November 22nd, 2007

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A few months ago, some friends and I came up with the cool idea to send the text message "Fuck you Motherfucker, call me back" to a few 3 or 4 thousand people with the computer. The callback number was to a netzero phone number that sent us the voice mail when someone left one. Some of the responses were hilarious, the rest of them were scary - we hit some kids, some entire families, overall we felt bad. Eventually, I fessed up to a cop about it and said it wouldn't happen again, and called back a few people to apologise.

Jump ahead 2 months. A local cop calls me today and asks about my computer. We talk, and this is about the text message thing again. He thinks I may have been harassing people. He somehow has logs of every text message, every account I have, everything (I thought I was more anonymous than that...). Anyway, is anyone here good at law? Is this a serious crime, should I be worried? Whats the worst that could happen, what could realistically happen if he wanted to charge me for something?

I live in Minnesota if it makes any difference. Some advice would be useful, because to be frank this makes me really nervous - I can't talk to the officer again until the weekend is over on Monday.
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1) If you're celebrating Thanksgiving, what food are you looking most forward to consuming tomorrow?
2) How do you typically arrange your Thanksgiving meal on your plate?

3) Is anything on your lap right now? If so, what?

4) Do you enjoy going on long drives by yourself?

1) Mashed potatoes & gravy!
2) Potatoes first, with veggies piled all over it, then the whole thing swimming in gravy.

3) My kitty :)

4) Yes, very much so!
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Based purely on what you know or infer about me, what is the meanest thing you could say to me?  The nicest thing?

If you could cuss out anyone in the world at this exact moment, who would it be?

10 Qs for you, my lovelies.

1.What do you think of the Nokia888 concept?
Collapse )
2.Do you want one of those? Why?

3.How many cellphones do you have before this?
4.What do you like most about your current cellphone? (Tell us what brand)
5.What do you like least about your current cellphone?
6.What features do you want that isn't already invented/applied in other cellphones?
7.How old were you when you got your first cellphone?
8.What do you think about kids(12 and below) having cellphones?
9.What's your ringtone? Is it annoying?
10.What's your number, cutie?

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You go to borrow your best friend's cell phone and the wallpaper is a very colorful and up-close view of a vagina. What are your...

First thoughts?
Second thoughts?

Do you still use the phone or do you give it back and go borrow someone else's phone?

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1.) What are some of the most controversial cases in recent times?
2.) Are there any that you think existed under the radar but should have been made more public?
3.) Now, can you name one that DOESN'T involve a celebrity?


Is there any program I can use to download music?

I had ares on my other comp, but for some reason it wont work on my laptop.  


Or well a site I can download for music?

ie. limewire, bearshare..

something besides those
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Haruhi disappearance

I'm very much computer literate, yet LJ still perplexes me sometimes D:

I want to use LJSeek to search my own journal. However, it just says "user eidna has disabled indexing by search engines". I can't find any option to un-disable it, other than on the "viewing options" page, where the ticky is un-checked, meaning I do not want to minimize my inclusion.

Am I doing it wrong?
How do I fix it?

EDIT: Thank you, mere!

Two questions because that's done:

What is your favorite salad dressing?

Do you crack your knuckles? If not, what do you think of those who do?

The Ultimate Pee Poll

For the peeing questions, assume that it's your SO.

Have you peed on someone?


If not, would you do it?


Have you allowed someone to pee on you?


If not, would you do it?


Have you let someone watch you pee (for sexual purposes)?


If not, would you do it?


Have you watched someone pee (for sexual purposes)?


If not, would you do it?


Would you shit on your partner's chest?


If it were legal, would you _just_ shit on someone's chest for $100?


If it were legal, would you do ALL of this for $1,000?

Blue Rose


Different view on Thanksgiving.

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No Thank You

No thank you.

I do not wish to celebrate some holiday where the pilgrims and the Indians decided to have a potluck and the Indians bring some maize and the pilgrims bring whatever kind of bullshit those square hat, buckle shoe puritan motherfuckers eat, and then sat down together and gave thanks - for what? If I was the Indians, I would have RSVP'd a nice big old smoke signal "UNABLE TO ATTEND DUE TO YOUR IGNANCE. P.S. FUCK YOU MILES STANDISH!!!" I do not call this a holiday. It's like saying we need to celebrate Kristallnacht (if you don't know what that is, you just ignant and need to spend a day at the Museum of Tolerance - because you are intolerable) by breaking a bunch of glass and eating bratwurst. I don't think so. We celebrate this holiday, to commemorate the fact that we destroyed and demolished almost an entire race of people. We came here, acted like "Oh - I got to leave England 'cause this religious persecution of me has got to go!" and acted like the land is ours. That was ignant.

