December 15th, 2007

am i dead?
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Does anybody know of a program that can record whatever is playing on your computer? Like, ripping the audio off of a video or something like that when there's no available download. I need one D:
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Here are my first questions for you all.

When I was little I took gymnastics for a while, until I broke my arm and my mum decided for me that I wanted to quit. The two events were completely unrelated, too. I broke my arm by falling off a stage. Sometimes I wonder what I would be like if I had kept doing gym. One of my friends did, so sometimes I look at her and think "That could be me." It seems stupid when I write it down - it's just gym. But I do wonder.

1. Have you broken a bone? Where? How?

2. Is there a moment in your life which you think would have changed who you are if you had done something differently?

3. Would you do it differently?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

I know I just asked a question, so forgive me.

This guy I am dating (not in a relationship with) has offered to lend me money because I cannot really afford to buy my mother and sister the presents I would really like to get them for Christmas and will have to settle for something less expensive. Would you accept his offer?

(I am not going to because I am stubborn, self-sufficient and just not into borrowing money, especially from romantic interests)

Digital cameras?

I have a pretty good film SLR camera but it's annoying lugging it around to parties and such. I'm thinking of getting a digital camera that I can just chuck in my bag, just a plain point and shoot one that takes decent photos. But, I've got a few questions:

1. How long do digital prints last if I get them done commerically (like at walmart or duane reade)?

I googled but I can't find any objective sources (I only find the websites of the people who make the equipment or the stores themselves-of course they have nice things to say because they're trying to sell me something).

2. Can you recommend a decent point and shoot digital camera that is portable and relatively durable?

Thanks! :)
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1) How much do you pay for health insurance?
25€ (= 36$) a year + 30€ (= 43$) for an extra hospital insurance that gives you 20€ (= 29$) a day for each day you're in hospital.

2) Where do you live?

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How do you apply stuff like lotion to that hard to reach spot on your back? I don't have anyone to assist me and I'd like to see what y'all do to fix this problem. Serious and not serious answers welcome.
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What's a stupid or cheesy way you asked someone out?

I once asked someone in sign language, because I was scared, even though said person didn't know what I was saying so I had to explain which was so much worse. And of course, I was rejected and thus even more mortified. Hooray.

And while I'm at it, can you give me advice on how to meet people and/or get a life? I'm kind of a hermit at the moment but I want to go out and get some friends but I live in an itsy bitsy town so I dunno wtf to do besides build robot buddies.
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insomnia grab bag

What's the weirdest place you've ever vomited?
What's the most embarrassing place you've ever vomited?

Do you have a "signature" scent/fragrance/perfume? Do you vary between several favorites?
What's something you can only use if it's unscented?

Hypothetical Lady has unexplained nausea and dizzy spells. The ear doctor can't find anything wrong, her GP can't either, and she's been sent in for a brain MRI. What's the matter with her?

Why is a 10 year old scar on my finger suddenly itching?

What book or book series from your childhood would you be most excited to read a sequel/continuation of today?

Was the Hitman movie any good?

(no subject)

So, if you could only pick 4 of these movies, which ones would you choose?

Pirates of the Caribbean (the first one)
The Great Mouse Detective
Singin' in the rain
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney)
Dead Poet's Society
The Graduate
Eddie Izzard - Dress to Kill
An Inconvenient Truth
Party Monster
Little Miss Sunshine


Since my last few were directed at a small demographic in this community i will no focus on a much larger group of you.

1: To all tall, overweight, bisexual Anime fans in a long term relationship with the same sex do you lick your envelopes or use a wet sponge to close them?

2: To all ugly, bearded, pseudo-intelectuals with users pics of them selfs how many minutes a month do you use on your cell phone plan? Who is your carrier?

3: To all female hipsters under the age 22 with a speech impediment what is your favorite type of pepper?
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what's a good way to distract oneself without expending masses of energy, somethign that actually requires some sort of thought that would require my brain to actually not focus on what I dont want it to focus on?

I tried reading for a little while but it just wasn;t cutting it
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should i apply?

I'm under paid, under appreciated and completely sick of working with the dumbasses I work with.

Leaving my current department would put a mental and emotional strain on one of the sweetest girls I've ever known. Leaving her to do every thing that I did, and more. And leaving her with three new people in our department, and one person who doesn't do jack shit. She'd be the only one who knows our system.

