November 27th, 2007

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My parents and I are slightly famous in our extended family and our neighborhood for our fudge that we make every Christmas.  I want to send some to my SO in Britain.  I think I heard somewhere that you can ship perishables as long as it's not meat, fish, or dairy products, but I don't know if there are any other things included in that.  Can I ship fudge to my SO in England?

J-Lo should just stop trying, Y/n?

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You've planned the perfect bank robbery. No one will ever be able to trace it back to you, no one will ever notice the changes in your lifestyle, you would have to do very little to commit the actual robbery, and the only way you would ever be convicted is if you confessed to what you did. Due to the nature of the robbery, there would be very little impact on the bank's patrons--they would lose a few cents each at most.

So: Would you do it?

If you would, what's the first thing you would buy?
If you wouldn't, would you tell the bank about the loophole in their security?
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Dear TQC,

1) All death-stick cancer comments aside, do you smoke?
b) Inside or outside? (Where inside/outside?)
c) In your car?
d) How many of your friends smoke?
e) Family?
f) The age you started smoking/if you don't mind, your age now?

2) What's your favorite thing to smoke?
b) Favorite brand of cigarettes?

3) Do you have sleep apnea(sp) (nonsmokers answer this also)
b) How long have you had it?
c) Is it genetics or being overweight, or....?

4) If you know someone with sleep apnea, can you tell me some of your or their experiences with it?

5) What is your occupation?

6) Do you celebrate Christmas?

I have some other questions I meant to ask, but I forgot them. I'll ask later! Sorry for so many billion-parted questions. :/

EDIT: Collapse )
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if your ex-fiance / first love gets engaged to someone else, do you have the right to have negative feelings about it, even though you broke up two years ago and you yourself are in a long-term relationship?

or am I just nutzo :\
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If you're generally a fan of musicals (stage/movie/whatever), what's one you don't like or can't stand?

If you're not-so-fond of musicals (stage/movie/whatever), are there any you're okay with or like?

I'm a pretty big theater geek, and Jesus Christ Superstar annoys the hell out of me. Not too big on Moulin Rouge either.
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TQC, my dvd player refuses to work. The tray thing won't spit out to let me load a new movie, nor will it play.

How can I talk some sense into it, aside from taking a baseball bat to it? (If it continues to be a problem, that will become a more viable option)

Is there a trick release to DVD players?

If I don't go the baseball bat route, what other methods of destruction do you recommend?

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My teacher was really pushing for me to use fire in a project due tomorrow, but all weekend it's been windy and rainy. I was supposed to set lettering on fire in the dirt, but all my attempts have ended badly and painfully because of the not so ideal weather. Obviously, it isn't working, but do you think my professor will let me have another day or two to work out another concept? I really want to not do actual fire, but he thinks it's the only way to go for this project.

HP love

This is out of sheer curiosity, I swear.

What's the most disturbing/disgusting pornographic video you've ever seen?

At this point, I'd like to explain what prompted this.
There's this guy at work. I think he's a sex addict, or surely will be in a few years. One of those guys who feels that no subject is taboo.
Anyway, we have a fantastic time. He's become convinced that I'm the most depraved individual in the southern hemisphere, and sometimes likes to make suggestions.
He came across one particular video, and I just watched it. It wasn't pretty. So, basically, I want to see how far down the rabbit hole everyone else has ventured.

Oh, and this probably goes without saying, but the comments may be disturbing to some readers.


Do you consider the idea of waking up to find your loved one watching you sleep (not in an 'i want to kill you' way, in a 'aw she/he looks cute, i love them' way) creepy?

My friend and I don't consider it creepy. But lots of people seem to. So, opinions?
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Have you ever made any stupid purchases whilst drunk?

I just discovered that I bought James Brown's entire back catalogue, a picnic table and 400 rolls of toilet paper on Ebay last night...
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Looking through your SO's e-mail, text messages, what have you is appropriate.

Giving them permission to do the same through your e-mails, text messages, what have you is appropriate.

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1. If you go here, can you see a tracker at the end of the "About Me" section? I'm in stalker mode and don't want the person to know I'm attempting to log their visit to my page. (Myspace link for the link-phobic.)
ETA - I deleted the picture but kept the coding. It works! Thanks for your help! I feel like such a creepshow.