We celebrate Thanksgiving to give thanks for giving all the native people crazy diseases that they never had because we never gave a thought there would be other people in the world besides us. We sit down and bow our heads in prayer because we took all of the different tribes and mixed them all up - thinking that since they looked somewhat similar that they all must get along and be the same even though they all had different Gods, religions, customs, histories, legends, genealogies, truths, wars going on between them - as if they were just one feather leather gang of primitives that needed taming. They were many nations. A true United States, but because if they didn't wear those pointy ass buckle shoes and read out of the Bible, we just assumed they must be animals.

We all sit around and carve a turkey to get all nostalgic about how we made them walk hundreds of miles without food or water, as they cried and died, being forced to leave the valleys and mountains they loved and worshipped. By casting them out of their land, we were making them leave their heaven behind. That road is called the Trail of Tears and drivers today travel along it and the ghosts of all those dead innocents knock their cars off the road, make them see scary ass shit, make them get into accidents and die. All I can say is, you better take the 101 instead.

The turkey is stuffed with raped women, dead babies, warriors who were stripped of their ability to fight and could no longer protect their families - which to warriors - is a fate worse than death. Cranberry sauce is blood of Geronimo, Sitting Bull, the Comanches, the Braves- the warriors that despite all the odds, still had the spirit to fight for their land that was not only their home, but their God, that was spilt during Custer's Last Stand. They did manage to kick some colonial ass though and I am glad to that. They bled for their families, so much that it soaked the ground, shed for no other reason than we just took it upon ourselves to evict the original OG old school United States and create our own U - whited States. (Fuck you I could make a pun if I want.)

There is pumpkin pie that we use to stuff down all the other starchy, tryptophan laden Boston Market bullshit, and reminisce about how we put the few remaining survivors in reservations, named not because you have to make reservations to get in because it is so nice and popular, but because we all have reservations about having to go there!!!! Many live there to this day, in poverty, with poor health care, rudimentary and insufficient education, suffering from depression, drug addiction, alcoholism - and yet we still INSIST it isn't a concentration camp because it got a casino! This just proves us again to be incredibly ignant with no ability to concentrate.

We finish dinner and watch sports, and make a mockery of the names of the powerful warriors who fought so heroically, yet unsuccessfully - because they were unfairly outnumbered, trying to protect their people from utter and complete genocide. We eat so much that we get tired, and just plain forget that we wiped all the history books in schools clean of all our wrongdoing, our evils, our rape, our robbery, because we got to represent for the founding fathers, and we got to look presentable to the children. We have almost all but lost the beautiful religions, language, rituals, legends, the art of friendship and communication with the animals, the way to live peacefully with respect for the motherland. But it has been kept alive by the very few who remember, who pass it down to their descendants, the next generation. Those mothers telling their children, passing down the beauty of their beliefs, the power of their rituals, practicing the medicine and magic that still exists in the all of everywhere, no matter what has been done to try to extinguish it, remains real and as powerful as ever. They are keeping their knowledge of the land and their nations alive through the memory, through the voices, through the spirit that watches over us all, and they still are truly the owners of this country. They have won. They are still chiefs and warriors, braves and squaws. They have not been erased. They will never be.

I fast today (which you know I would not normally do because girl - I love to eat). It is a sick joke to call this 'holiday' Thanksgiving. It should be called Thanks - taking. Taking a land that was not ours, taking the lives of millions. I am thankful every other day of the year for my life, my family, all that I have. But today I say - "NO THANK YOU MOTHERFUCKER! I HOPE YOU CHOKE ON A PIECE OF TURKEY CARTILAGE!"

Did anyone else read all of it?

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Do you make judgements about people based on what colour clothing they wear?
Like say some was wearing a white top, black jeans, black jacket.. so a lot of black.. would you assume they're depressing?

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Are you one of those people who is like "OMG Britney/the Spice Girls/Backstreet boys has a new cd out!!!!!!" or are you one of the people who laughs at them?

