December 17th, 2007

I <3 TLV

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Do you like answering questions about sex (in general) in TQC? What about your personal sex life?

Have you ever posted to livejournal while you were having sex? Would you?

[Edit: Are you thinking about how posting while having sex would work right now? Are you now planning on doing it?]


what would you do IF you slept with someone and then later found out you were somehow related to that person!?

Id probably kill myself, or go have sex wit random strangers to forget that it ever happened!!

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LJ-less little sister must know:

If you are a minor who has been smoking, and you went to the doctor for a cold/sinus thing, would they be able to tell you've been smoking?

Would they tell your parents?

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My mom has deemed us too miserable to put up Christmas decorations since my dad left us. I'm not miserable at all actually. Should I put up the Christmas tree tomorrow while she is at work?


1a. Have you or anyone you known had breast implants?
b. Were there complications or did everything go smoothly?
2a. Would you get implants?
b. Why/why not?

1a. Nope
2a. I'm thinking about it
b. I feel very disproportional for my body size/shape and it makes me self conscious. If nature doesn't even things out in the next few years I probably will.
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1. The winter is pillaging my skin. I have dry skin all year round, and I put lotion on several times a day, but I still scratch and claw my skin up. What else can I do?

2. What's your favorite trashy, quick meal to make? I make an awesome trashy carbonara with sliced proscuitto.

bear with me

let's say you were given an assignment to change history and the person who creates the most drastic change wins ruler of the universe/a klondike bar/awesome prize of your choosing:

if you were to change the way a certain historical event turned out in order to have the most dramatic impact (negative or positive) on the way we live today, which event would it be and what outcome would you choose to create that impact? (think more "i'd make it so gandhi survived the assassination attempt" than "i'd make it so no one discovered electricity")

and does that make sense?
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My friend's birthday is tomorrow. I am making him brownies as a gift. I told this to my best friend (with benefits), and he got jealous. He has said before that he does not like my friend because he is jealous that he gets to see me more than he does (my fwb lives 3,000 miles away at the moment, I see my friend every day at work). Is it wrong for me to make my friend something for his birthday? I do it for all my other friends instead of presents, so I don't see how it is that big of a deal.

What do you think of this situation? Am I in the wrong by baking my friend a present? Should I have not been honest with my friend with benefits?

I don't know, this whole situation is confusing.
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1. Do you find it uncomfortable to watch movies that have sex scene with your parents?

2. Is there a better way I could have written that question so that someone couldn't miscontrue it to mean "sex scenes involving your parents"?

3. Oh, do you ever make batter (cookie, brownie, cake, muffin, etc) just so you can eat the batter, with absolutely no intention of even turning on your oven?

4. I just got off work (it's 2:30 AM). I have to finish studying for an exam which could entail several hours of study. I have to leave my house at 7. That means I have about four hours between then and now. Should I spend the whole time studying, take the test and then go to sleep? Or should I study and sleep for a few hours? Sleep for an hour? What would you do?
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1. Would you ever go on a reality televison show?

2. Would you ever go on a reality show as a team with your SO?

3. Is reality television the kiss of death for couples with even the tiniest amount of stress in their relationship?

4. Why do people actually enjoy reality television?

On a completely unrelated note,

is it cheesey to give "cupons" as christmas gifts?

My mom wanted picture frames to reframe some photos / art as we just moved to a new place and she's redecorating everything and thought the frames could use some updating. As she hasn't finished decorated I thought it would be best to make out like a slip that says when she's ready I would buy the frames instead of buying them now in case they don't go with the decor she choses.

Of course she could always return the frames I bought them now and she didn't like them

what do you think? should I just go pick out some frames or give the "cupons"?


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Is the food you eat traditionally at Thanksgiving different than the food you traditionally eat at Christmas?  Feel free to be offended if you don't celebrate one or either of these holidays.

For my family, no, except there might be some extra food at Christmas given to us as gifts by family and friends.

college debts

For those of you out of college, how long will it/did it take for you to finish paying off your student loans? I'm considering going to a 4 year college but I HATE the thought of being in debt until I'm 80.
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I was joking around with my father, last time I went to visit my parents. And I told him that for the holidays, I wanted a Porsche. He joked back and said "Ha ha, no way," or similar.

My response:

"How about a hummer?"

I think I hid my absolute self-disgust and embarrassment at uttering such a double entendre to my father very well.

