December 2nd, 2007


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1.I'm thinking of taking Contemporary film Studies as my elective next semester(mainly because it has no finals and I want to take a break from all the business studies). One of the unit's assesment is Visual Test(worth 20%). What do you think "Visual Test" is?

2.What are you guys doing this weekend? Anything fun?

3.I want to bake something on Sunday. What should I bake? Got an online recipe to share?

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What is your opinion of M.I.A.?

If you could get plastic surgery would you? On what?

What kind of dog is the ~cutest~ in your opinion?

1. I've only listened to paperplanes. It's okay.

2. I have genetic eyebags :(

3. Newfoundland.
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I'm turning 21 later this month, but because my birthday is on Christmas and in the state where I live alcohol cannot be sold on Christmas Day, I can't go out to a bar or anything.  So I'm planning to have some friends over to just hang out with my family, and I thought it might be fun to try a few drink recipes and maybe play a drinking game or something ridiculous like that.

So, what are some of your favorite recipes for alcoholic drinks?  I really like Goldschlager, so if something incorporated that it would be sweet; my grandma also likes Cosmos and it might be fun to try a variation on a Cosmo.

Similarly, what are some of your favorite drinking games?  Any that might not be too awkward to play with my family and my friends together?
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Last night, a friend took me into the city to see a marching band the movie Before the Devil Knows You're Dead. Which was a pretty awesome movie, however...

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For those of you who haven't seen BtDKYD...why is the 'd' key on my keyboard barely working anymore?
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It's 12:30 am, and The Man in the Iron Mask just came on. I've never seen it. Should I stay up and watch it while doing hw, or is it a crappy movie and not worth staying up for?

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Also, in the opening scenes doesn't Leonardo DiCaprio look very effiminate with his long curly styled hair?
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1. Everybody has flaws. What is one thing you really don't like about your significant other or best friend?

2. Do you like popping zits? Other peoples' zits?

3. What's the best/most memorable Christmas gift you've ever received and from whom?

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Single speed bikes

Some people are really into single speed (aka. "fixed speed", basically no multiple gears) bikes, preferring them over the more-common-these-days multi-gear bikes.

I'm planning on getting a bike and want to get the type I will most enjoy, so I want to understand why these people prefer single speed bikes.

To me, multiple gears are good because you can put the bike in a low resistance gear (I don't remember whether this is called a "high" or "low" gear, so that's question number #1) when you're going up a hill for example, but when you're going along a flat, easy surface you can change gears and give yourself more resistance to work against, so the exercise doesn't seem so pointless (hope that makes sense).

So my main question is, in light of this advantage, Why are single speed bikes so good?

Wikipedia says the advantages are that ss bikes are lighter, and simpler and cheaper to maintain. I personally think that the "hipster factor" plays a part - ss bikes are yesteryear and less common now, and therefore have more cred.

(I tried to find an LJ comm solely for single speed bikers, but surprisingly couldn't find one that wasn't completely dead.)

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I just got in a fight with one of my best friends. He said some really hurtful things to me, I "overreacted," and now he's said that he doesn't want to be my friend anymore.

This is a first for me. Usually if something like this happens with a close friend, we will talk it out and accept each others' apologies. Unfortunately, this guy was really harsh about the whole thing and now I just kind of find the thought of him nauseating.

TQC, has this (or something similar) ever happened to you?

How did you handle the anger/hurt/sadness that followed?

Were you able to be friends with/at least cordial with the person later on?
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It is possible to buy a thing of those mini marshmallows that come in nestle hot chocolate mix? (you know.. the reeeeeeeally tiny ones that are kinda hard like cereal marshmallows)

Where do you get them? Would I be better off just totally hijacking a container of them from the local 7-11?

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Poll #1098865 Cuddle Party!

You're at a cuddle party and these are the people left for you to cuddle with. You must pick one person, or terrorists win. Who do you cuddle with?

400 lb man/woman
Homeless man/woman
Catholic priest
Fratboy with a 'Show me your tits' t-shirt and with the words 'your prayers have been answered' printed across his pants crotch
Dick Cheney
Quadraplegic person (they lift him or her off their wheelchair, into your awaiting arms)
Anne Coulter
Person missing an arm (just a small stump at the shoulder)
Very old person (90 years old)
Sweaty guy with large pit stains
Woman in a burkha
Woman with big tits in a tight shirt with no bra, short skirt
Man with garish outfit and effeminate mannerisms who's obviously gay
Woman with manly mannerisms and a 'Diesel dyke' t-shirt
I let the terrorists win because I hate democracy

Worst thing to discover about your 'cuddle buddy'?

