November 23rd, 2007


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A. What tastes good re-heated?
B. About how many text messaged do you send/receive in a month?
C. Do you know someone with a ridiculous amount of shoes? (example 80-something pairs)

A. Pizza
B. ~400 I might need more because my friends and my sister are texting whores!
C. My old roommate had 30 pairs in our dorm--don't ask me how she fit that many.

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What do you think are the chances of my ex-boyfriend working at Meryvn's tomorrow? My mom wants to go there for black friday tomorrow.

Backstory: He worked at Mervyn's for a while before he moved 6 hours away to go to college. He mentioned right before I dumped him.....that he was seriously thinking of dropping out of college, coming back home, going to school at my community college, and getting a job.
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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What/when was the best first kiss you've ever had? What was the situation and what made it the best?

Also, do you prefer if the person asks if they can kiss you or if they just take charge and kiss you? (providing you like the person already and want to kiss them)

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How many spots/zits are on your face/back etc right now?

Are you a squeezer?

Do you own a dildo/vibrator?

If yes, how often do you have fun with it?

I can feel one coming..

the biggest squeezer if i ever get them, bad habit.

sure. A present from Amsterdam's red light district... along with fat porn.. which was a joke..i think..

never at the moment, i'm too lazy to buy new batteries. It's on my to do list for tomorrow. oh yes.
Haruhi disappearance
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Fuck, he knows Latin! He knows a dead language, run!

If you know any Latin:

I know that "Memento Mori" means "remember thy death" in latin. Is "Memento Vivere" an accurate phrase, meaning "remember to live" or something to that effect? If not, what would be the Latin phrase for the same meaning?

I'm up at 4AM. I do this every night. What night job should I get to appease my night owl side?

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So, what's sucking for you right now?

I'm most of the way into an all-nighter (it's 5.43am and the sun's coming up), I can't go to bed until all my work is done and my deadline is met, and I'm starting to feel the effects of adrenaline overload. Woo! Oh, and I haven't seen my crush in far too long. Lol.
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Dear TQC,
Tonight I will be going to my friend's place for some drinks and whatnot. They have 2 cats. I am very much allergic to cats. I have my trusty eye drops to help itchy eyes, but nothing to relieve the sneezing, sniffling and nasal misery.

To those who are allergic to cats, what brand of allergy pill do you take before contact with kitties?

Browser acting weird

Forefox has been giving me some trouble lately... If I have several open tabs, sometimes it'll just freeze and say "this plug in has performed an illegal operation and will shut down" or some such.

Why is this happening? Should I uninstall it, then re-install it? I'm sure we have the latest version.

I have Windows XP if that is relevant.

Thanks in advance!

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My cousin and I are very close, he's more like a brother than a cousin. Because of his job he can't come visit often, though, so I see him once or twice a year. He brought a girlfriend with him this year to Thanksgiving, and he's spending all his time with her now. Is it bad that I'm a little resentful of the fact that I'm not spending as much time with him?

I also took them to the store last night and on the way home, drove them through a really nice area to show them the houses there. I mentioned a synagogue that was nearby (it looks gorgeous all lit up at night) and the girlfriend said the neighborhood was ruined for her now that she knew it was full of Jews. Major alarm bells going off in my head for this. She seems nice, but doesn't like people who are Jewish, Indian, Black, or Mexican, and all she's talked about since she got here is how much she hates her town because of those people, and how much she loves shopping for high end clothes and accessories. We're supposed to go meet my boyfriend later today, along with his friend and his friend's fiancee (who is Mexican), but now I'm wondering if that's a good idea. What do you think TQC?

MLP - pinkie chicken

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Scottish Fiction
It isn't in the mirror, it isn't on the page
It's a red hearted vibration
Pushing through the walls of dark imagination
Finding no equation
There's a red road rage,
But it's not road rage
It's asylum seekers engulfed by a grudge

Scottish fiction, Scottish fiction

It isn't in the castle, it isn't in the mist
It's a calling of the waters as they break to show
The new black death with reactors aglow
Do you think your security can keep you in purity?
You will not shake us off
Above or below

Scottish fiction, Scottish fiction.

