December 6th, 2007

Not a 'What Should I Get???' Post

Hay , bbs.

I want to get my aunt a Christmas present. I can't afford anything really awesome because I'm fucking poor and she's rather well off so she can buy herself pretty much anything she wants anyway. Still, I thought about what I could get her as a nice gesture anyway and decided that a dog figure would be cool because she collects all these doggie figurines and has them all over her surfaces.

I want it to be cool, though. Funny. She'd dig something crazy, like a doggie figurine with devil horns or something. Does anyone know where I can get a doggie figurine with devil horns? Or, can you recommend a doggie figurine that is equally (or more so) amusing? It would pwn my day if you could help. Links to ebay auctions/websites quite welcome. 

Much love, 

hannibal skull

Animal friends

If you had to choose one animal (non-human) that is the most beautiful, which one would it be? Why?

If you had to choose one insect that is the most beautiful, which one would it be? Why?
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(no subject)

1. Did your parents divorce/separate while you were growing up? Were they ever married or together at all?

2. If your parents did divorce/separate, did you experience any negative effects? If so, what was most helpful in dealing with these effects?

Unrelated: I'm terrible at thinking up titles for things (papers, stories, whatever). Does anyone else have this problem?
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College sucks, y/n?

Has your college ever totally screwed you over?

I think that mine did. I'm majoring in biology, and an upper-level plant course is required for the degree. And naturally, before you can take an upper-level course you need to take an intro. The problem? The school no longer offers intro botany courses. W.T.F. My advisor suggested finding another college that offers it and taking it there, although she admitted that not many do. And left it at that. How the heck am I supposed to graduate?? If you were in this situation, what would you do?

(no subject)

So, have you ever met anyone homeless that was NOT at some point/currently mentally instable or an addict? If so, will you tell me what the experience was like?

Are you a neat or messy eater? Why?
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I know computer questions are played...but I am desperate.

I had a tablet pc, and i used it a lot for school. I also played The Sims2 on it all the time, which is a very graphics intensive game. My boyfriend broke my computer, and is buying me a new one.

My computer was the M200 and it had a really good Nvidia graphics card. For some reason (that I CANNOT COMPREHEND) the M400 (exact same, just new version of my old comp) has an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950...basically good for nothing. It won't play the Sims.

But the Sims isnt the only thing...the other computer im considering instead is much better in every single comparable way. (Except size.)

Weighing pros and cons, I should get the non-tablet, but for the classes that I've used the tablet, I honestly don't know how I would have gotten by without it. And I'm sure I'll have more classes like that over the next 5 semesters...

So should I get the good computer, or get the one thats not as good but probably more useful?
Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

1a) Do you wear deodorant?
1b) If so, what kind?
1c) If not, why not?

2) Do you think people who do not wear deodorant are gross?

3) What is your favorite chocolate-covered snack?

4) Everyone at work really doesn't like the new general manager. Do you have any suggestions on how to drive him to quit? :P
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(no subject)

What's your favorite song to play on Guitar Hero (1, 2, 3, or 80s)?
And for you dopes who haven't gotten with the program, why haven't you played Guitar Hero yet?!

(no subject)

So what'd you dream about last night?

I had this dream the government was tracking me down for my internet activities. I had to go to this "class" on reforming the way I presented myself online. It was really weird.

Cat Cardiologist?

I talked to my friend last night and she said she took her cat to the vet and it turns out that he has a heart murmur. :(

The vet referred her to a cat cardiologist.

I had no idea there were cat cardiologists!!

Have you heard of this?

Have you ever had to take your pet to a cardiologist?
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(no subject)

TQC, Where did I put my wallet?

I needs it. It had my money and I need my money to get gas for my car. And I need to get it before I have to go to work in which I start at 9:30 (am) :(

edit: I found it. In my bag I use for my computer and notebooks. I'd say book bag, but its not really. Well, maybe, cause its a bag and it carries books...

I should just go to work now. thanks TQC.
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(no subject)

If you could "build" your ideal mate from scratch, what would he/she be like physically?

Same question only in reference to personality characteristics/morals/behaviors ect.?

I'm just a f*cking mental.