There's an opening in another department. 25% pay raise. I'm qualified. Should I apply?

eta: also, it would probably sink the whole entire call center's staffing department for a long while if i left. which means, our call center's efficiency would suck.

eta again: i started the application process. woops! i put this as a comment to myself. gaaaaah!
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1. Does anyone know where I can download or buy [for the UK] 'Christmas with the Andrews Sisters', with this track listing:
  1. Here Comes Santa Claus
  2. Twelve Days Of Christmas
  3. Jingle Bells - (with Bing Crosby)
  4. Merry Christmas At Grandmother`s, A - (with Danny Kaye)
  5. I`d Like To Hitch A Ride With Santa
  6. Winter Wonderland
  7. Christmas Tree Angel, The
  8. Poppa Santa Claus, (The Toys Gave A Party For) - (with Bing Crosby)
  9. All I Want For Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth) - (with Danny Kaye)
  10. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - (with Bing Crosby)

2. My christmas tree is tipping dangerously, and it's already fallen over once.
How can I rescue it short of de-decorating it and taking it out of its holder?

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1. I was "sick" today because I didn't want to go to work. What was the last lie (either big or small) you told?

2. Is your holiday shopping done? Mine is not. Do you think people who start holiday shopping in August are strange?

3. I've started saying "I know, right?" way too much. Where the hell did I get that from?

4. I crave sushi. How often do you crave sushi?

Another regional terminology question!

Inspired by this post:

Do you call it the emergency brake, parking brake, hand brake, or something else I've not heard of?

Where are you from?

I grew up in CT (Northeast USA) and always heard it referred to as the emergency brake, but then when I moved to Florida (Southeast USA) it was called the parking brake. They don't even know what an emergency brake is down here =P

EDIT: I love y'all, really, I do! But the spelling of brake as "break" makes the Baby Jesus cry y/y???


Travel Book

So, I'm very quickly trying to create a sort of 'bored on the plane' travel book for my friend who is leaving tomorrow and going on quite a long flight (think 24 hours overall, or more). He was complaining that he'd be bored, so I was thinking I'd try and provide something to do for a few hours.
I've got a little notebook. Now I have to think what to put in it. Does anyone know any
a) interesting quotes
b) interesting questions for him to think about or whatever
c) interesting articles that are about technology, the environment or science, that I could print out (so they'd have to be short)
d) 'stuff to do' that I could print out, or write out. Puzzles maybe? Riddles?

Anything else you can think of?

Kitty question...

My boyfriend has a cat. Her name is Azreal. She's a few years old, indoor cat.

A few weeks ago, she was out of cat food and he was low on money, so he bought her generic cat food. A few days later, we noticed that she's going to the bathroom (just peeing) a LOT more often. I noticed that she peed about three times in a half hour. A coworker of mine suggested that maybe the generic food is drier, so maybe she's drinking more water. But we kept an eye on her water dish and it doesn't appear that she's drinking any more than usual. There's no leaky faucet, so she's not getting her water from there either.

I was thinking that it might be a UTI or something, but it doesn't seem like she's in any pain. She's not acting weird either (well, any weirder than usual). She's 100% fine as far as we can tell, she's just peeing a LOT more often, like I said.

I'm going to buy her food today (her regular kind, not the generic). Do you think that'll help? Or should we go ahead and take her to the vet anyways?

Thanks. :)
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How many of you live in Upstate, NY?

When I say "Upstate," I mean North or West of Poughkeepsie. Sorry Westchester.

If you live here: where?
If you don't live here: a/s/l?
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Dear TQC,

Does that "greasy breakfast" hangover cure really work? Have you ever tried it?

I'm feeling like hot death right now, and contemplating making a giant plate of fried eggs and smoked sausage isn't what I want to do, but I'm willing to try anything once.

edit: okay, I just ordered bacon, egg and cheese on a croissant and some fried mozzarella to be delivered to my apartment. We'll see how this works.
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TQC, am I a pedophile?

Okay, think back, TQC. Think back to when you were a little kid, when you first started to notice the opposite sex (face it, no one was born gay [THIS IS A JOKE]). Think of an early crush who you've not seen in a very long time.

Do you still, in a roundabout, not so sexual kind of way, find them attractive?

Do you still, in a direct, distrubingly sexual way, find them attractive?

[EDIT] Celebrity crushes count, if they fell into obscurity afterwards. As always, we are thankful to exclude Drew Barrymore.

