December 7th, 2007


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1 Give three words that sum you up?

2 What is your favourite part of a woman's/man's body?

3 Who is your ideal man/woman?

4 Six of what will make you anyones? (edited: six of what drink :p)

5 Least favourite position?

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Has anyone ever tried to recruit you into their religion?
Is so, which one and what happened?

p.s. My husband once saw Scientologists at a mall and he ask them were their Jesus was. I never laughed so hard! Yes, I think they are nuts.
Haruhi disappearance
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What are some active communities that I can sell my clothes & other crap?

Is e-bay useful for clothes-selling, or do the fees outweigh any profit i'd make?

I'm going for an interview/skills test for a staffing agency tomorrow. Do you have any idea what I can expect?
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Around this time last year I was driving home from work and made a left hand turn at the tail end of an advance green when this speeding jack fuck came out of nowhere and t-boned the back end of my car so hard that it spun right around twice. The car was totalled as was the other guy's car but nobody was hurt except for I had a mild case of whip lash, a couple bruised ribs and a bruise the shape of australia from the seatbelt.

I still get a little shakey when I have to make left hand turns now and I find it puzzling that its taking so long for me to not be nervous about

Have you ever been in a serious car accident?

If so, what happened?

Who's fault was it?

Were you hurt?

Are you still a nervous driver (if you were after the accident)?

How long did it take to concur your nerves (if you were nervous about driving after)?
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I need help finding something. Either it was a page out of a children's book or a poem for kids, written in Russian, and it was really bizarre. I think there was a line in it about being mustard and closed for repairs. Do any of you know what I'm talking about?? Who wrote it? And where can I find it again?
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Does anyone know anything about Dells?

I just got home from college today, and my AC adapter for my Dell 1501 Inspiron has decided to stop working. I can plug it in and the green light will flash and then go out.

I'm going to guess this isn't going to fix itself and I need a new one? How much is this going to run me? Where can I get one? I need to be able to go to a store and I can't seem to find any parts online at Best Buy or the like ..
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"Yet she became more and more promiscuous as she recalled the days of her youth, when she was a prostitute in Egypt. There, she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emissions were like those of horses." - Ezekiel 23:19-20

What's your favorite Bible verse?

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My work is having a potluck next week and I don't know what to bring. Whatever it is, it has to feed at least 12 people. I can't bring: spaghetti, lasagna, tamales, lumpia, pecan pie, yams, or gordas.

What should I bring? Do you recommend any specific recipe?
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What is the difference between a DUI and a DWI? According to wikipedia if you don't do a breathalyzer test you can only be charged with a DUI, but it doesn't say that DWI is only for if a breathalyzer is done. Is there a specific difference between the two?
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i'm going to the store later. should i buy a bottle of wine or a bottle of vodka?

they both cost the same amount. i like wine better, but the vodka will last me longer. which one should i get?
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Anyone feeling particularly "Grinch-y" today/this morning? feel free to share w/the class...

/me: I am, even though it's Friday, stupid billing issues right now at work, and i can't figure it out!/
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i say, old bean

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TQC, I've been thinking about something lately..
If all the money that is donate to the church (meaning any church in general) was instead given to the schools, how do you think the schools would benefit?
what about if it were given to a charity?

what was the last thing you wrote an essay on?

will you read the 4th sentence on the 30th page of the closest book to you?

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If you were to buy a video game for someone, and there was a used copy for a decent discount, would you buy the used copy or the new one?

I need special lenses for my new glasses because my eyes are crossing and I have trouble seeing at night, especially while driving. I also got a warning; if my eyesight keeps getting worse at the same rate, I could possibly lose my license in just a few years. Can you cheer me up, TQC? :(

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Could you describe this piece to me? Can you tell me what you think of it?
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See, we were supposed to take a song, and create an image representing the rhythm of the song. this was more or less to the song, and I had used the song "Bliss" by Muse. I was hoping there were other art students in the community that could give me some feed back because this will be part of my portfolio, regardless of whether or not some of you think it is shit.