I'm trying to really figure out how to word this but I'm not doing well this morning. 

Is there a good website to help someone figure out what mental disorder they might have? I know the only way to get a true diagnosis is a psycholgist/ psychiatrist, but outside of that I wonder if you've found a website to be useful. This is NOT for self-diagnosis...just some insight. 

I think things that are well known disorders like BPD might be a little bit over-self-diagnosed? sometimes. And so many of the disorders have the same symptoms...which is why having a profession asses the situation is important. But until I can get to a professional, I'd like to do some of my own research.

Do you have any disorders? If so, what do you have? Do you remember some sort of incident or turning point that made you go and get diagnosed? Have you been helped/ do you feel better?

Bonus points if you know who the title/ artist of the song in the title of this post. (Without googling.)

(no subject)

which game is better: MLB '07 the show or major league baseball 2k7?

my husband is a large baseball nerd, and i've found a fabulous deal on a PS2 for him for christmas--but i'm not sure which baseball game to get him. opinions please! :-D
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Silly String

Dear TQC; 

For all you crafty people out there, what is the most complex thing you have ever Knit / Crochet / or sewn? 

Pictures Please. I need the yarn / fabric muse to hit.
Noodle, Peace

Thinking is dangerous, kids.

(This being the end of the semester and all, school questions seem to be popping up left and right, no?)

A friend of mine is of the mindset that if you don't get stellar grades, then you're not learning a damned thing. Do you agree with him? Or do you think I need to pull on my big scary combat boots and go kick his ass?

Do you agree with the way students are graded?

Do you think college admissions ought to be more based upon what you're capable of, rather than your grades? (For example, a good essay paired with a lower GPA)

Why can't I get my Spring semester books until a week prior to classes?
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(no subject)

Did you ever try to stay up on Christmas Eve and "catch" Santa?
What happened?

This is inspired by a friend, who at the age of five, planned to stay up with his cousins and mug Santa. When friend's father learned of this, he took all the toys away and took them back to the store. Harsh.

(no subject)

 I'm a college sophomore in third year Arabic and there's a family who wants me to tutor their eleven-year old son in Arabic. I'm going to call them today about it, but I have no idea how much to charge. What would be a normal rate for something like this? I'm in Vermont and they're from a small town if it matters.
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(no subject)

would you buy, for personal use, a tube of "boner toner" topical ointment?

would you buy, as a gag gift, a tube of "boner toner" topical ointment?
if yes, who would you give it to as a gag gift?
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Job questions

Do any of you work a night job?

Do you have any tips for surviving my first overnight shift?

I'll be working at a call center, so I'll be sitting on my butt and looking at the interwebs and maybe taking a few calls. My first shift is today from 4-midnight, but my shift tomorrow is 10pm-6am, with two exams before that, huzzah.
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(no subject)

Poll #1101580 Pick a name for me. :)

What should I rename myself?

something else I'll tell you in comments

I may or may not use whatever wins, but this is for fun, so meh. FUN FOR ALL!
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Bridal Shower

Hey Ladies,

I get the pleasure of throwing my future sister in law a bridal shower. It's going to be one of those that you play bridal shower games and eat...( I'd rather not have one that way, but that's the norm where I live)

She's very religious, so anything sexually oriented ( i.e. fun) is probably a no go. Besides from the fact that a lot of older people will be there ( whom are also very religious).

My questions are:

What is a good game to play at a shower?

What's something different that we could eat or drink?

Is it totally rude that she invited a ton of people already? ( like, 50?)
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(no subject)

did YOU pay your fair share of taxes last year?

do YOU know how many ceos were denied second yachts last year because of expiring tax cuts?

do you think the government is morally culpable in these ceos' lack of second yachts?

(no subject)

Everybody loves to talk about what they like about the Christmas holiday season, but I'm getting just a bit tired of it of late.

Sooooo...what is it that you hate about the Christmas?

Coworkers trying to shove cookies down your throat? Listening to the exact same Christmas songs on the radio over and over and over again? Spending your whole Christmas break traveling to visit relatives you don't even like?
What's your beef with Christmas? Inquiring minds want to know!

