November 26th, 2007

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Help me choose a minor. I am open to anything. WWYD if you were a psych major with a required double major or minor?

Will you post the most recent picture you took? Or one from Thanksgiving/this weekend?
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I've been on the pill for like 5 years now. I won't be able to get it refilled for a while, and thus will be without it for a week. Now, besides the obvious side effect of being more likely to get pregnant, what other side effects can I expect from going off it for just a week? Will it really even matter?

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1) For those of you who speak/are some what familiar with spanish, how do you say turkey?
Pavo? Chompipe? Guajolote? Chumpe? Jolote?

2) Does it sound odd to you to hear it called something else?

3) If you have no interest in questions 1 & 2, what do you have an interest in?
regina [lupinskitty]

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Does anyone else use Skype to make overseas calls?

Do you use the free Skype to Skype calling or use it to call landlines/cell phones?

If you've been using it tonight, does the call quality completely suck?

Would I get better quality calls if I paid to call my parents' landline?

Alternatively, is there another good way to make super cheap international calls that would have better quality?
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To any TQC Nintendo Wii owners --

Is there a way to transfer a saved game from one Wii to another? I'm going to Vegas in a few weeks for work and want to play my Zelda file on my friend's Wii, but I'm not sure how. I have to option to bring my Wii with me, but I'd rather not travel with it.

Which brings me to... should I be concerned about my Wii going through the x-ray machine? My sister says she's worried it'll harm it, and I have no idea if it will or not.

This whole post sounded sexual in a very odd way.
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I am starting to think one of my best friends has feelings for my boyfriend.

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Should I confront her about her behaviour? Should I punch her in the face or talk to her in a nice, calm manner about it? Should I be telling her boyfriend about what she's doing?

Also, did you know that 'krikrikri' spell checks as 'gimcrackery'? Thoughts?
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Can you post pictures of the people you love and tell me little tidbits about them/your relationship with them?

I'm in the mood for some heartwarming stories and aww-worthy pictures.
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book recommendations, please

for all your copyeditors and proofreaders out there:

can you recommend a book or two that outlines a good introduction to copyediting/proofreading? i'd like to begin to teach myself. thanks in advance.
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ok it's 2:26 am and I still can't sleep.
sleeping pills are not an option at this point as I have to be up in 4 hours.

fuck is my favorite word tonight.

what's your favorite word?
why are you still up at this hour?
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I woke up at 3:00PM today, or I guess yesterday, and my entire body hurt insanely bad. Well, it still hurts, it actually feels worse. AND I have bruises all over my legs and I feel like I have a black eye, though there isn't a bruise or anything. Just the painy feeling. What the hell, TQC? Did I get into a fight with ninjas in my sleep?

Should I try to go to sleep now? I don't want to but I know I should. Hm...

Do you like birds? I dislike birds. They are too bony, with their tiny little...bones. And they can flap in your face if they really wanted to.

I have like, the reverse of seasonal effective disorder. Feel terrible in the summer, over the top during winter. Is my brain confused?

What the hell am I talking about?

College, random

I read an article about why kids drop out of college, and one of the reasons was that the work was way too hard. High school didn't prepare the kids and it was just too overwhelming. A girl left a comment saying that she took all AP classes in high school and college was still too hard for her.

1) So, for those of you who are in college, do you think you were prepared, was it significantly harder than high school or is it really completely overwhelming?

2) Is it stupid to major in something that you're just okay at, rather than really good at? Would I be setting myself up for failure?

For example, I've pretty much made up my mind that I want to go for science (conservation biology, wildlife conservation, biology... one of those. Haha.) They always say you need a strong math and science background. Math- I'm pretty pathetic at. I have the basics down but other than that, it's really challenging. I've decided on science because it's what I'm most interested in, but I'm afraid I'll end up surrounded by a bunch of science geniuses while I barely get by. I know I could easily major in English and fly right through, but I just don't want to.

