November 29th, 2007


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One hundred years ago, I fucked up¹ two semesters at college. This effectively ruined my GPA and has now prevented me from getting into an academic program at a new university. To improve my GPA and qualify for the program, I can either: Collapse )
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1. what is the most hypocritical thing you've borne witness to recently?

2. what is the most hypocritical thing you've done recently?

3. who do you consider to be the biggest ~celebrity~ hypocrite?

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are christmas cards an extreme waste of time and money?

would anyone like a christmas card? :)

ETA: i wish i could send you all christmas cards (because i love making them) without having to run the risk of you being stalked and / or killed :(
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The university in my area recently had a salmonella outbreak from the main 'food spot' on campus. I got sick, as well as around 100 other people. My friend's roommate was hospitalized because of it. I know that the roommate could not attend classes for a week and a half because she was so sick.

Do you think people that got sick should get some kind of compensation from the university, be it money back onto their meal plan or for those that were hospitalized, a break from grades or something else? Or should they just suck it the hell up?

I don't actually attend the university and personally couldn't give less of a shit, but I'm sure if I went there I would.
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I'm pretty sure (and I've confirmed with someone else) that, the other night, a friend was attempting to get me involved in a threesome (well, more like a two-and-a-halfsome) with him and his girlfriend. Honestly, if I had been drinking a little, I probably would have said yes.

So, TQC, my question to you is: if two of your friends (and I'll let you choose the couple) asked you, would you have a threesome?
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Am I a douchenozzle for tossing a "Christ can save you" pamphlet back at a guy who handed me one at work and asked me if I know Jesus after observing that I was wearing a pentacle?

What are your thoughts on Michael Jackson?

I don' follow it much, but who won Dancing With The Stars, just out of curiosity?

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In addition to partying on Friday and Saturday, students on the campus of the very-small liberal arts school I go to also have weekly parties on Wednesday for what is known as "Study Break."

So, is this something that's unique to my university, or do other schools do it as well?
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What is the most annoying thing about advertising, commercials, etc?

many times it is for something I do not want and don't want to hear about
it's not well marketed. even if I did want the product, the commercial/advertising is so annoying or stupid that I wouldn't purchase it just for that reason.
it's always interrupting something like an article in a magazine or my favorite show.

by other I will assume you mean that you agree with seychelles unless you specify otherwise.

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1. What's something you've been craving for? (food, playing a game, listening to a song, etc)
2. How many windows are there in the room you're in?
3. What was your favorite Shrek movie of the 3?

My answers
2. 3
3. The 2nd

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What does gas (not gasoline, but gas you use in the house) smell like?

If I had a gas leak and the lights were already on, wouldn't I be vaporized?

It's a little after three; how pissed will a 911 operator be if I asked them so send someone with a decent (mine sooks!) sense of smell out to take a whiff?

The heat just kicked on. If it *were* a gas leak, wouldn't I have just be vaporized?

If it's NOT a gas leak *am praying it's not* is it just something funky smelling in my trash?



Due to my fear of being VAPORIZED I didn't turn the light on last night when I went to check on the pilot light.

But this morning, by the light of day, I see the problem.



This oughta be fun.

Which is a better tactic: as I pay rent say: "there's this little issue with the plumbing, should I call a plumber and give the bill to yall or do you want to call a plumber?"


Should I ask my landlord to come by the house after I have paid rent?

*is so sick to my tummy right now*
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have you ever read an autobiography of a person who didn't lead an extraordinary life in some way, either through achievements or misfortune? have you written your autobiography?

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For christmas, I've decided to buy my father in law something related to Bonsai, but seeing how he already has some bonsai plants, I'm wondering if anyone has some suggestions of what I could buy for him in relation to bonasi. Thanks :-)

Help me with an excuse please.

Ok, here's the situation:

A girl I hardly know is having a 25th birthday party. She likes me a lot as a friend for whatever reasons. We don't have any mutual friends and she's married and has kids so I can't really relate to her world.

She invited me to her party and I thought that giving the excuse of not having a ride would work. I thought that it would be an inconvenience but instead, she said she'd find me a ride.

The party is coming up on Friday so I need to tell her something today.

