thoughts? 
comment: This is so typical that I get blamed when another person is blatantly racist toward me.  Is racism too much to for you to tolerate?  Would you rather silence the victim that accept that stuff like this happens every second in white America?

(no subject)

Do you only eat breakfast foods (pancakes, french toast, cereal, scrambled eggs) for breakfast?

Do you think people that eat breakfast food at other times of the day are weird?

If you eat cereal, how much of it do you eat in one sitting? Do you refill your bowl or just stop at one?

What's your favorite cereal?

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Are/Were you a Scout/Guide?

If so, did you obtain the Eagle Scout or if you're canadian the Queen's Venturer or Chief Scout award?

Do you think that Scouting is relevant in todays society?

Do you think that scouting is dumb and lame?

If you have kids, would you consider putting them in Scouting?
Why/Why not?

If you aren't a member of scouting now and were, why aren't you now?
Poll #1108301 Scouting!

Are you a Member of Scouting?

I was

Semi-legal question

Okay, say you or your significant other was involved in a vehicular accident.
Person who hit SO/you, was charged with driving on a suspended license, according to filed police report.

Does said Hitter's insurance have a leg to stand on fighting it, even if snow and slush were involved in the accident?

Small edit: Suspended license person is the one who hit SO, not SO. SO has fully-legal license, as required by his job, :)
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I was reading this article, and was wondering what you all thought:

Is Thai massage better than other massages? I've always thought massage was massage, but then again I haven't really gone to the trouble to try different kinds. Anyone with opinions on this?
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Poll #1108220 Time Warp

We filled out the subscription card from our May 24, 1968 version of Time Magazine that promises 33 weeks of Time for $3.97. What are we going to get in the mail?

33 weeks of Time and a bill for $3.97.
33 weeks of Time and a bill for however much that actually costs.
A grumpypants letter about how this is not possible.
A bomb.
Vegan Time Magazine.
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Should I get a stocking for my bf? Any ideas for stocking stuffers for a 33 year old man/boy?

Oh yes: he also needs a bag to carry his shit in to work etc. Any ideas for a stylish/versatile/cheap man bag? IDK what kind of bags guys are supposed to wear with a suit


How normal is it for parents to give you a 10:30 pm curfew when you're 20 years old? Does anyone else have this problem? I have a job and I'll be starting college in January, yet I'm only really treated as an "adult" when it comes to paying my own way. 

Do anyone else's parents have similar issues reguarding your freedom as an adult?

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Are there any other disturbing websites besides and ogrish?
What is your ~myspace song~ if you have one?
What is your favorite lunch meat?

1. idk
2. midlake - mornings will be kind
3. salami!

(no subject)

Dearest TQC,

I drank a whole bottle of wine on Friday and today I took a home pregnancy test and found out that I'm pregnant.

Is my baby going to die?! Is it going to be an alcoholic when it is born?

(and I know I should ask my doctor and I will, I just want some TQC answers too!)
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(no subject)

To all the lovely but loose-legged ladies who are lacking a lover, do you use your own saliva for lubrication when you masturbate?

To all the hipster hip hop haters who have a fetish for freestyle swimming, do you shave your legs?

To those opposed to the datacollection format, maybe you don't like trying something new?

Temperamental vehicle

1.)  My car (suburu station wagon, 12 years old) has been randomly stalling, for lack of a better term.  It will drive fine, and then the engine will start dogging and the steering wheel shaking.  And I'll restart, and it will drive fine.  I've taken it to two different mechanics, and of course, it won't misbehave for them, and for some reason they have no ideas.  Are you smarter than my mechanics? what the hell?

2.) What would your super-vehicle do?
(mine would spout super-long legs and walk over slow and stopped traffic)

3.) if you, as a supervillian, had the power to inflict weather-related disasters, which form of disaster would you use?
(snowstorms, as they are beautiful but annoying and dangerous if severe)
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(no subject)

My best friend is having a costume party for her 23rd. I've never been to one, so I have no idea what I should dress up as. What should I dress up as?

(no subject)

I took my car in in November to have my transmission looked at. It wouldn't go in to third gear sometimes. I got a call back from them saying they couldn't get my car to do what I said it was doing. I went down there and drove it with a tech. It did it when I went around the block ONCE. They dismissed it and said it was nothing. I argued but they won. Fast forward to last week. I almost got in a wreck because my car is doing it a lot more now. As in, almost every time I shift. I took it in yesterday. I get a call back today saying they can't get it to do it. Are you fucking kidding me? I either have to double clutch or skip third gear completely to avoid doing it. Not to mention the fact that they called me at 4pm. The techs leave at 5. I couldn't even be down there until 4:45. I need my car by this weekend.

