December 8th, 2007

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I have a friend that I haven't seen a while. We were really close, but we haven't seen each other in about seven months. The last time I saw her, when she was at my house, she was rude to my twin sister for basically no reason. It obviously upset me, and made me reexamine our friendship, especially because I had been telling her how my sister had been having some confidence problems at the time, and her being mean didn't exactly help. She's very bossy and has lied a lot to me (although I should clarify, it was really about stuff that didn't hurt me, I'm not sure if that matters), and just has this attitude with me that implies that she thinks she's smarter than me, better than me, etc. I'm not saying she's all bad, but I feel like a lot of our friendship now consists/possibly has always consisted of her insulting me as a joke (and I was never actually offended, but it did get annoying after a while) and me responding, or us complaining about mutual people that annoy us. Like I said, she isn't a bad person, but I really don't want to be friends anymore. It would be awkward getting together anyway, because we have nothing in common anymore, and I don't want to continue this kind of relationship any longer. I don't know how to break it off though. We both have facebook, so she can always comment me, and blocking her is just ridiculous and overly severe. I don't want to have a confrontation. What would you do if you were me?
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I am thirsting for knowledge. Can you recommend any books along the lines of philosophy, social science, non-fiction, or literature that are of either great historical significance, or that had an impact on you? Please?

What is it time for?

Do you like chicken pot pie?

Would you ever go skydiving?
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Halp, TQC, I have to submit a photo for my college yearbook TONIGHT!

Which should I use? I don't have many options but I've narrowed it down to these. I like the first one except that I have no eyes and my hair color was in a kind of unfortunate stage, I like the second one except that it's kind of a joke and I don't know if I want to be remembered forever in profile, and the third one is good but maybe a little cutesy, and badly lit.

This is important, this is the photo people will dig up and post on ONTD if I get famous, or run in the newspaper if I die young in a sudden accident!

EDIT: Thanks everyone, I went with the first one! (I liked it most too, I just needed validation that my lack of eyes wasn't a dealbreaker.)

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Related question: I have some photoshop skills but not enough to make that third picture look better-lit. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance...
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Help please -- Citations

I need someone's help, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, because I am a complete idiot, and my MLA handbook is doing shit to help me.

Is this the proper citation:
"Dragons: Creatures of Power." Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns & Mermaids. American Museum of Natural History. 20 Nov. 2007 <>.

For this website:


How would one go about doing in-text parenthetical citations for it?

It's the only online/website source I'm using for this paper, and the only thing I am clueless about citing. Sadly, it has a lot of the information I need for my paper.

(;-; I had no idea who or where to ask)


Are you okay?

Do you illegally download movies or music?

What movie should I download to watch tonight?
Maybe like a mind-fuck or comedy, not in a gorey mood atm.
I don't feel like sleeping right now.
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Dear TQC,
Everything in my life has kind of collapsed in the past week, and it's not going to be clarified and pretty and better for a while. I need to find something to imerse myself in. Work and boys are a no. What are your suggestions?
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Have you ever complained to the school administration about a teacher/professor?
If so, how far up the chain did you go, so to speak?
Would it make a difference if you knew they were up for tenure soon?

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What smell/object/noise reminds you of:

Your Mother: Toilet rolls. Odd one.. at home the toilet paper isn't kept anywhere near the bathroom, but there's always always a new one as the old one is about to run out. It's like my mum is the toilet roll fairy or something. Everytime I run out of toilet paper in my new house I miss my mummy!

Your SO: The oh so catchy and somewhat nerve wrecking song 'Hey There Delilah'.. The first time I heard it was when he played it to me on the guitar, and I thought he had written it about us because it really relates.

Your best friend: Glowsticks! Raving with glowsticks is her thing..

My co-worker told me today that she got pregnant on purpose, just stopped taking her pill so her boyfriend wouldn't leave her. o_O

have you got anything shocking to tell me?
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I just told my friend I was going to place a want ad to find him a girlfriend. I said I'd post it in my journal, but now we're thinking Craigslist. He mentioned selling himself on eBay.

1. Aren't there rules against prostitution on eBay? How do you get around those?

2. If you were to write a want-ad for a date, how would it read?

3. Have you ever hooked up with somebody on Craigslist?

4. Have you ever played matchmaker?

5. How much should I get paid if I do find him a girlfriend?

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1. Do you have a MacBook?