What can I say to get out of going to this party? I don't know anyone and that night, I'm going out with my other friends to a club.

I thought of saying I had to get up early the next day for say, my niece's recital or something but I'm worried she'll find out I was at a club that night.

I know I should be honest but I don't want to say that I'd be uncomfortable because she'll probably say something like, "Don't worry about that. I'll introduce you to everybody." but that would make me feel weird. I also don't have enough money for a good gift so that embarasses me.

So please don't give me moral lessons here, I really just want a good excuse to get out of this thing.

Thanks in advance. I'm going to bed soon.
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1. I usually love Pespi, but every time I've had it in the past week or so, it seems really flat. Why is this??

2. When was the last time you threw up? What food was it? Did it take a long time for you to be able to eat that food again?

1. I dunno, it makes me sad. :(

2. Yesterday morning. I had eaten pineapple the night before. I don't think I'll be able to eat that for a long time. This also makes me sad because I LOVE pineapple.

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1. Why does my school have final exams on Sunday?

2. Am I insane for picking up my boyfriend from the airport at midnight the night before my 8am-on-Sunday final?

3. Am I insane for working at the barn for ~8 hours that day, and having another exam about 2 hours AFTER work ends (exam is at 6).

4. Will you wake me up when exam week ends?

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Do you or anyone you know have the Sandisk Sansa Shaker 512MB MP3? I just found it for my co-worker to get for her grandkids but I want to be sure this is good!

  • [edit: the mother of these grandkids didn't like this idea, I don't know why but instead she wants the boy who's in 1st grade to get an "idog" and the girl who's 9 wants a boombox with an alarm clock.  now I need to find good ones of these... Any help?]
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1. is 45 miles too far to travel for a job?

2. even if it's going to probably cost me about 30 dollars in gas a day? (roundtrip)

3. do you think my 17 year old truck will last making that journey almost everyday?

ETA: 3 1/2: ok, so if i decide not to go, should i call the guy (he told me to come in today at 2) and tell him i grossly underestimated the travel time/ expense... or just not show up?

and for good measure:

4. what time did you go to bed yesterday/ what time did you wake up today?
5:00, 8:00... yay infants.
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 Is there a city that you refer to as "The City" (as in, "Oh, she's from the City" or "I'm headed to the City")?  What is it?  How far away is it?

Even though NYC is about 6 hours away, chances are if someone's talking about "the City", that's what they're talking about.
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what inspires your creativity?

I need to put together my demo reel and also possibly a graphic design portfolio (which has some items in it but I need to flesh it out a little) but I'm having the hardest time getting inspired to create anything at the moment.
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I'm late for class, which means I can't go at all, which means I get a 0 out of 10 on an effing quiz. Should I repeatedly punch myself in the tooth? Or eye? Both?

Pro anorexia Community?

I was looking for a dieting community to help boost morale and a pro anorexia community came up. This really confuses me. I could've sworn that people have posted things in here about livejournal somehow contacting authorities (or whoever you would contact) when someone writes a suicidal entry but they will allow a community like this? How is this possible? I mean I'm aware of the differences but it still seems too ridiculous to me.
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  1. so you're in your office's multi-stalled bathroom and you go into one to take a big ole poo. there is a can of air freshener available to you in the stall. do you:

    1. spray a pre-emptive spray before pooing, you like to be courteous
    2. spray after pooing, that's just the way it works
    3. spray both before and after, you're paranoid
    4. dont spray at all and let your cow-orkers smell the wrath of last night's chimichangas

  2. do you care about the softness of your toilet paper?

  3. when you put your toilet paper roll on the holder, does it unroll from the top or the bottom?

oh hai tqc doctors.

i've been having sinus trouble since last wednesday. i went to the doctor, and he gave me some antibiotics to take for 2 weeks. (fyi: i have crohn's disease, my doctor doesn't like me to take antibiotics in the first place, since they tend to upset my stomach.) he told me to take some type of over the counter sinus medicine to help with the pain and relieve the pressure.  i've gotten worse since last wednesday. my head feels like it weighs 500 pounds, i've been coughing so much my ribs and stomach hurt, and this morning i woke up with a fever of 100.7.  

