December 1st, 2007

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Stupid Bitch Customer

Did Rachel Ray have a blurb about the PSP in her show today? I had some bitch of a customer in my store this afternoon going on and on about how she saw the handheld system on the Rachel Ray Show, and that she said the damn thing is capable of all sorts of outlandish shit it really isn't. When I told her so, she got super angry, stamped her foot, and left.

Should I expect more of these lobotomized soccer moms to come in looking for the Magical Gaming System that they know absolutely nothing about?

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Does anyone else love Guitar Hero as much as I do? Has anyone mastered Expert mode?

Does anyone else have an Acer Aspire AST180-UA381B? I cannot figure out how to hook up the speakers. There's a USB and a regular jack. They turn on but no sound comes out. Help? Please? Anybody?


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What is the name of the movie that basically has the entire world population depressed because no one has had a baby in a few decades? (Until an young african-american girl uncovers her secret pregnancy to very few people especially one man in particular, he does whatever he can to protect her from crazies. He was also one of the main characters in the movie.)

What are your feelings toward andrewclick?
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Saturday morning = multiple questions

1. I'm entertaining a book idea involving guardian angels and patron saints and God and all that jazz.

What/who do you think God's Voice sounds like? (If you're one of those non-believer types, have fun with this one!)

2. How long have you waited for a potential employer to call after you've dropped off an application?

3. It's really windy outside, and my internet is slow. Are the two related?

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Where can I buy relatively cheap, awesome looking 2 Gig USB Drives?

Also, how do I right-click on a Macbook? I'm getting my first mac in December A FEW DAYS, and I want to know how to do these things.

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I hit my head really hard because I ran into a wall. Basically I ran through our hallway where there is a corner, and I turned around really fast to go back. And my face/arm slammed against the corner.

What's the last really stupid thing you did that resulted in injury/pain?

Am I going to get stupider?

ETA: Let me clarify: By asking the question whether or not I will get more stupid, I am not implying that I am already stupid. I'm sorry if that has offended anyone in any way.

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why is it that you only find something when you stop looking for it? when is the last time that happened to you?

I'm going out of town today with my bffl strangeminkey, and we're both photography nuts. I spent over an hour searching for my camera charger last night. then 5 minutes before we're about to leave, I find it under a pair of damn sweatpants! WTF.
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I have to leave in an hour to go to a memorial service for my ex-husband's grandmother - my munchkin's great-grandmother.  A pretty fabulous woman, and I'm gonna miss her.

I need a laugh.

What kind of funeral do you want?
If you don't know - any strong feelings or objections? (re: cremation, organ donation, etc)
What's the funniest thing you've ever see happen at a funeral/memorial service?

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You know how homosexuals have the triangle/prism or the rainbow for their symbols, do heterosexuals or bisexuals have symbols?
If they don't, what do you think their symbols should be?
Answered! Much thanks.

On a day to day basis who do you think has it harder in the world, men or women? If you don't mind doing so please state your gender along with the answer to this question.
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i'm hoping my writing skills will more than make up for the voice kind of like kanye west

Do you wish you had a different tone or timbre in your voice?

If you listen to a couple a capella rap lines rapped fluid but languid, do I sound too nerdy that I'd end up being a nerdcore rapper on MySpace with no chance whatsoever of attracting listeners?

I'm a Tenor, and can get a pretty deep sounding falsetto, but it still never has the quality of timbre as a baritone like Tupac's. I covet his voice. I took singing lessons from an opera singer, and have been giving myself my own diction lessons to work my voice out as best as I can. I'm glad I inherited the German timbre and tone from my father and not something much worse.
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(no subject)

1. my coworker bled through her bedsheets this morning. do you share this level of compulsive intimacy in your workplace?

2. what ugly christmas ornaments did you make as a kid? what happened to them?

3. what can i say besides "have a nice day" when giving a patron the send off?
Improper Fractions - Doctor Who
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Ticky AND Questions

I want another tattoo, on my left shoulder, to balance out the tattoo on my right shoulder. (Which, for the record, is my name in Korean.)

