December 3rd, 2007

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Is there a .pdf viewer that exists that allows you to display pages in the ratio that you want?

For example, if your document is 10 pages long, with Adobe Acrobat 8.1 and other a couple other .pdf software I've tried, you can only view, at the most, two pages side by side. I want to be able to view three, four, five pages side by side. The reason why is the document is a picture.

Songs to stop the sexy time, please

I live in a dorm with paper-thin walls and almost every night the dude next to me has sex with his girlfriend. This is irritating because it occurs at all hours of the night. I have to live next door to him for the rest of the year, so I haven't gone over and said something face-to-face because that would be awkward. I was thinking of playing some loud music on my speakers so that they'd get the hint.

What song would immediately turn you off? I also think that they're both international students, so it would have to be something universal


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So I'm thinking of making a new deviantART account for myself, I've had mine for about four years and am really not a fan of the username anymore. What should by new DA username be? serious or not :)

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Those of you that dye your hair: do you use shampoo/conditioner for colored hair? If so, what kind do you like the best?

Also, I was just scratching my ankle and discovered this partially-healed (as in, maybe from this morning) cut. I don't remember cutting my foot today. Do any of you ever find mysterious wounds in strange places?

Why did my suitemates leave their bedroom window open before they moved out?
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1. What's your desktop look like? (I haven't been here in a while, so sorry if this was asked recently.)

2. What is it (if not obvious) and why'd you choose it? Beyond "I liked it" lol This is starting to sound like an essay question. Oops.

3. Random, nonsense icons FTW or FTL (See: my icon)?

4. Any interesting Youtube clips you'd recommend? I'm bored, as you probably guessed.

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people who have sucked a dick: spit or swallow?
people who have had their dicks sucked: do you like the person blowing you to spit or swallow?

if you care to elaborate, why do you spit/swallow?
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1. Which bf/gf (as in, number-wise) was the first one you actually loved? Are you still with them? How long did/has the relationship lasted?

The third; yes; 8 months exactly!

2. Have you ever fallen out of love? why?


3. What is your favorite color?


4. Should I finish my take-home test tonight, or sleep first and finish it tomorrow?


What on earth is wrong with nintendo's supply chain? a whole year since the wii was released and it's STOLL practically impossible to get (at least in the uk), actuaLly there seems to have been no time during the year when there was a good supply of them.

And as if that wasn't enough, even DS's are out of stock practically everywhere, with little likelihood of stock before xmas...
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Inspired by <a href="">This</a> post.

I'm rather drunk right now. It's lovely. It's also snowing, but that's not really relevant.

I'm sick of living with my roommates at the moment. What's the typical consequence for breaking your lease five months early?

Should I just go live with another friend for awhile and get away from it all?

Why is it so impossible for me to say no when people ask me to do something?

Why can I type so well when I'm drunk?

Why doesn't anyone want to be in a relationship with me?

Why does he send me such confusing signals?

Why does she ignore me?

Why do I even care?

Why won't anyone hire me?

What can I do for some extra money?

I like Smirnoff....

This Is What Happens When I Stay Up Late.

Okay, here's where the conspiracy-theorist in me comes out.

This whole content-filtering system that's suddenly been put into place here on LJ with no warning.  Then shortly thereafter, we discover that LJ has been purchased by a Russian company that some LJers allege to be pro-Putin.

Is it possible that a more nefarious use of this technology might be filtering pro-democracy journals on the Russian side of LJ?

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Collapse ) Do you find this to be yuppie apparel? I do.

It is supposed to snow tomorrow so the grocery stores are nuts. Why do people rush to the stores like there is going to be another ice age when the weather person mentions snow? Is the end nigh or something?

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(if you celebrate Christmas) Do you have your tree up yet? When you think of the holidays, what pops into your head?

My answers:
no - i should probably get on that, though, huh?
The smell of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner all through the house *sigh*

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1.Have you ever had perrier water?

2.Did it taste weird the first time you had it since its carbonated?

3.Whats your favorite brand of bottled water?