1. should i go back to the doctor? (i really can't miss any more work, and i don't really have another $100 bucks to shell out for him to possibly tell me to finish the antibiotics and deal with it.)
2. what's a good over the counter sinus-cold-flu medicine that will help the pain, but let me stay awake at work?
3. what's a good over the counter sinus-cold-flu-medicine that will knock me out at night so i can finally sleep?
4. will it piss off my co-workers if i bang my head against my desk 900 times?

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I'm going to a themed birthday party on December 15, and we have to either a)dress like santa/an elf/etc or b)wear tacky holiday sweaters.

Now, I'm pretty pale and I don't feel like doing that whole skanky santa thing during the winter, so I think i'm going to go with the sweater.

Does anyone have any ideas where I can get a tacky christmas sweater that doesn't look like it was my grandfather's? I don't care if the pattern is ridiculously tacky as long as the sweater itself actually FITS ME and isn't a gigantic scary thing with cuffed sleeves and an elastic bottom. I'll leave that to my husband.

Ebay is full of hideousness, none of which is even mildly not gross.

Thanks :) 

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Why do people ask me if my tattoos are real? Does that mean they look fake? Does anyone ever ask you that? 
What bumper stickers do you have on your car?
Have you ever lived in an apartment? Did you prefer it to renting (or owning) a house? Any memorable experiences you want to share? (good or bad) 

(eta, I have a stack of books on my calf, and GAME OVER on my upper back. Usually people ask if the game over is real, I suppose because it IS a pretty silly thing to have. I also have another tattoo on my wrist of a little broken heart, but no one asks about that.)

Calling maintence TQC!

I have a relatively thick layer of frozen, rotten milk on the floor of my fridge. I don't have a sponge, and I only have paper towels which with to scrub. How can I go about getting it up off the floor, and more importantly, how do I stop the accompanying smell from covering my room? Will it just take scrubbing and a lot of elbow grease? Thanks in advance.

Eye see U

I just don't get it

you're imagining thisEvery so often I order pizza delivery. No matter when or how I do this I keep getting hit with the most moronic question ever. Variations of how may I help you? or what can I do for you today or any number of things like this. It's the phone order line for God's sake...

...what else could I possibly be calling about?
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Little background, then to the question!

I run a boarding house for high school students. I have 8 boys and 7 of them are from South Korea. They are staying up all night studying and are getting sick all the time. I know that there are Koreans here, and I need help.

How do Koreans typically treat illness? Is there an herbal remedy and food, anything?

Thanks TQC!

Oh, and off topic: Are you ready for Christmas or just starting?

EDIT: I didn't mean to make it sound like only Koreans could answer, but I think this is all a cultural thing.
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I always have panic attacks, so bad I think I'm going to have a heart attack. Are heart attacks common in 20 year olds, or am I just obsessing? & Does Xanax always work? Because it doesnt for me. I hate this. Anyway, Help me out. Anyone relate?
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1.) How much is your gas bill every month?

2. ) How much is your electricity?

I live in a 3 bedroom apt and we have heat and hot water included in our rent, but our gas bill is still extremely high. It averages between 30-100$ a month depending on the season.  I live in Boston if this makes a difference. The only thing that uses gas, as far as I know is the stove. Our washer/dryer and all the other appliances are electric.

3.) Do you think that is a high bill for 3 people who rarely cook on their gas stove? Considering we only use the stove to make ourselves dinner.
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What is a good way to get out anger/sadness/hurt/what-have-you without hurting or damaging something, but having the satisfaction of doing something similar?

Besides posting to TQC, of course.

I'm having "one of those days" and it wouldn't be very appropriate to scream at the top of my lungs or punch something in my office.

(no subject)

Meme's/society has nothing to do with how intelligent a child is. If the child's parents are not intelligent how are they going to teach their child to have a love for learning or reading or even teach them much of anything?
Stupid people are more likely to have stupid kids.
Stupid people are more likely to have More kids then smart people.
Hence the dumbing down of Society as a whole.

Would you agree or disagree with these statements?

