December 14th, 2007


Any vegans out there who can give me a DELICIOUS vegan recipe for a dessert?
i kinda want to get away from cookies, maybe a cake or something.
I'm going to a dessert party and the birthday boy is a vegan.
any websites you recommend?

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Scene: Christmas party hosted by good friends, attended by people you barely know; party includes gift exchange.

How would you handle the gift exchange, given that you don't know most of the people attending, and given that you don't really want to receive gifts without giving gifts in return and vice versa?

o hai, I'm new.
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There's this gun threat at my school tomorrow that the news says our school is "handling" or whatever and its supposed to happen tomorrow. The school has had police and stuff there all week.

The thing is my mom is really against me going to school tomorrow. She says it's better to be safe than sorry. So my thing is, should I go? There's gonna be police so I don't THINK anything will happen but maybe I should stay home to be sure.
Stephen Colbert and Kim Jong Il!

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 So, I'm feeling quite ill right now, and I have been for about the last day and a half. My nausea isn't anything serious, as I haven't vomited yet, and it's not accompanied by headaches or anything. However, it's driving me absolutely mad as my body seems to refuse to vomit, and I just feel really ill.

Do any of you have home remedies for nausea?

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For all you ladies (or guys, if you're into that): will you explain your bra-wearing habits to me? I AM CURIOUS TO KNOW. :)

How long have you been wearing a bra?

Why do you you wear them?

(In case that first question makes no sense, I just want to know if you never wear one, or if you do but only during the day, or only every other day of the week, etc.)
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Haruhi disappearance

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What is your favorite children's song?

What song is stuck in your head at the moment?

1) I would have to say I quite enjoy "What Kind of Cat Are You?" and any song from a goofy movie :P

2) "The Moose got Loose in Moose-achusetts". I listened to kids music tonight, lol
eta: Now it's "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" from Veggie Tales, arrghdblngn
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What do you do if you snoop and find out something really disgustingly upsetting? Say, for example... your ex (who is still basically your best friend) insists to your face multiple times that he's not interested in being anything more than friends with two girls, and then you snoop and find out that he hooked up with both of them.

I know I shouldn't care so much because he's single, but I have had very bad experiences with being lied to by loved ones, and he KNOWS this, and I really wouldn't care if he just told me the truth, but I am SO beyond pissed that he lied to me several times.

Yes, I *know* snooping is wrong. But it's a little late to get on my case about that now.

He's sleeping in the next room over and I can't decide whether I should go slap him, or if I should just take his car (I have a key) and go back home and he can get it tomorrow.

I'm going to go call my sister to try to calm down now, but... yeah. How might you recommend handling a situation like this? D:
still beating

Hello, I love you.

Have you ever gone through with some grand romantic gesture that could have turned out horribly, ala Colin Firth in Love Actually?
How did it go? Do you regret it?

Alternately, has anyone done something like this for you? (e.g. A past lover showing up randomly just because they had to see you). Were you glad they did?

(I'm not interested in "No I haven't, but it's a stupid idea" responses. Just actual experiences. Thnx.)
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About exes...

My question is about a boyfriend I had.

I would barely call it that. We dated and saw each other every day for a month. We called each other boyfriend and girlfriend.

I tried to tell him we should wait before using those 'titles' but he wouldn't have it.

The whole relationship was a roller coaster. I was infatuated and I was scared shitless and my anxiety was eating away at me. So he was very kind when I was honest about my apprehensions, but eventually I freaked him out.

He broke up with me, I said I understood, and I told him to not contact me for a few months (so I could get over him). We've spoken only once since. A mutual friend was hanging out with him and through her, he invited me to come. It was awkward and horrible.

This was months ago, he has a new girlfriend.

I feel pathetic that I still think about him. I don't miss him because I barely knew him. But it hurts that he cared so little. That he could not even call me once and ask me how I was doing.

Am I totally off  base? Should I have expected a call? Would you guys call?

