November 25th, 2007

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Do you think annie defranco is the most underrated artist of her generation?
Or do you think if she was more popular it would kill it?

edit: apparently I'm really pretty stupid, it's "ani difranco" not "annie defranco" as I originally stated. I appologize.

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Serious debate my friends and I are having:

Aliens drop from the sky and without having any idea as to what their history or intentions are beyond exploration and a desire born of curiosity to make contact with another sentient race, and any knowledge of their life or culture beyond same basic necessities as humanoid species (food, breathable atmosphere, hydration, shelter, etc.) the world governments opt to make an offer of some kind of resource, technology or other items as a gesture of good will.

What would you pick?

I say beef cattle. They're easy to feed and raise, and branch theory of evolution guarantees that they are unique to our planet but are pretty adaptable and have a plastic genome, and probably would fit the protein needs of another similar humanoid species. But then again I'm largely of the opinion that you can make peace with food, and really is there nothing more Earthling than a big ole hamburger and fries? Welcome to Earth, home of the Whopper, I say.

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How woudl YOU react to this situation?

You're in a hostel, in a private room.  (it's one double bed, only one lock on the door.  You're on the fourth floor and in a way hidden corner room. The only way into the hostel after 10pm is a fob key.  The doors are actual lock and key, not swipe cards.  The elevators also use the fob keys.)

It's 4.45am.  You're in bed with your boyfriend, when someone uses what sounds like a key to get into your room.  The door opens wide and there's a young male (whiteish, blonde curly hair) .  He looks suprised to see people there, and quickly closes the door and runs away.

What would you do?  What would you expect your S/O to do?

Would you expect some sort of compensasion from the hotel?  (Ignore the spelling here, I'm fucking tired)

Would you be able to sleep the next night?

This happened to me last night.  New Zealand's been great, but damn.  the boyfriend did nothing, and I went down to talk to security (two large Maori guys).  They searched the area, and asked if there was someone else in the room with me.  I went back to bed because I was exhausted (I had been swimming all day).  The next morning I asked the front desk what the fuck that was, and was brushed off until they realized I was in a private room, not a dorm.  I was then told that this guys had checked in late (around 4am) without photo ID.  Only a weird police report that his passport had been stolen.  He took his fob key, and went from reception (floor 3) to the next floor (level 4).  This is where he started picking locks.  I guess secruity caught him and he was kicked out.  No police were called, and I was given an answer until I demanded one.  There was nothing really "done" for me.  I cannot fucking sleep right now for the life of me :(
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Dance dance dance off pants off

So I'm a tiny bit drunk. Maybe tipsy. But I want to be more so. I've had this keg for 20 days. It says it's good for 30. It's a little flat, but other than that it's okay. Should I go for it and drink it anyway?


 Um...Eggos or homemade waffles?

Do you like to The Doors?

I do. It reminds me of my friend who is way too into drugs. Oh her...

What site should I go on? I'm bored.

Should I call a friend and annoy them?
how funky is your chicken?

Chase Credit Cards

So, my boyfriend asked me to help him notify as many people as possible that Chase credit cards are going to hell in a hand basket. He got a notice in the mail and called Chase right away, and then wrote this:

    "To anyone that has a Chase credit card be sure to keep an eye out in the mail. I received a Change in Terms Notice today that says they are going to more than double my interest rate from 7.99% to 16.74%.

    They give you an OPT OUT option, but doing so will close your credit account with them. You will be responsible for paying off your balance at your current rate. There is one catch, even if you OPT OUT over the phone they still need to receive a letter from you by December 19, 2007 otherwise even your closed account will be charged the new rate of 16.74%.

    If you are already paying a higher interest rate with them it will not go down. This change only effects those with an interest rate lower than 16.74%.

    It amazes me how these credit card companies are screwing people. There are many people that are not going to even look at these notices and by the December 19, 2007 deadline will be paying a ridiculous APR with no hope of making it lower.

    I hope by me notifying people will help some of you out."

I was under the impression that 7% was incredibly low for an APR. What are the rates for some of your credit cards? Anyone helped by this info?
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Dude, elephants.

Have you ever heard the phrase "elephant in the room?"

Have you been in a situation like that recently?

What was it?

Did it drive you crazy?