The question:

How would you have reacted, hearing that from a friend? How about from your father/son? How would you have handled it, if you'd had the slip-up, yourself?

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Hooray, Insomnia.
1.  Tell me, TQC, am I a short-hair kinda girl (as in these pictures: pic 1, pic 2, pic 3)
or a long-hair kinda gal as in pic 4 and pic 5 ?

2.  What's your favorite movie with one or more of the "Big 3" Monsters- Dracula, the Wolfman, & Frankenstein?

3.  Which city would rather visit right now: Moscow, Venice, or London?

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TQC, can I cash in on my 1 year warranty if I don't have my receipt from when I bought my laptop? A few of the keys on the keyboard quit working thanks to spilled water.

If not, can I sell the laptop on eBay even with the broken keys?

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1. What do you write in your Christmas cards?

2. Do you make your own Christmas cards?

3.  How long do you leave your tree up?

4. Sorry I thought it was funny but because I really want the rest of my questions answered I'll leave the picture alone.

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 I hear there's some kind of stomach flu going around.  Do you have it?

Is it really windy where you are?  Any recent wind damage?

What is your favorite item typically considered to be an office supply?

Rent-to-own Books?

I was on and they found a website called Chegg that "rents" textbooks out. It says that you pay a flat fee and then at the end of the semester you send it back to the website. The good thing is I can get a $40 book for $17. But you have to return it or you get charged. I guess I can return it... I don't hold onto my books... Here are my questions:

Have you ever used the "Rent" option with textbooks? How'd it work out for you?
Have you ever used for textbooks? How'd it work out for you?
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On a scale of 1 to 10, how annoying is improper use of quotation marks?

You are all cordially invited to my humble abode for some "Christmas Cheer" and "Gift Exchange" before the holidays. It is a "Wine and Cheese" along with some "Christmas Goodies".
Optional: if you want to play "Secret Santa"...please bring a wrapped gift...the tradition continues...
Hope to see you all there! It will be "cozy".

The same girl also sent me an Xmas card in which she wrote:
Have a great time this Xmas with your "husband".

FWIW, she's a high school English teacher too. :$
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Ive been sick for a week.
This is a bit tmi, but I feel really mucus-y and I cant seem to cough it up.
I dont want to spend $20 on Mucinex (Does that stuff even work? DO you just spend the whole day coughing shit up?) if I dont have to..
Are there any "home remedies" that you know of to clear mucus from your throat?
Will my cold clear up on its own without doing anything, or do I need to clear this before I will get better?

pillow talk

Does anyone have memory foam or otherwise special pillows on their beds? What do you think of them? We're getting new pillows soon and I was wondering if it was worth it to get fancy ones.
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1)I maintain that I had the flu first a few weeks ago. My nonboyfriend says this is impossible. My mother doesn't remember me having the flu. Is it possible for me not to have had the flu before? difficulty: I've never had a flu shot.

2)How do you get little boys[8,9] to stop touching each others' weiners? difficulty: I want to keep my job. I just want them not to touch each others' privates.
questions in the mist

a question from The Question

I run a question community of my own, though nothing so well populated as this, and a year or so ago there was a post made not too different from this one with a bit of an introduction and finally the following question: is this anywhere near annoying as I think it is?
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I made some Christmas cards this year.
I saw in a past entry someone asking if people bought theirs or made them.
If you made your Christmas cards, would you post a picture for me?
You all know how much I love pictures. =)
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What are some good parody/funny songs?
I got: Skeletor vs. Beastman by Gnar Kill, Star Wars Gangsta Rap 1 & 2 by Bentframe, White & Nerdy by Weird Al, & Ralph Wiggum by Bloodhound Gang.

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good morning!

1. anything make this monday different from any other monday for you?

2. how many days off do you get for the holidays?

3. what is one of the top things on your to do list?

4. has anyone here ever lived in lynchburg, VA? how did/do you like it?

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Hey TQC,

Haven't been on here in a loooong time. I'm assuming there are a shit load of 'what gift should I get' questions but my situation is somewhat unique so I ask you for help.

I am 20 y/o old male college student and working as an intern (but getting paid well) for a mid-sized telecommunications company. Almost all of the work I do is for a certain director (male) and the the two employees who work directly beneath him (one male and one female). Last Friday they gave me an iPod for Christmas which was awesome. Now I want to get something for them but I don't really know what an appropriate gift is for coworkers after receiving the gift they gave me. They are all 28-30 y/o. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks a lot.
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What was the last weird dream you had?