4.Have you ever been to build a bear?

5. My bestfriends birthday is a month after christmas, Should I get her a small present or 2 for christmas and then hold out for the bigger one for her birthday?


Do you cry when you chop onions? Do you do anything to prevent it getting to your eyes?

I wear an Israeli gas mask I bought at an army supply store when I chop onions. It works!
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Hai TQC,

I'm submitting my resume to a temp agency. Should I put my current part time retail job on there, or should I just omit that and keep to my office-related experience?

Not having a full-time job for 2 months is lose :(
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The impro troupe i'm in is thinking about changing their name!
[from Fish Farm. Yes it's terrible, I didn't come up with it, and we live in a fishing town...]

What should we change our name to, TQC?
Who are your favourite comedians? Bonus points for chucking me a video of them performing.

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(I finally got a damn friend code for Animal Crossing.  AC owners in the TQC, do you want to be my friend nao plz?  5112-1911-0770.)

Rest of TQC: What is your dream job?

Apparently I look better with my hair down.  Do people tell you you look better with your hair up or down?

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If someone insults your personality, how does this affect your feelings about your physical presence?

If someone insults your physical presence, how does this affect your feelings about your personality?

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I plan on renting the first and second seasons of a TV show from Netflix today. Any suggestions on which show? I'd prefer something with a storyline to follow, not a show where the conflict is solved in 30 minutes to an hour. I'm a big fan of Heroes and Nip/Tuck, but I'm open to anything.
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Does anyone have any kind of engine heater for their car?  How much do they cost? Does it guarantee you won't have problems with your car starting in the morning? Do you keep it plugged in all night, or do you find that plugging it in for 1/2 hour or so before you start the car in the morning is sufficient?

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So I found this once I remembered the name of the original song, "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaack. (sp?)

What do you think of Bloodhound Gang's remake?
(Someone flagged it because ...Oh nooooos...It suggests some sexual content and some profanity)
So only if you have an account will you be able to view it, along with if you're 18+...

What do you think of censorship? Should children or what this country deems as children be sensored to such an extent
as opposed to being shielded from violence on television, the news, etc.?

I found it to be hilarious and watched it a few times in a row because well it makes me laugh and laughing is one of the things we should participate in every day! ^.^

America is just too much of a dictatorship. It's hypocritical to limit what children can and cannot watch such as some sexual content or adult language while there's MTV and the freaking Channel 9 news showing some dude shooting up a school.....
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Dachshund -&gt; mmm tea

Winter cold creepin' up on me...

What kind of remedies do you use when you have a sore throat?

I have a concert tomorrow night, and classes today... the soreness snuck up on me last night, and it sucks. I already took vitamin C and gargled with warm salt water... I'm just curious what everyone else does. It's definitely not bad enough to go to the doctor, but it's irritating.
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This isn't intended to spark a debate.  I'm just curious.  Let's play nice.

1) Are there any Athiests that celebrate Christmas?

2) Do you consider Christmas a religious holiday?

3) Do you write "Christmas" or "X-mas"?


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Scissors, paper, rock
Stone, paper, scissors
Some other fucked up variant I haven't heard of and which you will list in the comments

How do you go about your TQC browsing?
Do you read the comments of questions you know you won't answer?

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Is there a faith or religion that you find fascinating/respect a lot, even if it's not your own belief system?

I think Judaism is awesome and really interesting and I respect it a lot.

I won two Fandango tickets off of Blingo. What movie should my husband and I go see?

Weird IE question...

1. I use Internet Explorer at work. I'm not sure what version.

A few times, I'll be typing something. For example, when I'm typing my username and password into a website that we use to log our projects (what's going on with them, the time we've spent on them, etc.), out of nowhere, my browser windows will disappear. I usually have three up at any given time.

I am 100% absolutely positive it is NOT a keystroke that I'm accidentally hitting. I thought for awhile that it might be, but I was typing my password into the work website earlier today when it happened again. And my password for that website is all lowercase with only four digits - every other character is a letter.