(The way I understand it is that it means there's something that everybody knows but nobody is talking about, like if there was an elephant in the room but nobody will admit it's there).
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Dave Gahan sweat

quick $$$

i was made an offer i couldn't refuse for something awesome...but, its about $230 and i would need the $ in the next 14 days.

suggestions on how to make $230 in 14 days? they can be LOL or not, crazy or not.

what have you done to make quick $$$?
the kiddos

a couple

1: Why would a truck horn randomly go off in the middle of a (frigid) night? My husband's just started going off 15 minutes ago, not the alarm but the horn, and I remember an old beat up truck where I used to live would do the same. (97 dodge ram by the way)

2: Could I ship these oreo truffles that contain cream cheese halfway across the country in a week or so or would the cream cheese make them go bad and give my grandma food poisoning?
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What are your best cures (temporary or long term) for nausea? Pregnancy related or otherwise, though of course I am in dire need of pregnancy related ones the most. :(

ETA: Looks like I'm gonna be stocking up on crackers and ginger things. Thanks all. :)
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1. I got a tattoo last night, and left my A&D ointment at home (I'm at my mom's house now, about 30 miles away, far away from the grocery store). I have some petrolium jelly, can I use that instead? (PS, this is my third tattoo, but this problem has never come up before.) I'd post this in a tattoo community, but I find for the most part they are pretty inactive.

2. If you regularly share a bed with a SO, how do you sleep? Touching? Spooning? On seperate sides, not touching? Did you do this in the beginning of the relationship, or has it evolved into that?
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Why is it that I couldn't go to the family Thanksgiving due to my being very sick, no one has bothered to ask how I am? Let alone reply to my happy Thanksgiving email? I mean, wouldn't you respond to someone in your family who was very sick? at least to ask how they were? man, I'm tired of my shitty family.
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How do you pronounce the word "fire?" Is it a one syllable "fiahr" or a two syllable "fie-er"?
Where (including region, if you're from the US) are you from?

I say fie-er, but I've noticed on the news a lot of people say fiahr. I grew up in Phoenix, but now I live in a Poh Dunk in CO.
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What do you guys think of the new Nerf Longshot?

Any thoughts on how it might be affecting minors?

Do you think Nerf will come under fire for this 'realistic' weapon?

Or will video games still prevail, and Nerf's attempt to draw kids outside fail miserably? Even though it looks really cool when Collapse )
me - with gun
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1. What is your favorite position to sleep in?

2. What is your favorite position to sleep in with that ~*~some one special~*~?

3. Have you seen Beowulf? Did you LOL as much as I did?

4. What website irritates you the most when it isn't working?

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If your best friend of seven years (who lives far away) just stops speaking to you, should you let it go, try to contact her, or blame it all on her guilty conscience because she probably slept with your sexy supervisor while she was visiting?

Non-serious responses welcomed.  I'm pretty pissed.


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I have some home movies on my computer that are mpeg format. I want to make a dvd with them for my sister for Christmas. However, I don't have a dvd burner. Is there a website where I can send them my videos, they make the dvd for me and I then order it?

I googled and can't find what I'm looking for.

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Can you change your passport photo? I got mine taken last year & I don't look like that anymore and really want to change it. I have no idea if you can or not. If you can how much does it cost to get it re done?

some totally random q's

1. If a person is brought up speaking both Spanish and English in equal amounts and equally fluently, which language do they think in?

You are walking on the beach when suddenly you find a genie lamp. You rub it, and out pops the genie. He proclaims that he is so thankful to you for letting him out after thousands of years that he gives you three wishes. What do you think he did with his time while he was in there?

Have you ever passed out on the bathroom floor? Details?

How old will you be in 2021?

Collapse )

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What's the first song or band you remember hearing?

My first memory is watching Hanson perform on Hey Hey It's Saturday (old Australian TV show). I don't remember how old I was, probably about 6 or 7.

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My computer logged itself off for updates while I was making myself breakfast. I forgot to enable auto-recover when my husband downloaded the program into my computer. So now I am missing more than half of the paper I was working on. I was one paragraph away from completion and I don't recall all the details that are in those missing pages. Am I screwed Y/Y?
What seemingly trivial things has left you disapointed and seething recently?
When was the last time you were in a one-sided fight? Where you on the giving or recieving end of it?
What book would you not recommend people to read? What book is your least favorite? Why?

Is this flaky?

