December 10th, 2007

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So ~*they*~ say money can't buy happiness. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

If you think it can, what would your purchase/do with an unlimited amount of dinero that would make you supremely happy?

I think it totally can, because even if they're fake friendships and shit, you can still pay them enough to fake it.

I'd buy everything I ever wanted. Even on a whim.

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Would you like to see pictures of sweethomechcago's boobs?

Poll #1103539 Boobs?

Sweethomechcago's boobs

Yes plz
Yes yes yes yes
No (but yes)

ETA: Since EVERYONE said yes, I went to her room with my crappy little camera phone. I had to be sneaky about it, so this was the best I could do:


Enjoy! (I know I did)
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Do you make your bed everyday?

After dinner, do you clean up the dishes right after you (and your guests or whoever else you may have ate with) finish or do you wait to clean up?
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Dear TQC,
I think you're adorable. Will you please post a picture of yourself?
If not you, a picture of something/someone you think is ~awesome?

Have you ever suffered from camwhore (nsfw) syndrome, n00ds and all?

What kind of cool stuff are you planning to do over winter break?
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Education advice, plz?

First, a bit of context: I'm not yet in college, but planning to begin next fall, and hoping to become an English teacher in Germany (I'm determined to move there one way or another, if at all possible.). My knowledge of the language is very basic right now, but I'm determined to learn.

Would you consider this course a worthy investment? About $500 or $700 is an awful lot, I think, when I'm not even in school (though I have $10,000 saved specifically for education). But if it helps me, maybe it'd be worth it...
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I forgot I have a job interview in the morning. I currently have black-with-sparkles nailpolish on, and I have no solution to remove it, nor do I have time to go before the interview. Should I just apologize and say my little cousin had some fun, if they ask?

Would you get a tattoo from this shop? honest question! I got my first one there. Do you personally think they're good?

What about this shop? Do you like their work better? their site exploded so all they have is a myspace right now

What do YOU think my next tattoo should be, and where? disclaimer: I won't go with your ideas

Why do they play infomercials at night? Don't they think of the insomniacs/night workers?
hannibal skull

If you were...

1. If you were a city, which city would you be?
2. If you were an animal, which animal would you be?
3. If you were a food, which food would you be?
4. If you were a plant, which plant would you be?

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"Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first bionic man. Steve Austin will be that man. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster."

If you had the chance, would you want to be "rebuilt"?
Would you rather be like the Six Million Dollar Man or Inspector Gadget?
Would you use your new capabilities for good, evil, or just whatever the hell you felt like?
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For Americans -- or anyone else who has an opinion:

What kind of effect do you think Oprah's backing of Barack Obama will have?

Would Oprah backing your candidate of choice have a positive or negative effect on you?

I ask because Oprah honestly kind of creeps me out, and if she'd gotten behind my candidate, I think I'd be a little turned off. :-/ But I also think she will encourage a legion of followers (many of who might not normally vote) to go out to the voting booths.

car conundrum

So...I have a 1999 Jeep Wrangler with 120,820 miles on it with a constantly replacing-the-exhaust-manifold-leak-issue problem. It's in great shape and has some bells and whistles. A small (size of a playing card) dent in the drivers' side front fender flare. Immaculate interior and no serious mechanical issues.
I'd really like a newer model Wrangler w/o all the tubular exhaust problems (after 2001 they fixed it with a different exhaust system) and perhaps an automatic. My knee is starting to sound like someone is twisting plastic wrap every time I bend it.
I spotted a 2005 dark blue hard top wrangler. It's a 6 cylinder like mine and it is a former postal Jeep. The steering wheel is on the right side. It has a tinted top and the basics' options. The mileage is a skosh high...73,000. I believe it was a rural postal route jeep. But if it was a postal jeep then it would have been taken (mechanically) better care of than a private owner Jeep. I would want to take my wheels and my stereo head unit. That's all. The price is right and it wouldn’t change my payments much (slightly lower).Collapse )
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So back in May, we leased a Toyota Corolla.
We picked the Corolla because we don't need much car, and wanted to keep our payments to an absolute minimum.
We don't use our car much, since we live in an urban area.
However, with 2 carseats in the backseat, it's way too tight back there and almost impossible to fit an adult person back there to tend to the newborn on long trips to visit family. (We do this a few times a year.)