What the hell does this dream mean?
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Who/what would you die for?

Would you renounce *deity* if someone put a gun to your head?

If you don't believe in *deity*, is there anything you WOULDN'T renounce if someone put a gun to your head?
Completely stolen from epilogia.  Awesom
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Girly questions

1. Where can a size 12 curvy girl go to get jeans that fit in the hips and butt without doing that horrible waist gap thing? It seems that if anything fits in one area, it's either too big or too tight in the other. I'm starting to get desperate for a new pair.

2. On a similar note, where can I find shirts that fit a 30 inch waist with a 36-D bust without being on either extreme of boobtastic or circus-tent figure hiding?

3. How can you tell if a gemstone is synthetic? How can you identify it? I was given a ring years ago that I adore beyond words and wear almost every day. It has a large gem set in silver that changes color from a blue greenish-grey to a deep violent orange-red and usually hovers between grey-violet and a bright purple. I've never been able to tell what exactly it is. I've been told by gemologists that it's amethyst (unlikely), synthetic alexandrite (possible), actual alexandrite (extremely unlikely) and a weird form of fluorite (no clue). Any ideas on how I can figure it out?

4. It seems with holidays and finals, everyone is exhausted. Are you tired and if so, why? What do you do to energize yourself?
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A question for you science-types out there...

If I'm looking at the list of ingredients on a drink, what would be there that would tell me if it's caffeinated? Is it actually called out as "caffeine", or is the caffeine in something else? I realized last night that I haven't the faintest idea if something is caffeinated unless it actually says "caffeine-free" on it, or if it's just water and juice or something similar. I've recently discovered that my chronic headache issues are triggered by caffeine (at least, as far as I can tell - I drink tea or soda, bad headache. I go without, no headache.), and so I'm trying to avoid it and still have options besides just water.
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Monday mornings...

*I'm at my shop everyday from 9am to 9pm, except for Monday mornings. I don't need to be there until 5 tonight. So I try to squeeze as much mayhem and trouble into Monday mornings as possible. I have had 2 cups of coffee so far, and was thinking about moving to something *strong*
Should I have a glass of pinot grigio, a cosmo, or a margarita????
*Should I order some porn from On Demand, or should watch something else????
*Any good shows or programs I can catch on the tube today before 5????

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1. My SO's mom baked some treats for my parents yesterday. I think their family calls it "idiot cake." I tried googling it, but I didn't find anything so I think that's just what their family calls it. It has a graham cracker bottom, peanut butter and chocolate chips, shredded coconut, and chopped walnuts. They're cut into bars. Do you know the name of this?

2. Do you know what your SO is getting you for Christmas?

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I can't seem to find a werewolf movie that isn't really bad. Can someone give me a few titles to ones that are half way decent?

How do you feel about finals? Which do you prefer: in-class tests or end of term papers?

What is your best cold remedy?

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Dear TQC,

I'm visiting home and there are a lot of sweets here. I'm trying not to think about the cookies in the pantry or the ice cream bars in the freezer. Because I know if I do, I'll eat them. What should I do to keep my mind off of yummy sweets? Or should i just succumb?

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What the heck is Chasen's Nothing Like you about? Is it about Jesus, or is it a love song? I'm friggin' confused!

Do you have a ringtone set for your boyfriend so you know when it's them calling you?

Can somebody christmas-ize my icon?

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Would you use one of your family member's or SO's toothbrush?

I accidentally left mine at my apartment and it's to icy to go out and get a new one, but I haven't brushed my teeth yet today and really feel like I need to.
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The Horror!!!!!!!!!!!!

I woke up this morning with *burrito* on my mind.
So I made some rice, which is ready now...and walked over to the fridge to pull out what I *thought* was a flower tortilla, but its a WHOLE WHEAT PITA POCKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am pretty upset over this.
Would you be upset to??
Any little things you get REALLY upset over that other people may think is foolish??
My favorite salsa is gone too. *raises fist*

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So, you're living with somebody who has a few extrememly annoying habits. What do you do to make them less annoying for you?

I moved my Mum in with me a few months ago. She's 62 and a typical old woman. She reads practically the full paper out to me, (When its clear I don't care) talks with her mouth full (makes my skin crawl) and other wee things. I'm not saying 'she' has to change. The exact opposite, I need these things to annoy me a lot less. I wish I couldn't notice them. How can I make myself less irritable?

