December 5th, 2007

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Would you give your SO your PIN for a debit card? Would you give them your debit card and tell them to take money out for you?

Does your SO know your PIN? Did you give it to them or did they stare at you while you punched it in?

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How much do you have?

And I'm talking about the stuff that falls from the sky when it's cold out. Not any other kind.

[Edit: In Syracuse, I'm guessing there's about a foot on the ground]
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Have you ever been cheated on? Care to talk about it?

How did you find out?

If you suspected you were being cheated on, how far would you go to find out?

Would you ever smell yo man's dick? Guys, have any of your girlfriends put you to the sniff test?

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in your opinion...

have you had more of a positive or negative impact on the people that you have been/are acquainted with?

2007, was it a good or bad year for you? (i know we still have some weeks left to go of it.. but whatevr)
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1. What's the most productive thing you've accomplished recently while procrastinating on something else?
I've applied to 13 internships, reached level 47 on Bloons, and just created tqc_gifts instead of writing a paper due Thursday...

2. Was it obvious this post was just a thinly disguised promotion of tqc_gifts?
Yes, but you'll be thanking me if people who don't mind gift questions flock there and keep them from clogging up TQC. If you see people asking gift questions here in the next couple weeks feel free to direct them over there.

3. I'm in my senior year of college and don't have to take many credits next semester. Am I crazy to be considering doing a 2-hour-each-way train commute into the city twice a week for an internship? Should I only do it if I get an internship that's totally badass? I'd really like the experience and the addition to my resume, but the thought of having to be not only awake but on a train by like 6:30 AM is kind of making me nauseous.
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Do you think about your friends when they're not around?

What kinds of thoughts?
(Positive/Negative, "I wonder what they are doing/thinking", "I hate that bitch", "This would be more fun with Dave here", etc.)

Do you have any friends that you DON'T think about unless they're right there or someone else mentions them?
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Searching for "Rampage" jeans

Can you tell me the name of the style of jeans in the picture below? Do you have any idea where I can find a pair of these?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

My sister pointed these jeans out to me in a magazine ad and said she really wanted a pair of jeans like that. I really want to get these jeans for her for Christmas, but I have no idea where to find them.

I tried going to the website for the company ( but I couldn't find that style of jean anywhere. If anyone knows the name for that type/style of jean, that'd really help me out in searching for it.

Thanks in advance for any insight.
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Close enough?

Inspired by imaria's question.

Do you think it's possible to remain close to someone that you haven't had any contact with in a long time?
For example:
a) One year has gone by with no contact?
b) Five years?
c) Ten years?
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i will CUT you

pretend you have a child (let's work our imagination muscles, cfers!). your child (age 14-ish) kills another teenager. would stabbing vs. shooting make any difference in your reaction to the situation? why or why not?
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Will you post a picture of your pet(s)? Can you tell me something special about them?

If you don't have a pet, post a picture of something you would want for a pet.

Can you name any TQCers that have pets?

snow day y/n?

So it is snowing outside (nothing major and probably won't stick) but I drive a truck and have almost bald tires on the back. I brought stuff home to work from home in case I thought the snow would be a problem today. So my question is.

Should I stay home and work from here, or drag my lazy butt out and go into the office today?

If I do stay home should I really do the work or look for a new job?

Or just say screw it all and play WoW all day?
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What is the chocolate moo'd base in a Peanut Butter Moo'd from Jamba Juice? Do you have a good at-home recipe for something that tastes like the Peanut Butter Moo'd?
I'm craving one, but the nearest Jamba Juice is two and a half hours away. :(

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which one are you?
or, if this does describe who you are, then you probably know someone described as such...

i used to be a "book geek", a "film geek", then a "tv geek" but now i'm pretty much a "lego geek"...

have you ever met, or know of a "furry geek"?
nothing wrong w/that, to each his own, i figure it's just that i've never met a "furry geek" but my life is not over yet, so there is still time...
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post deletion?

hellopaige lost control of her car this morning because of snowy roads and smashed into a tree. hellopaige's front right bumper and headlight are ruined along with the radiator. hellopaige drives an 03 Impala.

What's the average/estimated price range for this?
What can hellopaige do to make hellopaige's mom stop hating hellopaige for it?

Why did it take 10 minutes for someone to stop and help when plenty of people went by?
Is there really that few of good people in the world?
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 Advice, onoes.