Wow, they got enormous rolls of fat that I didn't notice before
Extreme body odor. Hygeine and soap are not strong priorities in this person's life
"You either got a roll of quarters in your pocket or you're happy to see me. um...not quarters, I see.."
They're a born-again christian and cannot contain their joy of talking about our Lord
They had a large lunch of beans and cabbage

Would you ever attend a cuddle party?


Would you ever attend a TQC cuddle party?

Yes yes yes!
Probably not
Hell no

If so, who in this community would you cuddle with? More than one name is allowed, since we're all about the whoring

Metal and Baking

Im baking for some friends (early christmas stuff) later this week. Just cookies and such, what kind should I bake though?

ALSO, what are five essential/classic metal albums any metalhead should know and love (excluding anything by ACDC, Sabbath, Metallica)?

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does anyone remember the movie don't tell mom the babysitter's dead?... yeah I pretty much thought that was the best movie ever when I was a kid.

when is the last time you spent over $50? what did you buy?

2 nights ago. I bought a wireless mouse & keyboard

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I want to send my boyfriend's parents a christmas card, but.. I can't for the life of me remember his mum's name.. I kind of have to do it soonish because they live in Australia, i'm in England.
I'd rather not ask him, I should really know this one...I lived with them for a while..

Dad is Peter, Sister is Madeleine, Dogs are Roxy and Barney, Mum is ??? I can picture her, even hear her.. but her name escapes me!

What is my boyfriend's mum called??

[anyone who gets it right, also gets a christmas card, if they want.. they are terribly pretty and handmade and full of win.]

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1. Does anyone go Christmas caroling anymore? What's the earliest you can start without it seeming too early?
I've not been in almost 10 years, and my best friend and I want to get a group together to go. The latest we could do it would be the evening of the 17th (he leaves the 18th for a study abroad program in New Zealand and won't be back til mid-January). If a group of us (ages 15-21) went caroling around our town (pretty small, tight-knit community) would people look at us like "WTF are you doing on my front porch?" if we went caroling?

2. What's your favorite George Clooney movie? I'm getting ready to watch Good Night And Good Luck, and I want to start watching/re-watching his movies, but I don't know where to start.

3. Team Moore or Team Gupta?
Team Gupta

4. What's something you've done lately that you're proud of? Pictures are welcome. Tell me of your greatness, TQC.
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My mother ordered table pads from Levitz for a dining room table we bought in October. They were special order, because the table is an unusual shape, and we were assured it would be delivered by November 20th. The next week they filed for bankruptcy and all production was halted, so they only sold what was already made and in the warehouses. We weren't told this, I only found out because my SO's father works for the company. So we called the number on the order form and reached a warehouse, where a very polite man apologized for everything, but there was nothing he could do, and suggested calling the store instead. We called a store and a woman picked up who laughed at the fact that we didn't know the details of how the company was going out of business, then put us on hold for almost 30 minutes, then laughed again when my mother asked if the order was ever going to be completed and said "Honey, don't you know what going out business means? You're not getting the pads!" Then she asked if we still wanted to pay for the pads or if we wanted our money back, and hung up when my mother asked for a manager. We also found out that the money we paid for warranties on the furniture we bought is null, because once the company goes out of business they won't be upholding any warranties.

So, TQC, what would you do now?

Do any Long Island TQC-ers know a reliable furniture store that might sell table pads?


Fox Hunting

I want to go out and shoot some foxes. Here is my weapon
(for those who use image placeholders, it's a camera)

I live in south east Queensland, Australia, where foxes are a feral pest. I recently sighted a fox not far from my house and I'd like to take some shots of the local fox population both because it would be interesting and also so I can submit the photos to the local conservation groups for their information. Of course, I know nothing of tracking foxes, and since I've lived in fox territory for the full 26 years of my life and this is only my second sighting I gather that foxes are rather elusive. So I was wondering if anyone would know of anywhere I could get information on fox tracking? Maybe some hunting forums, though I'm not sure if they'd be of any help because as far as I know hunters genrally use dogs, and my dog only has a small amount of ridgeback in him which is only good if I'm looking for lions, which I yet have to see roaming the streets around here.
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1. Which of the following are you: assertive, agressive, passive-aggressive or passive? (Or which would be the closest to what you are?)

