December 13th, 2007



Hey guys, I'm going in for a biopsy tomorrow on a nodule on my thyroid. The doctor says that its super common.

So, Have any of you ever had this procedure done? Tell me about it.

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I don't know a lot about internet slangs... can you guys help me out and define them for me?

I know SO is significant other, IMHO, brb, lol, the "normal" ones, but what is everything else?

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1. What's the most depressing, cry your eyes out music you listen to? I'm in the mood to curl up with my tea and get weepy and sad, but none of my music is doing it for me anymore.

2. I have a bag of rhinestones and some crazy glue. What should I decorate?
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What do you think of 'casual gaming' (Peggle, web games, Popcap) vs 'serious gaming' -- games designed for a gaming system (Halo, Portal, RPGs)?

Is one better than the other?

Do you play one type, both types, or don't game at all?

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I need to keep awake for the next two hours or so, TQC. What should I do to keep myself awake, besides massive amounts of Vault? I'm really sleepy right now and I'm outside in a tank top in 60* weather, with lights on. I can also stay up for a while since i have a ten-hour train ride home tomorrow.  Any advice to keep me up?

Also, hypothetically, would you walk 20 minutes in 4 inches of snow to rendevous with a SO you hadn't seen in a month? And what would you exact from your SO as payment for this venture? Assume you have no other way of getting there besides walking. Non-srs answers welcome.

Edit: I'm sleeping during the dryer cycle, and I'm seeing the hypothetical SO. Thanks!

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Anyone else relate? I've noticed that when I really click with someone at first and end up having a great, long conversation with that person, the second, actual planned meet up turns out to be awkward with no connection. Like, you got to know the person so well during the first random talk that you've run out of things to talk about, or the inital seemed much more interesting because you didn't expect anything.

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My sister has a friend that she hooked up with back in the day, but things have been platonic for several years. He's a physical therapist now and works for a doctor's office that doesn't take HIP health insurance, which is what she has. She threw her back out and was having trouble for a while, and was thinking of calling to make an appointment with her friend, since he said he'd help her for free as a favor. Her boyfriend flipped out and told her he wouldn't allow it (they're already close to breaking up and him being a dumbass isn't helping) and that she'd probably cheat on him if she went to see her friend. She made the appointment anyway, but didn't tell her boyfriend, and when he asked where she was going said she was going to class (which she skipped to go to the appointment).

Do you think keeping the appointment a secret was a good idea? Should she have gone to someone else and paid instead of dealing with the situation? How would you have dealt with this situation?

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1. If you take sleeping pills or anti-anxiety meds on a regular would you describe that feeling when they kick in? Because I cant explain it. All I know is it feels goooood.

2. Ok. If you are a vegetarian, would you ever eat kobe beef? (Not necessarily on a regular basis, just try it) Whether youre a vegetarian for moral or health reasons, I could see this as an exception, to my beliefs at least.

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I'm waiting up for my SO to call me and say goodnight.
I have to be up at 7 (its 1 now)
something tells me I should go to bed
but another part of me makes me stay up & wait
so i do

how much do you sacrifice for your significant other?
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What's your favorite childhood memory?

Mine: My aunt was 15 when I was born. When I was little she'd take me to the movies with her, put makeup on me, and we'd lay on the floor at my grandma's watching Saved By The Bell and 90210. Now she's got her own kids and we don't even really talk that much. :(

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1. Would you rather:
a) Your SO told you that they were starting to feel uncertain about the relationship, and wanted some time apart to think about it, or
b) Your SO told you, seemingly out of the blue, that they felt the relationship wasn't what they wanted anymore

2. What's your dream breakfast?

3. What's the last non-LJ page you visited?

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Is it naive of me to be convinced I could never cheat on someone I was dating? I don't understand not having that kind of self control.

Not including polyamorous relationships, do you believe there are people who are incapable of being monogamous?

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I am getting braces on December 19. This is a really big ordeal to me considering I've wanted them for many MANY years but my parents have not had the funds to pay for them. So now at 18, I am finally able. I plan on making a seperate LJ account so I can keep track of my progress however I cant think of any clever usernames. Can you recommend anything?

Also for those of you with braces/who know someone with braces: what color ligatures would you say are the least noticable? most noticable?

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Whats your favorite movie? & why?
Swimfan. I just love the story and Jesse Bradford is one of my favorite actors.

What is your least favorite movie? & why?
Probably Just Friends because it just wasn't funny.