I see London, I see France...

So many men's boxers have fun designs or patterns on them. Whether you are a guy, or are partnered with one, what is your favorite pair you/he owns?

My husband found a pair at American Eagle a couple of years ago that is inexplicably patterned with bumblebees holding mugs of beer. Seeing as we're intrigued by beekeeping and enjoy seeking out new microbrews, we bought them right away!
He's also got a few other pairs that fit his personality, including different ones with camping scenes, tubs of popcorn, and tropical fish, respectively.

Christmas shopping at Old Navy and seeing the wall of boxers with about 87 different designs reminded me how they can be a fun stocking stuffer that turn into (quite literally) an inside joke.

Go Team Britney, y'all

Ladies, you meet Britney Spears, and she has a dilemma on her hands. Unless she does something outrageously irresponsible soon, she'll have to see her kids more often, and she's not ready for that. "I just don't understand those babies", she says. "Always crying, and they don't want no pills or vodka to fall asleep. Motherhood's serious business and I ain't got no time for it". She wants to climb out of another car, pantyless again, to guarantee that she won't get those kiddies back, but she just had a particular bad waxing done and it's not ready for the paparazzi, so this is where you come in. If you agree to wax your girlie bits, wear her clothes and blonde wig, and climb out of her car, sans underwear, those pics will hit all the internet sites and the judge will reduce her visitation rights again, which means more partying for her. Even though your body size isn't the same as hers and maybe your skin tone's different, she apparently thinks this will work, for she's no rocket scientist. As long as you act and dress like me, she thinks, everybody will just assume it is me and won't look at anything but the vajayjay. If you do this thing for her, she'll pay you $50,000. Are you up for it? You will be wearing a wig, her shades, plus the focus will be between your legs moreso than your face.

Poll #1102223 Verticle smile for the camera

Would you do it?

me - with gun
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OMG meerasedai is pregnant! She's wanting to give her baby (gender uncertain as of now, but I believe she hopes for a girl) a special and unique name. So what should she name her baby? (Unique spellings of normal names are especially encouraged! The harder to pronounce on sight, the better)

EDIT: Meera wants you all to know that the last name is very German-sounding, and to let that factor in your name choice. I mean, uh, suggestion.
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according to men's health, montgomery, alabama is the drunkest city in america, followed by yonkers, new york and hialeah, florida

the scores have been tallied for this year, but next year's is still open

are you doing your part to make your city the drunkest city in america?

Food ideas

I'm cooking my parents a birthday dinner tomorrow evening. Can you guys suggest some good recipes? Here's what I'm looking for:

1. Something relatively easy to make. I'm thinking a casserole because it's cold here now, so it'd be nice to have some comfort food in our bellies.

2. My mom will eat just about anything, but my dad is a picky eater. So nothing too crazy or out there.

If you do suggest a recipe, can you please post how to make it OR just link me?

Many thanks in advance. Like usual, I procrastinated and now I'm in a slight panic mode about what to make them!!! :\
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Who has a Roomba?

We just bought a Roomba on w00t dot com, (as they are there now refurbished for $100, get 'em while they're hot). 

Who has a Roomba?  Do you love it?  Hate it?  How do your pets feel about it?  Does it really do a good job on floors? 

What do you think of refurbished goods in general?  I'm in favor because I'm not sure if I 100% wanted a Roomba, but $100 is cheap enough to try it out.  I have never had a problem with a piece of refurbished electronic equiptment, but maybe I've just been lucky that way.