So what gives? It's not a keystroke, definitely. I've had IT look into it and they can't find anything - virus, spyware, whatever. I work for a very large company, so I'm fairly certain that they're all up-to-date on their software, firewalls, and whatever other computer security options there are out there. Help??? It doesn't happen too often, but it's annoying!

2. What are you doing for New Years?

I'm going to see The Disco Biscuits, Keller Williams, ?uestlove, and a bunch of other bands at the Tweeter Center in NJ! I'm SO excited!!! :)
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Does anyone here use the forums at What shows do you talk about, or what recaps do you read?

Do you generally like them?

I don't know, I use them, but the posters are so proper about it all.

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1. What is one rule of good manners that you have a hard time adhering to?

2. What is something you had in younger years that you don't have now that you miss? (I don't mean objects really, I mean parts of your self.)

 3. What is something that you have gained (again in your self) that you didn't have when you were younger?

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Dear TQC

Will you mend my heart?

[EDIT: dear everyone here... thank you so much for being wonderful and amazing and spectacular and all that stuff. You won't believe it, but I actually *feel better* TQC DOES have the answers to everything!]
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Who is your oldest living relative? How old are they (if you know)?
Will you tell me an interesting family story (doesn't have to be about aforementioned oldest relative)?

My great grandfather turns 95 on Wednesday! He used to paint houses with his father in the 1920's in NYC. Some of their biggest clients were mobsters. He said they used to ride to jobs in the mobster's limousines and would have to duck their heads in case of drive-bys.
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If you saw someone stealing money from a church collection basket, how would you react? Why?

I got wheedled into going to mass yesterday, and I saw some guy do it. I was torn between telling him off and shooting him a thumbs up.

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One day last week I woke up and realized I was 15 mins late for work. I frantically called my boss and in my sleep muddled state gave the best excuse I could think of, "Sorry I'm late! My toilet is backed up and overflowing!" Later I realized how stupid it sounded.

So, what's the lamest excuse you've ever gave for being late to work? (Real and made up excuses both acceptable)

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1. Do you remember your dreams? If you do, do you keep a dream journal?

2. How long have you been on LJ?

3. Are there any communities that have made a significant impact on your life? If yes, which ones and why?

1. Yep. I record them in a dream LJ
2. 5+ years
3. Yes. There are several eating disorder communities that were a lifesaver for me (providing not just support but friendships that have lasted years) *[I now consider myself to be recovered], and various "Whoa! I'm not alone!" communities (like csp_support and sensedefence)

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So in the Gossip Girl books, the girls and boys attend two different schools - St Judes and Constance. But in the TV series, they all attend the same school, right? What's the name of the school? Google is failing me.
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Do you have a CVS/Extra Care Card?

edit: If yes, what's the highest amount of extra bucks you have received?

I work at CVS, and I've only gotten a extra buck thing for 50 cents. =[
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My first boyfriend killed himself aged 16, after he dumped me and I refused to take him back. In all my later relationships, I've spent huge amounts of energy trying to "fix" my partners' emotional problems. Is my first boyfriend's suicide a likely cause, and how can I stop repeating this pattern?


Are there any products available in Australia to make artificial Christmas trees smell like real ones? What and where?
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If your birthday is/were close to Christmas and you celebrate both of these events, would you want a better gift for your birthday or for Christmas? Would/does it really matter to you?
Bruins - shadow

TQC I need your help real quick

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Poll #1099713 Piiiiiicture

Which one do you like better?

Neither, take another one.

How much do you like sending Christmas/ Holiday cards!?

Love it
Hate it
Dont care, but I do it anyway
I dont waste my time or money or things people just throw away.
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I need some warm winter boots. I have some lined winter boots, and they'd probably do me just fine if the weather wasn't constantly hovering around 0, but it is, so they don't. What are the best pair of boots you have ever owned?

Anything chapping your ass right now? Want to tell me about it?
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Feels like it's time for another "where have they gone??" post, so...

