December 16th, 2007

In your honest opinion:

Backstory: Im a live in nanny, and I typically work 7-9 am and 3-6 pm M-F + Wednesday evenings and saturday evenings.
The family work for is Jewish (I am not) therefore they do not celebrate christmas.

DO you think its unreasonable that they are making me work on christmas eve (monday evening)? The only day I am getting off is Christmas day.

pushing off

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Is it possible to get weed 'hangovers'? My friend insists she has one. I've smoked weed for a third of my life and have no idea what the hell she's talking about. Possible?

Then again she told me her sister smoked weed laced with LSD which is impossible...


 Anyone else here watch the Extras Christmas Special tonight specifically for the brief Doctor Who satire scene with David Tennant?  Who wants to squee with me over it?

Next question - How did you find your hairstylist?  How did you know he/she would be good?  I've just moved and need to find a new one.

Which would you be more touched by: a handmade gift or a store-bought one?  Would you rather feel touched or would you actually prefer not to be?
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1. How much earlier than when my flight leaves tomorrow should I arrive at the airport?

a) What is your standard packing list?

I'm going home for a month, and will inevitably forget something important.
b) What important things have you forgotten to pack in the past?

Answering the phone

How do you answer the phone? I just say hello usually but I have known people who answer with 'hello, 674536' (or whatever their phone number is)

Can you suggest some immature, alternative phrases to use rather than 'hello' etc?

Yes, I am that bored.

Thank you!
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TCQ, my brain is broken.

Collapse )

what's something you've seen, heard or read that's made you think about your life? that won't leave you alone?

on an unrelated note, is it wrong to text "i miss you" to both your ex-boyfriend (who you still care for) and the your current boyfriend, if you're just longing for someone to cuddle with, when you fully know that neither of them can come and cuddle with you right now?


okay so I restarted my laptop right

and now everything is gone

well everything on my user-account thing (I'm sharing with my mom until I hopefully get a mac)

like the programs I installed are still here
but my pictures, bookmarks, personal settings, important documents (pr0n lol), etc. are now vanish'd

what happened?
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(no subject)

Is it possible to be an addict, recover, and still use whatever you were addicted to in moderation?

I know that for illegal drugs, the answer is no. However, there is a movement that says former alcoholics can drink in moderation, and I don't think sex addicts are told that they have to remain celibate their entire lives.

(no subject)

If you currently rent an apartment....
How much do you pay a month?
How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you have in the apt?
Any roommates to share the expenses?
Where are you located?
What bills do you have aside from the rent?

Where did you find your roommate(s)? (If any.)

Help, please!

I'm working on a written job application that asks for 3 weaknesses of mine. What are some examples of good things to put that don't make me seem like an undesirable candidate? For instance, I thought of "perfectionistic." I'd reallly appreciate the help!

Why am I asking this at 3:27AM?

TQC, I am getting braces on WEDNESDAY and you get to decide which colors I get! Which color option do you like best?

Dark Blue on bottom, Red on top
Red on top, Dark Blue on bottom
All Silver
All Black
All Clear
Some other combination I will mention in comments
Some other combination I will NOT mention in comments



(no subject)

It's TQC radio night, and you're going to dedicate a song to a member (or members) of TQC. Who will you dedicate your song to, and what will the song be?

I know my other post is only a few entries down but TQC is so slow right now and I don't want to forget this question. :(
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(no subject)

1.) What was the last really good movie you saw?
American Gangster. Holy crap, Denzel's such a bad-ass.

on that note...

2.) What's something in movies that you can't watch or can but it completely freaks you out.
People shooting up in freaks the hell out of me.
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1: To all misogynist, business owning, radical activist, who do not own a car, do you collect anything? What is it?

2: To all blonde females, with a weight between 111lbs 137lbs,who own over 60 pairs of shoes, when was the last time you played a board game?