2. Should I buy a Macbook? my Dell works fine but i'm constanly being told that I NEED a Mac.

3. What time is it where you are?
1:33am here...

Arch Rock Mack Island
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Is there something weird about not having sex for over 4 years?
What's the longest time you have gone without?
And I don't mean sex with yourself either.
If you were going to be celibate, what would be the reason?

It's not weird. I have chosen to be celibate, and have been since Feb 22, 2004. I basically came to a point where I decided my slutty days should be over, and that I deserved better than to be treated like a piece of ass.

Edited to fix the year. Duh.
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Gross question

No matter where in the fridge I put salad dressings, they tend to...chunk up? I took one out and it's liquid, but then there's this jellylike solid mass in the middle. It's disgusting. We've tried eating it before just to see, and it's not rancid or anything, just nasty.

TQC, what is this and how can I stop it? (It happens like, within two weeks! my fridge is on the "mid cool" setting and i've tried lowering it, it doesnt help!)
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i just bought the entire series of the audubon nature encyclopedia from my local art supply store for EIGHT DOLLARS. this has brought me unmeasurable amounts of happiness and amusement.

what's the last thing that made you super excited/giddy/happy?

alternatively, what's the last awesome thing you bought?
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TQC, I am having college woes. The only Anatomy and Physiology lab available on the days I can go to school is at 8:30 am...when all my other classes don't start till 4:30, and don't let out till 10:15.

What's the suckiest class/work schedule you've ever had? How did you cope? How were your grades, that semester?

Apart from college suck, have you ever owned a pair of Vans slipons? I just bought my first pair and have heard wonderful things. I can't wait for them to get here.
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1. How come I am constantly falling in love with gay men?
2. What are some 'obscenities' you use that are a bit out of the ordinary? I constantly say "ballsack", "balls", "nuts", and "holy scrotum"
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1) Do you enjoy fashion?

2) Do you want to be LJ-friends with me?

3) Do your music-listening habits differ from when you're alone to when you're around people? When I'm alone, I play the same song on repeat 8045348 times! I love my music. I can't do that around others because they get terribly annoyed :\

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I'm supposed to leave to go to the airport in just under an hour. My flight to Vegas leaves at 7:15 AM. I'd be there for a week and a half, staying with a friend and working for a new band that she's been managing. To be quite honest, I don't want to go. Something in my heart is stopping me, and I can't quite place my finger on what exactly it is. I'm not required to go, by any means, but it'd be a new band, new contacts, new experiences, and new opportunities. Granted, I have a handful of opportunities already, it would just be one more. I leave for NYC at the end of the month, then again at the end of January for a tour. I also just returned, two weeks ago, from a rather long and trying multi-city trip. I thought I was getting really bored and going out of my mind because I was home and not moving about, but now I wish I had more time to relax.

What would you do if you were me? Would you chill for the next few weeks, or would you chalk this up to being anxious about flying and/or exhausted from constantly moving, bite the bullet and go? Have you ever suddenly changed your mind on something?

I'm finding it physically impossible to organize my thoughts clearly enough to tell if making this phone call to southwest to credit my flight is a good idea or not.

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dear question club

I'm gonna try this keep this short.

My boyfriend snuck in and we had sex and the condom slipped off, he did not cum, and there doesn't seem to be pre cum but I have no idea. I also had my period last week.

What are the chances of me being pregnant?

What if I got the morning after pill?

I have a habit of being extremely paranoid (as you can probably tell), so no "wait a month and get a test" please.

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What do you do to make yourself feel better when you have to go to work and don't want to? I mean, really really really DONT WANT TO :X

Im really just being a big baby. But its one of those days when i just want to stay at home and hide. I will go to work but I dont want to.


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I keep dreaming of exams that I've already taken but not got the results for. What's up with that?

I dreamt that I was taking a Literature paper(the last paper that I took) and the questions were really messed up. Before the exam I dreamt that I forgot to bring a literature text(Edgar Allan Poe) and had to borrow from this friend of mine who had 2 and I took the version she got from 1999! People started discussing with each other and they even played ROCK MUSIC!!! And later on they started playing a movie on the huge projector screen and everyone was distracted, including me. Half an hour later I realised I gotta start working and it was really screwed up because for a while I was feeling confused about the questions. When I started to get to work I was rudely woken up by some drilling outside. It's 9.43AM now..