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do you like hot pockets?
what flavor? (ham and cheese ftw!)

i'm taking the boy out to dinner for his birthday. i want to take him wherever he wants to go, but he can't decide between applebees and chili's. where should we go?

edit: what color ink do you like to write with? i like purple :P

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1. what's the most disturbing part of a movie to you?
my mom is watching Eye For An Eye and the part where Sally Field hears her daughter on the phone being raped & murdered is pretty disturbing. I can't imagine having to go through that.

2. what brand of food does your cat/dog eat?
my cats eat Purina Kit & Kaboodle and my dogs eat that Moist & Meaty food 'burger' flavor food.. I think Purina makes that too.

3. I was thinking about buying an iPhone in February. supposedly they're remodeling it then. is this true? do you have one/do you know anyone who does.. or where can I read reviews on it? I need some opinions about it before I buy it.

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Should I slit my wrists or jump off the balcony?

My Oma drunk dialed me this morning (stupid dad gave her my cell number).  I know she was drunk because a) she doesn't call anyone when she is sober, and b) in the voicemail she left she said her phone number is "7107-2663-6442624."  If I don't call back I won't get any money for Xmas (they don't know my new address)...but that doesn't really bother me.  Would you call your depressing drunk granny so you could get Xmas money?
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Atheist holiday display

Atheists in a town in Connecticut have erected this sign blaming religion for 9/11 in a park in front of town hall, for the holiday season. Some people have complained, but most are "meh."

1. Was religion to blame for the terrorist attacks on 9/11? Or was it about more than just religion?

2. Should atheists be allowed to put up signs like this for the holidays, right next to the x-mas trees and nativities? Or should they be excluded because atheism isn't a religion and this sign is neither merry nor decorative?
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Which job would you rather have?

1. You work at a day care. You're paid minimum wage, but you work at least 8 hours of overtime a week. You won't get a pay raise until you've earned a degree, which will take you about a year. School for said degree will be fully paid for thanks to work. You come home exhausted (physically and mentally), but if you get that all-important degree, your hours 'may get better' according to your boss.

2. You work at a school. You make about eight dollars an hour, but you only work five hours a day starting out - the opportunity for working full-time will come later. There will be raises the longer you work; however, you can get a substantial raise by earning a degree, but you're pretty much on your own to get a scholarship/grant/loan to pay for it. You have plenty of time to spend with your own school-ager, not to mention all her holidays - when she's home, you're home.

(I'm not adding a third option that says "none of the above". Sry.)

I work at Job #1, I interviewed for #2 yesterday and did a great job, but my current boss is giving me a hard time...

It sounds like a no-brainer, but would you believe I'm such a people-pleaser that I'm considering sticking it out at #1?

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A couple with 27 kids is on that okay? What do you think?

Now what if I told you that 23 of those kids were adopted? Does that change anything?

Now what if I told you that all the adopted children were mentally and/or physically handicapped and no one else would take them?
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Okay, so my friend's house was without heating for two weeks and were having to use a portable heater. Since then one of their walls, along the bottom and about 3 feet up, is completely covered in black mould.

The landlord is refusing to sort it out and not giving reasons as to why she has to clean it off. My friend has really bad allergies and skin problems so cleaning off the mould would be harmful to her. The mould actually being there is probably harming her.

What should she do? How can mould affect a person? Is there some kind of law saying her landlord has to remove the mould? Oh and this is in the UK so UK specifics would be great.

TCQ, do my hair?

I've been thinking of dying my hair some kind of red colour. What red do you think would work on me?

Collapse )

Edit: if I'm getting it cut, can I test hair dye one the offcuts of my hair to see if it holds the colour, or is that just crazy talk?
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(no subject)

1. How many digits can you remember pi to?

2. If you have your own bathroom, how often do you clean it?

3. Robin Hood in win, Y/N?

4. Is your hymen still intact?

5. How many mirrors do you have in your house?
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(no subject)

1. Can you name any actors whose skills you think are underrated because of their good looks?

2. Would you say this is true of Brad Pitt?

3. Do you hate the name Tristan as much as I do (I mean I really really hate it)?

4. Could you love a man who only had one nut?
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the movies...

Since I told arnaid I would procrastinate with TQC...