2. What is a dream you had recently that you vividly remember? What about it do you remember the most? Do you often remember dreams? I keep having really vivid, storybook like dreams every single night and I don't know why. I'm not sure I like it.
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Happily Ever Afters...

I'm a junior in high school. My boyfriend and I have been going out for about 7 months now. I know its not an entirely long time, but he's been my best friend for a while and we're very close. The other day, he and I were talking about college and life after high school. And it made me remeber...just how scared I am.
The thing I'm scared of most..

Is that he'll make plans to go somewhere with out me. He'll go to a college and not want me there. Or that we'll make plans to live close to each other [my secret hope is that we can live together, in a small apartment or something] and he'll get sick of me the month before senior year is over.

I know I have a while to worry about this, but I'm it worried me. Has anyone else had a relationship that lasted out of high school? What happened?
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Are any of you plumbers?

We had a guy come in under the WaterWise program to change our showerhead and install aerators to our taps.

Now we have NIL water pressure in the shower and bathtub and it is awful.

Do you have any idea how, or where I can find out how, to fix this? And get our water pressure back?

It's like now the taps only allow a certain amount of water through and it's very tiny and just makes the showers much, much longer because without pressure, the conditioner is not coming out of my hair. Or the body wash. Or anything. And I can't afford to take longer showers! As it is I'm taking too long in the morning.

Please help!

First he turned off the water, then he did all this stuff, and then he turned the water back on. What I missed is what he did. :(
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Quick Question

I'm going to the dentist today. I have a month old lip piercing on the right side of my lip. Do you think if I take it out for about a half hour it should do fine? Or what should I do?
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1. I just heard a sound like a missile falling from the sky. It got really bright outside and then dark again. I'm at work, just outside of Washington, DC. Should I be cowering in fear under my desk right now?

2. What are your plans for the rest of this week?
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1- Do you have spots on your vision? Think like, when a camera flashes in your face... only a million tiny versions of those spots, and they don't go away. If so, has anyone been able to treat them? (I do, most eye doctors tell me they don't see anything wrong with my eyes. Only ONE ever said something about them, but also said I'd be blind by the time I'm 25. I will be 25 next month, I ain't blind!)

2- What is the term for someone who is far from being a senior but still experiences horrible memory loss? I know it's like Alzheimer's, but has its own name...

3- Have you ever been HAPPY to suffer from an illness?

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Did Gossip Girl 1x09 actually air in America last week? I'm so confused about why it's not turning up online or anything... and I'm in UK, so I'm out of the loop.

ETA: Question answered, thank you!

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I just received news that a co-worker's/friend's brother has been murdered. I'd like to send flowers and offer my condolences. Since I have never done such a thing, I'm not sure what to say in the note to go along with it. Does anyone know what you say in situations like this? I can't think straight because I'm so upset.
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 1)  Do you use your turn signal if you're in a turn-only lane?  If you do, does it bug you when other people don't (and vice versa)?

2)  Completely unrelated hypothetical situation:
          You have a piece of jewelry that you absolutely love.  It's not uber-expensive (figure about $20), it's not an heirloom, and there's very little sentimental value attached to it, you just like it.  It looks cool, it feels right, you're used to it, whatever.  One day you lose it.  A few days later you find it on the sidewalk.  Do you pick it up again or just go buy a new one?  Does the type of jewelry make a difference?  Anything else that you would take into account (like weather, traffic, etc) when deciding whether or not to pick it up?

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Which pickup line would sooner work on you (assuming the person was attractive)?

"It's not gonna suck itself, ya know"
"I'm in a unique position to test you for allergies. If you'll step into the men's room with me, we'll see how you react with latex..."
"I hear that Atkins diet really works. I have some extra protein I don't need...."
"I'm hung like a Shetland pony"
"Wanna come home with me and do all the things I'm going to tell people we did anyway?"
"Nice shoes. Wanna fuck?"
"I'm dying of cancer...or something. My last dying wish is to get into your pants. Want to make this boy's dream come true?"
"Is that a miror in your pocket? Cause I swear I can see myself in your pants"
"That guy at the bar thinks you're a dyke. Let's prove him wrong"
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1. What was your first job?  Did you like it?
2. What is your current job?  Do you enjoy it?

