November 24th, 2007


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Why am I having such a hard time finding cute stuffed bees on the internets? :(



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My roommate stopped rinsing her dishes. I've said "by the way, rinse your dishes" and she always apologizes.

I usually do all the dishes and she takes out the garbage cleans the bathroom, and vacuums. I've found dirty dishes in the drainer after she's washed them. gross.

Is it time for the awesome post-it note of reminderness by the sink saying "rinse your effing dishes" or do I tell her to wash her own dishes if she doesn't rinse them, knowing they might not get done as well?
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does anyone have any recipes or websites where I can find recpies for truely exquisitly yummy holiday baked goods/candies/foods that would be good in gift boxes?

I've used my own for so many years in a row and I need some new things to make but I cant seem to find anything that looks promising.

also I'd like to make theseCollapse )

does anyone have or know of where I can find a recipe?

They're supposedly macaroons but I've only ever considered macaroons those sort of star shaped coconut type cookies and all I've found is how to make the pointy star like coconut kind :(

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I have a bad knee, no sense of direction, and the most horrible short term memory of anyone I've ever met. I am currently depressed, flu-ridden, and malnourished.

Serious or funny, big or small, what's your disability?

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Can you guys tell me your favorite Thai dishes, or reccomend me dishes that you think are generally well liked/would be good to order for a group of 25 people?
I'm in charge of ordering dinner for a bunch of people this weekend, and we all decided we wanted Thai (well, they did. I've only had it a few times and I liked it, so I'm fine with that). I don't want to order some random dishes that nobody would like though. I'm pretty sure there are no vegetarians in the group, so that isn't an issue. I'm just looking for a bunch of popular Thai dishes. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: ALSO, one of the few times I've actually had Thai, I ate these little dumpling things that were filled with vegetables. The dumpling part was kind of transparent and thin (ha "transparent" that makes me feel stupid) and they were really amazingly delicious. They were pretty small. Does anybody have any idea what I'm talking about?
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The Day After

Did you work Black Friday, or shop Black Friday?

Did you wait in any obscenely long lines overnight in order to get a good deal on something? If you worked it, did you have any customers that made you want to stab them in the eardrum?

I'm dumb

I just fooled around with a guy that I've feelings for a long time.. On our first date.

So, have I destroyed any chance for a real relationship? Also: feel free to tell me how stupid I am.

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TQC CHAT = dongs y/y????


Which is moar embarrassing?

Sophia says "fuck you" to Guylan
Greg says Mallory is more of a man than Anjay
Me posting this like a week and a half later

Ticky ticky bo bicky banana fana fo ficky me my mo micky TICKY


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Lets say there's someone who's been bothering you.  No matter how many times you try to get them to leave you alone, they don't seem to get it, or are extremely offended. 

Have you been in a situation like this?
What do you do to get them to leave you alone?
Are they still bothering you?
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My friend is having a 'classic' New Years party and I've begun to practice different hair styles, since those classic styles take a long time to get used to doing.

I have victory rolls down pat (by finger rolling even!) but I'm having a terrible time with the pompadour. I can get it up and it stays there fine, but my part just pops out two or three minutes after I've put it up and no matter what I do I can't make it go away. Is there a trick to this or something that I just haven't figured out yet?
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1. Have you ever purchased a DVD that costs $1?

2. Have you ever purchased another one?

3. Do you own 10 or more $1 DVDs?
Bahahaha, yeah. Cheapest way to buy some entertainment, I say.

4. Have you bought those boxes that contain 20, 50, or 100 movies and cost anywhere from like $5-$20 most of the time?
Yep. Own three of them - 100 Cartoon Classics, Family Classics 50 Movie Pack, and Musicals 20 Movie Pack.
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Have you heard about the new, horrible, horrible, horrible Alvin & the Chipmunks movie?

