November 28th, 2007


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Is my boyfriend a jerk for not walking me back to my dorm in the cold, y/n?

What's your favorite day of the week, and why?

Does anybody else wish that it would snow? Or do some of you already HAVE snow?!
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Have you ever been mistaken for the opposite gender on the internet?
It's happened to me recently, and I feel like it's pretty obvious what gender I am.
Some of you know, but would you assume I am a boy or a girl?
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1. what is your credit score? (745)

2. what is the highest balance you've ever carried on a credit card? (I think I have like 4,800 right now :[)

3. what is your preferred credit card? (visa, mastercard, amex, discover, etc) (I like Amex the most, but use my visa more)

4. how many open lines of credit do you have, including store cards? (8 or 9)

5. what is the funniest ~increase ur peen length~ spam emails you've ever gotten? (i just got one subj: I not Grinch this yr! msg: i bring big di'ck to u!)

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Hello hello. Need your guys' ideas!

I'm applying for my school's art council, and as part of the interview process the arts co-ordinator is making us fill out a profile. One thing she wants from us are ideas we have to increase people's awareness of the arts/get people more involved etc.

So far I have:
- a short film making contest
- buskers day
- fortnightly themed photography contests

any other creative ideas you guys have?

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I am a student/poor young person. I'm 22 and I'm currently working as a manager at a bar. I get enough to live on but this is in no way a career for me. I'm not sure what exactly I'm going to do with my life, am rather aimless.

In march, I will be receiving a gift of $2000. I can't spend it on just anything, it has to be something that will help change my life for the better, a significant investment, not just something to be frittered away on clothes and boozy nights out.

I don't have a drivers licence but my initial reaction was that i wanted a scooter (which only need a beginners permit where I live and so are easy to get). I live in a city with a lot of narrow windy streets up hills so a scooter would be awesome. Also, they're cheap and pretty damn economical. Goodbye dependence on the bus.

However, I realise that this is a lot of money and I wanted to make sure that I wasn't forgetting about anything else awesome that would be helpful in my day to day life.


ETA: I am just out of three years of tertiary education and so am not currently looking to study. Using it for course fees is a good idea but not something I want to do right now.


My husband is a terrrrrrrible communicator and I get dragged into his dirty fights (well not as dirty as you think) cause he gets me soooo maaaaaaaadddd. And later, when we calm down, he usually admits when he's fucked up and we're back in fairyland. But these moments are just awful.

How can I avoid getting so mad!!!! (Right now I'm furious can you tell) I try to say, "he's just a bad communicator" but I get sucked in!! Only once I did not get sucked in and I don't know how I did it.


Nerd Alert!

Dear nerds of TQC,

When did you get your first computer? I was 10. My dad got it for me.

What was your first introduction to binary code? A very early X-Files episode.

What is your favorite nerdy subject? Chemistry,Biology and Math(which I have my own way of doing,like my father who is an engineer) and Psychology

Do you prefer abstract or linear thought when it comes to solving problems? Abstract  

Who is your favorite nerdy television icon? Dr. Dana Scully and Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan
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What is the most amazing thing you've ever eaten out of a crockpot?

Any crockpot-less ideas for what I should bring to my work's lunch potluck tomorrow? Warm, wintery foods are a plus, as winter has apparently just hit my area.
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Inspired by some grade-A fail by calypso85, I'm wondering:

Have you ever seen a penis you would consider "ugly?" If so, please describe reasons for its "ugliness."

ETA: Is it hilarious that the person whose penis I was discussing emailed just after I posted this?

new here

what's a good gift to give to a guy that's turning 18? i have only known the guy since this summer, i don't wanna spend alot of money on him, that would be insane. he's into music,playing bass, writing songs,video games and comics? what do you think would be a good gift for his 18th birthday?
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Question about Welfare

I was reading some welfare wank linked from yesterday, and had a question on a particular sentence someone wrote: and TANF does have a limit. you can only use it for 5 years out of your life, and 2 years consecutively. so it's not like people are on it for life.

My question is this - if this is true, and there is a lifetime maximum of 5 years of aid and 2 years consecutively, what happens to people that don't get it together within that time period? If they still need a leg up and they have no job or no place to live, does the goverment really just cut them off and say "sorry, no more bucks for you, you've reached the cap, go freeze and starve"? Or is there some other program that they are transferred to that has different limits? What program would that be?