:( Console me please

On Sunday my friend and I were called and told we were selected for a job. Naturally we were very happy. However, my friend was called in first on Monday so she went to work. The manager told my friend he lost my application form and I was to start training on Thursday. So I waited 3 painful days. I called on Thursday at 3.30 PM because the office closed at 5.00PM. He told me he hasn't done the roster and would call me back later. Until 11.30PM, no call.

At 12.45AM, my friend called to tell me she just got off work and he told her I may or may not get called in because 2 other guys are coming in.

So I am very pissed. He lied to me right?
It was very unprofessional, he did not keep his promise.
And if he wasn't intending to hire 2 persons for the job, he could have told me on Sunday, right? Instead of saying the both of us have been selected.

If he ever calls to tell me I can go for the job, I'm gonna say no because I feel like a bloody backup.

Any similar experiences? What would you say if he called?

(no subject)

1. Could you help me find a turtle (or tortoise) graphic? It's destined to become a Shrinky Dink keychain/charm, so it should be ~pretty~ and fairly simplistic. Maybe you know where the secret stash is? I've been Googling for 20 minutes for various turtle-y things and haven't found anything good.

2. Are Shrinky Dinks the awesomest thing ever or what?

(no subject)

What was your last purchase?

What will be your next purchase?

Have you ever made a significant amount from selling text books?

My last was a pair of $45 gloves for my boyfriend and my next will be my desk which will arrive after work! Hopefully I'll be home to pay for it.
My text books are paying for both the gloves and the desk :)
mr jummy

This is mostly aimed towards plus-sized ladies... sorry!

I asked my mom to buy me some pants for Christmas. This would normally be straightforward and relatively painless since I knew my size and style that I liked (that actually fit somewhat decently). Except... Lane Bryant changed the styles of their jeans to some ridiculous color coded crap with vanity sizes. Has anyone bought jeans from their new line? Do you like them?

I would go try them on, only I'm in the wrong country now and she's just going to buy them and bring them with her when she comes to visit.

What really has -you- frustrated right now?

Supreme Court Justices

Yesterday in my American Government class, we were discussing the present Supreme Court justices. I'm reading about sex-based discrimination in one of my classes so the name "Marshall" popped into my head and I said it. HAHA oh man I'm a super duper dumdum. That being said...

1. Can anyone name all the justices without googling? :) You don't have to actually list them. I'm just curious if you could if you had to.
2. Do you think the Supreme Court just makes shit up sometimes? Any examples?
3. Who's your favorite justice evverrrr?

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You have to pick from these two choices.

Would you rather have:

A SO who doesnt find sex important but loves to cuddle and hold hands


A SO who loves to have sex all the time but doesnt cuddle or hold hands?

(no subject)

We held a candle light vigil last night for Darfur, and I was surprised to hear how many people don't even know what/where Darfur is. So I was wondering..

Do you know the cause of the genocide in Darfur?

Also.. do you think it is important for the U.S. to intervene?

Some of the oddest questions you'll hear all day

Poll #1101764 Unusual questions

Someone is willing to pay you $1,000,000 to work at McDonalds for the next 10 years, flipping burgers. You will get your wages on top of the million. You are not allowed to work on the side. Things to consider: not many will believe that you're being paid to work at a fast food joint and will probably assess you negatively for your decade-long tenure in the fast food industry. Also, consider how this will affect your resume and ability to be hired, post-McDonalds, since most of you will have spent your chief earning years wearing a paper hat.

I'd do it
I wouldn't do it

Someone is willing to pay you $5,000,000 to be in 2girls1cup - the sequel. If you're male, obviously the title will change. However, the video will be fixed, where the cup of poo is exchanged for a cup of chocolate fudge when you have to eat it, and in the vomit scenes, you're simply gulping tapioca pudding and dropping it into each other's mouths. So, nothing that icky except having to kiss a girl. The downside is that everybody everwhere with internet access will see the video and you'll be regarded as an intensely disgusting, sick pervert. Friends and family included. You may tell them the truth behind the video, but would they believe you? Plus, you'll probably be recognized on the street at times

I'd do it
I wouldn't do it

Someone is willing to pay you $1,000,000 to kill them. They're old, rich and want to die, but lack the courage to take their own life. If you accept the money, you have to shoot them on the side of the head, then place the pistol in their hand. You will be wearing gloves, and there will be a detailed suicide letter, written and signed by the man himself, so it should be an open and shut case. You just have to live with the memory of killing an old man and have that settle on your conscience. The money is paid out in cash and there will not be a paper trail leading back to you.