1. Is it totally inappropriate to ask if I can bring my boyfriend to help me babysit on Saturday night?
(Two things to know: I only get to see my boyfriend once a week, due to school and the fact we live an hour away from eachother. Secondly, and more importantly, I've known this family for about four years. I dated their son in high school, and we ended on bad terms, but recently the mother called and asked me to be their nanny since I have experience. I've ended up seeing my ex since then, and we're okay now, but he's going to be at the house, I believe, and with his new girlfriend. That doesn't bother me, and it won't bother him to see my new boyfriend, but it might be weird to the mom having my boyfriend there. I think.)

(ANOTHER eta)  I probably should have put more time into explaining. I mean, I've known the family forever, me and the guy are friends now, and have been for a few months. I've even been to their house recently just to hang out, before this babysitting thing. I basically grew up in their home, during high school at least, and it's a really casual place for me now. Anyways, I don't know if that makes a difference. Proooobably not.

2. I'm getting gifts for my coworkers, and I'm having a hard time with one. He loves Bob Dylan, and I know really nothing about the artist. I'm fairly certain he already has all his albums. Are there any really good DVDs of his concerts, or anything interesting I could get him? 

And one with no advice:

3. How is your relationship with your boss/coworkers? Are you close? Do you hate them?

4. Do you think you could be a candidate for What Not to Wear?

The view from here is quite lovely.

A. Which do you think came first: Jesus or anything else?

B. Is the Earth flat?
How much of your life did you have to devote to that question to be able to answer it?

C. Wikipedia says Sherri Shepherd is a comedian. Is this part of her comedy routine?

D. Do you know anyone stupid enough they could be a part of The View?
E. What kind of things have they claimed?

1. In unrelated news, yesterday some dude spoke out against the Yucca Mountain project calling it "environmental racism". I can understand how the idea of raping the land of not-white-folk would be considered racism, but what is environmental racism?

Also, the Associated Press is calling this guy a "Nevada Indian" or an "American Indian".
2. Is this really the current PC term for that guy?
3. What terminology would you use to describe the dude?

4. Do you support Yucca Mountain and/or the expansion of nuclear power in your locale?

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is it lame to do the same thing two years in a row for your birthday?

i just found out flogging molly is playing here the day after my birthday--however, last year, we went to cincinnati to see them for my birthday. major advantage this time: it's in my town, so we don't have to drive 2.5 hours each way.

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under what circumstances would you get involved with a married man about ten years older than you?
what if involved just meant seeing him at work and flirting a LOT?
what if it meant seeing him at work, flirting a lot, and him being super huggy and touchy with you?

[aka: i'm making dumb decisions and want someone to tell me that i'm not actually this dumb.]

Text - best is yet to come

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We are going to be in a local light parade this weekend with the Jeep club we're members of. We have about 50 strands of white lights and want to griswold up the Jeep.

Besides duct tape, what are some ways we could attach lights to the Jeep without damaging the paint or making it undrivable (we're going to decorate here and THEN drive the 40 miles to the parade)? The roll bars and stuff are easy to do, because we'll just wrap those. It's the metal part that we're trying to figure out and do without duct tape.

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You go on vacation, and you let a friend petsit for you. You come back home and find that your pet appears to be really, really tired, for it doesn't wake up when you call it. Also, your tv is missing. Worried and confused, you call your friend, and find out that your pet got out while you were gone and was hit by a car. Not knowing what to do, your friend sold your tv and had your pet stuffed. When you had came home, you were petting your pet's dead body, which was stuffed to look like it was sleeping. How do you feel about your friend?

"How sweet. Knowing I would want to be able to say goodbye, my friend made it possible by preserving little (insert name here)"
"BITCH! Let's see how you like it when I run over your mother and have her stuffed!!"
"What a good idea. I would probably have just buried it or something, but stuffing my pet, what a novel idea!"
"You were careless enough to let it get out and get into the street, and then you creepily had it stuffed!! We cannot be friends anymore. I cannot forgive this"
"As long as you replace my tv, all is forgiven"
"It's ok. I didn't really like my pet that much anyway. Wanna have fun and throw it in front of oncoming cars and see how they react?"
"I like my pet better this way. No cleaning up after it, no yapping away, no feeding it, and I can still cuddle up at night. This is perfect. Thank you"
"Cool. Can you do my other pets now?"
I wouldn't say much. My fist would be doing all the talking
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1. What "club" memberships do you have? When do those memberships expire?