Our financial position has improved greatly, so we can afford more car now.

The question:

Can you upgrade your lease?
Like to another car?
Do dealerships do this?

I can call and find out, but wanted to know if anyone has had any experience in this.
Christmas Jim and Pam

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1. I am an assistant teacher in the music class at the local elementary school. The kids are anywhere between 5 and 11. I want to get something for them on the last day of school before Christmas break, to say MERRY CHRISTMAS I love you guys. But I can't think of anything more interesting than like, candy canes. What's something fun and/or yummy I can get them that's appropriate for school?

2. If you babysit, do you claim that money when you do your taxes? 

3. Do you have a digital camera, or the regular, old kind where you print the film out?

4. Can you recommend a good camera? I want one that you can print the pictures out, preferably under $200.


ETA: There are about 100 kids total (there are several classes through out the day).. And I mean the camera where you take the film out and drop it off at the grocery store, and they develop it for you. :)

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1. Are you ever so overwhelmed by love that you start crying? Like you feel that you love someone so much that you could burst, but instead of exploding, you burst out crying? Am I just crazy? For whom do you feel this way?

2. Anyone else have finals this week? In which classes?

Inspired by the would you rather? game:

3. Would you rather have to spin around 3 times every time you want to sit down, or have to do a little jig anytime you enter a doorway?

4. Would you rather have to drive 600 miles in the back of a pick-up truck with a bunch of livestock, or in a car with no back of the seat for 1000 miles?

5. Do you have a favorite cup/mug? What's so special about it?

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I have to get a 100% on my optional psychology final to go from an A- to an A+. Should I waste time studying for that when I maybe get ONE wrong, and not have an A, or spend all my time this week studying for Statistics? I also have to work 12 hours between the Stat test and now.

Do you have anything to rant about?
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Give a dog a home

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Is there a black woman inside the soul of every gay man?

Does God make no trash?

When was the last time you were embarrassed?

Do you ever drink alone? If you drink alone, does it mean you have a drinking problem?

Phone issues

Do you have a KRZR? If yes, have you had problems with it?
I do, and I'm on my 2nd since July, I'm planning on going to Verizon today to get yet another new one.

Since I've gone through 7 RZRS and am currently on my 2nd KRZR and in need of a new one in less than a months time what should I do?

Do I just go get a new KRZR since I have the insurance?
Do I go in there demanding a new phone for free that is comparable to the KRZR?

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If you're a guy:

- If you're horny, do you masturbate regardless of whether or not you know your girlfriend will be home shortly?
- When you're horny, do you think of wanting to have sex with your girlfriend, or do you think of just "taking care if it" regardless of how that's done (sex, masturbating, whatever is convenient at the time)?
- What makes you horny, or does it just "happen" without anything provoking it?
- When you're masturbating, do you fantasize? If so, it is about your girlfriend or someone else?

If you're a girl:

- Have you ever had a guy not be able to finish because he had just masturbated?
- Did it/would it bother you that he masturbated instead of having sex with you?
- Would you do anything/say anything if you found something like this out?
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Would it make you upset if someone you formerly had a relationshipish thing with were now pretty much flirting with someone six years their junior via facebook (where EVERYONE can see).  And six years making the younger one underage.   
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 okay so earlier i asked if i should cut my hair short, and a lot of you wanted pictures, so here they are...

so, the question still stands tqc: should i cut my hair short?! if not, then what should i do with it? i'm bored with it.

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Is this a stupid reason to transfer to another college early?

I'm currently at a community college and am in my first year. I was planning on transferring after being done with my sophmore year, but I'm considering transferring after this year. The reason is because I want to experience dorm life. But I could probably get better grades at the community college if I stay, which I might need for medical school.
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Some kid left his gmail logged in on a public computer. What should I do?