I met this guy at a conference where all the colleges in the area that has this club come together. The conference took place at a camp. Anyway, we talked until 4am, and the day we left, he left me a note saying, "Honestly NOT the last time I will see you. (phone, dorm address, myspace, facebook)"

He said to me, "You're going to call me, right?" And I replied, "Uh...yeah." He could tell that I was hesitating and said, "I'm not pressuring you or anything. I think it'll be cool if I could take you to a party or we could hang out." And I nodded. Re

The thing is, would it be flaky for me to not call? I never initiate, and although I do like this guy, I don't feel comfortable calling because I'm very sure that it will be awkward. I hate using the phone. Is it okay to not call? He did email me, then I emailed him back, and he emailed back, and I was the last to email. He hasn't emailed me back in like 2 weeks. I'm worried about keeping my word and how it'll be flaky. I don't mind if I don't see him again. 

Oh, and I'll see him again at the next conference in Februrary.
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

table manners

When you go out to eat, do you put the napkin on your lap or do you just leave it on the table?

What do you think of someone that doesn't put the napkin on their lap?
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 I've ditched my psychology class for the past month and a half every day.  I now have a 53% F.  Last quarter I had an 83% B.  I need to pass with a D to get the required credits.  Therefore...

Will the two grades average out to a D if the F gets any lower (let's say, ten to twenty percent)?  If so, should I still go to the last ten classes before semester end?

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How did your partner propose


How do you want your partner to propose?

What's your worst story of procrastination?

Right now I've saved a 10 pager for the day before it's due; I'm on page three and I have procrastinated worse before....though not much.
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Argo Tea

I have just fallen in love with Argo Tea. Unfortunately, they only have cafes in the Chicago area and I do not live at all near there.

If you have ever been to one, which drinks do you like? If you haven't, would you want to, and which ones look interesting to you?

I've had a soy mate latte, a Mojitea, and a sample of a mint chocolate tea and a white and mint chocolate tea.

I would like to try the blueberry Tea Sparkle, the Hibiscus Steamer/Chiller, and the Tea Sangria.

Tea concoctions intrigue me.

Expiration Dates...

I really want some hot chocolate..

I'm at work, so I can't leave to go get any.

There's a box of Nestle Hot Chocolate mix on the microwave....

it expired January 2006.

Should I make some and drink it anyway?
or will it cause me to die a horrible and painful death because it is almost 2 years out of date?

EDIT: It was disgusting. Blech.. questions..

Do you ever eat/drink anything that is expired?
What would you never eat/drink that is expired?
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how do you apologize to someone after forgetting them for two months? (idk, which is why i am asking y'all)

what's the longest you've gone without checking your e-mail? (two months)

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Okay, so I was in the car with my friend last night and he had a little bitch fest because the volume on the radio was at 22 instead of 20 or 25. And he said that it always had to be at numbers such as 10, 15, 20, etc. or else it's bad luck.
I laughed at him.

Do you have anything you're superstitious about?


What is one thing or aspect about our country do you think will change with Kevin Rudd as the new Prime Minister of Australia?
Good or bad aspects, whatever. 

(I guess for Australians only? But also if you're from somewhere else and do have a clue, sure why not.)
hate pimentos

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What should I have for dinner?  I want something quick and easy, probably along the lines of takeout or frozen something that i just throw in a pan?

Also, how awesome is the science channel in high definition?

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My boyfriend is a grown man, and can decide for himself what he wants to do, but his anger over the current problem with his absent mother is getting to the point where it's starting to be destructive to our relationship. Today he wigged out on me and started a huge knock down drag out fight over me saying that the new paint job in his room was uneven (later even he admitted it needed another coat near the ceiling.)

His mother basically disowned him a year or so ago, but constantly sends him these creepy letters about how she still loves him always and forever and acts like he was the one that pushed her out of his life. He got another one of those letters today and it resulted in him blowing up over the paint.

He has since apologized but it's getting to the point where I've had it. He needs to talk to someone professionally because his anger over the situation is really starting to wear on our relationship. Being how he's incredibly worried about feeling like there's something "wrong" with him and no matter how I try to explain it, it seems to come out like I want him to go because of how it's affecting me or something, he just won't go.

So um, what's the best way to encourage an unwilling party to seek professional help?

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I am getting pictures taken of myself and my three younger siblings to give to my parents for Christmas this year.  I am having a friend, whom is a photographer, take them, so it doesn't have to be in a studio.   We don't want to do boring pictures in front of a backdrop.  Any ideas on good picture-taking locations?