Taking it to another dealership is not an option, as this one is the only Honda dealership. Taking it to a regular mechanic isn't an option either. Its warranty work. I'd have to pay that person. Something needs to happen SOON. If I can get them to declare it warranty work I can push for a rental car for the weekend, which I really need. What should I do TQC? =(

Nevermind. I just filed a complaint with Honda. They said they're sending a rep to figure things out.

(no subject)

Can you give me some fun things to do while the boyfriend is visiting for two days?
ETA: I still live with my mom, so we'll be at her house. Well, when we're not out and about around town.

What is the best Stephen King book?

What majors/professions does the humanitarian field accept the most?

I was planning on becoming a doctor, but the only reason why was because I want to travel around the world in underdeveloped countries to help people, and I hear that they accept doctors the most. I want this as a career, not just for a limited time. I don't care about the pay as long as I'm stable and have all the necessities in life. What I do care about is being able to personally interact with the impoverished people, and getting to know them along with helping them. My dream job would be like a forever Peace Corps.  

I've changed my mind about becoming a doctor. I'm definitely majoring in psychology (for fun, not doing anything related to psych), but will double major in something else (this will be my true profession). What majors/professions would allow my dream to come true? Getting accepted into the humanitarian field is tough, I hear, but what will give me the edge?

Thank you for reading.

(no subject)

So, I bite my fingernails like crazy, but I'm trying to give it up. So far it's been 3 weeks (yay me!)

But.... in order to do this I had to paint my nails... and even when I use a bottom coat and a top coat (or even all clear polish), my nails are still turning a little yellowish. I know that if I take all polish off, either I'll start biting on my own, or one of them will break and I'll start biting. (weird triggers)

Does anyone have any tips for quick fixes to this yellowish hue? It's really gross, but I can't afford to leave my nails unpainted. :(

(no subject)

My fridge is pretty much bare, since I'm going home for the break Friday, which means eating out is the best option right now if I want something left for breakfast and supper tomorrow. So, should I go (alone) to the nice sit-down restaurant a bit up the street and feel awkward, or go to one of the rather lousy fast-food joints and get out of there quickly?

Does anyone else think that lobster has a boring flavour?
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Ok, TQC, I have some money/traveling questions for you.

I might have the chance to go to Italy in the spring, for 8 days. For air and hotel, is $2100 a good price?

For those who have been to Italy, how awesome was it? I'm not sure which cities we'll be visiting yet, but I'd love to hear any stories or anything that you have.

If I need to learn Italian in like, 3 months, what's my best bet? My husband wants to buy me Rosetta Stone software, but it's really expensive.

EDIT: I just got an email back from the guy organizing it, and this is what he said: The price includes the flights, hotel costs, two meals a day, and the tour costs.

(no subject)

Do girls ever deserve to be raped?

If so, what do they do to deserve it? Wearing short skirts? Drinking alcohol? Etc?

EDIT: I don't believe women ever deserve to be raped but many people on the internets seem to love to blame victims. I was wondering how common it is.
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Do you have low, medium, or high self-esteem?

1 being "ugliest"

Poll #1108362 self-esteem

rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10


Is it just me, or is this really anal.

I woke up at 12pm today with such a bad hangover, so I went to the store for some asprin. There where like five people in the cue, so I asked very politley "excuse me, could I cut in to the front". The people are all like, um no. so I explained, my head was really sore and my 4 year old was at home looking after my 3 year old, and I was parked in a handicapped space, and they're still like "no, the cue starts back there". So much for the christmas spirt, I think that's just being anal, or is it just me? When my boyfriend eventualy came to, he thought it was really rude too.
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Holiday shopping!

Have you finished Christmas shopping if you celebrate Christmas?

If so, have you finished all your wrapping?

I'm almost done and I started in early November. I have to start early because I'm a wrapping gift snob. I have to have pretty paper, multiple bows with curling ribbon and each gift has to be wrapped differently. I have a huge storage box just full of bows, in fact. It borders on OCD.

What's your wrapping style? Pretty and perfect? Or do you use bags and not be bothered with wrapping?

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dear Livejournal


Do you send e-Christmas cards or do you send them through the mail?
Do you think that it is perfectly acceptable to send e-cards to people who always send you a hard-copy Christmas card?
Do you think people do it to save the money on postage?

Myself, I hate getting Christmas cards electronically. I like to hang mine up. I like to display them proudly like trophies!
At the very least, relatives should send real cards or none at all! :(
A newspaper article on card etiquette that I read today, basically said the same thing.

Do you think that I am over-reacting and should just go eat some more rum balls and chill out?
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If you found out that your (hypothetical or otherwise) child's teacher was telling their class to use Wikipedia as a source, what would you do?

Did you ever look up "naughty" words in the dictionary when you were younger?

What was your favorite book or series as a child?
i say, old bean

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do you ever feel like you're talking to yourself?
is it because you really are or is it because most of the time you are being ignored?

i need a vacation, how about you TQC, could you use one too?