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I worked at Charlotte Russe for a few months. I left the country for a while and now I am back. Should I go back to Charlotte Russe, or look for something else?
Any job is gonna have something about it that sucks, but at least I'm used to Charlotte Russe. I don't know. I was thinking of trying Disneyland.
So what sucks less, Charlotte Russe or Disneyland?
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1- Why do people like to come out of the woodworks after you're taken/married/something, and proclaim their love for you? :( Has this ever happened to you?
2- Have you ever turned around and found someone hotter when they're off the market? Why?
3- Have you ever knowingly been the 'other person'? Without the person you're messin with's SO knowing, course.
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1)What does your mother think about all the money you spend on Sanrio products?
2)You know those situations in songs where a guy is talking to or dancing with a girl and then her boyfriend comes up and tells the guy to gtfo or he (the boyfriend) is gonna kick the guy's ass? Have you ever seen that happen in real life?
3)Does your car insurance cover injuries to your pet? I just found out that mine does to some extent.


1.  What time of the day is an acceptable time to have a drink?

2.  Have you ever had a drink in the morning?

3.  Are there drinks that you think should have a designated time before you indulge?

4.  Do you drink alone?

4b.  If you drink alone, is there specific drink that you only drink when you're with a friend?

5.  Is there a specific drink that you drink to sleep with someone?

6.  How often to you drink?

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Do you know anyone who has been a mall Santa?

Would you ever be a mall Santa? Why or why not? (Gender doesn't matter)

edit: Is the Diva Cup worth trying? I hear nothing but praise about it.

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What are you doing tonight?

Should I ditch hanging out with my high school best friend so I can finish cleaning my house?

(She's visiting from Virginia and leaves on Sunday. It will take me ~45minutes to get to where she's staying and then another 2 hours to get home. It's also raining. We really don't have a ton of things in common anymore and I'm not sure I feel like driving)
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Christmas Party

I'm going to a Christmas party hosted by my husband's boss and wife tonight (bad time for his industry, so the company itself isn't having a Christmas party). It's a casual party, it will be catered and it's BYOB for hard liquor. There will be a white elephant gift swap, so we're bringing something for that.

Do we need to bring the hosts something too? If yes, what should it be?

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So, TQC... educate me.

Microsoft Office 07 vs. iWork 08.

What are the major differences between them?

The only two things I'm really concerned with are Word and PowerPoint (I'm guessing Keynote is supposed to be like PP from the looks of it, but personal opinions?).

Less important question that I probably won't act on but would like opinions anyway:

Do you use synthetic engine oil or regular? If you use synthetic, what do you like about it more?

And what is the difference between 5W30 and 10W30 oil? I found out my car is supposed to be using 10W30 after getting my oil changed at the dealer at home (vs. at Wal-Mart while at school because it's more convenient than the dealer that's over an hour away). They basically scolded [nicely, haha] me for putting 5W30 in my car. I didn't know! :(

Charity Case

You work at a company with some pretty suspect ethics, and around the holidays, they insist you make a small donation to one of their pre-approved charities. Your Christmas bonus hangs in the balance. Which charity do you donate to?

Panda spay-or-neuter fund (to stop panda overbreeding)
LNN! - Legalize Necrophilia Now!
Botox for Botswanians
Republican party
Committee Against Nudity in the Arts (they put diapers on naked statues)
Donating insoles to the homeless
Minutemen, Canadian chapter (the Minutement are the vigilante group who patrol against illegal alien crossing the Mexican border)
The 'make vibrators illegal' foundation
Committee against Nudity in Nature (they put diapers on woodland animals)
Florida Name Change Group (they want to change it to New Cuba)
Neighborhood Watch for Zombies
Ethiopian Enhancement (to combat emaciation among the starving masses, this group will give the skinny women boob jobs)
Concerned Citizens Against Al Gore (who wish to strip him of his Nobel Prize)
5(4.0%) (they wish to raise the age of consent to 21)
Kiss my bonus goodbye. I'm not giving any of them my money
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I just snarfed a bag and a half of white chocolate Lindors. (so 18 truffles)

What punishment shall the powers that be bestow upon me for such gluttony?