Do you think this will lead to the release of The Chipmunk Adventure on DVD? I hope so.
Did you know The Chipmunk Adventure was already out on dvd? How dumb am I for not knowing that?
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If your genitalia was suddenly replaced with a schlong, and you could rid of the schlong by fucking someone, who would you fuck?


How old is TommyE?

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Do you work with someone you absolutely despise?

I have a great relationship with all the girls at work, but this one lady everyone cannot stand. She is smug and has no problem telling you hurtful things to your face. I laugh it off, but she has known to make people cry and quit.

This lady has even gone as far as telling the man who owns the store/business off.

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Does anyone have any good stories about horrible house guests they'd like to share?

I swear my in-laws house guest is one of the most annoying people I've ever met.

Have you put up your Christmas tree yet (for those of you who celebrate Christmas)?
How tall is it?
How do you decorate it? Do you do specific colors, or just put whatever on it?

For those of you with cats and Christmas trees, do they try to climb it?

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I need revenge. Someone really fucked me over. Really bad. Not like, ate the last Cheeto bad, like lie to me for two years bad.

What should I do?
srs answerz only plz.

Details: We dated, we lost our "virginities" to each other. OH BUT WAIT HE WASNT REALLY A VIRGIN AND IT TURNS OUT HE FUCKED SOME OTHER BITCH. Now he just harasses me, calling me a whore because I found someone new that is...nice to me. IDK. He's just very unreasonable. Honestly, suitable revenge would be filling his gas tank with sand. SOMETHING BETTER THAN THIS, TQC.

ETA: The guy's a piece of shit and drives his mom's car. No dice on the car.
ETA2: If I posted the douchebag's phone number for five minutes and then deleted it, what would happen to his phone? Do you feel like all the calls and texts would blow it up?!?!?
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1- What is the closest thing to you that is blue?
2- Are you any good at psychic stuff? Like, palmistry or tarot or whatever.
3- What's the last thing you did that let you go back to your childhood in some way?
4- Tell me something random?
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So after a comment by someone in a previous post, I went and checked out Ubuntu. It's a free OS, and looks pretty reliable.

Anyone have any experience with this? Will the installation wipe all my files? Help me, TQC!

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How many times did it take you to pass your driving test?

I have yet to take the driving test
I failed at least 4 times before passing the driving test

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 My stupid ex randomly texted me last night saying how much he "craves" me and how he "cries about memories" and dumb get back together crap like that.  And I was like, after all the stupid shit you've done, that is how you plan to win me back?  And he told me he said all that not to win me back, but because when I move back he wants us to be "Ok."

1. What the hell?
2. WWJD?

Aha and I just found out my sister's boything's middle name is Elbert!  Is that hilarious?

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I don't understand a concept. Should I:

A. Attempt to contact a professor or classmate in regards to my query.
B. Study harder and/or learn how to use the internets.
C. Spam TQC with useless questions.

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So I work in a mall and have gotten into the habit of just buying my lunch every day. This is getting nuts, as the cost is normally around 10 dollars (for a SANDWHICH and a DRINK). I'm going to start bringing my lunch. I make shitty sandwhiches and hate chips... so the cheapo, easy way is out. I'm thinking of swinging by the grocery store and getting a bunch of cans of soup, as well as a box of tea bags (so I don't waste another $2.10 at Starbucks for a Venti Ice Tea). I'm trying to come up with a pile of pasta recipies that are easy, fast, and good (I already know of this one).

Any suggestions for pasta recipies?

What else could I bring? Again, the aim is cheap, easy, and fast. I'd love some vegetable ideas!

(I'm not a vegetarian, btw. I'm open to pretty much all meat ideas)
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i know i've asked this before...but i'm asking it again. how long have you guys been using the internets?
how did you find out about lj?

do you use adblock?

is there something you'd like to share with the class?

what are you hiding under there?