Thank you so much!
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Taylor Swift: yes or no?
Do you and your SO have a song?
My week is going to suck royally, so my friend has offered a date after I take my final. We're going to Ihop. Where should we go after?
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1. What medication do you take when you have a really stuffy nose?

2. I just got back from the ENT, where my doctor prodded all around inside my ears with long needles and wires. I feel lousy and have to leave for work in about an hour and 15 minutes. What can I do to get myself feeling better and excited about my job? (I work in a daycare).

3. Is this guy hot? He's my favorite singer. Here's another picture for the more discerning members.
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Lentil Soup

Last Christmas my family and I were eating and this dude knocked on our door, and he wouldn't leave, no matter what I said. I had answered and told him politely that I wasn't interested in what he was "selling", and neither was my family, and that no one else would be nice to him if he made them get up from the table, but he wouldn't leave. So finally I just turned around and shouted, "Dad! Dude's not leaving! What should I do?" My Dad shouted back, "Eff him! Shut the door."

"Sorry," I said, "But I always listen to my Dad."

So my question is: What do you want for dinner tonight?

PS. Yes, we have a "no soliciting" sign on our door, but people always ignore it.
PSS. Yes, it was on Christmas Day, I'm not lying.
PSSS. Fixed the bold tag D:
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Graphic Animatronic Sexual Displays

The North to South Island Cook Strait Crossing

Hey all, I'm going to New Zealand in a few weeks time and as part of the trip I am going from Wellington to Picton on the Interislander ferry

  1. Ho often is the trip rough? Common? Uncommon?
  2. How rough is the crossing in the summer time?
  3. I'm going on an early morning trip.. does that make a difference?
  4. For long is the trip rough for?

Any help would be appreciated.
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Do you or anyone you know have any experience with Clocky? I think it looks amazing...the alarm starts, and the wheels start spinning, so it launches off the nightstand and runs around the room for you to hunt down. I want to get one so bad, but I wanna know if it's worth it or not/how loud etc.

For those of us not blessed with a Clocky, how do you get up in the mornings? How many snoozes do you normally take?

What is your sleep pattern like? What time do you go to bed/get up, and do you take naps?

I don't have any experience, it's why I'm askin' ya'll; I set my Razr 32 minutes early, then press snooze 4 times cause it goes off every 8 minutes; I go to bed really late usually and struggle to get up before noon. I try to avoid naps at all costs because htey make me sleep even later.
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Have you ever mixed equal parts honey and Taco Bell Fire sauce?
(Does the idea of that mixture gross you out?)

What is your favorite condiment?
What is your favorite condom?

Have you decorated your house/room/yard/dungeon/whatever for the wintery holidays?
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I posted earlier about my moldy workplace; people told me to report them to the OSHA. I agree this is something that must be done - however, I'm a little concerned about what would happen next. Will my workplace get shut down for an extended period of time? If so, will any employees be compensated?

I am not worried for myself, as I would be fine without pay for a while. However, I am worried about my fellow employees who may count on this job to pay the rent and eat. Have any of you gone through the process of reporting a dangerous workplace?


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When you ask questions in the question club, or post to any community on LJ, how often does it cross your mind that really young kids might be reading it?
Does that affect the kind of things you post?
Do we bare any responsibility for setting an example, even on the internet?
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I have a 4x5 Wacom tablet that I use for making shitty arts. When I touch the pen the tablet, everything draws fine. When I pull it away and move it to click on something, it thinks I am still touching the tablet and draws all over my shit. Is my tablet haunted?

I can't draw with any pencil aside from a mechanical one, because other pencils have bubbles/pockets in the graphite that scratch my paper and make a sound that sends me into screaming fits. Do you have any weird tendencies like that?

The teacher for my next semester 2D design class is insanely passive aggressive. How do you, personally, handle passive aggressive people? They drive me nuts.


Okay, so I've decided that maybe I want to go on a date! But, like, a really long lasting one, but like not the kind where they try to bang you the night you meet or the time after. Like, one that lasts!

Where do I find a complete stranger to go out with? They have to be very attractive!

Thanks, y'all!


(no subject)

1) What was the worst job interview you've ever had?

2) Have you ever thought you nailed an interview only to find out that they found someone better?

3) What would you do with $100 million dollars?