What was your weirdest dream? And if you interpret dreams, what do you think my dream meant?

I'm kind of afraid it's some kind of bad omen.

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Sorry for the double post... LJ wont let me edit, wtf?

What is your favorite song to get you pumped up/motivated?


If you've ever struggled with weight gain, is there one food/one food group that you attribute the majority of the gain to?

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how do you make yourself stop procrastinating/reading the entire internet and actually do work you need to do (at a comp)?

ive tired turning off my wireless card, but i actually need to access some stuff relating to work on the net. help! i have no discipline!
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What kind of "connections" do you or your family have? Not necessarily to people but more like services, discounts (aside from standard discounts where you work), information.... (like, if your dad is a laywer and you can get free legal advice or if you always get your hair done for free because your mom is a hairdresser...) ... I hope this question makes sense.

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Why can't I get through to woot? Am I missing the ever-elusive bag of crap?


ETA: They fixed it. No Bag'o'Crap today. It's - they put up one heavily discounted item for sale each day, until sold out or the next day starts. I couldn't get though for hours, and thought possibly they were running their rare surprise grab bag deal, which they call Bag Of Crap.

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1. When, if ever, was the last time an ad on TV made you buy something you otherwise wouldn't have bought?

2. What's a good hostess gift to bring to an afternoon cookie-making party? I want something that isn't a sweet snack, as there will already be cookies. Would fruit be weird? How about sausage rolls? Edit: Also, booze is not an option.

Green Thumb anyone?

So I have this little Poinsettia. Half of it is wilted and purpley looking, the other half is alive and red and happy looking.

Is there any way to fix this? :(

My mom said they're sensitive and weird anyway so I shouldn't worry about it but I'd like it to live a little longer at least...

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1. Are you a jerk? Are you The Jerk?

2. How much time and money do you think Apple puts into finding songs to sell their iPod? (Ex: Are You Gonna Be My Girl, Music is My Hot Hot Sex)

3. Do you get awkward around people you find to be extremely good looking? When does one get over this?

4. I had a dream I got fired from my job last night. In the dream, I was pissed -- not because I was upset about losing my job, but because they beat me to it (I believe I screamed, "If I'd've known you were going to fire me, I WOULDA QUIT!"). If you came to work, and half way through your shift, a manager (or two) confronted you and asked you to pack up your stuff, how would you feel? Would you be pissed? Relieved? What if they had a good reason?

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Where does the majority of your furniture come from?

Do you like knick knacks, pictures, ect,ect  around the house or do you like your home really basic?

Do you have a certain place for things(purse, backpack, cell phone) or do you throw it where ever.

Do your clothes to make it to a closet or drawer or are they in a pile?

Cell phone,land line or both?

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What words do you find using yourself most often, that really aren't a normal part of everyday language?

Fool, Foolish (one can be 'A Foolish'), Pal, Aces, Mate, Generic, Tedious

I'm sure there are more..

What are your favourite words to say?

I love the words/phrase passive-aggressive

When you doodle, what do you doodle?

I write my name over and over in fancy writing.. Sophia Sophia Sophia Sophia I think that might mean I'm quite self involved..
Graphic Animatronic Sexual Displays

What book is this?

Hey all,
the other day I was in a bookshop and I spotted a newly released quarter size hard cover book with a teal dustcover. It was very similar in looks to 'Life on the Refrigerator Door', except with a teal dustcover. Unfortunatly, I was unable to have a look at the book or note the title and when I went back to the shop, the book was gone.

Does anybody have any idea what book I'm talking about? I've included a picture of the 'Life on the Refrigerator Door' book for reference.

*Only in teal instead

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I have to be in work in under an hour. My back and neck hurt a lot. I cannot take the repetative nature of my job. I can hardly move by the end of the day because of it. I don't want to go to the company again over this- I am looking for a new job so I just need to hold out for a few more weeks until I get out.
What are some quick and somewhat effective ways to mask the pain for a few hours?
Why am I having such a hard time building muscle on my back?

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Any Extreme Home Makeover watchers out there? Or people who know medical conditions

I don't watch it, but there is a marathon on so I mean, it's a last resort when there is nothing else. So, I don't know how old this episode is, but there is a family in Montana, three girls a dad and mom.... they got sent to New York, and they love music and met Hanson. I might be wrong, but it could be the Parker family? Anyway, some of them are suffering from a disease that from what we can tell paralyzes you over time, you lose your neck control, and it can be passed from mother to her babies.... But none of them look like there is anything wrong.