*sniff* tqc... *sniff* want to be my bestfriendddd? we can be a couple of cool cats lounging around playing the banjo all day eating bacon.
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there is one serving of green bean casserole left over and i really want it. the thing is, my dad also really wants it. we both love it equally as much, and we are both greedy and want it for ourselves. i cooked it.

tqc, who should get it?
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Will you tell me something odd about your pets? Or just any stories about them in general?

One of my cats is some kind of bathroom voyeur. Since I moved back home in May, he always follows me into the bathroom, no matter what I'm doing. If I'm on the toilet he'll cry for attention and try to climb in my lap. If I'm in the shower or taking a bath, he sits outside the door and stares at me the whole time. :( And if I try and shut the door, he and his brother have tantrums and cry and try to break down the door with their mighty cat strength.

Have you had snow yet?

I'm still waiting for some major stuff. We've had a few flurries but nothing sticks. It's weird, we usually have snow in October. Upper Michigan isn't the same anymore. D:

What can I do to procrastinate some more? My flist is slow and boring today.
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dear interwebs people

1)The libraries only open in the horrible afternoon hours of say, 1 pm. what should I do? difficulty: 10 pages, need 15, will make up last five with abstract and refs.

2)Should I change my icon to a holiday icon?

3)Take a nap or post jewelry?


1) what song do you know all the words to by heart? Just name one.
All My Lovin'- Jim sturgess
2) what color are your favorite pair of shoes?
3) Do you dry your hair naturally or with a blowdryer?
Naturally, then i touch up with a flat-iron
4) what color is your cell phone?
5) Do you have a scar?
6) (relating to #5) if so, where?
A big foot-long one wrapping around the right side of my body, then a small one on my forehead.
7) How'd you get the scar?
Scoliosis surgery, ran into a corner of a sharp sink in 2nd grade
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I'm making a basket full of things for a girls night in kind of thing for my boyfriend's mom. It's mostly bath stuff and candles, but I want to include chocolate. I'll be giving it to her in about a week; do you think if I buy the chocolate now and keep it in a relatively cool place it'll last till I can give it to her? I don't want it to bloom or anything and then look all icky.

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How come I get sick off a small amount of beer but can handle a lot of liquor? I can tolerate about 8-10 shots, but give me 3 beers and I'm spinning & sick :( I thought it was a one time thing with a particular brand but last night confirmed it's not brand-specific. Could it be something in beer that's not in liquor -- a stronger wheat base maybe?

Anybody have similar experiences?
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If you went out for drinks with friends, and got drunk really quickly and needed a ride home, would you be embarrassed?  no vomiting, flashing, or loudly proclaiming that one is the lizard queen or anything was involved.  girl just drank too quickly, and got tired and want to go home.
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Do you sleepwalk, TQC?
Does anyone in your family sleepwalk?
Do people mess with you or them when it's obvious that they're/you're doing sleepwalking?
Is it bitchy when the same people make fun of you/them over breakfast the next morning?
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I'm really self-conscious that I can't dance. Thinking of skipping a fun event altogether.

In junior high, I was in the drill/stomp team, and everyone could dance besides me. I didn't realize it until we performed and everyone laughed at me.

Therefore, all through high school, I avoided school dances. Now I'm in college, and I'm really involved in Circle K club. There's a District Convention (where all colleges that have Circle K come together) coming up. The thing is, there's a big dance there where everyone attends it. We're all staying in a hotel for 3 days, so I can't just skip the dance unless I stay in the hotel alone.

I was really excited for the District Convention until I heard that there's a dance. Plus, there's a guy that I really like there.

Should I just skip the whole thing altogether? I don't even know where to begin if I were to dance.
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I'm So Bad At This

I got a job at a wedding tomorrow. I'm going to be watching on the kids at the wedding for about 6 hours. I'm really only 'in charge' of two of the girls, but I'm supposed to keep an eye on all the kids to make sure they dont get into trouble. I'm also going to be driving the two girls home whenever they're ready to leave. I'm going to be paid for gas, but other than that, I dont know what to charge. Any suggestions?

