December 4th, 2007

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So, in lieu of saying "ummm" or just pausing in my speech, I tend to insert the phrase "I'm trying to think..."

I've only recently realized how weird this is.  I don't know anyone else who says this, and I have no idea where it comes from.


Do you know anyone who says this?

Do you have any weird speech habits?

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How do you delete the stations you make on Pandora Radio? There are so many I don't listen to because thier selection really sucks in certain areas.

It is snowing. I think we have 8 to 10 inches. What is it doing outside where you live?
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UGH! my hair is really frustrating and boring right now, as it's in an in-between, growing out phase. (see icon) it's bugging me.

should i just get it over with and cut it tonight (i am a licensed cosmetologist, so i do know what i am doing), or should i think about it until the weekend?

EDIT: lol, it was pointless for me to ask i guess, because i ignored everyone and did it anyway! yay!
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Hi guys,

So this new teacher, instead of sending a final grade/percentage at the end of the course, sent out the marks for each seperate assignment and the "weight" of each assignment.

I have absolutely no idea how to calculate what my final grade in the course is, from what he sent out. Needless to say, I'm not taking math courses. Can anyone help me out based on this info?

Score Weight

8.5/10 - 6
42/47 - 6
8.5/10 - 6
7.5/10 - 6
7/10 - 10
8/10 - 10
6/10 - 10
5/10 - 10
10/25 - 30

Thanks in advance for any insight.
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this is for all you doctor who fans:

1. who is your favorite doctor?

2. in the new series (2005), who has been your favorite companion?

3. where do you watch the episodes?

i like christopher eccleston and david tennant equally, but rose is by far my favourite. i catch episodes on bbc america and scifi when i can, but usually online.

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Should I sleep tonight? I need to do laundry and clean and such and I have a final at 1pm tomorrow that I haven't studied for and it's pretty important since I barely have an A in that class. It's 1am right now.

But, I like sleep.
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Ticket-paying or law-enforcing TQC types,

If I have just paid a traffic ticket online -- negating the need to mail in a check, or to visit the court to pay in person -- do I still need to mail in my signed copy of the ticket (the official 'waiver of a trial')?

:( The VA courts site doesn't tell me, nor does the information on the ticket.

Doesn't settling the bill [as I would if I showed up in court] count as enough of a 'guilty' plea?

toy donations...


Does anyone know of a UK based charity prefereably in london, who will take some old toys for distrubution - something like toys4tots..

I've search hiugh and low on google and can only seem to find places after money, or old appeals etc....


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i've been wired since i did all my laundry today around 4 or so. i haven't had any caffeine stronger than what's in green tea in about a year. was it the mango milk tea i had? is that stuff made with black tea? i feel like i'm taking crazy pills. could it also have been the effexor i started taking a few days ago? it hasn't made me wired up to this point so i dunno why it would start now. help :( i want to sleep.

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I know a lot of people are into photography so:

Any tips?
also, i have a canon SLR and everytime i go to take a pic on the custom settings it takes fucking ages, it seems, what is wrong with it?
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I work 10pm to 6am tonight/tomorrow. I just started on 3rd shift, and I'm absolutely miserable when I don't get enough sleep. But I am so tired right now (1:50 AM) Should I go to sleep right now and take a nap before work, or stay up until 6:30 (when I usually get to sleep)?

Should I go home for Christmas?

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Do you ever read TQC and then ask the same questions to people in the room? yes, I just asked the amazing race question to my friends.

You're sitting in a room with two friends who are talking to each other. One is speaking in Swedish, and the other is speaking German. They are, for the most part, understanding each other. Which language do you start to speak? Japanese.

Definition of racism

Lately I see a lot of people claiming that racism is specifically prejudice by a group in power towards a minority group.

That's not how I understood racism. I figured it was someone prejudiced toward any racial group different from their own. I don't believe in concepts like "reverse racism" or anything. I don't want this to turn into a discussion over whether which group is the most racist.

I'm just wondering if, considering your personal definition, it's possible for a member of a minority group to be racist toward the majority group. Also, if you can find a source, I'd greatly appreciate it.

This seemed to confirm my belief.