This is more of a philosophical question..I know that I will probably never see him again.

at seven

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Inspired by this post:

This one's for the ladies (Barry White voice)

1. Can you tell me about (buying) your first bra?
2. Can you tell me about getting your first period?
3. Can you tell me about any similar embarrassing milestone I'm leaving out? [I think we can skip first kisses/sex though, unless you have a particularly awkward/juicy story]

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I haven't bit my nails in over 2 weeks. It's pretty amazing because usually I would bite them so much they would be all gross and bleed,But for some reason I just stopped. Their getting pretty long and I have no idea if I should go get a manicure yet or wait until their a little longer. So TQC,

When should I get a manicure?
Did you bite your nails when you were younger?
do you still do it?
If not, when/how did you stop?

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I'm making Christmas postcard collages and have run out of the designated decoupage stuff.

Have any of you used ModPodge to put a finish on a collage project? How did it turn out? I have a jar that supposedly gives a "satin finish."

Thank you!

Merry Christmas?

I was at my friends house once when I made the remark, "Gee. This front window is nice. Do you guys put the Christmas tree here?"
She's Jewish. I knew this. Brain fart. They we're cool about it...even when I made the same mistake 10 minutes later.
Anyway, I was discussing this with another person and we go on the subject of how hard it is to find Christmas cards.
Have you noticed? Most of them say, "Happy Holidays" or "Seasons Greetings".
That said, she thinks that we should give cards according to the recievers religion. 
I heard this on the View as well. Not that I watch the View or anything...

My question: Do you give your cards according to the recievers faith (or lack thereof) or your own?
Also, have you ever made a total arse of yourself in dealing with friends of a different religion/ethnicity/gender...? 
Would it bother you to recieve a card that didn't represent your religion? 
it's cool with me. :)

Two things

1. What does "bb" mean? I've only seen it all over LJ recently, as in "Don't get upset bb," and "You can do it bb!" My guess is it means "baby," but I don't want to make any assumptions.

And since that question will probably be answered quickly...

2. What do you think of politics? Do you think they're exciting and fun? Do you think they're stupid and annoying? Are you just along for the ride to see who causes the most drama? Or are you really active and opinionated?

Oh, and those are just don't have to answer every question within the question. :p

My answer to #2:

I love politics. I'm very opinionated on some matters, but I try to state my opinion civilly, and I don't like to get into arguments with people. In fact, I'm not even really good at debating. I usually say "You've got a point, and I respect that," because there are few issues to which I can't see both sides.

Although it's always fun to watch the drama, too. :p
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pinto beans = wtf.

yesterday i had two cups of dried beans. i put them in a big pot of water and let them simmer on the stove for about three hours, and then i let them soak overnight. i put them back on the stove today, and they have been simmering for about two hours...they are still not soft.

WTF tqc? what is going on? i want to make refried beans, but i can't if they are HARD.

how do i fix this?
Pip destroys a box

safe mode

Does anyone know how to start a computer in safe more with networking? There is something wrong with me video card drivers, and the only way my computer works is in safe more, however, I don't want to have to turn it on, and then "hard-boot" it to get to the screen that gives me the option of starting it in safe mode.


(no subject)

1: a: Has your television watching changed because of the writer's strike?
    b: How so?

2: What book could you read over and over?

3: Do you have something sentimental that you carry with you at all times?

4: What user icon of yours makes you smile when you use it?    


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tqc, will you tell me the most offensve joke you've ever been ashamed that you laughed at?


here, tqc, i'll start:
why do women get periods?
Collapse )
how are men like pantyhose?
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what would you do if you woke up in the middle of the night and you noticed a big spider on your wall not to far from you?

would you get a bottle of some sort of spray to kill it?

or would you grab a shoe and smash it?

It's not easy being green

Favorite green character?