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this is irritating cuz i think there is never enough bean dip in the fritos tin to suit my needs...
now i have a like almost half a bag of fritos scoops chips and no more dip...
i don't mind eating them plain, but that's not what i want right now...

what snack food irritates you?
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To all the Democratic party douchebag communists with beta versions of the national ID card, what was your fraternity or sorority name in college?

To all the furries who're insanely obsessed with sub-text, do you believe your interactions on the internet are not a part of real life?

To everyone else, what drinks should I order if I eat at Bennigan's tonight? I haven't had even a buzz for months, and I could totally stumble back to my room drunk since it's next door.

(no subject)

Y'know that Burger King commercial... where they stop selling Whoppers for one day... do you think they really did that or were those people actors?

EDIT: Would you have flipped out? What would you have done?
happy monkey

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i just wanna scream!
1. what do you want to do?

2. if you were to die today would you be happy with how you've lived your life thus far?

3. do you make wishes off fallen eyelashes?
i do. i always have. i don't know where i got that habit from though. cause no one i know does that. weird.
Noodle, Peace

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For people who celebrate Christmas/Giftmas/Free Stuff!day and have a tree, what's an ornament from your childhood that you wish you had now to hang on your own tree?

What's going to come after all the Christmas icons?
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Licking Envelopes

I have about 70 Christmas cards sitting on my desk at work (there will be more in the next few days). The envelopes are the kind that need to be moistened to seal properly.

I don't want to lick 70 envelopes (yuck!) but I don't have glue or that pre-moistened sponge you can get for this kind of job.

Is there any way I can seal these envelopes without having to lick them? I can't pass this job onto anyone else either :(
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(no subject)


Why the hell do people make a post in a community with the words "I don't know if this is against the rules. Just delete if it is"?!?!? WHY DON'T THEY JUST READ THE RULES??!?!?!?!?!?!

Seriously. That pisses me off to no end.

What is the name of the song on the Kenny vs Spenny Beer-drinking contest episode just before Kenny threw up on passed out Spenny? It was some classical piece and I should know it, but I'm having a brain fart.

Have you seen A Dog's Breakfast?
It's awesome.
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blue death

i put those toxic blue bleach tablets in my toilet tank. you're not supposed to touch the tablets. so here's my question: what happens if blue water splashes up on me while pooping? is my skin going to fall off?

(no subject)

So I am making the brownies! Unfortunately, I left my awesome triple chocolate fudge brownie recipe back home, 3,000 miles away, and my mom isn't home to relay it to me via phone or email.

Does anyone have an amazing triple chocolate fudge brownie recipe? I tried googling for it, but I can't find the one that I used before. If any of you guys have a good one that has gotten good reviews, will you post it?

(no subject)

  1. So I noticed today that I always subconsciously put the soap on my bath sponge on the lighter of the two sides, what’s something you’ve recently become aware of that you do unintentionally?
  2. Do you have any quirks that you’re OCD (obsessive compulsive) about?
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I'm not talking about anyone you know, honest!

Does it make you laugh when someone posts a question for a "friend"?  
Could they make it any more obvious that they are talking about themselves?
Why would someone who is  completely flamboyantly obviously homosexual try to cover it up and pretend they're not?
Have you ever thought that someone who is a member of the same community you are was just an idiot, but then they did something so crazy you knew they HAD TO be a troll?  What was it?

I'm not answering these yet... I want to see some other responses...


(no subject)

1. How are you feeling today?
2. Is there any news you'd like to share with TQC? What is it? Feel free to gloat, rant, mope, whine or boast. :)
3. Are you better at sorting out other people's lives than your own? Care to share an example?
4. What is your favourite movie?
5. What are you watching or listening to right now?
6. Aside from TQC, what is once comm that you really love?

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If you're in another city and get mugged and lose all your money and ID, what should you do, assuming you are by yourself? I would go to the police to report it and ask them if it happened, but what would they tell you to do? Do they take care of that stuff, or would I have to get ID elsewhere (assume you're far away and need to get on a plane)?

What if you're in a foreign country and lose your passport along with that stuff? You're pretty screwed I think but I doubt you'd like, just have to stay there forever.
  • l3antha

eggs, yay!

i love eggs, don't you?

i mostly eat them scrambled because that's really fast, but sunny-side up is fabulous too. my favorite way to eat them is hard boiled, chopped up in a mug with garlic, butter and S&P. how do you like to eat them?

i've only ever eaten chicken eggs. do eggs from other birds taste different than chicken eggs?

yay for eggs!

