December 9th, 2007

Pet mice

I was just wondering if anyone has ever owned pet mice. As of lately, I have become very interested in owning mice (not rats) and had a few questions:

1.) Have you ever owned pet mice?
2.) What type of personality do they have? (mean, nice, frequently bites, loves to be held, etc)
3.) Is there a particular species or sex you would recommend?
4.) How much maintenance are they?

If you have any other comments or opinions about owning mice, please tell me. I'm interested to hear! :P
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Settle this!

My SO seems to think it's totally unusual that folks wipe their butts while sitting. He's never heard of this before.

Poll #1103032 Do you...?

How do you wipe?

Still sitting on the toilet (even if there's a lean involved)
While standing up
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qt: animal cookies

(no subject)

1. Where can I find interesting surveys? I'm really absolutely completely bored now.

2.What's your favourite love song?

I have to say Antony & the Johnsons - I Fell in Love with a Dead Boy 
Arch Rock Mack Island
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I bought what??

I have a Wal-Mart receipt sitting on the desk here and I just happened to look down at it. I can remember pretty much everything I bought, but one thing has me stumped. It is a food item, and I paid $1 (marked down from $1.98). The name of the item on the receipt is:


What the hell did I buy???

I bought 2 of them, whatever they were.

WTB healer HMech

Do any of you play WoW? If you do what is your main?

Have you ever had to respec? If you did, did you like the new spec better than the old?

What is your favorite instance?

What is your favorite "silly"?

What character has the best dance?

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Homework! Oh teh Noez!

So, I'm writing an analytical paper about Fight Club.
What was your last homework assignment?
Did you do anything fun today?
Why did it rain on my parade? (no, literally. I had to march in the Christmas parade tonight and it started pouring halfway through.)
Do you like pancakes?
What is a piece of advice that you always give but never seem to take?
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sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b
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(no subject)

1. Today feels like one of those days where it's perfect to be lazy and watch movies all day. Got any suggestions of any particularly good movies I should check out? It feels like a horror/thriller/suspence movie day if that helps.

2. I'm putting together little gift baggies of home made goodies for about 20 people as thank you/christmas gifts. Whats a good amount of variety to include in these, like how many different things should I put in? I was thinking of making two types of homemade candy, a packet of home made hot chocolate powder and maybe a baked good. That should be enough right?
pushing off

(no subject)

Yesterday, my extremely drunk second cousin told me that I was 'wayward'.

TQC, would you kindly tell me how I should take this comment? Please keep in mind that he kept talking about Pink being his favourite singer, letting his five year old smoke a joint and was quoting the Foo Fighters' DVD Skin And Bones the rest of the night.
misc - not a weapon

(no subject)

Do you wake up at the same time every day (give or take a few minutes) no matter what?

If so, are you able to go back to sleep right away, assuming that you don't have anything else to do?

I haven't put up our Christmas tree yet and at this point, it won't get done until Tuesday. Is it even worth the trouble?
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(no subject)

You guys, it was (McCadam Cheddar cheese!) I'm so silly.

What's something silly you have done lately?

What finals do you have, if you are in school?

When are your finals?

I have a paper due by Weds, a Microbio final Weds, and an Algebra final I thought was due Weds, but as it turns out, is due tomorrow. YIKES!!!!

(no subject)

What’s the absolute all-time worst movie you’ve ever seen?

I love bad movies and am looking for some new ones to put on my Netflix list. Or if you don't want to answer that question how about this one.

If you were to name the absolute best gift you ever received as a child, what would it be?


So I've had a perpetual headache for oh, 3 days now. Usually that means a migraine, and I battle it with excedrin until it goes away, However, this one is particularly needy and located between my eyes rather than behind my left eyeball so I think it might be sinuses.

I took some Sudafed and it helped for a bit but the pain came back. So, TQC, how do you deal with sinus evil? Every time my fiance is around, I have him push on my sinuses and it feels ~fantastic~ but he had to go be a grad student today so I'm home alone. :(
coffee shower

(no subject)

 Did you ever pull a muscle in your neck/shoulder area?

how do you fix that? because my neck hurts like a motherfucker right now.
My left shoulder is forced up because my neck won't move to the right at all.  I just took two painkillers.

(no subject)

Fuck, guys I think I messed up.