1. I worked as a courtesy clerk (bagger) at a grocery store.  It sucked.
2. I work at a movie theatre and while the job and customers tend to suck, I love the people I work with.
Yeah..I made it..delete it if you want.

for any owners of Rock Band (the game)

my buddies and i are about to purchase Rock Band for the 360 really soon...we are quite the skeptics and well i don't trust video game reviewers (mainly the ones at IGN)...

so if you own Rock Band...

what are some good things about it?

what are some bad things about it?

overall, do you enjoy and is it worth buying?

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Can someone kindly tell me what my paypal address is? I'm logged in and have used the account several times, but a seller requested my paypal address in order to send an invoice and I have no idea what it is.Where can I find it? I am computer retarded, as if that isn't obvious enough right now.
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Will you fill in the blank? Be creative!

There are two types of people in this world: people who _________ and people who ___________.

Are you participating in the TQC gift exchange?

If you are not, or, like me, missed the deadline, would you be interested in having a second chance (or a second gift to give and receive if you want to do both) by having a separate gift exchange?
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1. if you were my remote control...where would you be hiding (aside from the obvious and yet incorrect assumption of between the couch cushions / under the couch)?

I've torn my entire suite apart and the remote is nowhere to be found. This really sucks because the channel up button on my tv does not work so i have to navigate with the down button and it takes forever. It's painful when I'm watching two different shows and switch back and forth in the commercial breaks.

2. Do they have remote controls with the pager system yet? I know there are car keys and cordless phones that have pagers...if there isn't remotes with this feature, what the hell is taking so long for someone to design one?

3. What's your favorite body wash / lotion scent?

3a. Does this scent hold any particularly strong memories? (Somewhat odd question but Cucumber Melon lotion or body wash reminds me of Christmas because three years in a row I got the same cucumber melon bath kit from my aunt...perhaps she bought them in bulk.)

4. What should I have for dinner? I'll need to go to the store to get it anyways as I have no suggest away
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Dear TQC, please help end the confusion:

What is considered a "short-term" relationship (in months)?  What I'm refering to is when people at dating sites state that they're looking for "short-term" relationships.  When does short-term become long-term?

Thanks in advance.
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Remember my best friend's ginger uncle I thoroughly enjoy? Best friend permission to date granted
Anyway, it got me thinking. As much as I make fun of (and point out in public) gingers, I think I am actually attracted to them, more than any other complexion/hair color/whatever.

1. Do you have a type of guy/girl you find yourself usually attracted to? (physically, not personality-wise)

And unrelated:
2. Do I go to philosophy and listen to an hour long digression, or nap? (I have a B+)
3. I have to write a paper on a movie that depicts a psychological disorder. I'm thinking Donnie Darko. What would you write it on?
4. Ranch or Caesar dressing

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1.  How can you (personally) tell if someone is "faking it" or convincing themselves that they are oh-so-happy?

2. If you had to but a collar shirt that fit you to a T but you had to pick one solid color for it to be, what color would you chose?

3. What is your favorite holiday (big or small)?

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Our furnace is REALLY old at our apartment, and our landlord won't get a new one even though it'd save everyone money in the long run.

What are some ways to stay warm on a budget/ways to save on my heating bill?
What portable space heater is safe and not too expensive?
Can anyone burn me the 1st disc of Mac OS Tiger? I lost mine and I need to reinstall I can only find disc 2.
What ways do you save money during the cold months?

The Receptionist Classic

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Do you enjoy stroking egos?
Does it bug you when the same person gets their ego stroked over and over and over again?

Is ego stroking the same or similar to ass kissing?

Who does a girl have to blow to get some ass kissing around here? MY EGO IS DEFLATING AND I BLAME YOU PEOPLE.

Can you eat using chopsticks?
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holiday themed name question!

If you take the 4th letter of your first name (or 2nd if you don't have 4 letters), the last two letters of the name of a relative you usually or only see around Christmas time (or any other holiday) and the last three letters of your favorite holiday, what would your name be?

Odemas. I sound like I could be a friend of Hercules.

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When you have a runny nose do you suck the snot back up or do you just continually blow your nose?

What's the worst part of being sick for you? (vomiting, diarrhea, fever, headache, runny nose, stuffy nose, etc, etc, etc)

Oh dear......

Am I stupid to feel upset/offended by the following situation?