Logging him out without sending emails is not an option here. It will have to be pictures because he is Japanese apparently.

I'm honestly surprised that people are so mad about this. Would you really be angry if you left your email logged in and someone sent cat macros to your contacts? I would think it was funny.
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Would you rather be exterminated a la the Daleks or deleted courtesy of the Cybermen?
Have you ever wanted a tin robot dog?
Am I a giant nerd? :(

What is the last thing that came addressed to you in the mail?

What color is the main comforter on your bed?

it's because he ~cares~

Hey TQC. I'm getting a cat soon -- her foster mom posted on my local lj community, and she seems like an awesome kitty. I live on my own in an apartment at school, and I asked each of my parents' thoughts on me having a pet. My mom thinks it will be nice to have (she had a cat in her younger days), and my dad thinks I will never get laid again (he lived with his parents until he got married and thinks pets are dumb).

"No, not a good idea. You'll be like my lady friends that only talk about their dogs and cats. They go on and on and ooon about them. Their lives revolve around their animals. They use that as a substitute for dating, and you don't need that excuse. It will cushion you."

"Erm... I have too many people friends for that to happen."

"They weren't always that way. They used to be normal. Remember that."

Apparently I am in desperate need of getting a boyfriend! What do you think, guys? Will I become a crazy catlady and be unattractive to all? And since when did I become normal?

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For those of you who watch Jon & Kate Plus 8...

What do you think of the parents???

I think Kate is a bitch. It's probably because she's under so much stress of having all those kids to take care of. She needs to treat her husband better, though.

Puppy in Boston

I have a 7 month old Maltese and she is very small. I am living in Boston right now; I feel bad keeping her inside all the time but it's getting cold, so I was wondering

Is it ok to take her out in snow?

Is a sweater/coat enough? I saw little booties for dogs but it seems a bit ridiculous.

 If you have dog(s) and live in a cold climate, how often do you walk your dog in the winter?

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Who or what inspires you?

What is the last good deed you did for someone?

When are you the happiest?

What food takes you back to your childhood?

What is your favorite warm drink?
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I'm craving popcorn you get at the movies. Why is it so damn good?

Does the popcorn tub things you can get at the movie store when you rent movies taste like microwave popcorn or movie popcorn?
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To those of you who are married (or engaged, or divorced):

how did you know you wanted to marry (be married to) that person? Did love play a big part, or did you consider other factors as well?
how long were you engaged for (plan to be engaged for)?

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I graduate college early on January 8th (yaaaaaaay) of this year with my snappy little BA in poli sci and mideast studies, but that means I have 8 months just to work anywhere really and rack up some cash before grad school. I have open standing opportunities to work at:


-Apple Store

-receptionist for some random Goldman Sachs company

But I wasn't sure if these were optimal, which one of them I should pick, etc. I want to work full time, don't need benefits, and I just want to work like a slave monkey and save up cash for my impending enormous educational loans. I have an awesome resume for both higher end retail and clerical/administrative assistant type work, but absolutely no experience in food service.

So internet, what are some good companies that pay at least markedly more than minimum wage (I make minimum now at my current clerical job and it SUCKS) and are good places for a recent college grad who isn't interested in a career but just wants a steady job for most of a year?
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People have come up with some hidiously ugly aliens.  Out of all the aliens that have been created, which do you think are the ugliest? (For example E.T. or something from Men in Black or Star Trek, etc).

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I'm looking for a youtube clip of the Simpsons. It's the one where they're at a Chuck E. Cheese type place and the mechanical characters are singing "You're the birthday, you're the birthday, you're the birthday boy or girl." Anyone know where I could find it? My efforts are coming up short. :(
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Scooters in MA - anyone have one?

I just got rid of my car and want to buy a scooter - I am leaning towards a 50 cc Piaggio so that I don't have to get a special license, but wondered if there were any Boston area people out there who have one and can make a recommendation...?