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I know everyone despises the "ZOMG what should I buy this person for a present!?!?" posts because we don't know these people...

but I need some help.

The great thing about the 4 gifts I need, they can be completely random. They are for 2 different gift exchanges that my friends and family do at Christmas.

Last year I did a box of Jones Soda, movie gift cards, and 2 different booze gift packs.

Previous gifts have been alcohol, games, hard liquor, candles, wine, thermometers, beer, games pertaining to get the idea.

I'd like to do something creative and different this year...but I can't think of anything.

So...TQC...can you recommend some PG rated gifts I could use for the exchange? They have to be in the $10-$15 price range.
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Will you christmas-ize my default icon for me as a birthday gift? EDIT: TY reginald!

What else did you buy me?

I have nothing to do until 7pm. Should I sit here on the interwebs, or go help my friend decorate for christmas?

Ou est la plume de ma tante?

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Do you trust people until they give you a reason not to, or do people have to earn your trust?

What is your favorite song at the moment?

Do you play an instrument?

On a scale from 1-10, 1 being awful, 10 being terrific, how good would you say you are? EDIT: lol, aw. I meant how good are you at said instrument. sorry! i should have been more specific.

If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go? Assuming cost, time, transportation, etc. isn't an issue.

I trust from the beginning. People have to do a lot to lose my trust.

Samson - Regina Spektor.




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Did you go through an awkward goth/emo/punk/similar dark soul phase ever? When? Why? Why did you come out of it?

What other phases did you go through?

eta: are you going through a phase right now?

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1. I'm looking for an advertisement for Beefsteak brand bread. Are there any websites that keep archives of grocery store ads or just advertisements in general? (I really doubt this exists, but I figured I'd try).

2. I'm getting my hair cut next week. I know I want it cut short and I've been looking online for pictures. My problem is that most hair websites feature models with perfectly styled, thin hair and my hair is kind of thick and I don't exactly have a personal stylist who can make my hair look perfect everyday. Can you post pictures of girls with short hair that aren't models?
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What's the lamest gift you've received? Something that made you go "wtf."

When you have NO IDEA what to get someone, what do you do? Are you more prone to getting them something useful, that everyone could use (say... socks, or soap), or do you get them a gift card? Something else?

Are you someone who gives useful gifts? My mom is the master at useful gifts and bought my boyfriend socks and pajama pants for Christmas. Or are you someone who buys fun gifts?
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Two ?s

What's your favorite moment in a movie? Descriptions are good, but if you have a film still that's cool too.

When people sometimes post TCQ instead of TQC what acronym do you usually think of? I usually think of ATCQ.
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Hi guys!
So I've been at my padre's house with broken internet for a few days.
1. What have you been up to?
2. Should I even bother going to sleep tonight? I am riding back home to Tallahassee at 4am.
3. I have an interview at my university book store on Monday. Do you think professional attire is necessary? What would you wear?
4. Noles or Gators?
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mixin' drinks

I have some gin, but all I have in the house to mix it with is Diet Pepsi. Would this be a disgusting combination? I don't really feel like leaving the house to buy another sort of mixer.

The brand of gin is Tanqueray if that helps in any way..
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Is selective punctuation like a religion?

Do you look forward to going back to work (or school) after a (relatively) long holiday?

What do you think about being a meditative fucker all strung out on Sinatra?
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Fecal matters.

Today I took a poo in the Barnes & Noble bathroom.
(I couldn't hold it 'til I walked home.)

1. Do you poo in public toilets?
2. Do you cough as the poo hits the water?
3. Do you wait until the bathroom is clear of people before you emerge from the stall to wash your hands and leave?

(I did 1 & 3.)

Spyware and Such.

I'm reformatting my computer for a nice, fresh start (and to finally move stuff from my laptop to my external HD, seeing as my laptop is completely out of space). What are some free, quality firewalls and programs that will protect me from spyware? What about general computer sweepers, like CCleaner?