Edited to make this- these.
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-Do you stand in front of the sink or walk around while brushing your teeth? My dad always walks around while he does his teeth, and as a child I thought it was so cool, because I had to stand in front of the sink or I always got it tooth paste on my clothes.

-I was just looking at Forbes most recent "The World's Billionaires"; the profiles have their net worth then saying how they got all their monies, inherited, self-made, etc. The gentleman ranked at number 18, who's worth 18.2 billion dollars, has "NA" next to how he got all of his money. Does anyone think this totally sounds like he does shady stuff? Just me?

(no subject)

I have an interview today :) Hopefully this one works out. Now with all the job hunting I've been doing these past few months, I've started to hate the process of looking for a job. When you go job hunting, do you feel like you're selling yourself? If you've done job hunting for extended periods of time, did you get tired or resentful of it?

(no subject)

another question. for those of you who obsess over weight, like i do. What is the best diet method? what diets have worked for you? I NEED to lose 10 pounds, hopefully by Christmas.
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Do you have any personal ghost stories you'd be willing to share with me? [meaning your experiences & such.]

Does your town have any urban legends? If so, what are they?
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If you were seducing a woman (if you don't like women, then pretend you do, or pretend it's a man) and she opened her shirt and puppies flew out, what would you do? I mean, like, a cartoonish flood of puppies.

Have you ever heard something in the middle of the night and immediately thought "Zombies!" and freaked out?

Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis?

What would you do if you heard a scream outside in the dark?

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Sorry if this has already been posted, what with it being newsworthy..

But, there's a British teacher in Sudan awaiting sentance for naming a teddybear in her classroom 'Mohammed'- she's most likely going to recieve forty lashings.
She will be layed down on the floor on a dirty mat, lashed with a hard plastic pole, from the shoulder blades to the calves.

A parent of a child in her class said although she was 'sad that it was happening, the teacher should have researched more into their culture and shouldn't have made such a mistake'

A British man who recieved the same punishment [plus a six month jail sentence] for allegedly breaking an alcohol ban, was just interviewed and said he wasn't aware the body could take so much pain without giving up.

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1. why is there not a new question here every thirty seconds, as I demand there be?

2. what other work-safe sites can you recommend to me, to rescue me from this "work" thing they want me to do?

3. how many times in the last ten minutes have you refreshed this webpage?

4. did you know they've taken the easy bake oven off the market?

5. what should I get my munchkins, since the easy bake oven is not available?

6. is the easy bake oven available, and I was simply lied to by the munchkin's step-grandmother? 

edited for typos, because I am the suck
edited again to fix the html, because I am still the suck

The model of easy bake sold between May 06 and July 07 was recalled in July.  The new, not-recalled one is available, but many stores are not carrying it.  the step-grandmother is an idiot not computer literate, and only checked the local store, who told her they were recalled.

(no subject)

what would you do if you were standing in line at a grocery store in the deli line and you noticed a 10$ bill just sitting there?

would you take it?

or just tell the deli guy?
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tl;dr classroom bullshit

Since this is my last semester of Jr. College before running off to Canada for my BA in animation, I decided (as was reccommended to me) to take a portfolio class to get myself a good, solid portfolio ready for the semester I'll have off to work (hopefully with an art-related job). In this class, I assumed we'd be, you know, building portfolios with help. Instead, half of our semester's grade depends on signing up to Second Life, uploading our pieces onto the game (or "in world" as my professor says- he got offended when I called it a game, lol, ooookay), and having a gallery opening. Communication between my professor and I has been minimal because I can't get him to respond to e-mails or -come to class-, and over half of our class meetings have been in "in world," discussing the mechanics of SecondLife.

This is stupid, Y/N? Blah I like to have fun as much as the next person, but I didn't exactly pay money for a legitimate class to play a computer game that... I don't even like. WTF? I got absolutely NO help on my portfolio at all and I'm kinda pissed. >>

What's the stupidest/most pointless thing you've ever had to do for a class?
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Situation: You work in a position that deals with extremely confidential information. You also work with a really good friend. You find out that he/she will be fired in a week (again in strict confidentiality).

Do you warn your friend ahead of time? Or do you let your boss do the dirty work and keep mum?