1. What brand should I get?
2. How many cc's?
3. Anybody have any experience with insurance/theft/damage etc that I should be aware of?
4. Do you know what the realistic stats are for MPH and MPG?

Thank you!!
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Will I Get Accepted?

I applied to Missouri State University for Spring of 2008. My GPA is a 2.5... 1550 on my SATs... and I kinda slacked off 10th through 12th grade. Do you think that's good enough?

Also... if I take 16 credits per semester, do you think it's possible to do that while working a full time 40hr/week job?
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Should going through the pain be part of the whole tattoo ~*experience*~?

If there were pain meds you could take when getting a tattoo done, would you take them?

Do you think less of people who would?
Hell - Picasso Devil

C is for Copyright. Also for Confusing.

I have a piece of music written for my company and I'm trying to ensure no copyrights have expired. I have a copyright registration number and a renewal number but am unable to produce results by searching the Copyright Office's online catalog, as it only searches 1978-present. The LOC site also says that "Before 1978, unpublished works were entitled to protection under common law without the need of registration." The piece of music in question was originated in 1949 and the renewal number is dated 1976. Can I infer that this copyright is safe regardless of our registration, since it originated prior to 1978 anyway?

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What should I make with this?

Have you ever taken 20 or more credit hours at a time? How did that work out? What if they are all "easy" courses (Bio 111, Psych 100, Soc 101, Chem 111)?
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I never said I was a lady......

Will someone out there play with my icon?
You can give me a black eye, or horns.....whatever you want.
I will repay you buy telling you your future.
Leaving for diner in an hour so some *readings/tellings* may need to wait for tmrw.
You can play with any of my icons.
Any takers?


I'm trying to organize a big fundraiser for a trip our church is taking. The cost is roughly $1500 per person, and there are a lot of people who won't be able to afford all of it, so we're trying to offset the cost for everyone as much as possible.
I'm compiling a list of potential businesses to ask for donations for a big raffle. So far, I have:
coffee shops
grocery stores (for gift certificates)
local appliance manufacturer
locally-owned restaurants
yarn/craft stores
sporting goods/outdoorsy-hunting store

I also have some people I'd like to ask for individual services, like knitting lessons or handmade quilts.

My question is: If you were going to buy a few raffle tickets to support a cause that you believed in, what kind of prizes would you like to see? Say the tickets cost in the neighborhood of $5.

Also- Have you been involved in or have seen any particularly successful fundraisers?
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Have any of you ever opened a savings account with ING? Was it good or bad?

Where is a place I can get a high yield savings account without a large deposit?

We want to go to Disney World in a few years when my son is older. The high yield accounts at my bank have a minimum deposit of $2500.

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Do you watch Dr. Phil?
Any talk shows (Rachael Ray?!)?

What are your favorite episodes of Maury?
I like the baby crazed, oversexed 14-year-olds and Geek to Chic.

Does tv really rot your brain?
Yes, that's why I just watch crappy daytime tv.
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work ethic curiosity

Say you work for a large corporation and the corporation allows you to telecommute (i.e. work from home) a couple days out of the week, but there are one or more individuals who take advantage of the luxury and are also constantly reminded of work they should have had completed. Instead of reprimanding the employees and telling them their job was at stake, it's decided that now everyone is no longer allowed to work from home.

Do you believe the best or most correct way to handle lazy employees is to cause everyone to suffer so as not to segregate the slackers?

Does it make any sense to you why corporations allegedly have a difficult time dealing with problematic employees, but when the executive staff at the top says it's time to cut labor budgets, the companies never hesitate to put people on the chopping block?

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My boss got a divorce back in 1999.  She JUST changed her name back to her maiden name fairly recently.  She gets all bent out of shape when people send her emails or mail with her former married name on it.

1) Does she have the right to be pissed that people still use her married name since she waited, oh, I dont know, 8 years to change her name back?

2)  Have you gone back to a maiden name and been pissed because people still called you by your former married name?