WHAT DISEASE IS THAT?! They said something at one point, but we looked it up and it has nothing to do with what the show says. Any help would be great.

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What's something I can do to help me to remember to sign all my posts *daha*?

Any special tricks you employ to remember various things?

Ever forget something big and important?

i say, old bean

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is there anyone that you know that had decent passing? (they died without pain/not a lot of drama and tears)

if so..could you tell me about it? it's okay if not, i understand. i'm just in a weird mood and feel the need to hear stories of this such.

is there someone you look or looked up to?

what would you do for a klondike bar?

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Have you dated a younger guy before?

How old was he & how old were you?

How did your family/friends react?

What are the pros & cons of dating a younger guy?

How come its accepted for guys to date younger, younger girls but 'taboo' for women to date younger guys?

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TQC, last night I dreamt that someone had found bear-wank online. What's the weirdest wank you've ever read? Will you post a link if it's still up?

I have an exam at 7 tonight, but I don't usually eat until then. Should I eat before or after?
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i admit it; i'm a charlatan

Can you believe that I've never had "mathematics" as an interest?

What would you think of someone who isn't necessarily really interested in mathematics, but is interested in fields that apply them?

Do you feel better about yourself when you cut people down, or is it just a part of your daily life you consider routine?

Can we have "write your own textbook problem to answer my question" posts more often in TQC?

Do you think you could write a diff eq textbook problem that uses your daily experiences and when you cut someone down, sort of like how they're used in sciences and economics to describe complex situations? I've never done those higher maths so I'd love if TQC would come along and teach and fail me.
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how funky is your chicken?

Payment center?

Often times, companies like the gas, water and electric have other places you can pay your bill. I know in my old town, you could bring those bills to this one "mom and pop" pharmacy with your payment and they'd take care of it from there.

I'm looking for one in my area, now, and am having no luck. How would I go about finding this information?

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so over my christmas break, i am going to transfer most of my files from my PC to my mac (pictures, word documents, and all my music from itunes)

how in the world do i go about doing this. because i know that some things do not work on macs, so is there a special program i can buy/download? or anything?

has anyone done this before? please share your knowledge.
thank you!

wait edit: also, my ipod has much more music than my itunes, and i was also curious if there was a way to get the music from my ipod into my itunes? because dragging it doesn't work.

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Which is worse: unruly kids or untrained dogs?
Do you like kids?
Do you like dogs?

-Untrained dogs. The kid isn't jumping on me and licking my face and touching me with it's dirty paws while their mom goes OH HOW CUTE HE LIKES YOU.
-Only trained dogs.
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So whatcha think of vegans?


People who call themselves vegetarians but make exceptions for something? Like, my sister was a vegetarian but ate fish, if it lived in water she'd eat it.

Carnivores that go out of their way to eat weird animals? Like sea urchin, buffalo, and rattlesnake?

Disappearing Poem

1.  I love the poem "A Special Theory of Relativity," but I cannot find it anywhere.  It may be called "The Special.." instead of  "A Special..." but it is still nowhere to be found on the Internet.  It ends with "My love, as we approach the speed of light, time is standing still."  Do you know this poem?  Can you find it for me?

No, I cannot. That's why I'm asking you.

2.  What is your favorite poem?

Not Waving but Drowning, by Stevie Smith

3.  How's the best way to coyly ask someone (of your preferred sex) to spend the night?

I always just say "Hey, you can stay here if you want."   That's getting old and boring.

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I have an AC electric motor. When I turn it on, it starts to run but quickly sets of a 15A circuit breaker. The motor should only run at 12A. It's an old motor, maybe about 25 years. What could possibly be wrong? How could I check to be sure?


Do you know a lot about cars? Specifically pertaining to rebuilding/upgrading/swapping an engine in a 1989 Acura Integra?

If so, would you mind answering some questions for me over AOL, Yahoo!, or MSN Messenger?


what is something you've recently found out about your parent(s) that you didn't know?
best friend?
S/O or crush?

what is something you have to remind people about yourself that they forget?

also, poke or prod?
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Quinn Twin

Pleated Pants Problem (alliteration for the win!)

