December 12th, 2007

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is anyone else somewhat less than full of christmas cheer?

I feel like a giant downer but I'm not feeling christmas at all this year.

What (aside from putting up decorations and listening to christmas music) generally makes it feel more christmas-y to you? (i.e. does it not feel like christmas until you watch all the christmas specials or specific christmas movies)

I'm trying to make a christmas mix cd for a stocking stuffer for my mom. Most christmas music she has is instrumental. Any suggestions for christmas songs/ artists with christmas songs I should look up that a 60 yr old woman would enjoy but may not have heard yet?

I'm not drunk but my keyboard is

Guys, several ofthe keys no my keybaord are stuck. this isdue to when Ispiled adrink on ita while ago and never cleaned ityet. I wil be plugging in a different keyboard while Iwork on cleanig this ne.
So the question is, does anyone have aquestion that is NOT about weed?


Christmas cookie questions

Okay so I have this sort-of recipe for cheap, easy cookies that requires only Duncan Heinz cake mix, and instead of water substituting fruit juice. For example, lemon cake mix with lemon juice, etc. Then, you're supposed to refrigerate the batter for a while, then bake it like an ordinary cookie. Does this seem like it's just going to create little circular cookie-wannabes with a too-soft cakey texture? Srsly I am not a huge baker, I only do this once a year.

How should I package these cookies for gift giving, also inexpensively? Something tells me that while my friends and family understand my monetary situation, quart-size freezer bags are just trashy.

What are your favorite Christmas cookies?
I usually make sugar cookies, pumpkin chocolate chip, peanut butter, and aztec double chocolate chips (with cinnamon and cayenne) when I have more time and cash.

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If you had something happen to you in more intimate moments, would you still tell your doctor the details or would you try to make it as innocent as possible? Is there even a more innocent way for a guy to say "it hurts when I come"?

TQC guys, if you found out you had a problem with one or both of your testicles, would you object to having them removed?

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Have you ever had a download go all the way to about 98 percent and then just drag on for a ridiculous amount of time, no matter what you did to speed it up?

Did that make you want to rip your hair out or something similarly melodramatic?
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Why do certain websites I visit often or frequently randomly stop loading for me?

About a year ago, and all its sister sites wouldn't load for about three days. I'd get a "DNS Error - Server cannot be found" error and "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" error. Now it's doing it again, only this time for Everyone else I know can load the site, except for me!

Do you think it's my internet provider randomly censoring certain sites? I'm gonna have to rail on their asses if that's the case.

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what would you think if you over heard someone on their cell phone saying they wanted a sonic screwdriver for Christmas?

googling it first is cheating.
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If, for some odd reason, you HAD to get a tattoo, is there somewhere respectable and clean in your area you could go to get it done?  Or would you have to go elsewhere?

What's your opinion on tattoos, anyway?


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Do you quote movies everyday?

Is there a particular quote you use often? If so, what?

Is there a movie quote you want everyone to JUST FORGET already?

I ask my dog, "What's your damage, Heather?" on an hourly basis when he's being a crybaby.

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So I just recently went to my first sex toy party and bought a bullet. Why am I now so nervous to use it?

Have you girls been to a toy party?

Were you nervous to use what you bought?
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How many USB cords do you own? Can you find them when you need them?

How many SD/CF/memory cards do you own? What sizes are they?

Has anyone seen my extra 4GB CF card?

Three unrelated questions...

1. Linux question: My boyfriend is a HUGE HUGE Linux/Unix geek. He recently got a new laptop and was messing around with it last night. He couldn't figure out this one program. It was called KArm or something like that. Anyone know what this is?

2. What is your biggest pet peeve while driving? Mine are: people driving with no brake lights in rush hour traffic, people riding your ass during rush hour traffic, and people who try and try and try to pass you and when they finally DO they go slow.

3. Have you ever heard of a job having a waiting list? Specifically for a proofreader's job with a large financial corporation? One of my coworkers claims that her old temp job had a "waiting list." But I think she's full of shit.
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Question of Etiquette

For those that receive Christmas/Holiday bonuses at work, do you write a letter or card of thanks after receiving them? Is it proper to do so?

Peter Post (etiquette professional) seems to indicate that when receiving a bonus or gift from a corporation, no card of thanks is needed. But does that still apply to gifts/bonuses received from a CEO directly? Does the size of the bonus or gift matter?

Coffee Substitute?