What has happened to previously often seen (or at least semi-regular) tqcrs:


(I know the last two still make infrequent appearances, but hardly ever these days, it seems.)  And of course, lierre is still mia these days.
Do you know what is happening with any of them, and do you miss them?  I rather miss all of these that I have listed here, esp the last three.

Who else have you noticed gone, and do you miss them?  Is there anyone you see infrequently that you'd like to see around more?

i say, old bean

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how much fail could a fail post fail if a fail post could post FAIL?

are you scared of anything completely ridiculous?
for example, i'm scared of sleeping. what about you?

where's the beef?
Self cleaning

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What should I make for dinner tonight? If you feel like it, include a recipe for your suggestion.

What is, in your opinion, the worst part about moving?

What is the best part?

What is your favorite way to enjoy peanut butter?
Siouxsie Sioux

Bob Ross

Would you buy the Bob Ross Video game?

Why do my neighbors hate me? 
Last weekend, while working out in the yard, the neighbors called animal control saying I left my small chihuahua, Tot, out in the freezing cold. My mom, my cousin and my sister's boyfriend were all in the front yard raking up leaves and the dog was watching us and playing; even the guy that came out asked if our neighbors hated us. This morning I woke up and found a yellow flyer in the screen door because of  "A complaint of alleged ordinance violation." And he also checked the box that says "This case will not be closed until contact is made in person." I'm scared to call! 
Are they gonna take away my precious doggiez? 
Or is this payback for the one time my cat shit all over the inside of my neighbor's van because they locked him in there? 

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I was cleaning my ears with ear buds this morning, and I know you're not to sposed to stick them in your ear, but I slipped. The bud went right in my ear and there was a really bad stabby pain in my ear, and now my ear still hurts. I can still hear alright.

Do you think I did some massive damage?

How will I know?

What do I do now?
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I used Windows Media Player to rip a track from a CD that was made in 1993/1994.

Considering the age of the CD (predating WMP itself), I was surprised to find that the program still had the name of the CD, a track list and a picture of the cover graphic appearing. Since the CD was released pre-WMP, I would have assumed there was no way of encoding these details in the CD for a program that would be released a few years later.

Does anyone know how/why this could have occurred?
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1. If you were taking your dog for a walk on a dog path where clearly it's marked you are supposed to clean up after your dog, if no one is watching and your dog takes a huge rank shit at the side of the path (not exactly on the path but not exactly off and in the bushes) do you pick it up anyways or do you just leave it there?

2. Why has my dog not learned to not eat the cat food after being punished for eating it at least three times a week for the last 14 years?

3. Why does my dog still eat the cat food at least 3 times a week even though for the last 14 years it's made him vomit an hour after eating it?


What do you look for in a significant other?

If you are in a relationship, are you satisfied with your partner? If not, why are you still with them?

Describe your perfect date.

<lj-cut text=Mah answers>

1.  Trust, loyalty, spontaneity, passion, and similar interests.

2.  Not all that satisfied.  Annnd I have no idea why we're still together.

3.  (Since it's the season), Walking in the snow, coffee, and maybe some spontaneous sex, cuz I'm just that kind of person.
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How many pages long do you think your journal would be, printed on standard letter-size paper? How old is your journal?

I decided to backup my journal on LJ Book, which I've been looking at for a while but after last night decided to actually use. As it turns out, my journal is 2,225 pages long in a 9 pt. font -- but 83 pages of the .pdf is just the table of contents. This Christmas will mark my seventh year with this LJ.

I guess I need to do some editing before I get this thing printed out, eh?
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Let's say that hypothetically, there really is a santa. And that he abides by classic rules. As in, the man keeps a list of good little boys and girls, and the bad kids. And he doles out presents and coal appropriately.

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Would you be getting a big sack of coal, or a bunch of presents beneath your hypothetical tree? Why?