2. What was the last good movie you saw?

3. What situation in your life has caused you the most anxiety?


How often do you buy magazines?

Which magazines do you usually choose?

How long does it take before you purge your collection, if ever? Do you ever do anything creative with old magazines?
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Won't you tell TQC 3-5 little known facts about yourself?

What's something that you wish you could do? (post a picture of it, yes.. google images are allowed)

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Your digital camera has how many megapixels?

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Dear TQC,

I'm bored off my ass at work, and there's nothing for me to look at except for cement walls and the clock. (God why does that sound like prison?)

Will you take a picture of some random in your house for me to look at?

Burning questions about song lyrics

I want to fuck you like an animal
I want to feel you from the inside
I want to fuck you like an animal
My whole existence is flawed
You get me closer to god

Q1: Is NIN's 'Closer' a furry anthem? Does it promote people dressing up as animals and engaging in violent sex?

What you gon’ do with all that junk, all that junk inside that trunk?
I’mma get-get-get-get you drunk, get you love drunk off my hump.
What you gon’ do with all that ass, all that ass inside them jeans?
I’mma make-make-make-make you scream, make you scream make you scream!
Cuz of my hump, my hump my hump my hump,
My hump my hump my hump, my lovely lady lumps.

Q2: Is BEP's 'My humps' secretly about having sex with a hunchbacked leper? Lots of humps and lumps and screams for help

If I could fall
Into the sky
Do you think time
Would pass me by
cause you know Id walk
A thousand miles
If I could
Just see you

Q3: Is Vanessa Carlton's 'Thousand miles' secretly about a woman in love with her alien abductor? She mentions being carried into the sky, as if on anti-gravity rays, and she reports 'missing time', a common occurance among the allegedly abducted

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Has anyone here heard of Apparently it's a site where you submit articles/media, the site publishes it and sends it out to its affliiates, and you are paid for the royalties of letting them use your work. I just want to know if it's legit or if I should pass it by. Thanks in advance!
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Do you still have a Game Boy? I mean Game Boy color or anything before that. Not advance.

Poll #1098876 Game Boy

Do you still use one?


Every once in a while I remember I have one and play Tetris. I don't care about other games.

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1. have you ever been to
2. what's the largest amount of rice you donated?
3. what was the last sweet thing you ate?
4. if you could associate one color with each of the four seasons, what colors would they be?

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1. When an organization is having a clothing drive for needy people, should they accept clothing in excellent condition even if it isn't new?

2. Would you be less likely to donate to a clothing drive if they were only accepting new with tags clothing?

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I've not done math in years, and have forgotten it. So, lil help with a term?

What's the term for the thing1 that increases in the same ratio as another thing increases?

Relative... something?

1 Who needs specificity?
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I'm almost 100% certain that this question only applies to the TQC-ers in the USA, but feel free to substitute whatever is applicable for your own country.

When you were in school, did you have to learn the names of the 50 states and their capitals, animals, trees, and song, or did you only have to memorize the names of the states?

It's starting to seem like I'm the only person in the United States who doesn't know the names of the capitals or...well, anything other than how to spell the names of states.

QUESTION FOR ALL!!!!  'Cause I don't discriminate in my posts.
If you could secede your house/property from whatever country you're in and make it a whole new country - population: you, what would you name it?

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1. Which etiquette rules do you wish more people would follow? Which etiquette rules do you think are ridiculous? (A helpful list, because I am thoughtful.)

2. When I try to save images from Fark, like this caterpillar, it saves as a weird Notepad file named 'go'? WTF?

3. Did you decorate your home for the holidays? How does it look? (Pics would be neat-o.)
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1) Which do you like better, Reeses or KitKats?

2) What would your patronus be? (for people who read Harry Potter)

3) What is your favorite season?

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If you could pull off any hairstyle, regardless of work/school/whatever, and regardless of your face shape/skin tone, what would it look like?

What flavor of Gatorade/Powerade is the best?