I'd do it
I wouldn't do it
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(no subject)

I am moving into an apartment with 3 other friends in May, and I am trying to figure out how much water, electric, and gas would be.
1. How much is your average electric bill?
2. How many people live in your household?
3. How high/low do you set the air/heat?
4. How high is your water bill?
5. Do you have a gas oven? How much is your gas bill?
6. Any random hidden costs you can think of? I already have internet and cable (or lack there of) calculated.
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I apologize for asking this question so soon, but I'm generally curious

kolden said that he could make $1,000,000 last a lifetime. That's an interesting boast. I figure, after the house (I assume most people would buy a house or condo), the new car, lavish entertainment center, creature comforts for new house and pursuits of your particular hobbies, that you'd easily blow through a few hundred thou or more (I live in California), but I could be thinking way more extravagant than some. I'd be out some 500k the first month myself. Some people might be more thrifty, practical or frugal than I. It made me curious

So, how long would a million last you?

Some Work/College App. Questions

1. On a resume, is it better to have it left-justified or center-?

2. I'm in the process of applying for financial aid online. They asked me about my parents' income for last year, their social security numbers, their taxes, etc. I currently live on my own. I'm not married or born before 1984. My parents won't give me their information. Is there any way to get around this? I called the helpline and they said there is not. Has this happened to anyone else?


What would you do?

So, despite being in the 20s-30s during day and significantly lower at night, plus living in a drafty, ancient apartment we haven't had to turn on our heat. We've got that old style heating through radiators and the pipes for all 4 units in our building run through our apartment in each room. We don't have our heat on at all, but our apartment gets REALLY warm from the pipes being hot. We're also right above the boiler/heating mechanism whatnots in the basement, which helps.

TQC, would you feel like a mooch for benefiting from the rest of the units spending god knows how much to turn on their heat? We did turn it on ONE day last month and our bill went up something like $20 (it's gas heat), so uh, I don't think we'll be turning it on again anytime soon.

ETA: It's odd, too, because while we did put weatherstripping in the windows, we've got windows in each room which are old and wooden and on pulleys and are 60" W/ 100"L, plus it's a 5 room railroad style apartment so it isn't like it's small.
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Santa goes VROOOOOM!!!

TQC, why did my mom just call me to find out what my license plate number is, and what year and color my car is? She said "Don't ask why, just answer the questions..." but was kind of giggling about it. I'm thinking something Christmas-present-y, but WTF would it be? NEVERMIND! I think the mystery has been solved. Or at least I think it has been. My answer is a Fast-Trak pass so I don't have to remember cash for bridge tolls! :D

And since we're talking about cars, do you have your license plate number memorized? I haven't got my new car's license plate committed to memory yet - I keep mixing up the last 3 numbers with the ones from my old car.

(no subject)

My birthday is on Tuesday. No need for happy birthday wishes yet.

1. Where should I go to eat with my family? I live in the Bay Area. It has to be under $20 per person, the cheaper the better. Or you can just recommend a type of food.

2. What should I ask for?

3. For my party, should I do a dress-up murder mystery or a scavenger hunt throughout the town or something else equally cool?

4. What do you associate with llamas?
I spend too much time online

ho hum

Do you use just a basic LJ setup, with one of the already default mood themes, and nothing out of the ordinary for your journal...or have you tweaked it somewhat?
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TQC should make all my life decisions

This summer, I'm going to need a new summer job.  I've been working at a pizza place for three years, and will not go back to that sort of thing.  (Even if I wanted to the place closed down, HA!)

SO, TQC:  Tell me all sorts of things about jobs!