Incredible Hulk
Dipsy, the green Teletubby
Tommy, the green Power Ranger
Green Lantern
Robin Hood
Donovan McNab

(no subject)

1)Do you believe dreams can come true? Has anything you've ever dreamed of actually happened? um feel free to share guys

2)What do you think is the biggest/most ridiculous lie your government has ever told you?
Space Pope


Last night I was on an epic quest for marbles,at my fourth store (and second walmart) I asked a worker in the toy section if they had marbles, her response "No, we never have marbles, not even in the summer."
How are marbles a seasonal product?
Also, why does the world hate marbles?

Also, in the song The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year there is a lyric "There'll be scary ghost stories and tales of the glories of Christmases long long ago."
Why are there going to be scary ghost stories at Christmas?
Have you ever had a Christmas that was chock full of scary ghost stories?

scaredy Homer

Occasionally my boyfriend will wake up in the night screaming. It's not a blood-curdling scream, but sounds kind of like if Homer Simpson was yelling "Eeee! Eeee! Eeee!" and he seems agitated. It happened quite often in the summer and again last night. He doesn't fully wake up, but I'm usually able to calm him down and go back to sleep within a minute or so.

WTF is this about? Night terrors? Have you ever had this happen?

Giving and Taking

Happy Holidays!! I hope I can phrase all of this right...pardon me if I don't - feel free to just answer in the general subject of the questions.

1 Do you have a family member or friend who always seems to be struggling with money and has trouble giving gifts over the holidays?

2 Do you think there are times when this is a valid problem and also times when this is a person who is irresponsible with money who doesn't care enough to give?

3 If you have a person who is rendered unable to give a lot of the time - do you still give to them? Are you resentful about it in any way?

4 Do you think that people who don't have money to give should make time to give, no matter what? (Meaning, do you think these broke people should make time, no matter what is going on in their life, to make things by hand that cost no money because if they don't then it is clear tey don't care about anyone but themselves?)

5 Do you think that someone who is very busy and overwhelmed with life and also very broke should accept gifts over the holidays or should they tell everyone they will not be accepting gifts since they can not give themselves?


(no subject)

have you ever put your shoes on and realized you didn't have any pants on yet?
only a few times. it's usually on mornings when i am super sleepy and forget that pants go on first.

Do you still try to put your pants on while you are wearing your shoes? How did that go?
Yes, my shoe got stuck in my pant legs so i had to take my shoes off and put my pants on first.

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i feel like my christmas list (of things i've bought/plan to buy) for my husband is pretty skim. we instated a $150/limit for each other, and i blew a large part of my wad on the PS2, but it really seems like there's not much here.

Collapse )

so, what do you think? is my list too short? am i setting unrealistic standards for myself?

also, what's on your christmas-gift-giving list for the important people in your life?
Fly Naked

(no subject)

Did your parents drink a lot, a little, or not at all when you were younger*?

Do they currently drink more, less, about the same, or not at all now?

* - (i.e. elementary school days)
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Charity & Stuff

1. I support and . What charities do you support or think are really good causes?

2. Do you have a favorite seller on etsy you'd like to share?

3. $50 gift certificate gift: Trader Joes OR the hotel my guests are going to be staying at?

4. Xmas lights: Multicolored, white, or one solid color?

5. Are you a peeker/snooper or do you wait till you unwrap to find out what you're getting for xmas
Mitty box

(no subject)

In this post from earlier, most of you said you'd save your pet over a stranger. To me, this is shocking. My husband theorizes that it may be because you are picturing a random skeezeball or a criminal. So I thought I'd clarify the question a bit.

In this scenario, there is a car barreling out of control towards your pet and a stranger. You can save only one.

For those of you who said you'd choose your pet, would you choose them over:

A child?
An old man/woman?
A teenager?
The hottest man/woman you've ever seen?

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Have you ever heard a lyric in a song as though it were spelled differently than the normal grammar/spelling?

For me, in the song, "The Mixed Tape" by Jack's Mannequin, he goes "You're thinking about what I've given up" but to me, it sounds like if it were written down on paper, it'd be "Your thinking about what I've given up."