And a more lighthearted question:

Do you ever go to that website to look something up, and laugh when you hear the pronunciation? It's just funny to me to hear someone say the word "scrotum" all by itself.
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Why does nothing seem to want to load for me tonight?

is working for you?

edit: is a reputable site?
Can i buy t-mobile phones at a possibly discounted price anywhere online? I already have a plan.

another edit:
What phone do you think I should get? It has to be one t-mobile carries. I really want one with a camera and music player.
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So, I attempted to upgrade firefox but for one reason or another it ran into an error. I unintalled what I had, and tried to install the newer version and that didn't work either. I can't seem to find the old version again so I did a system restore. While I have firefoxed installed now, it won't START

Ugh, this is driving me nuts. Anyone know what's going on?
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for people with perms

i just got my hair permed and it's awesome. what kind of products do you use in your hair to enhance your curls? my stylist at the salon used some bedhead product but i'd like to know what everyone else really likes.

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oh noes!

Bad boys

My husband was supposed to cook dinner tonight. I haven't seen him since 9am - no phone call, no nothing. (He left his cell at home so I can't call him)

How should I punish him when he comes home?
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Did anyone go to that LJ party in SF last night?

...If so, how was it?

Are you a person who laughs at the anger in news posts, or are you one of the ones bitching?

Holiday Cheer

What do I get a lovely gentleman for Christmas?

Here are the dilemmas that make the question difficult:
1. We are not dating (so nothing overly cutesy). However, we are very close friends who sleep together and go out on dates, if that makes any sense.
2. He is a well-known musician who has all the musical gadgets he could ever need but if there are any really creative suggestions from musicians about maybe something I can get him for his perpetual life on a tour bus, I'd love to hear them.
3. He is 32.
4. My spending limit is literally about $25 as I am in college.
5. When I asked what he wanted, he answered "surprise me". He did not respond to pleas for hints.
6. He is a cancer/leo cusp with strong leo tendencies, astrology buffs are welcome to do what they want with this information.

My face confuses me.

Is there any real explanation as to why someones face would look more angular and bony if the image on their webcam is horizontally reversed..? And rounder if it's on the default(non reversed) setting? Or am I just imagining this and need to go to bed?
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the eternal question...

...technically there's a lot of "eternal questions" but that's hardly the point.

you're imagining this6:55 AM 11/11/07 · It's often interesting to me that it seems that a number of the actors I like have accents. Not in what I see them in, there they sound totally normal non·specific American accents, but if they do interviews they sound English or British or Canadian or any number of other things. It's a stark difference and the only immediate example I can name would be Lucy Lawless. Back in her Xena days I heard her all the time but the first time I saw her do an interview when she was using her actual accent I was blown away.

That's a strong accent...forget what it was offhand. New Zealand maybe...?

So, why is it all of these non·American actors are allowed to do American accents yet for Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Kevin Costner wasn't allowed to use an English accent?
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Where do you get your holiday icons? (and I mean the good ones, with christmas trees, cookies, etc. Not obviously altered ones with MSPaint so who ever's in your icon is just wearing a santa hat... Those irritate me so badly... I dunno why...)

EDIT: I TAKE BACK THE SANTA HAT HATING COMMENT. Now, will someone give me a serious answer?
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1. Does it bother you when someone's shirt tag is sticking out?
2. Does it bother you when someone's hood is inside out?
3. Does it bother you when someone has pigtails but the part is unintentionally curvy?

4. Have you ever fixed someone's sticking out tag/inside out hood?
5. Has a someone you dont really know ever fixed yours?
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1)How well do you think you would do at wrestling a bear?
2)you know how people blow smoke rings? is it possible to do that with your breath when it's really cold outside?
3)Are you wearing clean underwear today?
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Who else had trouble sleeping last night?

I've seen two questions related to insomnia/wiredness, and I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night (edit: for no apparent reason). Is there something in the water at TQC?
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1) If you go into the US post office and pack your stuff up in a box from their shelf, you have to pay for the box, but they'll deliver a pack of ten boxes to you for free. Am I missing something that makes this logical?

2) I think my brother is kind of an idiot. I think he and my boyfriend have a lot in common. Does this mean I think my boyfriend is an idiot? (The things that make him an idiot are not among the things they have in common.)