Ok, so I went to my orientation to be a super spooty "butler" at the GA Aquarium yesterday and, despite being extremely nervous, volunteered to have my first OMG REAL RICH PEOPLE PARTY shift tonight, because apparently, I love stress! My uniform, which I had to assemble in time to be there by 5 pm today included tuxedo pants. Being I found them last night after orientation and the shoe store was closed until this morning, I thought they were the easy peasy part of my day. WRONG.

I could only get them in the men's department and, being I have an hour glass shape, they aren't exactly the most flattering cut. The real horror? THEY'RE PLEATED. :O This makes me look like I have a pouch, like some sort of well dressed mutant marsupial. I don't have time today to go and try and find flat fronts at another store, and based on the suit shoppe last night, they don't exsist anyways...

Is there ANYTHING I can do to make this less self esteem crushing? We have to wear a jacket, but I have no idea how low it will come down in the front because they didn't show it to us and issue it at your first shift. PLEASE HELP!

fucking kangaroos

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I found a $150 bottle of wine in my grandmother's apartment. She doesn't live here and doesn't stay here because she has another apartment in the city. I'm assuming a family member left it as a thank you while they stayed overnight. It's been here for at least a year because the box I found it in has been sitting next to the TV for a year.

Should I drink it?

Should I bring it to a party I'm going to tonight as a house-warming present?

Edit: I should also mention that when I googled the vintage, a review written in October 2007 said it was at its 11 year peak. Does that mean it will lose its quality if someone doesn't drink it soon?
happy monkey

(no subject)

1. does your vehicle have a name? why that name?
2. do you name other inanimate objects?
3. what rules do you have for your cell phone? (e.g. don't answer unknown numbers; don't answer after a certain time. etc. etc. yada. yada.)
4. what's your plans for the rest of today?
5. what's the last thing that annoyed or pissed you off?
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Say you're a guy, for a second. If you're already a guy - that's great.

One night in a bar, you see a girl you've spoken to a couple times before. You buy her and her friend a drink. You come up and talk to her numerous times throughout the night.

This indeed happened to me last night. He seemed interested. As I was leaving, I went over to say goodbye, and I felt like I forced my number on him? I mean. I didn't say. 'YO. Take my number, bitch!' But I said I was leaving, and that I wasn't sure where I was going, and he paused and said 'Do you have my number?'. And I said 'No.' (duh), and then he said, 'Well I'll take yours.' I felt like I instigated this number transaction, and he may not have done it on his own - which means probably I won't get a call.

What do you think?


i probably am overthinking this. except i feel i made a half crucial mistake. because he had called my phone so i would have his number also, and he had said he was going to try to stop into my work the following night. after we'd left the bar, i sent a message (and i'm not even a texter, sober) that said:
subliminal message: you want ice cream tomorrow.

a creepy move?
not something i would have pulled sober.

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elevator jumping and prosecution

My friend likes jumping up and down in elevators (and screaming and making animal noises). Sometimes when I'm taking it with him. At first I was kind of afraid of it and now I am just amused. Occasionally I am compelled to participate.

1. Am I going to die in an elevator with him?
2. Do YOU jump up and down in elevators? Have you ever?
3. Could the elevator break if he jumped up and down in it enough?

Unfortunately when he was jumping up and down in an elevator in our dorm, my RA caught him and wrote him up and now he has to go to a hearing about how he "damaged dorm property" and "put other people in danger". (She didn't give him a warning or anything.) And he might get kicked out of the dorm. Well I don't know what could happen to him, but it can't be good.

4. Is he getting his just desserts?

He swears he didn't break the elevator and nobody ever got hurt as a result of his jumping. More people get hurt in the stairwell than in the elevator--I can attest to this. (It is true, however, that the elevator has been out of order twice since the beginning of the school year and I don't know if he had anything to do with that.)

5. How would you advise him to approach this hearing to avoid bad things happening? What should he say to them?

(no subject)

I have an imac G5, and the system volume is stuck, the sound slider is frozen and everything is on mute. When I plug in head phones, it works fine. I believe I can fix it, apposed to bringing it to get checked out at the apple store, because after a few days, sometimes hours, it will randomly work fine again. I tried re-starting and things of that nature. I tried calling apple support but they keep me on hold for literally over an hour and I can't keep the phone tied up. Has anyone experienced this problem or have any idea how to fix it?