What do you do?
What are my chances of getting a job that doesn't involve food, pays decent, and isn't super retail? (Answer: low.)
Should I work at a pool?
Should I work at the mall?
Should I open my own brothel?
Should I sell crack?
Should I work at a call center?
Should I make a kick-ass resume and pretend like I have any decent experience?

(no subject)

Instead of a Christmas tree, I bought a rosemary bush shaped like a small tree from Trader Joe's. It's currently on my kitchen table ~15 feet from where I'm sitting in my living room and I can still smell it.

How many days do you think it'll be before I'm sick of the smell of rosemary?

-eta- I probably won't "get used to" the smell. I'm really sensitive to scents.
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(no subject)

Did you know you can now sign into AIM from your gmail screen?
How freaking awesome is that?
In what ways will Google take over the world next?
Should I have a sesame chicken salad or garlic chicken stir-fry for dinner?

(no subject)

1.) What's the last stupid mistake you made at work?  Did anybody get mad at you (other than yourself)?

2.) Have you ever been scammed by a "toner phoner"?  Is my boss going to fire me for getting us mixed up with one by accident?
ETA: Toner Phoner

3.) What's the deal with the guy on Jerry Springer who only has arms, a head, and part of a torso?  I just caught a glimpse of him while flipping through channels yesterday and I can't quite figure it out.  How does that work?  It doesn't seem like there is enough room for all of his organs.
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ad art

(no subject)

Consider the words breasts, tits, boobs, and bosoms (or other such terms). Is there a particular quality (such as perkiness/sagginess or size) that's brought to your mind by any of those terms?
What it says.

(no subject)

Recently when we had a fondue and used olive oil, the oil we've been using for years, it spat and just generally exploded everywhere.
Are we using the wrong oil?
Google says that olive oil is good to use, but it was just getting too hot on quite a low heat.

Would you tell your ex-husband about your daughters dance if he hasn't help pay?

Let me explain, our daughter is 9, and she has been in dance for serveral years. Well, this year (his new wife and him) decided that they are not going to help pay. Her dance is about $50 a month and some other fees (competition, costume, etc..) Her Christmas program is on the 11th, and I guess I am being selfish because I don't think they deserve to go if they don't help with anything. What do you think?
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School yard fun or zero tolerance?

 So, my son was throwing snow at school, along with every other kid. Long story short, he got a teacher in the face. Now, he is 6, so his hands are not that big. It wasn't a hard snowball at all. He wasn't being mean about it. He thought everyone was having fun. It's the first snow of the season. So, my question is:

Should we punish him or let it go?

I want to let it go, but I my husband said he is not allowed to watch t.v.
harold purple crayon

butoh and modern music

Do any of you know of any music videos (by somewhat well known bands) that have butoh in them?

If you don't know what butoh is, wiki that shit. It's pretty bizarre. There are videos on youtube of performances for anyone who's curious.

Muchas gracias, mijitos...


Since we seem to be in cold/flu season - AGAIN...

1) Are you aware of the difference between decongestants, antihistamines and other common cold/flu meds, what effects each has, and which brand names/generics fall into each category?

2) Do you read the active ingredient list on cold/flu medications so you know what it is you're taking?

(no subject)

I didn't want to have to come down to this, but I can't think of it at all.

What's the name of the group of people who come together in New York and do various activites?

eg; Listen to the CD players in music stores and then do a choreographed dance together

I think they also did this thing where they all listened to this like hour long instructional mp3 and followed all the instructions.

(no subject)

What is your favorite euphemism for a bra?
Mine has to be over the shoulder boulder holders.

My brother has been following some story about some feral dog that is a chow-wolf mix. There have been some blurry and grainy pictures of it. it is really huge and has recently been found dead. Aparently it wasn't like the typical feral dog that scavanges and has managed to take down a couple of sheep and even a horse on its own. I am curious and he doesn't remember where he found his source of info. Anyone know what I am talking about?

What is your favorite euphemism in generel? It can be for anything.
mlb: panic

Concert stuff....

When you go to a concert of your favorite band do you:

#1. Wear a bandshirt of the band you are seeing?

#2. After buying it from the merch booth, you put on the yearly tour shirt?