3) Have you ever run out of gas on the highway? Who did you call to bring you gas/take you to get gas? Did you cry?

4) I should be able to kick my coworkers for leaving the door in front of my desk wide open in the middle of winter, Y/Y?
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Is there anything out on the web that is like Garage Band (for mac) but that can be used on PC? Preferably something that has a trial version.

I just got a new shower head.I've put the washer things in that are supposed to keep it from leaking, the part that is in the top where the old shower head is doesn't leak, but where the hose part connects to the sprayer, it keeps leaking down the hose. what the hell did I do wrong?

Those of you over 20, what did you do to celebrate your 20th birthday? I'm going to bake myself a cake tonight and have my friends over to my apartment.

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I am going to the vagoo doctor today (that is, gynecologist). Would it be okay to ask them to check out my throat, too? I've got a bad sore throat/cough. Trying to kill two birds with one stone here.

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1) How do you feel about a sexless marriage for religious/moral reasons (i.e. abstaining because birth control is a sin and Natural Family Planning isn't 100% effective)?

2) What do you think about a "sex box" where couples write down all their fantasies and you pull one out to spice things up?

3) Do you drive the speed limit?
3b) What if the speed limit is ridiculously slow and everyone is going 10-15mph faster than you?

4) Have you ever upset a driver so much that they either forced you into the exit lane or made you miss your exit?

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hey tqc! i'm home from work today (still have to work tho.. but at least i'm home. yay!)

1. what's good in your neck of the woods?
2. can you take a whole chicken and cut it into parts? (thighs, leg, wings, breast, etc)
3. what do you think you deserve?
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1. How many drinks does it usually take for you to feel hungover in the morning?
2. If you do text messaging, did you have a hard time with predicative text (T9) when you first started using it?
3. How did your parents come up with your name?

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I'm trying to finish my 101 things in 1001 days list. [If you don't know what that is, you make a list of 101 things you want to accomplish and you have 1001 days to complete it.] I cannot think of 15 more things I want to do.

Why is this giving me so much trouble?
If you have a list like this, what do you have on it? Name up to five things.

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1- Do you play any online (PC or console) games? What are they, if so?
2- Not counting LJ (I dunno if it'd count anyway), what public forums do you participate in?
3- Does it ever feel like you've done everything there is to do on the internet? :/
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O hai.

So I sneeze. A lot. Like, all the time. Multiple times a day. Often, I sneeze several times in a row. This happens when I don't have a cold, and I doubt it is allergies, as I don't have any of the other symptoms and this has been happening for pretty much as far back as I can remember, all year round, indoors, outdoors, here in Texas, when I've traveled to other places, you name it. Unless I'm allergic to myself, I don't know what I could be allergic to that is so... persistent. I only recently noticed how much I sneeze, when my boyfriend mentioned it to me.

I was talking to a girl at work last night about it (After I sneezed like, four times in a row and she asked if I was coming down with something. YEAH, GUESS HOW OFTEN I HEAR THAT QUESTION.) and she mentioned something she'd heard about called Achoo Syndrome. Yeah, no kidding, that's what it's called. I looked it up, and apparently it's a genetic syndrome where you involuntarily sneeze when you see a bright light. I don't think that's it, though. I don't need to have a bright light to sneeze my ass off.

Any idea if persistent sneezing is some sort of syndrome or... medical thing? I plan to ask my doctor next time I see her, out of curiosity more than anything, since sneezing a lot certainly isn't going to kill me... or is it?

So, Dr. Eljay, am I going to die?

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I think people should be required to undergo an evaluation before they are allowed to have kids.

What do you think?

Do you have relevant anecdotes?

edit: To elaborate, I think people should be checked for mental stability, and these people should have a set of values that not extremely deviant from what is lawful.
Anecdotes? Bipolar women, with no husband, who start doing crack after their baby is born. The daughter becomes a sex worker to fund her mother's rehab.

edit #2: Since I have no answers, incompetent people should be instructed to only have butt sex.

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When you need advice and an un-biased opinion, who do you usually talk to?