What movie has the worst ending?
I would have to say "The Last Kiss".

If you have seen Hitman what did you think of it?
The first time I saw it I really didn't like it and didn't understand wtf was going on. & then I went and saw it a second time with a friend who wanted to see & now its one of my favorite movies. Weird, yes?

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Do you every wonder what your pets think about or remember? I always wonder what our cat Ba`ast (icon above) remembers about his life before he joined our family. He was about 6-9 months old when we adopted him from a shelter. He had been placed with a family before us but they brought him back because he was "too much". He has been with us for over 12 years so I don't know if he even remembers a time before being part of our family but I am curious.
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Secret Santa/Gift Exchange

I am having a gift exchange with some people at work, I was wondering what is a good price to set for the gift. So, far I have set the limit $20-$30. Is this too much/too little?

Keep in mind that the majority of the people who are taking part are teenagers, but they are the ones who recommanded that price range.
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We can choose to be sensitive to other's limitations, but they can also become a form of manipulation, controlling what we are allowed to say so that the other is not offended.

Do you have people in your life that do this to you? 

How do you deal with it?

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I know this  is a semi-annoying question, but do you ever get annoyed that people don't credit their icons?

I do. For one, it's rude if you don't credit as a habit. For two, it's annoying because if you have a great icon, I don't want to steal it and then we'll have the same icon - I just want to know who made it so I can go and enjoy the rest of their work. But no, I can't. Because you don't credit your icons. /rant
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just curious

you're imagining thisI have a pair of cousin·in·laws, if that's even a term, that are wholly addicted to egg nog. Doesn't matter how many gallons you've got prepared...they can consume it all in just under an hour. Family has tried for years to make them their own batches in excessive quantity to no avail...

...thinking on this earlier got me to wondering this.
  • Do you make your own egg nog or do you buy it?

  • If you buy it, what's your favorite kind and why?

  • If you make it, what do you put in it?

Happy Holidays!
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In honor of Ike Turner's death, I will ask these questions. Is it ever justified to beat your spouse or significant other?


Suppose they were really asking for it? How would you then administer the hurt?

Open-palm bitch slap
Closed-fist punch
Back-of-the-hand pimp slap
Sharp elbow
Haymaker with 3-revolution wind-up
Hit them with a sack of oranges so it won't leave bruises

If a loved one doesn't do as you ask, when should violence be used?

The second time you have to ask
The third time you have to ask
The fourth time you have to ask
Beyond the fourth time
Violence is never an answer

If you had the power to make it happen, what penalty should spousal abusers suffer?

Prison, few months
Prison, few years
$500 fine
Removal of a the hand they used to make a fist with
Sweet Jesus

Swollen Fingers

For some reason, my pinky finger on my right hand is swelling and itching. The swelling is concentrated around my joints. I can still bend it, but not as much, or as easily, as my other fingers. I've actually had this problem on and off for a few years now, with various fingers. The joints will swell up and itch, and even hurt. They'll stay like that for several weeks, and then the swelling will go away. I asked my doctor about it once, but she didn't really tell me anything useful (I don't think any of my fingers were swollen at the time, either). Does anyone have any idea what is going on, or ever experienced something similar??

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I just smashed my finger in my desk drawer. OW.

Are you allowed to listen to music at work?

Are you listening to music right now?

Can you recommend me a song or an album, or an artist you really enjoy?

I recommend The Shout Out Louds and the Album Our Ill Wills. It's been in my music rotation for several months now, and it's not leaving for a long time. :D
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I just finished watching the entire nine seasons of The X-files.  And there's going to be a new movie in the summer. 

So, TQC, is The X Files the father or mother of all myth-arc based shows on tv?

How should I feel??

My dog just took a red sharpie in the bedroom and I'm too lazy to take it away from her. I'm not afraid of her eating it, but I know the bed will have puppy art work all over it. How should I feel about this? *my lack of interest in the destruction going on in my room as I type this*

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TQC, how do you calm your nerves? I have my thesis defense tomorrow morning and I'm already a bundle of nerves just thinking about it. Are there any exercises or anything I can do in my office tomorrow morning before I step into the lion's den to be bombarded with questions on a topic I've devoted my entire past 16 months to?

Edit: I'm finding stuff on Google, I'm just wondering what works for you.
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I start my new job monday(!). Should I visit TQC during the workday like I used to, or don't use the interwebs at all? they said it's okay "to check email and the like".

What color should I paint my nails this weekend?

Should I bake cookies for my retail co-workers this weekend?