What sport, if any, would you like to play, regarless of skill?
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Read this carefully:

What movies do you know people enjoyed? (i'm not asking for your favorite movie, i'm asking for movies that people liked in general)


What I really want to know is-- What's a good tearjerker? I just watched Beaches and Terms of Endearment.

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i have pasta, canned tuna, bread, american cheese, butter, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, old bay, steak spices, parmesan cheese, canned corn, olive oil, and milk. my roommates have stuff like ranch dressing and mustard that i might be able to use.

what can i make for dinner that involves the pasta and hopefully the tuna?

also i need to add that i don't have real parmesan cheese.

i think this question is a failure though because all the suggestions sound really disgusting and i hate casseroles so go ahead and scroll past this.

Assorted questions

1. Do grammatical/spelling errors bother you more when they're in some sort of official setting?

2. There are holes in my jeans. Normally that would be ok, but these holes are right in the upper inner thigh/crotchal region. Can I fix them so that I'm not exposing myself every time I wear the jeans? Will I need to put some kind of crazy external patch on? I fear that this will just draw attention to my thighs, which is not something I want to do.

3. Beauty and the Geek: ftw or ftl?

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Dear TQC, I have a predicament.

I am ordering shirts online, from I site I have ordered from before. I previously purchased size Mediums - they fit alright but are a little loose for my taste. The website says a medium fits a bust size 32-34 and waist 27-28, while a small a 30-32 bust and 25-26 waist. I have a 34 bust and a 24 waist. Since I know the mediums (even after shrinking them in the wash and dryer) were too loose for what I like, should I go with the smalls anyway, even though it says it won't fit my bust?

Or should I stick with mediums and just wear shirts that don't fit 100%?

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1.  Is my holiday icon acceptable to you?  I love it :D

2.  Is there anything I can do to make my hair grow faster?

3.  When you log in to a website and mess up your password, and the site is like ERROR INVALID PASSWORD, do you feel weird or anything?  I'm always like "Oh shoot they think I'm a hacker aaah!"

4.  What's your favorite holiday movie?  I love It's a Wonderful Life!  Which I mix up with Life is Beautiful, and then get sad.

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My friend asked me to bring her some coffee back from the dining hall and gave me her portable mug. So I get her the coffee, close up the mug, and put it in my bag. She did not tell me that her mug leaks real bad :(

So now my really nice dark brown suede handbag, pretty much the only nice expensive thing I own, is drenched in coffee on the bottom. I soaked up as much liquid as I could with a towel, but it smells and I'm worried it will ruin the suede. Anyone have any recommendations for cleaning it?

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Really dumb question. I'm at work and I've sold a couple things but didn't have to deal with this because the computer did it.

How do I figure out sales tax? Like math-wise. I suck at math... I swear I'm smart otherwise...

Amount of purchase (do I multiply? divide?) and the tax (.0665 is what it says on this paper thing...)

I sound retarded... Please be nice?
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Did you have problems with your wisdom teeth? What did it feel like when they came in?

Do you grind your teeth at night?

Do you have an advent calendar this year?

Edit: For those that grind their teeth - Does it cause you pain in the morning? Has it damaged your teeth? Do you do anything to prevent it?
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Dirty Laundry

1. As seen here, how did/do you handle the laundry situation in your college or apartment complex?
2. What day is the busiest day for laundry-doing?
3. When do you do yours, how often?
4. What does your detergent/softener smell like?

We have two washers and two dryers per floor (so about 75 people per two washers and dryers), and I just ended up putting someone's sheets on the countertop. I hate doing that, but I'd been waiting. Am I the only one who gets guilty over that?

DJ Ideas

Hey people

I'm doing my first DJ "gig" on Friday night and it's for my little cousin's birthday. She's turning twelve so it will be about 40-50 12-13 year olds. My Aunt and I who are putting on the party are trying to find some games that they can play that involves music as it is a dance party. Does anyone have any good dance party games or DJ tips for me?
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Do you own any scrubs?
If so, do you or anyone you know work in a health profession?
Do you think people wearing them who aren't in a health profession are lame?

Edit: I love wearing scrubs. My last question: Would you wear them outside the house?
*betty draper reading

digital camcorders, paint colors

1. Do you have a digital camera/camcorder/cell phone/whatever that can make videos for YouTube, Myspace, etc.?
1b. What kind and how much did it cost?
1c. What do you like about it?
1d. What do you hate about it?
1e. Will you show me a video you recorded with it?