My answer:
My step dad, he doesn't sugar-coat anything.  He'll call out on the bullshit on any situation whether it's mine or someone else's.

EDIT: couchtiger asked an interesting question, feel free to answer: " At leat 80% of the responses here so far say that for the poster, it's a man that give out the unbiased opinions and good advice. Do you think this means anything?"
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Online photography services

I'm looking for an online photography source that provides gallery-quality, durable printing services at prices that won't break the bank. I occasionally sell photography prints of my work, and I want people to know that they've gotten a photograph that is going to be durable, and not fade after a few weeks/months.

Previously, I have tried Wolf Camera. They have excellent turn-around time of course (less than an hour) but I have prints I made from them less than eight months ago, and the colors already look a bit off. does poster prints, but I've found their print quality to be very hit-or-miss, often over-saturated with colors. (Their t-shirts are fine, but results on their calendars, notebooks and tiles have been spotty.) provides really nice quality prints, but I'm not sure what their long-term durability is.

There's so many print services these days, ranging from Flickr affiliates to (not really happy with Snapfish quality) and so on... it doesn't have to be flashy, it just has to be quality without crazy prices.

Has anybody used Or is there any other company you'd recommend? (I also appreciate any business suggestions in Chicago, as that's local and doesn't have to be online, just have digital price capacity for me to be able to use).

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Is there any medical or legal basis for the fact men who have had sexual contact with other men are not allowed to donate blood?

I've never really understood that.  I always thought it dated back to the time when everyone thought AIDS was only a gay men's disease, but since that obviously isn't true, I don't see why we still have that rule.

To avoid finals, should I jump out in front of a car, or should I just throw myself down a hill and hope for an extended stay at the hospital?

Should I quit my sorority?

Personal preference: Hookers and blow, or strippers and weed?

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What are some things you do to concentrate on things when you are having a hard time?
What do you do when it is your environment being overstimulating/understimulating?
How about internally when you have too much on your mind?
To those in college or who have gone through it- did you take all of your core classes and then take your upper level ones or did you take just enough core classes to make it into the upper level classes and get the upper level ones done first?
Can someone cheer me up? I woke up feeling somewhat sad this morning.


1. are you currently, or have you ever, dating an officer of the law (aka police offer, aka cop)?

2. would you ever consider dating a cop?
a. if not, what would prevent you from dating one?

3. what are some cop stereotypes i should look out for if i decide to date the cop i sort of like?


4. do you think its a good thing or a bad thing that someone has been in a lot of long-term relationships before (long-term being at least a year or close to it)?

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i'm trying to write on a white 100% cotton t-shirt with a permanent marker. i really don't want to go out and get a fabric marker because there's probably a lot of snow and ice on my car and i don't have a scraper.

is there anything i can do to make the marker not run/bleed on the fabric?
i've tried googling and it didn't help.
Who made this? I don't know. Tell me!


When you get food from a drive-through, do you check to make sure they got your order right before you drive away?

Does it piss you off when the people head of you in line do that?

Is Weeds awesome?

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Let's say you went on vacation, and entrusted your neighbor to watch over your place for you. When you returned, you forgot to ask for your key back and it slipped your mind that your neighbor still has your key. Which 3 things could that neighbor do to your place (while you were asleep) that would MOST freak you out?

Change your radio alarm clock preset to a country western station. Nightly, so it doesn't matter what you change it to, you wake up to C&W
Clog up your bathtub/shower drain with lots of hair of a color and length that in no way matches yours
Leave their dog's poop in your toilet, unflushed. Like, every morning you find a bowl full of turds that you can't account for
Light a scented candle of strawberry for a few hours. Candle is removed afterwards. You never find out where the aroma's coming from
Change your answering machine greeting to a low, growling "TALK!!"
Leave Chinese take-out boxes in your fridge, from a restaurant you've never been to
Leave on the couch a half filled-out crossword puzzle
Change the curtain in your living room to a bright orange
Keeping the same floor plan, they rearrange your living room furniture so that it's now facing a different wall
Exchange all the canned goods in your kitchen with completely different ones
You wake up to find the tv set on, on a station you don't watch, like the weather channel, ESPN, country station, etc.
Your kitchen trash bag is entirely filled with sawdust and feathers. You have absolutely no idea from where it came from
Your socks have all been replaced by bright green and red argyle socks
Your toilet paper is entirely unraveled, lying in a small pile. This happens nightly
Your kitchen table is, or rather, was set for 6 people. Each setting contains a dirty plate and silverware, as if you hosted a dinner party the night before, but you didn't

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Can anyone help me!?