Anyone know?
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1. We have two elevators at my job, but one is out of order. We only have 6 floors here, but yet everyone who has to wait for more than 30 seconds for the elevator starts to complain. Why won't they just take the stairs?

2. Have you ever been to the Mall of America? Is it super sweet?

3. Do you own any Ikea furniture? How is it?

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Hmn. I just got this forum a history section, through asking the admin for one, because I think it'd be a good idea, since it's a forum for a version of the Robin Hood legend, it just seemed to fit in. The thing is, now I can't think of a new topic to start up the section with! So, what history related topic should I talk about?
Do you think a history section is a good idea?
I also want to start up some sort of other Robin Hood related discussion, in the Robin Hood Legends section... to try and get more discussion going. Any ideas?

christmas music

if this has already been asked, just point me in the direction of the original post!

What is your favorite Christmas song? It can either be a generic song like, "carol of the bells", or a specific artist/song name like "Josh Groban's O Come All Ye Faithful"

ready, set, go!

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How far would you go to protect a friend?

edit: Pretend youre in the military for the sake of the question. You took an oath to protect, and to honor and sworn to loyalty of a fellow soldiers. And you knew this person did something wrong would you give up a friend or live by the oath?
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Wacky Wednesday

1. Are you a weird person magnet? If yes, please tell me your best "weird person in my life" story.

2. What careers that others hold are personally offensive to you? Why?

3. Everyone else is doing it, so I want to freak out on random people for no reason. Will you please make an innocent comment that I can take the wrong way and flip out on you for? Damn, I feel mean doing this, it's not as fun as I thought it must be. :( Seriously have to stop or I'll screw up my mood for the rest of the day. New Question: Why do people enjoy flipping out on random people for no reason? Isn't it just putting out pointless negative energy? (LOL, that sounds all hippie new-agey crap, but you get what I mean.)


What should I do with my car when I leave for my Christmas trip?  I live 2 hours away from the airport.  I can't take the local airporter shuttle, because I don't want my dog to ride in the luggage compartment.  I don't have anyone that could drive me there.  I can't really afford to have my car parked in any of the lots in Seattle for 11 days.

How do I get me, my dog, and my luggage to the airport? On time!

My Virgin Post so a virgin question

This is my first question in TQC so I thought I'd ask a question about virginity and losing it.

When you lost your virginity, did you tell anyone? If yes, who?

Honestly, the first person I told was my mother. She pretty much knew it was going to happen anyway so I just went ahead and told her.
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Driving pug

Winter questions.

1. Does it snow where you live?
1a. If not, have you ever seen snow?

2. What is your favorite winter activity?

3. What is your favorite wintery food?

4. My desk is right under the return air grille at work. I'm always cold. Would it be ridiculous if I brought in a blanket? I'm the only person in the office and not a lot of people come in besides delivery guys and our service techs. Moving my desk is not an option.
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falalala //voodoo_in_tx


1. Would you tell me one interesting fact from your major in college? (If you did not go to college, then just an interesting fact from a field of study you enjoy?)

2. Do you take off your shoes when you're at your own desk/office at work? (If you have an office and/or desk.)

3. Why is my period not here? Where did it go?

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do you enjoy people watching?

- people fascinate me, although i can't stand alot of people that i meet. i could sit down for hours and watch people, just to notice their habits, how they communicate and what makes them smile. I suppose its a weird concept, I dislike alot of people, but that one interesting person will completely captivate me. It's usually older people, at times younger people...
it's weird when you look at someone's face and something about their face makes you realize they've been through alot.

Living situations...

My ex and I broke up.  We live together in a two bedroom apartment. Both of our names are on the lease. There is a third person living there whose name is not on the lease so the option of taking the other bedroom is out of the question...

 1. Is there anyway to get out of a year long lease (It ends in July)?

2. If I can't get out of the lease, should I kick the third person out so I can have my own space? (Legally I could do that, but I don't want to be an ass. I also don't want to end up sleeping on the couch.)

3. When I can eventually move out, where could I turn to for help on finding a place to live?
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So my boyfriend has FireFox v2.0.0.10.  How the hell do I get the spell checker to work? I can't find it in any of the addon sections for mozilla, grr.