[ If Hypothetical Real Santa came to my house, I think he'd stop being jolly for a long enough time to put 5 pounds of coal in a burlap sack. And I don't think he'd be content to simply leave the sack near my stocking. I really feel like he'd sneak into my room and beat me with it. ]
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Has anyone else noticed that college-age guys dress better than college-age girls? When did this happen and how? (It seems like it applies to high school as well although I haven't been on a busy high school campus in a few years.)
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Is it possible to ask someone if the reason why they don't (cook/exercise/etc) is because they're fucking lazy (exact words) and not be criticizing them?

More odds than ends

Poll #1099910 Banging on the wild side

Which of these types of people do you think you could have a romantic relationship with? Good chance there might be sex involved

Conjoined twin (they're joined at the hips)
500 lb person
Double amputee (legs)
Giant (6'10" if female, 7'4" if male. They have that growth spurt disease)
Laughably small penis
Cancer survivor with double mastectomy (she's got no boobies)
Post-op sex change
Pre-op sex change (boobs and wiener)
60+ years in age
Down's syndrome. It's slight. There is some learning disability and some facial disability, but otherwise normal
Tattooed all over their body, except their head

Are you smarter than the average bear? Which kinds of bears are you smarter than?

Chicago football player
Hairy gay man

What is the most likely explanation for Bigfoot?

Urban legend
Misshapen brown bear
Evolutionary anomaly
Furry who got lost on his way to a camping party
Some missing link between man and ape
Mass hallucination
Robin Williams caught outdoors with his shirt off
Hoaxers with a monkey suit

Life, in general

Okay, TQC, I don't really know where else to turn, so I have some big questions for you.

Say you live with roommates in Atlanta. And you need to move, because a roommate left and you can't afford things, among a few other reasons. So you're packing, but you don't know where to go.

Do you move in with your (newish) boyfriend, up in Woodstock about 45 minutes away (where he owns a house that he, 2 of his sisters, and his mother live), despite the fact that you just (4 months ago) broke an engagement and your family thinks it's a bad idea, and you don't know a soul (save said bf) in Woodstock?

Do you stay between Atlanta and Woodstock and get an apartment that you can't really afford and beg your family to help, despite the fact that they may not and you could end up way over your head if you don't find a new job that can pay for things like that?

Or do you say screw everyone to hell, pack your things, take the grand you have in savings and go start over in Chicago?

Because if I choose option A, my family and one of my best friends will all be very upset with me.
Option B, and I'll be poor forever, potentially screw myself over, and said boyfriend will be sad and lonely.
Option C, and everyone will be super hurt and pissed, but I could at least get away from all of this.

I don't know what I want, and I can't make everyone happy.

Also, what is the most difficult decision you've ever had to make in your life?
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1. I understand everyone has finals around this time, but are all of these homework/paper writing questions necessary? Do you find them irritating?

2. How long is the perfect nap for you?
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Would you come up with a holiday poem to send out to your office/ group of friends/ school/ whatever - asking them to let you know what they want to do in way of a Christmas/ Holiday party?

It must rhyme! Bonus points for incorporating as much Christmas/ holiday stuff as you can (green, red, elves, sugar and spice, ribbons, trees, etc etc.)

(I'm doing this right now and while it's actually pretty fun, I feel so dumb!! So I figured I share in the holiday fun spirit..)
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Lost Pets

I just went to pick up my mail and in the mailroom there was a sign for a cat that went missing in January of 1995 and a phone number to call with any information. The picture suggested that the cat wasn't particularly young at the time of loss and (obviously) would be "VERY VERY OLD" now.

At what point would you assume that your pet would never return?
Why do you think a person is still posting signs like this?
If the cat was found back in 1995 and lived in a loving home for the last 13 years, do you think it ought to be returned to its original owner?
MISC - moustache

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Last night I found a book called (hurr) "The Book Of Questions". Since I am unable to come up with my own interesting questions, and since I'm in the mood to post something, I bring you a few questions from said book.

1) If you were at a friend's house for Thanksgiving dinner and you found a dead cockroach in your salad, what would you do?

2) Assuming that complete recovery were instantaneous, would you be willing to accept a year of complete paralysis below the neck to prevent the otherwise certain extinction of the blue whale?