(no subject)

You were laid off from your last job after two months because you just weren't any good at it.  You tried your hardest but you failed.

What would be your response to an interviewer when they ask why you were laid off after such a short time?


(no subject)

If you had 32 characters (including spaces and punctuation) to print something on a card/t-shirt/etc, what would you write?

(I'm trying to print something and all the quotes I keep wanting to use are TOO LONG)

Also, when did you last have the hiccups?
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Dear tqc,

My period is not due for over a week (so I know it's not PMS) - why the fuck am I so hungry today?  To the point I feel like I cannot stop eating?  =(

I'm still an emotional eater at times, so I'm guessing maybe my subconscious is making me want to stuff some bad feeling or worry deep, deep down, into a hole so dark that'll it will take months to climb out.  What do you think I might be trying to stuff deep down?

please note: for n00bs and lurkers who don't read enough, this is not meant to be oh-so srs biz.
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(no subject)

1. Are any of you from San Diego, CA? Or have you visited? What are some "must see" places (aside from the ocean, the zoo, and Sea World)?

2. Do you love photo booths? I do. Have any pictures to share?
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(no subject)

So...Adam Sandler has a remote that controls time and only wants to FF through dinner?

If you had a remote control that acted like the remote control from the movie Click, what do you think you would use it for the most?
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In songs like "I Saw Mommy/Daddy Kissing Santa Claus," "Santa Claus is a Black Man," and "Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy," what is the point of the parents dressing up as Santa if they think that the kids aren't watching?

And if they do know that the kids are watching, why do they engage in such decidedly non-Santa-like activities?

Did one of your parents ever dress up as Santa Claus on Christmas Eve when you were a child?

Did they then get it on with your other parent?


1. what are you listening to right now?
2. who posted on your friends page just before this post?
3. what do you have copied on your clipboard? (to find out, click CTRL+V)
4. what is/are your middle name(s)?
5. what is your favourite website other than livejournal?
6. what is your favourite word at the moment?

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Alright, TQC. So I am the assistant manager in a video store and I've decided that it isn't the fun atmosphere it should be. So we've decided that we're going to start doing theme weekends. A few weekends a month, the first weekend that a huge release is out on DVD, we'll use that movie as a theme and have certain prizes and contests for the customers. This Tuesday, Pirates of the Caribbean 3 is coming out so we're doing a pirate themed weekend next weekend.

What are some awesome ideas that I can use to make the store more fun for the weekend? What kind of contests or decorations and things should we have? We've already decided on costumes and pirate-themed names for the staff, but we need some really customer oriented activities. Any ideas?


(no subject)

My work has decided that for our Christmas party, you have to go as the spirit [wine and beer has been banned] you are drinking. I plan on drinking vodka, so am going as a ballerina.

TQC, what's your spirit of choice and how would you personify it?
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(no subject)

I just got an email that I won a free drinks party for me, and cheap drinks party for my friends at a local bar. It has to be on a Friday night in December and the only ones that will work are the 21st or the 28th. My husband and I want all of our friends there, but we have a feeling that with Christmas right then, that people might be out of town for it. So I'm posting the question to you, TQC.

If you just want to pick which weekend it should be, click that date.

And if you want to be invited and will be in Chicago, let me know.

Poll #1097504 When will you be in town?

If you're traveling out of town for Christmas (or other winter holiday), will you be in town the following weekend(s)?

December 21st
December 28th
I will be in town both weekends
I will be in town neither weekends
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(no subject)

Along the lines of Christmas gifts, but not quite. My friend and I are looking into hookers 'n' blow, but the U.S. Army might not like it. friend's brother is stationed in Iraq, and we are wondering: Besides Cup of Noodles and Monster, what would be fun, creative things to add in a care package being shipped to a soldier overseas? His only advice was be "different and creative", but damn it, what the hell does that entail? He's really loud, outgoing, and athletic (that's an odd description), if that helps.

Do you like cats on catnip? Hahahaha, I do!

And the smell of the day is?
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I dunno...

1) What pet peeves do you have?

2) What type of Manga do you like?

3) What are your favorite Manga comics/books?