Weight gain isn't a problem (hee hee one of the personal highlights of pregnancy)
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Card Captions

1. What is the funniest holiday greeting you've seen on a card?

My favorite was a card that had a cartoon Santa and the reindeer parked on top of an outhouse. The caption above Santa said "I said the SCHMIDT house, you morons!"

2. Will you help me decide what greeting to put in my Christmas cards? 

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songs to die by

so your driving along a empty road and you suddenly crash, your car is upside down in the middle of the road. Your knocked out and its all silent except for your radio.
what song is playing?
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I'm pretty sure I have anxiety problems.

A few years back, I began having fluttery heart beats. Went to the doc, had an ECG done, and nothing was found. The doc suggested it was from stress, but I wasn't even all that stressed at the time.

Over the past month I have been extremly stressed. I have had so many things on my mind from essays, to exams, to grades, to my university going on strike, to xmas shopping, to applying to schools for next year.

The past two weeks, I have been incredibly dizzy, like the floor is shifting under me. I've had a headache. I didn't think it was from the stress, because although there is a lot going on, I generally don't feel stressed out a whole lot.

Also I should note, that as a little kid (5-6), I had some similar issues where I would be laying on the couch and feel like I was falling... the doctor then said it may be anxiety--but I was a kid...why on earth would I have anxiety probs then?

Anyways to make a long story short, before I go to the doc-- does this sound like anxiety? What can i do to relieve it. I REALLY don't want to go on drugs...
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I'm out of work to do for today, but my boss will most likely let me stay the rest of the day. I am BORED and feel I have reached the very ends of the internet.

What are some things I could learn about for the next three hours? It has to be work safe, obviously, and something I could reasonably find online.

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1.Do you have a special drawer for your underwear?
2.Do you arrange them according to type(thong, lace etc),color, brand etc?

3.Lets say you go to someone's house and you fell in their pool. You are now very wet. They offered to lend you some clothes and they have also given you clean underwear(bra and panties for the ladies/boxers for the guys). Would you wear that underwear knowing that they have used it? My friend says that she wouldn't. Bra if it fits, panties no way.

4.If you're one of those people who go Komando, doesn't it feel weird when you run?
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So there's lots of sale communities on LJ. A lot of people have a HUGE amount of stuff for sale, in various sizes, and many people still have the tags on them. Is it weird of me to think that some of it might be shoplifted, especially when the same seller has a huge assortment of stuff, all with tags, and in all different sizes?

What is your LEAST favorite thing about the holiday season?

What is your favorite kind of bread?

Zombie post

I had underestimated how many zombiephobes there are in this community

1. The zombie invasion has started, and millions of people everywhere are being killed by the millions of walking dead. It's beginning to look like a sucky Christmas. Unless you wish to hole up on your own and take your chances, there are two groups that you can join. The first group is a bunch of untrained, poorly equipped people. However, they plan to hole up in the public library and have boarded up all the windows, have decent supplies that will last a few weeks, but not much weapons. The second group is a ROTC, survivalist group, who are all well-equipped and well-trained. They plan to camp out nightly, going through the city and killing off the walking dead. They have access to much heavy firepower, have no fear of zombies and will go into the thick of it all to wipe them all out, freeing the city. Again, they're not staying at any one place, but camping out nightly (with watches). Which group would you join? Or would you choose to hole up on your own?

2. Zombie invasion yadda yadda yadda. You're managing on your own and it's scary and kind of difficult. You come across a well-armed, kickass group of military types who save your ass from certain brain-eating death. The leader tells you up front what your options are. You can come with them, where they will protect you, but in exchange, you will have to have sex with a few of the soldiers in exchange for said protection (don't worry, they use protection). Or they can leave you where you are, where you will go back to fending for yourself. Or you can give oral pleasure to the leader in exchange for one of their extra assault rifles (with ammo). If you're male, assume that the group is a posse of old military wives (average age: 65), and the leader is 70, but with the same options otherwise. What do you do?