#3. Stand up the ENTIRE time (Assuming the venue is all seats)

#4. Sing to every song as LOUD as you?

#5. Wait after to meet the band? (Anyone got any good stories?)

(no subject)

What shitty thing has plagued your life recently?

I managed to save up enough money to get me through the year without being piss poor broke, and then my car broke down again today for a good $200 worth of repairs (about 1/6 of my funds, which will take me another month to put back into my savings). And the mechanic tried to tell me that I needed my fuel injection system flushed, when I had that done at the same shop just a month ago. >:O I am not happy.
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(no subject)

What went on in high school for your birthday?

In my high school, your friends usually 'wrapped' your locker with wrapping paper and gave you a balloon to carry around.

In the high school I work at, (it's usually the girls) get a button or something that says it's their birthday, and everyone gives them a dollar. They walk around with all of these dollar bills pinned to their shirt (in one spot, not like, all over).

Did you have any practices like this?

(no subject)

When you have to do something stressful, not-fun, or you have a really bad day, what do you do to cheer yourself up?

I had to go for a session and diagnosis with psychiatrists eariler today. I was really nervous about it because they freak me out with their long words and I don't want them to say something scary. On the way home, to cheer me up, I bought lots of pic and mix sweets and in a while I'm going to watch A Clockwork Orange and then Love Acutally with my boyfriend again, normally I want to watch them both 1000 times a day and he doesn't want to watch them with me for the millioneth time, but today is a special!

(no subject)

What movie/tv show plays a clip from I Know What You Did Last Summer? The part before Sarah Michelle Gellar gets killed, and she's banging on the door trying to make her sister open up but she's just taking forever and the killer is like right behind her.

It was Dawson's Creek.

(no subject)

What the heck have I done to the side of one of my fingers which has caused it to feel infected? (all swollen and hot and painful) I haven't cut my finger or anything. How can I relieve the pain?

Have you ever bought anything at cafe press?

Are you fed up with all the news on tv and in newspaper being bad news? (or haven't you noticed?)

Does it annoy you when in tv shows or movies or books or fanfictions, the food that they mention is just... wrong? Like, wrong era, something that the character would never cook, or the description is wrong, etc... It really annoys me. So much so that I created a comm for improving people's writing/bitching about this stuff.

Anyone who has quit smoking?

So I want to quit smoking. Im sick of it, its bad for me etc.

What can I do to relieve stress or to relax, especially at work?

Did anyone find it changed their personality once they quit? It happened to me when I quit last year with the patch and to this lady I currently work with. I didnt feel like myself till I started smoking again. It turned me into a miserable and mean as hell person, even after not smoking for a few months. Id like this to not happen again. Do you have any recommendations?

Serious and Non-serious answers please.
guns; shoot your eyes out

(no subject)

Say a friend is talking to you about a movie they saw at the theater. They tell you is was awful, absolutely the worst thing they've ever seen, and they not only regret that money has left their wallet but that they will never ever get that wasted 120 minutes of their life back. You were only slightly interested in this movie to begin with. Does hearing your friend say this make you more inclined to see it or less? Why?
The Dude Abides

(no subject)

1) What sounds like the better beginning plot?

A) A man who has just brutally murdered a complete stranger in a dingy, public washroom comes out of a trance with no recognition of the mangled, bloody corpse before him, nor any recollection of committing the gruesome act with his own hands.

B) Against his father's wishes, a young psychic prodigy leaves his life in the circus and sneaks into a summer camp where young psychics like him can learn to use their powers, and maybe someday become psychic secret agents. At the camp, a sinister force is stealing the brains from campers, leaving them mindless, TV-obsessed zombies.

2) Do you have the NFL Network?

3) Besides home, or maybe a parent,sibling or other relatives' house, where's your favourite place in the world to be?


1. what is the best way to transfer my music from my desktop to my BRAND SPANKIN NEW laptop? i would estimate that i would like to transfer about 7gb. computer comes with easy transfer that will do it for me

2. i got a new laptop today...whats the best thing that happened to you today? the other best thing that happened to me was the american eagle holiday shopping party, which is as sad as it sounds.
What Would Wonder Woman Do

(no subject)

I've been having a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep.