EDIT EDIT EDIIIIIIT:  The tickybox for spell check is ticked.  Yet, no squiggly lines.  WHAT GIVES?
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I don't know how the torrent-ey business works and have just heard of a show called Pushing Daisies. It looks cooler than my other new discoveires of the day.

Now Wiki tells me that I can watch full eps. from ABC or CTV however they both know what Country I am in. I heard somebody in the army mentioning something about Proxy servers or summat like that would this work for me? How does it all work ANYWAY?

I really want to see this show but it won't come over here (England) for ages probably!

daffy xmas

don't judge me.

Poll #1096763 i get bored and only have 77 cable channels besides HBO.

who do you think Tila Tequila is going to pick?

i don't watch that show, suzer, and i am shocked that you do.
that hot guy Bobby with the drunk mom who finally came around
Dani, because it would be like having a girlfriend AND a boyfriend
that blonde girl kind of lacks personality
none of these people. she should have picked that rich 'oil executive' guy who still lives with his parents
dead zone johnny & sarah


These are all the spin-offs we could come up with, so feel free to add any that I am forgetting...

All in the Family or The Jeffersons?
Cheers or Frasier?  
Diff'rent Strokes or The Facts of Life?
Extreme Makeover or Extreme Makeover:Home Edition?
Friends or Joey?
Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice?
Laguna Beach or The Hills?
Law and Order or Law and Order:SVU or Law and Order:CI?
The Mary Tyler Moore Show or Rhoda?
Perfect Strangers or Family Matters?
Star Trek or one of it's numerous spin-offs?
Stargate SG-1 or Stargate Atlantis?
Doctor Who or Torchwood?
Flavor of Love or I Love New York?
Touched By an Angel or Promised Land?
CSI or CSI:Miami or CSI:NY?
Happy Days or Laverne and Shirley?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel?

Is there a spin-off that doesn't currently exist that you'd like to see?

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If you do so, what is your favorite way to take the Lord's name in vain? I've always liked "Christ on a crutch" for the irony, "Christ on a cracker" for alliteration, and "Goddammit!" for convenience.

If you do not take the Lord's name in vain, what is your favorite euphemism for doing so? (Example: "cheese and crackers!")

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im getting a new tattoo tomorrow. its going to be badass, large, and very painful.

i have a lot of tattoos right now, and in sensitive areas, so im aware of the pain. however, tomorrow we're going to take all day to finish it, which i normally dont do. a lot of times i get bigger tattoos in sessions.

what should i do to deal with the prolonged pain?????
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1, 2, 3, GO!

I'm looking to buy a laptop in the next week. I want something simple, so don't start the mac versus pc debate.

I've picked out two, though. Both are simliar, have everything I want, and are in the same price range (under $600). One's an HP and the other's a Dell. Preferences?

(I've had a Dell desktop for about 2 years now and love it, although I haven't used it in the last year because I haven't been home - hence the laptop.)
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TQC, I am trying to burn a mix onto a CD using iTunes. the CD's capacity is 80 minutes, or 1 hour 20 minutes. my playlist is 1 hour 19 minutes 39 seconds.

when I try to burn the disc, it tells me that it will not fit on one disc.

any ideas why?

problem solved, thanks.
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So I'm writing a paper about wedding dresses for my Women's Studies class, and my friends and I thought it would be both fun and informative to go to an actual bridal shop and do the whole experience, with me as the fake bride and my friends as the fake bridesmaids. (Also, I know that this is morally suspect and wastes the salesperson's time, etc., and I'm going to definitely keep that in mind and may decide against going through with this, but spare me the lecture please.)

Anyway, TQC, I know nothing about getting a wedding dress and I want to be sure that I pass myself off as a convincing bride-to-be. Any tips for me?
Like, can my bridesmaids jump right in and try on dresses too or does it have to be all about me?

By the time I'm wedding dress shopping how far along in the wedding planning am I supposed to be?

Do I have to have some kind of appointment? (Even if I go to a cheap, off the rack kind of shop, which I almost definitely will?)

etc (Those are just examples, feel free to give me other tips!)