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1.I received a refurbished ipod nano today from the apple store. I turned it on and the interface is in chinese characters. How do I get it to switch to English?

2.I am trying to watch scary movies, I get freaked out. I think it has something to do with the PTSD I grapple with. However, its a good way to hang out with my 14 year old son. Can anyone recommend scary type movies that are not centered on violence against women?

3.Today I took my daughter to see Santa at the local mall. He was on a bench with plenty of room on each side for a person to sit. He insisted that -I- sit on his lap with my daughter. What do you think TQC is he a pervy Santa or just likes a lapful?

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This semester, I did so well, I took the time to thank my biology teacher for answering all my questions in a subject that is usually one of my weakest. I plan to do so for all my teachers. I also feel a little sad because I met so many nice people, and had so much fun, but now I may never see them again. It's not something I'll be losing sleep over, though, so maybe a better word would be "wistful."

Do any of you students feel wistful at the end of the semester?

P.S. My current mood as listed on Livejournal may have nothing to do with my mood regarding the subject in my entry. I am almost always happy.
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Computer question

I want to copy my friend's Sims 2 Pets disc. I have Ahead Nero. While it's reading the disc, "unrecoverable read error" pops up many times. I looked through the manual and wasn't able to find that in the error list.

What does that mean? Does that mean that the disc won't run properly?
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what is your favorite movie?

i need to make a loooooooong christmas list.

EDIT: follow-up question: do you know of any really good German films other than The Lives of Others, Wings of Desire, Downfall, and Run, Lola, Run?
Quinn Twin

Gratefulness (is that even a word?)

I am about to go for my training for my other part time job making $15/hr at the Georgia Aquarium! Right before we got the news I had been hired, my husband got a call saying he'd gotten a promotion and a $6,000/yr raise! And the timing really couldn't be better for either to happen, so we're very grateful and happy right now.

What are you feeling especially giddy over today?

Also, to celebrate, we went out and got a silver tinsel tree with an LED light (the colour wheels have been replaced, sadly) because, even though I'd never seen one, I always wanted one. I think it's gorgeous, especially with our sparkly ornaments.

Do you think a silver tinsel tree that changes colours is cool, kitchy or horrendous?

Note: I do not care what you think of my tree since I love it, I'm just curious since I've gotten reactions all over the place from people I've told.
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TQC: without googling (or wiki'ing; yes i'm looking at you, default_reality), can you tell me what the bumps on a woman's areola are called, and what their function is?

for reference data: how old are you? do you have "boy" parts or "girl" parts?

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1 Who was the biggest influence in your life growing up? picture of them?

2 Do you have any funny/cute pics of you from when you were a child? care to post em?

my answers:

1 i think my nan and grandad - they looked after me a lot because my mum was a single parent and she worked quite a bit. In my teens it was my friends because i was fortunate to have awesome ones!

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2 Having fun outside in the bath - this is a bit discoloured but makes me laugh nonetheless
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gasp zooey

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My suitemate is one of those ridiculous people who are under the impression that spraying Lysol in the bathroom after making a particularly smelly dookie makes the room smell better.  However, everyone with nostrils knows that this just makes it TWENTY TIMES WORSE.

How do I politely tell my suitemate that I don't care that she makes extremely smelly dog-farts in the bathroom, just STOP SPRAYING THE LYSOL?

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Have any of you (or anyone you know) ever studied abroad in Japan? More specifically, in Tokyo (Rikkyo or Sophia Universities)? If yes:

- Is it better to do a homestay or live in a dorm/apartment?
- Which of those two universities do people like better? (Ex: I've heard Rikkyo lets you travel more and gives less homework.)
- Are there part-time job opportunities for foreign students?
- What surprised you most during your stay?
- Do you have any general advice to give?

Yes, I am blatantly exploiting this community for my own research purposes. I'm thinking of studying abroad for a semester next year and I can't find anyone on campus with advice.