.. so what, exactly, is Scottish fiction? Idlewild, you confuse me.

A sexual proposition

Poll #1093622 Sex. SEX. sexxxxxxx

What is your favorite type of sex?

playful, laughing sex
tender, romantic, gentle sex--"movie sex"
rough, wild, bang-til-it-bruises sex
Think about your favorite sexual experience ever.  Which type was it?

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If you have a talent of some sort, does being around others who are more talented than you (in that same area of course) intimidate you or make you want to improve your particular talent even more?

Also, do you know of any thinner girls who have naturally large breasts? Whenever I think of curvy I picture stronger built girls not porn stars who are sticks with balloon-like "curves".
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Poll #1093583 guitars

i own a guitar and it's


my fret hand is my


my fret hand is the hand with which I'm the ___ dexterous


i chose my least dexterous hand because

i'm a masochist
i'm just hardcore
i didn't because i don't care about ambidexterity
Batman <3

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I was attempting to make a Christmas icon and I clicked something on my photoshop brushes and now I can't make it a solid brush stroke. The brush comes out air-brushy and I can't figure out how to fix it :(

Can someone help me fix my brush?
Does anyone want to make me a super awesome Christmas icon?
Are you going to make a super awesome Christmas icon?
Is TQC going to have a holiday icon contest again?

Edit: Fixed, thanks :D
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Inquiring minds need to know!

Topic: Toilet Paper

1. Do you chose softness or strength?

2. How many rolls do you buy at a time?

3. Over or under?

4. How much (average) do you use at a time?

5. Where do you keep the extra rolls? Within reach of the toilet? Where somebody else can fetch it for you if you find yourself in a 'bind'?

6. Toilet paper is one of the things you do not go cheap on, y/n?


7. Do you read in the bathroom? If so, what? Do you entertain yourself in other ways? (Y'all know what I mean...)
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Are there any music stores on the web that sell hard to find music? I'm looking for the soundtrack of the Broadway production of Footloose. Ebay has it, but the ones that are up are from the UK and I'd rather something on the North American continent to make shipping cheaper. Amazon also has it, but starting at really high prices, so I want to know if there's anyone else who sells it. Suggestions?
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TQC, my stomach is incredibly upset from too much good food. I am very sad about this, because I was going to meet slinksgirl today, and now, well, let's just say that that would be a bad idea.

How can I make my stomach stop hating me?

Also, what kind of underwear are you wearing?

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How many people have asked YOU for your Christmas list?

What are you planning to do today?

Have you gotten any presents for people yet?

How was Thanksgiving for you? Did you have any fun?

Have you been having leftovers yet?
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1. (Only if you like Mac and Cheese) Am I the only one who thinks Mac and Cheese is a million times better when the pasta is in shapes? I got the Scooby Doo kind for lunch, it's going to be sweet.

2. Did you celebrate Thanksgiving? If so, how was it? If not, how was your Thursday?

3. Do you have any magazine subscriptions? To what magazines?

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I have this friend that I haven't seen since June, because she moved away and our schedules have been crazy and we just haven't gotten a chance to get together. We've talked on the phone a bunch of times, though. We're finally going to try to see each other either this weekend or next, but I'm kind of nervous that it's going to be awkward. Our phone conversations are already pretty awkward. There aren't a lot of awkward silences, but the conversation seems forced and stilted and uncomfortable and fake, not like what it used to be. I'm not sure why, I think maybe we both changed a little over the summer, and we haven't seen each other in a long time (well, long for us), and we don't really know how to get back to what it used to be. Does anybody have any advice on how to just get over this awkwardness and feel comfortable around each other again? What should I do? Thanks.