I have to convert the format of 2 songs to make them compatible with PowerPoint 2007.

But I have no clue how to do this.

I can only get the 2 songs I need to play in RealPlayer.

I needed 3 songs. I took all 3 out of my iTunes, but 2 ended up like this.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this?!

EDIT: Nevermind...figured it out...durr.. question..

What class have you taken, past or present, high school or college, that you have totally despised?


Me? Presentation graphics...I hate power point.
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Hypothetically, you know someone who needs to take one basic high school course online (say a senior level government class). If you offered to take it for them in exchange for money--how much would you ask for?
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What is your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe?

My husband thinks his sister would like them for Sinterklaas, and I don't have a recipe. If it uses chocolate chunks instead of chocolate chips, that's awesome too because I live in an anti-chocolate-chip country =/

And if you don't have a recipe, what is your favorite kind of cookie?

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What are you favorite TV SHIPS?

Mine :
Mahone/Michael/T-bag/Whistler (Prison Break)
Pacey/Joey (Dawsons Creek)
Taylor/Ryan (The O.C)
Chuck/Blair (Gossip Girl)

Also what is a four person ship called?

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For anyone knowledgeable in Mac computers/iDVD/iMovie...

I am trying to burn a project I made in iMovie, onto a DVD- I was told I had to move the project over to iDVD and then burn it from there. So I did this, but now when I try to play the DVD, it just comes up with two folders: one labeled audio, the other labeled video- there are files in the video, but nothing playable. I just need my movie on the dvd is all!

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

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How many of the people on your friends list do you know in real life? If there's too many to count just give a estimated percentage.

What was the last book you read? Was it any good?

What was the last movie you saw? Was it any good?
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Did anyone have parents who separated/divorced after you were already grown up (even just in your late teens or early 20s)? How do you feel it affected you?

For people who had parents split at any age, did you feel any sense of relief when it finally happened? My parents are sort of at that really tense pre-giant-blowup stage, and my 18-year old sister and I (I'm 23, moved back home to take a temporary job in my rural hometown after college) feel like we're living in a bomb shelter, just waiting for the explosion to happen so we can crawl on out and move on with our lives. Sometimes I feel very guilty about that, however. :X
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Question! (Done in my best Dwight Schrute voice)

I had my first acoustic guitar lesson last week. He played an electric guitar. Should he have
a acoustic guitar to teach me with or is electric fine? I am an absolute beginner.

What is the last act o' kindness you bestowed on someone (stranger or known person)?
I <3 TLV


What material(s) can be used as a cheap and easily obtainable insulation? The hardware store here only sells pipe insulation, and I need something bigger than that. This is for a winter shelter for the local stray cats, to give you an idea of size (it's small but a lot bigger than a pipe). It will be outdoors, but it will be sealed between at least two layers of tarp so it doesn't need to be waterproof.

[Edit: This is a shelter I made last year - the ones I'm making now will basically look like that, but bigger.]

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Do you like pie?
if you do what kind is your favorite?
do you make homemade pie?
if so do you make your own crust?
can I have a recipe for your favorite pie?
I will give you mine in return.
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sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b
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1. I have a gift certificate for a spa thats good for either a

A. Manicure

B. Pedicure


C. Herbal Cleanse (what is this? is that where they wrap you up like a mummy or something?)

Which of these should I use my certificate on? I could really use a manicure, but I've never had a pedicure before and I'm torn.

2. Whats the most ridiculous thing someone's told you about themselves?

3. Is this beginning of a cold ever going to develop further or am I doomed to just have scummy throat for weeks on end?
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Who is someone new in TQC or on LJ with whom I can start flirting to fill the emptiness in my soul?

Is that parent who created a false MySpace account to talk to that Meiers girl a total cuntrag?