More generally and just for fun, do those of you who have studied abroad anywhere have any fun or horrible stories to share?

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 Do you know of any good date rape movies?  My health teacher thinks the one she has to show us is unrealistic or too scary or something...she just doesn't like it, so she asked us if we knew of any.  So anything health class appropriate.

 I expected my friend Dani to flake on coming to see me because she's never allowed to do anything.  I told another friend who agreed with me, and told her what I said.  She got all pissy at me and then her dad said she couldn't come.  Then later he changed his mind and she was going to come!  And then this morning she said he wouldn't take her to school because of the weather and he didn't want her coming up if it was raining (which it wasn't).  How dumb is that?

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So I'm very mad at my friend. We were supposed to go to a concert tonight that I wasted 200 dollars on, but I really don't want to see her. Talking to her about the problem really isn't an option, and it's too late to invite another friend.

Should I just suck it up and go with her, or continue to ignore her calls and mope around tonight?
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is it rude to share a wish list with family members or close friends if they haven't asked you for one but know you'll be exchanging gifts this christmas?

i'm working on an amazon profile so that i can share my favourite books, wishlist, interests etc. there's an option to send my link and 'invite' other people to the site.

(no subject)

1)I can't wear strapless tops/dresses because I'm flat. any way to be able to wear them?

2)Should only children wear leggings as pants?

3)Are people making too big a deal about the Golden Compass' religious overtones?
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Holiday cards with photos - yay or nay?

Here's the deal: I don't have a spouse or a child. Would it be silly to send a photo card w/ a pretty landscape from a recent trip? Or should I use a photo of me from a recent trip? 

I love getting photo cards (I leave them up year round) but I'm thinking sending out a photo of just me would be weird.


(no subject)

1. What did you do at recess in grade school?
2. What were your favorite games in gym and at recess?

-I mostly played make believe with my girl friends.
-Red Rover until it was banned! Annnnd kickball.
Misc: Cowboy Boots
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Playing Violin?

Hello TQC people!

Alright, I've always wanted to learn how to play the violin. ALWAYS. I find myself living in the middle of absolutely nowhere at the moment (I'm teaching on a reserve (well, a settlement, but same difference here) in WAY northern alberta) and I'm thinking now might be a good time to learn.

The only thing is - I am without the chance to take lessons (I like 150km round trip from the nearest grocery store!).

Is there a reasonable hope in hell that I might be able to teach myself to play using, say, books, dvds, cds, etc?

I already play the flute and the piano, so I know how to read music, etc.

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Did you know that LJ has removed the searchability of some user interests?

Does it bother you that they did this without making any kind of announcement?

Does it bother you that they did it at all?

What do you think of the choices of words you can no longer search for (listed in the comments to linked post)?

(Personally I think it's an amazing example of shit coding, as in order to prevent people searching for the word "spic" they've also removed the ability to search for things like "spicy foods" and "the spice girls". I also think it's fucked up that they haven't bothered to tell their user base, and that they've included the word "genocide" in the banned search terms.)

Cheapie Xmas

My parents are having a rough year and now need to buy a new car. I also bought a new car this year so I'm pretty strapped. I've bought them $150 worth of gift cards to Wal-mart, Costco, and the 99 cent store and I know this will help them out. I've also made them an afghan and bought them each a book I think they'll like. Still, I'd like to pad things out and give them and xmas that cheers them up.

1. What are some cheap gifts that give you a lot of bang for your buck (i.e. A used paperback only costs a few bucks, but it will entertain them for a month)?

2. What's your favorite fast food menu item?

3. Who would you like to see play Sherlock Holmes?
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1) Where is the best place to see the Northern Lights in January? 
I've always wanted to see them and have a few weeks spare in Jan 08, so was thinking of Iceland or Norway? But I am stumped.

2) What was your first tattoo of?
I've recently decided I want my first one to be a little Kangaroo, I just need to find a suitable design.