1. What movies are you looking forward to for 2008?

2. Is the new Indiana Jones movie going to be good?

3. Will the new X-Files movie suck horribly?

4. Is it snowing where you are?
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tqc, i'm really bored. what should i do right now?

bake huge batches of cookies for my classmates
try to sleep
watch "wilde"
watch "a bit of fry and laurie"
take a shower
cut my hair
study for my history final
scrounge together some change & buy a 40oz
eat something



1. Does that look appealing to you?

2. Do you like Apple Pie? If yes, what's the main thing you enjoy about it? If no, is there a particular reason/s why not?

3. I just got a random pain like a needle or something in my big toe. Why did that happen?
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Bouncing off of a few of the musical entries earlier ..
1. If someone claims to be a fan of musicals and then says their top three musicals are RENT, Hairspray and Phantom of the Opera, do you think they're a true musical fan?

2. Have you ever heard of/seen Brigadoon? I've been in it and nobody ever knows what musical I'm talking about when I mention it.

3. What musical do you wish would fall into the pits of Hell and never resurface again?

4. Do you consider movies like Moulin Rouge and the Disney movies musicals?

Has nothing to do with the above, but:
Have you ever played the five-from-Jesus game? Go to Wikipedia, click "random article". You have five clicks of the mouse on various hotlinks to somehow make your way to the Jesus page - apparently it is impossible to not make it there. How well can you do? What are some of your chains?

dr. lj, please help

I have a mad case of strep throat and it's the third time I've had it in the last 4 months. I've been trying to get these bad boys out for years and I'm finally going to go to my doctor on Monday and put my foot down. I missed a really important job interview yesterday because of it :[ Hellppp I'm scared, haha. Sooo..

Have you ever had your tonsils removed?

If yes, how old were you?

Did you have any complications?

Is it true that if you have them removed when you are an adult that the recovery time is longer and a lot more painful?

If you haven't had your tonsils removed, do you have any problems with them?
she blinded me with science!

Credit Reports

It seems everyone I know who's checked their credit report has found problems with it. Polling TQC may not be particularly scientific, but I'm curious to see...

Have you ever checked your credit report?


If you have checked it, were there ever any errors on it?

Miroku Turn

(no subject)

1. If you saw an employee at somewhere retail-ish (by which I mean a store, cheap/fast food restaurant, movie theater, etc.) with purple hair, would you lose respect for them and feel as if the company is not professional enough?

2. I worked 8 hours on Thanksgiving, and will be working Christmas Eve and Christmas, which I agreed to when I was hired. Is it too much to ask for New Year's Eve off?

3. Girls (well, uh, guys I guess, too, if you want), have you ever taken Midol and gotten excitable, shaky, or wobbly?

4. Can anyone recommend a brush in/spray in hair color that looks not-shitty?

5. What's your favorite kind of Christmas/winter holiday treat?

That was a good nap now:

1: To all irate, circumcised dwarfs, who have never left the united states, do you wear boxers or briefs?

2: To all overweight pagan polygamist, who enjoy cooking, would you ever contemplate a trip to Guatemala to visit fruit bats?

3: To all handicapped women animators, who are not Jewish, do you feel that game shows have lead to the objectification of women?

Haven't asked a question in forever, excuse the lameness.

1. What is the difference between an infatuation and actually loving someone?
2. When did the difference become appartent to you?
3. How does a person "date" someone without considering it to be a "relationship"?
4. Would you ever "date" someone who was "dating" other people at the same time?
5.  And to get away from the relationship questions, what is the one thing you can't get enough of this time of year?

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Workplace Question

Is it inappropriate for a male manager to give his female employees lotions from Bath & Body Works for the Holidays?

Why or why not?

**EDIT** I AM that manager BTW, Thanks for all of the feedback!
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every time i drag and drop files onto my Razr phone when it's connected to my computer, the files show up fine. then when i turn on my phone, the files haven't transfered over. there are wallpaper's i've made and audio tracks i want to put on my phone but i can't for the life of me. i have a memory card. what am i doing wrong?

if you can help me, it would be amazing. i am very frustrated!
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(no subject)

How short does sex need to be from the initiation of foreplay to whatever you consider the end of sex for it to be considered a quickie to you?

Other than time, is there any other criteria that needs to happen (or perhaps NOT happen) for it to be considered a quickie?

Based on your own definition of a quickie, how often do you have quickies?
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more crazy ass co workers

So, this other crazy woman I work with has told everyone that over Christmas, she and her boyfriend are going to Mexico and adopting* a baby for $2,000. I and some other co-workers think that this sounds highly illegal. What do you think?