What should I get?

Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle
Schrödinger's Equation
The Probability Current
None of the Above
Tattoos are Lame
This is a Bad Tattoo Waiting to Happen
I bend to the Ticky Trend

2. Do you believe in any form of "psychic" ability? (I watched America's Psychic Challenge last night. It made me angry.)

3. Creepiest book you've ever read?

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are there any big sporting events on tv at 2ish eastern this afternoon? i want to go down town to watch the Real Madrid game but i don't feel like fighting a bunch of baseball or basketball or football fans for a tv.

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If these questions look a little similiar to my last post, I apoligize, I'm doing a project and had to do some revisions. Aiming for 40 responses.

[1] Do you have a membership to a gym?
[2] How many times a week do you work out?

star wars: incest is not best

(no subject)

1. Do you find yourself listening to songs you don't have off of YouTube?

2. What song are you listening to right now? / What is the last song you heard?

3. Have you broke out with the Christmas music yet?

4. When is it too early for Christmas music?

5. Do you feel a need to have a number 5 to round out a group just because?
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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(no subject)

My boyf does not know what to get me for Xmas. Should I ask him to take me bra and underwear shopping, even though I have more than enough of those?

If you use sponges regularly (say for dishes or cleaning), do you throw them out after a few uses and buy new ones all the time, or do you wash them somehow (dishwasher, washing machine, etc.) and reuse them until they fall apart?

So I have to wait til Sunday til I see my boyf. I am bored. Will someone come cuddle with me until then!? No sexy time though unless you are perhaps seanseansean.

(no subject)

Your waiter brings your check to the table, and you put out some cash to pay. The waiter picks up the cash, and asks "do you want change back?". Does this piss you off?

It really annoys me because it is the same as asking "Can I keep your change as my tip?" and waiters should not be begging for tips. The waiter should automatically bring back the correct change, and then the customer can decide how much to leave as a tip, which might be more or less than the change. If the customer volunteers "the rest is for you" that's different - but the waiter should not be asking.

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(no subject)

1.Do you have a student credit card? If yes, what kind do you have? Should I get one?
--> I'm leaning towards it. I need to establish credit for myself eventually.
2.What is the weirdest food combination for a meal that you have had in the recent past?
-->Ramen, lindt chocolate, vitamin water, pico de gallo and chips, pineapple (not altogether, but as my dinner last night)
3. What are you excited for?
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When was the last time you listened to New Kids On The Block?

Which was your favorite NKOTB song?

How many wheels does a car have?
James Franco joint

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I'm watching that "True Life" show on MTV, and this one is "I am looking for my father". One of the girls found out that her dad had died, and she started crying and freaking out.

I cannot relate to this at all, because both of my parents have always been in my life. Have any of you ever attempted to find a parent/sibling?
How did it go? Or do you know of anyone who did?
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When was the last time you were gypped?

Why can't I spell the word gipped and have it not be discriminatory like if a vending machine stole your money?

Eminem claims "Big Slim Dong: 80lb balls, dick six inch long"; he's 5'8" and I'm two inches taller than him with the same throbbing manhood.

Noodle, Peace

(no subject)

If you're sick with food poisoning, what are the best things to eat and drink? I know no solids, but besides that, I'm kind of a loss here.

Also, I should be loading up on the electrolytes, right?
Arch Rock Mack Island
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Wii would like to play???

Do you own a Wii?
Do you like it?
What games are awesome?
What's the best thing about a Wii?
What's the worst thing about a Wii?
How much did you pay for your Wii and/or games?
Should I get a Wii with my tax check? I am a 28 y/o female and have a 3 y/o daughter. We don't have any gaming systems, and although I used to kick ass on Legend of Zelda and Castlevania, I haven't really played in a long time. The bowling game looks pretty cool.

Does anyone relate to this feeling?