Collapse )

There's also a song by Angels & Airwaves called Love Like Rockets. In the second verse, he interjects with a "Yeah" but to me it sounds specifically like "Yah."

lol, bonus: does this make any sense?

(no subject)

A friend of mine is habing a 'Black Tie' christmas house party tonight.
5 hours of drunken 16 year olds on a rampage around her house.
On a scale of 1 to 10, how trashed do you think her house will be by the end of it?

And as they're extra special, how do you think the christmas tree will suffer?
Personally I think someone will try to climb it.

(no subject)

Can anyone tell me the name of the episode of Looney Tunes where Yosemite Sam sings:

"I can't get along little doggie,
I can't even get one that's small,
I can't get along little doggie,
I can't get a doggie at all."


I'm trying to find it on youtube to show to my kid, but I'm not having any luck.
element of surprise;Eddie Izzard

Does anyone recognize this??

I got one of those "Scratch and Win" things awhile ago, forgot to scratch it off, and I totally don't remember where I got it. I scratched it off today, supposedly won, and it just says to "visit participating dealer to redeem your prize" with no list on the back of what companies that could possibly be.

If you recognize it I'll love you forever!

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Also, I'm looking at getting a new phone sometime because my current one has a crack on the side and I'm worried about it dying unexpectedly. I'm usually a Motorola kind of girl, but am open to other brands. What are some good phones that are available right now? Horror stories of bad phones welcome too :)
dead zone johnny & sarah

(no subject)

 Is there a way to let your supervisor know that a coworker does NO work without coming across like a tattletale? I'm pretty sure there isn't. How do you deal with sharing an office with someone who does no work and seems rather proud of the fact they don't do anything until someone comes to hassle them about it? It's really starting to affect my moods and I don't like that.

(no subject)

i just heard one of the cute marketing girls say into the phone, "if you're coming, go in the back way to avoid the crowd"

tqc, what's the most inadvertently dirty thing you've overhead recently?

(no subject)

Disregard the dirtiness of the plate and the shittiness of the picture. Is this plate designed for something specific?

EDIT: For reference, it was owned by a wealthy German woman living just outside of New York City between around 1910 and 1960.
Give a dog a home

(no subject)

I want to send my friend a hilarious e-card for her birthday, so or won't cut it. What is a great site for hilarious SFW cards?

Should I eat what I brought for lunch, or get a meatball sub?

What is the strangest thing in your house right now? My husband brought home a 4-foot tall traffic light.
Completely stolen from epilogia.  Awesom


Would you get offended if sent a humorous holiday card depicting a figure not from your religious faith? For instance, if you were Jewish and a traditional "season's greetings" message contained an image of an annoyed Santa, would you rather not receive it?

Those of you who work and go to school, do you think its acceptable to spend time at the office to complete school projects, like essays? Would it be acceptable if there was no actual work to do?

What's the best conversation with a random stranger you've ever had?
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(no subject)

I iwould willingly accept a hug from

immediate family
a distant relative
a distant relative who smells like mothballs
a friend
a friend of a friend
a friend of a friend who smells like stale cigarettes
a spouse or SO of a friend
a good internet friend you've never met
the spouse/SO or friend of a good internet friend you've never met
your boss
a coworker
an acquaintance
a random (non-smelly) stranger
a smelly bum
none of the above

Weird Games

So my best friend and I were mucking about late the other night, and ended up doing these weird physical game type things. We did one where we both lay on the floor on our backs with our eyes shut, and held our arms up at a 90 degree angle to the floor, held them there for a while, then very very very slowly lowered them to the floor  and at a certain point it felt like we were on a table and our hands were 'below' us, when they weren't. We also tried this weird thing. He'd been told by someone that the power of the mind is really strong, so he had to tell himself that he was really really weak, for a few minutes,  and then I had to try and hold his arms down to his sides. And then he was supposed to tell himself he was really really strong and it was supposed to be easier. (It was, but I'm  quite weak myself, so all it did was lead to us both giggling like maniacs) He was telling me last night about one where you push against a door frame and then later your arms go up by themselves?