4) What's your favorite TV show?

5) Are you really random like me?

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(no subject)

Is it acceptable to spend $500,000 on hookers and blow?

How much would you limit yourself to spending on hookers and blow?

What is the frequency in which you buy said hookers and blow?

(no subject)

What are some exercises that will strengthen your hip flexors?

Do you work out any?
How often?
What does it cost?

What are some suggestions to get our child to stop chewing on the side of his crib. He has taken the finish and some of the wood off of portions. We can't use the teething rails because it is not a standard crib.
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(no subject)

Hey TQC, why won't aim let me sign on to older versions? I hate the latest version. It's dumb. :( Hilarious answers welcome.

Will you be my friend? My username is naols.

What's your favorite jam/jelly/preserves flavor?
by crop-crop-crop

(no subject)

1. What time is dinner for you tonight?
2. Is it earlier/later than usual?
3. Do you know what you're having?
4. Anything fun planned for the weekend?
5. Do you chew gum regularly?
6. What's one thing that, if you lost, you'd have difficulty replacing?

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(no subject)

Perhaps you've not been following random news stories (you naughty TQC-ers - it'll be coal for you this year), but you don't really need to know too much of the background to get this question.

A teenage girl in Kansas went missing, and apparently she took some naked pictures for a porn site.  Now, all the news stories about her say "Body suspected to be that of missing internet porn star".

1. How sad is it that this is how everyone who didn't know her will remember her?

2. If you were to be kidnapped and killed right now, what odd, secretive details of your life would come out that the media would jump right on?  "Missing pornstar"? "Missing 'teacher-by-day, murderous furry-by-night'"?

3. Does taking a few naked pictures and putting them on a website automatically make you a porn star?

(no subject)

1. Why do hot Mormons and various other missionaries keep showing up at my doorstep? I mean, like, really hot. Is this some sort of test?

2. Have you ever asked a grocery store to special order an item for you? What was it? How did that go?

3. What was the first alcoholic beverage you ever drank? (Other than for religious ceremonies, coz that's boring.)
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Gothic Club Wear. I know...........

Anyways, I'm in touch with an old friend from high school.

We're going all out Friday night, dinner, comedy club, and possibly a club. Either the gay bar or goff club.

He wants to go to some Goth club in the city, but I have never been (Lord knows I never planned on going to something like this right now). I went to the website & it just said to wear black.

What is a gothic look?
It's been since highschool since I wore my goff pants, but I'm always up for a new experience.

I'm really aiming for something not too over the top. Just black & some intense make up?

What's you're best gothic club outfit?

Food and drink

Is there a drink you don't usually order or buy but only when you have a certain cuisine? Or go to a certain restaurant?

Me, I don't really like Coke or most carbonated drinks, but I almost always order it when I have Japanese food. Because when I was little, I didn't like tea or water, and the Japanese restaurants didn't have juice. So I resorted to Coke as a default.

I'd forgotten all about this until I went to a teriyaki place with a friend for lunch today and explained it because he seemed puzzled that I ordered Coke at all. ;-)

(no subject)

1.) Have you ever had to dial 911? If so, why?

2.) If you were to give a 'tip' to a waitress/waiter (And I don't mean money!), what advice would you give them?

3.) What defines a 'good' S.O.? What defines a bad one?

4.) What are you allergic to?

(no subject)

 1.  What excited you today?

I've had the crappiest day, but I just noticed my bonsai tree sprouted, and so I'm happy!  I'm excited for my tree!

2.  What is the best white elephant gift you have ever received?

I once got a pear candle with a bite out of it, and a friend stole it and threw it away because he thought someone gave me an eaten pear!  He got it out of the trash though :)
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(no subject)

I'm having trouble coming up with a good Christmas present for my new sister-in-law. She's a hair stylist, and that's all I really know about her. Have any ideas?
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(no subject)

I have some delicious rolling tobacco (cherry flavored) but I don't have any papers to roll it in.

What do you guy suggest I use to roll it?

Ps. I have no money.

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How would you feel if you heard someone say this to you or another person (pretend you or they have a disability)?