I'm friends with 3 girls. We all get on equally well, but as 2 are slightly insecure and shy they slightly worship me.
However, one of these 2 is having a party, and last night there was a mini-pre-party to do the invitations.
I'm more involved in the organisation of this party than the remainder is, and it was at the house of one of the people who really likes me.
I was completely ignored out of this, and then someone else who isn't going to the party was invited.
Granted, I wouldn't have gone if they had asked me, because I like being at home, but is it wrong to feel slightly offended, even more so when I was blanked this morning?
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1. My brother is 15. He doesnt really talk to anyone in my family. Whenever he's around my mom or me he just says "whatever, i dont care, etc" as a response. It seems like he's always in a bad mood. Today he told told my mom that he feels like no one cares about him. We take him places he wants to go and he's definitely not neglected. ETA: We're not taking him places and buying him things to make him happy. I was just trying to say that we treat him regularly. Is this just typical 15 year old behavior or a little more serious? What would you do?

2. Do you know anyone who has gotten braces after high school? How old were they and why did they get them later?
I'm 18 and in college. I'm FINALLY getting them December 19--I never had them before because my family couldn't pay for them and the insurance will pay for them now. :D

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Why the hell is it that my websites randomly stop working but AIM continues to function?!

Honestly, it's been like this for a few days--everything will say "server not found" and not load at all, but I can still talk on AIM!
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I have a friend who plays Mickey at Disney, should I give the mouse a cookie for christmas?

Which book would you prefer If You Give A Mouse A Cookie..., Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, or Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day?
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This is probably a silly question, but oh well. I could have sworn my credit was in the toilet, because I recently got a car and a new apartment and a new job and I'm totally broke. But suddenly I'm getting flooded with "You're Pre-Approved, YAY!" letters. Does that mean that if I apply for one of these cards, they won't turn me down? Because I'd seriously love to transfer my debt over to a new card for that year of 0% interest, let me tell you.

If I apply for a card, should I go for the American Express Blue (no fee)? It seems pretty neat, but I'm not sure who actually accepts AmEx. Would Discover be better?

Rants and raves about various credit card companies?
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If you were forced to pick one, which would you rather listen to exclusively for full month... Fallout Boy or Panic! At The Disco?

How many ~*~popular emo bands~*~ can you name off the top of your head?

If you had an emo band, what would its name be?
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1. What does your default face look like? That is, your face when you are sitting at the computer, waiting in line, etc. Post a picture if you want or just describe it.

2. Do you suffer from second-hand embarrassment? Like when you see someone do something stupid and get embarrassed for them. If so, what causes it for you? I've got a tremendous case of it. :/


im starting to become an every day poster!

1. if you drink pop (soda), how much do you drink per day?
2. do you drink diet or regular?
3. which is worse: aspartame in diet pop or the calories/badness in regular pop?
4. is splenda better than aspartame?
5. if i want to lessen my consumption of pop, what can i drink in addition to water that doesnt have a lot of sugar or aspartame?

edit: does anyone know about that hansen's pop/soda in the natural food section of kroger? does the diet version contain aspartame or splenda or what?

NM google says diet hansens uses splenda and only all-natural ingredients.
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Looking For Some French Eye Candy (Régal pour les yeux)

First off, a question to aid me in my educational studies.

I must watch a French film for my French 202 class and analyze it/answer random questions about it. I thought I would use this to my advantage and find a movie starring Olivier Martinez, French sex god extraordinaire.

My question: Does anyone have any suggestions of a good French film with Olivier in it?

And another question just for fun:
What is one fashion (current or past) craze that greatly confuses/irritates you?
My Answer: Ugg Boots, especially when worn with shorts or miniskirts.
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Have you ever "pre-emptively dumped" someone? As in dumping someone for the sole reason that they were going to dump you (say you'd found out through some fashion or just had a strong inkling)... What was your rationale?

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My boyfriend is a great guy and very handy but not very good at spelling...and I mean not good at all. I try to help him sound things out and use some logic but it just doesn't seem to work. He does not have his high school diploma and is starting to want his G.E.D. so he can move on and up to become an electrician. 

I'm asking this question cold because sometimes you guys come up with the most brilliant ideas, how do I help him learn how to spell at least well enough to pass the GED test? 

Have you ever had to teach an adult something similar?


mixed nuts

1. Sometimes, when I'm ending a phone conversation, I nearly accidentally say 'I love you' or some other intimate-ish thing, even if I'm talking to, say, my university admissions office, or the bank. Is this bad? Do you ever do this?

2. Did you ever play Marco Polo whilst swimming? I thought it was a common thing, but I mentioned it to a friend and she was like "WHAAAAA?"