2. What color are your bedroom walls?
2b. What color should I paint my bedroom walls?
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Have you ever had a dream about TQC?

The other night I dreamt that someone said I'd been voted the person who disappeared from TQC then came back and was most likely to shortly disappear again.
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What is a really good inspiration book? I'd actually prefer an option between religious and non-religious. And it would be good if it dealt with heartache, purpose for living, and dealing with death.

Have some chow, young fat

Which of these things that, if they happened, would make you start trying to lose some weight?

Your regular pants no longer fit
Your sweat pants are getting a little tight on you
You calculate one day that it costs more than $600 to feed just you every month
You accidentally stepped on your friend's foot and she lay there, clutching it and crying for like 15 minutes
Your toilet seat cracks in half
You can stick your index finger into your belly button all the way up to the knuckle
Fast food clerks automatically supersize your order when they see you, and you don't complain
It requires more flexibility and effort to wipe your butt
You start to realize how pretty mumus can be
With some effort, you sneak into your favorite pair of pants, stand up, and the button flies off with such velocity that it leaves a dent in the wall
When eating with friends at a buffet, you're the only one to go back for 5th and 6th helpings, plus a couple helpings of dessert
All subsequent pictures taken of yourself start to go by 'the angles'
A bunch of kids start singing 'fatty fatty, two by four...' when you walk by
You buy a plane ticket, and they make you buy two to accomodate all of your, um, physical mass
You trip in the kitchen, fall on a watermelon, and it explodes, Gallagher-style

Methods you'd use to attempt to lose weight

Starve myself
Cut back on portions
Drink diet sodas
Stop eating at fast food joints
Walk more (or, more specifically, to start walking)
Lift weights
Go Atkins
Try whatever new diet is all the rage
Stomach stapling
Start smoking (to curb appetite)
Slimfast milkshakes in lieu of meals
Slimfast milkshakes in lieu of actual milkshakes
Try that meth that all the kids are talking about

Assuming you stay true to your diet, how long would you stay on it?

Until I can fit back into my clothes
Until I'm my proper weight
Until the holidays
Until I get a six pack/big guns/big pecs/firm ass/some physically fit milestone
Until I get bored or sick of the diet
Until those kids stop teasing me
Until I can again pinch an inch, instead of grabbing a slab
Until I fall off the wagon and devour and entire pizza by myself
Until hippies stop telling you how many cattle died to make your leather pants. Specifically, your leather pants (hint: more than 3)
Until your shirts stop doubling as tents for little kiddies

Help me find a Christmas gift, please! :(

What should I get my dad for Christmas?

He's not into material possessions, but appreciates stuff that is useful. Not a sports fan, but he does have a bit of a science-fiction geeky side-he likes the sci-fi channel and scientific shows/documentaries. REALLY into finance/the stock market.

What are you buying your dad for Christmas?

What do you want for Christmas?

(no subject)

1. a. Have you seen Beowulf yet?
     b. Did you think it was hilarious?
     c. Have you seen a picture of Ray Winstone (Beowulf) IRL?

2. Do you find it kind of a little creepy when you get myspace/facebook friend requests from co-workers, proving that they had to put in a little effort to find you, probably by using your last name? 

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Yesterday i posted the 'What is my boyfriends mum's name' question...

You all wanted to know the awful womans name (who was not awful until last night, i fear my brain freeze may have tainted my view of her. I can now longer think of her name without wincing)

Finally, I can reveal her name is.. CLAIRE!

Really not a hard name to remember, I guess i'm just dumb.

I finally got to bed at 6am thanks to the wonderous 911pleasehold who gave me the answer, and she will be recieving a beautiful Christmas Card all the way from rainy England.

So, on the subject of forgetting, what is the worst thing/person/whatever you've ever forgotten?

I forgot I had taken a DVD out from Blockbuster once, I ran up a ridiculous charge.
My boyfriend forgot Valentines Day a couple of years ago, I'd made him this amazing card, done a painting of his favourite album cover.. and he'd just forgotten. The fool.

Bra Baby

What do you think of this

I just bought one and I am in love with it. It really works like the infomercial says.

Does anyone else think is a pain in the ass to wash their padded bras by hand but refuses to put them in the washer because they get destroyed?