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1. does it annoy you when people make a huge deal out of the amount of calories americans consume on thanksgiving? (i.e. "omgz graviez haz lyke 524867890894 caloreez herez how 2 swet it all off!!!"), or do you agree that people shouldn't be eating like bears on this day?

2. me and my friend were supposed to go black friday shopping today, however, she said we can't do it until later. I don't see the point of going later. should I still go? even if it's like 4pm?

3. one of my cats was in my room this morning when I woke up, with NO possible way to get in there. I had shut my door & locked it last night.. it wasn't open, and she didn't follow me in the room last night. then all 3 of my cats are standing in the kitchen waiting for me to feed them, and out of nowhere they all dash away, the hairs on their backs sticking straight up. something spooked them - usually this happens when something falls & makes a loud sound. nothing fell... tqc, do I have a ghost in my house?
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1. What is it about science fiction that causes so many of it's fans to be so addicted, protective of their shows, and obsessive? Is it the genre that causes this or the personalities of the people who tend to be drawn to the genre? I mean no insult, I become a bigger science-fiction nerd by the day it seems, but to be honest the whole convention/dressing up side of it weirds me out a bit.

2. I have a whole bunch of coins from various countries (even some countries that don't exist anymore) dating from as early as 1917 to around the 1950s. I don't expect they are worth much, but who would I take them to if I wanted to find out? An antique store?

3. I saw a bumper sticker in Maine the other day which said "If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you are reading this in English, thank a soldier."  Now I get what it is supposed to mean...but technically shouldn't we thank the British?

commuter pain prevention

  My boyfriend drives at least two hours per day. The commuting gives him back pain; especially in his lower back. I give him massages whenever I can. 

Can anyone recommend a product for use in the car to prevent back pain?
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Have you ever written a fanletter to someone (a person you admire, a celebrity, etc)
If so, who? What did you write?

If not, who would you like to write one too, and what would you say?

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Does anyone want a invite? Post with your email if you do.

It's an online game site thing where you start off with 1 cent and double it each time you win games against other people. If you join with my referral you start off with 32 cents.

eta: reply quick cause it's a one-time thing. I have to send out the invites all at once.

I sent out invites to all the people that requested. You can still get a referral from me but you won't get the 32 cent bonus.
a zim

srs post

we ate thanksgiving dinner at a friends house and one of the guys working on this study was there and he was telling us about it.

summary for the link-phobic - they're developing software that will translate thoughts into noise which will allow people who don't have the ability to speak to express themselves. the subject of the current experiments is a guy who got fully paralyzed in a car accident. the only thing that he can consciously control is his eye movements and that's currently what he's using to communicate (look up for yes and down for no). so far, they have gotten the software to recognize vowel sounds.

of course, the first thing that i thought of is that the guy's first words will be 'i want to die' or something to that effect.

what are the ethical implications of this? what would the doctor's responsibility be in a situation like that?

frank (the guy at the dinner) said that the paralyzed guy was really excited to be involved in this study so he feels that his first words will probably be something more positive and i said that he's probably just psyched to have hope of some day expressing this desire.

Viable excuse? Or a case of "suck it up"

The group I'm volunteering with wants me to go to a training with the British Red Cross this weekend and for awhile it looked like it was going to be cancelled due to lack of participants from my group. Well the coordinator managed to scrape together 8 additional people so now we are leaving via mini-bus this afternoon to this massive group training.

I really don't want to go, because I'm all "OMG anxiety!", I really dislike sleeping outside of my comfort zone, and this will be for two nights.

Anyway, Tuesday I came down with tonsillitis and today I have a chest wracking cough. I'm uncomfortable but certainly not on the brink of death.

I told the coordinator a few days ago that I was unwell. We are going to be in confined quarters on a bus for a few hours, and then sleeping in a dormitory for 2 nights.

So, do I call up and cancel? Or just suck it up? I hate feeling like I'm disappointing people but I know I wouldn't appreciate being so near to someone sounding like they have the TB.