2. A woman I work with got into SEVEN car accidents on her way to work this morning! What is the most number of accidents you have been in over the course of one day?

3. Who ate my cheese?!?!?!?!?!
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I'm still ticked off about randomness, so I'm distracting myself.

Even though I don't quite like her, I watch Rachael Ray because it's on between the morning and the noon news here, and I need to keep the tv on something at work.

Yesterday she supposedly had the "biggest mystery taster ever" and it was pre-empted for the president.

1. Who the hell was it? My googlefu is failing me so severely. I can't find ANYTHING that will tell me.

2. If you had to just leave a tv on behind you all day, what would you put it on?

3. What are you having for dinner tonight?
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How bad would it be if I went to college as a freshmen (living in the dorms) and didn't get my Meningococcal Meningitis vaccination? It's not required and costs about $100 so I can't really get it at a free health clinic. On the other hand 10-15% of people who get it die despite antibiotic treatment. While the 11-19% that live lose limbs, become deaf, have problems with their nervous system, become mentally retarded, or suffer from seizures or strokes.

Grinds My Gears

"That really grinds my gears".
A friend likes using that phrase but he wants to use a different one that means the same thing, so that it doesn't just sound like he's referencing Family Guy. Know of any/come up with any?
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YO-- vocabulary and retrieval?

ok, so help me out, TQC. I'm pissed at the lack of vocabulary I use. I have the vocabulary-- I can express myself well on paper, and I used to be able to do so when speaking. Well... ok, more than I can now, at least.

I have a pretty thick accent (in both speech pattern and usage), so "articulate" is a bit of a stretch, on a good day.

I'm tired of getting tongue-tied trying to think of a word I know-that-I-know-and-just-can't-retrieve, things like that.

What can I do to expand my vocabulary and make things easier to think of and retrieve from memory?

(and no, I haven't been around much lately for the last couple/few months... Hi, everybody.)
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How old were you when you were told (or figured out yourself) the whole "where do babies come from" thing? How did you find out?

I was five or six, and my mom tells me I worked it out from watching nature shows. I wandered in and informed that she and my dad had "mated" twice (to produce me and my sister. I was a bit older before finding out it was supposed to be done for fun).
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Last night, we found two old, abandonded pit bulls outside. We took them in, bathed them, and are keeping them until we can find their owners or someone to take care of them. We spent $90 last night on flea medication, joint supplements (they're old and you can tell their hindquarters cause them some pain), food, and the like for them.

The question: What's the kindest thing you've randomly done for someone, be it animal or person? It's heartwarming to share stories of kindness, so let's share. 

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Hey TQC, a few days ago the middle of my back (right smack dab above tramp-stamp territory) started breaking out really bad. I think it must be something in my environment that caused it, but I can't figure out what. Any ideas? I'm also wondering if it has to do with my placebo week starting. MYSTERY.

Also I know there have been a million acne posts in the time I've been here.. But meh. What has worked for you personally to get break outs on odd parts of the body to stop happening and go away? Out of the millions of "fixes," which haven't worked for you?

Last one: TQC, why am I dumb? Is it because I'm a woman?

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If a person abuses a legal drug and quits...if they want to take it again after a year (for its intended use), can they take the normal dose or the dose they took when they were addicted to it?
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Has anyone been to a Rubix Cube party? If so, was it fun?

For those who don't know what it is, you have to go along wearing a piece of clothing (Including shoes and accesories) in each colour of the Rubix Cube( so say a top in blue, pants in red, shoes in yellow etc). During the night, you have to exchange clothes with other party members, until you're wearing only one of the colours.

Would you go to one?

Or does this just seem absolutely retarded to you?

EDIT: And yes, alcohol is present.

highly possible

Do people ever stare at you in real life?
---if so, how do you react?

Do you think it's because they recognize you from the internet?

edit: When I go out by myself, I like to stare at people. Even after they notice, I keep staring. Good times.

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A friend of mine called his work yesterday and told them he wasn't going to be able to make it because of the bad weather and the employer wrote him up. He works at a restaurant and the employer said that they were planning on getting business since everything else was closed down.   Keep in mind that the weather was so bad yesterday that the shopping malls and city bus were closed all day.