Where's the bathroom?

Is he the grinch who stole christmas or.....?

I was talking to my new neighbours this past couple weeks, and they've had major drama lately. I think she's completely right, but then again I might be biased as being her friend.

Collapse )

So being bored wating to see what happens, I've been bugging people to see who thinks this mofo is a heartless rip off artist.

1)Do you think I should report him for ripping off low income families and disabled people?
2)what would you do?
3)would you kick his ass like 2/3rds of this building wants to do?

EDIT: edited to correct structure and to add a couple sentences.

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Will you tell me the best anecdote you've ever heard and/or told? If it's one you tell, have you modified it at all from the trufax, or from the original version you heard? What was the source of the anecdote?

Also, do you think some people are just not worth arguing with? Why?

Is there a certain person or type of people that especially piss you off? What about the person/people is it that makes you mad? Are you ever able to see things from their point of view?

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im in a musical and i have a performance tonight, a choral performance tommrow during the day, another musical performance tommorow night, and a musical performance the next night.
and i dont know what to do.

i woke up with a sore throat, i dont know why.
i was congested too, but now i only have a sore throught.
i need a pretty immediate solution.
any ideas on how to get rid of this sore throat ASAP?


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1.) How do you maintain your weight?

2.) Next week Im going ice skating for the first time since kindergarten. (Im 22 now) Am I going to kill myself? Any tips/advice?

3.) Whats the one thing bothering you the most right now?

I'm tired of decisions!

It's finals week and my brain has atrophied out of my ears. Time to let the internets decide my life for me, because all 3 of these sound pretty amazing right now.


- Panera Bread (half a chicken caesar sandwich + small bowl of broccoli cheddar soup)
- Pita Pit (chicken caesar pita + some chips)
- Chili's (chicken caesar salad to go)

Oh gee, I wonder what my body is craving right now? LOL

Edit: Well Panera Bread is clearly going to own every other choice according to you guys, so I guess that's it. :D *goes out for some yumminess*
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Another thing I've been wondering... what do you call a spouse's step-parents? "Step-Mother-in-law" sounds weird.

[Edit: When talking to them I use their first names - I'm asking what's the "correct" term for that relationship.]

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What are three things that made YOU happy today?

  1. Even though I'm fat and full of period bloat my shorts fit today
  2. I'm going to the sunny sunny beach today.
  3. Both my boyfriend AND my parents are paying me this week :O


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Dear TQC:

Today, in celebration of my final day of classes, I stopped at a little Chinese place and bought myself lunch. I was nice to the fellow behind the counter, smiled, said please and thank you. That was the extent of our interaction.

I saw other customers come in and pick up orders. Nothing unusual happened.

When he called me up for my order, I paid him and then he gave me an oddly blank business card with just the name and phone number of someone and "Independent Representative" printed under his name. He told me if I needed a job, I should call that man. Then he gave me a free wall hanging calendar.

Is it a prostitution gig?!
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I live in a city thirty miles away from Orlando, Florida. The school I want to go to is there, but I really, really don't like Orlando so I absolutely do not want to move there. I want to spare my really good car all those miles of driving back and forth every day, so I am looking for a cheap car to do that driving.
There is a '86 Honda Accord I found on craigslist for 500 dollars and I emailed the seller. He said there was about 200k miles on it and needed steering/cruise control stuff fixed.

Is it worth it to buy this car for my plan? I do plan on seeing the car beforehand.

Should I get something else?
I <3 TLV

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This box of peanut brittle says "15% More Free!" Am I right in thinking that it's grammatically incorrect, and should read "15% More, Free!"? Because as it is, it means that it's 15% more free that the amount of "free" it was previously, right?

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Deck the halls with boughs of holly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Tis the season to be jolly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Don we now our gay apparel,
Fa la la, la la la, la la la.
Troll the ancient Yule tide carol,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

What 'gay apparel' is the song talking about?

Festive, merry garb
Assless chaps
Cowboy hat
Bright, colorful clothes
Leather vest
Flannel shirt, comfortable shoes
Outfits that are the Christmas colors of red and green
Lots of pink
Anything with a lot of straps and zippers
Clay Aiken t-shirt
High School Musical t-shirt
Santa Claus suit

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Should the arts be a fundamental part of a public school curriculum? Why?