They discontinued Postum. I liked Postum because it was a good coffee substitute, and tasty in its own way IMHO. What would work as well for a coffee substitute besides hot chocolate or tea?

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i have to admit that the first time i heard the song "hey there delilah" on the radio it caught my ear
it was a catchy, underproduced ballad floating on a sea of overproduced crap, such as the enunciation-eschewing "beautiful girls" or britney's 'comeback' song (which managed to repeat the word 'gimme' 84 times over its four minute, eleven second length (twenty times per minute, or once every three seconds)

however as it climbed to the top of the charts it quickly began to grate
as i became famliar with the lyrics it started to sound more and more like a clingy, desperate post-collegiate virgin pining for a woman who had promised to wait for him but had long since moved on to drunken frat gang bangs, and i started switching the station when it would play

until i found out the story behind it -- a story that revealed it to be the most creepy stalker song since the police's 'i'll be watching you' (relevant portion of the wikipedia article copied, mostly verbatim, for the anchorphobic):

The song, "Hey There Delilah" was inspired by Delilah DiCrescenzo, a Columbia University graduate and steeplechase runner training for the 2008 Olympic trials.

There was never a relationship between Tom Higgenson and DiCrescenzo, but Tom was inspired to write a song about her soon after they were introduced by a mutual friend:
"There was never anything between us. It was kind of funny — kind of sad, actually. The story of my life... I thought she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I told her, 'I have a song about you already.' Obviously, there was no song. But I thought it was smooth..."

It took over a year for Tom to write the song. However, the real life Delilah, who wasn't interested in Tom because she was already in a relationship, was not sure how to deal with the pressure of having a song written about her:
"It was so beautifully written. There was pressure to live up to this ideal. I didn't know how to be polite but, you know, ditch him."

Delilah also says of the song,
"When I'm at the gym, it's playing; when I'm at the pool, it's playing. Part of me wants to scream at the top of my lungs that it's about me. Another part of me wants to cower and say it's not."

ever since learning that, the song has taken on a breath of fresh air and after having burnt itself off the top spot of the pop charts, i no longer switch stations when it comes on
the story is too great

tl;dr: so tqc, what's your favorite stalker song, and why?
and, if you were in delilah's shoes, would you be flattered or creeped out?
yummy beer!, yummy

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I'm going to try my hand at rum balls here shortly. Since I know I will have (want) to sample them, I told myself to wait until after 12 pm to make them, as I rarely like to drink in the morning.

What is the last somewhat odd or quirky thing you talked yourself into (or out of) doing?

Also, bloody marys or mimosas??
Fudge or penoche?
Rum or Bourbon balls?

Edit: where is the love for delicious, spicy blood marys, people?! Surely someone else out there enjoys them as I do...??

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Will you please post evidence that pitbulls are sweet and loving and adorable, instead of vicious baby-killers? My ex doesn't believe me!


Feel free to post evidence of your pets' adorableness too... I don't want you to feel left out!

Dating Game *just for fun for crikey sake*

Pretend we're on the Dating Game, and you were trying to win my vote. How would you answer this question? Male or Female.

the question: You see me sitting alone at a table in a fancy restaurant, looks like I have been stood up. When you approach me, what do you say to convince me to let you sit down?

*lets make this fun, ok TQC family?*
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A co-worker suggested I declare my minor as business. My major is psychology (with a bent towards counseling.) Does this seem like a weird combo to anyone else? What the hell could I do with this combo?

(I know the point of having a B.S. is just to have it, and it doesn't mean anything, but humor me here.)
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How do you plan on celebrating?

Edit: It's a holiday I made up for atheist, because the obviously can't celebrate christmas because they don't believe in god, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't have thier own holiday to celebrate this time of year.

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Do you use LJ toys or something similar to track who reads your journal/profile?

If so, what do you use? Why do you track views?

For those of you who don't do this, what do you think of people who track views to their journal/profile?

apartment go boom?

I think I forgot to turn off my oven this morning before I left for work. My boyfriend left after I did but he didn't know it was on and didn't get my message to turn it off in time.

Should I be freaking out?
To what degree should I be freaking out? I'm at about an 11 right now.
{me} my own place

For those who know...

1. What's your favourite Marx Brothers movie?
2. Favourite Tintin comic?
3. Best movie/TV show based on a Stephen King book?
4. Favourite Doctor Who novel?

My Answers...
1. Duck Soup. It's a marvellous movie. :3
2. Tintin and the Shooting Star. Very spooky beginning.
3. The Shawshank Redemption.
4. The Indestructible Man by Simon Messingham. Second Doctor story crossed over with a Gerry Anderson universe gone horribly wrong. I love it. ♥
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What type of TQC questions do you like most?