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1. Have you ever heard of Mount Holyoke College?
1.5 Do you go to Mount Holyoke College?
2. What do you think about all women colleges?
3. Do you have any irrational fears? [I'm scared to death of rabbits.]
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For the four eyes in TQC

I lost my prescription glasses. They were from Lens Crafters and cost me like $300. That was a stupid move on my part. I need some cheap frames so I can get new glasses and actually see in class.

Where do you get your glasses? Can you suggest cheap places for me to get my frames?
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any ideas on great places to throw a birthday party for a 5 year old girl?
we're in eugene oregon btw, but i was just wondering about general ideas / national corporations..
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1- Are you one of those wacky people who like to 'christen' every new thing you get? (Like beds, apartments, carpets... If you don't know what I mean, you may be too young for the internet.)

2- If so, what's the last thing you christened?

3- Any big plans for the next 48 hours? If so, what are they?

4- Who did the what now?
macaroni murder lady

I'm too old for this stupid girl drama.

Two of my local friends, H and C, are also on my LJ flist. They used to like each other as well, but recently had an immense falling out.

I posted pictures last night with the heading, "Two of these pictures were taken by C." She was not in the pictures, nor was she mentioned elsewhere. H commented saying, "Please filter me out of any posts involving her."

I haven't responded yet. I don't use filters. That's stupid. Either I trust folks with my thoughts or I don't. I never thought anyone might want a filter because they want to read some things I post but not all.

Wtf is she thinking? Is this reasonable? How can I respond while maintaining my status as Not The Bitch In The Room? The logical next step as far as I can see is just taking her off the list altogether, but I know that if I do that she'll cut all ties with me irl too. Whatever.

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So in my drawing class the next project is going to be of a mannequin on black pebbleboard, and will have cool and warm color tones that will be very vibrant against the black pebbleboard

My question is ...

What should my mannequin be doing? srs and non srs answers welcome.

Some cool ones i've seen were mannequins in a freak show, bowling (the view was from behind the pins), mannequin breaking through glass...
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1. is it me or is cyber sex just too much work for the outcome?
2. what are you up to?
3. how's your weekend been? was it too short? shouldn't the weekend be three days? i mean a little closer to half-half... i feel like i need just one more day :(


I have about $60 to spend entirely on myself. I have no idea what I want to buy. Help me internetz, how shall I spend the $60?

Things I do not want:

Thanks in Advance!

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Do any of your pets have really bad dandruff?

My dog has terrible dandruff, it looks like she's been lightly frosted (black fur, white flakes...) and if you part her fur to look at her skin it looks like an entire layer of skin has lifted off and is suspended a few mm up in her fur. Any idea why she might have such bad dandruff? I've never seen another dog with anything like it.
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Have you ever seen white people (or black people i guess) use the word "nukka"?

If you've seen white people using it, does it make you want to slap them silly?

Why do people in Texas always get into accidents when it rains, causing you to have it suffer through an hour of stop and go traffic?
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1. Do you go *Christmas lighting* every year? (That's what we call it anyways: taking evening drives with the family and enjoying all the Christmas lights and festive decoration.)

2. Do you know anyone who has left thequestionclub? Why did they leave?

3. Do you know anyone who won't join and you want them to? Why won't they join?


Would it be totally weird if I celebrated Yule instead of Christmas?  I feel strange celebrating it not being Christian anymore, but really don't want to give up the fun, seeing as how I'm sucked into the festivities and pretty lights. 

Do any of you heathens want to celebrate it with me!? :D Eh?

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for all the grammar fans out there:

Is it "he's bigger than ME" or "he's bigger than I'?

I say the latter, my friend says the former and he claims his mother who teaches English backs him up.

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how many shirts are you wearing?

I'm wearing 2

what was your first word?

mine was dada

eta: do you talk on the phone in your sleep?

yes, and I think I am having dreams about talking on the phone.
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Minors having babies

What do you think about minors having babies? Does anyone honestly think this is a good idea?

ETA: I'm referring to having and keeping the babies, instead of putting them up for adoption. Of course, it's not like we need yet another baby in the world anyway, so abortion is preferred.

It means bringing a baby to what is probably just a single, poorly prepared parent. They are far too immature. Even if mother's parents help, it's still going to be a half assed attempt by non-parents to raise the kid.

This is precisely the kind of case that abortions are suited for.
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how do you reason with someone who is a shopaholic? as in literally is overdrawn on all their accounts and is still spending?

full scenario: they don't really have any bills other than gas for their car, and even then they charge it. they live with their parents, so they really don't pay for anything other than miscellaneous wants...but their wants have them deep in the hole now, but they keep spending still.