3: To all people between the ages of 24 and 28, living out side of the U.S.that live in a town with less than 1500 people, who work in the food processing industry, what are your feeling about the up coming Dark Knight Movie?
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(no subject)

Asking on behalf of a dear friend of mine. She has had five ear infections in the last six months and every time she goes to the doctor, she says "I have had [this many] ear infections in the last [this many] months, do you think there's something wrong?" they say "LOL PENICILLINS!" She fears it is becoming resistant to the penicillin and will become something we shall all fear. What are the chances of this mutating into something that will make people zombies? I'd say at least 800%. Your thoughts?

And a serious-ish question - Have you ever decided to obtain a decent second opinion? Did you present it to your primary care physician, or just do what the second doctor said without saying anything to the first guy?

My work gave me an entire box of cordial cherries for Chrimmas. That means ten cordial cherries, all for me. BUT! My tooth is bothering me. Should I eat them now anyways?

Another friend of mine does t-shirt dissection, and she is pretty good at making some awesome frankenclothing. Do any of you do this? If you did, and someone gave you a box of weird thrift store shirts and quirky sewing supplies for Christmas, would you think it was a nice gift? As well, if you read paperback fantasy books like a fiend (as in, you are never without one and it is your chief hobby because you live at least twenty minutes from everyone else in town, have dial-up internet, and two irritating little sisters), would you prefer:

A. One brand new fantasy novel


B. A stack of five or more used ones?

Do you think giving used gifts is tacky?
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(no subject)

Who is your favorite character from The Office (US)?

What is one quality that you possess that bothers you when you see it in other people?
What article of clothing have you been wanting lately?
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]


What do you think of people who carry/use Blackberry's? Not the business high schoolers and what not that don't even have jobs....?
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ilu, bb

As I am nearing middle age, my net-speak is not so good.

What is this person trying to say?

M jan, I want spl alot 2n w8 u,b-caz ur spk so swt l ms ur swt spk alot,what soul l d,M JAN l want u m lovely piz take care ur healt,U sik lm wory abut u mw,by

And how should I respond to this erroneously sent SMS?

(no subject)

I heard a black guy on the train the other day say "All black people are nosy. Don't sit next to black people on the train if you don't want to talk to anybody." This was all part of a larger conversation in which he asked some guy if his stretched piercings hurt and some girl what music she was listening to and if she had anymore candy cane.

So in your experience have you found black people to be any nosier than anyone else? Are you nosy?

(no subject)

Friend A is a big drinker, friend B tries but has a much lower tolerance. One night A keeps giving B drinks even as everyone tells both of them to quit. B ends up puking in the sink for half an hour. This really sucks for friend C, whose sink it is.

Who is to blame? A, B, C, or the bystanders? (You can pick more than one.)

What would you have done as a bystander?
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(no subject)

1. if you have never experienced snow where you live, where do you live?

2. how old were you when you first got a computer? how old are you now?

3. what physical feature are you most self-conscious about? (edit: what about that feature makes you self-conscious?)

4. if you go to the doctor on a regular basis, how long have you been going to this particular doctor for?

(no subject)

Why do so many people in the punk scene idolize Sid Vicious?

(I was introduced to punk around the time I was thirteen, and though I'm not one to sleep in my boots and leather jack anymore, it's always been my heart. I understand the Sex Pistols were a big deal and there are people who say that's when punk really started. I pfffft at that, even though when I was younger, of course I knew lyrics to some of their songs and such. I digress. The guy was not talented in my opinion. He was a junkie and died very young. That's sad, not punk.)
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My friend's parents are moving into a new room in their house, and so my friend gets to move into their old room. What would be something I could get her for Christmas to help warm up her new room a bit?

(no subject)

 Do you buy Pantene Pro-V? 

I have an itchy scalp and dandruff even after I wash my hair, but I don't like the smell of Head and Shoulders...can you recommend a shampoo that won't cost me $30?

**EDIT** I don't use Pantene Pro-V...I was just curious. I use some off-brand shampoo (I can't remember the name right now), but I do appreciate the comments, and I won't be buying it.
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my tall skinny man wants tight boxer breifs. i got him men's smalls, and they are baggy. he wears a 30-32 waist. would boys larges work? i think they'd be too small. :/

(no subject)

Dear TQC,

It might rain today. I have an aweful headache because of this.