3) Did/would you change your name back to your maiden name if you got divorced?


1) I think not.  Her lazy ass took her time to change it.  I don't think people need to JUMP to please her.  Get over it.
2)  Yes I have and no, I don't get upset.  If people don't know, I kindly correct them but I dont get bent out of shape when I get mail in my former married name.
3)  I have, and I would do it again, though I hope I don't have to.

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Have you ever worked as a bartender?
Did you take a class for it or get on the job training or something else?
Did you enjoy it?

It's something I'd be interested in doing, but I have no idea how to get started.


Since I just bought my own first car (It's technically my fourth, but the first that I've paid for with money I earned myself), and I want an excuse to share:

What was your first car?

What is your current car?

Pics are cool.

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How late shall I stay at work tonight? 9pm, when I'm scheduled out? 10? 11:30?

What triggered my grade-A allergy attack last night?
Does Benadryl still make the fast-melting children's allergy tabs? Not the chewables, the pink melty ones.

Why did it get up to 80 degrees today? The air conditioner came on! Not fair at all.

How important to you is it to see someone you care about open a gift from you?

What's the last thing that happened to you to raise a significant bruise (big enough to change colors)?

Relaxation techniques?

Long story short:

I tutor a lady who is from South Korea. She is an art history PhD candidate. I have been working with her since June of this year to prepare her for the test she has to take to get her PhD.

She did the written portion last week. She does the oral part this Thursday.

I told her that I would put together a Word document with various relaxation techniques to use before she has to go in for the oral exam (the part that freaks her out the most).

She CAN pass this test, dammit. She just needs to increase her confidence. English isn't her first language, but she doesn't have a thick accent - I have no problem understanding her. I'd been working with her since June to get over that fear and to build up her self-esteem. I broke her of the habit of saying "um" or "uh" as filler words.

So TQCers - can you recommend some good relaxation techniques for this lady? Know of any good websites?

Thanks in advance. :-)
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I <3 TLV


I've noticed that when I sneeze during class, everyone stays silent/ignores me. But whenever any other person sneezes, at least two people say "Bless you". I don't even care if people say "bless you" to me - I never say it to anyone - but this seems rather odd. Is there some sort of sneezing conspiracy going on? Do I have reason to be paranoid? If someone says "Bless you" to everyone BUT you, does that mean they hate you?

[Also, other than the two or three people who say it every time... no one else ever says it either. But they still say "bless you" to them too. Strange?]
Sweet Pea
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 We turned on our Christmas music at work around 12:00 pm today. It is currently 4:30 and I am ready to stab forks in my ears.

How long does it take you to get sick of Christmas music?

(no subject)

hay gaiz

I want to get some fake glasses (as in, frames with just normal glass in them) for a costume I'm making for a rather random ~*~party~*~ in March. Anyone happen to know where to get some? Preferably as realistic as possible and with the fake lenses and all already in them.

My Googling skills have been failing lately. D:

Edit: I wear prescription glasses but I'm going to paint on the glasses for the costume and I don't really want to do that on mine, haha.
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(no subject)

How would you pronounce this last name: Zdybel?
What country/region would you assume the name came from?
Is there anyone out there who knows for sure the "correct" pronunciation?

Just out of curiosity. It's one of my best friend's last names, and in the facebook group for it there's just like 10 members but they all pronounce it TOTALLY differently. I know what country it's from, just don't want to tell you in case it influences how you would pronounce it.

(no subject)

There was a bee in my house just now. Could it have come in when I opened the door or could there be a nest somwhere in my house?

If there is a nest in my house, what can I do?
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Poll #1103919 Ha, ha!

Would you make fun of someone for doing any of the following?

Spending all of their free time volunteering with the elderly
Having spiritual beliefs similar to Native Americans
Considering their dog to be their best friend
Donating lots of money to charity
Wanting cosmetic surgery
Being vegan or vegetarian
Preferring to spend time alone
Being too serious
I would not make fun of someone for any of these things

If your friends were making fun of someone for one or more of these reasons, for which would you stand up for them?