* they are going to some church with an orphanage, paying $2,000 and leaving with a baby...all in the space of a few days. How crazy is that??!!

(no subject)

Please help me settle an "argument" between myself and my boyfriend.

Is there anyone among you who has really watched Designing Women--really watched, not just five minutes here and there--and disliked it? Not just didn't care about it, but really disliked it?

(As you can tell, the boyfriend and I have some really deep, meaningful conversations. :p)

(no subject)

Well I found out today that Apple can't help me with my iPod since it was issued by HP, and I have to go through HP to get it fixed (4th generation, it's lived a good long 2.5 year life, so I'm not too concerned)...

But is dealing with HP worth it?
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(no subject)

I am making my christmas list, and because I am the epitome of a nerd, I'm asking for a bunch of books.

What is your favorite book?

and random:
bottled water or tap?

prepaid phones (verizon!)

I have a Verizon prepaid phone and earlier in the week it started randomly roaming and therefore billing me at 69 cents a minute and ate up all my credit.

Soooooooooo, I got it fixed and had the hours credited back everything is fine and dandy.

My question is, when I ran out of credit, when people called me, they couldn't get through obviously, but i knew i had missed calls because Verizon would send me a generic text message saying I had missed a call (sans number) and to receive calls, to go and buy credit, etc, etc.

What would the person who was calling hear? Would it say my phone was switched off? Unavailable? anyone know? I can't be bothered to call Verizon, it takes forever to get through.

And yes, this is very srs bizness, I must know what the caller would have heard plz. kthx :)
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(no subject)

Have you ever created anything for someone you were in a relationship with (a poem, a song, an artwork of some kind, etc?)

Has your SO done it for you?

What would you think if someone you weren't currently seeing at the time did it for you?

(no subject)

I need help finding a song. I was listening to the oldies station and a song mentioning Romeo and Juliet came on, and near the end that's all he's saying.

I've already checked and it's NOT by the Reflections nor Dire Strait.

(no subject)

1. What do you wear to bed?

2. Is it important that your socks match? Colored, patterned, or white socks?

3. I have three movies: Fresh, The Queen, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Which one should I watch? (I've seen Eternal Sunshine but not the others)

4. What are some activities that are low cost for teenagers to do? My 17-year-old sister asked me today, and she's tired of the mall. It's winter so they can't really go outside and they don't drink or party like that.

5. What's your favorite brand of cheap beer? The more piss-like the consistency the better.
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(no subject)

Do you assume that people who enjoy reading and therefor read a lot are more intelligent?

Do YOU enjoy reading? Do you have below average, average, or above average intelligence in your opinion?

When someone's Christmas or other holiday gift cannot be given on Christmas (or date of the holiday), do you feel a little bad that they then do not have many gifts to open under the tree? For example, I took my boyf to a concert for Xmas, and now he is only getting like one gift under the tree from me. I feel a bit bad!

We have a very ugly Christmas tree this year. How about you?

Dinner was good

1: To all buck toothed, flat chested beagle owners, who never eaten macaroni and cheese, how many times a week do you wear high heels?

2: To all baseball cap wearing, tattooed amputees, who love to dance, how much a month do you pay in rent? Is it a house apartment or other? if other please do explain.

3: To all vintage dressing, female 17 year olds who have experienced septic shock, do you enjoy water sports?
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(no subject)

This thread shall be entirely devoted to the Five-From-Jesus game. D:

(go to wikipedia, click "random entry". you have five clicks of the mouse on hotlinks to make it to the entry on Jesus Christ).

How many clicks does it take you? Can you find one that does not, in fact, happen in five clicks? (rumor has it that every entry can be traced back to Jesus in five clicks or less).
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(no subject)

I want to get into lomography. What's a good camera to start off with?
Would I have to develop the film myself, or could I take it to a drug store?
Any advice for or against lomography?
The Party Dream

(no subject)

Is this worth it?

Someone wants me to house-sit for them, which actually means just stopping by and checking up on the house 3 times.

I end up getting about 100 bucks, maybe more.

The downside is that they live about 35 minutes away.

As the hours pass

1: To all vegan, religious rednecks, who own 5 or more guns, what are your feeling on the current state of the open source community?

2: To all lonely males of Middle Eastern decent, who have mild to acute kabourophobia, what are your feelings about fashion designer duo Hetherette?