3. I read an article about people who do clean-up/removal for sites of violent crimes. They mentioned how dangerous spinal fluid can be, especially if it's inhaled. How? I'd never heard of that before and Google has nothing relevant.

2 Heavy Questions

1. Angelina Jolie used to be the girl that a lot of girls would choose to make out with/sleep with. But she's turned into a skinny bitch and is a little too much of a responsible mommy/international spokesperson to be still considered the top piece of ass. She's no longer that bisexual wild child. So, ladies, who is the new hot girl you'd go gay for?

2. Let's assume we're all single. You have a massive, can't-quit-it crush on a coworker/fellow student, but he or she is taken. Every now and then you see the object of your passion smile at you and you feel that they're interested and your heart skips a beat, but you know that they're off the market. One day, in a tragic Segway accident, he or she loses both legs, mid-thigh. It's very sad, and you mourn this loss, and in a fit of pettiness, their SO dumps them because they can't date a special-needs person. The next day while you're at lunch, your crush wheels over (in their new wheelchair) and asks you if you want to go out to dinner. Is this too good to be true, or is a legless person too difficult to be in a relationship with?
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Mean Girls

How do you approach (or talk to) someone who always has an entourage by them?

(not referencing a celebrity, rather considering someone like the captain of cheerleading squad or football squad or whatever)
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1- When's the last time you got... rug burn?!
2- Is the ice that's coming from the sky going to blow out my windows?
3- What's the last thing you wished for?
4- I'm thinking of selling paintings, how should I go about this?

1- Like, two days ago, on my elbow, on a part of my elbow that already had the skin all ripped off a couple years ago. The scab huuuuuuurts. :(
2- It seems that way! :(
3- That I don't lose this newest baby too. :(
4- I dunnooooooooooo!
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1. Have you ever actually danced around singing "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" in reaction to an event?

2. When was the last time you were flipped the bird and why?

My answers:
1. No, but I really want to right now. I'll wait until I get home for that display of joy.
2. This morning. An evil coworker was fired and bitched at me and flipped me off while leaving.

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TQC, just a quick question.

I was meant to receieve a trust fund on the 17th of November, I am yet to receive it. Is the solicitor able to keep it from me due to her being busy or should I have received it on the 17th and waited no longer?

1 year Anniversary Ideas???

What should I get my boyfriend for our 1 year Anniversary in a couple weeks???  I want to get him something cool/ fun/ special/ etc..., but somewhat inexpensive.  I've had a lot going on with moving and everything, so I'm pretty close to being broke.  By the way, he's 24 years old.  Thanks TQC!!!

kurt vonnegut, skipped


I have lots of kitten photos. Anyone care to make me some lolcats?

If you were buying a laptop and you wanted it to be lightweight and really portable, what kind would you buy?

If you were buying a new cell phone right now, what kind would you buy?
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(no subject)

When is the last time you felt really vindictive towards some one and acted on it? What did you do/say? Do you regret it?

When is the last time you felt that way but DIDN'T act on it? What did you WANT to do/say? Do you regret it?


Should I walk to Chili's and get some Southwestern egg rolls to go? 

My sis kicked out the boything AGAIN (and I'm really sad because he's really nice esp to her) because she was having dinner with her STUPID ex husband (of one year).  Should I tell her to stop being dumb because he's an arrogant douchebag and not coming back?  What do you suggest?
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first kiss

I am still a lip virgin and feel weird about it because i'm 15 and most of my friends have kissed. 

so my question is

How old were you when you had your first kiss?


How was it?

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When someone texts you and asks what's up, then doesn't text back after you answer, does it really piss you off?

It makes me mad because it makes me think they're keeping tabs on me or something.


I was about to sign up for Yahoo's music subscription service so my son can get music for his mp3 player. Then I discovered that it still costs 79 cents each to download the songs, in addition to the 70 bucks for the service. Ouch.

Is there a better way or place to go to download songs that doesn't cost so much?


EDIT: It isn't an IPod. It is a ZenVplus.
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hi! :)

Hi! *waves* I just joined! :)

--What is your favorite word(s) and why?

Mine are serendipity and bittersweet because they're fun to say :P
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What do you like to eat with BBQ sauce?
I'm craving some but don't know what to eat it on.

How can I get the Sharpie off my keyboard?
My pink one exploded and 91% rubbing alcohol isn't doing much :(

(no subject)

What is something you wished you did, or said, but never did and would never have a chance/would be difficult to do/say now?