I have a problem. Whenever someone doesn't like (usually in a romantic way) another because of how he/she looks, I feel a sting. It's not because I'm some selfless, caring creature or anything. I think I feel that way because it relates to me in some way. It's like, I'd imagine how hurtful that would be if someone felt that way about me. The thing is, I probably wouldn't feel that way if I know for sure it'll never happen to me. I'm sure it has happened in the past, and it will happen in the future. And the worse part is...I've been like that before: not being interested in someone romantically because of his physical attributes. I feel like cutting off my romantic life altogether. I don't want this to happen to me, but I do it to guys. I feel a cognitive dissonance (I think that's the right term).

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What is your first name?

Which do you think is the best country in the world?

The scene in HP:Order Of The Phoenix where Voldemort is trying to take Harry over at the end.. Where it keeps flashing to Voldemort in a black background.. Do you think that sort of looks like a dance music video? Do you have a clip of it? Do you know what I'm talking about?


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Are you more likely to answer a personal question if the comments are screened?

[edit] What about personal questions that ask for your address? (On LJ in general, not just TQC)

(Comments are screened.)

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Do ever do something and think "I'll Never do that again" and yet you continue to keep doing it anyway?

I get really tiny spots that no-one can see and I pick them and they turn into big red blotches that stay for about 2 days. Afterwards I think "Yeah, these wouldn't be visible if I didn't pick them in the first place. I'll never do it again" I JUST CAN'T HELP MYSELF THOUGH!
Haruhi disappearance
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What all did you eat yesterday?

What have you eaten so far today?

Yesterday: a bowl of bow-tie pasta with red sauce and parmesan cheese, 2 cookies, a can of peas, a small thing of applesauce, a slice of bread with butter

Today: a small can of baked beans

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Have you ever been shouted at from someone in a car? Anything memorable? Amusing?

I had a middle aged man yell "It's not halloween anymore, FREAK!" while leaning out the passenger side of a car. I was wearing jeans and a dark hoodie and sneakers, and my hair was shoulder length and my natural blonde. I am still baffled by this.


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Are you ticklish?

Yes, but recently only if my boyfriend is doing the tickling. My friends can poke and prod me and I won't react right away or as violently as I do when Drew pokes and prods me. Even my uncle who throughly enjoys tickling me and seeing me squirm/shriek was disappointed this summer when I did not budge. Hah.

Also, would you agree that Delilah needs to fall off a building in New York City? [ref. to the song Hey There Delilah]

Yes. I think if I hear this song one more time, I will do just that. :P

(no subject)

Where is the cheapest place to live in NYC with the least chance of getting murdered/mugged/robbed?

Would you ever take the Alli weight loss pill?
If you already have, what was it like? Are the side effects really that bad? I'm trying to convince my mom to go on it.

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Good eve TQC. I haven't posted in a very long time so I felt obligated to do so.

Anyone excited about Harry Potter's Order Of The Phoenix coming out on DVD?(10 more days!)

Do you have any Harry Potter stuff?(posters, stickers, patches, clothing etc.)

Would you post a picture for my viewing and drooling pleasure?

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PS.Woke up under the weather today. Be careful don't get to close or I might get germs on you!

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Is there a way to find out where the case in an episode of Forensic Files takes place? I swear, I just saw a cop I know (from my town) on the preview for an episode, and the cop car looked like ours.
ETA: Nevermind, I heard them mention it. It's not where I live, but it's the town one of my sorority sisters lives in... which is kind of creepy, too)

Are you excited or miserable about the winter weather this weekend?

What was the last novel you read for pleasure (ie, not because of school)? What were your thoughts about it?
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(no subject)

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3. Is there a community out there specifically dedicated to gift ideas and recommendations? (Yes I searched a little but it's hard to tell what's actually good and active)

4. If there's not, do you think someone should make one? Would you join it?

(no subject)

1. a. what was the last thing you bought?

    b. why did you buy it?

    c. are you excited to use it?

unrelated, but ....

2. why do people keep pulling into the parking lot next to my house to do donuts in the snow? it happens every winter, and since today was the first major snow fall, there have been about 10 cars that have done it.

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nancy drew

(no subject)

How much do you appreciate the virtual marking of the line of scrimmage and 10 yards from the line of scrimmage that is shown in football games on TV now? 1-hate it/idk wtf you're talking about; 10-that's so neat. I love it.