Is there something he can do to have the write up removed or canceled?  is there some sort of labor law place he can call to report it?

and for those who don't care to answer this question:

What kind of pet/pets do you have?


post some pics!

EDIT : I just noticed the pet entry,. sorry guys!

(no subject)

1. do you still sleep with a stuffed animal? how old are you?

2. what should i title my final poetry manuscript for my writing workshop?

3. what's the first thing that usually goes through your head when you wake up?

4. do you ever go out with your friends wearing matching/very similar outfits? do you think this is cute or dumb?

(no subject)

Are you overly concerned that your SO is/could be/might cheat(ing) on you?

Do you know any cake or cookie recipes that I can make with shit that is common in a kitchen? ie no pudding packs or cream cheese.

(no subject)

I used to dye my hair all the time, now, I have a pack at home but am too afraid to use it.

1. What are you afraid of that you used to do all the time?

2. I go to my fathers house on tuesday evenings till 7, and all of thursday.
I want to stop the tuesday visit, but how can I tell him without upsetting him?

(no subject)

Do some guys like to take their time getting into relationships? Or some people, I should say.

There's this guy who seems to be crazy about me but he's taking it really slow-- we've gone out a few times and talked on the phone a few times but this has been happening over the course of a month which is slow for me. I do see him almost every day of the week so maybe he doesn't need to see me more than that, but those situations are not very intimate.
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(no subject)

Is there anything that you haven't been able to tell someone? (whether it's because you're scared to, just haven't had time to, forgot to tell them.. etc)

Who wants to meet up in Dallas, TX on Saturday the 15th?

(no subject)

1. In the state of NY, How old do you have to be to get yours ears pierced without parental consent? Some sites are telling me 16, others are saying 18.

2. My road test is in a week, any tips?

3. Do you like zombies?
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wireless connectivity

So I'm renting an apt. in a 3 apt. house with the landlord living on 2nd floor and me living on ground floor with another apt. next to mine with a couple in it.
The landlord has a cable modem in her apt. and a wireless router. Unfortunately either the topography or the god-knows-what of the house is such that me and my ground-floor neighbour get absolutely horrible wireless connectivity down here. We've both tried different wireless cards, wireless retransmission devices, etc. Nothing really helps. Also, sometimes the signal is somewhat ok (45%), and often the connection just dies... and comes back in a minute or so.

So... any ideas on how to fix this? We've thought about running cat5 cables from upstairs.. but that's sort of ugly and we haven't yet talked to the landlord about it. Aside from that, what can we do? (We do have other cable jacks on the ground floor.. is it possible to hook up another cable modem to one? How does that work?)

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Hey TQC, how would you hide the body?

On a different note, I need ~*advice*~. How do I tell/make it clear to a guy friend to get off my nuts, that I'm not interested in dating him?

-As awesome and whatever as I am, being tactful is not my strong point. BUT I'm pretty sure that I will have to suck it up and do it if he persists. Thanks.

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I'm at college on the other side of the country, and I don't have much money (AKA like, zip)
I'm flying home 2 days before Christmas, and I want to do SOMETHING for my family to make up for the fact that I probably can't BUY them presents.

1. What are some interesting gift ideas that don't involve spending a lot of money?
(could include DOING something, or MAKING something..)

One year I gave them a "pass" for babysitting whenever they wanted me to over the course of a month. (I have two baby sisters).. I can't repeat that again, cause it's already been done. I want to do something creative!

2. What is the best gift you've ever received? Why was it the best?
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Ladies, are you into trying new things?

If you're into trying new things, why aren't you like all the other great ladies who swallow?

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1 - What country are you from? If you live somewhere else now, what country do you live in?

2 - What should be that country's national sport? I don't mean their actual national sport - make something up.

3 - Are leastlikely and I the only ones who would totally go and see Hanson?


1 - I'm from New Zealand, living in Australia.

2 - NZ's national sport could be competing against Australia in any and all areas. Australia's could be jumping on the bandwagon.

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TQC, what are you tired of?

I'm tired of waiting for my grades to post. I'm fairly sure I got a 4.0 (woo!) but am not 100% positive. I JUST WANNA KNOW.

Also, do you live near your college/university? Does it make you sad when everyone goes home for break and no one's left to hang out with?

(no subject)

How do you know if your contact lense is outside in?