What areas of your life do you like to get a fresh start in every once in awhile? I like to move and "start fresh" in a new place.
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I've decided to quit my extremely-part-time job. I don't need this job for references, although it probably would be wise not to burn bridges. I really don't want to go in tonight, however.

Should I give my two-weeks' notice and suck it up for tonight (and the next two weekends), or should I just say "screw it" and chill out at home, ignoring the phone when they call me?

EDIT: Okay, now that you've convinced me to go... What should I write in my hypothetical "I hate you" letter? I won't actually give them a letter since they have a form that I have to fill out, but amuse me anyway. Be creative.

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When writing a paper- when you run out of things to say do you reword things to drag it out longer, hit the books and beat the subject into the ground or change the font to stretch it out?

I've had a fever for over a week now. What is going to make it go away?

What would be a good topic for a troll post?

What is your favorite euphemism? It can be for anything.

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I had to reinstall the driver for my tablet, and now the pen sensitivity won't go back to the way it was before no matter what I change. I found a few sites that had different instructions and tried them all, but I can't get anything to change. Any suggestions? I just want to color :(

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You have to shit! You must hurry, poo waits for no one! Given your current situation, what do you do?

Is it fucked up that I only answer "blahblahblah I am poo", thus ignoring the OP, whenever someone asks a question pertaining to shit and/or poo AND they use the word poo?

Ever use your screen name to an unfair advantage?

What's the most bad-ass screen name you've ever come across?

Will you please post a picture from a random image search you conducted so I/TQC can guess what keywords you used?
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1. What time of day do you usually shower?
1b. Is there a reason behind the time of day, or is it just whenever you feel like it?

2. How long are you usually in the shower?

3. Have you seen Enchanted yet? If yes, DID YOU LOVE IT? Because I did.
If you havent, do you plan on seeing it? You should its really cute!!!

4. Is the correct munching noise NOMNOM or NUMNUM?

5. What is the website that lets you upload your picture and then add text to it? You know what site Im talking about, right?
5b. Anyone feel like making a quick icon for me?
text: Whatever the correct phrase is from question #4 I think its NOM NOM NOM, but Im not sure.

6. Does anyone actually search photobucket and look through random people's pictures?

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I know these aren't all the possible gripes you can have with a SO. There are dozens of possible quirks that can break the relationship. Simply decide which of these 15 are the most annoying

Which trait could you LEAST tolerate in a significant other?

50 lbs overweight
Narcissistic. They feel that they're more important in the relationship, or hey, anyone else
Truly dislikes all public displays of affection, including holding hands
Likes sex, but is pretty godawful in bed
Slightly less than average intelligence
Poor sense of humor
Nonsentimental. Important dates and gifts purchased on such dates just don't mean much to them
Seriously codependent. They're good, considerate, nice people, just more than a bit clingy
Overly dramatic. Every small obstacle is blown out of proportion
A little too flirty for their own good. It seems like they flirt a lot with members of the opposite sex (or same, if you're gay), but they deny it
It's hard for them to get over people. They still haven't gotten over their ex
They have kids. Two
Poor oral hygeine


1) whats inside your purse/bag? you can post a picture, a collage made in ms paint, or even multiple online images you found of shit you own haha.

2) have you ever been completely insulted over the internet? like i mean plain out 'what the fuck i can't believe this person just said that to me' insulted. did you cry?
i've never cried, but i have been in a bad mood after someone said something about me that really hit home.

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1) Do you think it's skanky when girls wear fishnets outside of porn videos?
2) Do you like talking online better then on the phone?
3) a.Do you think you're nice?
    b.Do you think I'm nice?

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Inspired by the question below

1)What do you think the average age on livejournal is?
2)Do you think there should be a limit on how young or how old?
3)How old are you? (If you want to share)
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When you were in college, did you have friends around you that pushed you to do better? In terms of producing higher quality papers, or discussion, or research?