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1) Does anyone have one of those memes of "bold the things you've done in your life" such as skydive/bungee jump/shoplift/learnt to drive etc? Can I have it please? I've been dying to find one for yonks!

2) Does anyone close to you self-harm?

3) What date is your Christmas tree going up?

4) Can you name me a band that makes music similar to that of Creed?

5) Where should I go next summer, Alaska & Canada [the West Coast], Australia [the only place I've already been on this list], Europe or Africa?


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1) To you, what is pacifism? I've heard varying definitions, ranging from "never hurt or coerce anyone ever" to "only hurt someone if it's inevitable".
2) Do you think it is a rational ideology?

3) Hypothetical situation: You must eat a certain food at least once a day, every day, for the next year. You can prepare it/have it prepared any way you like, you can eat anything you like with it, but you must eat it every day. What would you pick? 

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Which should I go to?


Best poop word?

Poopy McPoopPoop
Pooper Scooper
Poop on a stick

(no subject)

1. Do you have any friends, IRL, who swing or lead other alternative lifestyles?
2. Do you suspect that any of your couple friends engage in lifestyles outside of the norm?
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Here's the situation:

You're quitting your job because other people above you are literally bipolar. One day you're doing a fantastic job, the next you're being chastised in front of the whole group because you're apparently an idiot. Mistakes that others have made have been blamed on you.

Overall, the job is just making you progressively more miserable.

Except, even though you logically know it's best to quit, you feel depressed. You've only been at this job for 6 months, and quitting after that short period feels like a failure.

How would you deal with these emotions? How would you get out of this rut and prove that you're worth more than this, and that you deserve a better job?
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Another Poll:

Poll #1094892 Rolly Pooly

What gives you lawls

Drug Addiction
The Holocaust
Child Abuse
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The Dude Abides

On the road again ?s

1) Do you have a portable GPS device? If so, what kind?

2) How far are you from Jacksonville, FL (USA) right now?

3) What do you consider a long road trip?

4) Are there any songs that you HAVE to or usually listen to when you go on long road trips?

The American Apparel F497

If you ever owned one/Own one now/know someone who owns one:
1) What are your thoughts on it and would you recommend it?
2) Is it true to size or would I be better off ordering a size down?
3) How can I avoid pilling and having it fall apart?
4) Would you recommend a different sweater?
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Poll #1094810 morality quizes from Time Magazine

You are adrift in a life raft after your cruise ship has sunk. There are too many survivors for the life rafts, and yours is overloaded. The raft is certain to sink, and even with life vests, the passengers are sure to die in the frigid water. One person on the boat is awake and alert but gravely ill and will not survive the journey no matter what. Throwing that person overboard would prevent the raft from sinking. Could you be the one who tosses the person out?


A runaway trolley is heading down the tracks toward five workmen who can't be warned in time. You are standing near a switch that would divert the trolley onto a siding, but there is a single unsuspecting workman there. Would you throw the switch, killing one to save five?


Suppose the workman was on a bridge with you and you could save the men only by pushing him onto the tracks? (He's large enough to stop the train; you're not.)

No push.

Suppose you could throw a switch dropping him through a trapdoor-- thus not physically pushing him?

No trapdoor.

It's wartime and you're hiding in a basement with your baby and a group or other people. Enemy soldiers are outside and will be drawn to any sound. If you're found, you will all be killed immediately. Your baby starts to cry loudly. Smothering him to death is the only way to silence him and save the lives of everyone in the room. Could you do so?


Suppose the baby is not yours, the parents are unknown and there will be no penalty for killing him.

No smother.
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Do you take the layout [of links] and design [meaning CSS, etc.] of a website into consideration when attempting to determine its veracity?


Assuming the following website's information is actually TRUE, does the layout actually make you think less of the it and the information presenting? [Websites: The Earth Is Not Moving, Time Cube]

(no subject)

1. I'm thinking about getting a new computer soon. my main concern is having an amazing graphics card. I want to be able to play games like The Sims 2 without any lagging and with incredible graphic quality. what is the bare minimum type of graphics card I should look for/get included in my computer?

2. what is the meaning/punch line of those "you could have had a v8" commercials?

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A question for my sister, Dr. TQC:

I know that you are not supposed to mix medicine like Benedryl with alcohol. She sometimes uses it to help her sleep and I was worried because she sometimes has 1 drink soon before or after she takes one benedryl. I know its only ONE drink, but I am a worry-wart, and she insists I'm being silly.