If you have monthly disposables, do you wear them just for the month or can you get away with wearing them longer?

Muchly thanks!
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(no subject)

Was Snoopy from a puppy mill? (I think I remember reading something like that in the comics, but maybe I'm wrong). I forgot to google before I asked this question, so I just googled it my lazy-ass-self and found my answer. Sry guys.

Do you have a piggy bank, or do you keep all of your money in the big regular bank/under your mattress/in your bra/etc?

How long are your showers usually?

What was the last TERRIBLE thing you've done? (since there are already a few questions asking about the nicest).
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the horse pistol

1. Have you ever been admitted to the hospital?
2a. If so, what was your impression of the staff?
2b. Did anybody treat you in a way that made you feel especially comfortable or relieved?
2c. Did anybody treat you in a way that made you feel more nervous or uncomfortable? Do you think it impacted your health?

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(no subject)

Do you think it really is Kylie?
Wait, you are probably all Americans. Am I just kidding myself in assuming you know who Kylie Minogue is?

Ok maybe that's not her in the picture.

Sorry for assuming you guys wouldn't know her. I thought she was mainly based in Australia, and I didn't realise she had reached your shores.
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(no subject)

I usually like to make/bake at least three kinds of treats for the holidays.  So far, I've done cranberry-pumpkin bread and holly clusters (like rice krispie treats only with corn flakes).
I'm stuck for some reason on what to do for a third, so help me decide, please.  Should I do -

cookies?  (If this, please tell me what kind.)
chex mix?
something else?

Also, in case it doesn't fit above, what is your favorite holiday treat that someone else makes??


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Poll #1101176 Fun with food

For the next month, you have to eat foods of only one color. Just because. 30 days, only one color for your food, and you are not permitted to use food dye or to change the color of your food through condiments or seasonings (though you may use them). The initial color is counted, not what happens to it after preparation. All toppings on the food that do not apply to that color (like lettuce if you didn't pick green or olives on your pizza if you picked orange) must be plucked off. This does not apply to your drinks. What color do you pick for your food for the next month?

Red - apples, tomatos, meats served really rare, various berries, borsht, etc.
Pink - processed meats, ham
Green - much produce. Not much else
Brown - cooked/grilled meats, chicken skin (not the chicken), potatoes with the skin, chocolate, fudge, others
Orange - darker cheeses, pizza, yams, oranges
Yellow - lighter cheeses, bananas, some pastas
Purple - eggplant, some grapes, blackberries
Black - licorice, dark chocolate
Blue - blueberries
White - noodles, rice cakes, rice, skinless chicken, vanilla anything

Food you'd consider using during sex (think 9 1/2 weeks) for erotic manipulation and consumption

Syrup, maple or chocolate
Cherries, strawberries
Deli meats
Entire pan of pie
Cheese Whiz
Whipped tuna
Pot roast
Pixie Sticks

Ladies, you've been eating more cucumbers, carrots or bananas (whichever one you like best). Let's assume you have a roommate. You've been buying small bags of this produce for yourself. After a few weeks, you walk in on your roommate masturbating with one of your produce. She said she's sorry and she'll put it back when she's done. Outraged, you tell her that's disgusting and she should literally go fuck herself. She then admits that she's been masturbating with your produce for weeks now and putting it back, with you none the wiser. What happens now?

I drink a few glasses of wine. I then call my friend. We'll have to think about where to hide the body
That's kind of hot. I ask if I can be a cucumber substitute
Beat her ass silly, possibly with the produce
Throw up. Run screaming from the room. Gargle repeatedly. The years of therapy begin tomorrow morning
Move out immediately
Kick her out immediately
Say nothing, but masturbate with all of her food and put it back. Two can play at this game
Shrug. So that's that peculiar flavor I've noticed lately. Chalk this up as a life lesson learned
"If you're going to us my bananas for sexual reasons, please do not put them back, and reimburse me for the purchase. Thank you"

(no subject)

1. Do you know what Chick-Fil-A is? Do you have one around your area?

2. I download torrents and some of them are RAR files and I can't open them, How do I get these files opened and on my iTunes?

3. Have you ever been in a situation with another person where it ended up being like a friends with benefits but with feelings for each other? Kind of talking but nothing official?
How did it end between you two?

Product Info?