Do you know any other weird physical games/experiments that we could try tonight?

(no subject)

What kind of experiences do people head towards if they want to get away from the shallowness, vainness, and materialisticness of this life? Sure, volunteering, but anything else? I hear the Peace Corps is great for this, too, but anything else?

Not saying I'm not any of those things. I just want to get away from those things IN me and around me.

Didn't mean to make this really emo. Actually not even feeling sad...just want to seek those experiences.

(no subject)

I have a couple of computer related questions::

1. Can you please share a reliable site or a program download that converts anything into mp4?
I need to do this for my Zune.

2. How do I open a .rar file?
I can download but then it tells me that my windows cannot find the program to open the rar.
I am a dumb brunette

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I should really be doing uni work but oh well.....

At the end of January I am moving in with my boyfriend, partly due to financial reasons. His flatmate has a new job in a city far, far away and the poor boyfriend can't cope with the rent on his own.

This is the first time I have moved away from home though I have been able to fend for myself when the parentals have taken extremely long holidays.

So thequestionclub what advice do you have for me?

I should add that I'm getting my own bedroom and bathroom so the issue of the toilet seat has been covered ;)

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(no subject)


Do you like soup?  What is your favorite kind of soup?

If you had the option of taking a bus or a subway to get to your destination and both options would get you to the same place in the same amount of time, which would you take?

squeeze toy

(no subject)

If you were making a video memorial tribute to a lost loved one, what song would you use? I'm talking like a photo montage. The only songs that come to mind are Sia's "Breathe Me" (because of the Six Feet Under finale) and whatever song is used in this video memorial montage. I was looking through my collection and found none of them to be appropriate. I haven't lost anyone, I just, um, like being prepared.
Bravo Seinfeld

DVD Burner Software

I just bought a new macbook a few months ago and have been trying to get all my software loaded onto it.

I have yet to find a good DVD Burning software though. I want to copy my DVD's so that I can keep the orignals safe, because my roommates usually scratch the heck out of them.

Any suggestions for software that is Mac friendly?  
Haruhi disappearance

(no subject)

1) TQC/frinklecat lovers, will you please give me the definition of "frinkle?" :)

2) Which one of you came into the office on my lunch break and changed the radio station to the top 40 channel? Why'd you do it, man? Why?

3) Do you have pen ink/pencil lead residue on your pinky finger right now?
3a) Which hand do you write with?

(no subject)

I turn twenty in ten days. Since it's my last few days as a teenager ever, I want to do something very...teenagerly before then.

What are some fun teenagerly things that I can do?
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(no subject)

Dear TQC Dog Owners:

I take care of my mother's dog. He's a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. He has long flowing Fabio-like hair. Yesterday, we got 11 inches of snow, and are expecting a Nor'Easter this weekend.

Whenever he comes in from outside, snow is matted in his long chest-fur and all over the long hair on his legs. It's about a 10 minute process whenever I take him in to buff him with a towel and brush out all the snow.

Would it be wrong or bad or detrimental to him for me to have his chest and legs shaved for the winter?

How to boil an egg for dummies

Last night, I went to hard boil some eggs to pack in my lunches in the coming week. I like hard boiled eggs muchly.

I cooked the eggs, but the water never seemed to get to a "roiling boil." In fact, my gas stove seems to be inept at actually getting water to boil. So I left them in for a while, and about five minutes after there were bubbles.

The first egg I tried to peel was not done at ALL. Oozed everywhere. So I put the eggs back on the stove for about ten-twenty more minutes (I didn't pay attention to the boiling this time, I admit).

The next one I peeled came out fine, I thought. But today I bite into it and the yolk is still kind of liquid-y.