I think so. Being a music major, and seeing my music program and art program go down the shitter when I was in high school (our art program was the largest elective program in our school, and the least funded, and our music program had a chorus and a band that totaled about 75 kids and we got $2000 dollars a year to buy everything we needed), I hate that kids arent able to have a good arts programs. I just wrote research paper on how Music and the Arts help children learn and perform better in schools, and I was surprised to see how many studies PROVE that arts and music help kids. I knew that it was a fact, but damn, I don't see why people always cut them first, seeing as they help in not only math but english and make kids more self-aware

Is is snowing where you live?
We're getting about an inch an hour and it's awesome.

Do you like snow?
I love snow!
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Does anyone care about what Major League Baseball players were "cheating" by using steroids? My brother's watching the c-span-like report that's on every version of ESPN and totally having a nut over it. He's even on the phone with one of his boyfriend's talking about it.

So, my questions:
Do you care about baseball?
Do you thinking that the players who used steroids are ~CHEATING~ and deserve being outed like this and staying out of the Hall Of Fame?

War Craft and my Mac

Ive been googling this for a while but haven't found anything really helpful...

I have an Intel based Mac running Leopard and I cannot get War Craft III TFT to run, it doesnt even open/crashes when I try to open it.

Besides running it via parallels or bootcamp, does anyone know a solution to this? I think it's a problem with the intel thing rather than the leopard thing but I dont know, heeeellpppp meeee please! I have a PC side set up but I hate it :( I want to run it in Mac land

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I am going to Spain in June, but I do not have enough money for the study abroad program. I am going to get a loan, but I have about $2,000 saved. Right now, I don't really earn much interest on my savings account. I will have to make installment payments of the money periodically until June. Is there a better way to save my money and earn interest that will not freeze the funds for when I have to make installments?

Random questions

Do you enjoy grammar? Why or why not?

When you were in school, did your teachers shove grammar down your throat? Or did you not study it all that much?

Do you know the difference between who and whom?

What about hyphenation rules? Do you know what they are and what words to hyphenate vs. not?

Just curious. I know all of this. But then again, it's my JOB to know all of this. Heh. :)


Is it snowing where you are?

It's just raining here. But it seems like EVERY state surrounding us is getting snow! :( (I'm in Maryland.)

What celebrity can you absolutely NOT stand?

Britney Spears, Ann Coulter, and Paris Hilton for me.
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Does your family do a 'Big Christmas'? Do you always have it at home, or do you rotate round relatives?

This year, we're having eleven people over, plus the four of us. Last year, we went to my aunt's, and there were eighteen people. My family are very into bit meet-ups this time of year.

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1. Can anyone explain stressed/unstressed syllables to me? For some reason, it's always escaped me, and most of the time I can't tell the difference.

2. Everybody seems to want to visit tropical areas. Have you ever wanted to visit an area in the far north?

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You let your SO use your cell phone for about a month.
The statement comes as usual with a record of all the ingoing and outgoing texts and calls.

do you snoop through it and see who they were dialing?

Gifts for kids!

Any ideas for natural/eco-friendly (and vegan) gifts to give two young girls? I have two sisters-in-law who are around 8 and 10, and I have no idea what to get them for Christmas (my husband has no clue either - he sees them at most once a year). Does anyone have kids or siblings around that age? What kind of stuff do they like? Whatever I get them, I'd like to be made of natural materials (ie no plastic toys). Suggestions plz!

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Why do you think guys are mean to girls on the internet?
Is it because they don't know them?
Is it because they have issues with girls?
Is it because their all assholes and think just because their hiding behind their computer their free to make people feel like shit?

By the way, Walmart took back the ds lite with no problem.


Quick question, since my google-fu skills are failing me.

I have a color ink cartridge for my Lexmark printer (the black is dead). What is a good way to store this cartridge so that it doesn't dry out by the time I get back at the end of January, since I am not taking my printer home with me?

I'm trying to avoid having to spend the money on a color cartridge especially when it's still so full, and ink cartridges are so damn expensive these days.
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On my cover letter I wrote,

"Granted, I don't have a lot of work experience. However, I feel that I have the skills and the ability to do a lot of good for your company."

How can I make that sound better?

bad tattoo

Has someone you've known gotten a bad tattoo?

Did you tell them it was lame? Would you?

What was it?

My friend got a terrible Tori Amos tattoo. I tried to talk her out of getting it. After she got it, I thought it looked hideous but didn't have the heart to tell her. She loves it.
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equal opportunity employment

My boyfriend told me it's illegal in the USA for companies to not hire someone based on their past criminal record, as long as the record has nothing to do with the job. I looked it up, and while I found that to be true in Australia I couldn't find anything about it being the case for America. I did look at the equal opportunity site and didn't see anything.