Is it rude when someone just completely stops replying on MSN/any other messenger? And then they just go offline, leaving you hanging?

(no subject)

Do you decide on what movie to watch depending on the reviews written about them?

Do you ever feel they're bias? Should reviews be like that?

Would it be wrong for a critic to say a certain movie "sucks" or is "the best movie in the world?"

What should be focused on in a movie review? or even a CD review.

My local paper movie critic obviously praises the indie movies and trashes movies with big stars in it.
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Two Questions

1. So I missed jury duty today (unintentionally). What happens if you miss jury duty (in the state of NJ)? What should I do?
2. I made the horrible mistake of putting a family member's cell phone account on MY name. Apparently, they have not paid the balance (300$) in 3 months. There goes my good credit?

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(no subject)

I'm craving something from Starbucks. The closest one is about 10-15 minutes away depending on traffic. Should I be not lazy and go for it or just stay home and keep working on boring homework?

If I do go what do you suggest I get? I like pretty much anything.
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PlayStation 3 Backwards Compatible + Kingdom Hearts = WTF?!

I'm at bullterrierlove's house and we were going to play KH with her brand-new PS3, only for some reason it keeps on saying that the Dualshock analog controller is not connected and won't let us play it.  TT_TT  

She has the backwards compatible one which is supposed to let us play the PS and PS2 games, only so far it hasn't.  

Okay, so here's the question(s):  

Has this happened to you before?  

Do you know why this might've happened?

ETA:  It's working!!!!  XDDDD  She just pushed this one button that she'd said would work and then it did and now she's shoving that fact in her dad's face.  (he didn't believe her when she said to do that.)  

New question!  

When was the last time you said something that you knew was right and nobody believed you, and then they all looked like dumbasses when they were proved wrong?  

When was the last time you looked like a dumbass because you believed you were right and were then proved wrong?

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So, I need to go to the dentist. Cavity in a molar. big one. Doesn't hurt, aches if I eat sweet stuff or poke it, whatever.

Haven't been to the dentist in... over a year, i believe. And the place I went last time, I don't remember the name of, so I can't exactly call them up for my X-rays or whatever. (Previous dentist place probably does have my dentist stuff, from maybe 2, 3 years ago?)

So now I'm going to be calling dentists in my area, because conveniently there are a lot of them where I live now.

1) What questions do I need to ask when I call?

So far I have "Are you taking new patients," "Do you take this insurance"(and do they directly file it, or would i have to pay and get reimbursed), and "When would I be able to make an appointment?"

2) The cavity is right on the gumline on the outside of a molar. It's large enough to easily be visible. Am i basically fucked when I go in, or is this something they can deal with like a more "normal" cavity?

Edit: Why can't my teeth be smart and just move forward like shark teeth? It would solve part of my wisdom teeth and my cavity thing all in one go. :(

(no subject)

What were brothels like in 1800s France?  By the way, I have looked for info about this, but I can never find out anything about FRENCH brothels in that time period, and I don't know if they would be different.  So if anyone has any knowledge, or read any good, historically accurate books with those scenes, let me know please!

Do you believe that Jesus was the son of God?  Why or why not?

How do you keep yourself from opening your mouth and saying stupid shit?

Do you admire people more when they occasionally give concise opinions, or when they are very opinionated but tend to ramble?

PS: Before anyone thinks I'm asking you hw questions, the brothel question is because I'm writing a story about a prostitute in 1800s France and I want to make it at least somewhat believable.

The other questions were inspired by a debate we had in philosophy about religion, and the fact that I feel I need to learn to shut up during debates. 

Double shipment

I placed a clothing order with a company and today I recieved 2 boxes with the same things in them. I only was charged once and the company doesn't do exchanges over the internet and I would have to take them to the nearest location to return them.

What would you do keep them or drive and take them back or should i call the company?
Anastasia/Demitri Dance

Curse You, Advertising Industry!

Are the new Dolce and Gabbana commercials (the one where the gorgeous chick and gorgeous man are running around New York City, while techno music is playing in the background, before they kiss carbon copies of themselves) supposed to be confusing and completely impossible to understand? Does anyone actually get them?

...or are they the Obsession commercials of today?
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(no subject)

have you ever done anything badass?
what was it?