Spending all of their free time volunteering with the elderly
Having spiritual beliefs similar to Native Americans
Considering their dog to be their best friend
Donating lots of money to charity
Wanting cosmetic surgery
Being vegan or vegetarian
Preferring to spend time alone
Being too serious
I wouldn't stand up for them for any of these things

(no subject)

I have a shirt which looks like this  . [EDIT: The same band + format but different pictures.]
It's a bit big, and I haven't worn it for ages, but I don't like to see a good t-shirt go to waste.
I've looked on-line but am yet to be inspired.
So, TQC, what can I do to renew the life of this tee?

(no subject)

I'm having a bad day. It's on these bad days that I realize how selfish most of my friends are. They're all either cake-toppers ("you think THAT'S bad, listen to MY problems..."), or they just never have the time to listen to me. But I always make time for them.

What's the last completely unfair situation you were in, TQC?
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(no subject)

Would you be more disappointed in someone you loved (child, sibling, friend, whoever) if they told you they were gay, or told you that they were joining the military?  Why?

ETA: if neither of these things would bother you, what confession could a loved one make that would disappoint you?

(no subject)

for those of you who are sports fans-

if your team loses, do you prefer them to lose by totally getting their asses handed to them OR would you prefer they lose by a small margin?
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever participated in a medical study?

2. Were you paid for said study?

3. If so, how much?

I have a friend getting paid 150 dollars a week to wear a birth control patch that's not yet approved by the FDA. She wears it, they draw a sample of blood every two weeks, and she gets paid. Should I jump on this bandwagon, TQC?
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TOEFL - who needs it?

Wikipedia says that a lot of colleges require satisfactory TOEFL scores for non-native English speakers. Is this still true? How do they know who's a native speaker and who isn't?

Basically, how important is it for someone with intermediate English (not me...) to take TOEFL? Do places really require it? Anyone have any experience with it?

Thanks :)


1: What was you favorite thing to play on when you were little?
2: Do you still have any of your old toys?
3: Did you have sleep with a night light?
4: Where you a graceful or clumsy kid?
5: Sesame Street,Mr. Rogers or Electric Company?
6: Where you a picky eater?
7: What was the first movie your parents took you to?
8: Do you remember when there was no such thing as cable or remotes for the television?
The Dude Abides

Vent ?s

1ne) Does it ever make you feel better to listen to/let someone else vent and complain about their day to you?

2wo) Are you more of a complainer or are you more of a listener, when it comes to venting/complaining?

3hree) How many vents do you have in your current living space?
marcs sweater

christmas gift ideas

im really stumped on what to buy my boyfriend for christmas, i have about $150 dollar spending limit, and i really dont know what to get him. the gap is his favorite clothing store, and i think a gift card is too cliche.
he's 17 and colombian. any gift ideas????
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(no subject)

Can I see the icons that you guys think are hilarious? I'm on a hunt for some new laughs.

(Also, if anyone has the icon of the song "My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard" rendered into middle English, I would love you forever if I could snag it.)
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

(no subject)

(okay I know I'm asking a lot of love-related questions but I am writing a paper on love and all these questions keep popping into my mind... though I'm not using these answers for my paper, just to satiate my curiosity)

Would you die for the person you love?
why/why not?
piece of cake

(no subject)

Is there any unusual way you decide if you like someone?

(This sounds messed up, maybe. But if a guy I was dating was going out for coffee, I would request a cup also. And I'd ask that he make mine the way that he thought I'd like it. If I dug it - I always kind of stuck on a couple extra points for the guy.)


Have you seen it?

How about


For those of you that watched, which of those three is the worst?

Do you know of any similar (or more intense) shock videos on the internets? I've read about one where a man brutally hacks off his own penis, but I'm having trouble finding it. Anyone know where it is?

(no subject)

Why do Subway restaurants not have drive-thrus?

Or, do they...?