1. Since I ate the yolk when I bit into it, am I gonna die now?

2. Can I rescue the eggs that I didn't peel last night by boiling them again? They've been refrigerated overnight.

3. What the hell did I do wrong? If I can't get the water to boil then how long do I leave them in? Why is it so hard to boil an egg?

4. What's the last really simple thing you screwed up?
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Science Club

I can't decide what to do with my High School's Science Club. We're very poor and there are hardly good experiments that aren't costly or easy. Should I lecture them on Science topics? Theories? Any good experiments that are hardly costly?

Or any good Science Club ideas in general?

Thank you!
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MLP - pinkie chicken

(no subject)

I'm a college freshman, and my final grades for the semester just showed up online.

I've wound up with a 3.5 GPA. This keeps my scholarship (HOPE, for Georgia residents) and lets me stay in the honors dorm/program.

So, TQC, why am I feeling so .. mad at myself? Is this warranted? (3 A's and 2 B's).

(no subject)

What was cruelest way you broke up with someone?

What article of clothing will you NOT wear outside the house?

When you get money as a gift do you spend it right away or save it for something special?

The Language of Love

Which pickup line would have the best chance of working on you?

"You are the most interesting piece of ass I've taked to all evening"
"You're so hot I could roast my meat on you, baby"
"The only reason I'd kick you out of bed would be to fuck you on the floor. I might even wake you up for it"
"I'd like to wrap your legs around my head and wear you like a feedbag"
"Are you a lumberjack? Because you just gave me wood"
"Were both your parents retarded? Because you seem like a special girl to me"
"Honey, your dad doesn't have a penis, he's got a paintbrush"
"Excuse me, miss, do you give head to strangers? No? Well, then, allow me to introduce myself"
"I can't find my puppy. Can you help me find him? I think he went into that cheap motel room over there..."
"If I were to ask you for sex, would your answer be the same as the answer to this question?"
"True, there's a lot of fish in the sea, but you're the only one I'd like to catch and mount back at my place"
"If we were both squirrels, would you let me bust a nut in your hole?"
"I'm going to have sex tonight no matter what, so you might as well be there"
"Excuse me, does my tongue taste funny to you?"
"Hey, did you fart? Because you blew me away!"

(no subject)

Bathroom questions:
1. Have you ever felt nervous having to go to the bathroom in a public restroom? (Such that you try to wait until no one is in there before you "go"?)
2. Do you still, or have you ever referred to urine and feces as "Number 1" and "Number 2"?

Habit/Peeve questions:
1. Do you have a bad habit? What is it?
2. What is your biggest pet peeve?

(no subject)

1) I know this question has been asked before, but I'm going to be a little more detailed -
I'm sick at home and I would really like to read a fiction book. What would you recommend to keep me occupied? I'm pretty much willing to try any genre, except for really intense sci fi (aka lots of magical battle scenes)

2) If you're in school, how long is your Christmas break and when?
Mine is a month, starting today.

3) On a scale of 1 to 10, how exciting do you think the city where you live is? Do you like where you live or would you rather move, but something is holding you back?
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Mitty box

(no subject)

My cat just ate a french fry. Is she gonna die? What's the weirdest thing your pet (or you, if you don't have a pet) has ever eaten?

Are you sick right now?
I am. =(

Have you ever skydived? If not, would you?

When I quit my job next month, how should I do it?

What did the bullies pick on you for the most in school?
I was poor, so I was picked on most for that.
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mr jummy

People who make lots of international phone calls...

I've been using an ASUS Pebble along with VoipBuster for the past several months to call from The Netherlands to the US. Lately it's been sucking more and more, and I'm looking for other options. The reason we chose these guys is A: they worked with the Pebble adapter, and B: free calls for 4 months everytime you put 10 euro into your account. It's not been a bad deal, but it's getting really flaky and it's annoyed me to the point where I'm looking for other options. If you make lots of international calls, who do you use? Skype's rates aren't bad, but last time we checked they weren't compatible with our device... so something besides them please =)

(no subject)

really need beauty advice.. I've always had long, straight, boring brown hair and I am considering having it dyed blonde tomorrow - professionally of course. I've been debating this for about, oh, 3 years now. Should I go blonde? 