"[those are] Big words for a supposed handicap."

eta: It was meant as an insult, obviously implying that people with disabilities have no brains.


Few questions regarding the supposedly dreaded "uggs."

1. Do you just hate them period? If so, why?
2. Does whether or not you hate them depend on their context? For example, when girls wear them with a certain type of pants (i.e. sweatpants, leggings, tights)?
3. If you actually do like them, why?

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a long shot? maybe

What are some things you can buy that have interesting physical properties, sort of in the same way that dry ice is interesting or ballistics gel (like they use on mythbusters) is interesting?

Also, what new board games do you think are fun? By new, I mean ones like Apples to Apples or Taboo, as opposed to classic board games like Sorry or Monopoly.

Lowering the ka-boom

You've discovered a bomb! Oh noes! It's set to go off in 5 seconds! You can't disarm it, you can't outrun it, but you can fling it away from where you are (where there is a crowd of about 50 pedestrians). But in each direction, there's people. Where will you end up throwing the bomb?

North of you, there's a busload of 20 children from the burn center, out for the first time since being caught in a fire
To the south, there's 10 members of the starting track team for the Special Olympics, warming up
To the East, there's a dogwalker taking 15 various adorable, hyperactive, cocker spaniel puppies out for a stroll
To the West, there's a couple in bridal gown and tux, scampering from a nearby church, ready to embark on their honeymoon
I throw myself on the bomb and hope to smother as much of the explosion as possible
Stand on a bench, hold the bomb over your head (like John Cusack in Say Anything) and cry "How do you like me now, bitches?" as everybody within 15 feet blows up, including you
Same scenario as above, but you utter something loudly about praising Allah instead
Throw the bomb into the crowd and hide behind the most annoying person in that bunch and hope that their body will shield you from hot, fiery death
We're all fucked. You drop the bomb and immediately start making out with the hottest person in the crowd. Might as well go out with a bang (in more ways than one)
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What's your favourite Christmas tree ornament that you own? Any with sentimental value?

I have a reindeer from my first Christmas that used to be all brown with white spots, but now it's completely white and the stickers that were his eyes have fallen off so it's pretty creepy but I'm emotionally attached.

pretty sax icon

Advice question, yay.

I don't like my current job (at a day care) for various reasons I won't get into here, and I have an opportunity to apply for a new job as a teacher's assistant, which I'm sure I'd enjoy more. (It pays more, it offers benefits, and I still get to work with kids - I also get a lot of days off!)

Thing is, I've been hemming and hawing over applying all day. Not quite procrastinating, but close. Something subconsciously is trying to sabotage this opportunity.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still applying for the job, and I'm going to sell myself the best I can. I'm just worried about the part of me that's second-guessing.

1. Why are some people *points to self* so afraid of success?

2. What can I do when I start thinking I'm better off toughing it out at my old job, even though I'll be stuck all summer in a room of screaming school-agers (other than staying home with my daughter all summer)?

And in not so seriousness:

3. What did you have for supper? I had a ribeye and some salad, and I'm eyeballing some chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. Yum. Oink.
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My sister's birthday is coming up on the 8th of next month. I don't have much money to be able to get her a Christmas gift as well as a birthday gift. I'm thinking of getting her a really nice watch, and the one I have in mind is a bit expensive. So, here are my questions:

1. Would it be better to give her the gift as a birthday present, a Christmas present, or tell her it's a bit of both?

2. If I end up being a little short on money, would it be wrong to ask my Jehovah's Witness sister to loan me a small bit to cover it? They don't believe in celebrating holidays nor birthdays, so I don't want to ask if it can be seen as her participating...
daffy xmas

just wondering.