(I asked the same general question a few days ago, but didn't get many answers, so I'm posting again in hopes of someone else reading who can help because it's driving me crazy.)
chicken legs
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(no subject)

1. If you brew your own coffee at home, what brand do you use?
2. How do you take your coffee?
3. What sort of gum do you chew?
4. Anyone else ever have to take out alternative loans for school? Who was your lender, and how'd that work out for you? (This usually applies if you're in college and financially independent.)
GtB - angel bear
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Do you have e-grudges here in TQC? Just a simple y/n or number will be fine.
How do you feel when people flounce?
When they flounce and come back?
Do you ever bring an e-grudge from one comm to another?
Fly Naked

(no subject)

What are some things you would you do if you could stop time?

I would destroy my neighbor's subwoofer and maybe his whole car, among other things.
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(no subject)

The cheapest iPhone costs about $400.  A 16GB iPod Touch looks exactly like the iPhone, costs about $400 and comes with all the same features as the iPhone...without the phone.

What the heck is the point of the iPod Touch?

Both come with Safari and don't allow downloading IE or Firefox, so what is the point of having internet on the iPhone/iPod Touch?

What do you think is the most useless product on the market today?

(no subject)

1.) When you hear someone mention "RPG," regardless of context, what do you automatically think of?
Role Playing Game? Rocket-propelled grenade? Report Program Generator? Something else?

2.) Does this make you sad?

(no subject)

How tall are you?
Are you happy with your height?

Yeah, I love being small. It kind of sucks sometimes when I realize I am craning my neck to meet everyone's gaze, though.

Since clothing posts are so popular today...

What websites/stores carry a dress I  (a very slender gal) could wear as a casual bridesmaid in a wedding?

I have a very difficult time finding dresses that fit, and I would rather not get something altered (even though I have to all the time.)  Also, the wedding isn't super formal (the wedding dress is off the rack and pretty casual) so my dress needs to be equally as laid back.

ahh, eternal love

How do you enjoy passing time at a wedding?

> taking advantage of the free open bar
> stuffing food down your pie hole
> dancing awkwardly
> hanging out by the coat racks
> attempting conversation with the elderly relatives
> searching for a SO
> reading under the table
> making "important" calls on your cell

(no subject)

If you do not live in the US, how often do you hear about young people in your country shooting people in malls, college dorms, and schools and then comitting suicide?

If you do live in the US, just offhand which school/mall/college shootings can you recall seeing on the news?
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If you read TQC at work (and I know a lot of you do)

Do you skip over certain questions you would normally read?
If so, which ones?

Do you read but not answer certain questions?
If so, which ones?

If you answered yes to the above questions, do you go back and comment after you get home?

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So, I am kind of interested in seeing Requiem for a Dream, but my boyfriend thinks that I shouldn't. He says its 'bad for people', but I hear it's a total mind-fuck, and really good. I like movies that are about drug addicts & fucked-up people, and I have a strong stomach.
He's done a lot of drugs, so chances are, it hit a sore spot there. Or he watched it high and is all fucked up about it.

Should I watch Requiem for a Dream?
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What Would Wonder Woman Do


The people on the other side of the duplex I live in have been smoking so much that now my side smells like cigarette smoke.

1. How can I get rid of the smell?

2. If I talk to them/leave a note on their door/let them know they're stinkin' up the place, do you think their habits will change?

3. Would having very loud sex with my fiance be adequate revenge? (Keep in mind that there's kids over there, but if they're smoking that much in front of them, there's a good chance they're not too terribly worried about their health...)

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1. What does your winter jacket look like?
2. What do you like to eat at the movie theater?
3. What rank are you out of siblings? (Oldest, only child, etc)  And out of how many?

My answers:
1. Black with pink stripes
2. Popcorn or sour patch kids
3. Youngest of 4, 2nd youngest of 7 with step siblings included.