Do any of you suffer from headaches because of rain?

After the rain comes the headache lifts... I can't wait for the rain to get here.
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Discovery Channel

Have any of you seen the program on the Discovery Channel about the Free Masons?
I watched it last night and am planning on writing the network a friendly little *fawk you*
Nicholas Cage narrated some of it, and I'm fairly certain the movie National Treasure paid for it. WHAT A COVER UP!!!! Wow. I sat there with my jaw resting on my chin wondering who else out there was witnessing the bullshit.
I do not recall the name of the program, any of the TQC family know what I'm talking about?
Naruto: Naruto Nervous

Possibly the most embarrassing question I've ever asked.

While talking to two of the biggest prudes I know about body piercings one of them told me that navel piercings are a sexual thing which left me scratching my head.

So tell me TQC.

Are navel piercings a "sexual" thing or is my co-worker talking out of her ass?

It's snowed a LOT here in the last two days, what's the weather like where you live?

Do the people in your town mysteriously forget how to drive in winter weather like they do in Missouri or is it just a local thing?

(no subject)

1: To all short, fat, divorced people, who are getting older every day what are your feelings about a burial at sea?

2: To all "Ass men" that own 2 or more Nintendo, consoles who listen to Doom Metal, do you fear the impending take over by Robot Overlords? What about Cockroach Robot Overlords?

3: To all white, middle class, members of an Alt rock band, with a sleeping disorder, how often do you attend motor-sports events? If you do attend them what kind?

(no subject)

If you saw a baby locked in a car in extremely hot/cold conditions, what would you do?

I wanted to get my brother Final Fantasy Tactics for PSP, does anyone have the game already? Is it any better/worse than the original?


(no subject)

The other day I was watching a documentary about corn and at one point the narrator said, "The farmer's thick shaft rises as high as a man on horseback." I just couldn't help myself and busted out laughing. Those little phrases that are innocent enough in context but taken out of context can mean something completely different always get to me.

So TQC, what's your favorite sexual innuendo?

today's problem is as follows

1)argh! I got advised but forgot to put the actual classes in. You think a quick call to the secretary in the department office will help?

2)do you draw a strong distinction between blogs and social networking sites?

3)If you get a headache that does not respond to taking an advil, what do you do? difficulty: I ate.
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(no subject)

Does anyone here have this Winamp skin? If so, do you know how to get to the Princess and Mario? I had it at one point and now I can't get back. I've seriously clicked everywhere except, of course, the right place.
yummy beer!, yummy

it's a wonderful life, indeed...

I read a review that basically said no one could have played George Bailey as sympathetically and agreeably as Jimmy Stewart, which I wholeheartedly agree with.

What do you think - could anyone else have played George as successfully?
Heaven forbid, if they were to attempt a straightforward remake (not a lame ripoff), is there anyone today who you think could attempt the role to some acclaim?

Also, if you don't like IAWL, why the hell not? (do you have something against older movies, or is there another reason?)


My boyfriend and I moved into our house about six weeks ago, and last night, while looking out the window, he saw a tiny little bug on the blinds. It turned out that it was a little baby cockroach (!). Naturally, we freaked out. We have no idea where it came from or if it has siblings or parents or whatever living in the house. Now, here's my question: what are the chances that we have cockroaches if we only we spotted our first one six weeks after having moved in? It seems like something that we would've noticed a LOT sooner if there was a roach infestation here. I also read that it may have hitched a ride in from the grocery store and we did in fact go grocery shopping yesterday morning, about twelve hours before we saw the little bug. What's the likelihood that that's where it came from? I am really, really hoping that it was just an isolated incident.

sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b

(no subject)

How far would you stretch your moral boundaries for your own personal gain (whether it be something financial / career related or if its something relationship related) if you knew you could get away with it?

Is there anything you absolutely would NOT do even if no one would ever find out about it?