I'm so jealous of you guys with drive thru Subways. The only Subway I have is IN our local Wal Mart. *sad face*

(no subject)

Has you brain ever just entirely forgotten an expression when under pressure?

I had an exam on Political History today, and I was trying to explain why Labour grew in popularity after the first world war, but instead of writing 'more left wing than', all my brain could come up with was 'Leftier'.
Tim onstage!

(no subject)

It's a long shot, but I thought I might as well ask...

Does anyone here know where I can find an edited, clean version of 'Survive' by Rise Against? Google searching and downloading sites have given me nothing. A friend needs it for a project she's doing for her high school class, but she can't use it unless the profanities are cut out.

Any ideas?
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I work with a woman who thinks that there was nothing before Jesus... like nothing.. no Romans, Greeks, Jews, Egyptians, etc. How do people believe that?! Even the bible has things before Jesus right? I am just amazed that people actually have no idea about things.

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So I have been using iTunes on my computer to download music. Now I would like an mp3 player for xmas and I know not all mp3 players support iTunes. Obviously, I know iPods will. Is there any other specific mp3 player that will support iTunes??? Or is there some specific "criteria" that I should be looking for under the product info? Thanks
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1. Ever had a garden? Or even just a window box or a few pots on a balcony?

2. Ever want to grow a plant and fail miserably while some random other plant you weren't as interested in managed to flourish?

3. Ever grow herbs or veggies and actually eaten them?

For me:

1. Window box, and a collection of pots in my bathroom window.

2. I wanted to keep this tiny pine tree someone had given me at christmas last year, but it didn't thrive and finally just died. Ditto for a tiny rosemary plant I'd rooted from a piece of someone else's. Meanwhile I have two plants of unknown origin that are spazzing out greenly and happily in my bathroom, even if I forget to water them. (If anyone knows how to grow a small tree in a pot, advice plz.)

3. I tried to grow an avocado once, no go. I did find out that parsley is really hardy, though, and had some in my window box last summer. A friend of mine grew peppers in pots on his balcony--I want to try that.
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Do you like spicy food? if so, how hot do you like it? Do you have any funny stories about spicy foods? Like the stupid male friends I've got, who've done something like, cutting up chillies, without gloves on, and then going to pee...OUCH.

I just made a Thai green curry (from a bottle! woo, I'm so clever), and it said MILD. But they lied! My lips are burning! I don't eat spicy food often, but since when has mild been HOT? I am a wuss with it, I know, but this is just silly!
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What's the worst little snot you ever had to deal with?

This idiot in my class who thinks he's fucking hilarious. Ok...taking my stuff, and hiding it in your backpack is NOT funny. Maybe when we were Just stop. Stop tapping me on the shoulder, stop taking my stuff, and stop showing off your brand new mac. I don't care how fast it is, or how shiny it is, or what effects you have on there. Let me be. Thanks.

What would you name this kitten?

We won't be bringing him home for six weeks, so we have time, but we'd like some ideas, at least.

The pictures are shit, because my camera was dying and all I could do was try and get a picture before turning it off again. Collapse )

Names we've tossed around:

Cyrus, Achilles, Hector, Agamemnon, Troy, Thor, Ajax (all suggested before we met him. He's the goofiest-looking thing you've ever seen. He has an eighthead and two lazy eyes!)
Fletcher (Me Mom's saving it for a Spencer - the cat we just lost - lookalike.)
Reuben - Makes me think of that fat guy from American Idol.
Reggie - I just hate it.
Seamus - Mom doesn't want an Irish name.

Riley (downfall: two good friends with female Rileys.)
Ringo (current frontrunner.)

Any suggestions? Human names only please :)
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Signs ?s

1) What are some signs/how do you know when you've spent too much time on the Internet?

2) How would you complete this statement? You know you've spent too much time around thequestionclub when...

3) Besides maybe swear words, do you know how to say anything useful in sign language?

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If nonreligious or a religion other than Christianity (please specify which of these you are when answering):
How do you feel about receiving religious Christmas cards from people? Ones that say things like "May God be with you through this Christmas" or have religious icons/pictures on them?