3: To all women ages 19-26, with alopecia, who work 2 or more jobs, how often do you drink sweet tea? DO you home brew or purchase pre-made? if you purchase pre-made what brand do you drink?
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(no subject)

I had coffee around 10 this morning and I'm still wired. What the hell is wrong with me? Never drinking caffeine again...

I'm bored. It's snowing outside and the roads are bad so I can't go anywhere. What should I do at home?

What websites do you visit a lot besides livejournal?
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(no subject)

My place of employment had a flood a couple years ago and moved all of the water-damaged clothing to the basement. Ever since, mold has been growing on said clothing (and, I imagine, in the walls, etc). There has been no effort to clean up the mold and when my district manager was alerted to the problem recently she said it was "just mildew", whatever that means. Newer clothing (that will be sold) is being stored amongst the moldy clothing, undoubtedly contaminated in the process. The entire basement is toxic - every time I go down there I feel sick, and I have noticed the smell of mold on the main floor as well (as have customers).

What should I do? I have plans to quit soon regardless, but it really bothers me that a big (greedy, cheap, selfish) company would get away with a) maintaining a dangerous, unhealthy workplace and b) selling clothes that have been contaminated with mold spores to unwitting customers.

Collapse )

(no subject)

1. Would you ever strip for a job?
1b. What about if you had kids?
2. Do you need white noise when you sleep or absolute quiet? What about dark versus a night light?
3. Have you ever named a house plant?

3. Yes, I have a spider plant named John Edwards.

(no subject)

I saw The White Planet today, and was fascinated by the things they called "Arctic angels". That's what they said their name was in the credits, but I can't find anything about them on the net, so I'm assuming "Arctic angel" isn't the actual name for them.
So does anybody know what the real name is?

(no subject)

Say you live in a town where 1 % of the population is your (non-white) ethnicity. You dump your white SO. Less than a month later, they're dating another person of your ethnicity. Does it bother you? Why? What circumstances could change your opinion?

(no subject)

I used to work at a Kroger store and I truly hated it. Every day that I had to go to work was a day in hell. I quit in September when I went to college and never ended up getting another job because I was 17 and now that I am 18 I am not having any luck either. I am back from college and I have spent about 400 dollars of my student loan money cos I ain't got no income. D:

Should I go back to Kroger?
If not, where should I work? I am an 18 year old female with no ~skills~ living between Columbus and Dayton, OH.

I will try harder this time..

1: To all cat loving females, that live in Michigan, and who desire to sleep with a transsexual, how many scarves do you own?

2: To all People born in Chicago in the year 1982, that enjoy Chinese food, do you feel better now that you are included?

3: To dog owning, geeky male canadians, who wish Neo from the matrix, who is this bestontheweb?
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(no subject)

I just saw this in someone's userinfo:

This journal is Copyright © 2005-2007. All Rights Reserved. This copyright extends to but is not limited to any posts I make in any LiveJournal communities, and to any comments I make to anyone else's posts or comments, and any icons created by or for me. Any reprinting, reposting, paraphrasing, rewriting, or other reproduction of my words by other parties either elsewhere on LiveJournal or on any other website without explicit permission is forbidden. Other parties' reposting of any LiveJournal writing of mine which I have deleted is prohibited.

Any icons are copyrighted to the person who created it, and are not to be taken without express permission.

Is that actually enforceable, or that person just dreaming?

Sticky buns or cinnamon buns?
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I'm looking for an insert for soccer shoes (or a shoe model with this in the design) that works like a gel toe insert for pointe shoes. I've only been able to find ballet shoe accessories in my search, probably because these were where I got the idea for soccer to begin with. has some examples of the type of insert I'm thinking of, where the pad covers all sides of the toes. I get blisters on the top, bottom, and sides, even with properly fitting shoes, and the main reason for these is to ptotect the nail edges, as I get ingrown toenails even when I take perfect care of the nails.

Does anyone know of something like this designed for soccer shoes, or a shoe with this type of padding built in?

Has anyone used something like this for athletic shoes other than ballet?

As far as soccer goes, I use both feet for everything. I used to be primarily right footed, but I had problems with an ingrown nail and practiced left footed for months until I could afford to have the toe worked on. I ended up studying a different style of play at the same time, so I pass and shoot "properly" off my right foot, and mostly off of my toe with my left. (I tend to pass and dribble right for this reason, and shoot left, although I can do both with either foot. The toe curls better, obviously.)

Does anyone have any soccer shoe model recommendations that would suit both styles of control on shots?