I suck at life [decisions]

what better thing to do than ask the internet for help? OK, so all my life, I've been back and forth from Los Angeles to Guadalajara(Mexico.) I've spent a lot more time in Los Angeles, though. So why is it that I feel more comfortable in Mexico? Should I just say "fuck it", pack my shit, and drive down there? or should I tough it out and study here in L.A.? Also, would it be better to go to a community college in Los Angeles or a public university in Mexico? I'm so confused. :(
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

turn offs

What's the point of guys slapping vaginas? I never understood it. What's the deal? (Like when they slap their bare penises on a woman's vagina...but it's with their bare hand...)

What is it supposed to do? What does it mean?

And why do they ask you if "you like that"? Do they need approval?
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(no subject)

If someone you were dating gave you a Victoria's Secret or Frederick's of Hollywood gift card, would you be grateful or would you be like, "hey, this is really for you, pal"?

(no subject)

Do you have a dishwasher, or do you hand-wash your dishes?

If you hand-wash, how the fuck do you get that nasty smell out of the sink? my sink smells like something died inside of it.

If you have a dishwasher, do you dislike doing the dishes? you shouldn't. i would give ANYTHING for a dishwasher.

pretty random

So for my AP euro history class i am doing a presentation about Poland's history etc etc and our teacher is encouraging us to bring in food that is native or traditional to our regions. however, my class is at 9 in the morning and i can't really serve a meal or something heavy. does anybody know of any simple Polish foods or snacks that would be good to serve at this time??
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For the sciencey, yet again.

Okay so this is an instructable for electroplating a nickel with copper (from a penny). In that step, it says to let the copper dissolve in the vinegar for an hour or two. In the next step, you replace the negative penny with the nickel, and then it plates it in 20 minutes.

Why can't you just put the nickel there in the first place? Why do you need two pennies, one on the positive and negative, to just dissolve the copper?

(no subject)

 When I was in high school, my Spanish teacher played a song which he called "Letra B" which was supposed to be a Spanish spin of "Let it Be" by the Beatles. I can't find anything with the title "Letra B"

Does anyone know what I'm referring to and how to find it?

(no subject)

Hey TQC, have you ever been at a party where someone totally weird/unexpected showed up? Who was it, and why was it weird.

Bonus: If, say, a freak blizzard or zombie apocalypse happened, how long would you be able to last on the amount of supplies in your house?

(no subject)

1.  What are your plans for New Years?

2.  For the longest time I have wanted a Mini Cooper!  Recently I have stopped caring so much that I get one because it just isn't that important to me anymore.  And since it's not super important, I'd rather get something less expensive.  What kind of car should I get?  (I have to wait until April either way).

(no subject)

have you ever gotten onto ICQ and into the chats and created a nickname that would attract people and then when people started private messaging you, said weird stuff?
What kind of weird stuff would you tell people?
Why is this so entertaining?

How do I get the green hair dye off my hands? I have a green thumb.

(no subject)

what's the average time it takes you to get over someone?
have you ever felt guilty for breaking up with someone who really cared about you?

what does the phrase shitting bricks mean to you?

how is life treating you?

Raver Sam

(no subject)

What's your favorite Christmas movie?

My favs: Die Hard, Gremlins and Scrooged

I think I've watched almost everything in my collection already this year and want to make sure I haven't forgotten one.

(no subject)

For your 1 year anniversary, how would you feel if your SO gave you a bag of toenail clippings they starting saving the first day you two officially got together?

I'm trying to decide if I need to buy another gift or not.

(no subject)

Do any of you shower in the afternoon on a regular basis?

Do you think it would make sense if, if you took one shower a day, always in the afternoon, you would change your clothes after the shower and wear that outfit both for the afternoon/evening and for the next morning? Would you do it?
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(no subject)

Males of TQC, is it important to you to be good in bed?

It used to
Someday it might

Females of TQC, same question, is it important to you to be good in bed?

It used to
Someday it might

Please comment and explain why? Please?
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(no subject)

1) Would it be in bad taste to e-mail a professor in advance of next semester to ask her about her policy on letters of recommendation?

2) Do Legos make an awesome gift for any child?

3) Have you read The Dharma of Star Wars? What did you think?

4) Would you let your child read Maurice Sendak's In the Night Kitchen?

5) Did you take the GRE? How many times? What was your score?