Story breakdown:
Me and my friend went for a job interview, told we were selected, that training starts on Thursday.
Friend got called in on Monday, was told my training starts on Thursday.
Waited until Wednesday afternoon, told that I would be called back, NEVER got called back.
Thursday, told I wasn't put in roster yet.
Sunday, told that I was NOT hired.

Of course I was pissed. I am so angry I can explode. A few minutes ago I just called the manager and told him that I was:
1. Upset
2. That I waited till late at night for the call, even bought required shoes for the job
3. That I DO NOT want his apology
4. Said goodbye and hung up

He still had the guts to say that only shortlisted ones would be called. But he did say we were selected and training WILL start on thursday. I waited a week in vain. It wasn't like a just a job thing. The thing is, he say we were selected, and he went back on that agreement. If it was just a oh we won't be calling because we do not need you I would not have been upset at all.

My question is:
1. Should I have made that call?
2. Would you have made that call?
3. It gave me a warped sense of justice and finality and I don't feel like exploding now, but I talked in a voice that was about to cry(really upset): do you think he would feel guilty? Ok he wouldn't feel guilty. Meh!

4. Console me please? :(

(no subject)

1. If I drop some Bailey's into a regular cup of black coffee (I don't have cream or milk anywhere), will that be gross? Do I need to go all-out to enjoy some Bailey's in my coffee on this cold afternoon with nothing to do?

2. I'm a skinny guy. I need to wear dress shirts (collared, button-up) but I really hate how a lot of the ones I try on billow out in the back because of all the fabric (for someone my height, but much heavier). I know I've seen skinny guys wearing dress shirts that fit - does that cut have a name? And does anyone know where I can find them?

3. And finally, from a discussion I was in last night at the bar - using the term "Oriental" to describe an Asian person. Is it politically incorrect, or not?
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(no subject)

TQC, I'm working two jobs. I don't want or need to work two jobs anymore. How do I escape Bath and Body Works with minimal pain? How do I escape it ASAP with minimal pain. I'm hired on as seasonal. I'd stay through the last week or three, but the last day killed me.

What was cool about the last really cool person you met?

I met a sword swallower on Thursday.

(no subject)

What are some creative and inexpensive gifts I could give to my friends? They are mostly girls, and we are teenagers.

we are all very eclectic... not so average.

any suggestions?
something you have do in the past?

on another note, what sort of gifts do you buy friends?
gag gifts?
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Random Query

I'm assuming (despite the dangers inherent therein) that you are all familiar with the "Red Bull gives you wings" commercials, and the disclaimer that follows them. My question is this: Is there actually someone dumb enough to believe that drinking Red Bull will make him or her grow little angel wings and float away? I find it hard to believe that there would be, but why else would they have the disclaimer? Maybe it's like those stickers that you find on microwaves or washing machines that stipulate that one should not put children or animals inside. I'm just wondering if there was an incident (like the woman who spilt McDonald's coffee and then sued them because she didn't know it was hot)that involved a lawsuit because Red Bull didn't live up its commercials. I posted this in my lj and no one gave a satisfactory response. I realize that this is an utterly pointless question, but I'm a pretty pointless person. :)
*betty draper reading

battery chargin' / cookie bakin'

1. The instructions to my new digital camcorder say to let the battery charge for 8 hours. It's been like three hours, and the green light is on, indicating that it is fully charged. Should I use it nau, or let it charge for five moar owers??

2. Should I bake some holiday cookies? y/n
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(no subject)

♥- Do you have any song(s) on your playlist(s) that you know nothing at all about the artist(s), but just keep the song(s) for their/its likability? If so, which?
♦- When is the last time, if ever, you were on a train? Where did you go?
♣- What colour are the nearest curtains/blinds/newspapers on the windows?
♠- What is something you would recommend to a friend, but never a family member, if anything?

ALSO: Why is no one in TQC chat? I know you guys are around. You're POSTING, so you're not all DEAD!

(no subject)

You've been on a few dates with someone. You know the next time they call, they're going to ask you for coffee and tell you they don't want to go out anymore. Do you go out for the coffee, or do you just end it over the phone? Why?

Edit: Wow, I'm pleasantly surprised by all the optimism. Okay, so if YOU were the prospective dumper in this scenario, how would you do it? Over the phone, or invite them out and do it in person?
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(no subject)

Is there something you want to get off your chest? In general? About TQC?