If you do wash your bra/lingerie by hand, what do you use as detergent? I use coconut shampoo.

EDIT: have you ever bought something from an infomercial? what was it? did it work as well as on tv?

(no subject)

What are some good songs to listen to when you're happy? They don't necessarily have to be upbeat, just happy.

What are some good songs to listen to when it's raining?

Edit: Songs for when you're angry?
guns; shoot your eyes out

(no subject)

Do you know anyone who sucks the snot in their nose back up into their sinuses towards their throat creating a noise that is quite similar to a cross between a lawn mower and a kid blowing bubbles in his milk?


How much does this sound annoy you? 1=not at all; 10=die die fuck die

Mean: 6.60 Median: 7 Std. Dev 3.15

Bjork fans?

In your opinion, what is the best DVD that Bjork has released?  Which one would make the best gift?

Edit: You know, I'm actually looking for serious answers on this.  Thanks.

Edit X 2: You are all ridiculous.

(no subject)

Can you cook rice without it burning, turning out sticky, or sticking to the bottom of the pan?

I tried to make fried rice and nearly burnt my kitchen down in the process. I fail :(

advice, please?

If you were 20 years old and still lived at home, would you feel you need to have your parents permission to go to Disney World with your significant other?

Although I still live under "their roof", I don't think an-almost-21 year old adult should be treated like a child. They allow my 17 year old brother to go to keg parties and sleep over friends houses (with girls present), yet i'm older and am not allowed to take a short trip to Disney World with my boyfriend? Instead of he and I exchanging gifts for the holidays this year, we want to save for a trip there instead in early January for two nights. Plus, he just got a car so we could drive up there ourselves (which will be an issue with my parents, as well). I plan to approach my mom in a way where I will not be asking her, but telling her my plans, yet I still feel like she and my father have a say in this.

How do I stand up to my parents and not take 'no' for an answer if I feel like I am entitled to this and not being unreasonable? It's not like I want to go out of state (I live about 3 1/2 hrs away from Orlando) or to mardi gras or anything.

I need to get my hairs did.

Alright, so I have these two dresses for two separate special events this month-- but I'm stuck on how to do my hair. I'm definitely doing an updo for the purple dress (something like Veronica's hair in Dangerous Beauty when she makes her courtesan debut, maybe), and I'm thinking some kind of down-style for the red dress.

But I have no clue.

So we took some pictures (they're crappy) in the dresses and I'd like any advice from you on what I should do.

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(no subject)

How old were you when you moved out of your parents/grandparents/etc.'s house? Who was your first apartment with, if anyone?

If you still live with you still live with your parents/grandparents/etc.'s, what age do you plan/want to move out?
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Do you pee in the shower?

How would you feel if someone, say your SO or best friend, peed in your shower?

How about if they peed in your shower while you were in it?
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1. who else is procrastinating right now, and what are you putting off? (me: social studies unit. all the lesson reflections and writeups. unit from hell, i swear.)

2. christmas party for work is a week from today. we drew names on saturday and lucky me got the boss's name. i work at a small music store, everybody participates in a drunken jam session at parties. (they're really not all that fun, but this one guy and i are going to try to put a couple songs together to sound decent.) ANYWAY. what the hell do i get my boss for christmas? $10-15 and 'anything goes.'

3. i have to back up my external hard drive onto dvd because my mac died and now i can't get to my files. i'm going to take my hard drive to the mac lab at school and transfer everything to dvd. i bought a spindle of blank dvd-r's (not +r or -rw or +rw or whatever else is out there). i read somewhere online there's a dvd format war of sorts going on, so will my shiny new dell laptop be able to read the dvd-r's i burn on an imac?
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Eye ?s

1) When taking a picture using the viewfinder or looking into a microscope, a telescope, or the sight of a gun, which eye do you use?

2) Do you wear glasses and/or contacts?

3) What color are your eyes?

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do you prefer artificial christmas trees, or real ones? also, what can I do to keep my cats away from the tree?

I thought I prefered real and after bitching for years about using a fake one, we just bought a real one. it completely kicked my ass. HEAVY, smelly, sappy, & not to mention screwing a stand into the trunk of it is going to leave me with a few blisters. never again. I worked too hard on it to have my cats knock it over, so any advice is appreciated.
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I am studying and working on a lot of homework. Every 15 minutes I give myself a little break/reward and check TQC. Does anyone else do this or something similar? Please describe.