Questioning my vainity.

So, someone just invited me to a photoshoot for my university. For their booklets and websites and pretty much all the marketing stuff on the campus and out. But we're not getting paid because we're the students and "it's for fun".

Should I go do it anyways?
Would you?
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1) I'm trying to remember the name of a bar in NYC...I think it's on West 14th, but I could be wrong. It's a little below ground, with a niche with couches and a pizza oven in the back where you can get free slices with your drinks. Does anyone know which one I'm talking about?

2) What was the first movie you ever saw in the theaters? How old were you?  (Mine was The Little Mermaid, and I was 5 or so.)
really never growing up

Drugs, man. Good drugs...

you're imagining this...and for the best of natural highs, the award goes to chocolate! Yes, that wonderful natural balm for all our emo moods and needs. A wonderful soothing agent to make everything dark and gloomy seem right as rain.

Although, it makes you gain weight like nobody's business and it's not well known for enabling a body to keep a fresh breath.

What else can be said of chocolate?
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Returning edibles.

Or drinkables for that matter.

They were out of Virgil's root beer at my local Whole Foods.
So my husband picked up a 4 pack of some other natural root beer, in hopes.

But alas, it sucks.
Like, it's really shitty.

Can I return it?

We each took only a sip of one bottle.

Have you ever returned some sort of food product that sucked ass?
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If you have multiple noise-making pets, can you recognize them by their sounds? I can tell which of my three cats is meowing, but my mom thinks it's weird and can't tell them apart. (Granted, she can't tell them apart by sight either, and it's ridiculously easy.) I can also tell two of my mice apart by the noises they make. I think it's funny that I'm pretty awesome at telling animals apart by voice but I suck horribly with human voices.

Why do my folders keep reversing the sort order so Z is at the top instead of A? It's really annoying. :(

What was the last thing that made you super happy? My friend gave me my birthday present early, a paid account for a year. No more surveys for me! (Except to use for extra icons.) Also, I just made green bean casserole since I didn't get to yesterday. I wait all year for this.

What's something you over indulge in? I think it'd be candy for me. Or TV shows. And the internet.
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1. Has anyone ever been on Prozac before? I saw my therapist today and told her that with the dosage I've been on I've experienced "emotional numbing", and she said that was a rare side effect, and just lowered my dosage from 20 mgs to 10 - is this going to do any good? Has anyone else ever experienced the same side effects?

2. Have you heard of any of the following musical artists:
a. Tom McRae
b. Beth Orton
c. Idlewild
d. Straylight Run
What do you think of them? Do you wish more people knew about them? Do you share their magical gifts with friends and family?

3. What is it, girls, about riding the cotton pony that posesses me to go out and buy 40 Advil liqui-gels and two bags of mint-flavored MnM's?

4. I just traded in 3 gamecube games I never play and got Sims: Open for Business new and $4 cashback as well. Good deal, Y/N? Sims: OfB, Y/N?

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I remember it was on TQC, maybe a question of who'd had to dial 911, and someone said they did and their phone sounded a "Hey I'm here shoot in this direction" alarm.

Seems it's getting some (marginal) publicity of what a cock-up this is.

So: Whose fault is this? The company for the misinterpretation/standing behind it, or FCC for the way they described it? (Or, I don't know, congress, the easter bunny, Che Guevara, pick one)

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I'm on a diet, and someone told me to wait until I loose a bunch of pounds before I start doing crunches and working out because all it's going to do is tighten the fat and make you bigger..? So is that true, or does working out help you loose the weight?
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I just bought an external hard-drive, and it's already driving me crazy.

When you find the drive in My Computer and right click on it, normally a drive would have "Explore" bolded since that's the default action when you double click on it. This one has "Install and Run Program" as its default action, and so it tries to open up an .exe file to sync the drive and I don't want to do that.

So is there any way to make "Explore" be the default action when I double click on the drive? I found answers for XP, but I'm on Vista. :(
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Kicking Ass
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Do You Have A Fark Account?