(no subject)

I somehow managed to hit a key or something on my laptop and now the screen is upside down. I've fixed it before but it has just escaped me this time. Can anyone help? Its a Dell laptop and I'm using Windows XP. Thanks!

(no subject)

I'm so confused. I defiantly bought a 4 pack of Red Bull on friday. The little cardboard sleavey thing had '4 pack' written on. I had one and my boyfriend had one on friday night, leaving the other 2 in the cupboard in the slightly ripped up sleave. TODAY, I go to the cupboard and there is a full 4 pack of Red Bull! The sleave is not ripped and there is 4! My boyfriend doesn't know whats happened either! WHAT IS GOING ON?

Also, what person would you dump even the love of your life for if they proposed to you suddenly? My answer is Ryan Stiles!!!!! Even though hes like twice my age and married, I love him!!

EDIT: MY MYSTERY IS SOLVED! I just hunted around and found the two red bulls in the freezer. They'd cracked and dripped and the solided. Its still really weird!

NEW QUESTION: do you ever look at a print screen and its so convincing you click usernames and then get stressed out if they don't go there and think your computer has broken? I do that all the time, its so annoying!

(no subject)

 Will you introduce me to some new music?  Some of my fav bands are Harvey Danger, the Futureheads, Gogol Bordello, Camera Obscura, and Onelinedrawing.

 I took a shower around 1, but just put my robe on.  I'm thinking about finally getting dressed so I can go buy some ice cream at Rite Aid.  What is the least amount of effort you have put into something today?
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(no subject)

For two years I've been trying to find this one song. I don't know what it's called, but the chorus is: "Ed can't eat eggs, or he'll die." The whole song is basically a list of what Ed can't eat because the foods contains eggs.

I've tried iTunes, Limewire, Google, Yahoo Answers... I give up. Halp me TQC!

Edit: ?????????????????????????????????????

(no subject)

So, my best friend, this guy who I've hung out with daily for the past 3 weeks, and about 4 times a week 'usually', before that, has just left to go home to England for 5 weeks. We're both going to miss each other a lot, it's like woah, void in life. And the time zones are all stupid, as are his waking hours in general.
What are some things I should/could do to spend my time during these 5 weeks? My other friends are nowhere near as available for this amount of hanging out, with them it's more like once a week. What are some projects I could do, activities, both outside and in the home, online, whatever.
How many postcards should I send him a week? :P
What are some cool/funny things I could do and take pictures of or video of, and email to him?
He wants to bring me back something from England. What should that be? I have no idea what to ask for.
calvin denial

(no subject)

Do you think that humans have a psychological need for truth? So many people seem to come to hard conclusions without really knowing the facts. A lot of people can't seem to tolerate gray areas in knowledge either, especially in philosophical or religious questions.

House MD

I rented the entire first season of House from Netflix and watched them all in succession. I felt kinship with a fictional character.

1)Have you ever been called cantankerous?
2)What fictional character do you want to have relations with?
3)Do you know where I can get some House icons?

Answers to these nation changing questions:

1) Yes, years ago, I took it as a compliment.
2) Dwight from The Office and House MD, probably not at the same time.
3) Your Mom?

omg. Dilemma!

I just finished eating pizza and want a milkshake.

But to leave, there are like 2 ways out - a hallway exit and a NOT hallway exit!

I heard that one of my neighbors exploded outside in the hallway exit yesterday and left a giant flurry of throw up and blood covering the entire hallway! There's a rumor that he had lung problems and exploded after heavily drinking or something but....................Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew.

Whenever I hang out with my BFF, I just leave through the exit that leads out into the street, not the hallway exit. Every other time, I go through the hallway. My BFF has left the city for the weekend to be with her parents. =(

If I leave through the not hallway way, then tons of my neighbors will begin following me and talking to me. I do not want to talk to my neighbors. I just want my milkshake!

I don't want to go through the hallway where someone apparently self-combusted and exploded all over it. =X =X =X

Help me decide?