Mean: 6.88 Median: 9 Std. Dev 3.75

edit: I guess it's not always 10 yards from the line of scrimmage but you guys know what I'm talking about.

Does anyone really get someone a car for christmas and stick a bow on top like in the car commercials? If yes, could you give a real life example you know of or perhaps someone famous you think would do something like that?

(no subject)

How does one gain the upper hand by being harassed?

Have you ever been harassed in this community?
On LJ in general?
At all?
(btw, details are way more awesome than yes/no)

Have you ever been called a nerd?

I know, I know...meta...but MINE'S FIRST.
EDIT: Holy crap, you're all a bunch of NERDS!!!

(no subject)

I realize as an American I'm required by law to tip everyone I come across, and while I have waiters and pizza guys down I'm not sure about how much I'm supposed to tip others. Like how much do I tip my hairdresser that I just paid 70 bucks to wash my hair and clip my ends? Or the bartender that just made my drink, how much is the going rate for pouring a glass of rum?

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If you celebrate advent and christmas and stuff, have you got your advent calender?

Have you opened it yet today? What picture or chocolate shape did you get?!

I went out & got 8 so we all have one and don't have to share. I got a chocolate in a cracker shape and my boyfriend got a robin!

(no subject)

What's the most recent stroke of good luck you've had?

I went to buy a desk at IKEA today, and they didn't have any of the one I wanted, but I chose a different one, and there was ONE LEFT!
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when i was a kid and my mom was out for the day, my dad would make me scrambled eggs w/ chopped up hot dogs in them. i know it sounds weird, but OMG it was sooooo good and i really want it right now.

tqc, what do you want right now?
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(no subject)

1. Who here has the falsetto range to accurately sing along with the Bee Gees?

(And no fair damaging the family jewels, guys.)

2. On a scale from one to ten, how would you rank your own dancing skills?

Seeing as I just did the Ed Grimley, I'd say a solid three. D-:)

3. Do you have a Christmas/Hanukkah/solstice icon? Show me!
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I'm back

So last night I did end up hanging out with the guys but we went to the bar instead, thanks for the help TQC.

I need help again though!

What club should we go to tonight in the metro-detroit area that is alternative and 18 and up instead of 21 up. (City Club and Luna are out of the picture for the night)

(no subject)

1. What is that website called where you type in a band name that you like and it's kind of a web of recommended artists?

2. Will you recommend some new music to me? Right now I'm feeling Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, The Specials, Streetlight Manifesto, Iron and Wine, Bloc Party, Woody Guthry, Pavement, the new Spoon, Girl Talk, State Radio, basically a very wide selection
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(no subject)

1- What Christmas present should I buy for someone who you guys don't know dickall about, and I'll only give vague ideas of what I think they'd like?
2- Why am I so bitchy today? Are you?
3- Tell me the most random damn thing you can for me to paint during my days off? (Subject matter, not what I should paint on. I have CANVAS for this. Yay.)
4- What's the most recent (other-than-whatever-you-are ethnicity) food you ate? Mine's sio pao. MMMMM MEAT IN A BUN!

(no subject)

Today I gave in because it started to snow and I bought ugg boots.

1. How can I wear them and NOT look like a wanker?

2. Do you like snow?

3. Marshmallows in your hot coco or no?

4. Have you eaten emu?
kiv dancin.
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why do you think you're in hell? 'cause you're a fuckin liar.

what's your screen saver like?
why do you choose that one?

on my desktop, its a weird montage thing of the Flaming Lips. i like them but i don't LOVE them... it's just that it has the current time in the corner, and i like that.

on my laptop, it's one i got from the mighty boosh. it's the picture that is supposed to calm howard down whenever someone criticizes him.
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I'm a klutz... :(

I broke my sister's favorite ceramic coffee mug - it was very special to her, and I feel just awful now.  I was thinking of using some of the pieces in a mosaic of some kind to commemorate what the mug represented for her. 
Is this a good idea, and if you've ever done anything like this, any tips or suggestions on what other materials might be pretty and/or easy to work with?