Anything you want to say to a specific member or TQC? Or a few members?

Rant away, TQC. Or compliment people, if that's what you want.
Give a dog a home

(no subject)

If you are Jewish, do you know when Christmas is?
If you are not Jewish, do you know when Chanukah is?

Should adults wear t-shirts?

"What Not to Wear": doing a service to fashionably-challenged people, or creating clones that are slaves to trends?

(no subject)

Should I be nice and call my boss today to tell him if the weather is bad tomorrow I can work my day off because I only live a mile from work and he lives 30 mins away?
Or should I stick it to the man disconnect my phone and say I left town for the weekend?

Somewhat relevant info: He sort of covered for me last Friday because I was out sick but I was out sick because I've been overworked lately.

clone follow-up Q


What will you offer for your clone? It is multi-functional and looks just like you!

A bribe of some sort?
Your first born?

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GtB - angel bear
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(no subject)

Do you know anyone who eats in bed? By eats in bed, I mean start sleeping, wake up, get food, and bring it back to bed where they eat.

Does this sound weird to anyone else but me?

(no subject)

Will you fill in the blank?

"They were just unsuspecting scraps of cardboard tossed to the side that would have never expected to end up as ____________ of paint, sparkles, scraps of metal, ribbon, and any other material I could lay my hands on."

(no subject)

Hey TQC!

So I got a webcam last night, it's a Phillips, and everything installed well and my compy recognizes it. Problem is, the compy keeps crashing randomly when I've been using the cam today, and it didn't last night. The Blue Screen of Death keeps popping up with no real explanation as to why. Any help here? thanks in advance.

(no subject)

1. Are you having/did you have a Christmas party at your place of work?
I'm leaving for mine in about ten minutes. We're having a Secret Santa gift exchange and a potluck.

2. I'm doing my Christmas cards. Who wants one?
Click here and give me your address. Comments are screened.  :)
The Dude Abides

Iron ?s

1) What brand of iron do you have?

2) On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 equals most proficient and 1 equals not at all proficient, how would you rate yourself as a clothes ironer?

3) Do you like ironing?

(no subject)

Why did you pick your LJ username?
How many livejournals have you had?

- One of the characters on CSI says Georgia homeboy referring to GHB. I thought it was hilarious.
- This is my third personal journal.
The Receptionist Classic

(no subject)

Do you have a friend that you have one of the "if we're not married by X age, let's just marry each other" pacts with?
If you do, what's your age limit on that?

Also, who would like a piece of fudge? Home-made, with or without nuts!
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keen one

(no subject)

For those who have a BA, What is it?  and was it hard to get it? How long did it take?

Poll #1103415 Edumacation

Do you have a BA


Was it academically difficult


How long did it take?

4 years
5 or 6
7 or 8
less than four years

(no subject)

I just got a new laptop and it came with Roxio DVD Creator. I want to make copies of a few DVD's and I really don't understand how to.

Is there another program that I need to rip the DVD's or whatever that is?

I really have no idea about any of this, so if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!

(no subject)

At what age did you lose your virginity?
Did you love the person you lost it to?
Would you do it over differently if you could?

- 17
- lol, hell no
- Nah, it was cool to get it out of the way with someone I didn't care about
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Does anyone know of a way to find out what songs a person has written?  I know Kay Hanley (ex Letters to Cleo singer) has done a lot of songwriting for other people, and I'm curious what she has written and who has recorded it.  IS there anyplace online to find this stuff out?

(no subject)

SO. the bills-dolphins game is on in a half hour, they are not showing it on my tv, but they will be showing it at a bar that's about 15 minutes away. i don't know whether to go.
pros- i love football and would really like to see the game
cons- it's rainy and i'd have to walk, and i don't have money to spend, really

Poll #1103186 let's go buff-a-lo

so, should i go watch the game?


edit!! ok, i'm going. thanks! feel free to keep voting.
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Some RPG questions. lol

Hey guys. What do you think is a good name for an RPG group? As in a group of people who plays pencil and paper  RPGs among themselves.

Edit: Furthermore, what's a good name for an RPG taking place on a post-apocalyptic Earth, that puts emphasis on cyberpunk qualities?