(probably one of the most badass things i did - was secretly moving out of my dorm without telling my roommates a singular word. they were complete crazies. at roughly 3am i enlisted an accomplice to secretly move all my personal effects silently from the dorm. we quietly moved the entire thing out AS THE ROOMMATES SLEPT- even placing one's chicken nuggets on her desk because the fridge was mine. it was no small feat. but at 7am when one of them woke, and found me taking the last hanger, i shrugged and said 'have a nice life!' - i have never felt more satisfaction)


(no subject)

I want to get my guy an electric razor for Christmas. He already has one, but he always has problems getting the hairs underneath his chin/neck area. Any recommendations for a good one that gets those pesky hairs, and preferably also isn't too irritating on the skin?

Cinco ?s

1) Do you think stakingaclaim is awesome?

2) Have you ever had Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash?

3) Is your ring size the same as your shoe size?

4) What are you going to dress up as for next Halloween?

5) Where do you think would be the best place in the world to spend New Year's Eve?

(no subject)

Hypothetically speaking: would you ever take a picture on your camera phone of yourself with your current so, person you're dating or talking to and send it to your ex?

edit: im just curious as to who would really do it
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(no subject)

1- The in-laws'll be here in an hour or two, should I leave out my pregnancy books (they dunno yet) and when they see them be all **SURPRISE!!**, or should I hide them like husband is pleading of me?
2- What's the last surprise you let loose on your family/friends/SO?
3- What's the last surprise someone unleashed upon YOU?

Thank you, Winamp!

So, what's the funniest genre of music you know of? Examples of bands/artists?


Have you seen "Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter"? "Night of the Lepus"?

If you had to have ONE part of your body enlarged three times it's actual size, what would it be? Internal organs are okay!
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(no subject)

I met a pretty good friend through work. We've been hanging out socially for the past couple of months. We talk about our personal lives and what not. Today, I found out that she's been ratting a mutual friend out to our boss (about coming in late, taking long lunches, etc.). I suspect she may have been ratting me out about some things, as well.

Would you attempt to separate work from the real world and still hang out with this person? Would you avoid them completely? Or would you tell them off about it?

Misc. questions

1. My bf is into metal. Death metal, regular metal, thrash, hardcore, old skool punk (okay, not technically metal, but same idea), etc. I am also into metal, just nowhere near as much as he is.

I want to get him something for Christmas that is metal-oriented. Concert tickets or something. No CDs as he's a computer geek and can get pretty much any album he wants off of the internet.

So do you guys know of any good metal bands touring as of right now?

Bands he digs: Vomitron, Slayer, Sepultura, Crowbar, Op Ivy, Meshuggah (who are touring with fucking Ministry next year, yay!), Lamb of God, Throwdown, Hatebreed, Pantera (no way they're touring, *sigh*). Etc.

Any ideas? Edit: We live in Maryland.

2. Do you know of any good, cheap Christmas presents that I can make? Preferably something like a good sugar cookie recipe and a creative way of wrapping said-cookies.

3. When was the best Christmas you ever had and why? What about the worst?

4. What do you think of Sean Taylor's death? Are you as sad about it as me?

5. Are you as disgusted as me about that whole Baby Grace story? What do you think should be the parents' punishments?

6. When I say that I am an editor, what comes to mind? What assumptions do you make about me or my personality?
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(no subject)

TQC,  should I go drinking tonight with my roommates or stay in to clean and do homework? [I don't have any classes tomorrow and I don't have work until noon]

What are your plans tonight?
Also, can you recommend some good movies that have to do with Buddhism? Thanks!

(no subject)

1)Your teacher hasn't shown up for at least half your classes; and sometimes doesn't even warn you. Should you report him to the dean? Will you lose class hours?

2)What's the weirdest free giveaway you've heard of?

Snucks is giving away free antibiotics in its pharmacy.

(no subject)

What is the dorkest thing you like?

TQC members who are parents, did your values and beliefs change once you had kids?

Do you care when someone takes you off their friends list?

Do you watch the news?

What are your dinner plans?
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Beast mode!

(no subject)

I hooked up my new DVD player and can now watch a DVD on the TV (instead of my computer) for the first time in almost a year! What should I watch first?

a. School House Rock

b. Love Actually

c. Friends (what season?)

d. Guys and Dolls

e. Something else...
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(no subject)

Do you have a crazy nickname??
Yes. Schloeosis.