3) (for those of you who don't care about the above)
If you could have something weird in a house that you built, what would it be?

I'd want a room with a ceiling that was actually a huge fish tank, so I could watch them swim around. I'm sure someone has that, but whatever.
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When did the cool kids start saying Internets/z instead of Intarweb?

If you're married, does all your stuff become communal property, or do you still feel like your things are exclusively yours? I don't mean legally, I mean, "Please ask me before you use my towel/notebook/mp3 player?" Would this happen maybe with only very special, significant items? Unmarried people are welcome to weigh in as well.

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Does anyone remember a children's book about a dinosaur who makes some sort of peanut butter snack thing and there's a recipe in the book?

I'm pretty sure my memory isn't fabricating this, but maybe.
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1- Would you like to buy me a renaming token for my LJ?
2- What colour is the sky right now?
3- Have you ever wished something bad would happen to someone, and then actually had it (or something very similar) happen to them? How did you feel?
4- What's the last thing online to make you sad?
5- How the hell can people stand to chew on ginger pieces? :(

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Do you have a "phone voice"? If so, how does it differ from your normal voice?

Do you consider something 'paid' once you write a check for it, even if you never mail the check?

Why does my job suck so much? :(

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Have you ever dated a co-worker?  If so, was it someone above you in rank?  Was it a place that wasn't an office - more like a retail job?  How did that go for you?

I haven't gone to my psych class for eight billion years.  When you were a senior in high school, were you afflicted by senioritis?  Was your case mild, moderate, or severe?

Does your toast always fall butter/jam side down?

Because everybody likes polls about people's user icons

Which one of my icons is your favorite?

This one, of me in a polar bear costume caught in a snowstorm
This one, of the world's most microscopic bible
This one, of myself in a white tux, surprised by sudden highbeams
This one, of a trippy reverse negative of a starless night
This one, of an albino Klansman dogpaddling through a huge drum of white paint


During the depression you could buy a house from the sears catalog and they'd send it to you somehow. Is this still possible? If so can you link me to them? I looked but didn't find anything.

Will you show me a picture of YOUR house from the outside?

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Shit, I forgot what I was going to ask, TQC! - it was kind of important and something I needed help with.  I'm going to leave to go to the store, and then I'll probably remember because that's how it seems to work these days.

Please help me jog the tired, faulty memory -
What is it I was going to ask? 
If anyone succeeds in helping me remember, I swear there will be a prize or nice thank you present in it for you!
edit: *I remembered!! - small yay for me! 
(I will remember I owe tbone some form of salutation for his fine efforts.)

My dad is the type to get himself anything he truly wants the minute he sees it - makes him rather hard to shop for.
Often we're left resorting to yummy food - steaks or cheesecake are two of his favorites.  So in your personal experience, is Omaha Steaks the best for beef, or who is better and why?  Also, if you have ordered specialty desserts, who is the best company you went through to do that, both as far as price and deliciousness?

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tobacco companies have persisted in a 'very deceptive marketing practice' regarding 'light' cigarettes

tqc, are you a smoker?
if so, how long have you been smoking? and why haven't you quit?

do you think that marketing cigarettes as 'light' or 'ultra light', knowing that people who smoke them compensate by taking bigger puffs or inhaling deeper is deceptive, or does tobacco companies' acknowledgment of the fact that 'light' cigarettes aren't 'light' in any meaningful way get them off the hook?

and while i'm thinking about it, how do you feel about "fat free" foods that are less healthy than their "normal" counterparts due to increased usage of highly processed sugars?
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Have you done something really stupid lately?

I bumped my head at work yesterday really, really hard. I was putting my bag on a shelf, under a staircase and leaned up really fast. I had tears in my eyes and my head started bleeding and my co-worker was like "Shit, are you alright?" when I walked out wiping blood from my head. My reply was "If I faint, tell the ambulance man I hit my head".