3) If you had to spend the next two years inside a small but fully provisioned Antarctic shelter with one other person, whom would you like to have with you?

4) Would you have one of your fingers surgically removed if it somehow guaranteed immunity from all major diseases?

ATTN: Technically-savvy individuals

My brand new laptop (Dell Inspiron 1501: Vista) has stopped playing videos properly. When I go to youtube or ... er, some other site, (alright, it was xtube), the video loads, but instead of running continuously like a video, it just moves from frame to frame, no sound, nothing. It's like a sad little flipbook. :(

I haven't done anything radical on my system, I have been doing a little anal-retentive cleaning of the hard drive, so it's possible that I might have deleted something by accident that may be causing the problem.

Ok, so. Has anyone has this problem? How did you resolve it? What does it sound like is wrong?

(no subject)

What do you do with old textbooks you can't sell back?

Do you sell them online (through abebook/whatever)? Burn them? What's the most creative/unusual thing you've done?

I was thinking of using them for wrapping paper for Christmas. Pretty expensive wrapping paper albeit, but this semester has sucked and I never want to look at these books again.
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(no subject)

What types of clothing & accessories do you have in your wardrobe?

Do you have pieces that allow you to mix & match and create outfits, or are you more of a "this goes with this, that goes with that" girl/guy?

Do you wear everything you own regularly, or do you just stick with a few things for daily wear?

Lots of black.T-shirts, jeans, hoodies, henleys...

I always aspire to have a really coordinating wardrobe that i can mix & match, but i somehow always end up with a basic top and jeans type of closet. Arg.

I tend to stick with a few things. I'm boring.

(no subject)

1)do you have an npr totebag?

yes, my dad gave one to me.

2)what do you think about bananas?

I hate them, they make my tongue itch.

3)Do you call it spinning or cycling?

Cycling, because spinning sounds odd.

(no subject)

What kind of holiday deliciousness will you be making? Recipes please, especially if it's a dessert.

I usually make rice pudding. I need to find the recipe for it again, but I liked the one I made last year, and it was out of a French cookbook. I hope I kept it.

(no subject)

1. what's your favorite type of cookie?
2. Is Hannukah tomorrow night, or on Wednesday night? I'm a terrible, terrible .5 Jew :(
3. Do you like the questions I ask?
4. Do you have a middle name?
5. Have you ever spent a whole entire day in bed?

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So the New Year's party that I go to every year is going to be themed this year. And the theme is famous ho's. And I don't mean prostitutes, cause someone is dressing up as Roxie Hart (??)....i don't really get that but w/e.

Does anyone have any idea's?

How rude is this?

I was coming home on the bus tonight. There were no seats left so I was standing, but after 30 minutes or so my ankles really started aching. So I said to a boy in school uniform "Excuse me young man, may I have that seat", thinking this was quite reasonable as he only pays half fair, and as I child I was bought up to stand up for adults. His reply I couldn't beleive, he didn't even look at me, but said "fuck you, fat bitch, kiss my arse". I just COULDN'T BELEIVE it. What is it coming too.
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At the beginning of the semester I paid ~$150 for a math book from the campus store... and I just looked it up on ebay and they are selling as low as $5.99! D:

For those of you in/graduated from college
1. where do you buy and sell your books?
2. if you do it online... which site?

3. when would you say is the best time to list my books? (this semester ends dec 14 and the next starts jan 14ish)

Lunch time


When you were in school, did you buy lunch or bring it from home?

What was your favorite thing to get from the cafetiere if you bought it?

What was your favorite thing to bring from home?

Did the lunch lady/ladies/workers scare you?

Was there ever a food fight?

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I have a 16-20 page Spanish final paper worth 45% of my grade due in exactly two weeks. Before writing this I also have to finish another 20 page paper and write a 10 page paper and in theory finish my thesis but that won't happen, and I don't have a topic for it yet. :\

What should I write about?
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So what's my topic?