Thanks, dollfaces. Maybe I'll report back to tqc_updates with hilarious pictures if I go through with it.
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Sorry about the double post, but people started replying before I could rethink and edit it.

1. I started dating this guy a month ago, and was thinking of something to get him for Christmas, but I'm stumped. He's very anti-commercial stuff, vegetarian, has dreads, and we both work on tallships. We have totally different tastes in music, and I hate buying cds for people. He's a big book reader, but I don't know what he's read or hasn't. Anything quirky, eco-friendly would be awesome.

2. Like I said, I work on tallships, and my new gig on one starts next week. Before I've always worked on boats that had a cook and stove and such. This one doesn't have a cook or stove. There's restaurants nearby that will give me half off, but I don't want to go broke eating out. Any ideas for food I can make using a microwave and a fridge that are relatively healthy? (And this is a high-energy job, so eating 5000-6000 calories a day is a good thing! Just not fatty stuff, you know..)
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Inspired by this article about how the first season of Sesame Street isn't considered appropriate for children:

How the hell did we make it to adulthood without getting ourselves killed?

I mean, I rode my bike without a helmet, I drank milk (COW'S MILK), I ate peanut butter, I played outside with the boys, I would leave my house and disappear for hours at a time. We called each other politically incorrect names, and once, a boy walked into the bathroom when i was in preschool and my parents didn't sue him for sexual harassment.
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If anyone is bored, they should take this quick ten questioned survey! (it is clearly geared at college students but anyone can take it and it's not meant to be professional, it's for an intro to psych class).
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Omg Freud!

Have you ever had someone treat you in a certain way for a very long time (or not so long in some cases) and then finally at some climactic point have them yell at you "You're Just Like My Dad!!!" (or something similar)?

If so, were you shocked?

Did it just.. clear *everything* up in your mind about that person's attitudes towards you?

Did it end or strengthen the relationship?

It happened to me once near the end of high school. I had known the person for 4 or 5 years at this point, and we never generally got along.. she was always very snarky and often rude to me.. in a very "the best defense is a good offense" kind of way. After the little outburst, it was hard to take her seriously anymore.. "
abelladonna - Firefly/Jayne & his BFG

For the NFL Fans of TQC...

Which do you think is more likely to happen:

Pats going undefeated, or the Miami Dolphins going winless?


It's been an interesting discussion around my office. Most would enjoy the schadenfreude of Miami going winless, but then, nobody in my office appears to be a Miami fan (mostly just Redskins & Ravens fans, with a few Cowboys to make the rivalry interesting).

Three Q&A

What book does everyone else seem to absolutely adore but you hate? Why do you hate it?

Every time I hear someone gush about the Perks of Being a Wallflower I just have this general "do not want!" reaction. Maybe it's just me. Also, Anne Rice.

Am I the only one who liked Domino? Or Tony Scott films in general?

Kiera was hot in that movie. Plus, nunchucks.

Speaking of nunchucks, am I the only one that didn't know the singular form of nunchucks was nunchaku?

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Yesterday I was day-dreaming and started thinking about what I would do if my husband died. I went through everything in my head from selling our furniture on craig's list, to where I would move to (I'd go back home to Cali, most likely) and even thought about what I would spend his life insurance money on. I wasn't sad during the day-dream, but eventually shook myself out of it with a "wtf are you doing moment?!"

Does this make me a heartless bitch?

Also, if you were a teacher, what subject/grade level would you teach?

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hypothetically, your sister wrecked your car in august, dented the left side, and knocked all the windows on that side out. you are away at college, so presently this does not affect you. but, when you try to work over christmas break, you will need your car. sadly, fixing it is not monetarily an option. what could you put over the windows to make the car drivable? how would you affix it? this is montana in the winter; whatever you use needs to be durable.

please help me.

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Do you have ICQ?
Do you like it?
Would you be my friend on there so I don't have an empty buddylist? ( that is, if you has it)

Are you in class right now?
Do you smoke?
Do you buy cartons vs packs at a time?

Does anyone own a Canon SD750? How much do you like it? I'm getting it soon, and was wondering what experiences people had with it.
by crop-crop-crop

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Do you wait until your fridge is completely empty before you go grocery shopping, or do you go every week/two weeks/whatever regardless?

What's your ultimate comfort food, and when was the last time you had it?