Book question

Does anyone remember a children's book from several years ago that's about some kids in some European country during WW2. They ride their sleds a lot and somehow they get involved in smuggling some gold out of their town right under the Nazis' noses... they put them on their sleds, cover them up with a blanket or something, and pretend like they're sled riding for fun. What freakin' book is that?!

All I remember is my copy was purple and had a picture of a kid sledding down a hill. Or something like that.

Thanks in advance, y'all. :)
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In the Glass Menagerie, does Williams ever mention how the father died? I need to write an eight page prequel or sequel, and I'm just not sure how to do it other than possibly doing a prequel about how the kids' dad died.   
tiger on your couch

Running in the Cold

Question for the runners out there: What is the best way to dress for running road races in the cold?

Obviously pants/headband/breathable gloves etc., but is there anything I can wear or put over my mouth so I'm not sucking in freezing air while running? Any specific type of layering that is best? I have never run for long outside in the cold before and don't want to give up after the first mile because I'm a wussy cold person.

For other people: Does it annoy you when city traffic and roads are blocked because of run/walk charity events? In my experience, some people are really damm rude to runners on the roads.
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1. do you work overtime sometimes?
2. are you paid for your overtime work? if you weren't paid would you still work overtime?

my boss is weird and this morning she was saying how the competition works on saturdays and sundays during crunch time. hinting that i should too. we do not get paid for working overtime. nor do we get time off for it. there's no sort of recognition for the extra effort. i have many times worked on saturdays AND sundays but then its like it doesn't matter. she's talking to me today like i've never stayed after work (i'm supposed to leave at 4:30 but i'm always leaving much later than that). i dunno that shit just rubbed me the wrong way. i do not have a problem with working overtime (and i will stay in later because this project needs to get done, i just hate the way she acted like i don't ever do it, and the fact that there's no recognition what so ever. *ugh and as usual i couldn't verbalise any of this at the time :(

3. oh TQC what would you do!?
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Everytime one of my roommates takes a shower, she shuts the shower curtain, and I always have to make sure no one is dead in the shower or hung themselves before I can pee. So anyway, I was thinking...Our school has this deal where if your roommate kills themselves in your dorm, you get to move to a sweet ass dorm, and you don't have to pay for the next semester, or you get the current one refunded. My very twisted questions based on this are....

1. If you were going to kill yourself, would you do it in your dorm so your roommates would get to move, and get better housing? Why or why not?

And for those of you who are just going to say ' I will never kill myself so whatever '....
2. For my interview at the university bookstore, should I wear:
a. Black jeans and a polo
b. khakis and a polo
c. khakis and a button up blouse (black)
d. black pants and a polo
e. black pants and a button up blouse (black)
f.  khakis and a polo with a grey V neck sweater over it
g. other besides naked
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Okay, I saw this Felix the Cat movie when I was little and never heard of it again. I have no idea what it's called, but I think it stats off with Felix opening his bag of tricks and water comes flooding out and sweeps him away. And there's a princess in a bubble who dances and performs for a circus and he has to rescue her. I can't remember much else from the movie anymore and I can't find anyone who knows what I'm talking about. Do you know this movie?

I think I found it. Felix the Cat: The Movie. And it's on YouTube! :D

Arch Rock Mack Island
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Deep thinking?

What are you doing to change the world?

What is an issue near and dear to your heart?

If you could get people to understand one thing about that issue, what would it be?

I don't really know what I'm doing, but the fact that Indiana consistently has more than 52 children die each year from abuse eats away at my heart. Just think, at least one child a week dies here at the hands of someone who is supposed to be protecting him or her.

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TQC, if you cook pasta and then refrigerate it, how long do you think it'll stay good for? I only ask because I have a thing of leftover pasta (no sauce, just the pasta) that's been in there for almost a week. Should I still eat it?

I'm thinking yes, but that's why I'm asking you.