If so, where did you find them?

(no subject)

What is your favorite cover song? Doesn't matter if you like/know the original.

What is your favorite animated movie?

Did your parents ever pack anything weird/different in your school lunch when you were young?

Collapse )

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Do you wear makeup? A lot? A little? Can you go out of the house without it?
Do you like it on other people? Are you attracted to people who wear makeup?

For me, it's a huge turnoff [on women, obviously]. It doesn't seem to be such a big deal these days, but I know girls who freak out if they have to go out without their face 'done'.
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How old do you think certain TQC-ers are?

As in, pick some TQC-ers and say how old you think they are.  Why do you think they're that age?

Is it a good thing, bad thing, or just a "whatever" kind of thing that the internet makes us all so anonymous?

boo loneliness

 it's a saturday night...I don't have anyone to talk to or hang out with, but for some reason took today off work.
What should I do by myself? (besides jill off)
what are you all up to tonight?

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1) You know when you've had a blanket that you constantly keep with you for a really long time, and it gets those little bumps along the fabric?

What makes those bumps?

2) Why does DOVE make everything form deoderant, shampoo, and chocolate?

3) How do you make a dog you took in crap when you want him too, and NOT inside the house?

4) How does Miley Cyrus get those flawless curls? Any idea how to duplicate it?
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Battlestar Galactica: Razor.  I wasn't paying attention to the time and missed the first 20 minutes so I decided not to watch.  Is anyone watching it? Is it worth going through the trouble to set the VCR for when they replay it later tonight, or should I just wait and rent it when it comes out on DVD?

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hi guys. i am making a mix CD for someone, and i am looking for songs that make references to jewish customs. even if it's just mentioned, that's still good. :)

i am looking specifically in the classic rock era or indie rock stuff.

thank you!
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So, for Christmas I spent 96 bucks on tickets to a music festival where one of my boyf's favorite bands is headlining. It's on December 6th. I already made sure he'd get the day off, he just doesn't know what for.

I don't want to just say "Hey, I'm taking you to see Modest Mouse." I spent all my money on this, and want the entire experience to be fun, and I want him to be SUPER SURPRISED when it's revealed to him what we're doing.

So, how should I go about presenting this creatively?
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I've been watching YouTube videos with movie clips in them, and they make my collage types seem very amateurish. I'm assuming for the movies, those were made using movies they owned/downloaded and a special capping program. But does anyone know where to find TV clips from things such as sporting events?
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Money / Music

1) Do tellers at the bank get weird with you if you deposit a lot of cash into your account, or do they not care? I'm talking over $400 in twenties here. (I know this sounds sketchy, but it really isn't at all. :P)

2) What's your favorite musical instrument, and why? Mine is the piano, partially for the sound and partially for its immense versatility. But I play the piano, so I'm rather biased!


I am meeting a guy tomorrow for the first time. We met online and have been chatting for a couple of weeks.
What would you suggest to do for the day?
We are meeting in London. I have been various times before but it was usually just to shop.

How many people have you met online with the intention of romance? (not just to be friends)
Any good or bad stories of meeting people online?
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Tom shaming you

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How would you feel if your SO revealed to you that for the past 2 years they've slept with 10 people and a good amount of those sexual encounters were while he/she was inebriated at parties(the other participant was also drunk)?
Would your answer change if your SO was 16-17 years of age when these romps occured?
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I want to get myself flowers. Purple's my favorite color. I bought lavender roses for my bday in January 2006. Lilies are my favorite flower, but I couldn't find purple lilies anywhere, and frankly didn't think they existed, so I went with roses. has lavender roses for $39.99.

And Sugar Plum lilies- the first purple lilies I've ever seen for sale.
But they're $59.99.

I joined their email list, so I get 20% off my next order.

Poll #1094413 Purple flowers

Which flowers would you get?