Is she right that its fine since its only one drink? (Usually made with one shot of vodka)

Mac -> Windows?

Hey TQC, I have a question about OS's.
I'm going to be a PC to Mac Switchee in December.
Is iChat is the mac equivalent of AIM?
Will I be able to speak to my AIM-ing friends over iChat?
Kid's Books - HP - Molly

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Which of the following do you put on your tree?

Non-edible garland (ribbons, beads, etc)
Edible garland (popcorn)
Round ornaments
Character ornaments
blinking/chasing lights
big bulb lights
colored lights that are only one color
white lights
multicolored lights
fake snow
I'm not Christian. I don't have a tree. Thanks for oppressing me.
Something you have forgotten that I won't comment about
Something you have forgotten that I will comment about

Which of the following would you absolutely not put on your tree?

Non-edible garland
Edible garland
round ornaments
character ornaments
blinking/chasing lights
big bulb lights
one-color lights
white lights
multicolored lights
fake snow
I don't celebrate Christmas so I don't have an ugly tree
Something you've forgotten that I won't comment about
Something you've forgotten that I will comment about

What kind of tree do you have?

A charlie brown tree
A fake tree that is supposed to look real
A real tree
A fake tree that is not supposed to look real (white/pink/blue, etc).

PS What do you put on top of your tree?

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So we are doing a secret santa at work. The name I got is of someone who has only been working there a couple of weeks, so I don't know too much about him. What are some small random presents I could get him? He is 16/17. I don' t know too much about him so the gifts would have to be pretty vauge. Any ideas would be so helpful! Thanks!
Office//Kool-Aid Man

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What is the weirdest thing you have ever heard a kid say? Or heck, why not throw in weirdest thing from anyone?

Mine are: "I'm gonna kick you in the Vagelina Jolie!" and "Yum, BITCH!" ...Both from my friend's twelve-year old cousin.
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L'Epicerie Ile St. Louis: Help, Master Googlers

I doubt anyone will be able to help me, but I will ask anyway because you guys have been known to be awesome and pull stuff out of thin air.

My family and I went to Paris this summer and we stayed on Ile St. Louis. My dad fell in love with L'Epicerie Ile St. Louis' jams. He bought a bunch of jars, but, of course, they have all been devoured by now.

I'd like to order him some for his birthday in January, but I am unable to find any evidence of the store whatsoever online. I have googled and googled and googled to no avail. :( Can you help me, or am I doomed to make an expensive intercontinental phone call and embarrass myself with my rusty French skills?
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School and DVD players

1. If you went to college/university, when choosing your school how did you factor geography into your choice? i.e. Did you purposely choose a school as close to home as possible? As far away as possible? Out of state? In state? Why did you make that choice?

2. If financial issues were not involved, would that have affected your choice?

3. I live in the US. I am looking to buy a multi-region DVD player to hook up to my TV. What would you recommend?

u guyz

will you treat this post as if fuckedupnow posted it?

also, srs bsnss, what holiday do you celebrate?
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Poll #1094941 Phones.

Check all that apply....

I have a cell phone.
I don't have a cell phone.
I sort of have a cell phone but it is shut off right now.
I have a house phone.
I don't have a house phone.
I ticky.

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What's an appropriate way to sign a holiday card for a coworker?

"Love" feels inappropriate for a professional setting... I like my coworkers very much, but I'm definitely not close enough with anyone where "Love, Jessica" would be right.

"Sincerely, Jessica" doesn't sound friendly enough.

Two of my coworkers are nuns, one is an older Chinese man (and the director of the library), and two are Jewish. I'm having a little trouble with this.

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If my tooth is growing out sideways in the way back of my mouth, how much will it hurt to get yanked? :(

Why do gummies hurt my teeth?

I went back to my high school to visit for alumni day and my old art teacher gave me a painting I thought had been stolen from the art room a few years ago of The Birth of Venus. It's unfinished, but I was so happy to have it I hung it on my wall anyway. What was the last thing you found?

My old principal asked me if I'd like to do a gallery exhibit (the high school has an art gallery where local artists can have their own shows). I work in a few different mediums and would like a couple of pieces from each, but a lot of what i do now is digital. How would I display my digital work?

zen, rock

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I have a fairly good...well, we're friends, but we're also a little more than that.

I want to knit him something for Christmas/some unspecified winter holiday, but I'm at a loss. Any suggestions?