Do you find it as hard to believe as I do that these artists (and I use that term lightly) are still selling out concerts?
hannibal skull


Imagine you are an 8 year old girl.

Would you rather have $200 HK (about $30US/CDN, 15Quid) to spend in
(A) The Mong Kok Markets (link goes to a photo) on Hong Kong, where you can get all things cheap and cheerful, crazy assortments of cartoons and clothes from labels that fell off the back of a truck.


(B) Hong Kong Disneyland ??

Poll #1092827 Hong Kong

Which one is better?

Mong Kok Markets
Give her the choice between the two
Spend some at each place
Neither (I have a better idea- in comments)


I am not an 8 year old girl, thanks.
If you don't know, how should we?
I'd like either one.
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WTF polls?

why is it that after I click the boxes or whatever in a poll, and click submit, it takes me to another page where I have to do click boxes all over again?! That bugs me.
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Do you love a parade?
Do you watch the Macy's parade?
Would you like to see Macy's parade in person someday? (Or have you already?)

Also, what's your favorite coffee?

1. Yes
2. Yes
3. YES
4. Kenyan Double A
CC // Dream = Wish Your <3 Makes

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Girls: If you could surprise someone that you've just started dating with a little something, what would it be?

Guys: What would you like as a surpise from a girl you've just started dating?

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I'm trying to decide which cupcakes I should make.

What would you rather eat:
a) Caramel Mud Cakes
b) Coffee Caramel Cakes

or, if neither of those options sound appealing to you, what is your favourite cupcake recipe?

Edit: Thanks for all your suggestions, I'm going to go with the Caramel Mud Cakes. Both recipes have been posted in the comments for anyone interested.

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1.How do those work from home jobs work?
2.How do you get them?
3.Have you ever done one of these jobs?
4.How did it pay?

No telemarketing, but like, stuffing envelopes, or doing surveys online. they always say that you can get paid for doing surveys online but i dont believe it..

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Would a crucifix or a rosary be useful in a paranormal situation if you don't believe in God or Christ or whatever?

You know when you get your heart broken? What's that feeling in your chest you get, you know the physical pain? What causes it?

What makes Alton Brown so damn cool?

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I've got a fifteen year old little cousin who has a birthday coming up. She is as different from me as anyone can be, so I have no clue what to get her. She loves fashion, not so much into books. We don't know her shoe size, so shoes are out. Any suggestions?
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

birthday gift idea?

I got invited to a birthday party from an old high school friend. We were best of friends back then...but after we graduated, we just parted our ways. I normally don't need to come to you guys for help on what to get people as gifts cause I usually know some info about the person. But I'm stumped on this one.

It would feel awkward for me to just show up ... to just show up. So I wanted to get her something small that won't cost a lot of money but also something that she would like. Preferably under $30.

I can't describe her personality. But she likes makeup and designer bags. And I don't want to get gift cards/certificates.

Do any of you have ideas on what I should get her?
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TQC, what the hell is this? I received a parcel today from my ex-SIL, who's currently in China (again). On the custom slip it's marked as 'tea', but she didn't include a letter this time, so I have no idea what it is or how to use it! Can anyone tell me what the label says?

Collapse )

I'll be sending her an email, but I have NO idea how long it'll be before I get a reply, as she's usually really busy when she's in China. Halp me please!?

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I want to see a stupid movie after Thanksgiving dinner.

What should I see?

Southland Tales, Enchanted, Beowulf and August Rush are the ones off the top of my head. Do you have any other suggestions?

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this is probably not the best time to ask, but I am looking for unique clothes. project runway has inspired me to be more experimental. I don't mean really out there, just different. no more girly tees and jeans and hoodies.

Will you find me some? A store or a particular item, anything. You can find it hideously ugly or actually think it's awesome. I'm just determined to get one thing out of you guys I might actually wear.
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So, tonight my grandma came over to check out our new place and she comments on my growing midsection at which point I say

"don't worry, i'm not getting fat...just knocked up" (prior to today she was not aware being that I rarely see her because well...she's a miserable old lady and no one in the family can really tolerate too much of her)

She flinches (it was almost like a cringe) and replies

"Oooooooooooooooh" in such a manner that implys "Oh you stupid girl what have you are a grade A fuck up"

Clearly she said nothing more in an attempt to adhere to "If you can;t say something nice, don't say anything at all" deal.