I want to get something on, but I don't have an account. I want it to be posted on there soon, because there is lots of other online buzz about the topic, and I want to keep Verizon hearing from people who are upset about the situation.

Perhaps the headline could be something like "New Verizon cellphones warn criminals by sounding an alarm if someone in the area calls 9-1-1 to report a crime in progress."

The Fark entry would link to the article  Verizon customer calls phone alarm 'dangerous'.

Everyone -- Can you come up with a funnier Fark-Style headline?

Do you have an account with Fark? If you do, would you submit the link for me?

Thanks in advance.
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I started with 2 lovebirds.

They laid eggs. I sold some. they laid more eggs. I gave some away. they laid more eggs....

Now I have 10 lovebirds.

All of them are Shrieking constantly in crazy bird skwaks. They will not STFU. argh they are driving me frigging insane.

How do you get birds to be quiet?
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What kind of sheets would be best for sleeping on in summer? I'm sleeping on flannelet right now and they seem to be baking me alive. If the answer is cotton, would thread count make any difference to how warm the sheets are?

(no subject)

Hi guys! My name is Jennifer, I'm 20 and I live in Nottingham.

I went to ASDA like 2 weeks ago and got some eggs. I left them outside and I checked on them this morning and they were all rotten and gross. How come they didn't hatch into chickens? I'd absolutely love to have a little array of yellow chicks running around my feet, so what happened? Did I just get some bad eggs or what?

Thanks for any help, guys!

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Will you please reccommend something to me? Anything you are particularly enjoying. Like...if you found some really great flavor of pudding, let me know. I'm excited about trying new things.
HP love

Now for a pleasant subject...

Hypothetical situation:
You just found out you're dying, say, in the next month.
You also have a few bills at home you haven't paid yet, but can easily afford. You'll be alive when they're due, but not when they cut service.
Would you pay them?

Pretend you live alone, if you don't.

[EDIT] Assume that the money you owe will not carry over to anyone else. Once you die, the matter is dropped.

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Which best describes you?

I am Canadian and have never heard of yellow cake
I am from the US and have never heard of yellow cake
I am from another place not mentioned (but I will say it in comments) and have never heard of yellow cake
I am Canadian and have heard of yellow cake.
I am from the US and have heard of yellow cake
I am from another place not mentioned (and I will say it in the comments) and I have heard of yellow cake.
mr jummy

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What's the last thing you did, or didn't do, that you regret?

Mine is silly. I forgot to grab my gloves earlier when I went to the supermarket, and I was too lazy to go back upstairs to get them. My hands still haven't quite warmed up, 3 hours later.
just outta reach

what do you do with the excess?

you're imagining thisBoth my Aunt Judy & Mom are big into making their own pie crust. Occasionally, as in once in a great while, they will buy pie crust but for the most part they make it themselves. Usuaully when you do this sort of thing you have more dough available than you actually need for the pie or pies.

Thus, touching upon an idea their own mothers brought into play ages ago, they made Jelly Poopers.

I was quite interested in this yesterday and quizzed Mom on it heavily. Plus, hadn't had them in so long I wanted to see if they were at all difficult to make; I'm told Mom's mom used figs and sometimes small bits of meat.

A Jelly Pooper is simply a circle of dough, flattened and folded over, baked until it is slightly browned. In the middle you have strawberry jelly or preserves; really any type of jelly will do. At most they take barely 10 minutes to make...possibly longer if you have many little kids around eating the dough faster than you can flatten, fill, fold over, and get them into the oven.

Anyway, that's what often happened with excess pie crust dough. Keeping in mind you're not limited to just this same type of food, what do you do with the excess of anything you make in the kitchen?