What is worse than christmas songs sung by the now defunct group, "Wilson Phillips" ????

someone using the word "doo hickey" twice in one day. without irony.
getting stabbed with a meat hook in the neck by a sweaty guy.
watching rudy giuliani outtakes from last night's debate over and over and over on a loop, causing you to dream that doofus won the election.
getting 12 papercuts on your fingers and being forced to cut 17 pounds of lemons and limes.
getting a blank fortune cookie, then finding out you just ate DOG.
realizing you forgot to take out the trash, and the turkey carcass is starting to emit toxic fumes in your kitchen...and there is a gel-like substance you cannot identify at the bottom of the trash can.
having a mouthful of pop rocks and then drinking a can of coke. no wait, that's awesome.
listen, suzer, there is nothing worse than Wilson Phillips Christmas tunes.
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Do you cut people driving in those cars that have "STUDENT DRIVER" or something similar obviously plastered all over it some slack? Say, not being as annoyed at them driving slowly or making errors?
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Does anyone happen to have a screen cap of br00keface's post? I smell a post-deleter...

"Does the girl on the platform in the purple jacket look anything like my size...?
Truth. Tell me. Be as rude or mean as you wish."

I don't have the pictures or the comments, though. =(
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What the FUCK happened to my hover bar thingy on my default page? WHERE DID MY OFT-USED LINKS GO?

TQC, am I sick?
- My thermostat is set at 67F, and I have a hoodie, sweatpants, a t-shirt, and slippers on, and I'm still cold
- I'm having gastrointestinal issues
- I have a headache

My thermometer is broken, so I have no idea if I have a fever or not. :(

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do you have xmas lights outside your house?

my SO refuses to give me any indication of what he wants for xmas and insists he doesnt want anything.
would it be ok if i got him something completely practical?
(ie a transmitter pass to cross the tacoma narrows which basically allows you to not have to stop at the toll booths. i would put like 100 bucks on it, bridge toll is $3. he crosses it like at least twice a week) or is that completely lame and i should just ignore him and get him something nice anyways.
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Title ?s

1) If your favorite musical artist came out with an album title that offended a large group of people, would you still buy it?

2) If your favorite musical artist came out with an album title that offended YOU, would you still buy it?

3) What is your favorite album title?

ETA: When was the last time there was a picture post?

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Do you feel bad when someone gives you a gift, but you dony give them one in return?

Do you feel bad when someone gets you a good present and you get them a crappy one?

Do you give presents to people at all?

Do you like candy canes?
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If you decorate a tree for the holidays, do you put multi-colored lights up, or a single color? What color?

Is feeling emotionally poopy a common side-effect of getting vaccinations? I had like 5 vaccinations this morning and I've felt like complete shit, almost cried when my boyf left for work, and have wanted to cry all day. Waa.
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Do you get tongue tied around celebrities or people you look up to, idols, that kind of thing?

I ask because I consider myself pretty confident and recently I was in that position and was all "Oh (your product) is so awesome, it like, brings people together and I love it so much."

Bonus question, could I have said anything lamer?
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Assume you see an outfit that costs say £50 usually but it is on sale for £20. You lend it to someone else and they ruin it. They offer to pay for a new one, do you ask for £20 or £50?
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Filipinos and Bagels

I was talking to an asian friend of mine, and she said that she wasn't attracted asian men.
Later on, an asian guy in my class said he wasn't attracted to asian girls.
My bff is also asian and she too is not attracted to other asian men.

1. Is this common? Or was that just a coincidence? Specifically, they are all Filipino, if that makes a difference.

2. Are there any good bagel places? Besides grocery stores, I mean a place that makes fresh bagels every morning. Where I can buy like a half dozen for the week? If you know of any in the Maryland area, that would be swell.

Cat Owners!!

Do you own a cat or multiple cats?

How many?

For people with 2 or more, how many litter boxes do you have?

Where are they located?

Do(es) your cat(s) have any weird litter box habits?

My Answers



I've got one in my room because when Zita was little, she wouldn't use the box in the kitchen at night. When we got Chester, he came with his litter box. So, that brought me up to 3. 2 are in the kitchen and 1 is in my room.

Yes...they only pee in the small litter box and poop in the larger ones.
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Ok, TQC, I have a survey for you! It's full of fail and suck and Oral Communication class!

Poll #1097637 ZOMGHOMEWORK!!!!!!!

Which aspect of the news do you most pay attention to?

Oil/Gas prices
War on Terrorism
Presidential Candidates (for the USA people)
Vehicular Accidents

Which aspect of the news do you feel influences you the most?

Oil/Gas prices
War on Terrorism
Presidential Candidates