How much television would you say you watch in an average day? *By "television," I mean not only network & cable TV, but DVD movies, DVDs of TV shows, movies and shows you download, and online movies and episodes of shows.*

I watch probably half an hour to an hour on average. I spend most of the day writing papers/theses, and I like to fire up an episode of South Park or the West Wing to relax before I go to bed.

Haterade anyone?

What would be the flouciest question?
What would be the biggest troll question?
What is the most annoying holiday music on earth? Collapse )
Why does my cat hack up hairballs on the rug and not on an easy to clean surface?
What would be a good hairball remedy for my cat?
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What's the last thing that you either said/thought or did that you know was just wrong on your behalf? A customer just walked in right now and eh.. i couldn't help but think to myself 'that's unfortunate' i know that was wrong of me :(
i say, old bean

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inspired by last weeks episode of Nip/Tuck....
would you help someone fulfill their fantasy?

what if their fantasy was them injecting their body with drugs, laying in a tub of ice and water and then being fucked back to life?

does that at all remind anyone else of titanic?

will you EVER let go?

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I interviewed for a job at The Gap for the holidays. Nothing major, just weekends and a couple of nights a week. I thought I had done just fine in the interview, but apparently not, as the girl who interviewed me let me know that they wouldn't need me. I would have been fine with that, had my friend not gone in there this morning and been asked by someone if she'd like to "make a little cash" this month. So, my question is what the fuck?

How does one screw up an interview for something as silly as a holiday job at The Gap? All this girl asked me was what do I do, how well do I work with people, and a bunch of other inane crap that I'd suspect they ask at every interview. Did she just immediately dislike me or did I perhaps give of some sort of a vibe that made her think I was incapable of properly folding sweaters?

EDIT: Before there is another comment about my attitude: I was very very nice to this girl and I did indeed want the job. I told her more than once how often I shopped there and how much I like their clothes. I have a right to be bitter now, though.
Hard to Forget
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Is there any kind of legal action I could take against a hospital/clinic over losing my medical files?

ETA: Even for something like emotional distress … or something?


1. in the past month, what have you spent the most money on, other than bills? after looking at my bank account online, my answer is eating out/bar...this is almost always the case.

2. how much do you pay on average for a beer or mixed drink in your town? here in metro detroit, i would say on average, $3 for a bottle/pint of beer, or $4-5 for a mixed drink.

3. do you think $750 is a high or low price for a decent laptop? i'm looking at a dell with 2GB memory and 160GB hard drive, and an intel core 2 duo processor.

4. what does gas cost in your town right now? metro detroit, about $3.05

5. if you had to get rid of ONE monthly payment that you currently make in order to make ends meet, what would it be? i would have to say cable tv (not internet though). i would pick the gas bill but it gets pretty damn cold in michigan.

LJ friends questions

1. If you ask to friend someone and they say yes, do you expect them to add you back?

2. If you answered yes, do you keep "non-mutual" friends on you f-list?

3. Do you have difficulty asking people to be LJ friends?

In honor of electrelux who took the plunge of asking to friend someone, I declare this post to be a friend-adding extravaganza, where you can ask anyone to be your friend!

suzermagoozer and cottonmanifesto, can I friend you?

(See? If I can do it, SO CAN YOU!)

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1. What is your favourite summery salad recipe? I just made a really great salad with corn, avocado and kidney beans and I wanted some more new ideas :)
2. What movie should I watch this afternoon?
3. What made you feel the most satisfied lately? I signed out of school last week and it was awesome. Also K-Rudd winning the election.
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 Do you consider age a bad thing? Why or why not? 


Woah, did I just enter the twilight zone or what? Age being bad seems everyone is all "Oh I"m getting older, don't remind me!" or how people say "I'm getting SO OLD" as if it's a curse. And how you don't ask people their age because it's rude. Hope that makes the question a bit clearer.
archer / pam.
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TQC, what's your favourite holiday movie?

EDIT: Does anyone remember a movie called The Bestest Present? I think it was a movie based on the comic For Better or for Worse about a girl who loses her favourite toy bunny. It was the one movie I watched every year and nobody else seems to remember it existing.