I've heard of some software that allows you to record lectures and when you hook it into your computer it converts it into notes...  Can anyone recommend a good brand and where to get it?  Also, does anyone have any experience using it and if so what did you think?  Any information would really be appreciated.  Thanks in advance TQC!!!   

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Travel Vacations

Hey guys,

My site is doing a themed week next week called "A Week of Giving"

Basically, what I want to know is if any of you have gone on trips with groups like habitat for humanity, alternative vacation, anything with your church?

We're looking to interview some people to tell how going on these trips changed their lifes, or opened their hearts or whatever.

Comment or email:

xposted a couple places because I can't find people who have done these trips! sheeesh!
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(no subject)

When was the last time you felt like a weirdo? Why?

This semi-cute guy just came in here to deliver stuff and I was giggling at cat macros. Also my feet are cold so I put on these super sparkly socks. I'm wearing a skirt and they don't really work together.
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(no subject)

Some TQC members are going to NYC next year, would you meet up with them us? just basically spend some days in the city and hang out and what not.

do you think we'd be able to pull something like that off?

would YOU come?

(no subject)

This might be confusing.

While I was in high school, a kid (C) told the principal I was doing drugs and threatening to kill myself. Despite the fact that I wasn't, I still had to go through an intervention and weekly visits to the school therapist, as well as getting checked by the school nurse for signs of drug abuse or cutting. C was sent away by his parents to live in another state, and was just released from rehab recently and moved back. My friend M is going to have a party for her birthday, and invited me to go. M's friend V is friend's with C and has said she's going to bring him. I don't like V or C, but I want to go out and see my friends.

Should I go to the party? Should I ask that C not be allowed? What if I go and C shows up uninvited? I can't guarantee that I can hold my temper around him, and I don't want to ruin my friend's birthday. What should I do?

hate pimentos

so i guess i'm back to the food quesitons...

a while ago, i bought one of those banquet crock pot beef pot roast dinners.  I usually don't cook things like this, so it's sat in my freezer for about 6 months.  i decided that i'm too tired to make a homemade dinner tonight, so I decided to make that.

I was stirring the sauce with hot water, and it smells.. weird.  fermented, almost.  do you think it might just smell this way, or do you think that it's somehow gone bad while sitting in my freezer?

ETA: i'm throwing it away.  even if it IS supposed to smell like that, i don't want to eat anything like that.  NEW QUESTION:  what should i make for dinner now?
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Baby it's cooold outside

Gloves or mittens?
When, if ever, do you find fingertipless gloves necessary?
Winter coat with or without hood, in general? We aren't talking blizzard weather.
Knit hat, earmuffs, one of those headbands that covers your ears, other?
Snow boots: served with a side of style, please, or purely functional?
What's your preferred combination of winter gear for keeping the cold at bay?
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(no subject)

The Golden Compass: the movie - Better because it's not going to have the religious references or worse because it's not going to have the religious references?

Do I REALLY have to study for my final tomorrow?  Can't I just wing it?

Are you e-married to any other lj-user (through the marry_a_ljuser comm, or any other way)?

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so my parents had this life insurance policy that had me covered too, and now that I'm gonna turn 21 next year I can put it under my name and then if i die it covers like $40,000 or something.  I have to start paying for it next month if i want it and I have to do so for 20 years. I am in college tho and I really cant afford any more expenses. They keep telling me its a good deal because I'm so young and i don't have any health problems so the payments will be low but I've always been skeptical about insurance policies. But this money only goes to my beneficiary IF i die, and I'm not $40,000, i know one day i might be but still. Do you think 20 is too young to be thinking about this stuff?

What do you think about life insurance?

Do you have life insurance?
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Ender's Game nerds:
When the students in Dragon Army palm the wall to get back to their bunks and their colors appear on the wall, Green Green Brown, how do you see the arrangement of colors while reading? Right to left, left to right, up and down, down and up...?

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1. Is there anything that you get freaked out by that other people probably see as mundane?

2. How important is family to you? Do you value your extended family or your immediate family more?

3. If you're watching a foreign movie or television show, do you prefer subtitles or dubbing?

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ugh jury duty question

1. Tomorrow I have to go to the court houses and I guess they are going to decide if I can be a juror or not. If you've gone through this, what's it like? What kind of things do they ask you?

2. Have you ever served as a juror? Was your case really interesting and awesome or did it just suck?

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What's the funniest thing that happened today in your neck of the woods?

Are you tired and/or cold?