Oh, by the way, I should probably mention that Jelly Poopers are about handsized. We're talking little circles of dough.
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Hey TQCers does anyone know where I can find a big cardboard box in San Francisco [or the Bay Area] not just big ENORMOUS. I need it to be big enough for a model 5'7'' and curled up to fit in with some moving peanuts. Ideally Im thinking around the size of a fridge box and I need it before Dec. 5th Ive tried i've tried all the moving box places and Im not finding anything bigger than 24x24x40

I'm trying to mimic the below image for my plagiarism project
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(no subject)

1. Has anyone been having trouble with LJ... more specifically the Customization tool or the Feedback tool? I'm getting a "Page Cannot Be Displayed" error on the Feedback page and an "error 12029" on the Customize tool. 

2. What are good things to do to occupy a 14 hour airplane ride besides listening to an iPod and reading a book?  

(no subject)

I am working 9 days in a row from tomorrow until next Sunday..

Everyone keeps saying "You'll die!"

I don't think it is that much of a big deal.

Will I die?

Why/Why not?

When was the last time you worked more than 7 days in a row? Why did you do that?
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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(no subject)

Do you enjoy wrapping gifts?

What's the most creative gift you've gotten/made for someone?

What's the most creative gift you have received?

Are you the type to put small gifts into large boxes/bags so they appear bigger?

Would you rather have your period over Christmas, or over your SO's birthday?

(no subject)

Poll #1093846 For $5,000,000, would you...

...become a heroin addict? For 30 days, you're given regular, potent doses of H, every few hours, until your body is heavily addicted. You get your money and you're sent on your way. After that, you can go into rehab on your own, or keep on nursing your addiction, it's up to you. It won't be easy, but you'll be a multi-millionaire

75(69.4%) close down a charity? There's an honest charity that spends every last dollar it gets helping out unprivileged kids and setting them straight. Someone wants them closed down and all you have to do is plant incriminating evidence that will close their doors forever. Would you do it?


...lose your left leg below the knee? It's amputated and you can have very workable, possibly lifelike prosthetics screwed on in its place. But you will always be missing a natural limb

76(73.1%) willing never to travel more than 5 miles of your home? Where you choose to live will be point zero and you're planted with an ankle bracelet that gives you an extremely painful shock if you travel beyond 5 miles. Removing it results in a loss of your money and a repossession of items purchased. The ankle monitor is small and unsightly


...have your taste buds permanently deadened? All food will henceforth lose its flavor and be identified only by its texture. However, you're filthy rich. The process cannot be reversed


...have your likeness be the default model of a new Real Sex doll? The newest model will have tremendous upgrades over all other sex toys and will be purchased by thousands upon thousands of curious (and lonely) sex enthusiasts. However, it cannot be customized. All models will look just like you. People the world over will be banging copies of yourself and you may be recognized on the streets as the designer mold model


(no subject)

Question for the ladies,
Have you ever squirted/gushed/ejaculated during sex?
Was it during clitoral or g-spot stimulation, or other (I've not heard of any other case, but I figured, it's TQC, I'd better include an extra option)?

(no subject)

What should i do with my night, TQC?

finish up some homework
catch up on my tv shows
watch a movie (suggestions?)
go to bed(its only 8:30 pm)
take the dog out for a walk
clean my room
something else (post a comment)
eta: i work in the morning, so getting completely trashed is kinda out of the question
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(no subject)

What is a good site online to buy interesting/funny sweatshirts?

What kind of Christmas decorations should I buy? This is going to be the first year of decorating my own house and I am excited.

(no subject)

1. anyone know of some websites where i can get CUTE paintbrushes and tubes for paint shop pro? Whenever I google, it takes ages to sift though the crap and find the good ones, so I wondered if anyone had any favorite sites for that.

1b. In particular- anyone know any places with christmasy/wintery brushes and tubes?

2. Do you like the more modern Christmas music (Stuff like Jingle Bell Rock, Rocking Around he Christmas Tree and etc) or do you just prefer traditional (Joy to the World, Little Drummer Boy etc) me- I like both. Currently, I keep listening to Everclear's version of "Santa Baby"

3. Does anyone know where i can get a layout/learn to make a very simple lj layout like what I have now only with Christmas-y colors. Basically just customize the colors and put my own image as a banner at the top?