After cleaning up for the night

1: To all evangelical, ambidextrous, trapeze artists, who at some point have used shoulder pads as bra inserts, what kind of milk do you drink?

2: To all homeless, anemic entomologists, who are well versed in the writings of Aldous Huxley, do you ever use safety scissors? If so what for?

3: To all people with internet access, with an aversion to datacollection, who have to much free time on their hands, how do the mating habits of thumbnail crabs parallel the courting rituals illustrated in Icelandic folklore?

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My SO and I have this running joke. When we're watching a movie, one of us will say "Actually, ________ isn't even acting in this film. They just followed him/her around with a camera for a few days."

This makes for brilliant results sometimes. Examples: Crazyass Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds, Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, everyone in the Harry Potter movies (lol Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort), and so on. Yes, this is pathetic and horribly geeky and just awful. I don't care.

1. What other movies would work well for this? I want to WIN.

2. Do you have any silly games like this with your friends/family? TELL ME.


HELP! My Katana II phone by Sprint Networks just fucking died on me. I've had this phone for less than a year. What happened was, I had it in my bed somewhere and I recieved a text. I was in somewhat of a rush, and i frantically grabbed my covers. My phone went flying across the room and it hit a tile floor and it black screened. WHAT SHOULD I DO!? I tried removing the battery pack and putting it back in but that didn't work!

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 so.. not to repeat yesterday's incident.. i'm pretty sure google cannot answer this question for me, i need opinions rather :]

has it ever happened.. that your feelings were so strong for someone it made you physically sick whenever someone said their name.. or you knew they were in close vicinity..?

is it normal to vomit and shake uncontrollably whenever you know that person is around..?
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When you were younger, did a movie or book influence the way you acted/carried yourself, maybe even to this day?

The book and movie of Matilda persuaded me to be a teacher when I first read the book in second grade, and I haven't looked back since.

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My brother plays the drums on Rock Band constantly. Will it give him better rhythm? Would the real drums be marginally easier for him to learn now?

ETA: lol I can only hear his drumming and not the game and I can tell he is playing My Sharona. What other songs can be immediately and easily recognized by their drum beat? There's probably another term for that but I asked my music friend the other day what the equivalent of a riff on a guitar is for drums and she didn't know. TQC, what is it?
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Won't you smile a while for me, Sarah?

1) What musical group do you think you've been listening to/a fan of for the longest period of time?

2) What solo musical artist do you think you've been listening to/a fan of for the longest period of time?

3) If you had to be an entertainer, what would be your craft (stand up comedian(ne), lead singer in a band, daytime talk show host, etc)?

4) If you were an entertainer that toured the world, do you think you would fool around with know, in a sexual manner?

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1. Do you think red lipstick makes people look funny?
2. Do you read the newspaper everyday?
3. Who do you want to go to jail right now?
4. Have you seen that new movie Atonement?
5. What movie do you want to watch right now?

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what's the last random thing that pissed you off?

I saw this bumper sticker on someone's car on my way home today [the red one on the left, not the 'vote' one]. why would you openly broadcast how ignorant/rude/inconsiderate/WHATEVER you are?

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DO YOU HAVE A FASHION/HAIR QUESTION!?!?!? (provide a picture if you'd like suggestions as to how to get your hair cut)

12:46 a.m ET -- better luck next time!

Blew fuse

Ok, here's the scenario: We're moved into a new home (not NEW new, as in built in 2007, but it's new to us!) Home inspection passed with flying colors. We did have an electrician in and paid close to 900 bucks for him to put a new fuse box and upgrade what we had. We have 220V. Everything was working fine until tonight, when I plugged in a new space heater in my office/computer room. Blew a fuse. Flipped switch, put heater back on. Same damn thing. Don't have any other major appliances running. What would cause this to happen?

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I think I had an encounter with a ghost/spirit last night. Somehow a bunch of balloons ended up in my living room (from the kitchen) and they had a balloon full of sand as a weight. Is that even possible?! I swear, something moved them. I would never put them in my living room like that.

Have you ever had an encounter with a ghost/spirit? Do tell!


omg. So I was invited to a private Christmas party for a gay magazine, but the BFF I was going with just came back from Temecula, and her car needs an oil change.

I do not drive. My other BFF (who works for the Dental Society) has an assignment due for work, and pretty much everyone else I called has a similar excuse.

There's an open bar from 9-10pm with free unlimited drinks (sponsored by Absolut, I think), free food, free copies of their mag, etc.

Open bar just started as of this posting so we better hurrrrry! Who wants to go?

What Would Wonder Woman Do

I didn't get the job I interviewed/was hoping for...

1. When you apply (and interview) for a job and are passed over, and they keep your application on file, do you need to notify them when another job is posted? Or do you hope they actually dig through the paperwork to find you?

2. What's a nice way to write a "thanks for considering me" email?

3. How do you get over disappointment?

I've drank an entire bottle of Arbor Mist. I'm off to go through now...