=X =X =X


(no subject)

is limewire any good for downloading stuff other than music?
edit- do you have any suggestions for non-virusy places to download tv shows or movies?

what's the most annoying thing someone said or did to you today?

do you know anyone named barry?

if you've seen any of the scary movie movies, which one is your favorite?

do you like powdered donuts?

Has anyone here ever been to Canada?

I was planning to take next year's holiday there, as I've never been there before. But my friend in NY said not to waste my time, she said it's a real dump and there is nothing to see or do. She said that even just over the border they don't even know what a US dollar looks like, and that Canada tries to be like the US all the time. Anyone had different experiences?
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After tonights movie

1: To all Caucasian or Latino women ages 25 or older who love Sting, what type brand of power tools do you prefer?

2: To all asexual fans of Lost, that have less than 9 fingers, and who work in the IT industry, what are you asking for this X-mas?

3: To all Buddhist abortion rights activist who have less than a High School diploma, have many fleece vest do you own? How many are embroidered?

Why is it?

That if women from normal countries go to arab countries they have to wear those big black tent thingies, but if arab women come to normal countries they don't have to wear bikinis? Seem a might unfair to me.
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sad girl


Anyone want to recommend a good RPG? I started playing FFXII and am so ungodly disappointed that I need a new game to snap me out of it.

Some of my favorite games:
Wild Arms 1, 2
Final Fantasy VII, IX, X
Shadow Hearts 1, 2
Legend of Zelda (Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker)
Edit: Secret of Mana

Edit 2: Who agrees that FFXII sucked ballsack? Please say I'm not the only one here.

Wish I had better questions... )-:

1) How do you manage your busy lives? Do you give yourself certain days or hours for friends/boyfriends/work/homework/alone time/sleeping?
I don't manage my time, that's why I'm asking.

2) What do you do to feel less stressed out?
I usually sleep, but that is not an option right now.

3) What's something that you should be doing right now?
A lot of homework. Of course.

(no subject)

1.  What do you have pierced?  Where do you purchase your jewelry for your piercings?
2.  Underwear or bare bottomed?
3.  Worst thing I could have said to my (recently) ex boyfriend ten minutes ago?

Coffee time

1: To all Red headed, uncertified electricians, who have 5 or more piercings, decaf or regular?

2: To all American citizens living below the poverty line, who own 1 or more luxury cars, what is your theme song?

3: To all mothers of children with 1 or more birth defects, (I am sure this is a high number in this community) who have served 1 or more combat tours, have you ever had blood in your stool? Do you know what the cause was?

(no subject)

For the past few years I've gotten my boyfriend a Star Wars related item. Last year was a Star Wars encyclopedia, and the year before that was a scale model of the Millennium Falcon and the Shuttle Tiderian. This year I found an R2D2 hookah and I think it's an amusing way to continue the Star Wars tradition.

Do you have any running themes with holiday gifts for certain people? What kind of theme is it?
How long do you think I can keep this up before I run out of Star Wars stuff to give him?


(no subject)

Poll #1107284 follow-up

Males of TQC, how much does it matter to you that your partner be good in bed? (1 being they can just lie there sleeping for all you care, 10 being they better be the 2007 gold medalist of sex)

Mean: 6.91 Median: 8 Std. Dev 1.93

Females of TQC, same question, how much does it matter to you that your partner be good in bed?

Mean: 7.03 Median: 7 Std. Dev 1.95

Just a follow-up. Really bored. Thanks guys =]

(no subject)

 When I think about the shitty things that have happened to me (moving, changing schools, wretched break up, loved ones dying) I can look on it and say, "Well I am still young.  There is still time for better things to happen and for problems to be solved."  But what do you say when you are not young and there isn't time?


small gift boxes

So I asked about shipping microscope slide necklaces quite some time ago. Everyone just said to use bubble mailers however I don't think that will be enough. They still seem like they could bend and break in them. I would like to put them in small boxes inside the mailer. I have a few small boxes like this from past wallet and jewelry purchases, however I need more of them. Where would I buy small boxes like that which are moderately sturdy? Like the ones department stores give you when you buy some jewelry that's on the cheap side. I have checked craft stores and places like Target with no luck. It needs to be an actual store as I need them very soon.