I laughed it off because I'm used to her and her behavior and opinions dont really effect me.


If you are going to make a disspointed sigh/moan/whatever, is it really necessary to hold back the rest? Would it not be better to just let it all out in one go instead of stewing?

I realize politeness comes into play but to think that people cant interpret that kind of reaction is stupid.


Why are so many old people so miserable?
HP love

Happy New Years!

What are you doing this year for New Years?
Am I crazy for agreeing to work that night (as in, overnight)?
Who else is working one of the big end of year holidays this year?

Something more fun:
Do you collect DVDs?
What are you currently collecting?
Do you have an opinion on HD-DVD vs BD?

Collapse )
piece of cake

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if you could select one tune as your personal theme song, what would it be? as in.. it played movie-style as you were entering rooms, etc.

i think i'd have to pick 'green onions' by booker t and the mg's. damn that's a cool song.
or maybe 'spirit in the sky' by norman greenbaum. or potentially some creedence. you know. a little 'run through the jungle'.

Don't be a selfish clod!

Why do you enjoy Native American murder and rape day? I don't tend to celebrate taking advantage of an innocent culture and then proceeding to rape it.

ETA: Why are so many Americans, in general, too lazy to research the non-sugar coated versions of history? Most of the U.S. heroism-related mythology is bogus.
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1- Do you have snow where you are? If so, is it sticking/still coming down?
2- Where are you?
3- Should I be terrified of going into work tomorrow, since it's that scary Black Friday shit?
4- Who should cook tonight, me or husband? He says me, I say him. FIX THIS PROBLEM FOR US. Kthx.
Lucius Mic

Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid Dream: You are aware that you are dreaming, and may attempt to manipulate the dream characters and/or environment. With this in mind, a poll:

Poll #1093283 Lucid Dreaming

Have you ever had a lucid dream?

I have never had anything of the sort.
Once or twice.
A few times.
Fairly regularly.
All of the time.
I'm not sure.

Were you aware that this is possible?

I still don't think that this is possible.

Does this kind of thing fascinate you like it does me?

No, you are exceedingly strange.
No, and stop spamming my friends page.
It's mildly interesting, I suppose.
Gobble gobble.

Please to be elaborating in the comments.

Music for the masses!

I just spent several hours organizing my music. Winamp says that I have over 6 days of music! 

How many GBs of music do you have on your computer? Want to recommend your current favorite song/artist to me?

eta: duh, forgot to put how much I have: 14.2gb :)
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Since I'm seeing a lot of ads for them...

Have you ever used a personal GPS device?
If so, did you like it?

What about a GPS for the car?
If so, did you like it?

What about OnStar? How do you feel about that?

how how how

how do I lose those LAST 5 POUNDS??? (2.5 Kilos for you metricides)
I diet AND it MORE cardio? Less weight training?
I want to see my ABS that too much to ask????????????

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when in a new relationship, how do you tell whether it really IS love or it is not?

can you recommend me a catchy, cheerful song?

how is your day so far?
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I'm curious about tanning lotion.

The tanning lotion I saw is one that you rub on your body each night and it gradually builds a tan. Does the stuff go really brown or just a slight noticeable tan?
Bruins - shadow


I have a rather expensive Cannon powershot.
It has red eye reduction.
Yet 99% of my pictures have glaring red eye.
Am I doing something wrong?
Its SOOOOO annoying.
ALso, what program should I download to take the red eye out of my pictures?

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If you live in an apartment, flat or something similar, do you grow any herbs or vegetables in pots or windowboxes? What have you found grows well? What doesn't? Any other advice if I was going to try this?
girls » barbie

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TQC, why do some people ignore the apostrophe key in favor of this key: ` ?
Possibility: Accent grave, but I wouldn't read e` (or `e) the same as è, but that might just be me. The sort I was referring to was a recent influx of posts I've noticed lately like this one:
"I´ve never been interested in her, I didn´t even know who she was, but then I´ve been told and shown of her and made looking at her fansites (I´m not blaming anybody, I could have escaped, but I was too lazy). Actually this was tried (at least I guess so) to make me like her, but the more I´ve seen, the less I considered her as sympathetic..."