(no subject)

1. Would you (or do you already) read your child (or hypothetical child) a gay-ish book, like And Tango Makes Three or King and King? Why or why not?

2. This guy on a cooking show was making an Asian-ish meal. He had these noodles that looked like regular dried pasta, but when he threw them in water they EXPLODED in size and soaked up all the water within a half second. What were these delightful magical noodles and where can I get them?

3. Invader Zim: Y/N?

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Do you ever not answer a question, but later think up an answer?
Do you go back to answer it?

I tried, but I went back over 300 entries and couldn't find it :( My boss accidentally answered the question for me during a meeting.

If you saw someone in public with earbuds in and they were obviously studying (copying notes, flipping through flashcards, etc) would you try to strike up a conversation with them?
Someone thought that it was the perfect time to be my new BFF when I was clearly on my way to a final and in no mood to make friends.

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For those of you who have to travel to work, how much snow has to be on the ground before you'll stay home from work?

Last year I came to work one day when there was maybe an inch and a half and my boss called and said "Why are you doing at work?!" and told me to go home.  I guess I figure I should be here if I can and save "Snow Days" for really bad weather.
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What do you preliminarily judge on, when someone:

1. Physically approaches you, with romantic interest?

2. E-approach you (as in message on MySpace, Facebook), with romantic interest?

for me, 1. how they speak, if it's fairly proper and respectful. 2. type like they speak, fairly proper and respectful.

(no subject)

1. What is the best way to propose a friends with benefits affair?

2. What's your number one guilty pleasure in all of the world?

3. Ever done something/wanted to do something, even though you know you shouldn't have? Explain.
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The area directly around my tongue piercing is kinda raised and looks white-ish. It doesn't hurt or anything. Is this bad? What should I do? I've been rinsing with mouthwash religiously.

I called into work today because I didn't feel like going. What should I do instead?

What is your favorite slang term?

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Does anyone remember a girl who posted here a while back asking if people would contribute to this teen advice website? She got paid per question asked that she replied to. I am looking for the website she did this for. If you at all remember the post, can you tell me whatever you remember?

What is in the perfect omelet?

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When in college do/did you take notes with paper or on the lappy?

I want a new camera (left my old one on a train back in August), but not sure what kind.  What did you reccomend?  Links/pics would be *fantastic*!

Can I help you with anything?
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Did you choose where you're currently living?

If so, how did you make that decision? What factors caused you to choose the location you did, rather than any of the other options you were looking at?

ETA: Feel free to answer about locale, but I was thinking more along the lines of your actual home. Why did you choose the apartment/house/condo/hut/cottage/shack/box/townhouse/whatever that you live in?

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So I got a new Acer Aspire as an early Christmas present. It's great. The only problem is the speakers aren't set up right and I don't know how to do it. They don't play the lead vocals. All you can hear is background noise. Can someone help me PLEASE? They're external and they come with a regular jack and a USB cable. There's like 5,000 different holes to stick them in. Does it matter which ones? Or is it a matter of configuring it I've even looked in the manual and I don't see anything about speakers in it. When I plug them in anywhere.

So I switched it to Stereo and now I have Collapse )
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So, one of my customers offered me a job last night. She owns a private bartending company for events like holiday parties, wedding receptions, graduation parties, etc. I told her I was super interested, but that I was leaving in January and wouldn't be back until April. She told me to call her immediately when I get back, because that's the beginning season for weddings. This sounds like potentially awesome money. I liked her so much that I'm considering ditching my job now to work for her for a couple more weeks before I leave.

Should I do it, or wait until I get back?

(For the record, I work for a corporate casual fine dining place, getting scheduled about 3 more shifts than I asked for, and making shit money. I just don't know if starting another job so soon before I leave is a good idea.)
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I am 26 years old and I wear braces. Is there anyone else here wearing braces during adulthood? Are you happy you took the plunge? What kind did you get?



(no subject)

The entry below inspired me.

Have you ever gone an unusually long time without going to a dentist?
If yes, how akward was it going to a new dentist?
Did you have to get your records transferred or what?
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Waha, I'm back and this time I'm not going to ask a dumb computer related question.