For Christians:
Do you send out religious Christmas cards to those you know aren't of your religion?

For everyone else:
When you lay out large puzzles, do you complete them or lose the pieces and give up?
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Hypothetically speaking, and in no way related to any sort of reality...

Not directly from Rescue Dawn, but inspired by it... If you were a POW and if you had the option of signing a document renouncing your country and in general saying how awful it is and how much you hate it and going free, or not signing it and continuing to be a POW and enduring starvation/torture/whatever in a (Vietnam-era) prison camp, would you sign or not?
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my puppy, that i never got to meet but was apparently the best little puppy that ever was, died today in a horrific accident. my mom just bought her last week. her name was Mary.

whats the worst news youve ever heard?

EDIT: on that note, how bad would it be to mix 4 ibuprofen with say...2-3 kids benadryl? harmful? stupid? deadly? what?
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Playin' hooky

Long story short (see my journal if you want the oogy details), I decided to call in to work (at a day care) tomorrow. (My daughter's sick of the place, too, which is one of the several reasons...)

What should I tell them is the reason for not going in?

Things to keep in mind:

1. School's been canceled for the second day in a row due to bad weather (ice storm).

2. I'm perfectly healthy, as is my daughter.

3. My boss is a dick who would tell me to suck it up and get some Pepto if I called in personally sick. (He has before.) This is why I'm currently looking for a new job.

4. I didn't get the house cleaned this weekend, so that's what I'll probably end up doing tomorrow.
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I know this question probably gets asked a lot, but for those who have had their wisdom teeth out:

1. How much did the recovery process hurt?
2. How long did it take you to recover?
3. What are some tips you have to help recovery go faster?
4. I read that you develop nasty breath and stuff after getting them out. Did this happen to you?
5. What's good to eat/drink during the recovery?
6. Any other things you want to let me know?

I'm getting mine out on the 18th. Help!

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What is another name for a mounted stuff head of an animal. As in taxidermy. Not a Trophy.

Ach. I posted quickly & without checking.
My cousin thought there was another "official" name beginning with H. I could only think of trophy. We searched and googled but she couldn't find it. I think it's really jut trophy.

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Apologies if I sound ignorant, since I am - I've never had a virus on my computer!

I've acquired a Trojan on my poor laptop. My guy says he knows how to get rid of it, but I'll likely lose things like mp3s and Microsoft Works documents.

So, help - Does anyone know if I can get rid of this thing, and salvage my hard drive?
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On my way home tonight, I passed an SUV that was parked in the line of traffic right off of an intersection. Its lights were on, exterior and interior, it was running, and there was no one in it. My question is...what the HELL? What possible explanations for this could there be?

EDIT: I feel I must reiterate that it was PARKED IN TRAFFIC, not on the shoulder.

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I'm finishing up my Christmas shopping, and I was wondering if anyone knew any other sites like Perpetual Kid?

Also, if you have a birthday on Christmas or the day before or after, how did your parents deal with it? My niece's birthday is the 26th, but this year we're doing her birthday party on the 24th and Christmas gifts on the 25th. She gets the same # of presents as she would if her birthday were say, in June.
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How did I get a spam email from my own email address? It's not just the "sender name", but the actual "from" email address.

Edit: The email address in question is Yahoo, I only use the webpage (no mail program set up), and it's not in the sent folder.
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Flat irons

Do you use a flat iron? If so, what model? Would you say it's easy or difficult to use? What would you recommend? (I just went to a new hair stylist this weekend and she used one on my hair, and I loved the result. I'd like to be able to do it on my own on a regular basis.)
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What's a common food you have never had?

I can't think of any personally, but someone earlier today had never had cottage cheese, and I have a friend who has never had asparagus. I'm sure plenty of people have food allergies that prevent them from eating certain things, but it seems like there are also some people that just don't like to try new things. Oh and I just remembered I have never had artichokes.