(no subject)

What is the weird pink stain in the bathtub?
We thought it was bodywash at first, but when we ran water, it didn't bubble.

Can toilets work with salt water?

Is there a minimum amount of money you need to get a certificate of deposit?
My bank's mailer didn't say and wiki didn't say anything about it, except there are special rates for $100,000 CDs.
British, cake

(no subject)

  1. Do you like drinking:
    Wine? / Champagne?

    I don't like any of the above and have yet to come across another person like me. Anyone else not like any of the above?
  2. What 2-3 songs sum up your 2007?

    Mine would be:
    Blood Sugar - Pendulum
    Free Bird - Lynnrd Skynnrd
    and I haven't decided on a third yet!


(no subject)

You have the oppurtunity to study abroad for about a month next June/July. Would you rather go to Greece (Athens and some of the islands), Australia(Melbourne and the outback) or South Africa (Cape Town and a wild animal reserve)? All of the classes that you'll be taking will be relatively similar, involving the culture of the country you're in.

Where would you go?

(it will be summer in Greece and winter in South Africa and Australia if that makes a difference)
James Franco joint

(no subject)

What was the last thing you did that was really out of character?

I am completely nonreligious, and I am about to go to church with my two Christian friends, and I'm not exactly sure why. I have nothing against people who go to church, it's just not my thing. But, here I go...


For those who have done a little or all of their xmas shopping:

1. What was the most expensive thing you bought for somebody else?
2. What was the most unusual thing you bought for somebody else?
3. What was the most heartfelt thing you got for somebody else?
4. What did you ask for from your parents/SO/etc?
5. Do you know if you're getting whatever you asked for from your parents/SO/etc?

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plz to be halpin me getz a job

I have a job "audition" tomorrow night. Part of the audition is teaching a five minute, non-academic lesson to everyone in the room. Examples that were provided were how to make an ice cream sundae and how to do a karate kick. I've spent the last week on a 17 page paper so I haven't even though about what to do.

So, TQC, what would you teach?
junta on stabilizing dna
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(no subject)

Can you keep eye contact long enough to play the staring game?

Do you know what I mean by "the staring game"?

Should I eat at the Bennigan's near my room in Dallas this week to stake out the waitresses?

If yr in school...

Have you gotten your term grades yet?
How'd you do? Are you satisfied?

Collapse )

How was this term for you, overall?

MY TERM SUCKED BALLS. I had a zillion mental/physical breakdowns. But this is supposed to be the 'hardest term' I guess for my major. Whatevz. Tears were shed for that little P* (pass). And also I got really super sick and couldn't do a lot of work during like the 2 most important weeks. But I accomplished a lot. UGH SCHOOL

ETA: I made some cookies like these:

Did you make some cookies like those for the holidays this year? Will you? If not, what kind of holiday cookie WILL you make? If you won't be making cookies, why do you hate Jesus?
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1) I'm trying to remember a movie I once saw on TV. I think it had John Cusack and Sandra Bullock, but it's been a while, so I'm not sure. The guy was going to get married, and then for some reason he went somewhere, and he met a woman on a train (I think). She was really carefree, and he fell in love with her. At the end of the movie, he was going to break up with his fiance (on the day of his wedding of course), but he ended up staying with her instead. The song "Love the one you're with" definitely played in it. Do you know the name of this movie?

2) What are your favorite Christmas movies?

2) Home Alone, Planes Trains and Automobiles, It's a Wonderful Life, and Miracle on 34th Street
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(no subject)

Let's say you're hosting a drinkin' party, and you have this... Ultimate Karaoke Machine or something, that can play any song by anybody.

What songs would you put on there? Or, in other words, what are your favorite songs to sing (badly) along to while you're drinkin', not caring if someone is staring at you because you're just having that much fun?
muppets - bunson and beeker

Couch Surfing...

There is a website out there called, where you are encouraged to host strangers on your couch or spare room and/or to stay with strangers on their couch or spare room, and it seems they have had relatively very few problems.

Would you let a stranger sleep on your couch for a night?
Would you consider staying on a stranger's couch (or spare room)?

(no subject)

My husband knows how to play the bass, and he just started learning to play the guitar.