Collapse )

snf pink

(no subject)

1.  How old were you when you were first disappointed in your parents?  Not angry or frustrated, but actually disappointed with the way they acted, morally or otherwise. 

2.  What is the worst stereotype you've heard about?  How many people do you know that fit into that stereotype? 

(no subject)

1. HALP! What was that music video where that girl found her boyfriend cheating on her and she threw him out of the house and in a fit of rage she goes eating EVERYTHING, including furniture?
Groove Coverage- 7 years and 50 Days was the song!

2. What made you happy today?

ess eee exxx

Do you enjoy being called names (bitch, slut, whore, & so on) while getting it on?
Do you enjoy calling someone names while getting it on?

Do you think a women enjoying being called names counters feminism?

ETA my answers: Yes. Yes. No.

Decide my future for me, tqc!

After I graduate and go to SDSU (assuming I get in...), where should I live?  (Money won't be a problem for me in any senario).
a) in a dorm
b) rent an apartment with my friend
c) rent an apartment alone

Until last week I was going to rent with one of my friends, but I have realised that she's not the kind of person I want to be around all the time.  I just found out she has lied to me about quite a few things and she kind of fake to one of our friends, but says she won't have to be when they don't have to see each other (which is...terrible, imo).  Anyway, she's done some dumb stuff and fights dirty and I am totally rethinking our room mate plan and I am totally bummed. :C

What are you experiences with the above living arrangements?
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1)I need to explain the concept of anxiety to people who don't believe in mental illness. What should I do?

2)Have you heard of the cough medicine 3 6s?

eta: how would you even find grad student health insurance? I really do need my medicine.

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1. Do you think negatively of someone in their young 20's that has a child?

2. What about if they have 2 or more children?

3. What age did you have your first child? If you don't have any yet do you plan on having kids and what would be your ideal age to have them?

Dear TQC

1: To all gay black men, under 5'9" what is your favorite malt liquor?

2: To brunette, atheist, living on the west coast what brand of hair dye do you use?

3: To all shy, overwieght, Neo Constitutionalist are you looking to purchase a car in the next 6 months? If so what type?
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I have a car that I absolutely have to get rid of this weekend- the only problem is I don't have the car's title, and I don't have $50/the time to go to the DMV to get the car's title. So my question is... is there any way to make money off this car without having the title? I can't sell it to a private party, but could I pawn it or something? I don't know- I just really need to get rid of it.

Thanks guys

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Well, I got called a Chink the other day. It only annoyed me because I'm not even Chinese, I'm Korean. However, my whole life I've only ever been called a Chink or Jap, and now I'm curious: What are some racial slurs for Koreans?

Do you have a trend for the types of gifts you buy your SO? I just noticed that everything I've gotten him is extremely useful and impersonal, such as a Britta water pitcher and a George Foreman grill...

edit NM about the first question; my brain died and forgot to Google it. :/
Sam outside

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Panic Questions:
1. Have you ever had a panic attack?
2. Do you have them frequently?
3. Do you take medicine for it?

Random Questions:
a. Where is your heart tonight?
b. What's something quirky about your best friend?
c. What's one thing that's sexy to you?

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You have the ability to travel to any location, during any period of time, and stay there until you so wish to leave. The only stipulation is that, while you can bear witness, you do not have the ability to interact in any way.

Where do you go? Why?


In addition to that, you have two other "super powers". What are they? Why did you pick those?

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1)do you have a more relaxed[people are usually doing their best,etc] or a more harsh[if anyone has a problem, it's their own fault!] view towards other people? Do people with the other view annoy you?

I am more relaxed, more harsh people annoy me as I am a nervous type, who can imagine any number of things happening and causing the harsher people not to be able to 'hack it'