Plata quemada
female authors

Third option: or do I just change my name, assume a disguise, and hightail it to Mexico and live out the rest of my life on a sunny beach in Acapulco where no one cares whether or not I finished my senior year of college?
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I plan to bake a whole bunch of cookies for my family, to give to them on christmas day. When is a good time to start baking them? I don't want to wait until christmas eve or anything, but I don't want to make them so early that they go stale.

Happy Christmas or Merry Christmas?

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1. How do you feel about clothing with unfinished edges? It looks sloppy and, well, unfinished, to me, but I see more and more of it lately, so someone's buying, right?

2. How do you feel about the overall quality of womens' clothing compared to mens'? I've seen a big difference lately, in the sense that a lot of womens' clothing is shoddily made and ugly, with form being valued over function, but I might be hallucinating.
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does anyone have any insomnia cures that actually work for a change?

I've been staring at the wall for almost two hours and I think I'm more wide awake than I was when I laid down.

I've guzzled warm milk...I can;t have chamomile tea because the pregnancy gods belive chamomile is evil and want to punish us...or some such...I've counted to 100...I've tried laying perfectly still and nothing works. My brain will not shut off

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I've had to turn in three ipods because something has gone wrong with it
I don't drop them ever and take care of it cause my music is kinda like another form of oxygen for me.
I have the Apple Protection Plan so it doesn't cost for me to send it in and such (I just had to buy the plan) but not having my music on the go is killing me

Do you think Steve Jobs hates puppies and that the ipod is not of a good quality?
Do you have another mp3 player besides the ipod? What is it? Do you loooove it? Would you recommend it to me?
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1. I'm hungry. What should I eat?
Taco Bell
Dining Hall
Wait until my friend's concert is over (2 more hours) and go somewhere better farther from campus

2. When do you have finals? How many? Have you studied yet?

3. What kind of shoes are the best for standing up a lot? I usually wear Converse to work, but it's starting to hurt my feet, obviously. I have Nike's, but they look awful with khakis/black pants..

4. Will you show me a picture of something silly/weird/funny/shocking?
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The point of no return.

What time of day do you feel it is too late to get up and dressed and start running (non-urgent) errands on a day off? Like your personal "it's too late to even start" time.

I feel like I have to be out of the house by 2pm at the latest in order to feel like I can accomplish anything. So I have to up be up and dressed by like, 1. Occasionally I might do something later in the day on a whim but only if I've already been up and dressed for the day. If 2 o'clock rolls around and I'm not up and dressed, it's not going to happen.

My mom, on the other hand, feels like she has to do everything before 9am so she has to be up and showered by like, 6. Crazy lady. 10 o'clock rolls around and it's "too late to do anything" WTF? Some stores are just barely opening! Do people really get up that early if they don't have to? lol.
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I like Shakespeare, and I like to while away the time in boring classes by casting my dream versions of Shakespeare's plays. But I'm having trouble with the Scottish Play...

The Question Club, if you were going to cast as actress, dead or alive, as Lady MacBeth, who would you choose and why?
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1. What's your least favourite "type" of television advert?
2. And your favourite?
3. Have you seen the Christmas Coca-Cola advert yet? :3
4. Which day is better, Christmas Day or Christmas Eve?

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I have an electric heater underneath my computer desk, as my mom refuses to turn the heat above 62 degrees. I accidently ended up warping the side of my damaged WD external hard drive. And, surprise surprise, now it works. I am amused.

What is the most amusing thing that's happened to you lately?

Jumping Ship?

During their ownership of LJ, SixApart never offended me personally. However, they have offended a lot of people already, and with their sale to SUP, I'm preparing for the possibility that I may feel the need to jump ship.

1. Where should I go if I leave LJ?
2. In Soviet Russia, do terms of service really violate you, as I read on the best macro I've seen today?
3. I'm looking for a job. I intentionally moved to a place where I could get any shitty job and still make ends meet. This is good because I'm under-qualified for non-shitty jobs. So, how do you get shitty jobs in December when your work history makes you look both slightly over-qualified and like a flight risk?