Does anyone have a link to where you can watch full episodes of Sex and the City online?

(a la

How about NBC sitcoms? classic sitcoms?  I've exhausted the full episodes on
titanic, rose, jack

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Is it normal to hate high school this much?

I go to a school chock-full of rich white kids who spend all their time trying to live up to stereotypes like "original" and "artsy" (and trust me, none of them actually are) and I hate much.  I feel so far apart from everyone at my school, because it seems like they are all so immature and can't see anything from anyones perspective but their own.  Am I alone in hating it here this much?

(no subject)

I have a network problem :(
Me and my brother share an internet connection but today his side screwed up. I assigned a static IP address to his connection and for the connection said it was connected. However, when I tried to actually use the internet(sign in to IM, go to a website), it says that there is no connection. Help please? BTW, my connection's fine.

Medschool type stuff and also random foot question

So in medical school they train us a lot in the classroom but also try to get us used to working with patients before we start our rotations. One of the ways we train are by taking histories, doing examinations, and making diagnoses on standardized patients. Basically, they're specially trained actors who act as if they have a certain disease or process going on. We are responsible for asking the right questions and doing the exam properly as if the standardized patient were a real patient. Then we get feedback on our performance from the standardized patient, who has been trained and knows exactly what we were supposed to do/say/figure out during the session.

1. Would you consider doing this as a side job? Keep in mind that you'll constantly be asked awkward questions and poked/prodded by inexperienced medical students. You will get paid between $10 and $20 per hour. On the flip side, you'll be helping educate doctors, you get to act, and it's a pretty easy job.

2. What if it was your job to be the standardized patient as the students learned the female pelvic exam/male genital and rectal exam? How much would they have to pay you?

3. On a (somewhat, for my answer at least) related note, gotten any particularly great/particularly horrible feedback lately at school/work/whatever?

4. And finally, on a totally unrelated note, why do my feet go numb when I run? (any reason other than "it's your shoes")

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TQC I HATE my current roomie. He's not a bad guy, he just irritates me to the point that I don't want to come home when he's around. I would just ask him to move out but I desperately need the rent money that he is currently providing. What would you do in this situation? Any legal suggestions for how to make up the money difference?

Do you ever feel the urge to slam on the brakes when someone is tailgating you? Yes!

Do you think the whole Megan Meier thing has been blown out of proportion? Am I an insensitive asshole for thinking that this whole story is retarded because people are trying to pin blame instead of just admitting that this is just another sad story of people not wanting to admit a teen had real problems and needed help? Suicide is the ultimate selfish act and can be prevented if people pay attention. Am I an insensitive asshole? Probably, but I'm not losing any sleep over it.

Have you ever secretly consumed alcohol at work or school? Yes.

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What do you call it when you make a dumb/snarky comment a month ago in a community and 4 certain people STILL bring it up to you to this day any time they get the chance?

Would you be scared if some stranger on the internet remembered a lot of things you've ever commented on?

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TQC, I am confused, so please be helpful and nice.

I would like a mac.
However, being new to the whole scene, I don't get much of it.
If I were to buy your normal macbook online, would it come with *word-like* software?
Would I get Photoshop or is that something I have to buy for a ridiculously high price afterwards?
Anything else you'd like to tell me would be utterly great. [Regarding Mac's of course.]

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How often do you get your hair cut?

Do you have certain rules for your home?

What magazine(s) to subscribe to?

Do you have your holiday decorations up?

Have you stopped eating anything you used to like?

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Have you ever tried I-Doser? Does it actually work for anyone, or is it just a giant scam to get money out of 14-year-olds who don't know where to buy real drugs?
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I have an i-pod I plug in my ipod to my computer, it charges, and then, it doesn't do anything else, as in doesn't update it.  I have itunes open, but I can't find like an "update" option or anything.  Is there anything, on the ipod, itunes, or computer, I can do to tell it to update?  Has anyone else had this problem/know how to fix it?
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If a good friend of yours comes up to you and asks what you want for Christmas, how would you react? Would you tell them a few things, or would you be thinking/telling them that they should at least have a rough idea rather than being clueless.