Random other questions so anyone can reply to the post...

Do you like bananas?

Who is your favorite figure skater?

What's the best thing to ask someone you just met to get them talking about themselves?

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who invented "iawtc"?

edit!! : Why do people call their SO's "boy"? I was talking to a 40 yo woman the other day who called her husband "the special boy". Do you do it? Is it meant to be cute or something?

I find it weird when anyone over the age of 18 does it tbh.

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Every year my family does a gift exchange at Christmas. You have to buy a gift (no more than $10) and wrap it. We draw names out of a hat to see who gets to pick a present first. They open it and the next person goes. The next person can choose to open a new present or to take the opened present from the first person (then forcing the first person to pick another gift). This goes on until all the gifts are gone.

What would be a good gift item for this?

The people involved range from age 17-68 and are of both genders.
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When you make pancakes, do you make them into anything fancy design-wise? You know, like Mickey Mouse or little animals, or boobies and penises? Or do you just slop it on and make boring circular shapes?
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dear Livejournal


 Do you click on this community telling yourself that you will just read entries (because you end up spending way too much time here and not going to bed, or stuff like that)  and then find yourself answering all over the place?
Do you think that TQC is addictive?

Me: yes and Yes!

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1. Does it piss you off when you're trying to plan meeting up with people and they just dance around all the questions of "what time?" and "where?" and you end up with the SAME amount of knowlege as at the BEGINNING of the stupid conversation?!

2. Which is worse: People not planning or people changing plans last minute?

3. I'm pissed off and not wanting to go out tomorrow with friends. What's the funniest excuse I could give?
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1)do you like whipped cream on pancakes?


2)what did you fear that would happen but didn't?

today there were no baby puke disasters

3)comics for adults- AWESOME or not?

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A Naughty Buddy

I work all day every day in my shop. When I come home at night I usually feed and walk the animals and go to bed. Tonight I want to get drunk and jump around like a fawking idiot, but I have no one to play with. I'm sitting alone with a margarita.
*Will any of you simulate getting all drunk and geeky with me right now?*
This is what happens when you have a business. Cyber-drinking!!!!!!!!
What are we drinking and what are we listening to or doing?????
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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My boyfriend just told me he's buying me a toilet seat for Christmas if they have it in stock. He said there is something special about it that makes him KNOW I would love it/want it/need it.

Dear TQC, is my boyfriend actually going to buy me a toilet seat?

If so, what do you propose is special about it that makes him think I'll want it?

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1.) If you like The Doors:

What is your favorite song by them?

2.) I unexpectedly have the whole day off from work tomorrow with nothing to do, and no car. What should I do? Im so happy :)

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1. I'm actually really bored right now. Trying to recuperate from this week. Anyone in chat right now? It's been forever since I've been in, and I don't even remember where it is anymore. Found it, I'm an idiot. Thanks!

2. One of my roommates just left for the holidays (the good roommate) and I'll be gone for good by the time he gets back. He has a basement apartment that he said I could hang out in whenever I want to get away from the other 2/3 roommates. What kind of prank should I pull on his apartment? (It can take up to a week to do this, I have nothing better to do. Seriously.)

3. If you don't have a dishwasher, are you the type of person to do your dishes right away, or do you let them pile up?

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Tuesday the exam board met to review course grades and dissertation grades for my department and decide the appropriate reward (MSc. Graduate Pass. Etc. etc.). I spoke to my friend in registrar yesterday, and she told me that my profile came up as "grades deferred", a few other students in my class received the same.

I'm going to call up on Monday and ask wtf mate, but oh mighty TQC, why on earth would my grades be deferred? Serious and non-serious answers welcome.

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I just finished watching Sicko and am honestly a bit horrified. I was blatantly ignorant to America's health care system (as well as what Universal health care really was) until I watched it. Granted, it's one-sided, but honest nonetheless.

What are your opinions of Sicko, if you've seen it?

Do you think America will have Universal Health Care in our lifetime?

Do you think America will ever have Universal Health Care?

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I told some friends they could come to my apartment after they leave the bars.

It's 11:40, I'm really tired, and I still need to clean.

Should I call to tell them I'm crashing or suck it up, clean, and hang out?
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1. Would painting a bedroom red and black look good? or just make it look small?

2. Does anyone think The Catcher In The Rye is slightly overrated?

3. Do you watch The X Factor? How the hell did Leon manage to win?