What is that key called (`)? I want to say prime, but I have a feeling that is wrong.
nana smoking

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If an extended family member comments on how skinny/heavy you are, is it rude/creepy?
If an extended family member talks about your figure and makes the "wolf whistle+plus make the shape with their hands" thing, is it just creepy as all hell?

I feel like washing every inch of me in lysol.
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Christmas Jim and Pam

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My sister wants some "crazy, creepy classical music" for Christmas. Any ideas? I think she prefers violin-dominant pieces, and I know she likes Erik Satie.

Do you get really awkward when you see relatives you haven't seen for a long time? When they try to hug you, do you die a little inside?

My boss's wife died a month ago. He insisted he was fine for Thanksgiving, but I know for a fact he spent the evening alone. Come Christmas, should I insist he have dinner with me and my family, or should I take his word for it when he says he has plans? His wife's birthday was Christmas eve, so I think he might need some company.

Do you listen to music as you fall asleep?

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I'm pretty desperate for money at the moment. Those survey things suck, but has anyone done those ad review things?

What about any other work from home things?

What's your favorite Christmas song?
Green ribbon

Door Busters!

Why do you enjoy Black Friday, AKA National Retail Pillage and Plunder Day? I don't tend to celebrate taking advantage of an innocent retail worker and then proceeding to belittle them.

Why are so many Americans, in general, too lazy to shop online? Most of the U.S. retail door-buster sales are bogus.

Are you going out to shop on Black Friday? Are you going to try to make it to the four AM openings, or are you going to sleep off the turkey first?

I'm having a hard time getting my point across - not just on TQC, but on my personal LJ. Heck, life in general. Anybody else?
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Half a bee, philosophically,
Must, ipso facto, half not be.
But half the bee has got to be
Vis a vis, its entity. D'you see?

But can a bee be said to be
Or not to be an entire bee
When half the bee is not a bee
Due to some ancient injury?

Arch Rock Mack Island

Holiday drama!

I'm going back and reading the posts for today. Has anyone else noticed the extra helping of drama in the comments? Sheesh!
Also, what was the best thing you ate today, whether you had Thanksgiving today or not?

I would like to say that apricot cheesecake was the best, but I really think the oyster dressing owns. I never get to have oyster dressing.


hay, tqc!

when i get nervous/anxious/excited i sweat a lot and my digestive system gets teh dumb.

how do emotional/psycological states affect you physically?

(no subject)

Should my icon have antlers, a santa hat, or xmas lights?

I didn't bring leftovers home from Thanksgiving dinner because I'm going back to my grandmas tomorrow anyway but now I'm hungry. What should I eat?
Bug-eyed Earl

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Why does everyone use My Space when it sucks so bad?

Here are stats for LJ and MySpace:

Like 3.5 million people use LJ consistently, and around 70 million people use My Space. Crazy!


omgggggggggggggggg gg

I accidentally planned a photoshoot in Orange County for the same day as Black Friday which is, like, the biggest shopping day ever!

Um. The photoshoot is basically HUGE! Like, the photographer shoots for all sorts of major magazines, has shot Kanye West, etc...and most importantly he shoots some popular male models who have shot for MAJOR campaigns...and he has even done some of them! The shoot with him would be for a RAW and NATURAL series, meaning no makeup artist or hairstylist and a huge focus on me totally natural.

This would not be a problem, due to my perfect skin but......

ever since returning from San Francisco I've had ACNE! ACNE! ACNE! omgggggggg

It's going away, but not fast enough. How do I get rid of it in time for my big major shoot? And my first shoot since returning from San Francisco! DRAMA!

I'm going to totally be "raw" and stuff. I don't want the focus of these "spectacular" portraits to be any moderate/minor acne I may have accidentally gotten!

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(no subject)

What would you do if you met your own clone?

Would it make a difference if they were an alternate universe clone, who looked like you but was different in every other way?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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So how many girls are blessed enough to have their super-happy-monthly-time on most major holidays? (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, all fall around the same span of days). How bad does it suck? And if you don't, why the hell are you lucky? (maybe you're not lucky, if you have bad cramps). I got saddled with both. :/  

questions about wellies

1.  do wellies (rubber rain boots) make your feet sweatier than normal shoes?

2. since wellies come in less sizes than normal shoes, do they create a lot of blisters, or is it ok that they're a little bigger than they should be?

3. do they smell really bad?