Dislike the most?

If there was a very interesting question posted by someone you really didn't like, would you read it?

Would you comment?
kiv dancin.

i'm sure this means i am thinking too much about it.

i was never one for daytime teevee - was always workin in the day.

but now that i work evenings and help my mom out (she just finished radiation yesterday, so far so good, thanks) and she loves judge shows.

one thing i've noticed is that for whatever the race/sex of the judge is, the bailiff is the traditional (whatever that means) "opposite".

my question is, why? why is it that across the board, they're almost all like that?

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One more question for yous guys!

Last night I was at my part-time job at The Music Workshop.

A lady came in for her first lesson last night. She was 30 minutes early, so we struck up a conversation.

I liked her. She was very funny, charismatic, talkative, and friendly.

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But what SHOULD I have done, if anything? Thoughts, please?

Fortunately, I don't encounter this kind of ignorance enough that it's a huge problem. But I'd like to know if you guys have any witty ideas as to what to say.

Thanks. :)
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I just had a stress/panic attack in the middle of my Functional Keyboard final (needless to say, I failed).

What's wrong with me? WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT?

The two teachers grading me just sat there watching me (I assume the were watching me...they weren't moving around) while I sat there gasping in an attempt to breath and almost passed out. They didn't ask if I was alright, what was wrong, etc.

Is this normal for college profs (I would have said something if I had been them)? What would you have done?
(FYI, I'm not criticizing them for their actions, I just found it weird.)
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Christmas Questions

Because I'm feeling "Christmas-y" and my daughter & I just decorated our tree. :)

1. Do you celebrate Christmas?

2. Do you eat your "big holiday dinner" on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
a) What do you usually eat for your big dinner?
b) Have you ever had a "non-traditional"-type meal for
your big dinner?

3. Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

4. Where do you typically spend the holiday?

5. If you are not of a Christmas-celebrating religion, what do you usually do on Christmas?? Is it "just another day"?

6. Does anyone celebrate more than one holiday? (i.e. Christmas & Kwanzaa, etc.)

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Is it just me, or are my Family Guy boxed sets missing a whole lotta episodes?  I swear to god, I keep seeing reruns on tv (obviously from earlier seasons) that aren't in my boxed sets, and I just verified this by looking at full season episode lists.  So what's up?

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Are there any atheist/agnostic candidates for 2008 US presidency?
How much does a candidate's religion influence your vote? If you can't vote for whatever reason, imagine that you can.

Control question: what's your religious status?

I'm SO bored!

1. If you are in college, how many finals do you have left this semester?

2. What song describes your mood right now?

3. Who are the funniest actors you can think of?

4. Which modern singers do you like best for Christmas songs?

5. What are your favorite TV channels?

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I have a second interview for a job (Planned Parenthood, woooooo!) potentially scheduled for 10:00am next Monday. For my first interview (about a week and a half ago), I told my current job that I had a doctor's appointment, and that's why I had to leave early. My current job is a temp job that I have recently been informed will most definitely be ending before the year is out.

So, do I tell them the truth this time, that I have a job interview? Or do I make up some other excuse for why I need to come in 4 hours late?

There is a very annoying person in my work trailer right now who keeps using "fuckin'" to fill blank spaces in his train of thought ("These pipes! Fuckin' I was hanging this thing fuckin' and I couldn't find the screws"). What is the strangest replacement for "um" that you've ever heard someone use?

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I don't think this has been asked recently: Is there anyone in TQC that you want to friend but haven't asked? Who?

General question #1: Have you ever made a list of things you hate?

General question #2: How are you today?
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Have you ever been turned down when you asked for a reference or a letter of recommendation? Or had any other negative or odd experiences pertaining to that?

I'm currently waiting very impatiently for my old boss to respond to my e-mail (six days ago) asking very nicely and professionally for a letter of recommendation, and I'm anxious that he's just not responding to me in hopes that I'll go away rather than saying no. He's agreed to be a reference in the past, just not to actually write anything for me. I should call him to check on it, but he hasn't, as far as I can tell, ever actually answered his work phone.

edit: I'm not expecting an actual letter of recommendation from him in six days. I'm waiting for him to say yes or no. If he's willing to give me one, I have to send him a form for the letter, so getting a yes or no is a vital first step.
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Poll #1105127 Who would win in a fight?

Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin?


Marge Simpson or Lois Griffin?


Zap Brannigan or Groundskeeper Willy?


Stan Smith (American Dad) or Leela (Futurama)?


Professor Farnsworth or Monty Burns?


Doctor Zoidberg or Meatwad (ATHF)?


Quagmire and Cleveland or Lenny and Carl?

Quagmire and Cleveland
Lenny and Carl

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Hypothetically, let's say someone who REALLY deserves bad karma something bad happening, totals their car. You laugh, because well, they deserved it. Does this increase the chances of karma bitch-slapping something bad happening you? Or is it all good since you're just here for the lulz?

(I figured the accepted vernacular would be easier than going into huge detail, but w/e.)
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My husband wants chili so I'm thinking about making it tonight. I forgot to pick up a bell pepper when I was grocery shopping, will my chili not be chili with absence of a bell pepper (he picks around vegables in most food)?
What do you usually put in chili?
What is the appeal of chili? I find it gross, you're just basically throwing a bunch of greasy vegatables and meat into tomato sauce. I've never had chili that I've actually liked. The texture and smell gags me.

Blah- I have to write a paper and I am not interested in this drudgery any longer. It is the end of the semester- I want to play- not focus. Just for the hell of it- what would be the most batshit topic to go on about for Dracula and The Gilda Stories? NO serious answers for this one.

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1. What color is your hair? Dyed or natural?
2. Is it naturally curly, straight, or wavy?
3. Are pretzels an acceptable substitute for croutons?
4. Do you respect elderly people?
5. Does the thought you will be elderly one day depress you?

- Black, dyed
- Bone straight
- In my salad, yes
- Yes, unless they are just a nasty individual
- No, I'm going to be a sassy old lady

Christmas help, colour co-ordination

My friend got this coat, in beige for christmas. She wants a hat and mittens from me to go with it....but I dunno what kind of colours would go with that.... Any help???? :( This is my only gift idea for her I am dessperate.

EDIT: I'm also thinking of getting her a bag.... not to necessarily match but go along with the hat/mittens/coat, what is a good colour?

Holiday Boni

1. Do you get/have you ever gotten a holiday bonus? 

2. How much is/was it?

3. Do you feel like it was the right amount, or did you deserve more/less?

4. Did you also get a gift?

5. Is this gonna be the Hap Hap Happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby danced with Danny effing Kaye? 
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So I was being considered for an internship with MTV Networks, and after I went through one round of (informal) interviewing, they want me to contact the specific department and set up an interview with them. But the thing is I came to the realization that I actually have no interest in working for that department. But I also don't have a lot of other internship options.

So do I email back the first lady and ask her if she can have me considered for any other departments instead? Or should I politely tell them that another opportunity came up for me so I won't be following through with them? Or do I suck it up and interview anyway so as not to burn my bridges?

Halp, TQC.


Are you a journalist?  If yes, can I send you a survey about your job later (for a school project)?

Have you ever mailed your panties to someone?

Who is someone you barely know that you can NOT stand?
-There's this annoying girl in my health class who's loud and obnoxious and full of ~*aTiiTuDe*~  She says things like "They won't give me they answers."  Idiot.


I can has college application?

I need another letter of recommendation before I can apply to grad school. But my old professor hasn't called me back.

1. Have you had to get letters of recommendation recently? Who did you get them from?

2. Have you been asked to write one before? Did you? Was it good or bad?

3. Would it be against the rules for me to offer somebody ten bucks to write one for me so I can send off the dang application?

4. If you had to give me two lj users who would testify to your coolness, who would they be?

5. What two TQC members would you write recommendations for, testifying to their awesomeness?
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1) have you seen 'dan in real life?' was it any good?
2) have you seen 'american gangster?' was it any good?

3) let's say you are planning a date with someone (someone you like...romanticly). you are trying to choose a restaurant. would it imply anything if you suggest somewhere fairly expensive? i'm worried it implies that i expect him to have the money to pay or that i'm high maintenance. for the record, i am suggesting the restaurant brio. do you think brio is an expensive restaurant?

4) i'm eating egg salad and just crunched on some egg shell. have you ever found anything in your food that wasn't supposed to be there?

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1. Should my SO fill in his eyebrow scar for his job interview tomorrow? It's not big/bad but it looks like those silly vertical notches that people shave into their eyebrows.

2. Do you know anyone who doesn't space after punctuation,which results in their typing looking like this?What the hell.Why would someone do that?I've seen a lot of it today,and it's bothering me.