If you have to give a synthesis of an article, are you supposed to summarize it or give your input about it?

GHD Passport.

A few months ago I purchased the new GHD and inside it came a "passport" with a special code to use online to receive a free product.
I've just been on the website and can't find where to claim the product ANYWHERE!
Has anyone else done the product claim?


Poll #1101262 Study Groups

While in school, I...

Organized a study group
Participated in a study group
Attended one but didn't say much
Have never attended a study group

The study group was..

Super helpful!
Somewhat helpful.. I guess
Who knows if it helped
I said I didn't go to one, weren't you listening?!

If I were to attend a study group, I would like to eat...

Carrot sticks/Healthy snacks
Something else I'll say in comments

I like the ticky because..

..I click things, because they are there
..I click things, because I love to
..the ticky makes me feel like MY VOTE COUNTS
..ticky for ticky's sake
..who said I liked the ticky? DID YOU READ MY DIARY?!
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I am majoring in Art and minoring in German. And more than anything I want to spend at least one semester (if not more) in Germany and study there. I have no idea where to start investing. So my question is, has anybody in this community spent a semester or more in another country with the study abroad program? How much did it cost? How did you even apply to get into the program? Any information will be very helpful
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What is the weirdest thing that has happened to you this week?

As I was walking to Borders yesterday, this man wearing a hard hat was sitting on a fire escape (like 4th floor) and he yelled down to me, saying I was cute and asking if I had a boyfriend.  We shouted to each other for a couple minutes before I ran away.

What household chore do you hate the most?

I HATE mopping.  I'll vacuum/clean the toilet/do dishes/anything else but mopping is gross.  Folding clothes is annoying too.


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Remember those awesome themed birthday parties with matching plates and cups and party favors you had as a kid? Which one did you have as a kid that was your favorite?

I had a Winnie the Pooh birthday party with Tigger decorations and a cake shaped like Pooh, and pin the tail on the Piglet. It was awesome.
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and Jimbo was his name-o ?s

It seemed like very few people in this community knew who Chad Butler was yesterday. Do you know who Jimbo Fisher is?

Do you think Jimbo is a cool name?

Would you respect me more, less or about the same if you found out my first name was Jimbo?

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im thinking about getting my boyfriend a zippo with his initials engraved into it.

have any of you had experiece with this, or ordered something like this from a website? If so, which one?
Any other suggestions/companies that i should look into for nice zippos? (nothing over $50)

whats your nervous habit?


Name change

When you get married and have to change your name on your social security record... what do you do?!

Can you do that through the mail? I know where the social security building is, but it's like 45 minutes away and in the Ghetto.

What is the Soc. Sec. website?

I'm having such a brain fart.
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What do you have on your end-of-term to-do list?


1 English paper (halfway through, due tomorrow)
1 History final
1 Geography final
1 Literature final
Need to start grad school applications.
Need to dig car out of snow.

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So, I'm looking for a wallet. However, I won't buy something unless it's something I know I will love forever and ever. So far, I have checked the following sites/stores; Hot Topic, Torrid, Urban Outfitters, Forever21, Shana Logic, Etsy, Spencers, Wet Seal.

Any suggestions on where else I could find a cute/adorable/amazing wallet?

That being said, should I spend 36 dollars on Collapse )
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 what's the most rediculous assignment you have ever gotten from a teacher, and you didn't even learn from it?

Mine? it's a tie between "24 four-line poems (rhyming!!) having to do with different aspects of medieval life," "A day in the life of poison ivy" and "the american government from the point of view of a space alien: diary form." ugggghhhhhh....
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tqc, plz to b tellin me why my computer is stupid.

i have cable internet. i have a relatively new linksys modem. windows xp.

since this weekend, the signal tends to randomly flake out... surfing the web goes incredibly slow or not at all, sometimes pages load and sometimes they don't, sometimes my messages send and sometimes my friend doesn't get them. and then there are times like this where it seems like nothing has happened.

i've reset the modem, unplugged it from the power supply and let it sit, and earlier today it didn't initialize before i left for school. mom called the cable company and they said their end was showing no power to the modem (yes, it was plugged in). she comes home and it works fine, then it flakes on me.

when i try to log onto msn and it's down, i'll run the troubleshooter and it always comes up with the "key ports" having problems. i tell it to repair them, it does, and sometimes -- voila. connection. other times, not so much. it worked just now.

so, tqc. is it my computer, or did i fry another modem?