Is it fuckin' cold where you are too?

What's the most exciting thing that's happened to you today?

Pho bowls?

I have recently been introduced to Vietnamese noodle soup - Pho~.  ( 

We like to get it to-go, and I would like to get bowls big enough to hold it.  Specifically, I want bowls that I can get matching soup spoons and maybe matching chop sticks, for pretty place settings.

a single serving is 4 cups, which is 32 ounces - plus some space means I need a 34-36 ounce bowl.  I don't really want serving bowls, but I suppose plain ones would work.  I have googled every combination of "big four cup 36 ounce soup bowl Asian Vietnamese dinnerware  place setting" I can think of and am not finding anything. 


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Haruhi disappearance

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Why does my cat like to put the top of his head on me all cute-like and purring, then suddenly push his head into my arm/stomach/face as hard as he possibly can?! o_O

What is frustrating you right now?
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is stephen cojocaru a man or a woman? has he/she always been that way? if you don't know, make up your answer based on the picture.

for reference:

edit: i changed the picture to a more recent one.

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Aqua dots. I want them. Where can I find them?
Do you think the dollar stores will start selling them?
What about ebay?
I'm not going to eat them. They just look really cool and I've wanted them since I saw them :(

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I have a Mac Powerbook G4. I usually use AIM but sometimes AIM sucks and I use iChat. Randomly in the menu the iChat icon will bounce. Anyone know why it does this? I didn't receive an IM, no ones status changed, no one signed on or off. It just bounces. Does it just want attention?

truffle oil

In which supermarket aisle can one find truffle oil in?

There really isn't any need to be snarky. I figured people who have used it before would know, and would be able to tell me if it was in the oils/condiments aisle, etc because I haven't been able to find it.

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which is better: setting such low expectations for yourself that you can never fail, or setting such high expectations that you frequently fail, but you will always have the knowledge that you tried your best?

do you think it's true that if you say you can't, you're right?

which important discovery or invention do you wish you had made?

aaaaand finally:
my husband is asking for a $100 carhartt jacket for christmas. only i can't afford it. i found a jacket very similar to it, but with better reviews and for almost $70 cheaper. should i get it for him or should i wait until after christmas and let him buy the one he wants with his christmas money?
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My coworker is very computer stupid and is always sighing and tsking at the computer, which makes me want to throw my mouse at her.
What should I do?
What would Jesus do?
Do you remember the show What Would You Do?
What was your favorite Nickelodeon game show?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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When you write people letters (assuming anyone does that anymore), do you tend to write a lot about yourself? I'm trying to write letters to people but I'm not sure of the proper ettiquette. Seems selfish and self-serving just to babble on about myself, but then a letter full of questions like: "So, how's your job? your mom? your dog? your boyfriend?" would get really, really boring.

(no subject)

A girlfriend of mine is struggling financially, so I want to get her a Christmas gift that is useful to her. Do you think it’s insulting to get someone a gift certificate to a grocery store as a present?

Gas Stations.

1. Do you turn your car off when you fill up your car at the gas station?

2. There are signs saying to turn off the engine while refueling, but is it illegal to not turn off your engine? There are signs saying it's illegal to put gas in unapproved dispensers, but I didn't see any signs saying it was illegal to not turn off your engine.

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(no subject)

What are you proud of?

Don't tell me any big things. No major accomplishments or lifelong commitments. Something small, that others may not see as a big deal, or may even consider trivial, but it means something to you.

because it's all about America...

Do you know or have you heard of these people?

Túpac Amaru
Simón Bolívar
Porfirio Diaz
Francisco Solano López
Porfirio Díaz
Jose Matias Delgado
Emiliano Zapata
Ramón Emeterio Betances
Farabundo Martí
José de San Martín
I have heard of NONE of these people.
I'm glad there's a ticky.
I hate tickies.

edit: Tupac Amaru =/= the musician Tupac Amaru Shakur.

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In the song "Drowning Lessons" by My Chemical Romance, Gerard sings: A kiss goodbye, your twisted shell
As _____ and roses fall at your feet...

what goes in the blank? It sounds like "ice cream and roses fall at your feet. However, when I looked it up on Google, I found both "I scream" and "Rice grains". I lost my original CD booklet. So what goes in the blank?