Any other suggestions for how I could make humble apologies and some kind of amends for such a klutzy maneuver?
I apologized profusely, but I'm at a loss as to what else I might do. 
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(no subject)

I've checked the tsa website, and none of the food and drink guidelines cover this, really:

Is fudge okay for my carry on bags? I'm getting my grandma a massive fudge sampler for xmas, and I need to put it in carry on so it doesn't turn gross in baggage.

Also, what are you proud of yourself for?

My answer: I work full time and go to college full time, and manage to handle it pretty well. And I moved out [and across the country] 1 month after my 18th birthday with no plan other than to be with the Mister, and 3 years later, I have my shit together more than anyone else I know.
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there is a somewhat gangly female cat meowing outside my door. all I have is dog food and I'm allergic to cats. should I feed her, and if so what?
problem solved

what are some movies you have on DVD at your home that you don't actually like? why do you have them?

(no subject)

Am I the only one who thinks Robert Irvine (correct spelling now) *from the food network* is totally hot and fuckable?

if you could sleep with anyone from the Food Network, who would it be?
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I don't like my lotion and want to get new stuff. However, I work with individuals with cancer (getting chemo) and lung problems like COPD. So, while something really mildly scented is probably okay (like really soft vanilla), strong scents are out.

So, TQC, tell me about your favorite really mildly scented lotions and why they are so amazing.

And to save time in the comments, let me specify in advance that I'm not going to wear sperm no matter how mildly scented it is...
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(no subject)

I really need to take some medication but it lists drowsiness as a possible side effect. I was on it 4 years ago and haven't had any medication whatsoever since then, and I can't remember it making me drowsy originally but it's 11pm and my 8 month old is due to wake up in a few hours. I'm home alone with her so I'm afraid if it does make me drowsy I will sleep through her screaming. I NEED to take this medication, as I said, it's been 4 years since I last used any medications so it's obviously quite an emergency. If it does make me drowsy will I sleep through her screams? it's Stemazine by the way.

(no subject)

Does anyone here collect Precious Moments christmas ornaments? Anyone know some great sites that sell them?

ETA: Don't tell me to google it. I'm looking for the BEST sites, based on personal recommendations.
Georgie - Smiles

(no subject)

1 - Anyone know any good sites to get free sheet music?

2 - Anyone else in the southern hemisphere wish summer was OVER? It's been one day and I'm sick of it already.

3 - I had a Monty Python marathon on Thursday. We watched the 4 movies. What should be our next movie marathon, TQC? Was the whole thing a thinly veiled excuse to invade each other's personal space?

4 - Are there any Wii games that require JUST the remote - not the nunchuck? I can't hold anything in my left hand, but I can press things - so Playstation controllers are ok. Is it worth getting a Wii or would I be limiting myself and wasting money?

5 - What question would you like to be asked right now? What's the answer?
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(no subject)

When's the latest time during the day you've ever had a telemarketer call? We got a call from 800-655-9902 tonight at around 11:00 PM, though I just hung up instead of talking. Google says that the call would have been pushing refinancing our non-existent mortgage.
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(no subject)

1. Where do you hide holiday gifts so your family/SO won't find them?

2. Where is "home" to you? Is it where you live right now?

1. I think I'll bring them home when my SO is at work and wrap them before he gets home.
2. Home is the condo my mom and I lived in when I was in high school. She sold it and I live with my SO now, but that place still feels like home.

(no subject)

I'm trying to think of a movie. It's about a kid whose parents I think die or something. So he goes off to live with his uncles or something (I think there are two of them), who are either quirky or stupid or maybe even retarded or something and then at some point the kid mails his mom (? or some lady who is for some reason not taking care of him but concerned) some pancakes. And she's like "oh no he's becoming one of them". Also at some point I think they climb through a pipe?

Anyone have any idea what movie I am talking about? I am googling and just getting Uncle Buck. I don't think it's that. It was an early-mid 90s movie I think. idk

ETA: nm I think it's Unstrung Heroes. Anybody remember Unstrung Heroes?