(advice, what to do, plz?)

Crush wants to take me to lunch on Saturday. I honestly don't want him to pay, but how to do this?

How would I go about this without awkwardness? I've never went on a "real" date ever before, but I know that I'd feel super uncomfortable if he paid for it. He has to work and pay off his tuition on his own, and my parents are paying for mine.

Would he be offended if I don't let him pay? How would I casually make it so I'd pay for my own lunch? Would he think that I think we're going just as friends?

He's 20; I'm 18.

Someone told me that when the bill comes, I should reach for my wallet and say, "Want to go dutch?" I think that's a great idea, but will he take it as "This is not a date. Don't do me any favors." and thus think I'm not interested?

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My boyfriend and I are super broke this holiday season, so we've decided to not get each other presents. In previous years, we would go all out on each other when it came to presents, but because of said broke-ness, we decided to just spend some time together instead. Any ideas as to a fun activity that we could do? I figured dinner and a movie, but that's pretty played out. I want to do something cute and original and not too expensive. We live in Arizona, if that helps.

I just downloaded Paramore and am listening to them at the moment out of sheer curiosity. If a band is really ridiculously popular out of nowhere, does it make you want to listen to them more or less? Do you ever feel bad if you listen to the band and you actually like them?

What's your favorite basketball team? Favorite player? Least favorites?
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The animal sanctuary my mum works at got a baby bantam chicken in today that nobody else can look after, so I'm going to raise her.

What should I name her, TQC? She looks a bit like this:


Dentist Owies

Dear Dr. LJ, DDS:

I had some cavities filled today. They used some weird, 2" metal contraption and little wooden wedges to get into the ones that were between my teeth. I also required 5 shots of Novocaine. The Novocaine wore off, and now the whole side of my mouth hurts, especially when I bite down. When will this wear off? :[

What is your least favorite routine medical procedure? Most favorite?
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What's a movie that turned out to be nothing like you thought it would be?

For me it's "The Rules of Attraction." When it first came out I thought it was just a stupid teen movie, then I saw it and realized it was not that at all. Now it's one of my favorite movies ever. I've owned the book for year too and I haven't gotten around to reading it yet but I probably will while at jury duty tomorrow.
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1. Does anyone have links to good site(s) for learning the IPA alphabet? I'd prefer something that has the pronunciation alongside the symbol so I can have an easier time memorizing it.

2. If you have learned or are learning Russian, do you have any links to some good online resources for learning it, particularly the alphabet and pronunciation?

3. Which hair straightener would you recommend? Preferably one that's not too expensive, though.

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I got a ticket, well two in one stop. One is for speeding in a school zone, and the other for passing in a school zone. My excuse is that I was not familiar with that area of the city. I saw it was a school zone and then I saw a sign that said the school zone had ended, but apparently another school zone start not even a block after the past school zone and I did not see the sign.

So now I have to go to court,
what do I say to the judge?
Do I say I am guilty or innocent?
What are you experiences with traffic tickets that end up at court?
Can someone tell me what to expect?

(Its my first time getting tickets and going to court)
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For those of you who have at least advanced out of SOME level of school (elementary, high school, college, whatever):

1- If/when you see your past teachers, do you refer to them by their first name or what you called them when in school?
2- Does it make a difference what grade they taught you? (Like second grade teacher vs. teacher you had last year?)
3- Do you have any teachers of the past that you wish you could say sorry to? :P
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So, I used to work at Starbucks. In early September, my store closed and we were transferred out to other stores. However, I left for Colorado for a few weeks and never called my "new" store to let them know I was coming. Instead, I got another job. No big thing.

However, my discount numbers are still in the system. Three months later, I'm still getting a free bag of coffee and a 30% discount.

1. Why are my numbers still in the system?
2. One of these days is Starbucks going to find me and tell me that I owe them $500 in coffee?
3. Would you continue to use your discount if you were me?

EDIT And how fucking awesome is this?

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1] Have you ever lied to someone [blatantly, not withholding information] on the internet about your physical appearance?

2] Have you ever found out that someone you knew on the internet lying about how they looked?
Yeah, for like five years.

3] Does it bother you as much as me that 'withholding' has two 'h's next to each other?
For comparison, it doesn't bother me that much.
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