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My SO has no idea how many people he's been with before me. We've both been tested, there's no issues with that, and we're in a monogamous relationship. But still a few friends of his (and mine) have asked me how I can be okay with dating him after knowing he's been with so many people, especially since I've only slept with one person besides him.

Should I really care more about this? I figure since it's just the two of us now, the rest of those people don't matter anyway, but I seem to be alone on this.

I'm really nervous about starting my new job tomorrow. I've had other jobs before, so why is this one making me so nervous? It's just a seasonal position at Charlotte Russe.

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1- Who in all of TQC-land can you not stand and why?

2- Who in TQC do you adore so so much but haven't told them so for whatever reason?

3- What do you think people say about you when you're not looking?


1 - do you have an ipod, if so, what kind/"generation"?

2 - is it possible to put songs already in an ipod on another computer/hard drive, preferably without buying/downloading some other software?

I'm asking because I've never had any interest in them, but now unfortunately have to consider getting one. thank you to anyone who answers. (:
kiv dancin.
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a question about your familie

so, tqc, tell me about a specific set of your family, namely: grandparents.
you can pick one if you want and talk about them in depth, or just little things from all four.

are they still alive?

if so, could you describe their personalities (anything you can think of - what to do they like, what do they do with their spare time, anything)?

do you get along with them?

if they aren't alive, did you know them?

what do you know of them?

would you tell me a story about them, something they said or did that sticks with you?

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Christmas Gifts

I know it may be a little early but what is everyone getting for their SO for Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate)?

My bf is a comic junkie so I got him the Batman Hush collection. I'm probably going to bake him a big batch of cookies or red velvet cake to go along with it.
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I'm trying to find a new brand of makeup to use. I've been using Covergirl, but...meh. I'm curious to find out if any of you use/ have used Mary Kay, Avon, or any other kind of cosmetic that you have to buy through a seller?

What's your favorite item to purchase from them?
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Laundry Time!

Have you ever pulled your clothes out of the washer and smelled something odd, like, say, Peanut Butter?

Does this mean I have brain worms?

edit: So many people smell weird things at weird times! I feel so much less unusual thanks to you freaks.
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1) Is there anything that anybody could say or do that would cause you to delete your LJ account? Would you then rename yourself and start anew, or would you walk away altogether?

2) What are you excited about?

3) What are you dreading?

4) What are you listening to?

5) Assume that your computer is broken. How do you waste time?

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My ankle has been bothering me for the last few hours...I looked at it and it is swollen..

So...TQC, what did I do to my ankle?
How did I hurt it without even realizing it?

I haven't done anything out of the ordinary today. Erg.

Are you accident prone?
When was the last time you hurt yourself?

How do your ER trips go? Is it always an excruciatingly long wait?
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work laws in Michigan

i suck at googling because i never know the proper string of words to use so am asking here for help. this is for a friend of mine in Michigan.

she works for an Olan Mills studio. currently (for the season) she is working seven days a week and is the ONLY one at the studio. she is sent NO help, despite frequent customer complaints about wait times and the website double booking against physical/call-in bookings done at the studio itself. lately (today was the third day in a row) she was given no lunch hour. her shifts range from six hours (today) to nine (saturdays).

now i may be in a diff state (CA), but last i checked, it was illegal to deny an employee a lunch hour if they work at least four hours. i asked her this and she said that was the case, but their HR dept is being taught to look the other way.

it seems complaining to corporate will not work. if this persists, she may take my advice to complain to whatever government agency this falls under--the one that fines the asses off large companies who violate this rule. who would that be?

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bitter? you bet.

for sunday football watchers...which of these phrases did you find yourself uttering today?

maybe we will lose and get a good draft pick next year.
where is our fucking defense?
please pass the guacamole
moar beer, plz.
how come our offensive line is blowing it?
who the fuck is JOSH MCCOWN?
oh jesus, take me now!
oooh, 4th and long...i would rather be coat shopping with my mother.
i really should not have bet $500 on the dolphins this or any week.
interception....oh man, isn't there a Law & Order on somewhere?
so, i wonder who tom brady is going to beat the crap out of in the superbowl.
i wonder how much tom brady has to pay in child support.
i wonder how much porn tom brady watches.
i miss baseball.