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1.  What was the last thing to make you sad?
-I realised while watching the OC (shuddup) graduation ep that I won't be graduating with my friends, but just people who kind of pay attention to me.  It just won't be the great big fun thing I've always thought it would.

2.  What was the last thing to make you happy?
-Like 5 of my friends are coming from SD to have a slumber party with me, so that makes it better!

3.  In cars, why is there D AND D2?  When would you put it in D2? 

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For all those who are really into your music..
When do you remember music being such an important part of your life?
who have been you big obsessions?

My first big love was Boyzone around 10/11. I was convinced I'd marry Ronan Keating..I was just one massive teenybopper with a bad case of the boyband love.

I was about 14 when I heard silverchair for the first time, Miss You Love got me hooked and that was that. Superfan, forums, blog titles relating to everything silverchair, paying crazy amounts to go see them, Daniel John posters.. obsession with everything Australian.. which led to me meeting my boyfriend- the only reason I introduced myself to him was because I overheard his Australian accent and my heart jumped into my mouth..haha..

I think my next big love will be Brand New, it's on the way..
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1) Have you ever been actually addicted to a person?

2) How many people are on your Christmas shopping list this year?

3) What is the most expensive gift you plan to buy?

4) Have you seen Perfume: The Story of a Murderer? If yes, what did you think?

5) Who is the first person you call when you're troubled/excited/depressed/whatever? Or does it depend on the situation?

6) Spending $85 on a robe/bathrobe type thing, only to be worn around the house: ridiculous or worth it?

edit: it's actually $98 and a picture of it is here.
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I'll be going off to college next year, and I was thinking of getting a pet to take with me. I was considering some sort of reptile, but they seem to need awfully large cages and heat lamps and such, so I don't know if I'll have the space or the time to care for something like that. A fish might be my only option, but I'm curious as to what other types of pets don't require much space (as I don't know what size my dorm room will be) or care (as most of my time will probably be spent on schoolwork), and are allowed in most college dorm rooms.

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Does pulling the skin taut across your eye (like when applying eyeliner or something, I don't know) really cause premature wrinkles?

It doesn't seem like it would, but hey, I heard it on the internet. It must be true.
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is there anything you'd like to say right now to someone/anyone but they aren't around/it's not the place and time for it?

what's the meanest possible thing you can think to say to someone?
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Have you ever felt that you could walk away from someone and never turn back and they wouldn't give a flying shit, but if that person did that to you, it would feel like someone took your heart and wouldn't give it back? How did you get over it if you did? Is that person even worth being friends with?

What is the biggest stress for you this holiday season?

Do Facebook and Myspace create too much social drama? How has it caused drama in your life?
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We're having a potluck at the Nokia Dallas Data Center this Friday, and I'm a little too lazy to cook something homestyle, so what should I take that I can buy from the store or bakery?

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does anyone know a good website to look up biographies for Yuko Tsushima?
i've tried:,,,,,,,, and

please help? it's for an english project...
and the library is closed now so i can't go today

The Moar you Know!

I remember hearing years and years that Alex Trebek was a total moron and didn't graduate high school. Surprise, surprise, he's got a degree in Philosophy and is rather intelligent. This is news to me!

What has surprised you lately?

(although I admit this isn't really a HOLYCRAP kind of surprise, since I don't have any particular vested interest in Alex Trebek)

What local commercials annoy the shit out of you?

Sorry for the locals, but I really can't stand Fuccilo's HUUUUUUUUGE ads. And the Huck Finn's warehouse ones are annoying, too.

Blue is a flavor.

What is your favorite flavor?
-I like blue the best.

How much does it bother you when something is clearly wrong with someone, and you ask them what, but they say, "Nothing."
-It makes me especially sad when it's someone close to me.

Joss's yummy cocoa

1) We got a free shirt that read "Joss is Boss" Who is Joss and why is he/she Boss?

2) Do you have a good homemade hot cocoa mix recipe you'd like to share? I've found a zillion online, but I'd like one people have actually made themselves.