UK peopley

 Does anyone know of any print services in either:
- Wolverhampton
- London
- Brighton
where I can get something printed in white on a black card?

Alternatively, can I get white ink for my printer?

It's for my uni design project and I know white printing is rare but it would REALLY help if i could get it! Otherwise I'm gonna have to print black on white which wont look how I want it to. =[

i say, old bean

do you love your lj?

today when I was on my way to a friends house I saw a car with the license plate that said "I <3 my LJ"
do you think this person really loves livejournal or do you think they love something else with the initials LJ?
if it's the latter, what do you suppose "LJ" stands for then?

and can i see the last picture you uploaded?

dear tcq,

im tired of all the music i listen to

what would you recommend me to start listening to?
im open to any recommendations.

also.. have you ever heard of the books "revolution on canvas", and if so.. what did you think of the writing content..?


It's gonna EAT me!!

Poll #1107821 Food from beyond the grave

What is your opinion on expiration or use by dates on food?

Set in stone!! I'm not gonna eat THAT!
More of an info only, somewhat flexible
Is that what those dates are on the green, fuzzy yogurt?
Don't care, I'll eat anything that doesn't eat me first

Have you knowingly eaten expired food?

yes, and got sick
yes, and did not get sick
no, I refuse to eat food that is more than 1 minute past it's date

Have you unknowingly eaten expired food, then saw the date after it was too late?

Yes, and gotten sick
yes, and didn't get sick

I'm going away for 12 days. Will the food have evolved sentience by the time I get back?

I welcome our new overlords
evolved maybe, but not sentience
I will have come and eaten your food while you're gone

I am going to see family that I've only seen once in 20 years. Is this cool or what?



ticky ticky
I hate tickies and hope your plane crashes
I &lt;3 TLV

(no subject)

Have you ever had a dream about TQC?

I just dreamt that someone posted a picture of the couch from the Simpsons here, and asked "If you had a couch like this what would you do with it?" My answer was "sit on it and watch TV"

(Or did this really happen and I'm going crazy....?)
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(no subject)

If you could customize a datacollection question to make one that you could actually answer, what would the parameters and the question be? Make them as specific and silly as you like, feel free to answer your own question, and feel free to answer each other's questions if you fit their description too!

For example, I could answer a datacollection question that asked:
To all feminists who hate themselves for reading ohnotheydidnt but do it anyway, and who say y'all but don't have a Southern accent, what flavor ice cream would you love to be eating right now?
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(no subject)

I want to get my mother a subscription to a cooking/recipe magazine for xmas, but I have no idea which. does anyone have any suggestions?

eta: she's an awful cook and probably looking for simple, everyday recipes.

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 Where do you buy your jeans from?  I usually go to The Gap because I really dislike designs on the pockets and stuff like that.  Old Navy Jeans are ALL too big for me.  Where else should I look for just plain jeans?

 Have you thought of a resolution for the new year yet?  I'm thinking of giving up swearing!   
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If you're the kind of person that gets "I saw someone that looked just like you!" a lot, have you ever seen someone you actually considered similar in appearance?

People always say that to me. It bugs me to no end for that exact reason.

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Have you ever been to this website? EDIT: Apparently it is attached to the Dateline show where they try to catch potential sex predators by posing as underage girls.

'Growing up' on the internet and being in chat rooms, did creepy guys ever try to proposition you for sex or other indecent activities?

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1. What's your favorite amusement park or county fair ride?
2. Do you like the movie Beetlejuice? Did you ever watch the cartoon?
3. Do you prefer multi-colored or white/single colored Christmas lights?
4. Any movies you are looking forward to coming out?

4. I can't wait for the movie 10,000 BC.
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So the rules say that posting twice within ten posts is too often. I looked for my last post to count and I can't see it. It shows up when I click the link from the comments in my email, but I don't  see it on the TQC page. So where is it?

And the reason I needed to ask another question so soon:
When writing a business letter, what do you do if you don't have a name for the place you're sending it to? The ad in the newspaper just had PO 1234, City, ST, Zip. I know to address it 'Dear Sir or Madam:', but on the envelope and on the little recipient address above the salutation, I have no clue.

I searched google, but I didn't find anything other than "Sir or Madam is impersonal" *rolls eyes* So, anyone have a clue?

Okay, I only went back two pages, so thanks.

I know to put 'Dear Sir or Madam' in the salutation. I want to know what to put on the envelope and in the recipient header in the letter.
Thank you.