1. I've been sipping on beer. I have one Advil PM in the cabinet. Should I take it?

2. What's your cure for insomnia?

3. What have you dreamed of lately?

(no subject)

Have you ever used beer on something you were cooking? If so, what were you cooking? Was it any good?

Getting tipsy and spilling beer into the thing you were cooking doesn't count.
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(no subject)

There has been a mouse running around on our floor in the dorm.
Someone caught it, and these girls want to keep it in a glass container as a pet.

I tried to tell people that they should let it go outside, because it doesn't belong in a glass container (it looks scared and sick).

Do you think the mouse should be let go? Why or why not?

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1. How on Earth am I supposed to get my first job if a) Iceland don't reply even though I've submitted 2 forms and b) everywhere says I need prior experience? God, I hate being young and inexperienced! How did you get your first job and what was it?

2. I posted a question a few weeks ago asking what Microsoft had to do to help my dad because they lost his XBOX360. He got it for Xmas last year and it stopped working in October. There were no "red lights of death" or whatever you call it. He then spent a month trying to get answers to why it was knackered and Microsoft told him to send it to Germany for repair. He sent it on the 7th November and we still don't have it back. What's your horror stories about big companies ripping you off?

3. How are you bringing in the New Year?
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How often do you eat dessert?

I generally eat a little something sweet every day, like a cookie.

What was the last dessert you had, and when?

I had a bowl of Butterfinger ice cream earlier.

What is your favorite dessert?

Apple pie a'la mode tops my list, but I always forget how much I love Girl Scout cookies until I get a box (which is really once a year). :P
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1- Have you ever kept a pet that you weren't allowed to for whatever reason? What was it, and why, if so?
2- Double or nothing, red or black?
3- What is the worst picture you have of someone/yourself? Quality or pose, whatever. Either post the pic, or give a description. :)
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So, my SO is currently on the other side of the world for the next few months at least. I want to invest in a decent pair of microphone/headset thingies.

Any ideas as to which I should buy?
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Haircut & holiday tipping

Tomorrow AM I am going to get highlights, a hair cut (cut & style) and eyebrow wax (total: $120).  I'd like to leave the girl (not the owner but a senior stylist) who does my hair a generous tip with the holidays being right around the corner... I'd normally opt for 20% as she always does a nice job. 

And what about the person who takes out the foils and rinses my hair before the cut (usually not the stylist)? I mean, what's the appropriate tip for the person who shampoos your hair these days (if it helps a wash, cut & style is $35)? 


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think back to when you were in high school, who was the ~QUEEN BEE~ of the school? was she nice or was she a bitch? do you know what she's up to nowadays?

are you not sure what haircut/hairstyle works best with your face shape? do you want some suggestions to take to your hairdresser next time?

would you like me to help? POST A PICTURE, and i'll take care of the rest.

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1. Right, if I get cracking and finish my paper; I will have time to watch a few episodes of Torchwood (I'm near the end of the first season) or the movie The History Boys . Which one should I watch?

2. Out of all your birthdays, which one was the worst? What made it bad/not awesome?

3. How was your day today?

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If you had a cousin that just murdered someone would you tell your friends or close co-workers about it? Or would you keep it a family secret?

This is the situation I'm in and my cousin already had a rap sheet and had been to prison for 2 years for assault. And I have told a few of my friends about that. I just can't decide if it would be weird for me to tell the people I hang out with about it. By the way, they won't find out through newspapers because my cousin doesn't share my last name. So, tell me what you would do in this situation. Thanks!
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Can you figure out the way someone looks just by hearing their voice over the phone? (Like their body shape and what not...) In what ways can you tell?
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1 How much on a scale of one to ten would you say you judge people on their weight?

2 Do you go for people bigger/the same/smaller than yourself? Is how someone looks ,based on size, a big factor in your decision on whether you would date them?

3 Clubs, hearts, spades or diamonds?

4 What is your favourite savoury snack?

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TQC, what jobs have you had? What was the weirdest?

Today I was stuffing a wedding album at my job for a wedding photography office thing, and I saw a groom that looked like Bluebeard out of Fables. Should I be worried for the bride?