So, is what my boyfriend told me true? Anyone know?
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party games

What are some good games to play at a Christmas party?

I'm having my first party at my new house and I want people to be entertained. I have a couple of rooms they can split off into, and I'm fairly sure it'll be warm , so we can go outside if that's a requirement.

I'm thinking getting-to-know-you kinds of things, drinking games...anything that doesn't take a lot of equipment.

i found the link on for anyone who wants to make a snarky remark about ron paul

I'm about to go get some dinner, so I'm probably going to leave this post to receive comments and will avoid responding.

Would you watch this video made by the U.S. Government Accountability Office?

Would you notice how he uses the phrase "current dollar terms"?

How would you propose the U.S. government deal with its deficit spending while at the same time providing nationalized healthcare?

Are you ready to start paying much more in taxes than you are now?

Did you know that before any other nation had a dollar more powerful than our own, U.S. law defined the dollar in terms of the total number of grains of silver in a coin?
narrator - f1_roxie

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Plz halp, TQC!

I was playing a word game online the other day. It had kind of like a hangman type puzzle, where you'd get a category and guess letters and then you could make a guess as to what the answer was. But also, there were a bunch of letters below and you had to make words kind of like in Boggle, and the way you'd guess the letters for the hangman part was, whatever letter the word you spelled started with was the letter you'd guess.

I don't know if I explained it very well, but does anybody know the name of this game? I really want to find it and play it again.
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1. Let's say you're typing something and you misspell a word or maybe realize that you want to add a word before the last word you typed - do you backspace and make corrections or do you click the spot you'd like to change and make your corrections?

I backspace. It's partly because I just like typing but also because I'm too lazy to take my hands off the keyboard.

2. My brother got Guitar Hero for his birthday last weekend. We've been obsessed with it since and the two of us have discussed how we hear songs and think how great they would be to play on Guitar Hero. Who else does this?

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-Approximately 4 in 10 young women in the U.S. become pregnant at least once before turning 20 years old.( Facts in Brief: Teen Sex and Pregnancy, The Alan Guttmacher Institute, New York, 1996).

How old are you?
How sexually active are you? (At what ages? Did/do you use any form of contraceptives?)
Have you gotten pregnant?
How old were you when you first got pregnant? Was it planned?

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my phone is a couple years old and I'm lookin' to buy myself a new one as a gift to MYSELF.

I have cingular//at&t as my provider.
it needs to have a camera (because I've never had a camera phone! and bluetooth technology because I have a bluetooth ear thingy)
it also needs to be as cheap as a phone can be with those kinds of assets.



have you ever purchased a gift for yourself during holiday seasons? if so, what?

(no subject)

I have an assignment to read a book by one of these authors:

Jeffrey Archer
Sir Conan Doyle
Agatha Christie
PD James
Ken Follett
Reginald Hill
Peter Robinson
Margaret Frazier
Dorothy L. Sayers
Anne Perry
Elizabeth George
Martha Grames
John Le Carre

If you're familiar with any of their books, I would looooove if you made a suggestion.
Bert Shocked

Politics as usual

Forget for a minute their political stance and beliefs,

What is a bigger step towards social progress in America?

a. A woman as the president
b. A black man as the president
c. It doesn't matter, as long as they do a good job.

please, elaborate

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i was helping my friend look for guy mittens for her boyfriend that are nice and woolly and knit-like (no luck, any ideas of where to find some?) and i suddenly remembered this book i read when i was twelve-ish, but i could only remember the one part of it. in short, boy meets girl, boy likes girl, boy (or girl) decides to knit mittens or gloves so that on one pair, the hands are in a "hand-holding" sort of position. when he finally gives them to her they have trouble getting them on, and that concludes my memory. does anyone have a clue of what book or story this is?

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I know you guys hate these kinds of questions, but I'm really stuck here.

What kind of presents do I get for family that I have seen about once in 20 years?  I currently live in WA, and they are in IL.  I am visiting for Christmas, and getting to know my family again.  I was thinking about Washington themed christmas ornaments, but I can't find any!

My next choice was little gift portions of smoked salmon, but everyone in the family hates fish (well, at least now I know where that comes from...).

HALP!!!  The gifts have to be fairly small, kinda cheap, and fit for ages 21-75. I need 11 of them.

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Do you watch Smallville? What do you think of Chloe?