EDIT two: Just to make it a bit more clear, it is a letter replying to a job ad in the newspaper. There was no given name or company, just a PO Box to send the resume and cover letter to.
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1)what cookies do you usually bake for christmas?

sugar cookies with lots of nutmeg. my mama makes the dough and I 'help' by rolling them out and cutting them into shapes.

2)Do you like to watch intervention?


30)do you watch tv while on the computer?


eta: how can I get up the courage to go to the movies this season? I'm really frightened of the crowds.
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Santa just drove down my street!

Every year the fire department in my town decorates the biggest fire truck with as many lights as they can, then stick a fat ole fireman in a santa su---I mean, Santa gets on top of the truck in a big armchair.  They drive through all the back streets blaring Christmas music, with santa waving and hottie firepeople passing out candy canes and milkbones for your dogs & tips for not lighting your house on fire this holiday season.  Everyone comes out of their house and waves.

Does your town do anything like this?

What is something that would make it impossible for you to stop smiling?  Like, a baby's first step or a teddy bear being born?  Your so's laugh?

I can't wipe this stupid grin off my face.  Damn you santa!

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1.) Do you girls baby-talk to your boyfriends/spouses/etc? (Out of pure joking with them, that is.)

2.) What names do you give them? My favorites have been "Squirrelly Squirrel", "Sugarnuts", "Thundercloud", and "Honey fluff".

Cheap snack cakes, if you like them...

Some of these might be regional, like Drake's Cakes...

1. What's your favorite Hostess Cake? For reference:

2. What's your favorite Tastykake?

3. Little Debbie?

4. Drake's Cakes?'s

Collapse )

ETA: No need to answer if you don't like any of them.
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Poo long didn't read ?s

A friend of mine recently went on a blind date set up through a mutual friend of the two parties. At the end of his date, she offered some coffee and a night-cap after one of the best dates he's been on in quite some time.

He tells me things got hot and heavy, but in order for her to get enjoyment out of it, she wanted to have him defecate on her chest before closing the deal. He says that he ran away quickly and lost her number.

Two questions:

1) If you were on the best date you've ever been on in a long time with someone you found to be extremely attractive and desired sexually, would you shit on them if they asked you to?

2) What would you have done if you were in this situation?

3) Would you be mad at the person who set the date

Sekrit Wedding

So there is a chance that I might be having a super sekrit courthouse wedding in like, a month. It's only super secret to the old farts of the families - our parents will know about it.

How can I make it superkewl? What do I wear??

After a long day and some sloppy joes

1: To all Sword wielding, fan fiction writing, Lesbosian men, who have been tempted to cook with nail polish remover, do you find turtle necks uncomfortable?

2: To all subterranean dwelling, misanthropic caffeine addicts, who have more hair on their back then their head, whats the strangest thing you have found in an old coat of yours?

3: To Androgynous fraudulent lovers of marine biology who body build for a living, can anything be romantic?
beauty &amp; the beast/belle/airheads/valley


Good evening, TQC!
1. How was your day? Mine was pretty decent, minus midterms :X
2. What's the last embarassing thing that happened to you? I hiccuped in the middle of choir practice. Loudly.
3. What's the strangest question you've been asked lately? firstname middlename lastname, may I fuck you?
4. What is your natural hair color? I honestly don't remember mine. I've dyed my hair too much. It's some shade of brown.
5. Are you jolly, as the season mandates? I try. I'm excited for Christmas!
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1. Have you mistaken somebody's shyness for rudeness or arrogance?

2. Have you ever been to Puerto Rico?

3. Have you ever played the game Okage: Shadow King Adventures?

4. What's the best dream you've ever had?
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53. Where are you on the map?
29. What's the temperature there?

14. What do you do to keep warm when it's really cold and turning the heat up is not an option?

I'm in Louisiana, it's 39 degrees, and brr.

Bonus: If you have windows vista, do you know of any cool must-have gadgets?
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It's 8:29 pm. I can't drive. We have no dryer in my house. We did laundry today, so now *all* my clothes (wearable, winter sensible clothes) are wet in trashbag. They were supposed to be taken to the laundromat by my wretched mother. She refused, bitched, wah-wah. She's now asleep. The clothes are still wet, unwearable, ect.

TQC, do you know any EMERGENCY DRYING TECHNIQUES? Or alksjfalk something. I don't know. T_____T

eta: They are now hanging up all over the house. :| I will probably be blow drying my jeans in the near future.