I would like opinions on a matter which I have been running through my mind since the beginning of December...

My 21st birthday is coming up in two weeks and I was hoping to celebrate with my friends and with my family.

Here is the problem...

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What is your plan of action when you get a bad cold or a flu?

Do you feel better after you throw up or does it just make you feel worse?

Do you let bugs that are in your house go or do you squish them without mercy?

Edit: Sorry about the error in question 3. I am sick, so brains and hands,plus watery eyes aren't working so well together. 
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I'm getting a tattoo of a mermaid with a Mexican mustache wearing a sombrero splashing out of a toilet with the word "FIESTA" in a traditional banner overhead. So that I could reference something, would you show me your favorite pictures of toilets, Mexicans with facial hair, and ladies of the sea?

Would you get this tattoo?
How much would someone have to pay you to get this tattoo?

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what are some good games that can be enjoyed fully with just two players? my husband and i play a lot of games, and i'd love to get him a new one or two for christmas--but we've had a hell of a time finding games that are good for just the two of us.

i'm thinking mostly in the board/card family, but am willing to entertain video/computer-types as well.

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The Nutcracker

1. How old were you when you saw The Nutcracker for the first time? 5 or 6

2. Did you enjoy it? Not at all. I was bored silly.

3. How do you feel about it now? I haven't gotten to see the Ballet often enough to form an opinion, but the music is breathtaking.  Definitely one of my favourite scores.
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TQC, I've been ass raped by my cell phone plans :(

First I had cingular prepaid and it was amazing. 5 cents every text incoming/outgoing I only use my phone for texting so it was no big deal. Then they raised it to 15 cents outgoing/incoming after the cingular & at&t merge was over. I was pissed and then got cellone which for 50 cents a day I get unlimited texting.


I can kiss my 50 cent a day unlimited texting goodbye. As soon as they fucking switch over, they will do away with my cellone pre paid and it will become go phone with their sucky 15 cents incoming/outgoing!!!!!
My choices seem to be verizon and t-mobile since their the only providers who get service here. BUT their pre paid plans are sucky. Looks like I'm going to have to get a cell phone plan :(
I don't need an extravagant number of minutes. I barely talk on the phone. My big thing is texting. It seems like the average price of unlimited texting on a plan a month is around 10 dollars. Which in turn is less than I am spending now.

So TQC, How much do you pay a month for your cell phone?

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Ok I'm hoping someone can halp me.

I saw this video on MTV Hits a few days ago and now I forget who did it.

It's half animated, there are two guys, one nerdy looking and one that looks like a rapper. The nerdy guy played the guitar and the other guy played the keyboard. It was a cartoon girl and her dog in her bedroom. They both had tvs and could see each other.

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So, my folks were watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Mom remarks that Santa is such a bastard (ETA: In the context of the movie.) Do you agree with her? Or do you just think she didn't get her Barbie Dreamcastle for Christmas one year and is still bitter?

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Why aren't my friends calling/texting me back? Is it because:

they're really busy.
they hate me.
they wish i would stop being so annoying, darn it.
a monster ate all of them, and is coming up the stairs to eat me next.
they are out buying me lavish christmas gifts.
other which i will specify in the comments.
you are simply a loser, oh_honestly_.

What should you be doing?

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school sucks

- Have you ever had to take a class in High School you know is completeley fucking pointless and it drove you insane to sit there for one hour every day wasting your time?

My "design crafts" class. We've been...making pop-ups since the beginning of Nov. Every goddamn day we get a new fucking packet with 5 pop-ups we have to make and it's starting to drive me mad. All we do in that class is cut paper and glue it to other paper. It's so fucking pointless. I want to stab my teacher with my exacto knife.

I hate that whole "you have to have this many credits to graduate" system. I mean, if we didn't have that, we wouldn't have to waste our time in classes like cartooning, design crafts, and graphic design. Or life skills. Aw man.

I wish my school had more interesting classes I could choose from.
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Which is more responsible for a university student: moving out from your family home when you can afford to, or living at home and continuing to save money until you graduate? Why?