Why do I always type TCQ first?
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Poll #1095342 MENSES

Do you freebleed?

Yes, and I use my blood for artwork.
I am a freebleeding sympathizer.
I do not know what it is.
I think this is disgusting and I h8u.
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1. My two year phone plan is up and I'm considering getting the BlackBerry Pearl. Anybody have it?
If so, what do you think of it? Good choice?

2. If you don't (and even if you do) how do you like your coffee beverages? Flavor shots y/n?

(no subject)

If you work (with other people) - 
1/ Who is your favorite person at work and why?
2/ Who is your least favorite person at work and why?

Sorry about my age question by the way - you know me and my infamous knack for saying things all weird. I guess what I meant was are you one of those people who is all down about getting older and how you don't want to be reminded of it and all that jazz.

(no subject)

What kind of food makes you think of the holidays and why?
Caramel popcorn, because my family always buys those huge tins of different kinds of popcorn around this time of year and my favorite was caramel.

Does your pet get upset if they hear a baby (whatever they are) crying? How would they react if you played a clip of that sound?
My cats started crying and looking around the room and got visibly upset. My dogs did the same thing.

(no subject)

Paging Dr LJ
I've had a fever for over a week and I keep getting dizzy and feeling like I'm going to pass out when standing. I feel okay for the first hour or two when I wake up and then it goes downhill from there. Should I go to the doctors or wait this one out?
popular farmers
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Do you remember the show Popular?
Did you watch it way back when it just started airing on the WB, or the reruns on the Family Channel, or other? I watched it way back when, i only now found out about the reruns, which explains a lot to me now (I don't have TV anymore, haven't for a while).
I just got Season Two out of the library so i am going to finish it, as i didn't see a lot of the episodes.
Do you want to talk about it? I do. Don't worry about spoilers for me, i already saw a lot of spoilers from lurking the internets about it.
I recently realized that it was really a brilliant sociological experiment, so i am out of the closet about liking it. Do you agree with this theory?
Anything else?

Have you seen Wristcutters: A Love Story? Leslie Bibb from Popular is in it.
It is based on stories by Etgar Keret. Have you read them? I just got them out of the library.
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Inspired by this.. what's something (as small as it might be) that you do while you drive that you know you shouldn't be doing?

i text.. while i drive, sometimes. i don't look at the keypad though, i just hold it up to my steering wheel :\ and it's never nothing like majorly long or anything. don't hate me sinkopayshun!

TQC ladies.. when's the last time you had a gyno appointment?

TQC men.. when's the last time you got your junk checked out?
*betty draper reading


Why are my fingers sore today?

too much masturbation
too much internets
too much twisting my hair
it's the weather
i'm getting old
maybe it's DIABEETUS
too much ticky
not enough ticky
not enough booze
ha ha

(no subject)

What has been the biggest blow you've ever had to your self-esteem? What do you do to make yourself feel better when your self-esteem is low?

Have you ever been on an alternative spring break or vacation? How was the experience?
Edit: An alternative spring break or vacation from what I get is when you volunteer through some organization to help those in need in different part of the country or world for about a week or so. Sorry I wasn't more clear.

What is the worst day out of the week for you?
me - with gun
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(no subject)

1. What would your favorite movie be like if your least favorite director had been in charge of it?

2. What would your favorite book be like if your least favorite author wrote it?

3. What about the opposite? What would your least favorite movie be like if your favorite director were in charge of it?

4. Least favorite book and favorite author?

If you're like me and have several favorites/least favorites... just pick one
des thinks jack's a cry baby
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(no subject)

I know nobody really needs to know boobs hurt.

How can I fix this issue?

I have tried every remedy I know excluding a frozen bag of peas because really...who can tolerate frozen peas up against their tits?

(no subject)

Poll #1095420 Based on a dream I had last night....