How'd you get this nickname?
i had Scoliosis last year. Now I don't, but the name stuck.

What's the craziest nickname you've given to a friend?
Penguin Pants, to my friend who was wearing penguin pj pants on pj day.

(no subject)

Dear TQC,

What's the weirdest food you've ever eaten?

Here in Singapore, most of the food we eat can be considered weird.
For example, cubes of pig's blood, sea cucumbers (not a vegetable, but some slimy underwater sea slug.) And of course, the infamous durian, which smells like feet and cheese and has a custard-like consistency.

Luck, Irish, Clover

(no subject)

Gramps passed.

1. How do you deal with a family member who has died?

2. How have you dealt with it?

3. Can you make me feel better with a corny joke?
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(no subject)

inspired by moshimishi.

are you not sure what haircut/hairstyle works best with your face shape? do you want some suggestions to take to your hairdresser next time?

would you like me to help? POST A PICTURE, and i'll take care of the rest.

12:49pm ET -- done, better luck next time!

(no subject)

1. Do you have an internet routine? 
(For instance, when I get on, I log into myspace, check my messages, then log into lj, head on over to TQC, then check my email, and then my work email. It's usually the same every time).

2. What are some websites I can get into, in order to expand my boring internet routine?

3. I'm at work right now (I work in a music store). Open mic is going on outside. It sounds like it has now turned into a stand-up routine. Someone is talking and the audience is laughing. Should I go out and see what's going on, or stay inside, where it's warm and I have the computer?

4. What is your living situation? Can you post pictures of your house/bedroom? Please?

(no subject)

there's a family that can't afford presents for their i'm gonna get them some thigns and be thier Secret Santa..

but I need to know...
what the hell do I get????
what do kids that age like?

the kids are 11, 6, 2, 3, and 7 months...

there's 3 girls and 2 boys.

and I want to get the parents alittle something too...but what?


Pit Bull: Reindeer
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(no subject)

Dear TQC,

An old friend of mine is moving and we are planning to see each other before he leaves. We both had huuuuge 'things' (aka boners, and my female equivalent) for each other for a very long time, and haven't really seen each other since we stopped being horny for each other.

1. How do you think the day we hang out will go? And how will it end?

2. I'm really hungry, what should I snack on?

ETA: I have a boyfriend and he just got out of a 4 or something year relationship. How much more awkward will this add to our 'date'?

Band names

Inspired by the 'emo' post from shinga,

1. What's the worst named band you've ever heard of?
2. What's the most clever band name you've ever heard of?
3. Do you judge bands on their names before listening to them?
4. What does "U2" mean and why is Bono crazy?
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(no subject)

1. What's your favorite Kevin Spacey movie?
se7en & american beauty (I can't pick just one)

2. What's the most expensive Christmas gift you ever received?
probably a collection of pricey things. my grandma used to spend hundreds of dollars on me for Christmas when I was a kid, but I can't remember one really expensive thing.

3. What are your initials?

4. Do you watch Grey's Anatomy? If so, what are your thoughts on this season [season 4]?
I watch it & I wish the writers of the show would stop fucking with us. I'm kinda disappointed with this season. I'm tired of the Mer/Der thing but I still root for them to be together.

5. What's the worst band you've ever seen live?

(no subject)


I had a kitchen failure tonight and it's making me sad. :(

Earlier I took some chicken breasts and threw them in a glass dish in my oven with some (thawed) frozen spinach and some rice I'd cooked with chicken stock. I seasoned the chicken and threw in some garlic and baked it at 350 until it looked done.

It SMELLS good, like, garlic-y chicken-y casserole-y stuff... but it tastes kinda, blah.

WHAT DID I DO WRONG? Can I salvage it? IF SO, HOW?


-eta- THE CHICKEN IS OK ON ITS OWN, should I just toss the rice? :(

(no subject)

Have you ever wanted to ask a question but was afraid to because of the answers you'd get? What question is that?

For me, it's "What do you think of long-distance relationships?" (Bonus if you actually want to answer that.)

(no subject)

Poll #1096179 How many questions is too many in a morning/afternoon/night?

So, at what point do you scream, 'STOP WITH THE QUESTIONS!!!'?


EDIT : Sorry, not clear again, by the same person.
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That bagel question reminded me that I have no breakfast food because I haven't been shopping. What should I get for breakfast in the morning? Srs and non-srs answered welcomed. Srsly.
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