3. How many cards (credit, debit, gift, membership, ID, etc...) do you have in your wallet (or pocketbook/whatever)? I have 22. I was surprised.

(no subject)

1. what's the maximum speed your car can go to?
160 mph

2. how many holiday cards have you recieved this year so far?

3. how many have you sent?
probably around 30

4. do you usually write in cursive or 'regular' writing?

(no subject)

1. I'm mailing my Christmas cards tomorrow, TQC. Would you like one? (If so, comment here with your address. Comments are screened.)

2. What was the last Christmas gift you bought?
I bought my mom the first season of 30 Rock on DVD.
narrator - f1_roxie

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When you were a senior in high school did you have to write a senior thesis/public policy paper/any long paper that you had to do to graduate?
How long did it have to be?
What did you do yours on?

We have to do public policy papers at my school that have to be at least 16 pages long. I'm doing mine on legalizing prostitution.
Young TGO

Cuatro ?s

1) Herone got less steps than Britney; that means it ain't stepped on, dig me?

2) Do you know what L'Chayim means without looking it up?

3) What is your favorite song that doesn't have a hook or a chorus in it?

4) Besides maybe your kids (if you have any) who do you think you hold the most influence over?

(no subject)

Do you know any fake people? Why do you think they're fake?

My SO's grandmother and aunt are so fake it's unbelievable. They're the kind of people who say "love ya!" and give you hugs to your face but talk all kinds of shit behind your back and conspire against you. You can even hear the fakeness in their high-pitched, sugar coated voices. Ugh. It sickens me.
girls » barbie

(no subject)

1. Have you ever had a massage? Was it amazing?

2. I finish exams tomorrow. How, other than my massage/facial, should I celebrate?

3. What is the longest period of time you have ever consecutively slept? (Not counting getting up for bathroom breaks/a drink of water)

4. Be honest. Did you watch/are you planning to watch Snoop Dogg's Fatherhood?

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Poll #1105241 Who would win in a fight - part 2

Hilary Clinton or John Edwards?


John McCain or Rudy Giuliani?


Rush Limbaugh or Michael Moore?


Ann Coulter or Janeane Garofalo?


Al Frankin or Bill O'Reilly?


Bill Maher, Dennis Miller, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert....or Mitt Romney supporter Chuck Norris?

The 4 Liberal Horsemen

(no subject)

Would anyone have any kind words for a very sad and desperate pet owner?. My kitty is going to pass away any day soon. I'm not very religous but for some reason I have found myself pleading with God to look after him.

Thanks guys.
b/w girl

(no subject)

do you refer to wednesday as 'hump day'?

what is the compliment you receive most frequently?

what is your least favorite holiday song?

whats your dream car, within reason? 

do you like getting/giving hickeys?
Tim onstage!

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What do you think of those forwarded text messages that always get sent around - you know, the ones with the stupid sappy messages, that usually end something like 'send this to ten great friends, including me, or lose one tonight'?

Sweet and kind of cute, or the most annoying things ever?

I have a friend who sends those to me all the time (at least once a day) and she takes them too seriously, as though if I don't send back the stupid message (and cost myself money in the process) I really don't want to be her friend anymore, or something. How do I politely tell her I don't give a fuck about those stupid things, and that the strength of our friendship shouldn't be based on forwarding idiotic lines of text through our cell phones?
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1 Did anything else happen on the day you were born?
2 Do you share it with someone famous/close to you?

Yeah, my great Aunt died.
It's also my Great Grandmothers Birthday, and she lived to almost 100 yrs old yall!

Once I was told this I started thinking "Drat, I was both blessed and jinxed the day I was born!"

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I guess I just want you to see my face?

I really want to get bangs, but think it might look like a lot on my face because of my glasses. I'm on the left, the right was my best friend ;_;  Taken in August so my hair is to my shoulders now.  My camera is gone forever and that's as recent as it gets! 

So do you think bangs would look ok?  I'm sorry; I'll never post another picture of my face again!

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I'm in construction management and I have 40 coworkers. Mostly guys...I'm one of 3 girls in the entire department. I would like to give each of them a little something for the holidays. I was thinking of getting them each a little stocking and putting candy in it but that sounds pretty cheesy. What should I get my coworkers for Christmas?

And no, I'm not paying for hookers and blow for a crew of 40.

(no subject)

What way does the water in your toilet spin when you flush it? I just moved into a new apartment, and every time a flush, something doesn't seem right.