You got distracted by the promise of money and didn't read the small print. Too late to back out of it. You grit your teeth and fulfill your contractual obligations by having sex with:

a bull.(They have a system so you can't be impaled by length, but girth is still an issue.)
Rush Limbaugh.

*shakes fist at brain*
Space Pope

(no subject)

A lady I work with is pregnant and is due like in a week. I am praying that her water doesn't break at the office, cause that would be gross and I would probably get stuck cleaning it up.

What is something you really don't want to happen?

Also, Do you have your Christmas tree up yet?
Hiromasa -- Gourd


Poll #1095400 The great SEX SEX SEX poll!

Have you ever had sex?

Yes, at least once
No, never

IF YOU HAVE, how was your first time compared to your expectations?

WAY BETTER than I expected!
A bit better than I expected
Pretty much as I expected
Not quite as good as I expected
MUCH WORSE than I expected!

IF YOU HAVE NOT, what do you expect your first time to be like?

I expect it's going to be AWESOME
I expect it's going to be pretty good
I expect it's going to be kind of okay
I expect it's not going to be very much fun
I expect it's going to be awful

How do you identify?

Straight male/transman
Straight female/transwoman
Bi male/transman
Bi female/transwoman
Gay male/transman
Gay female/transwoman
Asexual male/transman
Asexual female/transwoman
Other (please explain in comments)

And lastly, who was your first experience with?

A male/transman
A female/transwoman

Also, thoughts in general? Funny stories? Flames?
hannibal skull


Does anyone here follow the CFL? (Canadian Football League)
Anyone thrilled that the Saskatchewan Rough Riders won the Grey Cup for the first time in 18 years?
(links go to information about the team and the game, for those linkophobes)

For non-Canucks/non-Saskatchewanites, did anyone know that Rough Rider was/is the name of a condom in Australia? It might be in other places, but I know that it is/was popular in Australia.
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(no subject)

I just bought a PS3 and Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare but I can't figure out how to play split screen for online multiplayer. I have two controllers but it only lets one person join at one time per game. Help?
Arch Rock Mack Island
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What do YOU know??

Will you tell me a fact? It can be about anything and if you can, please tell me where your fact came from.

Mine came from UNICEF. A child dies from Malaria every 30 seconds in Africa. In the time it took me to come up with this post, a child has died from a largely preventable disease. Shocking!

(no subject)

Internet- edited for clarity. I probably have something gross like strep throat- red tongue, prickly feeling, sore throat. But I have a dentist appointment on thursday, and don't think I can wait the three hours in the doctor's office til friday. What should I say to the dentist?

(no subject)

A few of my classes have policies on late assignments. One docks 5% off the mark for every day the assignment is late, including weekends (unless you've got a very good excuse and a doctor's note).

At what point would you consider it pointless to hand in a minor assignment? What about a major assignment?

If you could go to a class on anything at all, what would it be?
Misc: Babies
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(no subject)

I want to start a baby rental agency. It will allow people to have a child for as long as they want, with no worries about getting bored and regretting it, no 9 months of pregnancy, and no labor. You can also test drive the children, so to speak. Not sure if you can handle one? Rent it for a week and see! I might join the agency with my cookie factory, so you can pick up a fresh child and some fresh delicious cookies!

1. What should I name it?
2. How much should I charge per age-group? I'm thinking the groups will be: 0 months - 2 years, 3 years - 6 years, 7 years - 14 years, and then 15 years - 18 years. There will also be the option to buy a baby after a minimum of one week test driving. How much should that be?
3. Should I offer cheaper rates over time? Example: someone gets one child for two weeks and pays $50 per day, another person gets a child of the same age for a month and pays $35 a day.
4. Will this be a haven for pedophiles?
5. Would you make use of such a service? I need to see if there is enough demand for this before I invest time and resources into such a big endeavor.
6. Is there any advice you have for me before I start my agency?
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If you were planning a rockstar-themed party, what aspects of the rockstar lifestyle would you include? How would you incorporate them into the party? Copious amounts of booze is a given, offering "coke" that's really pixie stix, etc..?