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my roommate bought a DVD player and something's up with it. or maybe something is up with the TV.

movies play just fine, and all the sound works just fine...except all the dialogue. this happens with every movie we try.

i know very little about this DVD player, only that it is an audivox. my other roommate and i can't find the manual and i think the roommate who bought it said that there was nothing in it about this anyway.

like i said, it could be the TV. we don't get cable or have an antenna so we can't test it out by watching something else.

does anyone have any idea? i tried googling this but i didn't get far.

edit: okay i have no idea what was wrong but it suddenly started working out of nowhere. it figures that this would happen right after i finally ask the internet.
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i am babysitting an almost 2 year old boy. he doesn't seem sick at all. i just changed his diaper and if was full of green diarrhea.

you wouldn't believe how green it was if i told you so i now present you with this photo of the baby poo to aid you in your answering...

what is going on.. is this normal??

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My brother just punched a hole in the laundry room's door.
What will be my dad's reaction when he comes home?

Edit: Haha. My dad took the door from his room and installed it in the laundry room. Now he doesn't have a door anymore.

Have you ?s

1) Have you ever clogged the toilet in a restroom that was not in your house?

2) Have you seen No Country For Old Men? If yes, did you like it?

3) Have you ever used (or heard of) SopCast Webplayer?
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1.) What is the most challenging book you have ever read?
2.) What book(s) are you reading right now and/or what do you plan to read next?

EDIT: Say a little about the books you mention.

+ my answers:

1.) Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig.
2.) The above book. Also: The Rules of Attraction by Bret Easton Ellis and The Red Queen by Matt Ridley. I don't know what I will read next.
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Sometimes I like to lose money in my house, just because I know when I find it again I'll be really excited.

Do you share my feelings in this? Is this weird?

What are some weird things you do/enjoy?
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1. Are there any uproarious age differences between you and your sibling(s)? How many years? How do you handle it? Does it even feel like they're your sibling?

2. I'm about 75 pages into PS: I Love You and the writing style is making me vaguely nauseous. Ever read a book whose hype didn't add up for you? (excluding Da Vinci Code, I think most people had a bone to pick with that one).

3. I'm home until January 2nd from college. I am not happy about this fact, and I really want to go back. (earliest I can go back is the 2nd, unfortunately). I work for the next two weeks Monday through Friday, but that's literally it. How do I pass my time and make it go quickly, TQC?

4. All I have done today, as I'm sick, is drink Snapple with electrolytes and fall asleep listening to Ender's Game on my computer. Fail, Y/N?

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What (if any) are your experiences with buying used goods from Amazon? I just got given a gift certificate and am tempted to buy a ton of used books, but I've never bought things used before.
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You're in college, living in the dorms. Your school has a "no-pets: period" rule that pertains to anyone living on campus. You find out the person in the room next to you has a pet. They didn't tell you, you heard through word-of-mouth. They take perfectly good care of it considering the limits of a dorm room. How do you react? Do you tell an authority figure? Have a talk with the person about how they really shouldn't have that here? Would your reaction change depending on whether it was a fish, small rodent, small bird, small lizard, or snake? Or would you just not care, as long as it wasn't keeping you up at night?

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TQC! The left ctrl key on my craptop has bitten the dust within the last two minutes.

Do you think this has something to do with the cord getting caught around my foot and taking the laptop onto the floor a few minutes ago?

Not that I care. >.>

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1)I flipped back and forth between House and Nip/Tuck last night. Can anyone summarize the gist of these shows? Is Nip/Tuck supposed to be a comedy/soap opera? Does House have all the answers? Why does everyone tolerate him at the hospital, is he brilliant? Is he a pill popper?

2)For those who play guitar (acoustic) how long does it take -- playing everyday to gas past the blisters to the callouses?

3)Is anyone under a 'winter weather watch'? This is what we've got cooking: A mix of freezing rain and sleet will overspread the Detroit and Ann Arbor areas and points south after 7 am Sunday morning

4) If anyone uses Open Office, what is the power point-esque program called?

(no subject)

1. What's your comfort zone? Regarding self? Work?
2. Do you get out of your comfort zone? If no, why? If yes, how?
3. When you imagine something good happening to you(eg. getting a job, getting your crush as your boyfriend), do you quickly tell yourself to snap out of it in case it doesn't happen even though there's some possibility? Sort of a jinx thing? Sorry if you don't understand my question.
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Sooo, I decided I want to learn how to sew.  I'm a stay-at-home mom with pretty much nothing to do when my kid is asleep, but I have no idea where to start.  I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for a sewing machine, but I don't want to have to replace the one I get later on because it won't be capable of doing what I want it to (namely making baby clothes and diapers).  I would prefer to get one of these from Walmart, but if they're really all shitty, I'm willing to go elsewhere.  So:

1. What sewing machine would you recommend for me?
2. What kind do you have?
3. What do you sew?
4. It this going to be really hard and frustrating to learn?  I have no experience whatsoever, but am relatively patient.
5. Anything else I should know?
6. Is there somewhere better to ask this sort of thing?  I searched for "sewing" as an interest, and was amused that fursuit was the top result, but I didn't see anything particularly helpful to me.
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Do you visit
If you receive email forwards from friends, do you check their validity at Snopes?
If it turns out that it's a crock of shit, do you email the person and let them know or do you think it would make you look like an asshole/you don't care so you don't say anything?

Edit: Wow, some of you are harsh.
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1- Would you buy panties off of craigslist? How about take them away for free?
2- What is something online that you are always surprised when someone says they've never heard of it before?
3- What is the last remotely artistic thing you did?

1- Uh no, lol.
2- Craigslist. I mentioned it to a girl at work today, she was like BAWWW???
3- Made my Christmas-y dancing girl icon. :) I'm going to paint in a bit though. YAY PAINTING!

Two Questions.

Firstly, what kind of fabric suits fat girls?

I know what colors suit me, but I need a Christmas party dress, and all the stuff out this time of year tends to be very shiny fabric, and I don't think that's the best look for me.

Secondly, my debating club are doing a sponsored silence for next semester's Rag Week (big fundraising week on campus) because everyone would love us to shut up for a day. We need to pick a charity to donate the proceeds too. Because there are thirteen of us on the committee, and we'll never be able to decide on one based on our personal preferences, we're looking for one that a sponsored silence would relate to. Would anyone have any suggestions?

(no subject)

Has your life ever felt like the movie "Groundhog Day"?

What movie did you like, except the ending made you go WTF?

Have you ever been caught in the shower doing something embarrassing?

Ever have a prank go very wrong?

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 has anyone else noticed that.. in the DISARONO (alcohol) commercial that when the girl who is drinkning it is apparently 'done' her drink and "wished it would never end", reaches toward the bartender and seductivley sucks on an ice cube..

1) she grabs an ice cube from the ice cube bucket..
   first, if she doesnt want it to end, shouldnt she be sucking on the cube that is in her glass..?

2) the commercial has recently changed. She now grabs the ice cube from her glass.

3) that they still show both versions of the commercial?

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Is the taurine in energy drinks natural or synthetic? My vegan room mate needs to know if he can drink any of my Joose the website has nothing but babes and flash animation.

Google and wikipedia are not helping.

Which celebrites do you find sexy but that don't fit conventional beauty standards? Post pictures.

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I asked for Schindler's List on DVD for Christmas.

According to my mom, that makes me a connoisseur of movies.

According to my brother, that makes me a Nazi who likes to watch people die.


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Alright. Hypothetically speaking, you borrowed your brother's Guitar Hero controller and brought it to a party. After the Guitar Hero n00bz tried to button-mash their way through songs, you notice that the blue fret button sticks.

Do you:
not tell him, let him find out for himself and then claim you have no idea what happened?
just tell him "Hey, this happened, sorry"?
tell him "Hey, this happened, sorry" and offer to buy him a new one?
just buy him a new one and replace it before he notices?

On an unrelated note, do you partake in religious activities on Sundays? What might they be?

Do you wanna rock and roll all night?
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Okay! It's unanimous! Number one it is! Now, is there anyone who has photoshop who would be willing to take the original picture and touch it up and crop it for me? I only have MSPaint which is why the one under the cut looks like crap, lol.
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So who else thinks the perks of being a wallflower is a rubbish book? I'm sick of people going crazy over it and seeing it recommended here, there and everywhere.

What you up to this saturday night?

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description: handheld game, duel screens (like a ds, but smaller) maroon in color, from the 90s (maybe 80s) I think it had to do with dropping bombs and catching them? or dropping bombs and destroying something.

does this game sound familiar to anyone? or did I just dream playing this throughout my whole childhood?

will you buy me a yak bak?

how you doin'?

EDIT: the more I think about it, I'm not sure if there were duel screens. it flipped open, and the screen could of been on top and buttons on the bottom. this is going to annoy the hell out of me.

EDIT PART TWO: FOUND IT! I was way off. but thank you guys for helping me, I've been searching all night!

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