Mine's going clockwise.
burning words


i was going through my memories and found a post written by loudinkpink last year about making resolutions. she posted some links to get us motivated:

- make a reading list
- keri smith's 100 ideas
- learning to love you more
- we are what we do

do you know of any sites that could inspire us to kick things up a notch for the upcoming year? what are your new year's resolutions? what were your resolutions for 2007 - did you keep them?

(no subject)

1. what kind of peanut butter do you like? (creamy? crunchy?)
creamy. I HATE hate hate crunchy pb.

2. what brand of pb do you like?
any kind except the store brand or the reese's brand. JIF is probably my favorite.

3. could you/have you ever eaten peanut butter with a spoon straight out the jar?

4. what do you like pb on?
crackers and bread..?


How many of you are over the top stressed? or even just plain stressed?
Why is that?

When you sing a song out loud to  the radio or what-have you, if there is a lyric like "I love you boy/girl" Do you change it to fit your sex? (ie if the lyric was "i love you girl" and you were a girl, would you say "i love you boy" or would you keep it as is to keep the flow of the song?)

Are you sick right now?

Can you make me laugh really really hard? Points for whoever can.
MLP - pinkie chicken

(no subject)

1. I work in a daycare, and today the kids had to make these reindeer out of construction paper and name them and hang them on the wall. My boss showed them an example (hers was named Dixon, I believe) and then let the kids loose. They all made fairly normal-looking ones (they had a template, but how they decorated it was up to them) except one kid who made "My dad when he comes home from work" reindeer - basically a reindeer all pale with bags under its eyes. Is this kid made of win? Is he going to grow up to be a serial killer?

2. Said kids also had to write what they wanted for Christmas on a paper stocking, and we hung them by the door. Every single wish list says "Wii", with the exception of one, which says two things: peace on earth and presents. Do you think kids are honestly that kindhearted, or she just saw it on TV or something?

3. What is the evilest thing you have ever done to one of your Sims? Do you get sadistic pleasure out of killing/maiming/torturing your pixel people?
cat mask

(no subject)

Q1. Does your cat follow you into the bathroom?
What does she do in there? Does she stare up at you doing your business or does she meow incessantly to be let out?

My cat follows me into the bathroom to convince me to feed her. She's pretty smart because it works.

Q2. What is your sleeping set-up?

I sleep on a twin bed, with a super soft blue duvet with flowers on it, and two pillows, once matches the duvet, and the other is a random pink. I also sleep with a mismatching fleece around my feets.

Q3. We're getting a puppy as a surprise for my younger siblings, on Christmas! Any advice to how we could surprise them? Any advice for new puppy owners? i googled the breed but I'm interested in first hand experience. She's a Shih Tzu if that makes any difference.

Thank you!

(no subject)

What do you think of sharing charges at restaurants?

On the one hand, I think it's tacky. If  people want to share one (usually) oversized entree, let 'em do it.

On the other hand,  the waitstaff do have to set out an additional plate... but does that justify a $3.00 (or higher) charge on the total bill?


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Do you think it's okay to spank kids? Obviously it's not okay to really hurt them, but do you think it's permissible to smack them on the butt a few times? Or does this send the message that might makes right and physical violence is acceptable?
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1. do i have to get water from the moon? is that what i have to do, to make you love me, make you love meeeeeee?

2. what are you up to right now?

3. what was the highlight of your day today?
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 What do you dislike more:
a: Airbrushing and edited pictures of celebs, models, and the like.
b: People of different colors and origins dying their hair and wearing colored contacts to look "more white"?


Is anybody else trying to get healthy before New Year's 2008?

(examples: gain muscle, lose fat, gain weight, tone, cardio fitness, eat 3 meals instead of 93872974985794)

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Hello? I can barely hear you.. who is this? *would this had been better done through a voice post?

Who is the hardest person that you have to shop for this ~holiday~ season?

Do you have any idea what you're going to end up getting them?

Tell me about one of your lj friends?
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so my friend from work is having a not-really-but-kind-of baby shower. she isn't registered because she says she's well off enough that she doesn't need anything. so she's just gonna have a get together with friends and family to have coffee and cake and talk baby, i guess.

so, since she has no need for clothes or cribs or whatever, i thought i'd get her the set of Baby Be Of Use Books:

i showed this to my sister, though, and she's like, "whut? that's tacky."

so what do you think, tqc?

Poll #1105274 Baby Shower.

Is this a tacky baby shower present?

No, it's amusing.
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