(no subject)

Pretend you step outside and find a box on your porch. It's an anonymous holiday present! When you look down at it, what is the first thing that you would guess it is? Who would you think it is from?

As you stare more at the mysterious gift, your imagination runs wild as you realize it could be ANYTHING from ANYONE. What would you want it to be? Who would you want it to be from?
B&J -- bored
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Is there a band that you like despite the lead singer? What band is it?

Today I heard Modest Mouse's Missed the Bus on the radio and it occurred to me that, if asked, I'll say that I don't like them because the lead singer's voice annoys me. But in reality, I think they've got some good songs.

Collapse )

(no subject)

What does it take to become well-known in the world of livejournal?

It's weird to me how all of the sudden people can be A HUGE DEAL just from the stuff they post on the internet. I find it fascinating.

Can you tell me about a way that the internet has affected you in real life?
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mona marx

(no subject)

- when would be a good time to send my christmas cards out (i don't have them or anything, i just wanna be prepared... like a scout of sorts... a christmas scout.)

- did fuckedupnow end up killing him/herself? i slept instead of watching the wank.

- how often do you check your mail? compulsivley? never?

- do your siblings say/do things that make you wonder how you could have been raised by the same people? (my little sister just said "chillax")
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Family Guy - long time ago

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1. Is there anything more irritating than a hole in your sock right on the big toe?

2. I have my Christmas presents mostly figured out but am coming up with a blank for my dad and two nephews. Dad is, well, as hard to buy for as any dad, one nephew is almost 16 and one is turning 19. Any ideas?

3. I bought a shiny lime green pencil skirt the other day (no really, it's hot). What can I wear it with except for black, without looking like a clown?

4. Chicken or turkey?

5. Why am I so frakking amped?
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TQC, I have a dry socket from my wisdom tooth removal, and i have to keep a heating pad on it for the next week, thus garnering funny looks from the majority of my classmates.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen someone do in a classroom?
Did anyone (including the teacher) say anything to them?
How can I make myself less conspicuous?

how you know YOURSELF? muahaha

I tried this as a poll, but it was too large, so we'll use cuts instead.


Will you please pick the one following description that fits you best?


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what did yo' momma make ya?

Pisces (Feb 20-March 20)
Aquarius (Jan 21-Feb 19)
Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20)
Sagittarius (Nov 23-Dec 21)

Scorpio (Oct 24-Nov 22)
Libra (Sept 23-Oct 23)
Virgo (Aug 24-Sept 22)
Leo (July 24-Aug 23)

Cancer (June 24-July 23)
Gemini (May 22-June 23)
Taurus (April 21-May 21)
Aries (March 21 - April 20)

So, can you match up the zodiac signs with their stereotypical behavior?

EDIT: if anyone is curious, I'll post the personality descriptions with the correct zodiac signs in tqc_updates


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Honestly, on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your physical attractiveness?

0 - I look like I was pooped out
5 - nothing ugly about me but not an ounce of pretty either
10 - The most attractive I have ever seen

How about compared to the members of TQC?


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1) where can I acquire a cheap desk chair (with arm rests plz <3) for under 30 bucks? I've looked everywhere- Ikea, Target, Staples, and Office Depot.

2) Have you ever dissected a squid?

3) Doesn't Frank Sinatra make you think of christmas?

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What do you think of people who use big words seemingly for the sole purpose of showing off their vocabularies? Should they get off their high horse? Or, God forbid they show a smidgen of intelligence?

I only ask because there's a guy in one of my classes who insists on using the biggest words possible in his writing. I'm going through his essay, and it looks like he's done the "find synonyms" thing on Word and grabbed the longest one there, over and over and over.

Which, in my opinion, makes him look like a pretentious douche who's hellbent on proving himself as the smartest guy in class.

What do you think, TQC?

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Has anyone ever broken in to your house?