Which would you choose?
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Since y'all seem to be experts on this, and googling cats/pets and "fiberglass" yields nothing useful - just in case I missed a spot vacuuming, what are the signs of fiberglass ingestion? Obvs I want to get her to the vet ASAP if she eats some, but I don't know what to look for.
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What was your favorite line from Superbad?

Should I have tea or hot apple cider? Or something else hot?

Does seeing romantic parts of movies/tv shows/etc. make you miss your SO (or miss having a SO) if they are not nearby at the time?
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1. Will you show me your resume? I mean, I just want to know what types of information you've included (as well as the objective, and how the info relates to it) and also how you've set it up.

2. How should I explain my education situation in my resume without being tl;dr?

I went to James Madison University from Fall 2004 to Spring 2007. I started as an English major/secondary ed minor/theatre minor. In Spring 2006, I kept the theatre minor but dropped everything else and switched to a biology major. I completed 79 credits there (well, more, but that's all that transferred) but the only upper-level classes I took were for my theatre minor. In Fall 2007, I transferred to Virginia Tech majoring in English with a concentration in professional writing. At the end of this semester, I'll have 6 credits here, and none of them toward my major. I haven't taken any theatre classes at VT, but I'm two upper-level courses away from getting that minor.

Basically, I've been in college for 3.5 years and all I have taken is gen eds, plus a handful of theatre classes.

I am only planning to take one class next semester, and am looking for a full-time job (hence the resume).

That description won't fit in my resume. The lady at the career center gave me a booklet about writing resumes, but all that info assumes that you've graduated or are planning to graduate. =\ Any ideas?

3. I had a really awesome ice cream sundae last night. It was vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, Reese's pieces, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, rainbow sprinkles, and whipped cream. If you had your choice of absolutely ANY topping and ANY ice cream flavor in the universe, what would your ideal sundae be?

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Ladies, can you tell when you're ovulating, based on your scent?

People who do the dirty with ladies - can you tell when your girl is ovulating, based on her scent/taste?
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1. Should I write my paper on depression in "What Dreams May Come" or schizophrenia in "Donnie Darko"?
2. Is there anywhere I can play a Simsesque game on line or download The Sims (or the like) for free besides torrents?
3. What is something you love that most people hate? Hate that most people love?
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If you were going to your boyfriend's parents' house for christmas, and knew that they were going to get you presents so you had something to open while everyone else is tearing into their presents, and had met them several times before, but had no idea what to get them, and your boyfriend had no idea what he was getting them either... what would you bring to your boyfriend's parents' house for christmas??
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Favorite store?

What is your favorite store that is no longer in operation?
If the company got bought out, what store replaced it, and do you like the replacement?

1. Lazarus. I loved that store!
2. Macy's. I loathe that store.
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i feel like ive asked this before..

but now its in poll form. so its all good.

Poll #1100803 k boys.and girls..

BOYS: Would you kiss a person (with tongue) on the mouth after you came in their mouth?

Depends on how much pineapple I've had that day
Can't answer---not a boy

GIRLS: Would you kiss someone (with tongue) after they went down on you?

Depends on what time o' the month it is
Can't answer---not a girly

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have you ever posted to TQC while drunk? yes, i am righ tnow

what is something you like to do when you're drunk? i like to talk via text message and IM, also drunk dial

please will you tell me about the worst date you've ever been on? i had to turn this into a question or else...

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What's your favorite song right now?

At this moment in your life, would you rather be alone, or with company? Physically, that is.

Edit; Does anyone know where I can find an online cake decorator to give someone an e-cake? All google is coming up with is online cake decorations and instructions on how to decorate a cake.

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I'm sure this has been asked/discussed before, but I have never seen it so here it goes...

I was just wondering what some peoples opinions are about Gardasil, the vaccine that is intended to protect against certain types of the human papillomavirus (HPV), and is manufactured by Merck & Co.

I have done some research and read a lot of things about it but I am really just looking for opinions and maybe some personal stories or first-hand experiences.

Please and many thanks!
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1. have you ever been arrested? if yes, what for?

( yes - public drunkenness, assault, possession of a controlled substance (X2), possession of drug paraphenalia (sp?), possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute )

2. have you ever been to jail for any period of time longer than 24 hours?

( yep, in total a month and a half)