**EDIT** I know the lyrics aren't "ice cream". I was just saying that it sounded like that. It'd be ridiculous if it were that.

country music?

Do you like country music?

Who are your favorite country singers?

What are your favorite country songs?

---Yes!!! :)
---Rascal Flatts, Jo Dee Messina, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Sara Evans, and many more!
---Way too many to name them all, but some are: Delicious Surprise, Red High Heels, Mayberry, and This Kiss
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Hello TQC picture takers.

As it would turn out, my camera hates me and is broken. I called around and fixing it is about what I can afford to spend on a new camera.

Can you suggest a cheap ($250 and under) point and shoot digital camera for me? I found a pink Kodak EasyShare but reginald says they break pretty easily. Is this true? My past two cameras have been Nikons and one didn't break in 4 years and this one broke after two.

(no subject)

Who here has cravings greatly influenced by reading or talking about certain foods?

I just read a journal entry of a friend of mine who is having sushi and sake for dinner and that's all I wanted for all of 5 minutes.

...Until I just read a recipe on Yahoo for four different kinds of Macaroni and Cheese. Now I can't get the idea of having some gooey macaroni and cheese for dinner out of my head.
gasp zooey

(no subject)

Do you just love it when people overreact?

Isn't it a great feeling to know that you lol'd at someone to the point that they deleted their entire journal?

iluq - troll with the original intent of deleting or just off her meds today?

(no subject)

There was a girl on livejournal who wrote a list of the 100 most surreal things that had ever happened to her. I seem to remember it was metaquoted a year or so back. I can't remember who she is and I can't find the entry! Do you know where I can find this list? It was so funny.

What strange and surreal things have happened to you?

(no subject)

How was your Wednesday?
What was the last nice thing you did for another person?
what was the last mean thing you did/said to another person?

My day was boring as Hell.
Hmmm, I helped a stranger jump start his truck Monday at the bank.
I called the nurse at the dr. office a cocksucker. She was giving me a shot at teh time. (yeah I know, i'm a baby)

(no subject)

1. If you say "the city" which city is that?
2. If you had to spend a day in said city with unlimited money what would you do?
3. If you had to spend a day in said city with NO money and no company except people you may meet throughout the day, what would you do?

(no subject)

What is that farthest you have ever gone just to eat at a certain restaurant?

The other night I drove over an hour just to go to the only Sonic in New Jersey and it was SOOOOOoOoO good.

When I was younger, we lived in a small town and it wasn't unheard of to drive 90 miles to the next large town just to go to Olive Garden.
St. Eldritch

Money question

I work in a mall, so I usually go to the food court once or twice a week for a quick sandwich or slice of pizza during my shift. On Monday, I went to Subway and got my usual sandwich. The total was 6.09. I handed the cashier a 10$ and said I had the nine cents. I dig around in my pocket and pull out a handful of change. He says that if I have a dollar, he can give me a five dollar bill back. We pick out four quarters and I lay them on the counter as I find the nine cents. He put a few singles on the counter from my pre-dollar total, but grabbed a five because I gave him a dollar.

Today, while organizing my wallet, I realized I had a five and four singles, instead of just the five. I fear he may have given me BOTH sets of change, instead of just the five. I didn't notice it and was sort of in a rush while I was paying, since I only had a ten minute window in which to get food.

Should I keep the singles, or go back and explain what happened? I may not get back until this weekend. I've never had this happen to me before.
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(no subject)


the toe next to my little toe on my right foot has suddenly gone white and numb. none of my other toes are affected, and i wasn't sitting on my foot at all...

zomg whats wrong me, TQC?
Bert Shocked

(no subject)

 1. Would you agree that sticking your cold feet into someone else's armpit is one of the greatest feelings in the world?

2. Would you also agree that someone else sticking their cold feet into your armpit is one of the worst feelings in the world?

(no subject)

1. Be honest, what do you think of boys who cry during fights with their girlfriends? Why is that? Please feel free to give lavish and elaborate explanations.

2. Would you prefer to date someone who cries as easily as you do, or more, or less?

(no subject)

 So, my family tends to only do Christmas gifts for the people we're actually spending Christmas with. Usually that's immediate family and grandparents.

Well, this year we're going to Charleston SC and my random uncle and his random two kids are coming. I have no idea what to get the kids.