What is a good beginners song for him to learn to play? He likes classic rock, rock and alternative.

broncos are still in the hunt

What was the highlight of your NFL sunday?

omg, my team won 41-7
blah blah blah, tom brady, blah blah, undefeated
lol @ the winless miami dolphins
listen, suzer, i root for the raiders and/or niners, there was no highlight
watching all of the erectile dysfunction commercials
the pressure was off since my team plays monday night
my team is playing RIGHT NOW
that slice of cake i ate during the 4th quarter
tailgating--with beer and weinies
napping in my clothes while people drew things on me with a sharpie
dude, i was watching about 12 law & orders today
i got penetration in the backfield, if you know what i mean...
football is against my very odd religion
i celebrated in the endzone with a horrifyingly loud belch
watching cheerleaders' boobies

When does your AAA Auto Club membership expire?

August 2008
February 2008
omg i forgot to renew!

which of these foods that i ate today did YOU eat today also?

fried egg
leftover pizza
pulled-pork sandwich
tater tots
orange cake with chocolate frosting, made by a relative

(no subject)

I live in the US. I want to mail a friend in England a standard envelope/Christmas card. do I have to put more than one stamp on it?

edit: I have to send it tomorrow before work/before the post office opens, and I can't go to the post office to find out because I get off of work after they close :(

got it! thanks!
ha ha

(no subject)

I feel very angry and kind of violent right now. Besides murdering someone, beating someone up or beating myself up, what can I do to relieve this anger?

Would you say loyalty is a good trait to have? What would you consider being overly loyal?

How often do you wish you could live life like a hermit?
Corlionis: Teresa

(no subject)

The restaurant MENU for our local Chinese place lists, "Three Ingredients. Shrimp, scallops, and sea legs, delicately blended and sauteed."

What are "sea legs"? A (Chinese-American) friend suggested, "...the legs of a seasick Chinaman?", but as I'm fairly certain cannibalism is illegal...

Edited because I completely lose at my native language when I'm laughing.


Lobster is made of pigs, Y/Y?

(no subject)

I'm eating this...thing.

It's called a Balance Bare. And it has a lot of protein. I found it at my sister's house.

It expired on November 3rd.

Am I going to die?

p.s. it was almond and chocolate flavored.

Kitty problems

The cat my boyfriend is watching until we find a home for it, has suddenly stopped using the litter box. Well, she still urinates in it, but that's it.

When she was with my roommates and I, one of the roomies yelled at her when she kicked a clump of feces out of the box by accident, and it scared her so bad she hid for hours. I personally think this is part of it. We moved her that week to my boyfriend's house, and she seemed to be adjusting well to the new home and the cat and dog my boyfriend already has. At the begining of this week, my boyfriend went on a week long business trip, and ever since he left, Mandy (the kitty) has stopped using the box correctly. She goes either in the shower, on the kitchen floor, or on a rug in the laundry room.

Does anyone have any tips for helping Mandy learn to use the box right again? Thanks

Random Questions

I just heard that the averag CEO makes roughly 400 times what the average worker currently makes. Do you think this is right? Why/why not?

Santa Claus has not taken a vacation in 100 years. He asks you where to go and what to do. What do you tell him?
[lost] Goodbye lost

Work related?

Say you work at a very busy ob/gyn office. The docs are in high demand and it is a highend office. Since you have crappy health benefits, you can have your well womans exam there, for a really good price. There are 4 docs. One is a woman, two are youngish good looking men, and one is a grandpa.

Would you see one of the doctors that you work for?

Would you see the woman, or one of the three men?

Would you be able to marry someone who has their hands in a persons vagina pretty much all day long?

What about have them deliver your baby? Two of our nurses had the docs they work for deliver their babies. lol that would be awkward!

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what should I get my dad for christmas?

My dad is impossible to shop for. Last year we bought him a portable DVD player because he travels for work all the time and he loved it yet rarely used it. One year i got him movies and he ended up leaving them at my house for me to have. He's the type of person that always says "oh no I don't need anything, what can I get for you?" So I'm thinking of something maybe simple yet useful and creative.

facebook facebook facebook facebook

people who have facebook:

1. which of your groups has the most people? how many?
2. which has the fewest? how many?
3. has anyone ever made a group about you?
4. what is your favorite group that you are in?