I think it's annoying when she tries to be witty. She just sounds like an idiot. I think she's so ugly. My SO thinks she's cute. :((

(no subject)

my best friend and i are planning our ~vacation trip~ for the upcoming year.. TQC, WHERE SHOULD WE GO!?!

be as specific as you can be as to why we should choose YOUR destination. i'm going to link her back to this entry, so make it good. I AM COUNTING ON YOU GUYS.

LADIES.. would you rather be flat-chested or have no ass whatsoever?
Darren -- Stupid Mistake


How legal is it(in the state of NM or anywhere) for a city employee to give out personal contact information to a regular citizen when there's no court order or anything?

Like... go into their city computers, get all the info and give it to someone on the back of a business card without the permission or knowledge of the person it belongs to?
Hell - Picasso Devil

(no subject)

Does anyone know the name of the/a community where it automatically picks up icons uploaded to LJ and displays them for perusing? I know there are scripts that pick out images in general, but I know I saw an icon one.


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To the dog owners:

Do your dogs freak out during thunderstorms or fireworks?  What do you do to calm him/her down?

We just randomly had a fireworks show in the river by my apartment, and the dog went insane.  Tail totally tucked under his body, crying, trying to hide, running in circles, trying to escape.  I took him to the lobby of the building, hoping the sound of the water would calm him down, which kind of helped (couldn't hear the fireworks from there).  Twenty minutes later, he's still kind of freaking out - panting, me!

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I was snooping and I found gay porn on my boyfriend’s computer. I’ve never had reason to think he’s gay, but this has me wondering. Should I try to bring it up or should I ignore it? Maybe it’s just a means of working through a fantasy he has that he wouldn’t pursue in real life?
What would you do?

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What's a good alternative chewtoy for a puppy that I can find or make around the house? I didn't think to pick one up today, and MooCow keeps wanting to chew on my laptop power cord.

(no subject)

1)I worry that when I become a certain age, somehow I'll end up wearing christmas sweaters and believing in the sort of slogans you see on posters in elementary schools. Is this inevitable? Can it be prevented?

eta: I use firefox and I wonder if you can block usericons selectively or must you block all of them?
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So I'm on a date with this guy, we get to talking about differences between men and women, you know the drill. Very enlightening. Apparently, "guys kind of go by the philosophy, 'eh, she'll get over it.' when it comes to girls."

I know all men are different and all that, but it rang true to me. Not for every guy, but it would explain a good chunk of the stupid shit they pull. Later on though, I have to move and Matilda the cat gets shoved unceremoniously off the bed. I think, Eh, she'll get over it. Then I was like, "is that really how guys think of girls? Like I think of my cat?" and he nods.
I am troubled by this.
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1. Hetero ladies: What three women would you totally go gay for?

1. a. Hetero gentlemen: What three men would you go gay for?

1. b. Everyone else: Mix and match.  You know how it goes. 

1. Miranda Kerr, Kat Von D, and Carmen Electra.
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When will my Sociology instructor have my final paper graded?

I turned it in around 5pm yesterday, and she has more than 1 class.

What grade do you think I will get?

I don't think her grading abilities are all that awesome.

Two girls; one cup

For the past month or so people have been talking about the video "Two girls; one cup" that is circulating on the internet. The topic has even been brought up by a local radio show the other day. I read that it was really really bad and one needed brain bleach after watching it. I went to urban dictionary to look it up because I didn't want to risk actually seeing it. Apparently it involves two girls, bodily functions and one girl drinking the other one's bodily function in which much vomiting takes place.

Now I have absolutely no interest in seeing said video because that's just not my thing. However, it got me thinking.

What would motivate someone to do such a thing? Does anyone know the origin of this stupidity? Was it a bet? Was it for internet glory?

I would google this but I refuse to risk seeing this dumbness. But I, for one, cannot imagine what inspired this now infamous video.

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Why am I having such a hard time writing my "personal statements" for grad school?

I started them in September and still haven't completed a single one.

Does anyone have any pointers that would help me write these?
abstinence fails

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Do you think there is a limit to when someone should stop receiving modifications in an educational setting? I'm specifically referring to things like getting more time on an exam or being allowed to take the exam in a separate room, not stuff like having an interpreter or getting a large print exam.

I am in graduate school and there is a girl in my program who is allowed to take examinations separately from the rest of the class. No, I don't know why she gets to do this. I feel mean for thinking that she shouldn't receive these modifications, especially when I don't know why she does, but at the same time we are in grad school!

What do you think?