One is an 18 year old male. What do I get him? I DONT KNOW HIM AT ALL. srsly.

What do I get a 6 year old boy?

Clearly I'm not good at this whole "kids" thing.

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I decided on what I want to take to the potluck.
It involves searing chicken, and then a crock-pot time of about 7 hrs.
The food needs to be ready at 11:30am, which makes this all fairly difficult.

Do you think I can sear the chicken at like 10p, refrigerate until 4am-ish, and then fire up the crockpot?
Or will that turn the chicken into a new species with tentacles that'll rape my unborn children?

What kind of cute-animal pile would you like to dive into, and how many of those cute animals would it contain?

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Think about it carefully.
If you were having a party but only those you considered real friends [not family] could get through the magic threashold that expelled those who didn't love you enough..
Not just your absolute best friends, but those who aren't superficial friends.

how many would be allowed into your party?

I'm thinking thirty-one.

What's the biggest difference personality wise between you and your absolute best friend?

My best friend is a party animal, she can go and go and go. She's also pretty motivated whereas i'm sick and tired a lot.
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men's shirt size?

I want to get my boyfriend a Ben Sherman shirt for Christmas (something he likes but would never buy for himself.) I stole his measurements from when he was fitted for a tux, can you tell me what size shirt I should get him?

Chest: 42
Waist: 34
Neck: 17
Sleeve: 37

He wears a medium sized t shirt but a button down is going to be less stretchy so I am thinking a large.

Chest: 22 inches from arm pit to arm pit So it will be apprx. 44 inches around and will fit comfortably over a 42 inch chest?

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What's your favorite name of a card game? I don't care how it's played unless you really feel like telling me, I just want the names.

Mine are Bitchtitty, Fuck the Dealer and Asshole.
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Should I go home (currently at work) and watch TV, mess around online, and do my homework (as usual)? Or should I hang out with a guy I haven't seen in a few years (to a movie and wandering around somewhere)? All right, I'm going to hang out. Like I would have done my homework, anyway. Pfft.

If you smoke, do you carry around a lighter/matches? More than one, in case one stops working?
Do you carry around a lighter/matches even if you don't smoke?

I don't smoke, but I do keep a lighter in my purse. No idea why.
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Because I found bacon-scented incense on, I'm curious . . .


Would you light candles if they were "manly" scented?

What scents do you consider "manly?" (Bacon, gasoline . . .)

How much would you pay for a candle?

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Whenever you have large amounts of change, do you take it to something like Coinstar or do you count and roll it by hand?

I personally prefer to count and roll it myself because I like the repetitiveness.

What's the most amount of change you've had before rolling it?

I had like $200 in change once.

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1. I'm thinking about getting an XBox 360 as a graduation present to myself. Good idea/bad idea?

2. I realized I forgot to file my US taxes this year. I definitely don't owe them anything. Am I going to be sent to a federal PMITA prison? (ETA: The IRS website says there's no penalty if a refund is due. I'm OK, right?)

3. I'm finishing up my time in Canada, and I want to transfer my Canadian money (about 16-17 grand CDN) to my US Bank account. I'm thinking the best way to do that would be to close my Canadian account, get a bank draft in USD of my account balance, and take it to US Bank. Are they going to look at me sideways when I present a check for that much money for deposit? Or do they really not care? (Another ETA: I'm fully intending to declare it at customs.)
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I'm filing this, "What I look for in a friend/mate" questionnaire, and I wrote "I value modest intelligence and humor above all else." After I finished it, I realized that what I meant by modest intelligence (someone smart who doesn't need to constantly mention how much smarter they are then others) might be taken as someone with moderate or limited intelligence. Not what I was going for. Can anyone help me rephrase this line?
Serious answers only, pleeeease.
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Is Facebook not working for anyone else? When I try to log on I get an error message that says: "Firefox can't establish a connection to the server"

ETA: It's working now. I had to go to and log in again.

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My mum wants to get my dad a phone for Xmas. He already has a Razr and she wants me to check out the new one. So I came here for a recommendation and now I'm going to check it out. :D

1. Is the new Motorola Razr good? Does it have any new features or anything?

2. Which (mobile) phone would you recommend as a Christmas present?