1. largest - "I'd Marry the Beast if I Could Have a Library Like That..." with 20,036 people
2. smallest - "The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Rock!" with 5 people
3. not about me, but my best friend has two groups about her - "Susie B. Is My Favorite Fruit Fly" and "Susan B's cottage is ruining my summer"
4. either "I Hate Doing Things That I Hate Doing" or "Legalize Bagels"

(no subject)

Is "Lexus" the name of a Greek God? (Semi NSFW. No out-and-out genitalia, but one small very suggestive photo)

(I found only one positive result in limited googling, but that looked like grudgewank. But I couldn't find any etymology at all to the contrary.)

If you made millions off of some non-sexual product and a gay porn star used the name for that product as his stage name, would you sue?


My professor said she'd give extra credit to anyone who could get three episodes of "Gilad Bodies in Motion" for her. I could really use the extra credit, but I can't find this stupid workout program anywhere. On Youtube, there are a few really horribly recorded bits, and one that is actually usable. So, my question you know where I could download Gilad episodes? Or, do you have some that you could email to me? She does NOT want the DVDs that you can buy because she prefers the 30 minute format of the tv program. EDITED TO ADD: I don't have a VCR and there is no time to order crap from eBay 'cause the semester is over in three days and I need it before then.

Also, I have to write a paper about my BEST DAY EVER (that sounds like I'm in fifth grade, but it will be seven pages in French, haha). If you were writing about your best day ever, what would you write about?

(no subject)

1. What are some good party games for college-age people? There will be a moderate amount of drinking, about 30 people who don't all know each other, and we're in a moderately small apartment, if that helps.

2. Where have you seen really horrible holiday sweaters being sold on the cheap besides a thrift store? Walmart? Kohl's?

3. If at the party there was a cash pot raffle buy-in for $3, and with purchase of your ticket you could get a picture taken with two guinea pigs dressed as little reindeer, would you do it?

(no subject)

My boyfriend's mom gave me the ugliest sweater I have ever seen.

She keeps asking me if I've tried it on and why I haven't worn it. Her feelings get hurt really easily. What should I tell her?
amack: glowing

(no subject)

What day of the year is your birthday?

(ie: January 1st would be "1")

Also: What's another basic, basic food with an identifiable shape (something that preferrably isn't "circle" or "rectangle")? I've got "milk" (carton), bread" (slice), and "eggs". I need a couple more, and wandering through my kitchen isn't helping.
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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(no subject)

Dear TQC

This is my hair:

What color(s) should I dye it? I have some bangs, and as you can see some hair that hangs in front of my ears. I want to do this sometime soon... Colors I have:

Atomic Pink, Blue Haired Freak, Cupcake Pink
The equivalent of Deep Purple, Limelight, Nuclear Red, Virgin Rose, A small amount of Electric Blue, Hi-Octane Orange, and something similar to Iguana Green only darker.

I want to try and stay away from predominantly pink or purple, since I've done that a lot the past year and want something diff. I also don't have money for more dye cause I'm poor.
  • l3antha

(no subject)

i just woke up and am very hungry.

Poll #1103524 yum yum

what should i eat?

scrambled egg sandwich
fried rice
toast & tea

the catch is that i have to make all of these pretty much from scratch.
mr jummy

(no subject)

What do you think about prenuptial agreements? If you're mostly against them, in what kind of scenario could you see yourself getting one?

If you could have any subject implanted into your brain (like "drunken boxing" in The Matrix) what subject would it be and why?
the epitome of class
  • nicoley

My life is so obnoxious

Okay so someone hit my car and didn't leave a note. I filed a police report, but the lady basically said there's nothing they can do. So my questions.

1. Collapse )

2. How much do you think it would be to fix? (If you've ever had a bug, or have any idea otherwise.)
Collapse )

I'm going to get an estimate tomorrow, but I'm so anxious and upset. We'll see then if we're going to turn it into insurance or not.

(no subject)

Earlier this afternoon the boy I like asked me to hang out tonight. It's already 11 pm and I haven't heard from him.

1. Am I being ditched?

2. Do you like the band Tool?

3. What's your favorite kind of soda?

Mine is Sierra Mist, diet and regular. :)

ETA: Does anyone else think it's funny the female rapper DO MY HOMEWORK question just got deleted? Can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.