4. Do you change your userinfo for the holidays or do you think it's silly? I don't think it's silly...I'm going to change mine around tonight.
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(no subject)

which disney movie should i watch tonight?

sleeping beauty
the sword in the stone
beauty and the beast
robin hood
the lion king
treasure planet
Arch Rock Mack Island
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I hate that theme song!

Anyways, does anyone here have Safe Auto car insurance?
Do you hate it, or is it tolerable?
Do you usually get your bill about 2 days before the due date, or even after the due date?

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Mmmmm Tom Brady

Clothing websites

I'm looking for something for myself for Christmas (that I can give to my mom to wrap up and give to me). What are your favorite websites for clothes shopping? I've checked out Macy's, Forever 21, and Bluefly. I'm especially aiming for inexpensive stuff, but I'll look at whatever you send me to. :)

(no subject)

So, I was looking through pics of baby llamas to find hot enough that I'd feel comfortable betting that seanseansean would be more apt to have sex with the llama than a certain TQCer and I came across this lil guy Collapse )

What is in the box on the left-hand side?

Are there any TQCers for which you'd rather have sex with the llama than that TQCer?

Why did my light bulb just explode?
britney → stages (underworld)

christmas qs :D

What's some of your favorite Christmas songs?

What's your favorite holiday memory?

Do you have any holiday traditions? If yes, what are they?

Do you like to decorate the tree?

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?
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(no subject)

For the folks into drinking games;

What kind of rules do you use for the game Kings/Waterfall/whatever you call it?
You know the game where you pick rules for every card in a deck?

My mates & I have started making up our own rules & I'd love to see what kind of things you guys do when playing.
rufus, muppy


Ladies: do you like how your vagina looks?

Men: do you like how your lady's vagina looks?

ETA: and vagina i mean your general vaginal area (vulva, labia, etc)

(no subject)

will you post the most flattering picture of you ever?

and a picture of someone you don't know, but you find really attractive? (random myspace/facebook/flickr/google search, GO!)





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my downstairs neighbors are playing their music so loud i can feel it. plus they're obnoxiously screaming and hollering. this isn't the first incident.

should i:
a) call the cops. we have a noise ordinence in my city and it is after 10pm.
b) wake up at 6am and start vacuuming.
c) do nothing and just try to go to sleep.
d) other suggestions?

i'm so freaking irritated right now!
gasp zooey

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I'm dating the most perfect guy in the world (for me).  The problem is, I live in Kansas, and he lives in England.

I want to send him something for Christmas, but he won't tell me what he wants because he says I don't have to buy him anything.  However, he's already bought ME something, and I'll feel really bad if I don't get him anything.

So, what is a good, slightly romantic but not overly bleh Christmas present that is slightly cheapish and can be sent overseas?

What is a movie that every person should see at least once in their lifetime?

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My friend has the Motorola W490 phone for T-Mobile. It lets you use songs from your music player as ringtones, which means you don't have to buy/download/whatever to get them. I'm looking for a Verizon Wireless phone that has this, but I'm not finding that detail listed anywhere. Anybody have a Verizon phone or know of one that has this feature?
Or am I dumb and do most phones have this...?

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Poll #1093929 The little head steals from the big head

If every time you had an orgasm, you experienced some short term memory loss, what would the next year be like for you? Just so you know, orgasm-induced, memory-depletion results will accumulate, so the more you 'get off' the more memories will be 'taken off',

Absolutely no memory of 2008 whatsoever (can't give up the sex)
A lot like this year has been (I kind of forget a lot of things anyway)
A lot like this year has been (I rarely or never have sex)
Only bits and pieces. Lots of vagueness and missing time. Blackouts. It's either from the sexin' or possible alien abductions