(fyi: I have this one chick I am very close friends with, but I can't think what to get her and worry if I ask, she might take it the wrong way....)
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Poll #1102517 Random Questions

When taking public transportation, who are you most likely to sit by?

Someone of a similar race
Someone of a different race
Someone the same sex
Someone of the opposite sex
Someone dressed similiar to you
Someone with dressed completely different
Someone listening to music, reading, etc.
Doesn't matter; I grab the first available seat I pass
If I can't have a seat to myself, I stand
Other - I will leave a comment

If you or your SO gave birth to conjoined twins, which of the following would you do?

Have them separated as soon as possible
Wait until they are old enough to make the decision for themselves
Something else - I will leave a comment

If you were a conjoined twin and could pick where you were connected, what would you choose?

Where would you least like to be joined together?

It should be *someone dressed completely different* I changed the wording and forgot to take the "with" out. Oops!

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1) Am I a bad person for laughing at the phrase birthrape?[link added for clarity On one hand, I'm sorry that anyone had a bad birthing experience, but on the other...

2)etsy- what do you think about it?

3)naked juice- yum or yuck?

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1. I know TQC hates present questions, but I thought this one might be interesting for you guys.  What do you get someone who used to be your best friend but you barely speak now?  You only still speak because you share some of the same friends and are therefore civil to each other for your friends sake.  There's no friendship at all there and you really don't know much about her anymore.   Edit: I HAVE to get her something.

2. I'm having a Christmas party with my friends and making shots.  I'm going to buy vanilla ice cream and mix together things like grasshoppers (with ice cream instead of milk) and possibly mini-mudslides.  Can you think of any shots that would taste good with vanilla ice cream?  How about with a different kind of ice cream?

3. How was your week?

4. TGIF??
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What's the funniest/strangest thing you've come home to find?

I came home from work tonight to see half of the glass in our front door smashed. Apparently one of my flatmates was angry and decided to see how strong the glass was... here I was thinking we'd been burgled.
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Dear TQC,

Why is imaria walking around my campus in a trench coat and harassing people?

Is it because of his undying love for me?

Do you think he's nude underneath it?

If you see him, plz warn him that there's a warrant out for his arrest, kthnx.
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Have you seen the movie "A Clockwork Orange"?
edit: just for reference, I've already read the book. :p

What did you think of it?

Do you know anywhere I could watch it online?
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What are some of your favorite non-traditional Christmas songs??

"Merry F$#@ing Christmas" - Denis Leary
"Chiron Beta Prime" - Jonathan Coulton
"It's Hard to Be a Jew on Christmas" - South Park

Bonus points for video.
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I have virus or spyware or something. I have run Ad-Aware, Avast! and McAfee. All at the highest settings with updated definitions. I have run them in safe mode, and regular mode. Again and again and again. They clean off the virus and malware and spyware etc.. then.. I still get pop ups. Run them again, and it takes the virus off again. Obviously it's hiding somewhere and I am at a loss at what to do now. When the virus monitor pops up with a warning its always an .exe in my temp folder.

When I am in Firefox it makes pop-ups in IE.

What else can I do?? Halp!

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TQC, what should I name my newest dwarf hamster?

Long story short: The girl whom I got the dwarf hamster from said her cat found the dwarf hamster outside and bought it inside their house. She posted an ad in the lost/found section on since it was obvious that it was someone's pet. I e-mailed her saying if they didn't find the owner then I'd take it in.

Edited: It looks just like this.
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What was the name of the female tennis player who was stabbed in the face during a match by some lunatic fan? I used to remember who she was, but the name has totally slipped my mind as of late and it's driving me mad.