How old do you have to be before bumming off your parents is rock bottom pathetic? Background: He doesn't work, doesn't go to school-- in fact, dropped out of HS--, parties, consumes all my goddamn soda, and is annoying. He's been doing this for about, oh, three years. Am I the only one that sees this as ridiculous?

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What is the best way to tell my psychotic mother that I would rather spend Christmas with my father than driving across the country from Dec 23 to the 28th? They are in the process of getting a divorce. I spent Thanksgiving with her. :/

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What's the strangest or most disgusting beverage you've ever tasted?
What's the strangest gift you've ever received?

edit: I would like to add that I just heard the anchor woman on the news say a local woman was "killed to death."

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So, I bought brand new spanking shoes- new balance, bought brand new insoles. Been working at this place for three months now, going onto four months now. They still fucking hurt. But i can NOT go to a podistorist (feet doctor, however its spelled) I simply do not have the money for it. Any suggestions?
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My Ontario G1 driver's licence expires in February 2008. I have yet to attempt the road test to get my G2. I kept putting it off while I was in high school, then I moved to Toronto for university and I just take transit all the time. I haven't really practiced at all in the past four years or so, I generally dislike driving (it makes me anxious) and don't plan on owning a car anytime soon. The only thing a valid licence would do for me is provide valid photo ID/proof of age that isn't my passport, and if it was a G2 I suppose I could be nice and be the designated driver for my friends since I don't drink.

So what do you say, TQC? Shall I book a road test for sometime over my upcoming winter break? I'll be back in my hometown then with my mother and her car. Is it better to try and possibly/likely fail than to just let my licence wither away?

Update: All right, I'll do it, alas it won't be until January until after classes start so it'll be HORRIBLY INCONVENIENT. Blah.
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name change ?s

1) If lj suddenly forced you to change your user name to something else or be banished from lj forever, would you leave lj or would you change your user name?

2) If you decided to change your user name, what would you change it to?


I've had a stye on my eye for almost an entire week now. I wore contacts stupidly on the first few days, which may have prolonged its lifespan, but I just stopped wearing them yesterday. I heard that you can apply a hot compress to the affected area. Should this go over the entire eye, or right onto the stye, which is on the inside of the eyelid?

I also popped it by mistake which I heard is really bad because it may develop into a worse infection. Should I get it checked out to be safe...?

I also have an engagement party to go to this weekend and would really like to wear my contacts for a couple of hours. Are there any really obvious NONONO's on that? And if a couple of hours seem harmless enough, what are some good tips on how well to clean them after I take them out?

I know styes are pretty common and I'm asking a lot of questions about them, but I'm pretty worried because this is the worst one I've ever gotten, and it has also lasted significantly longer.


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It's my 18th on Tuesday. I'm not doing anything, mostly because I'm going away over Christmas and need to save money. That and it's so close to Christmas no one else can afford to do anything, either.

Does anyone have ideas for things that I could do that would make the day a bit more exciting [I have classes to attend too, bummer :(] without going to effort and having to spend lots of cash?

What did you do for your eighteenth?

Do you have any special plans for Christmas?

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Como estas, TQC?

So, this is the Island of Misfit Toys!
NOT using any from the movie, which misfit toy are you, and WHY?!
Also, if you're really bored, you can draw me a picture to accompany your answer!

I just ate a bowl of fruity pebbles.
Should I eat another!?
Do you LOVE them like I love them? Oh man.
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I'm looking for a music video. It used to be on the website Devil Ducky, and it's basically a video of head shots of what seems to be people masturbating. Does anyone know this video? Can you point me in the direction of it?

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Why do little old ladies have big upper bodies but skinny legs?

How come the only attention I get from my cat is in the bathroom while I'm pooping? He always comes up and rubs on my legs, sniffs between the seat and the bowl, squints his eyes and runs. Otherwise, I'm invisible to him.

Do your animals do things to make you feel insecure about your body excretions?
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For winter break I'm spending a month travelling in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic. What things should I see/do/injest/experience/etc. there that wouldn't have been in my guidebooks?