Have you ever thought someone broke in to your house because things were moved around?

Am I going crazy or was there really someone in my apartment today while I was gone?

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is half the charm of TQC snark?

do you love my new holiday icon? yes oorrrrrr yes?


girls- when you run up stairs/run in general do you hold your boobs to stop them from bouncing all over the place?

boys- when you run up stairs/run in general do you hold your peen to stop it from bouncing all over the place?

software stuff

I need to reinstall my XP... I kind of left my CD for HP back at my parents place across the globe. And it's probably lost in the midst of all software CDs in a big box somewhere in the house. But I have the CD for a Dell laptop with me. It's the same version XP but it's for Dell. Does that mean I can't use it for my HP?

One is the loneliest number

TQC, I'm in love with my best friend, and it's mutual However, it isn't going to go anywhere.  So I am contemplating my singleness tonight. Will you fill out this poll for me?  FYI, this isn't a pity post, I'm happy being single, actually, which is one reason the relationship isn't moving forward.

Poll #1095652 Mateless

How do you view your relationship status?

Single and lovin' it!
Single, but looking. Might be lonely?
Attached and happy with it
Attached but wish you were single?
A choice that I missed? Explain in comments?
For clarification, single here means no committed relationships. You can still date and be single!

Ah, fuck it, sorry the poll got broken....I'd delete, but you guys would yell at me.
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I GOT A CHRISTMAS PRESENT IN THE MAIL TODAY! I'm pretty sure I know what it is, and it's something I really want and could use. Should I open it now or wait until closer to Christmas?

(I won't be opening on Christmas because I'm going away and ain't dragging it with me, so it'll still be opened before Christmas.)


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Picture this, TQC.

It's Monday. It's been a Monday. Right down to the backspace key sticking and deleting a whole chunk of your post. *fnarr*

You sit in front of the computer with the cold frosty beverage of your choice, start up iTunes, and start playing... What?

I've been listening to Abba and The Bee Gees all evening. Did the trick. Nothing like nicely blended harmonies to a beat you can dance to...
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what do you like about yourself?
do you LOVE anything about yourself?

what do you dislike about yourself?
do you HATE anything about yourself?

what are your best features?
worst features?
do you like more things than you dislike?
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Christmas cards

Even though I'm Jewish, I like to send and receive Christmas cards. As a thirtysomething yuppie, my friends are all too hip to participate. What can I do? Are there Christmas-card communities and stuff? My searches turned up zilch. christmascard, for example, is dead.

"Holiday" cards are acceptable too. ;)

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Why is it that at my college, in the academic building bathrooms there are toilet seat covers, but in the dorm bathrooms there aren't? Is it like....we live in the same building, so who cares if our asses touch the same surface?

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1. I have bit my tongue in the same spot 3 times today, by sneezing. I've tried not to but because it's so swollen from the first 2 times, I just did it again. it bled a little bit. have you ever bit your tongue so hard it started bleeding?

2. I'm really sick :(. my god daughter passed her cold onto me. when was the last time you were really sick? who made you sick?

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I would like to go to Tournament C.

In order to attend Tournament C, it is required that I go to either Tournament A or Tournament B.
- Tournament A is the entire weekend after my sixteenth birthday (which falls on a wed) and the forms were due today. I can try to email someone and try to get it in tonight; or turn them in late. The location is not near where I live, but many friends are going and I can probably find a carpool.

- Tournament B is close to where I live. However, the date of Tournament B is a fundraiser that I am required to attend. I would be able to leave the fundraiser, earliest, at 7:00. I do not know yet when Tournament B will start. Few friends of mine are in attendance.

2.) I'm turning sixteen next week. What kind of jobs did you have around my age? Which were the best? Any recommendations? I hate kids, love reading, violin, and general tech dorkiness. :D
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About how much time do you spend on Live journal daily?

What is your formal job title?

How much money was in your last paycheck?

What do you do when you're as bored as I am right now?